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Cardinals Tommy Edman, Ascension Charity Classics Nick Ragone  Scoops with Danny Mac Ep. 20

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Cardinals Tommy Edman, Ascension Charity Classics Nick Ragone Scoops with Danny Mac Ep. 20

"The welcome scoops with danny mac on fox two. I'm dan mclachlan tonight. The focus will be on the cardinals and specifically tommy edmund. Quietly he turned into one of the best all around players on the cardinals roster and in the national league whether he's on the infield making plays in the outfield or as a constant at the top of the lineup. Tommy edmund find a way to produce. He's coming up also later in the show. What has been the impact of phil nicholson's win at the pga. On saint louis goal. I'll visit with nicarguan who heads up the essential charity classic presented by emerson. That event is coming to saint louis. One of the questions surrounding the tournament will be in for the turning as well here in saint louis nicarguan later in the show tomorrow night. The cardinals play the first of three against pools. And the dodgers then saint louis returns home for four against the reds. What will be like tomorrow to see albert in dodger blue. Well if you haven't seen him in dodger bill yet your literally been hiding underneath a rock. But i think it's going to be interesting. I think it's one of those things that you know. We seen him in red for so long with the angels and the swallow but now being with the dodgers. I think it's going to be even harder pill to swallow. But i think he's got a lot left in the tank and i think it's going to be a lot of fun to watch him. Play again should be a fun match up with the cardinals and the dodgers. Let's bring in cardinals. Second baseman and outfielder tommy edmund and tommy first of all. Thanks for coming on the show. You're off to a just a fabulous start. This has got to be a lot fun for you. Thanks for me on it's been a good start to the season for sure and It's been nice to have consistent spot in the lineup and Just now that. I'm gonna be a leadoff spot every day and And going out there whether it's been second ride or short or whatever just knowing all other reveal. Does it really make a difference for you to have a constant consistent spot in the lineup or is it really that important. I think it makes it a little bit of difference. Just that There's that comfort now on that you're going to be in that same spot everyday Generally my process really changed too much depending on where hitting So in that sense not really think just kind of that. Consistency helps out. I've always found it fascinating. How players learned to switch it. So how did you learn to do that as a young kid. I kinda messed around the switching for a while I mean even going back to probably travel. I was like seven or eight years old. I just randomly go up to the plate. Left-handed sometimes And eventually i had to make the decision to become a switch hitter which happened I think towards the end of a three for high school. And at that point i'd the most important thing for me was to take as many left you swings as possible just because there's so much catch up that i had to do So i made sure to get in the cage pretty much every single day. My dad threw me tons of vp. And able to catch up that right hand side now. Your dad has been extremely influential in your career. He had himself a nice career as well. An amateur baseball. How influential been for you. Yeah i mean extremely influential. I had i pretty much played for him from I was about seven or eight years old throughout high school so those are obviously Huge formative years in in my baseball career in Pretty much me all the finer details of the game all the situation in I was always Around his high school team growing up as well so I think that. I i kind of had to learn those details. Just from observing the game And he's continued even till today. I start work with him. A little bit in the offseason. Still throw some great vp And he obviously watches all the games and is able to give me some details on the swing as well so when you decided play baseball your little kid. You're playing middle infield. You had never played pro inning in the outfield. How did you learn to make that transition so easily. I mean i think a big part of it is just just having been comfortable with taking fly balls out there. So i ain't going back to like high school or your college days during we would just occasionally go out there and around the outfield. Track down five balls on. So i think having done that in the past just allowed me to be more comfortable out there getting into that. Big league Big-league setting in than than what came next with all the other situational staff about understanding the score of the game. What hitters were likely to be hitting it depending on account and everything like that So i think. I think just making sure i was getting out there every day and and just seeing seeing fly balls against the backdrop of the sky in the stadium. Were the most important things that i do about. Willie mcgee how about him. Helping you make this transition. Yeah i mean he. He helps out a tiny some some great pointers For for situational stuff especially and kinda just understanding. What kinda hitter is at the plate in what they're going to be likely to do so obviously having a guy who is one of the best outfielders in the game Outfield coach was extremely helpful. I think it's fascinating. You truly have a baseball family and we talked about your dad now. Your brother john works for the minnesota twins. Your sister is working as a system engineer specialist for the cardinals so you truly have a baseball family. What's that been like for you. Yeah i mean it's been great. I think I mean we're obviously baseball. Family is as you can tell so to have all three of all three of the siblings working in some capacity of the major league level is is pretty cool and we have some good baseball conversations about various things. Obviously whether that's behind the scenes or or on the field is just been great to see. Both my brother and sister gets do things that they love. So do they ever call you and tell you. Hey i got some analytics on you. You need to be doing this that or the other to be better. Do you ever get some of the advice from them. Not not necessarily. I think they try to kinda try to stay out of that I think my my brother especially is pretty a- place pretty close the chassar the proprietary technology and analytics the twins. I don't think he wants to share any of that stuff with me. Hey tommy please hold tight. Want to ask you about your current teammates. And having fans back in the stands. That's next and this is scoops. Daddy mac on fox two scoops with danny mac is brought to you by chinooks. Lou fuse royal bank missouri and ryan kelly. The home loan expert. Welcome back to scoops. Would danny mac on fox to a reminder. There's daily content on the website. Scoops her danny mac dot com podcast features articles be missed burning nicholas. Miklaszewski his writing. You can see it. All daily. On scoops with danny mac dot com. Oh short fight. Good this dhabi drive lab. That is not a second. This is scoops with danny mac on fox to my guest. Is the cardinals. Mr everything. Tommy edmund tommy. You're relatively young to the game and now you're playing on an infield with nolan are not oh you watch him every single day what he picked up from watching them every day. I think the most impactful thing for langley's nolan's observing how hard he works day in and day out obviously he's he's been one of the elite players and all baseball for many years now to see him still working as hard as he does definitely makes a huge impact on on s younger players known that the spring of the work is never finished. You know that you can always improve on your game and Definitely has has helped us out a lot Just just showing us the way he goes about his business and the other two guys i want to ask you about are both yati ueno. It's amazing to see them performing at this high of a level at an advanced age baseball advanced age. So what do you take away from watching those two playing the game. I mean honestly. The same kind of thing is nolan. I think haven't been that in the league for so long and to see them still working as hard as they as they do in in having their routines that they've done for fifteen years now you can definitely tell that that's one of the major reasons why they've been able to stay in the league for so long as they've found the found what works for them And mike works diligently out it and just been able to continue that for for as many years as lying. So i think that's that's how me now and trying to develop my routine And understanding which things that. I need to be working hard on and really working. On those your bright guy you studied while at stanford math and computational science. What is math and computational science It's a lot of It's kind of an intersection between like math. Statistics in computer science would be the best way. I put it on there. A little bit of a Option for like a concentration. I chose to concentrate more on the finance side. But the o's definitely a very very nerdy major very nerdy signing major buddies is very interesting to me and I think it's kinda cool. It's a c. section of that with with the baseball statistics in analytics. And all this stuff going on our games of that well maybe a nerdy major however baseball is built around stats in analytics. Does your degree ever come into play and understanding and breaking down the numbers in baseball I think on a very basic level. I kinda do understanding like which which things are the most important Obviously obviously everyone has kinda gone away from the batting average in Gone more towards the the cited on base and slugging And i think that doesn't really require the degree that i had to understand that One way that it would be kind of interesting to apply My degree is kind of the expected. Statistics which. I want really dive into too much here. But it doesn't really apply to me as much more than just a way of analyzing players and does really impact the way that i go about my game preparation or or anything like that. That's that'd be more like a. I guess a front office way of evaluating us always curious about this. If tommy edmund wasn't playing baseball tommy edmund would be doing what i don't know i hadn't hoped fortunately i haven't had think about that too much i there's a very good chance i'd probably be still involved in baseball some way one way or another could be something very similar to what my brother and sister of understood. I wanted to ask you about the all star game At all are you thinking about this. You're having a tremendous year. Have you thought about the potential of maybe being an all star this season. I mean not too much. I obviously still a month and a half away still so. There's a lot of lot of baseball to be played but joining us to think about any of the accolades or anything like that. Scott trying to focus on each game as it comes about and not get too far ahead of myself when you make it to the big leagues. There's a ton of attention on the player. There's only a handful of players that make it. So how do you handle the pressures of being a major league player and also the attention that that comes along with this. I honestly don't think it changes too much in kind of going back to what What i was saying about nolan earlier. Said i still feel like i can improve tons of player. I i don't think that nearly at the level that that i'm capable of playing at So i i still go about my business. The same exact way still trying to get to that That a leila will that obviously in baseball. Everyone's pursuing perfection. But no one's ever gonna get there. It's impossible task so there's always room for improvement in and they'll just keep working at that until i'm best player on cable. I love to find out about this in terms of your favorite player or teams. Who are your favorite players to to watch growing up. Yeah i mean. Grown up in san diego. I i watched the padres it a few years back in seventy some around that time. They had a those adrian. Gonzalez's peak he Had some great years with them. was really unbelievable. Hitter to watch Actually in my high school years. I i watched a miguel cabrera swing a lot. I think he wanted the triple crown backing like twelve or thirteen. One of those years and that was coincided with my junior senior year of high school. So right when. I was really starting to lock in The mechanical side of the swing so just deserving ham was was very impressive in his cool actually listened to the tigers last year. Actually got to get an assigned ball for him which is pretty neat. that's awesome. That's really neat. So you got to experience your first opening day this year in saint louis albeit with a reduced crowded busch stadium. What was opening day. Like in saint. Louis tommy edmund awesome just getting the right around the right around the trucks and waving all the fans who are obviously super excited to finally be back at bush It was incredible experiences. I can't wait for next year. We have that full stadium's capacity finally. Tommy what's it been like to have fans back in the stand just generally speaking and how major league player feed off the energy of those crowds. Yeah it's it's definitely different. We we miss that a lot and it just provided that that will burst of energy that you might need I think that that will adrenaline when you when you hear the rush of the crowd and after a big play or they hit or something like that. I mean there's nothing like that and it's definitely a feeling that i missed the last year. Hey tommy was great to catch up. Thanks for being a part of the show and best of luck the rest of the way of course gets it you bet from baseball phil mickelson and golf specifically the ascension charity classic coming to town what did fills win do for the tournament just a week ago. That's next on scoops. Who danny mac here on fox. Two scoops with danny mac is brought to you by blue tail. Medical group royal bank said missouri. Hair saloon for men and triad bank biggest moment or the legendary career fell to face. Father time just an incredible moment in sports much less golf to see a fifty year old phil mickelson close out a major the pga now. The essential charity classic presented by emerson is later this summer at norwood hills. The tournament is hopeful. That mickelson will be a part of it. So let's let's bring in. Nick who heads up the essentiality classic nick. An incredible moment that took place at the pga. What is that victory done in terms of the momentum. That's building for later in the summer. And your event danny fill is an amazing character. Only two people in the last forty years moved the needle. Golf it's tiger. Who is the mito and phil. And i think Winfield plays well annex unexpectedly. Well eight ignites something in the passion of all golfers especially for those of us over fifty. It's a reminder of what he you know he's been around for thirty years thinking about it. We wanna maintain again this week and lake tiber bell reeve two thousand eighteen. The reason why there was such passion. Because you've got a glimpse of the tiger of old. And i think the same thing has happened for us in st louis particularly people saw phil and it kind of reminded them the way the fans web enveloppe them of tigra belle. Reeve and it you know there was something there and i think it really has struck a spark with our event and i think golf in general and professional golf in saint louis. Well they'd so the big question would be when he does that. Is he coming to saint. Louis can you get a commitment from phil to be a part of this event. You know we've been working with all the great players on champions tour the scheduling usually a couple of weeks before the event. But we wouldn't talks with phil and ernie els. Jim furic might weird. Darren clarke and bernard longer freddie. Of course in tom as you know we'll be there and so it's hard to say i mean i do think phil will be busier. Frankly he's gonna now qualify for the fedex cup which previously hadn't really been in the running for probably going gonna play on the ryder cup Which you know again. I don't think anybody saw that coming. He's really the favorite going into the us open. At torrey pines which is staggering to think that a fifty year old. Who's off the radar is now one of the favorites going into the us open but at the same time we have a great spot schedule labor day weekend there's no pj A event opposite us. And i think if look at fills calendar he's probably gonna wanna stay sharp for the ryder cup coming out of the fedex cup and it would be a perfect spot for him. Stricker the others on a calendar. We know I've been receiving overwhelming numbers of texts emails from players on champions tour just saying how excited the arctic come out to saint louis so with him winning. What is that done this past week in terms of interest in ultimately ticket sales for your event ticket sales program sells even sponsorship and hospitality packages went through the roof starting on saturday of the tournament so to go saturday as phyllis climbing the leaderboard. Our website and our phone number's started getting allow calls Sunday's he took the lead on the back nine. It really started going crazy and then monday. It exploded last monday at. We sold something like twenty five program spots that day alone up ticket. Sales are through the roof. I mean this is gonna feel danny more like a pga tour event that championship event. Just based on tickets sold to date The pro-am again. Just the the hospitality tent. We've had opened up a third hole. I we started with one whole. We went through that whole now on the third hole. We're getting close to needing a fourfold for thirty five plus hospitality tent so this will feel like a pj. Georgia that's incredible. Also i'm sure you're seeing attention building for the event and the fact that we're seeing kobe. Numbers drop in people in this community as you. Well know support their sporting events like none other. Yeah it was really a perfect storm of phil capturing the attention of golfers everywhere. Ab- shouli magical event last week with him winning a historic event. And then you know. Sort of the the New cdc guidelines and some are starting you know the cards are going full attendance. Most sports are. There's just such an overwhelming desire. You've seen it danny with people To get back to normal in golf outdoors event right. It's an outdoors event that we all enjoy a particularly Playing the pro-am or watching the best in the world by september labor day weekend we should be in good shape and i just think there's such a pent up demand to start getting back to normal and and you know in saint louis as you know this golf crazy tatham. We love our professional golf. Not just a majors but now champion or events our. Wrap it up with this. What's your message fans who want to be a part of this event and to come support it up. Hurry up if you wanna volunteer. Go to our website. Essential charity classic dot com. Hurry up on that. Because we're we're almost full volunteers. If you wanna get a tent really hurry up. Because those are were running outta holes and pro-am spots we're running out of those two and ticket sales. We'll have every day we think we'll have anywhere from five to fifteen thousand people a day but i would say the center charity classic dot com and start making your plans now because our inventories is running with they. Nick is always thanks for being a part of the show. Thank you danny. Four negron tommy edmund. I'm dan mclaughlin. This has been scoops. Were daddy mac on fox to. I'll see you next weekend at ten thirty.

