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"tony brand bentley" Discussed on Reality TV RHAP-ups: Reality TV Podcasts

"BABIES? Oh shoot let's go with logs. That is correct yes. Tony said that everyone was exhausted. Sleeping like logs and that was that was how he was able to get up in the thick of the night and look for an idol. Even though I guess. Nick was a little bit more of a light sleeper or log. I suppose less log like more vampire like were you know that. I don't know what Tony was thinking before. We move onto more funding games for take a quick break to listen to a word from our sponsors and we are back. Let's keep on keeping on Erin. Here's yours speaking of Nick. Well I'm looking. Nick shows up and he's blink. I'm like this is my area man. What you hear on Kinda Wanna I'll take. I'll take the options please. Is It cramping my style messing me up or invading my privacy? I think I'll go with a crimping my style that is correct. Yes Tony Accuses Nick of making him look cool and cramping his style. That's his fashion. Show looking for the idol and the dark. That's right yeah maybe maybe off to do his own fashion show like you said Aaron him looking for idols. Night where it's Cammo. Tony Brand Bentley. On a I went to work I was looking at local. Looky looky looky looky looky looky scratching scratching blank look look look looking idea I need the options. Was.

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