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"tonio leyva" Discussed on Dan Barreiro

"Wins News today announcing that they have removed the statue of former. Club owner Calvin Griffith from outside. Target Field. Do you know where it is I'm not a I. I don't know the The statue lineup in terms of positioning as well as I perhaps should got a bunch of not there. Yes, we do It's on that main twins plaza. Okay area and I guess you know they have them kind of all over the place, but it's pretty much straight out from the majestic store from team store. From the pictures that I'm looking at now. Griffith died in one, thousand, nine, hundred nine at the age of eighty seven years old. This is of course after he sold the team to pull at, and this appears to be very much. A poll ads Fan pull at family. Decision, By the way for the record? His statue was one of Eight. The twins hat outside target. Rod Koru Harmon killebrew Kirby Puckett. Tom Kelly can herbeck Tonio Leyva and pull out with his wife, Louise as well. That is the list Carl Pohlad died in two thousand. And nine. The statement from the twins. While we acknowledge the prominent role, Calvin Griffith played in our history. We cannot remain silent and continue ignoring the racist comments. He made in West Sika in nineteen, seventy eight, his disparaging words displayed a blatant intolerance and disregard for the black community that are the antithesis of what the Minnesota twins stand for and value according to the Howard sinker story start to Beaune along with Chris Miller, the team made the decision after internal meetings following the May twenty fifth killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. And Friday's announcement as I mentioned earlier comes on June eighteenth, the anniversary federal troops arriving in Texas to the to announce. The end of slavery in the aftermath. Of the civil war. I would in the current. Environment were in. I would say this is inevitable. A cynic could ask the obvious question. Same Question I asked of the Gov-. Lieutenant Governor others in his administration about the Columbus Statue. If this was as important an issue as You are now saying you believe it to be. Then, Why wait as long as you have to deal with it. You could say well better now than ever. been galvanized by what might be classified as a reawakening on these issues. Take another look at these issues. You could say that. But that would be the the concern is always the same concern is. Are you doing it because you think it's the right thing to do? Are you doing it because you feel? Under pressure publicly speaking because I believe SL written about. One twins fan who had made who's who started very public with this with with his objections. To The statue and his his concern. I. Think those are all fair questions to ask. I've said historically. That I. Come from the end by the way I'm in the mind. Well I shouldn't say I know I'm in the minority on this I think. I'm becoming a member of minority when it comes to statues. About how I tend to feel about them, in fact, it was articulated kind of nicely by The mayor of the city Chicago. Lori lightfoot, because they're. they're so far. Apparently, there's. There may be I think there's more than one statue. Of Columbus in Chicago. And Yesterday I think. She spoke on this yesterday was Thursday right. Yes. She does not believe that The statues of Columbus should be torn down. because it would in her mind amount to erasing history. I don't know if an necessarily agree with that erases history. but she spoke to the Tribune about it. And she prefers that. You use those sorts of statues as educational, too, if you don't run from. The imperfections or worse? That are. Part of that person's legacy. But you don't necessarily feel obligated that you're making significant change to power. Which really should be? The greatest objective going forward. It's about power it's about. Changing the Institute of Power. And, giving individuals who have not had the opportunity to share in that power, a better chance to do so I think that. The way we educate our young people in particular about their histories to educate them about the full history. She even went as far as the saying. She doesn't support changing the city's observance of the Columbus Day holiday by renaming it indigenous Peoples Day. She wants to history us to embrace it had on. She says the thing that we need to do. Is I think the organizers. The Columbus Day parade have done which is invite. Many people have different backgrounds different perspectives to participate in what is really a people celebration I think we need to spur that kind of unifying here hearing healing dialogue, and not a separate and divide people. Now we have our limits it. I would say if you are removing. I have I have no sympathy for confederate statues. that's one battle I. Think should have been won or lost depending on your point of view quite frankly a long time ago. But we all have our our levels of what goes in what? What stays, but my gut tells me that. Might position on that is shared by fewer and fewer. People maybe if you are a person of color. You believe. All of these statues have to go down I. Don't think. That's necessarily unanimous with any individual or any group I would say ethnic or racial I think we're. We've learned at this thing. WHO's the Virginia governor who was caught caught up in the the black face scandal? North Za`Z name. It sounds familiar YEP member that I mean he a. So many people then lieutenant governor then the Attorney General, a wholesaler and Go ahead, but the point is that there are a lot of people in leadership positions. WHO said he has to go? Yes. And what most of the polls indicated among black voters for example is not necessarily so I doubt that means they were standing tall for what he allegedly was involved in. What was that ever confirmed? There was him or not. I think I don't know if he ever confirmed it, but he didn't deny it. That These issues are more complicated than just trying to erase people and ultimately as far as I know, he's still serving. And a of people believe he's gone out of his way since to attempt to correct. In that regard. There's not any defense for what. Griffin set. None it's, it's blatantly racist. No matter what. Decade you're talking about. It's also been well established and well documented and not. Many people run from it and you could say. Should. They have thought about the twins have thought about that because we already knew at the point. Where how long statue been there like ten.

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