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Ben Fred Friday  June 25,  2021

Scoops with Danny Mac

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Ben Fred Friday June 25, 2021

"It's ben fred. Friday on scoops. Who had danny mac dot com. We visited with ben frederickson at the saint. Louis post dispatch as we always do. These are fun It has not been fun though. If you're a cardinals fan. It has been historically in terms of pitching and hitting one of the toughest months. The club is ever seen and it was another loss last night for the saint louis cardinals. Hey ban Great to see a great division with you. How are things going at be. Friday man and Gloomy friday for the cardinals in for a lot of folks in saint louis with the weather but kind of fitting for this this stretch. The cardinals are. I'm doing well that the team is in a bad spot. And we're going to get into that but all things considered i'm doing good and Life is good so the same is true for you. Well i it's going fine. It's just been a pleasure doing the games. I gotta tell you that i. I'd like to be called a little bit more offense in seeing a lack of Walks let's start with this. The tommy edmund comments after the game last night. Really telling comments in paraphrasing here talking about at times maybe were not as prepared for the opposing pitcher. The end game adjustments. Were not making that time. You know we're not having those end game adjustments at times. Really telling statement from tommy edmund. What did you. What did you take away. Those thankfully was candid. First of all. I was pretty surprised by what he said in it. If i'm the cardinals manager. Mike shield on the front office. Then i've got a. I've got look very seriously at my hitting coach situation after those comments. Because that's a player saying we are not prepared for the games pitcher as much as we should be. It's a it's a player saying we're not. We're not adjusting in the game in. Those are really the two things that i think he really kind of. Lean on your hitting coach to lee. Look i'm not to blame the hitting coach guy. It's a tough job. They don't usually get enough credit. Dan or they get way too much credit of an and they're always or they're always being blamed. It's not easy but the one thing that that job consists of now is there's really two phases working with the hitters on trying to make them the best hitter they can beep then. There's the other part of that. It's it's scouting it's it's it's breaking down the pictures they're about to face. It's it's it's creating things in in the game. Help you know help. A guy verses from his first at bat to his third and use had edmund about halfway through the season for a team that's averaged fewest manner runs in the game for more than a month less than the pirates. Talk about how he doesn't feel prepared and that that that preparation has a face edsa hitting coach. Who's really been under the microscope. So i know the cardinals are committed to jeff albert. And we've heard most say very recently that they don't think the coaching is a problem. But your comments like that. I don't know what else to think. Yeah i i'm with you and right now. The cardinals are really at a crossroads. A even though we're not at the halfway point of the season You're three games under five hundred. You don't wanna get buried. And i think that's the point that you have to make here is that it's just gotten so bad in this month. You don't wanna get buried and yet you're only three games under five hundred so it is salvageable and i think that's what you have to keep in mind. I think i think that's the number one point is that you look at the standings and go okay. You know this is. This is not a point of the season shot and already i've heard people say well. It shouldn't even try to make a move the seasons toasts. They should worry about twenty twenty. Two and i push back against that because i do think. This team is fixable. I think what it really gets down to are pretty simple pillars of playing good baseball. The cardinals have played pretty well when they get consistent quality starts and they haven't been doing offensively as ruining ruining the other teams quality starts so they're not getting quality starts in. They're giving in their in their giving up a lot of them Two opposing pitchers And then the even get ign- even boil it down more than that. Their pitchers don't throw first pitch strikes very often the last in the national league that percentage and they don't base if you're not throwing first pitch strikes in you're not getting on base. You're not gonna win very many games so they have to do things that help those that help those ends. That gotta get pitcher a good one for the rotation. I don't think there's an answer waiting from within And they have to. I think find somebody who can add some some grits and scrapping to slide up in terms of on base. Until they can do that. They've got to find a way to try to end this skid. And i think now if you're mike shildt us gotta start getting crazy. You don't get panicky but you start doing some good things. That were kinda Break glass case of emergency area. Like i'd beuys alex. Rae as as an upper he's got what thirty something innings. He's not going to get to their their targeted amount of innings forum. Probably because they haven't been able to use men as many safe situations as they've like. I don't wanna see john can't make another start It's four zero now where he has been non-competitive. He was really good when he was good. He was dodging the walks now. They're now he's not in. Don't think it's gonna stop snowballing on him until they put him in the bullpen. Opie bounces back there And i don't know. I've got a hard time of doing this. Constant coin flip with carlos martinez. I know there are times we can go out and look great but there are also times when he can you know he. He has start like he does that. He can't get out of you know third the fourth inning it. He doesn't hurt that game. He hurts future games. The loose things have compounding. So they've got to start really. I think making some motivated changes to the lineup to the rotation making some different things. Maybe maybe consider seriously bringing up. Matthew laboratory is letting him see what he can. Do you got this youth. See what it can do and then the front office has to do something substantial to improve it because if the team does sink that it's on the front office for not addressing. These problems may became clear. Yeah i'm not sure that you can let carlos martinez and john gant make another start currently constructed if everybody's healthy. I'm just not sure you can do that. And with what. I saw out of martinez last night. You know uninterested at least in my opinion disinterested from the get-go and the seven walks gant is not only walking a lot but look at the hard hit in the slug against him. That's a problem and both those guys have had success in the bullpen. So you might be doing them favor your team a favor. Maybe it's wade leblanc going into your rotation as you said it's a starter for rey. S you know spot. Start here or there. And maybe it's matthew liberty last three times out. He actually had some success at memphis in catch lightning in a bottle. Maybe that's something that you try. The cards are already. We've heard them say they're not sure about sending in to the olympics right. They weren't they thought they might need him. Well if you're gonna need him you need them in saint louis and illit baseball. Every day is lying on younger and younger players The carnal said entering the season. They wouldn't be surprised if no one gorman in matthew retort made their major league debuts this season well so this wouldn't be some ridiculously expedited timeline. wouldn't be so something shocking. I said nolan amid a zac thompson. I'm who has really struggled this season at memphis so i don't think he's right for being thrown into the fire unless it's unless it's maybe a bullpen role later he's really struggled but liberty or hasn't gorman could be another hail mary options but you're asking a lot further guy who i think he's only been playing second base in springfield for about a month Send him all the way up to the majors in heaven. Be the hope to rescue the offense to be asking a lot. But i don't think labrador would be that much of a of a panic move. I think if you're gonna if you're gonna have enough reason to feel costs about letting this guy go pitch in the olympics and your rotation is turning into one of the worst around and find a reason for him to pitch in saint louis. They've got to do something to try to catch some good vibes You know you kinda hope that maybe large new bar could be a sparky plays with energy and enthusiasm. And he's doing his part but it it's not going to be enough alone to lift this lineup. an and they need help from the outside. We're talking about things they can do to try to get there so that would help is not helping a team. That's too far gone but the front office has to be working just as hard as shelters to try to find something to cut this team. Because i've said it before and i'll say it again. This is not the year to make mixed message moves at the trade deadline. The cardinals need. I think to their for their fans for enthusiasm at busch stadium in the second half for good vibes round this team. In the way it's built with ueno and yati goldsmith are an auto. they're not young guys anymore I think they need for the first time in five years again after it at the trade deadline. So i think they will in. I think they'd like to it's hard to do that now with the costs. But that means it's on. It's on the team to try to come up with a way to make it worth the front office doing this but the front office cannot pull that trick where they sit around and say. Hey you know we need to see from the team something that demands a move. No team needs to move and it's needed it for a long time when you heard. Tommy admins comments To me it wasn't like he was shooting from the hip. Either i mean this is. This was something. I don't know if it's calculated but he knew he was doing. He knew what he was doing. I felt that way. Didn't you tommy's a smart guy. And i'll be honest not on the zuma's item. I was covering the gymnastics down the dome but i see the interview and i would back in read it and watched it later. tommy's not the kinda guy throw something out there. That thinking about it to me. I think there is some some some consternation about you know the way. Jeff albert approaches this thing in the players Look we've heard you know. We all know that there are certain guys who who aren't exactly bought in on the way of thinking that that he's that he's teaching which that's a problem. We know there were always cardinals coaches. Who were guys fired over this approach and now those guys were let go for not you know buying the album method hook line and sinker. Maybe they don't look so crazy The other thing too is always wonder how to think about this guy. Seek outside help. But that's everybody in baseball now. So i don't always think that that's an indictment on the hitting coach but the one guy that i think has been the biggest buyer of jeff albert and kind of has really sung his praises. The most that. I've heard has been paul dion in this struggles to me. Make that turn the volume up on that issue. Because he's really he's been a big part of the reason. This offense has not been good good when he's been healthy he hasn't been hitting so yeah. I think there are multiple red flags here. And i do think it's it's different than simply the offense doesn't get blame the hitting coach. I think there are some real reasons here to say. This doesn't look like the direction any team should want to be moving And it's not early sample size stuff. It's two and a half years in this and and it's to the point where even the numbers that the cardinal say. They want to be good at right. We know they've been be good. At average exit velocity. They want to be good an isolated power they want to be good at barrel percentage for plate appearance. I get all these things are good and they've had. They've made progress in some of those areas but at what cost can't get on base they're on track to be one of the worst. On base percentage teams against right handed pitching which is the most dominant side in ever in cardinals. Baseball history They they're they're not good situational they. They're batting average. With runners on base is not good. we see them time and time again hitting shift and then talk about well. You know we hit art well. Yeah you're gonna harvard. There's four guys standing there so that that doesn't really count in my book. So i do think that they may be have pushed the needle too far toward this tower thing for a team. That's not all that good at it earlier. In the season they were averaging good amount of home runs and hit a home run of the game. They were winning and he found out. Okay that's other gonna play. They're going to hit a homer and that they homer they're gonna most likely win but now the home of drop in their averaging fewer home runs per game than the national league average for a pretty long time now and they're not doing any other thing that creates consistent offense and that's what's been the big problem there. Yeah you had fifty percent of the runs. First month were home runs and now it's under thirty and so when you do that and you walk the ballpark you know. It's a bad combination. This is at this time of the year. This team is walked. The third most batters in the history of the franchise. Now think about that when you're not scoring runs so names like ten in the last. Twelve games They've had two or fewer runs scored and they're walking. Everybody i mean martinez walked seven last night. So i you know carlos martinez and looking at john gant and then you're talking about also the bullpen as a whole walk in so many. There's just a lot of issues with this club man and i. I'm just not sure what direction they go. And i think at some point you do have to make some drastic changes with it. Because this is not sustainable. And you don't get buried. You're not quite buried yet but boy you got the feeling of it right now. No kidding i mean thank god. The other teams in the central are not taking advantage of this kind of about to the cubs of had a bad stretch So that that to me is more incentive for the front office to say. There's there's still time to make a move your go get a that kyle gibson. Go get that josh air center. Somebody who can. Who can help kinda give this lineup. A little bit different of a look An do as soon as you can as soon as you can possibly afford to because this team need as needed it for a while now. Also a reason for for showed the say if we can stop the if we can just stop the bleeding somewhat. We can start stacking things up again in the pressure. Kind of relieves. A little bit. How they do that. Well you said it south walking everybody and also start taking some walks. That's the other thing don't want. They don't walk tom. Edmund barely walks And i think they did. They had to move him down. Not because it's his his. He's not the reason. The offense is not playing well but when he's struggling the way years is he can't justify having the guy getting the most at bats of any player in the league Who can hardly get on base. So i think they did the right thing there. I think shields gotta continue to try to stoke this lineup. But the biggest thing is this and it's the same reason that i'd put a starting pitcher at the top of their list. They were never gonna be dan a a a massive home. Run hitting offense. They were never going to be the titan of offense. The goal from me for them. This season was to have a league average national league average sense and if they can do that in pitch up to their capabilities win a lot of games because they have good defense in they have a good a good bullpen. That that with if it has a lead it can. It can win games. That's what they've that's what they're missing that when they were at their best they were handing that baton of quality starts from one star to the next and they've lost that now and they've been trying to paper over it with guys who were supposed to be helpers for the rotation not cornerstones in its biting them big time so that's the easiest thing to fix and then the offense not so much but they do think they can afford to add somebody in there to tell that out you mentioned the base and that's that's the only thing that'll end it with this. The albert confusion for me last year. They were pretty good at getting on base. You know it was the power that was down remember. I mean we talked about well on bass can't drive them in and now this year. Same hitting coach. Mostly the same team except a better added in in nolan are nado and the power. It was up not so much now. But it's like they've lost their ability to get on base and just confused. How how there isn't more of an identity for an offense by now. They've got one but it's not a good one. And i do think that in two and a half years. It's fair expected that team now absolutely I'll wrap it up with this. You're doing the gymnastics stuff down at the dome. How was it is it fun. It is cool man. Yeah there's something about being in the building where people's dreams right there they can reach out and touch him of going to the olympics The men's Were thursday night. The women's opening night will be tonight. Team will be announced on sunday each side. We'll have One two rounds the cool thing. I thought thursday was the fact that there's one guy out there segula coup. If you if people who know gymnastics at all they he would be the men's face they recognize. He's trying to become a rare three time olympian. And here's a tie back to the cardinals. Danny's kinda like the adam. Wainwright of gymnastics is twenty eight which is in gymnastics terms older than dirt No offense to mr wainwright. He makes similar jokes about himself. in an he's saying look my body's breaking down he's got sam's got up elbow that's got a floating bone chip in it and it just locks on him at times like he can't unlock it when it does. He's got a best rest. He can't perform physically at the level that it used to. But he's gone to a place where he's like. Look i used to be chasing constant achievements and disappointing. The ones i didn't get i wasn't having fun. You really spent this quarantine time kind of just focusing on being posited being in the moment and going out with the best he can and fun to watch because it kinda reminds me of watching ueno pitch and when ueno talks about a. I'm going to go out there and throw the best i can of my arm falls off all right off into the sunset and be happy that i gave him. I gave it my all. He's in that same spot. And it's a powerful place for elite athletes to be anna whether at truly peace in having actual fun instead of feeling pressure and to watch him compete. Thursday was pretty cool to it did remind me of of ueno. Simone biles You're gonna get a chance to see her in action this weekend. I told myself when she came a couple of years ago for the championships thing that i would never miss a chance to see her. Compete live of given it again A truly feel like that was like the one selfish thing. I says i don't if they come back to saint louis i'm going and in in that period in that's why i wanted to be there more than anything because you only get so many chances kind of really see true greatness in front of you live. Then you've seen it you know i can remember talking about the for. You told me about the first time he saw for pretended to teach junior. And like there's difference for some of these athletes and she's one of you put her right up there with with everybody. So yes she'll be performing tonight. I mean there's nothing that could happen. That where she wouldn't she wouldn't be on this team so it's not even like she's making the team she's just out there showing off and it's awesome to see and it's gonna be it's gonna be very well attended in the energy will be there called the meeting. People seasons fired a really cool that she's here in saint. Louis and awesome at the sports commission made. This happened despite the covid setbacks despite the games being postponed venue changes they. They stuck the landing and it's appreciated Finally what he worked on for the post-dispatch this weekend we'll have cardinals coverage from bush and i'll be gymnastics through sunday so i'll have cardinals a gymnastics columns so if people are frustrated with the cardinals they can switch over and read about some some gymnastics but You gotta i understand that that we talk mostly cards as we should and and i might at some point after switchover and reineck cardinals column to ear things if things get too bad depending on how this weekend goes i i might be understood. Have a great weekend ben. Thanks for doing it. But as always with ben frederickson every friday on scoops. With danny mac brought to you by blue tail medical group.

