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"tony leslie" Discussed on Red Wing's Oil and Gas HSE Podcast

Red Wing's Oil and Gas HSE Podcast

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"tony leslie" Discussed on Red Wing's Oil and Gas HSE Podcast

"They serve many industries across the globe including a focus in oil and gas anderson hauser. The people for process automation today. We have on the show. Tony leslie and tony. Is the innovation advisor at verizon wireless thanks for coming on the show tonky. Russell appreciate you having me. Well the first thing we gotta do. I want you to tell me a little bit about yourself because we do have an international flavor to this podcast. My next podcast is supposed to be with someone out of israel here not too long ago. It somebody out of dubai and somebody out of aberdeen and we've had people out of pears and england and then we have a lot of guests on from that foreign country called texas. But i can tell by your accent. You're in the south somewhere right russell. A lot of people oftentimes confused me for being a native of boston or london. One of the two. But i can see how they would make that mistake. So so you're in the birmingham alabama. That's right also yeah. I'm in a little town. Outside of birmingham on springville alabama out in the country. Love it out here. I'm sure everybody will know exactly where all have can they find it on google maps. You probably so probably. So you're in israel that may not able to find springville. Yeah close enough to birmingham. Okay all right. So you're in alabama boy so i guess your role tie. Oh yeah. My son actually just started electrical engineering and auburn. So that's kinda hard to stomach all my goodness. It's going to be a good thing for him. But i'm a crimson tide man. Well for those who are not in the united states and of course they're obeying states will know this but for those who are not in the united states are football. Rivalries are almost religious in nature like the christian crusades or whatever. You know there's michigan and michigan state and and then there's texas and texas am and then there's all burners and there's alabama and of course alabama hose record for more national championships than any other major college university. So that's quite a thing in alabama. So tony did you graduate from the university of alabama now. I actually went to school at a small school in eastern alabama about night of jacksonville state. University some jacksonville state graduate but growing up in alabama as hard not to be an alabama fan now my auburn folks unless you exact. That's right that's right okay. So let's jump right into this tony. Because i got to thinking about it and i know everybody else probably thinking about it and we have the psychologist us. We have two hemispheres to our brain. We have the if you're mostly analytical and methodical in your thinking you said to be left brain and if you tend to be more creative or artistic you thought to be right brained so what that means is in my case on the left side. There's nothing right on the right side. There's nothing left..

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