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"tommy phantom" Discussed on KFC Radio

"He didn't want to see any of it all. It's all of his gruesome getting into flake. Crime god only want that booking moose around people why are we. Why are you bringing. You remind me. Almost a moose. It's actually feeling if you wanted to dump me girls you do. It's easy by the way. Accept it pretty quickly but like hasselhoff kid recorded him. Yes right record sleeping. This is how would have to be like okay. Gross totally i mean jonah. Leave himself he relieve himself on this planet. Anybody legitimately i can't. I cannot believe you must be an incredible lover. When you're awake must be great otherwise because when you were asleep it's absolutely not it could be true fucking love. It could be absolutely perfect. And i would be like it breaks my heart but we have to bring. This isn't going to. I guess you would have to be those couple of sleep in different rooms knowing apart but you have to get out. You'll hear me and we we neighbors must hear you absolutely. Yeah absolutely i. it's disgusting. Have you ever a hard yourself idea was dumping this. Does what you sound like at night. Can you believe that the people have sex with somebody. Somebody blows you us disgusting kevin. Lots of people have blown me. I know it's crazy. Many many doesn't yeah doesn't which was the highlight of a show by the way knock. You gotta come out to the show to see everything but the one thing we did. We gotta tell this on the regular show. We got a voicemail. You want playboy smell or sheds recap it voicemail. The show last last week. This dude made a bet with his body. And can you look this up again. His latest to sixty four is all your tommy phantom of the diego padres. if tommy fam- bats three hundred this season this guy has to suck his friends and he was batting at. That point was batting like two thirty years. Something and at the moment is batting. Seventy no way career six. That is this year. Wait is it. Yeah so right now is about two seventy one too. He's a career to seventy-three hitter. You can't fuck in a sucking dick for the first time on agree to seventy three hundred having a pretty solid sees. I mean well three hundred would be at. I mean that's a that's a big. It's a big but he's not going through all right. So i think at the time he was badly thirty or something. He started off really slow and has been like thirty forty points. Later is now about in to seventy one. And so i mean the tommy. Fam- wash to me is the most sports we want this. I want to film this dude. His friends they like. I want to be present for. I said if we can somehow by the grace of god go into game one sixty two batting to ninety nine point nine nine nine and all you need is like a base and we electric chair these guys. If we kind of wanted to be a ted williams style he's above it loses for. He was four hundred. The day of double header went nuts..

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