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Derrick Goold- February 26, 2020

Scoops with Danny Mac

13:40 min | 1 year ago

Derrick Goold- February 26, 2020

"Hit a home run and get pre-approved for your next refinance or home purchase at the home loan expert Dot Com. Enjoy the PODCAST. Daily visit with Derek. Gould of the Saint Louis Post dispatch. And we do this every Monday. Through Friday during spring training on scoops with Danny Mac dot COM Derek of stltoday.com and the post-dispatch and Derek. Let's jump into the news of the day and I before I go anywhere. You had a root canal. Couple of days ago you fought through it. How are you feeling today? Yeah I'm I'm I didn't miss a podcast did I know you? Didn't you fought through it. You showed a lot of toughness. A Lotta Great Dirt on it and I'm proud of you. Yeah no I'm doing well. I'm doing fine okay for asking I. I think I'll be able to poke through. The pain was intense there early on in spring training requiring some emergency a dental consultation In this is the remedy at working. Actually I'll decide the people here At the dentist office Palm Beach is right. Not Too far from the ballpark right across Donald. Ross have been stupendous not to give them a free plug but holy cow did they. They changed my world view and they were so grand to me. Well that's good news so Teeth problems or you WANNA see some baseball. Come on down. Yeah Yeah. Yeah if you're seeing some baseball and you have some unfortunate MIRKA CDs problems you're set sounds good. We're coming to you from the automotive studios on scoops with Danny MAC DOT COM. Fourteen brands ten locations. Lou Fuse we are saying Louis. Let's jump into what happened yesterday. I'm going to start with the Starter Austin Gambler. Your thoughts and watching the lefty. You know pretty good movement good action good breaking ball slider cutter kind of thing that he had going on then. More of the same in the second inning pitched out trouble actually in both innings but I thought he was really good in the first inning and then sort of more than what we've seen him a starter in the second innings command shoes but you know showed some guy is to get out of it. I I like the way Austin Dahmer pitches. I do too. I just don't ever think that like he beaten by any. Does that make sense? It might be like all right. There's trouble there people on base or anything like that. But he never strikes me as a guy who surrenders to or doesn't have a pitch that he could get out of it and that's unusual because he's not a strikeout pitcher right but he's just got like that the meaner about him good feel for pitches. He's got the right breaking pitches and everything you know. He's kind of going through stuff where it like you know there's just a command You know where he can get quick outs. He can get out of it. Yeah I thought it could have unraveled for him very quickly and he didn't let that happen and for him to have that much time away from major league hitters and to be able to do that. I thought that was a key. Yeah I agree. I think you know. Just he talked about. The mound was kind of foreign right as far as fuel goes so just getting that experience is getting out there. I thought he got good returns on it though too. And that's not always the case right like a guy gets out there for the first time. Many many months feels healthy. Feels confident is our gets jumpy. He gets overwhelmed by you know what adrenaline just has. Anxiety takeover and then. He doesn't get the results that you know Kinda. Give them the confidence that he's healthy. That kind of thing. I think Congress had that kind of outing. Gama had kind of like. Hey you're healthy. Oh Hey you're also pitching all right for this time of year outing yeah. I agree with that now. Alex Rae is the way I looked at what I was seeing with Alex race was there were times. I thought WHOA that that's GONNA play. That's going to be really good and then you know obviously other times it was not good but hey he got through it. I think the big thing is how he how he feels today and tomorrow and making sure that he's alright because it's the rust. That's coming off of Alex raise. You know what I'm starting to think differently Dan. If you'll permit me absolutely. I'm starting to think that he has electric stuff. And it's now becoming a question of will he ever control that electric stuff because if he cannot then he can't be in the majors. He has stuff like you said. That makes your jaw drop. Can't command it even if he's healthy and he can't command it there's not. He can't walk like that he can't be behind and counsel that he can't have the one pitch that everybody goes. Oh my gosh. Nobody throws something like that. And the five pitches that are out of his own in the same bat. I do think that like you know just in talking with people today in wrote about this for the post dispatch this morning. Is You know Alex. Raise flashes such talent such brilliance such magnificence that he keeps having people come back to watchin- I mean he like teammates riveted by him. And the reason why you know he's had bad luck and they group for him. He has great stuff and they are energized by awesome convert. Told ME THAT IF THEY'RE GONNA win a World Championship Alex. Rae has has to be part of it because of his talent and that is why so. Many eyes are just fixed on him but he's got a command that stuff at some point. I I hate to be blunt but that's really the case you know. It's what betrayed him last year. It's what got him sent to the minors. It's what he struggled within the miners. So even if healthy even of strong and even if gifted with movement and the style of pitches a few few few few few people have ability to control that within the zone is essential to anything he wants to be for the cardinals. What did you hear from Mike Shield? After the game he had problem finding his rhythm that there was an issue with his rhythm. Just couldn't couldn't quite get it Fastball command was off. You know I mean Schultz all the same thing we did. He wasn't gonNA hide it. He said it's not something. You'll Iraq you. It's something that you are. You raise race to over analyze. You just say he got through it. Got on the male. Let's move on board the newest restaurant in Saint Louis. The train shed at Union station perfect place. Before and after blue's in Cardinal Games historic SAINT LOUIS. Union station is downtown's newest dining destination with trained sheds create a pub and the Soda Fountain Modern Diner. The train shed at Union station. I hope you know about the Sh- nooks rewards out. If for some reason you don't wear have you been the whole city has been downloading this. If you're a chinooks rewards member you're going to earn points and the next time you're chinooks. You can use those points for money off digital coupons on the items you want most download those chinooks rewards APP. Get the APP it gets. You read see soul another appearance. It was okay. What what did you think you know? I mean the pitchy needs to have wasn't there You know he's got to have that breaking ball just wasn't really there for him consistently was at times. It wasn't this second time out. So he's the first throat twice that game four hours in length you had to call it. It was a scattered game. I think we've seen some really sloppy games here. Recently on both sides regardless of WHO? The cardinals are playing in that inning. Just had all the markings of that you know just like not not a lot of hitters that he would ever face in a game not a good feel for the breaking ball and it was kind of moment in that Game Derek. How is he gonNA make this team? When you have. Andrew Miller Tyler Web Hennessy's Cabrera is her chance that he can make this team or not. What do you think I mean? I think he out of an opening day. I think it's more likely he starts. At MEMPHIS IN S to get results there I you know I could see a way for him to leapfrog into the bullpen. But it would take probably web being in Memphis meaning that he did not Excel Spring Cabrera being a starter in Memphis meaning. That he is being eyeballed for a larger role You know being developed in that role You know Kim maybe being a starter in the majors and then all of a sudden doorway open her cease to be in the mix. We saw gyro Munoz Papa Homerun. He's in competition with Tommy Edmund Miller Sosa whereas gyro right now in the mix you think with the the bench of the Saint Louis Cardinals. He's the incumbent Which gives them an edge and he's building up on that Right handed hitter Did Okay Fine. You know serviceable. He's not going to be the backup shortstop. That's gotta be Miller Admin or Sosa depending on the direction that they go but gosh you know pulling up curve ball like that on the roof of the marlins complex You know he is A. He's a good fastball hitter. Good for good. Hit or good fastball. Hitter I mean and that plays well in late innings and the cartels are facing some tough relievers but if he can do. More damage against off speed pitches that only adds to him being. I mean you could see him being Jose Martinez rule. A rebel really seems to have made a case that that's his and his declaim But he's just like the way it goes against the bats again especially against like a wheat stuff elite fastballs and to see him do that against breaking pitch to see him comfortable at the plate I think I think he I think that's going to be one of the most compelling contests of spring. Because there's going to be. I think the outfitters are going to separate themselves But the the closest call is going to be those guys playing Edmund Rebelo Muna's Miller that group who who is able to emerge as a major leaguer from there dylan. Carlson made a great play in right field. Where do you think he is most comfortable and fits into the planes right now? I think he's most comfortable in right field. I think he fits in the plans by playing all three positions and I would not rule him out and set a really eager to see him. Play some center this spring. I didn't like Baiters at bad yesterday. Couple of Batson. Yeah Yeah I mean. That's that's more the banner that we saw that hit two. Oh five year ago against the. Nfl Sanchez shocker. Yeah and that's my point. That's a major league pitcher. That's getting them off with off speed. That's a guy that change I level all those things and yet the concern right now with arison better. Yeah I mean you can crash of one game. You don't want to overstate but Annabelle Sanchez. The Guy who tore them up the guy who reminded them to the office. They were the advantage of their weaknesses. Wrote about that on stltoday.com very he was you know the guy who who went outside the zone the guy who said you know what I work off. I'll try to get you over there. And then I'll jam Yan and left all of them going. How many pitches away early. How many strikes does do we really tosh? All those things You Know Mary was again. And what happens in the first inning? Gold Long has a an excellent at bat against the shift. You know nails a pitch. The other way is fast out of the box. Aggressive out of the box goes for two earns a double than what is Dylan. Carlson do what I mean. He just moves the runner over and that inning that ending though to me showed exactly how the cardinals are going to have to play this year. That's exactly right Dan. That is exactly right. That is how they're going to have to play against a guy like Annabel Sanchez. That's how they're going to have to play against some of these pitcher who can work on the outside zones and can strike and I thought Dylan Carlson. While he moved the runner over also had a really good at bat like they had the shift on for him. I mean he hit the ball. Hard was just everything was thoughtful on his part there and then Paul D. Young comes up and Paul. The young had two excellent that where he had a chance to drive and run something. He didn't do well last year. Put together excellent at bats and then you know after him you kind of saw Sanchez. Takeover and groove and get back into somewhat of a of a guy who could use the carnal. This is against the B- Blues Fan joined the Party. All season long at hotshot sports bar and Grill and one of their eleven area locations great food and drink specials available during blues game. It is your home for Blues Hockey. Remember if the Blues scored five game this season you get hotshots legendary tacos for one dollar. Each the next day find hotshots near you at hotshots. Net Dot com proud partner of Saint Louis Blues and finally Derek Split Squads Marlins in Houston. Today What are you looking for this afternoon tonight? A quick route to northport. If you have any suggestions let me know. That's one way to look at it. How about the baseball perspective? What are you looking at a quick game so I can get on that quick route north? Derek it's not about you so the fans that are listening what do you. What do you WANNA see? I will pay attention to genesis. Cabrera's starts okay. I'll do that. I would watch that. I would watch what Kim second appearance but I would watch as starter and getting two innings the manager looking against a Houston Astros team very year to see that Derek. Thanks and pleasure. Dan Enjoy the baseball today. Thank you so much in the quick route to north tonight. Look important. The McLaughlin here to tell you about the hometown automotive family. I trust the most the loop US automotive network and you know they are saint. Louis Lou has been a part of Saint Louis for over seven decades. They're proud to support Saint Louis in the surrounding areas with cars youth. Sports and charitable efforts. Fourteen brands ten locations just visit views dot com to start shopping today.

