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"tommy quesnoy" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"Guy you wanted to put out the fire there and what does he do when dortha play that guy is supposed to be missed clutch for the cleveland indians he gets the doubleplay the yankees escape that japan and a yankee bullpen here in this pivotal game five that is what brian cashman envisioned when he reacquire david robertson when he brought in tommy quesnoy and yes when he brought in todd frazier veterans who can help these young yankee core and those veterans all delivered here in this series and yeah yankee offense with the exception of didi gregori is was mia until you hit the ninth inning but if there was one thing in noticed in these baseball game if there was one guy the play who is putting together jess terrific get bad after terrific get bad after terrific if bad it was brecqhou now and i think back to that top path at an identing cody alan in his second inning a work i said this the other night in the four runs second aim yankees had against trevor bauer how was in old school a late 90s yenkey hitting he's rally that's the way i felt in the top half of the ninth inning austin jackson boots the ball out why if they are and heck's it's a single he advances to say then you have frazier in tough pitches fallon off tough pitches work in a walk and then gardeners that the play and i'm telling you folks tweeted about this and i chat stay off twitter traffic again because i was checking every now and again i was just so infuriated with seven a hot takes in seventy chest absolute nonsense that was coming out of people's mouths i had to put it on i couldn't take it any longer i'll tweet live dr games i'm over the one that i can't do it anymore but had to tweet about go on her back because it was that good a brought back memories of paul o'neill in game one of the two thousand world series against all mondo benitez when o'neal at picket bat work in a walk sparked the yankees tied that game they ended up winning game one they win the.

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