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"tony ciro stewart haas" Discussed on In The Draft Show - NASCAR Talk

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"tony ciro stewart haas" Discussed on In The Draft Show - NASCAR Talk

"Eight one five of July July twenty third twenty eighteen by her properties. LLC that's terrible. Got off. You know what else has got off of the way dance, whereas being treated. Each sparked the fire this week is he took off, Jay Chee are or any reference to JJ are on his Twitter profile. When asked about which by the way, the most trivial thing journalists can ask a race. Any athlete is tater what up with Twitter son. Packing, say, Jeff, Gluck say that Joe fan, what up with that Twitter though? HBO. Exactly. Mandak workout, thick with three CS. All right. Anyway, he said, what asked this question? If you don't have anything nice to say, you shouldn't say it at all. The, you know what go Daniel it because honestly. Should like if you're in Jobs's position, would you go with Martin trucks? Yes, absolutely. I mean, you've got to and that means you got to get rid of a guy. And Daniel Suarez is the guy who's performing the least well of the group. He was the only one who didn't make the playoffs. So I get that. I totally get I. You've got to do that. If your coach, you absolutely have to. However it doesn't change the fact that's who are getting screwed because he still better than a lot of drives better than half the field and he's getting fired. Even though many of the guys who are below him in the standings are not getting fired except for jail near, we'll talk about him a second. So it's a, it's a poopie situation for him. So I could see him being upset about it. Of course it could have actually being better for him that he gets fired than you know, staying where he is. Yeah. I mean. It could be the best for him. But at the same time he was thrown into a garbage situation to begin with almost like he was destined to fail because he was threatening situation, Carlos even throw the expanded champion in there. Right? Yeah, he goes, yeah, he was not prepared for it. Nobody was down here for it nor should have been. And so so he had a rookie season, but it wasn't really truly rookie season. I mean, it was trying to get adopted, you know, to to the whole idea season. Now this is kind of his rookie season. And so it's understandable that his performances drifted back a little bit, although I would maintain that the beginning part of your was just simply bad luck for him. Yeah, and it's one of those things where it's just like what you know what else could go wrong, what else could simply go wrong? Because you've gotta figure. They're focusing all their towns Toyota's on their two guys in Kyle and and market x.. I mean, you saw any Hamlin fall off Eric Jones. He's been okay towards the end there, but he had early early season wasn't great for him. So I mean, it's it's a situation where I think that he got the short in the stick from the word go. And here we are. Let's be honest. The reason why the Eric Jones got pushed up to as fast as he did because he was supposed to go ahead us, whereas I fully believe that, oh yeah, Eric was supposed to be the guy to get into a Cup right before as Carla, which those swerve and ariza's like well row the car. For this long, we were in the car with Danny dance, whereas in the xfinity ready to do this now. So they kind of strong arm. And I bet you wasn't coaches first choice to have Daniels, whereas in there at all, it might not have been. You might be right about that, but it like I was saying, you know, or who we started talking about, it might actually work better for now. The rumors are are CR or s HR and if I were sore as I would be like camped out in front of Tony Ciro Stewart Haas racing because we all have seen what it's done for Erica Merola not to say that the jobs racing cars are on the same level as petty by any means. But I mean, what. Better reboot for him after you know, just being in a tough situation to start with a tough situation at the end of this year, if that lands him in the forty one car, that could be absolutely huge and way better than going to RC our car..

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