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Wednesday with Walton  November 4, 2020

Scoops with Danny Mac

22:55 min | 11 months ago

Wednesday with Walton November 4, 2020

"A wednesday we always talk it over with brian. walden of the car donation dot com so much baseball to get into whether it's on the national perspective the minor league perspective. What's happening with the saint. Louis cardinals in his always. Brian good morning to you. Hopefully things are going well for you and your family the morning news world and yet there's a lot to talk about today. Where do you wanna begin. Last time that we were talking and i was in your camp. I thought the cardinals would pick up the option for one and at least it would give them some time to figure out what they wanted to do. They have not picked up that option. Obviously so long is out there for anybody to take a look at they save eleven and a half million dollars and then there are some comments. Made by john mosaic. Lock that will get into the press conference to address that but just initially. What did you think of now. You don't have colt long in the fold at least right now. Now you never say never could come back. I don't think that's going to be the case. Elsa would've brought him back. But what did you think of them. Not bringing colt long back. What would i miss it and miss read. Dan was the overall market. I mean we knew that revenues were down. We knew that major league teams were going to be careful in the offseason this year. But it's far beyond careful. I mean they were players Even better quality than cold wrong. A brad hand closer in cleveland. Where the best in the game. Let go over ten million dollars so what we're seeing. Is you know major league teams. Basically digging the trenches and long became a group of very good players in the market and what that means for the louis cardinals is. They've taken a risk on their defense up the middle. Here's some baiters to hit enough to play every day. Now wonks gone and there's potential that yet you're molina won't come back so the gamble is that they're the cardinals are taking a straight their team defense and you know taking a step backward potentially for twenty twenty one and i. I think that's definitely risky. But i mean i understand. Were coming from some money but of course the big question is in and talk a little bit about it on the other day you know. How much money do they have to spend to improve a team that we know lack power. Last year tommy edmund would be the guy i would assume right now currently constructed and we are a long ways away from spring training there would be at second base when he was in the minor leagues. Brian and you dive into the minor leagues better than anybody. How did he look at second base. Defensively how do you think he would fit in To playing that role on an everyday level at the at the major league level your tummy edmund was primarily shortstop coming up and he was an everyday shortstop in you know as he got closer to the majors. They played him a little more at second base. Yes to your around him out because of course you know typically when prospects come up they don't get starting job day. One but edmund is a solid defender and interestingly enough the fuelling bible awards which is a defensible word. That came out. I was the was like the second and third ranked defender cross position in their metrics for the major league in the national league this year on the major league. Excuse me in the major leagues this year. So and adnan is a is a perfectly capable second baseman. He's he's but he's not cold long you know he's he's not the real question with edmund for me isn't his defense. I think he'll be fine at second base. He won't be exceptional. The question will be. Which tommy edmund. Are we going to see at the plate. Are we going to see the twenty. Nineteen tommy edmund. Who has above average in had some pop in his bat and was really an exciting player to watch. Or are we going to see the twenty twenty tommy in which was kinda new Okay but he's not anybody that's causing any excitement. And that was coupled with the fact that he was moved to the second spot in the batting order which is a very important place to be a cepa table for the guys in the middle and edmund. Mike most of the rest of the cardinals. Offense didn't perform to his prior standards last year. So we saw last night. Colton wong wins his second. Gold glove and tyler o. Neil wins a gold glove. I had a coach. Tell me that if given a chance to play every day this a couple of years ago. Tyler o neil in the minor. Leagues is a gold glove player caliber player and had done that before. He said he is that good defensively. The metrics against showed that this year. I'm i didn't see that but you know the metrics showed that. What did you think of tyler. O.'neil winning that gold glove according to metrics that. What i it's on. And i'm not a great expert on defensive. Metrics will admit but they showed that he was exceptional at getting jumps at getting reads at positioning in position. Of course is also something. That really probably cardinals. Coaching staff should get more credit for than the player. Because of course worries position is where basically two metrics tell them. They need to be but o.'neil did a great job of getting to the ball. We saw that he very rarely. If ever through to the wrong base is worth rockers flows. Were strong they were consistent. He was just a solvent overall player. Now you know you gotta realize. And i don't want to finish his his his Results by any in any means but it was a sixty game season. So you know of course one hundred sixty two year. Well what would happen in a normal year for the gold gloves. The coaches and managers vote seventy five percent of the the score this year. They didn't vote. it also was completely metrics driven. So i think it'll eight tyler. O.'neil slip in and won the gold glove were in a normal year. The coaches might have gone with someone who had more name recognition. Someone they had seen a lot but you understand why they didn't do. The coach managers voting this year because nobody saw anybody but in their own divisions right than central central east eat. So there's no way anybody could could value the east or the west coaches evaluate. Only defense is your in terms of going back to one. They made the announcement jambos. Airlock did and brian walden is my guest About that option are yet the option not being picked up and then he had some general comments just about the team state of the union of the saint louis cardinals. What were some of the things that you picked picked up from. That i was on that. Call you on that. Call that zoom call. What were some of the things that stood out to you from john mosey lock. He just wasn't really optimistic. And by the way cheek over to the cardinal nation. There's a story about about that and there's also the full video that i believe channel five put up so you can listen to the forty five minutes of jumbo's they like yourself but you normally knows optimistic. He's talking about being opportunistic. He's talking about flexing payroll muscle in there. There wasn't really any of that. I mean he kind of talked about creativity. But i just felt like jumbles locke was sending a message to lower everybody's expectations about what teams able to do for twenty twenty one now. I don't know whether mozambique personally wanted to keep long or not. But my sorta reading was young. He was really not conflicted but he was certainly down on the fact that they had to let him go. But you know he certainly explained why very clearly that the cardinals need to cut payroll and that was one of the few members that they have to pull So you know. It's a difficult situation for the cardinals winter. The positive is that the market is going to be depressed and there was some analysis. I was veal. Bernas that they did looking at the players that that were kept for next year and the ones that were let go to look at the value of a win. We'll want one more would be worth normal year. That's eight to ten million dollars in a free agent market this year. The view is it might be half that. So you know if you could go out and bargain hunt and get a player for say happiness value on your contract for twenty twenty one that would be a really opportunistic play. The question is the cardinals have any payroll to do it. And the you know the first questions that have to be answered is what's going to happen with molina and wainwright because the reading i get is that if they if those to come back and they get a reasonable salary for them. Of course we'll come back and let us it is. There's not going to be much money to do anything else. Yeah and the thing. He also stressed that i took away was patients. The market needs to set up. We're not sure about if and when the vaccine rolls out in time for baseball what does the model look like for major league baseball with all teams in terms of will there be people in the stands. Twenty five percent fifty percent hundred percent and that dictates the revenue model of what you may be able to spend so patients. I think is going to be something that we're all gonna have to have in this offseason as we love to play that hot stove game. You know the thing that strikes me about that. That point that you're on is we don't know much about that at all here early november but chances are pretty darn good. We're not gonna know any more about it in early january or early february when teams report. Yeah we'll know a little more certainly but unless some magical unless there's a huge turnaround in the environment that we're in. There are still going to be questions when it gets to the point in time in which teams have to sign players for next year so i get it. The whole market is gonna stall. There's no doubt about. There's not going to be no. He's going to be the first one to to risk overpaying for players when they don't have to and by the way i should say erupting myself but december second is a key date. Nothing's going to happen in the next month. Until december second. And why i say that is december second is the non tender date for arbitration eligible players. And that's the players between three and six years of experience. San diego for example is going to have a decision on tommy fair. Do they wanna pay him. Seven or eight million dollars next year in a normal year. Sorta like cold long. You say that's a slam dunk. Well maybe not. Maybe they'll set him loose. The point is going to be a lot more guys thrown into the free agent market and so teams are going to want to wait and see who's available before they decide to start to sign guy. So i will be turned over the next month. If there's a lot of signing of anybody in any way but again the viruses right is is sort of in control of what's going to happen and you know at some point in time teams are going to have to take some risk not knowing whether they even gonna play hundred sixty two games. Schedules are out there and all that but they might not be able to do it. Another aspect of this to the designated hitter. And that's for for both the player and potential free agent player and maybe trade. But and the clubs. You know if you're nationally club and you know that you've gotta dhl in play next year that changes the complexion of your lineup and what you may do in the off season. So that's something that needs to be settled. I would think sooner rather than later. Well the problem. Yes you're right dan. That would be great. I mean for everybody. If they knew for sure what the rules were going to be now on the other side of coordinating decide. Last year until june 'til before the season started maintenance. May i dunno right before the season started before they made the decision. And everybody figured it out. Okay and and i have a story. I went through the numbers. The cardinals actually benefited from the designated here. Which i was surprised i figured it. Was you know it was net down for them but they actually business anyway. But here's the problem and you know this already but maybe some of the listeners don't adding the designated hitter bringing it back has to be collectively bargain between owners and players and there are a whole bunch of things that we went through last year that they're going to have to go through again for twenty twenty one. What's this season. It'd be how much our players going to get paid if we can't play hundred sixty two games you know. We're going to have expanded playoffs. But out all those things to be negotiated and making decision designated hitter which might be perceived as a give to the players is not something. We're going to give up without getting something in return. And so there's a whole bunch of negotiations about next season. We know nothing about that. Go against the idea of making a decision quickly. The owners will establish a position quickly. Mo- mentioned general managers meetings. Which are i think this week or next week but even if you have a position that mean the players are gonna go along with it so i take. The doesn't here needs to be decided soon. I'm not sure it's going to be though league free agents. That's something that needs to be talked about two. And that's sometimes where you can get a bargain or two along the way in supplement rosters and forty men and that kind of thing and and you know guys develop what did you. What did you take away with. Minor league free agents right now. Well the cardinals had. I don't know about fifteen guys. They re signed a five of them already but guys who contributed to saint louis last year. Who are now for aids. I'm talking about chris. net. I'm rob kaminsky ricardo sanchez briefly. So some you know some players that were contributors but the you know the way. The system works when they get taken off the forty man roster. They're no longer protected by an organization. And so this whole group of guys are now minor league free agents and they got offensive themselves and you talk about the major league market being stalled. I mean there's more uncertainty about the minor leagues as to whether they're gonna play how many games are gonna play. How many teams are going to be out there You know what the schedule is going to be. There's just so many questions. It's going to be even tougher market. I think for Minorly agents this this coming winter. Yeah we still have no final list of the one hundred twenty minor league teams and that is still kind of dangling out there for major league. Baseball isn't it. it is and there's some good reasons why it's going to story iran. I think it was a baseball america. They speculated that one hundred thirty team owners now believe that they're in and you know it's kind of the game of musical chairs right until the music stops. You don't know who's going to be out without a without a place to put the rear end without the put him in and there's some things going on right now has major league. Baseball takes control the minor leagues where they put out new guidelines on how they want to see the facilities upgraded in. It's not just better lights. It's bigger clubhouses and much much more things that are going to cost the minor league team owners money. They'd come out with new guidelines regarding travel which are going to make the minor leagues better for the coaches and players. More buses sleeper coaches shorter amount of time without having to get to a hotel room for example because some of the places like texas just unbearably long bus rides. So a bunch of things going on that you look at the surface and say he. That's really good. They're gonna make the minor leagues a better place but those team owners are looking at these expenses going. Hey i'm on it's gotta cover. All this experiences right to buses. I pay for to buy sit there till got so part of the shake. Their a hundred and twenty could be and this is just my personal theory. Some of these owners saying. Hey i can't i can't cut it. I can't. I'm not gonna play anymore so you know we don't know for sure win. One hundred twenty. You're going to be announced but when there are there are gonna be some teams very very upset. Brian walden is my guest. The cardinal nation dot com. You can imagine brian. Lots of people curious about your thoughts on on yati and adam wainwright whether that would happen here in saint louis they get The the contract down here or somewhere else and if it happens soon or if they let the market develop is well. What are your thoughts on those two coming back potentially to town or or just trying to get their situation settled fairly quickly. I've got gotta say a little disappointed. Yachties brother benji has gone and sorta down a media tour and he's playing the respect card and that really turned me off was on risen became on other shows and talked about the fact. I k- believe the cardinals didn't get a deal done with yati. Well listen benji if you understand how. The works the cooperative bargaining agreement. The cardinals couldn't gotta deal done sooner with. Yeah because the paint sixteen million a year and if they pay sixty million a year in this climate. They're they're crazy so the reason he ought already reached the market was. That's the way the business of baseball works now. Do i think yeah. He's gonna sign quickly your way nice. I don't see it. The cardinals clear roster space so they could sign them without having to let anybody else go. But you know i went through went through an analysis and and people go the carnation read about this not looking at where yadi might sign or how much you might sorry but i thought okay. If i'm audio molina what factors are going to matter to me. I mean there are people run around and you know every time you know totally recent tired chicago so all my gosh. he's go to chicago. he's going to be co-manager or yachties. Go wherever ueno goes or he wants to go to a warm weather team or none of that matters. I in my opinion what matters to molina should be. Where can i play every day. Because i'm trying to increase my personal stats in games played. Where can i get another world series. Where can i get a contract. That's respectful to me. Which is two years in money and then of course. Another factor is hey. I'd like to remain a career cardinal. But that's not going to be the number one so i kind of look through the analysis to say of those factors. How does it look and you know this. The cardinals open up the purse strings. It's you know it's not a guarantee that yacht. He's gonna stay. I think he's gonna stay. I think they're gonna find a way to do this. You know the situation with the ownership group here and it's not like looking at the pool situation which was a decade long contract personal services deal so on and so forth a two year deal and the legacy part of this is important. I think matter of fact. I know to the dewitt's What do you what do you think about that. And how that factors into what they may. Do i agree. And i think that both sides want to get the deal done. But you know it's funny ever since the mosaic calling in a building with the thirds done some media things as well. I've seen sort of a shift in fan perception. There are more than a few fans now who have sort of said you know who sort of see the cardinals overall planet says. Hey twenty twenty. Two is when we're really going to be able to do some things to improve came because there's some bad contracts you know we've got to kinda keep status quo for year well unless you believe. The cardinals are going to be world series contenders next year. And i don't think we do one of the things. I feel with expanded playoffs was it's sorta shook out the poorer teams one more round the kings. It got you know where in the world series where the best teams in my opinion needs league. And so you know your. Maybe carlos can contend for the playoffs next around anybody sees the cardinals as world series contenders will in an environment. Do you want to spend the money on weight on yadi. That'd be the farewell tour in the market next year. And all or do you want to bite the bullet and say hey you know. It's time to start the transition now. The more we can play younger players in two thousand twenty one the better we can be positioned for twenty twenty. Two so yeah. I think you'll yati will come back. But if he sets his sights too high like marceau's into did last winter and he wants to many years in too much money. You know it. It might not end well in terms of just looking at what's happening with baseball I only see maybe you. You may agree or disagree on this. I only see maybe four teams initially spending a lot of money with mets probably being at the forefront of that with their new ownership really deep pockets. You always think the yankees gonna be in there. You probably include the dodgers maybe some other teams one or two and then outside of that. That's why this is going to take so long for this market to develop. I really believe that absolutely you know. I think the top guys are going to get their money. I mean the george springer is right there. They're going to get their money. We'll mayhew's there the cream of the crop. They're going to get the money. It may take awhile. But they'll get it. Sorta like number the machado in harper market. And how. Everybody was national keith. A couple of years ago that. Oh my gosh you know. There's you know there's collusion in our. They got the contracts. It just took into the new year quite a ways into the new year. And i think they'll have an issue. I think where the guys that are really gonna get hurt. Are the guys kind of in the middle. Right that at the low end who normally might be able to get a multi-year cut your three year deal. They might have to settle for one year for less money than they wanted. But as you said you know it's gonna take a long time for this to shake out. January february pants may open. We've guys you don't have any teams and that's going to cause a lot of consternation Among players especially while they're still trying to negotiate what twenty twenty one is gonna look like in terms of money and structure in. Oh by the way you know just x number of months in the future in december. Twenty twenty one. They're supposed to have the negotiations down for a new cooperative bargaining agreement which would completely set the rules for the game for the next five years in the contentious process as well. So there's going to be a lot of baseball talk over the next twelve months about non-playing aspects of the game matthew litter and nolan gorman show. If this was a normal season brian they played in the minor leagues. And let's just say they had a normal you know trajectory in the minor leagues in solid season. Whatever that may look like in the minor leagues What would they be doing in twenty twenty one coming up and would there be the potential that you would see. Maybe one of these guys make a debut at the end of the season. Well my a year ago at this time and we were talking about knowing garment. I a similar path to dylan. Carlson was very reasonable. And gorman goes he plays in the texas league. Maybe some scuffles a little bit. In the beginning he finds his way and then late in the season he gets to memphis. Maybe place near his own fall league bobby players foley and gets himself position. Go to two thousand twenty one spring cave creek camp with an opportunity to compete for a spot with cardinals now. We didn't have that opportunity last year. Obviously knowing gorman didn't get to play you got to play an alternate camp and that's certainly better than nothing. But it's not the same so the question is going to be and as we look at the roster right now as of today matt carpenter's more than likely you're an everyday third baseman and there's reasons why they wanna make sure that you know macarthur doesn't get his six hundred plate appearances so that his expensive contract vests for twenty twenty one. It's expensive option. So you know what could you do. Could you put nolan government on the fast track and get him ready. Potentially to join saint louis in the second half. Yeah maybe he stubs his. Maybe he scuffles like dylan. Carlson did when he first came up but twenty one is going to be twenty twenty one anyway so i think there's a way. The cardinals could my long winded answer. The short version of my long winded answer is i think the cardinals could do some things to accelerate gorman to potentially get him in the saint louis to saint louis in the second half and set the table for two thousand twenty two. Brian had so much great information today. I always tell everybody. Go to the cardinal nation dot com. So what are you working on right now. Well we started the thing we didn't talk about. We started our annual top twenty fifty countdown of the best prospects in the major leagues. And i have joining me a really sharp scouting mind matt thompson from prospects live. Who's doing scouting reports in. I'm writing stories around him and we'll have one. New prospect unveil a day for the remainder of the year. So far we started out with brendan donovan escobar. And today's stories about outfield outfielder. Connor cable so Prospect news every day throughout the winter at the cardinal nation. A man great stuff. Thanks as always. We'll catch up next wednesday. Appreciate it take care then.

