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"tony holy tom" Discussed on Marathon Talk

"End Martin and talks about what she didn't training Christmas. What will you be doing in the next week or say or careering into Christmas? Of course goes we what we're GONNA do for the next few weeks shows is. We're going to record a Christmas specials. We will have a show at Christmas. Day falls on a Wednesday this week so we will have a Christmas show. I guess all together the idea of next week me Tony Holy Tom. We're GONNA get together imaginary Christmas dinner with you all holidays bring crackers and Brussels sprouts and have a lovely lovely Christmas dinner. I this week what am I doing. I'm I'm kind of working at the rest of this week. Did a facebook live last week. Got Another one off the Christmas. Got Some stone break meetings right now. If copy for out some research you cade idealism workweek or some filming a school on Sun on Friday the surf the forecast looks pretty good for Friday. Looks like a wind. Probably GonNA get blown out so I think he'll have to drop that one Dan. I'm going to Kingston Lacy on Sunday Day busy going to look at the lights. Look at the festive. Lights are made birthday party on Friday night of Christmas dinner on Saturday night and we're going carol singing on Sunday in Cairo. Singing we go into five zero to actually road which through church along. Oh well because I am going to be in that Ariel that we on next weekend I'm some carols. We are going to sing. Oh Carols I'm going to be actually running the Fedex. I know some going down there to visit relatives on Saturday and staying. They're standing in really Nice hotel on Sunday. Night you might know is not far from me. Really Swanky went on the air bags. Yeah which when I mean destiny. Yes lovely thank thank you saying yes I love it. I'm saying it was like she added. It was actually a present given given to me while box. So yeah really looking forward to that. which will of course involve lots of Etang which is one of my favorite pastimes and Yeah just running running the running liftoffs and waiting in Christmas. I guess because we back on on the Monday yet might see some say. Thank you fall are incredible interview David Davies and as always awesome volunteer production team. Because we couldn't do any of this without them. I'm Lee Rush. He was Martin yelling that was marathon tool Pity Yeah.

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