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"tony seraglio" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

"Barkat wants to center ice face. Faceoff Sarah, lawyers Yandell motoring to the center ice circle past blocked by cholorine alternative to center. Sororities short editor breakaway Tony seraglio. That was he went to his back and Riber lunged out with his left skate made the save. So each team is that a short break breakaway this game. Remember Trojan had one back in the first the puck alive by the Panthers net Barkat Hoffman. And now tro check that would have made it three nothing rhymer standing tall or sliding tall. Barkov Detroit checkup the middle a center into the offensive zone early lost. It got it. Back up point right point Hoffman said Yandell back from my coffin, right circle. Cross as tro. Check left circle traps. It down. Visit tro check while swing it to Alexander. Bark left circle. Playing catch tro. Check ups, circle shoots. Ava vassal apps Katie holds clock. Stop with forty three seconds left in the neck minor. Exactly. One minute. Played in the third to nothing lightning. Boy, Sorolla got that pocket. He broke call away and need a good Dc rhymer made a terrific. Left. Does save face off to the right of uh Celeski. Borgstroem in Stevens won by Stevens. Mcdonagh got stripped by the net by Nick Bucs tad. He'll lose tomorrow Telo find the net. It's headman under pressure. Coughs it up take it away. Morgan. Left point Henrik Bork shrimp. Left corner. Buke stat return feet Borgstroem extol by headmen will puch across as mcdonagh is going to get to it and flip it out. Back in the Panthers own Huber dole retrieves sixteen seconds left in the power play Jonathan Hubert. Oh, Russia's with the puck down the right wing into the lightning Zony pulls up rate circle. The centerpoint Aerotech blood back for who top of the right circle crosses feet for Borg. Trump blocked by headman another good play by had been carried out to center ice and swing from our tell penalties up Denic till the end of a shift just pokes at deep by the Panthers net. Florida's over four tonight on the power play. Ecuador in front of his own net. Sweeps at the center ice circuit Jeff is there got broken by Petroleo elite dot com. Left circle. Waterer is eaten up by Vassilev ski. He will hold on. So by my count Fidel Castro check at the one shot to start the third of the power play. That's four shots for the Panthers on four power play opportunities for foreign egg. Lightning of really limited their chances. They have. The funny thing is right there that was a little bit of a. What it is. Well, that's surprising based on how he looked when he left the ice. But is this is first shift the period, but he's back out on the ice. Jared. Mccain wins, the op-ed drug the pocket a circle gave it up. Stamkos. He couldn't clear held in Pethick right point shots score that got deflected. Data, and I've got a piece of it. Well, the puck came rain across to the top of that left. Faceoff circle. And caloric zehr. Caloric gets it. Oh, it was.

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