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Brad Thompson  Cardinals Off-Season Update

Scoops with Danny Mac

14:33 min | 11 months ago

Brad Thompson Cardinals Off-Season Update

"It's a thursday. And let's visit with brad thompson of the fast lane. I'm dan mclaughlin. This scoops with danny mac and is always brad. It is great to visit with you. I did not have the chance once. The cardinals were eliminated to visit with us. We were doing every monday. But hey i thought this would be the perfect time to get you to actually talk baseball and be serious. So how are things going with you. Dan they they're going grade and To start out on a note. Don't tell anybody you talk to me. They picked today or tomorrow off of work. Okay i know but that's how much you think of me is that you would actually do this interview really. This is all about me on the low key though i don't want to. I'm doing radio on days. That i took off of the radio. You know so Yeah don't tell anybody okay. i won't do that. You can hear brad daily. Normally when he's not taking his vacation days on the fast lane on one zero one. Espn i gotta ask you brad. First of all the cardinals and major league baseball. It's kind of a holding pattern right now. But one of the moves that they did make was with colton. What were your initial impressions of them. Not picking up his option and saying for all intents and purposes goodbye colton long. Yeah and he just from a player perspective right. My initial response Far was disappointment. I mean i. I looked at colton wall. And i know that maybe he hadn't quite evolved into the hitter that they were hoping that he would evolve into that. We've seen the best baseball from colin long. Still believe there's more they're young enough. His writers prime defensively the best at his position around the league and so disappointing to lose that piece or at least the idea of potentially losing that piece. I i really did think dan. I'm interested to know what you were thinking about it leading into a. I really thought expect them to pick up his option at twelve point. Five million i. I think that it is very evident. Even without the landscape of what's going on right now in the middle of a pandemic and everybody's spending is going to be tight. I didn't see them picking that up. But i did see them. Restructuring somehow someway bringing back on a lower age. Maybe a three year deal you know for for far less than twelve point. Five million dollars a year. I kind of figured something like that might end up happing So i was. I was a little bit disappointed by. What did you think was going to happen with that. I thought they'd pick up the option and then at that point that would buy them time as to whether or not they would keep colt long or to your point. Restructured the deal but to the greater point. I think what it shows is that the industry is saying yes. Is he a good defensive player. He's outstanding six seventy five. Oh opie is not going to cut it. They're trying to get better offense and teams are saying we'd rather have sluggers maybe than defense. That's kind of the way. I read it and they felt maybe all right. We're gonna be stuck with this if we pick it up. And and that's what baseball kind of telling you across the board is. That's what we're looking at now. I gotta tell you As just a baseball parent. I do trend more old school than i do new school but i i love baseball. I love the game. Whatever it ended up taking the shape of. I don't love the fact that we're taking the value off defenders. I don't love the idea. Maybe we're building more one dimensional players. But i do understand that you need opiates you need bang for your buck and the cardinals desperately more so than pretty much other any other team. in in the national league i believe the th the pirates last year with the team that had a lower opie s in the cardinals and You really don't want to be in too many conversations. Currently with the pirates. They needed right. They need some bang for their buck. But the question is going back to the idea of the postseason and spending money. Can you get that back. Internally right is going to happen from tommy edmund. Taking over at second base while he'd be able to provide more He kind of took a little bit of a step back off. Pensively this year but Just like you. And you. And i've had these conversations off air. It's very hard to Get a good read on a player after a crazy. Twenty twenty schedule and what the cardinals had to go through. So i still believe that. Tommy edmund is a good player and can be better than he was last year. I think he'd be better than he was two years ago. But i just wonder where the the pop and the o. p. s. and the iso and all these advanced ask the cardinals need so desperately. I just really wonder where it's gonna come from if they're not looking to spend cash this all yati and ueno. Do you think they come back to saint louis man. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one and Anthony salter and i we We tend to do little side side bets on stuff and this one. I've been very very true on. I think we got launch on this one that yati and ueno or both coming back. I say 'cause i'm ever the optimist he says may because you know he's looking at the numbers look look in had What what teams are looking spending it on all the rumors that are floating out there. Man believe Keep seeing goutierre molina being attached to different teams and who might be interest- did now. I don't know who is going to want to pony up the multiyear deal. Maybe it's the team that just looked at him and said that's the missing link like we need him. We need that guy on the field this entire career. The value that he provides in so many different aspects of the game. I'm sure that there is a team and or teams that feel like they're that missing link away. Maybe they do it out of the two. If i really had to bet on it of the one that i believe it would be back. At least quicker. I would pick wainwright. I think it's an easier deal to get done. I believe that ueno is showed over the last couple of years that he's okay with Taking maybe the lower salary throw some incentives in there. He just wants to. He wants to play baseball but he's going to have suitors as well. We've already heard. The braves. Are linked to adam wainwright and no shocker. On that right at raised like the one that got away for the atlanta braves. They'd love to be able to have him there. Bring him back and this isn't just a. Hey full circle look baseball. We brought this guy back to end his career and he'll tip is braves hat. We'll go rhino done. The last couple of years. I mean he was your ace last year. I still believe that the cardinals pitching is gonna be a strength next year dan. I still believe that rotation is going to be solid. The bullpens is going to be really good. But it's a different look when four five year rotation are gonna be battles for who wins them and your third spot in the rotation is going to be a guy in miles. Michael is that is coming off of a surgery where he missed the entire year so far from certain that they could really use. That went right back. It's interesting to with carlos martinez Talking about this yesterday. You don't know how certain guys reacted to co vid. He was not wearing needed to be this year. I prefer him in the bullpen. But he is in the final year of his deal. That's always something to think about. Then you have You've got daily leone. You got oviedo and woodford who i would think would be at memphis and then there's a wild card in there may as a starter and alex. Rae is how do you think some of that shakes out in the back. End of a rotation well. Tha- that's the most exciting part about spring training and I i wish maybe i was talking about offensively. Who that juggernaut. It's going to be this year. But i think this is. It's going to be the battle for the last two spots. If i was just picking two guys based on sheer talent. Ed than i wanted to see in the rotation it would be gabor and raise like i would like to see both of those guys round out the rotation. I know that the cardinals already have another lefty. And kim in the rotation with two left wouldn't be bad and gombar dump to me Like i i love I like ponds as well. And i enjoy what he has. I think that could be a back. End of the bullpen guy. They can just come in and overpower people. Think has proven that he can give better as the game goes on he's got a wider array of pitches and with raise like. We were all picturing a couple of years ago of him. Being the ace of the cardinals and i still don't think that there is that thought of a one two punch a flirty ray is going to be there. But we haven't seen raya start a full season in the big leagues ever and everybody's gonna be on innings limits and restrictions. Or at least they're going to be very cautious coming into next year. So that's where. I think there's a little bit of value and more value. Not even just talking about the upside. Now i'm talking about carlos martinez now because we've seen him at the best right. The the upside is there. He can be very very effective starter. You're very effective year. Point at the back end of the bullpen. But i'm trying to think of a guy where i could go into twenty twenty one hoping that it's a full season and i could try to ride through a full season with him potentially being on the last year of his contract and potentially being a penalty him being a veteran guy. I would feel a lot more comfortable from an organization point of leaning on him. Say here you go through. Take the ball. We need you right now as opposed to doing that with some of the younger guys. Do you see the cardinals. I'm gonna throw to crazy names out there. Taking a flyer on a a cesspit is yasser el puig those kind of players in trying to bring them in on a one year. Deal in and catch lightning in a bottle Puig has been a name that's been kicked around a ton over the last couple of years and cardinals fans have had a lot of interest. And you know the front office and you know ownership very well I don't think that they're they're gonna take a flyer with him with some of the current off-field accusations that are thrown his way. I just don't see adding the bad optics to who knows. If this pans out. Like i i i don't see it. Maybe you know if he does all that stuff gets cleared up and he's good to go maybe do Says i don't see either just because it doesn't feel like he wanted to play baseball anymore. It's kinda just walked away and this doesn't feel to me like a cardinal kind of player. Somebody that just Up and laugh on the road and said done done packed up my crap. You could send it to me if you want or or not i. I really don't care. Maybe he has a change of heart and maybe he really wants to doing the end. Your your point is is very well taken is that if they're not gonna spend a bunch of money. Why not take a flyer on a high upside guy. I just don't know if either of those guys really fit the profile of what the cardinals would be looking for in more aspects than just. Could you provide some power. So we know max rock we know miller we know wong guys that can play second base are gone so mondo sosa would be in this conversation. I was looking at some of the names Tommy lewis stella Cesar hernandez who's a switch hitter jonathan. Vr terrible year last year career. Seven twenty-seven ps to any of those guys excite. You looking forward. Not more than the not really more than tommy edmund. To be honest with you because The only value that they could come in with bringing some of those guys in. I'll throw another name in that mix who has had some power potential coming off of a one year deal. He probably wouldn't cost you a lot of jonathan scope yup Who hit thirty two bombs a few years ago albeit in baltimore at twenty plus. So i mean he could provide some of that thump right there but The the added a i would think of bringing in a third baseman. Or i'm sorry. A second basement is didn't have to fully lean on matt carpenter and presuming. That's what they're going to do. Heading into twenty twenty one over at their. So you could shift tommy edmund back over there or maybe you could jump. Start one of the younger guys. I know that Everybody wants to talk about nolan gorman. I don't really see that happening early on in the season. But montero's already on the forty man roster maybe he's another guy that they do but none of those names like pop out so that's what i am. Sure that the the front office. I'm sure mo and gershon and you know. Everybody are kind of crunching these same numbers and working at the same way. Any of those names that you popped up jonathan. Vr communist ally through in scope like. Are these names going to make us markedly better or are we going to spend more money and be right around the same. Because i know that fans he like about the financial side of it. And there's a misconception all the time the cardinals don't spend well there's also like spending smart right and i just wonder like how art is. We do have a bunch of money coming off the books after this season in martinez. Potentially i mean assuming you don't pick up the the option at seventeen five and i don't think they will and and carpenter and fowler like what wo- what value is really to throw money at it at the middle and guys when you have some other players that you can get some looks at. I feel like that's probably the struggle that they're going to have this entire offseason. Finally is your name out there that interests you anybody that comes to mind. You'd say i'm gonna spend that money. I'm going to get that guy. You know what. I got to george springer in trevor bauer springer. I'm always concerned about any astro. Bauer eyewear loved. Bring him in. It would be so much fun for us. I don't know if he would do it. I don't know if we could get him to calm down a little bit but yeah oh either one of those guys and then of course franscisco door. Of course right. everybody wants him though. Yes i think we all know that. That the cardinals probably aren't going after the the top bat on the mark or the top pitcher on the market with those two. I will give you a couple of realistic names. That i think and i'm sure that you take them around on your show. I know we'd kick them around on the fast lane. Michael brantley is one thing that he's a little bit older. I know he's astro but he was also an indian before and i feel like you had a track record. Just proven. he could stay healthy. He's over an eight hundred psi for his career and at his age again. I mean it's not gonna take more than two years potentially in pandemic be able to keep them around. They know the astros have been doing a little bit of work trying to keep him and the other one is jock peterson. And you and i have talked off. Air of just being a guy that provides a lot of pop you'll never face a left handed pitcher But that's fine. Because you've got some guys in your outfield mix. That probably shouldn't face right. Handers all the time so i think that that player makes sense also but it always comes down to the market and what kind of value you can get on those guys. Hey brad is always appreciated. Have a great weekend. Enjoy the off day. And thanks for doing this. I appreciate it very much. No brom dan. I appreciate you having me as always enjoy your weekend as well. That's brad thompson. This is scoops with danny mac.

