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"tony allen brandy" Discussed on Boston Herald Radio

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"tony allen brandy" Discussed on Boston Herald Radio

"It was good but i did a feature on berge iran he got hurt i did a feature on mcevoy he got her those two guys see me coming into the locker room and they're like let's get away from this guy step on the b if you'd like get away from me the bruins i wouldn't allow you in surprised note i eat a lot of food when i'm there in the press room but you do pay for it so that's good injure injuries and playoff losses now the bruins looking for you on friday so you'd be locked out of the bill out they'd be they'd be fortunate if lebron james was playing on the same night lebron james of session i mean watch fox sports one nick wright is the biggest lebron fan i'm the second biggest fan colin coward has got to be lining up he's costly changing is leaving he's leaving at the end of the year so fox sports one or just speak for yourself i think speak for your satellite lock is going to turn that into more of like a celebrity because that's where everything is going just happy and everything's all about celebrities celebrities that's why we're here i mean if you came back to somerville i'm sure he'd be a celebrity absolutely locked up i'm not sure which one or the other markets and antonelli chris harvey you know dave dick dixon yo say oh yeah right there yeah tony allen brandies another one he's the best tony's the man he is the best guy in that city that the recreation department would not exist without tony allen brandy one of the nicest people i've ever met you want to hear a funny story from last night before we go back and talk about celtics and all that so last night going to the game so you go on the ground floor you get your credential you get on an elevator takes up to the ninth floor that's where.

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