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"Reilly auto parts videos along side run colder here's Tony Nese Friday morning to yesterday's ordeal as one forty this week in terms of the NFL football season college football actually starts today two games on the on the docket in a bunch of games on Saturday that are filling up your sports calendar but in the NBA last night the Milwaukee Bucks to go on the Lakers in a battle of the two top teams in terms of records in the association yeah this is that the couple had thirty four points eleven rebounds and seven assists in a box win against lebron James who had a triple double with twenty one points twelve rebounds and eleven assists statistics aside what does this regular season in December gamine there's a lot of conversation about whether or not this is sort of a passing of the torch after all Yanis is the reigning MVP the box the box now own the best record in the NBA this is quote unquote potentially a finals preview will wait and see what is what I talked about yesterday lebron James is probably going to be looked at as the athlete of the decade given about the start of that of of two thousand and in two thousand ten with the decision going to Miami finally winning titles going to Cleveland getting redemption keeping themselves in the NBA finals for years and years and years I'd be really hesitant right now to see that there's a passing the torch in anything he has the Lakers exactly where he wants them playing high quality basketball and one of the best teams in the NBA yes he's getting help from Anthony Davis of course and there's no denying that he has built the team in the way he wants it didn't have it last year now has it this year I would be really reluctant to say Hey wait hold off on the passing of the torch because the person the maybe holding the torch doesn't want to quite give it up just yet if this is indeed a finals preview the lebron continues to be in the in the conversation as being the most important player in the NBA and young this isn't just exercise and he's fantastic and he is the future of this week along with Luke could don treats a number of other young players that have been made this season rather fun I am yet to see any real sort of feeling that lebron is just sort of letting the torch released from his hands he's still one of the most important players in all of competitive sports around the globe he did take a little bit of a break but now he has with the help of Anthony Davis one of the top teams rowly meaning the machine is still going from abroad but that was still an outstanding performance last night by young is a very enjoyable game in December when we still have a lot of NBA to place it in data rates may apply individual results may vary exclusions apply but.

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