cardinals baseball tommy edmund brad brad thompson danny mac dan mclaughlin carlos martinez colton long colton wall colin long three year Five million dollars opie s Tommy edmund Anthony salter yati braves four five year dan
Wednesday with Walton  March 24, 2021

Scoops with Danny Mac

11:56 min | 6 months ago

Wednesday with Walton March 24, 2021

"Every wednesday on scoops. Danny mac dot com. We visited with brian. walton of the car donation dot com covers the minor leagues and major league baseball emphasis on the saint. Louis cardinals this is brought to you by the good flow folks at blue tail medical groups so before you have surgery think about the alternate opinions that you can get out there and the ways to heal your own body and that's through the good doctors and they are magnificent at blue tail medical group doctors from all over the world are finding out how they're doing this and not having people have surgery so before you have surgery make sure you consult with blue tail medical group. Find out more blue tail medical group dotcom brian. It was Kind of a throw. Back the clock day yesterday with john lester and going for the nationals and adam wainwright going for the cardinals both look pretty good in their respective starts. Good morning to you. And it's It's fun watching ueno deal. The way that he's had he's been one of the best pitchers if not the best pitcher in camp for the cardinals. Absolutely he has. And you know. It's important for the the veteran guys like clarity. And the day before and and wainwright yesterday to pitch into the sitting and show that you know. They're ready to carry the innings in the regular season. Those guys are going to be extremely important to lead the staff when you know. The rest of the rotation is perhaps a little more unsettled. But you know wainwright talked about the fact that it was great to face leicester who he considered his nemesis early on. You recalled beaten twice in the world series. You know way back when but now he you know he respects him very much as a as a as a competitor in it. So it's kind of nice to have less drought at the central division. Actually so yeah. No doubt i i. You know really interested in the start today for carlos. Martinez he'll go for the match. You can see the game on fox sports midwest beginning at noon I just wanna see more efficiency out of carlos number one and number two. I want to see where the velocity is at the velocities. Gotta get better in my mind. And he supposedly is holding back which on macau's martinez supposedly holding back velocity for for crucial situations. But this bugaboo the car. The carlos has had from the very beginning. Which is he doesn't seem to be ready in the first inning and he gets behind counts sometimes gets into real trouble and it's it's a concern that they haven't figured out how to crack that especially given the carlos was coming off that winter ball stretch where he had his arm was stretched out and he was ready seemingly prepared to start and go deeper than any guy in camp. And then we start seeing those outings where you know. He's having to get pulled before the end of his innings because a pitch counts and it just you know it's just the same old inconsistent carlos martinez and given the other injuries to michael. Listen kim he's expected to again. Be one of those veterans to carry a greater load and so far. We just haven't seen that consistency needed on his part to do that. It is hard to believe for me that week from tomorrow. The cardinals will open up a hundred and sixty two game major league season so happy. That baseball is back. Fans in the stands full season but man this spring training is just kind of gone by like a blink of an eye more. So than i can ever remember. Maybe it's because of lack of games. I'm not down there. I'm not sure but it just seems like this. Spring training has gone very quickly about for you. Yeah you know. Only twenty four games. Which doesn't seem like a lot less but it really is in the schedule of of Four games on and a day off means. There's sunday sunday. Saturday where they weren't games and it just it just felt all the way around and of course not being there and not seeing You know stands full. You know but i think you know it's it's interesting. You can kind of see that everybody's now they realize it's last week and they're trying to do the final tune-ups and the guys that are fighting for roster spots or or fighting but you know we're really starting to see things come into focus. I think you know we talked about Starting situation k. k. Kim gonna get into a game before the the camp if he continues to progress. Well and mike show. That said kim is going to be in the rotation when he's ready which suggests by the way and and and and today was supposed to be positively owns eight not martinez and so there's nothing wrong with daniel but it's pretty clear. I think that without saying john john. It's going to be the guy. That's gonna be that extra guy in the rotation for as long as michael says out and so you know you can see the rotation coming in shape. The bullpen has really been set all along assuming the cardinals go with fourteen pitchers. You know they'll be these eight pitchers in the pen. If you count the two starters kim slash can't there's been a lot of talk about the camp of matt carpenter said probably top two or three and plate appearances. He's one for thirty after coming off the bench. Yes yesterday and grounding out hit the ball sharply by grounded out one for thirty. Where's your concern. Level right now with matt carpenter going into this regular season. I don't think there's any doubt that if matt carpenter wasn't matt carpenter who's a guy who's been a career long cardinal and a you know an obviously a tremendous asset for the organization on and off the field he would be guy would be talking about you know. Hey you know. It doesn't look like he can make the team You know given the way that he's been hitting this spring but there's a simple matter of eighteen and a half million dollar contract. That is staring the cardinals in the eye and they made the decision with extra power to go ahead and eat. Most of the money and and let him go but fowler was a career. Cardinal like matt carpenter was and it's a tough decision especially when you look around. You see a guy like john hausky who has played extremely well and you know might be the guy that would get that bench spot as carpenter. Wasn't there but you know as bad as as spring has been and it's terrible. I'm like two eighty three zero p s. I think he's going to get some time coming off the bench to to figure things out and you know who knows what'll happen from there whether maybe maybe it's a mid-season trade away. Maybe it's an injury. You know i i don't know but You know the fact that he's only had one hit all spring and and you know seven walks you know. Even his on base up to sixteen is just you know. Obviously not where anybody wants him to be. I don't you know who knows what's going on between the guys ears as as as happy. His he wasn't knowing aaron auto joint. Know the cardinals. He knew that that meant his days of starting. We're probably out. And tommy edmund. Strong spring just put the exclamation point on that In terms of the name of john nikolsky. If you didn't know last year made a major league debut Picked up a first major league. Hit you know him now in spring training if you've been following the cardinals percentage well above five hundred drew key walk in their comeback tie. Yesterday he's doing everything possible to make this team. He leads the team in walks. I think he's got eight. He's ten runs batted in that leads. The team dc any path in which john nagorski can make this club. Well the the one question that that gives john hausky a chance. Perhaps is a decision that mike show has has to be made but has not yet been made at least publicly and that is of the twenty six players on the active roster start the season will they go with fourteen pitchers or will they go with thirteen pitchers and i think john galaxy can probably that guy who might be on the bubble And again the situation with carpenter not being as dependable as you like. And you know Although the galaxy a right handed hitter obviously so it's not interchangeable thing. But you know you'd like to have a guy coming off the bench with with some pop and right now you know you look at that. That potential projected bench. You got justin williams on proven potentially ron don or sosa and then andrew kisner. Who you've gotta protect your extra catcher. So you know you just don't have much of a threat coming off the bench now and the galaxy could be that guy. I think the other thing was very interesting. Mike show had pooh-poohed all spring long idea of nagorski playing in the outfield saying. Hey we've got too many other outfielders that we need to get time and you know. Who did we see in left field in the seventh inning. Yesterday yeah john nagorski. How about jose ron don. Another interesting name has had a salad camp. A situation where he can make this club. I really do and you know it's it's also not only. Has they run. Don't who's a another guy who's like twenty seven years old been around. There's always had a good but never really had a chance in the majors and Mike show speculated recently that maybe he's a guy who's a little bit later developer but they're very happy with what they seem to him. I can play second. He can play short so he provides that that middle infield defense and You know a good dad as well But he's not on the forty man roster so he would have to come on and somebody else would have to come off and that somebody would be at window sosa. Who's out of minor league options. And so really. I think the decision for the infield reserve position right now is between sosa enron. Don't and and you know it's all along. It appeared that run. Don't it's been ahead so so we saw taking. It took a couple of swings at pitches out of out of his own just seemed over anxious. And maybe he's feeling the pressure will be. Dc did seem like that with the game on the line yesterday. so is we look at last roster spots. Let's assume that matt carpenter is going to make this team. I think everybody understands that. Justin williams we don't know about his options situation but he is automatically options. You've got kisner we. We think he's going to make this team run known sosa nagorski. There's a battle here so it really comes down. To how many pitchers they want to carry even with four days in the first month Which limits then your bench. And then it's really a numbers game. The business side of the game of who's got options. Who doesn't so some difficult. It's a good problem to have but some difficult decision potentially here for the cardinals in the last handful of days of this camp absolutely right and the one guy. We didn't really talk much about just williams that's right option Elected guy was power has had a decent cat but really none of the none of the four th outfielder competitors have had this huge camp Lane thomas started out. Strong is really kind of peel back. Austin dean has been consistently. Okay matt caesar just you know he got hurt in behind the others but i think That assuming that williams imagine we get that fourth option last days the camp which i think are lodge. I think he's probably the best bet to Open you know. Open the season as the fourth outfielder and that was a guy that you know. Everybody's been talked to talk about potential but this is the first time he seems to be doing a good job. Putting together certainly. Hit a nice You know went down. Nice double down the down the right field line yesterday ryan. Wrap it up with this It is my cheat sheet during these games in. It's your prospect guide. How can fans get that prospect guide in it is outstanding for research. Or if you're a big fan and you know you love your cardinals what where do you. Where do you find that On the carnation dot com. You'll see a an article in the rotation of a big blue logo for the nation. Twenty twenty one prospect guide. You'll also see a tab right at the top You peruse a table of contents to read about the history information the prospect and and scouting tools information as well as history about the minor league system. top players. Top managers drafts rule. Five international the whole bit. And you know the core of the guy is in depth profiles and almost sixty prospects in the system and we're hoping that the minor league season will be able to get underway The first week of may and a lotta. Those games will be on tv for the fans. You can't even go so you know you'll be able to look up and you know read about this next wave of cardinals prospects. John tory's or malcolm or trey fletcher. Or whoever they may be and all these guys many more are profiled in the cardinal nation prospect. Love it great. Stuff had the cardinal nation dot com the cardinal nation dot com and again. We are always brought to you by blue tail medical group. See what they offer before surgery blue tail. Medical group dot com. Hey brian thanks is always will catch up next wednesday. Yeah i should have a lot to talk about at that point absolutely. That's the eve of the season opener in cincinnati. That's brian walden of the car. Donation dot com on scoops with danny mac.

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Wednesday with Walton  August 25, 2021

Scoops with Danny Mac

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Wednesday with Walton August 25, 2021

"As we do on wednesdays we visit with brian walton of the car donation dot com is always brought to you by blue tail medical group and a great alternative prior to surgery. Think blue tail medical group find out more blue tail medical group dotcom bays crane and wolf. The doctors that are there will help you stay in the game prior to surgery so make sure before you have surgery checkout blue tail. Medical group dot com. Hey brian walden Happy wednesday to you cardinals. A scrape by with a split against detroit. But they win that game today and is always nice to visit with you. How are things going. Great dan and you know there were also past the point now where there's about three weeks left in the minor league system and as we talked about last time the cardinals will bring up a couple of players potentially from the minor leagues. Although one of those spots might be dakota hudson. Return for example. Yeah that'd be interesting. How do you think they handled that in terms of they're not just going to throw them live into major league action. Where do you think he starts in how that works. Well a lot depends on the cardinals. Loton starwood minorly rehabs down in jupiter. And that's where the cut because hudson is. I saw him actually throw down there last week. so he maybe he appears in a game with palm beach or two and then you know the other places that they play will depend on which teams are at home. 'cause they liked the cardinals to control the environment. So if memphis is on the road and shrink yields at home they might add springfield or vice versa. Or maybe even go to peoria. But i think given it hudson's probably gonna throw just an inning or two here and there. They probably won't need a lot of rehab for him a given that he's been ramping up his workload for some time. Now it'd be interesting to see in terms of catching now that it's official yada. Your molina comes out yesterday. Signs a one year extension then today says next year is it. I am done with being a player in baseball. He's going to retire. It does make it interesting. The immediate future's of andrew kisner and avante harare. How is harare. Been fearing here. As of late borough started the season age twenty and was challenged a aa for the first time. So he's you know he's been young for his levels his whole career. He turned twenty one. In the beginning of june and He's improved his results substantially every month since it hasn't really been hitting for average or a low two hundreds but in june is o. p. s. was right around six hundred in july went up to seven forty august about eight hundred and the home runs are starting to come for harare as well at aa. So you look at that progression. Six hundred seven eight hundred. You can see that. He's starting to figure out double a. Pitching and again. It's still just two months into his age. Twenty one season so Harare's not in a point where he's going to help. Saint louis probably in twenty twenty two you know. Maybe he makes his debut late in the year but if he can get you know. Put that solid year at aa this year. Do a good year at triple a. Next year then he would be sort of positioned like nola gorman's kind of trying to do now for next year. Which is you know. Sort of ready to take that next step the next year you mentioned nolan gorman and prior to us visiting i i gave you some names i wanted to throw at you. He was not one of them. But you you brought them up and it makes me think every time i'm scrolling through twitter and i'm i'm looking at the memphis redbirds feed. It looks like he's hitting a home run So how has he been faring down there i know he's playing a lot of second base. But how is nolan gorman looked. He's playing very well. You know just like every guy who comes to a new level and he struggled a little bit initially but the last home run gorman. Here was his twentieth this season. So you know. Twenty home runs sixty. Rbi across ninety games between memphis in springfield Ups in the eighth thirties So you know a very very solid season for nola gorman. I saw mlb pipeline rated him the highest ranked second base prospect in all baseball. So you know. He's continuing that defense. He's playing more and more second base In that is you know. Looks like where he's going to come to camp next year with an opportunity to to potentially could be restarting job. Saint louis again depending on how they how they deal with. Tommy edmund who. Today's our leadoff man. Yeah i. I'm fascinated with jordan walker. I think everybody in baseball is he is one of the top prospects in in the game and he's so young and yet advancing so quickly because he's making adjustments on the fly and you hear about this young guy that not only is he gifted physically but just very mature for his age handles everything well humble all those things It who knows what happens next year. And i can't wait for spring training when he gets a invite to major league camp. I'm assuming that would come but or at least get some at bats with the big league club but This is exciting man. I've been this excited for a prospect. In a long time. When i was in jupiter i struck up a conversation with a scout from another organization and he had told me he had just traveled through the midwest by what used to be the midwest lead to san saw peoria and he was talking about ill mason win and a couple of others and i said what do you think george walker. And he said my scouting report was really very simple. He said the key of it was three words. Men among boys while you know this this scout was just just raving about his athleticism and said that he said you're gonna you're gonna your eyes are going to be open about this when you see him reach aa that you know. That's the place where they think this scout at least thought he would really turn a corner now. You know he's got nine home. Runs it opium like nine forty this year between Palm beach peoria. Hit his first home. Run in In report the other day still a little bit slow in his ramp up in In peoria but when i say slow batting to ninety seven forty four ups this month not not terrible at all and again. We're talking about a guy who's two months into is age nineteen season and he's already in high a pretty amazing and it's exciting for cardinal fans. No doubt there was another position player. That's been promoted we've heard about a bottom. It's taking awhile. But nick plummer finally making some noise down in the minor leagues. Yeah there's two guys that were at Springfield this year. Who are kind of not kind of who are on the cost above having to either make or break it in terms of are they going to stay in organization or are they going to get a forty man roster spot are they going to go to camp with an opportunity to compete for job with saint louis future and one is a short sub delvin perez. Who we've talked a lot about Started off really well as his slipped a little bit offensively this year the others outfielder nick plumber. Who of course was the cardinals. First round draft pick in two thousand fifteen out of michigan always able to get on base a very good eye at the plate as started to show more power and really played well at springfield. This year In finally earned promotion to memphis This last week. I think it probably was a little overdue. But you know memphis has a pretty crowded outfield. Right now with Ost dean and connor capable and of course alek. Burleson is another guy who called up that we got called up from springfield. We've talked a lot about and scott hearst as well so you know part of the challenge in bringing up a triple a. Is is to get him at bats but nick. Plumber has got himself back in the major league prospect conversation because he had really slipped He started out okay in the gulf coast league but as he as he moved up through the system he's had a lot of you know just never was able to really put it together until this year. And you know it's nice to see a guy like that who's stuck with it for five six years. Now finally start to figure it out. A couple of pitchers. I wanna ask you about ba- matthew laboratories someone we always talk about. And he's now put three consecutive starts together that have been i think at least seven innings but Correct me if i'm wrong. But it looks like he's turning the corner a little bit liberators last four four four stats. This month is er as under three and and you know in in a very tough league in the high trip in triple a. each league and as you said he's now pitching you know very deep into games. We got guys going seventy. I mean that's not something we see often in the major leagues anymore. Unless a wainwright's throwing. But you know matthew tour you could make a point that says hey he you know he might be ready everything. We're hearing out of the cardinals organization. Though is that you know he. He may not get that. Call to replace jack flaherty. You know they may bring k. k. Kim in and and let him start instead but you know if nothing else and you know. There's reasons why when the forty man roster why they may not want to bring liber tore up this year certainly. He's not gonna be a difference maker in terms of the cardinals reaching a wildcard or not but at a minimum toward will come to camp next spring. You know with an opportunity to legitimately compete for a big league job. And i think the question there will be will there be a rotation body compete for or will they do with him like what they did with so many before dakota hudson carlos martinez other and make them or have them work out of the bullpen. Before a starting. Berth opens up because the other guy of course we know demands and not demands what has has asked and probably has earned a chance starting next year race absolutely final guy. Wanna ask you about his mcgreevy. The top pick from this last year What's he been doing since he was selected by the cardinals. Yeah the cardinals. All their draft picks in To jupiter and they evaluated where they were whereas mcgreevy had a full college season so like a lot of others they didn't activate him for the first month but there was there were lots of discussions about how cardinals run their plays. How they how they drills every day And then of course they continue to throw side sessions and were evaluated. Mcgreevy was activated now announced pitched in a couple of games. But they're they're really only giving him one inning stints and they have pitch counts attached to the because they don't want any of these young men to over over work at he's down in the rookie level for too complex league. If he were put where based on his experience he would be he'd be at a minimum at palm beach and maybe at peoria probably not going to happen until next spring so really twenty twenty one for all the pitchers at the cardinals grafted or about kind of getting them acclimated and getting them prepared to come to camp minorly camp next spring you know with with a chance to make a full season club and then pitcher whole what we hope will be one hundred forty game. Minor league season next year no question. What are you working on right now. On the car donation dot com while we continue to have our regular orig- of the all the minor league affiliates would covering all the transactions that occur us system. I'm working on the next round of our prospect list. The last update of our prospect list about before wintertime That top fifty two. We redo every month and then next week at this time we'll be at the end of the month so we'll have our pitcher and player of the month for the month of august again. The last full month of the twenty twenty one minor league season and as always you can get your copy of the carbonation prospect guide as well as Subscribe to our site awesome. stop brian. We'll catch up next wednesday. Thanks as always take care.

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Wednesday with Walton  May 20, 2020

Scoops with Danny Mac

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Wednesday with Walton May 20, 2020

"Hit home run and get pre-approved for your next refinance or home purchase at the home loan expert dot com enjoy the podcast this cardinals broadcaster and Chinooks Shopper. Dan McLaughlin Chinooks would like to thank everyone during this difficult time that includes those that are working in the stores as you can imagine. During this time Chinooks employees are putting in long hours around the clock to best serve our community so the next time you're in Chinooks tell them thanks and that you appreciate them. Let them know how much we appreciate their efforts because we will all get through this together. It's Wednesday and that means it's a chance to talk it over with Brian. Walton of the Cardinal Nation Dot Com and Brian runs at website covers the minor leagues when it's running n even when it's not running and also major league baseball with the Saint Louis Cardinals in. Bryant's another week another week in no baseball but still it. Looks like we've got some progress. At least you know. The negotiations going back and forth with the Players Association and Major League Baseball. What's been your initial take from what you've seen a what is transpired in the media. Well I think this last week orrock things are more encouraging and what reason I say that again. I was very disappointed that initially a now was the minute details of the money and the schedule all the words had been. Hey Health and safety and protocols are the first priority that got reversed and you know baseball released documents to the Players Association and there are a lot of questions about it. No doubt but the important thing is that the people who need to work through it the players now have it in their hands and the two of them can hopefully quietly negotiate the details so that there can be away for at least a majority of the major league baseball players to feel comfortable coming back there. There's no way that all we're going to feel that way. No matter how protocols are sick but I think that MLB I will say cocoon but they're taking some additional risk in this and the players are going to have side says something they wanna do but they gotta get past that so they can get to the discussion of money and they're that seems to be a little bit of a logger. Hit there in that year. The League wants to players to accept a revenue sharing proposal. The players said No. They don't do that because I said. Hey you know owners show me your books right. Let me look at your numbers. And you know if you're the union you know saying listening to the owner saying well trust me. I'll I'll pay you half the revenue not knowing how they're going to define revenue be skeptical and say Missouri. I'd say show me too so you know I could see where this is going and you just hope that the two sides you know work in earnest in the background because you know when they bring stuff out in the media we only see what they want us to see and so folks immediately get sympathetic to one side and they assess the way to the other side. This is extremely complicated. Complex negotiations that affect people's livelihoods are protesting arrives. And so I look at it as hey the the lessons in the news. Maybe the better these guys are working it out between ourselves because while the public has an opinion ultimately you know. We're not a full stakeholder in this other than how we get used by one side of the other to try to put pressure on the other side. The bottom line is though if testing is there and the players agreed to it And if they don't play and it becomes a situation over money I don't want to know what the the what it looks like when we get out of this Brian because if it comes down to money it that's just not gonna fly with the American public right now the attorney we didn't get a vote at the table. I can look at it from the owner's perspective. They're saying listen. We'RE GONNA lose money no matter what the only question is how much money we lose. Okay well if the owners are comfortable with losing their in a unique position in their industry that they can say we can take off a year. And we're going to be just fine. We're going to survive. You can do that but you know if push comes to shove and Major League Baseball Says Hey. The players are giving us if you're comfortable with. They can call the season just like the players can say. Listen we're not comfortable with the financial terms that you put on the table. It's not worth the risk to us for the money that we're getting paid and if we're GONNA players right to and they're not. I hope they're not going to make the decision based on what your fan thanks became. And that sounds insensitive. Maybe but the reality is the players you know in the owners are other stakeholders here not that. Far Away Major League baseball draft. And what will this draft look like in two twenty? Well we've talked in previous calls about the fact that the draft is going to be truncated both in terms of the length in terms of money. That's going to be spent and that has impact on High school players specifically. Who probably aren't going to get drafted at the kind of numbers. They haven't kind of percents as they have in the past. But in the case of college upperclassmen they get another year of duty so the fact that the draft is going to be five rounds this year rather than forty four zero rounds last year. You know isn't hurt. It's hurting me immediately. But you know ultimately pretty much. Everybody WHO's eligible? This year will be eligible next year as well. Now you will there be more competition next year of course but you know what I say you know. I'm disappointed in Major League baseball. If they decide only go five rounds they they. They came up with a proposal to go ten rounds but it was with reduced payments and the players association disagreed. So they said well we're GONNA go and five rounds At least the money that is allocated for those five rounds. Cardinals have seven picks in those five rats and they have close to eight million dollars to spend. So you know they're gonNA get some good talent number. Twenty one. Pick overall is their first pick in the slot. Die For that's over three million dollars so you know you can easily see you know another Zach Thompson type of player Get picked up by Carlson. Twenty first overall this year and they have to extra picks one is a competitive balance pick And another one is the compensation that they receive when Marcelo Zona a left as a free agent. So you know. The cardinals are going to pick up seven. You know young guys in this graph now. The question is would no minor league season likely ahead? You know these guys aren't going to get the play right away but you know they'll hopefully everybody'll be ready to roll again. When based Picks Twenty Minor League Baseball picks up and twenty twenty one? What's the strength of this draft? What are you hearing well as always the college pitching looks like what's will probably be left when the cardinals go and that's okay because they have in recent years as we know more focused on position players until two thousand nineteen and they sort of got out of balance as a system. So you know but everybody does. But I I've looked at probably twelve fifteen bucks and I don't think a single one has the cardinals picking the same player because but attorney get to the first pick. There's so many domino's that we'd have to fall in one false differently. The whole draft. Change it so. I don't know who the colonel's going to get in. I'm not gonNA invest a whole lot of time until I hear that name call But it will be called on on the tenth of June. We'll who the cardinals are going to have. What are the cardinals needs in the minor league system for a guy that covers this very closely? What do you think the needs are for the cardinals? Well as I said I. Think pitching Millennialism area that we haven't talked a lot about but in the cars are in good shape in the short term with Tommy Edmund backup. The starters are the team for a while and then admitted associate down in triple a but you know has been a disappointment young Benji Gil former major leaguer. His son Matteo is is down in short season ball shortstop he might have potential but the covers little bit thin in the Middle Infield. That's that you know. We definitely could see. The cardinals invest But allow depend on. You know who's available and how the cardinals board stacks up when that twenty-first comes around. How Are you hearing that teams are evaluating players? If they can't go out and watch him there's been no college season How Are you hearing? That teams are are looking at players to prepare for the for the upcoming draft. Well you know. The good news is that that seems don't start on next year's draft when last year's draft next know their scouting ahead of time All the players. The cardinals had a draft board for this year. I'm sure You know before the spring season but have begun. They knew if the graph was held that day the draft had been held on January first this year. They would have known who would wanted to take now. Did they lose out on being able to see more players Face to face in their final? You know this spring of course but every organization the same boat and they all have access to video And so I think the cardinals be just as prepared as any other organization for this draft with a better preparation. Sure with more picks you bet but I think You know I think everybody's pretty much on the stint level ground in terms of preparation for the draft I. I don't think it's going to hurt that much. The fifty man potential roster a major league baseball. I asked you last week. Who might be on that fifty men and well? Lo and behold Brian Walton. Comes up the next week. And he's got a mock fifty man roster. Who Do you have on there? Well then you know the reason I I saw him doing it was I was Kinda hung up on the ground rules. We don't know yet. Is there going to be a forty man roster still over the forty nine the expanded fifty while they just not paying attention to that this year? And you know if there's a this taffy squad rumor is at there'd be like thirty man roster and a text squad well can players move back and forth or not and how do they do service time and they pay. Well I put that aside and said okay. Let's just make some basic assumptions and come up with a roster and really the top thirty or were was really easy to do and the reason. Why was that before the the shutdown before the roster freeze it occurred back in March march twelfth in right thereafter. The cardinals had twenty nine players on the Saint. Louis Roster Twenty eight players plus Jordan Hicks. Who's on sixty injure list but Hicks is making great progress? Everybody can what we saw it in front of him on pens and Mike Show talked about him being right on track and so Hicks would be should be ready to come back. And he would be sixteenth pitcher. The twenty ninth player. The number thirty on the roster would be in your opinion the third catcher Andrew Kisner who had been optioned out. But you know would be brought back on and that gives a sixteen pitcher fourteen position players and You know a good balance. Three catchers backups at it all the all the necessary positions what gets really interesting is the twenty man. Xy Squad and one is. Your strategy is an organization to how you're GONNA use those twenty spots. Let's put aside to forty man roster for main soon. That's not an issue and you can pick your your best twenty guys. How do you define what's best? Well you need some guys who are close to the major leagues. Some guys who ready when injuries occur or something happens and you need guys to fill in so here. I'm talking about guys like Alex. Rae S in Tennessee. Junior Fernandez Wounded Sosa Austin Dean. Right the guys that are you know. A lot of them have actually experienced some don't but most of them have been there before and you know they will be ready to be plugged in at a moment's notice but the other part of the equation is with no minor league season. Chances are all these players are going to lose your helmet. And so it's something you've asked me about previous calls so in when I put together my Mark Roster I said okay who are that handful of top tier prospects that is the saint. Louis Cardinals would like to see them. Continue to be active all year in. Let's say Accu by meat accurate terms baseball activity baseball skills in a structured environment. I don't mean active on the roster because I don't think these players and I'm talking here about a guy like Noah Gordon for example or a that Thompson who you are Liberty Tour Catcher Yvonne Herrera. These guys that are you know the top prospects in the system. They're close but they're not close enough to the major leagues. But they're the kind of guys if you could afford to use roster spots. Gordy for forty five fifty guys that you just want to keep your heart your hand in and keep them active because they're gonNA contribute at twenty twenty one. You'll have a leg up if you can do that in terms of Dylan Carlson Let's just say for ARGUMENT'S SAKE. It's an eighty two game regular season. Is it worth starting his clock or in a general sense? Is it worth starting? The clock is some of the top prospects in baseball. I I can't get a read one way or another and I guess we'll find out hopefully sooner rather than later but it is an interesting dilemma for teams in. Maybe it's not a dilemma at all. D start them right away or do you wait and the question I ask is what's different between an eighty two game season in one hundred sixty two game season if the rules are still the same and that is you know. There's there has to be a period of time that play would have to be in the minor leagues to avoid having to becoming a free agent a year sooner there would still be the same motivation to keep their service time down. I think in the case the same as cardinals you know unfortunately because they only got halfway through spring training we get to the bottom of the question of whether Tyler O.`Neil orlean Thomas are going to be starting outfielders and you know a truncated spring training where there's not going to be the same kind of competition. Probably that question may not get answered right away so that could flow in the regular season and you know the positive is you got designated hitter position. But you've also got Tommy Edmund who you're trying to get at bats who is doesn't have an everyday position so you know. I still think if the rules are the same nick. There has to be some number of games that a player has sustained minor stroke weight that extra year of exposure that the cardinals might WanNa try to work with Dylan Carlson. A short while. Let's wrap it up with this. The car donation DOT COM Brian. What are you working on? Well are continuing minor league history series an excellent appleby the the cardinals initiative into the Caribbean Latin American academies that are today in Dominican Republic but also they had a team in Venezuela for five years. So I'll go back and look at the history of those players. Those teams in some of the players that came through like a 'cause Martinez and Oscar Taveras an history. As I mentioned the details of the fifteen man roster are there so folks go through it and they can either agree or disagree. Have detailed article as well about the such address subject. We discussed also looked back at a location that had cardinals baseball in the Nineteen Eighty Springfield Illinois and showed what what losing affiliated baseball meant to that community and some of the challenges that the the Forty forty cities are facing. That may lose their minor league teams affiliation next year. Brian Great Stuff. Thank you appreciate. We'll catch up again next Wednesday. The McLaughlin here to tell you about the hometown automotive family addressed the most the loop us automotive network and you know they are. Saint Louis loop us has been a part of Saint Louis for over seven decades. They're proud to support Saint Louis in the surrounding areas with cars youth. Sports and charitable efforts. Fourteen brands ten locations just visit views dot com to start shopping today wes.

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Tommy Edman: The Chris Hrabe Show Ep. 44

Scoops with Danny Mac

31:25 min | 10 months ago

Tommy Edman: The Chris Hrabe Show Ep. 44

"The welcome into the chris. Ruby sean scoops with danny mac dot com. It is the tuesday december. Eighth twenty twenty edition of the program. Hope you're having a wonderful week and we're going to talk a little cardinals. Baseball head to sunny san diego a moment to catch up with tommy edmund. Who will join us on. Today's show. Don't forget to subscribe to the chris. Rabies show and scoops with danny mac. Wherever you listen to your podcasts. Scoops with danny mac. Hit the subscribe button lease review. And send me a screenshot. Tweet me at chr. A b e. You can read us and watch everything and stay on top of everything going on. It's scoops the dot com including burning nicholas. Who's in the mix now some exciting announcements over the past few days in the past week from dan scoops danny amac dot com as we continue to add incredible incredible contents ahead of the website. You can also chris. Scoops would danny mac dot com but without further ado. Let's head out to california. And say hello to tommy edmund. And we're going to Do this on video. Because tommy is just a very impressive. Very well. Manicured room with just memorabilia. All over the place Expensive stuff where really really wanted to show it off a little bit but You know as easy sometimes rears. Its ugly head. We had to a postpone or delay the the video aspect. But thank you for joining me anyway. I m boca won't get to see my Memorabilia room but this'll do just as well. I guess you know. I i kid. Because i was the one who is going to show off a couple of knickknacks. Tommy but you mentioned memorabilia. Are you a collector whether it's stuff personally from your baseball career stuff. It is important to you and your family or stuff from guys who played with or guys who are fans of growing up. Are you a collector at all. Nothing too crazy. All i'll hang onto important like baseball. So for example. I have my my first hit first homer all those things in the first jersey that i i played a game in. I probably do need to do a better job of of getting Signed items from people that are play against or play with. But i was actually able to get some science stuff from my team this year and a couple of opponents that i really enjoy watching play but i definitely could do a much better job than some people do. Make sure they get a ton of stuff from everybody that play against. Yeah that's probably like once you've been in the big leagues for awhile and you've kind of got the whole being in the big leagues part down. Then maybe you start thinking about the memorabilia side of things. I would think so especially revere house a little bit intimidated to ask but this year i definitely made sure to get a few more things. Thursday good story right about your brother getting your home. Rumble of minnesota. Yeah that's right so he he works in the analytics department for the minnesota twins And even though there were no fans allowed the gains in minnesota this year he was still able to attend because he was on staff. I think he might have had foul ball duty or something like that. Or maybe keeping Keeping chocolate radar again but he was able to be at that game that i hit a hit a homer and one of other members of the front office i guess. Attract the ball down in and get the ball. My brother so is a pretty special moment. So did you guys like. I would have loved if he had held ransom. Like a random fan of the game catching a significant home run and then you would have had to have like a family barter session for him to hand the ball over now. I got plenty of all plenty of homeland goal. So i i just like this one so your brother is in the twins front office on the analytic side. You ever like. Call him a nerd and tell them that grit is more important than numbers. Yeah he's definitely a numbers guy. Actor sure reminded him from time to time that there's a mental aspect to the game as well. That can't really be qualified. That's gotta be cool though man like having your brother baseball. No baseball obviously has been can't even imagined how big part of of your family's life now and that he's working in pro baseball and he's been dealing with a lot of the pressures of you know what's going on and a lot of the uncertainty over the last year or so. How much do you guys talk about baseball. Did you guys talk about the game. Stay from that when you're together We'll we'll talk about a fair amount. I mean he he honestly has is very very into baseball and probably knows more about baseball than i do. Honestly he's just always diving into the statues is coming up with these crazy numbers So that definitely is one of the major topics that we discussed together but It's it's pretty cool. Being able to have a sibling whose so invested in the sport. That i play and then in my profession obviously as well. My brother works in the white sox front office and were talking to a lot of those guys. It's it's tough. And i know that you guys get asked questions just like any employee of any team does but you guys get asked questions the most. How much relief was it last year to. Actually start playing as you look back on it even if it was not a typical season tommy to stop being asked the question of what you can start playing baseball. What's what's going to happen next. What's around the corner to tell you how many times people ask me. What's the schedule looking life. Like when you guys can go start playing so yeah. We don't get like text message. Daily updates yeah. Yeah that was. That was definitely a relief to finally get playing so people have to actually start again but it was. I mean it was good that we got this season. Then obviously we would have liked to have played more games and one fewer doubleheaders but it was a it was just released to be able to get a full or the full season last year without to much Without missing too many games. I guess you probably need some new talking points this offseason because last year. You know the wedding postponement. You guys got a lot of mileage out of that one. There were like eighty nine stories written about that tommy. Yeah we're definitely going to have a much more boring offseason this year on especially given that you were like climbing up the rocky mountains after season was over my wife and i had a nice little road trip across the country back to san diego. We we hit a few cool spots that we'd never been before we got a lot of hiking in which we haven't really done a lot of in the past. So i was fund. It make sure we got some hiking boots. 'cause my new balance running shoes we're gonna cut it but I made sure we made sure to get Get the shoes. I can handle that kind of tread and Also we had to make sure we got plenty of a cold cold year. Really heavy jackets because then gaining one of the nights when we're in denver it down to like it was like five and snowing pretty hard so we didn't before that we didn't have the the gear require but we're able to track them down before we give me the rundown of What you guys did. So you drove from saint louis back to san diego after the season. Yeah we did we We actually i went to cancun for a week A week in october and came back. Saint louis got everything packed up in Drove back why mid stops in denver. We went up to To jackson hole wyoming and then salt lake city and and then arizona scottsdale area and then finally back to san diego to pretty good trip. that's That's like a lotta outdoors work on your way back. That's getting your money's worth on your way back. I mean definitely. We're making sure we're staying active with all the hiking getting a lot of time sitting in a car so we didn't get moving around. We've been pretty stiff in Not very mobile afterwards. So it was. It was a good mix of Making sure we're we're getting moving around Around the time spent the car. Are you a good road trip. Companion are you cool with with driving. Do you guys switch off. Who controls the the music or podcasts. On the way how is the Give me your we're talking about you know intangibles earlier. Give me your your road trip chemistry. We're we're we're a very compatible pair. I would say well. I would hope so. I mean your lovely wife and you guys are married but for having to deal with you for a couple of weeks driving. Well what are you. Yeah this is our first our first long road trip together in. i would say we passed. Didn't get divorced or we're talking about Signing up for amazing race retired. So yes yeah. I'm just kidding. But maybe they'll you never know I think we. I mean we did a good job we We switched off a fair amount. She definitely controlled. The music was being played But we i would say it was split pretty even and didn't have any big arguments or or discussions about which way was the fastest route mainly because we didn't know which way we'd never done those roads before but it ended up being Going by without too many hitches year now with iphones and stuff gone are the days of like you know in every movie like the eighties and nineties. When they're on a road trip like the husband gets lost and like his too stubborn to pull over and ask for directions so they always are hours and hours out of the way. I remember growing up like when we'd go places we'd print out the mapquest. Directions away throwback but yeah. There's not a lot of not a lot of room for controversy with directions now with with iphones as and whatever else reminds me of a dumb and dumber lloyd. Drive halfway across lay in a truck. Yeah yeah then. He goes and trades at Head that's a that's a. That's a great movie. And that would be a. That would be a heck of a way to take a road trip Tommy bins with this hanging out as we talk a little bit of Of off season so from a baseball standpoint man. I know there's still a lot up in the air over the next couple of months but are you feeling right now. Does anything change for you in terms of The next couple of months in terms of getting ready. I'm sure your off season. You know what you're doing from. A fitness standpoint stays pretty consistent regardless of what's going on. Yeah we're definitely preparing as if we're going to have a full hundred sixty two game season. That's starting on time as of now. Everything's on schedule so It's just been a normal offseason so far for me it's been i've been very fortunate that the places that i work out at haven't been shut down I know some people are definitely going through that right now on working out Got a makeshift facilities. But i've been fortunate enough to continue at the same place i've been going to so nothing has been Drastically different in relation to last offseason. So pretty much doing the same sort of stuff been been lifting working out and been hidden for a couple of weeks now. Starting up throwing program and Just preparing to be ready for spring training just like in the past years. How much told this year. Take mentally tommy. If you don't mind me asking because just you know all of us who are in some way connected to the business and and you guys especially at the top. Nobody knew what was going on. Like you alluded to earlier and then even once. The season started you guys. Had you know the long delay with with positive tests there was uncertainty about whether you guys would actually you know finish the season you end up not only finishing season but playing great through the grind schedule the doubleheaders getting into the postseason. You get to do that in san diego near home but as you look back a couple of months or moved you know it may be wasn't the The second year in the big leagues you expected but from a mental standpoint. Can you explain what it was like two people and listeners who didn't experience it. yeah. I was definitely pretty mentally exhausted by the end of the year. Just that final stretch that we had Once we got back from our second outbreak i think we had like fifty fifty three games which included like eleven doubleheaders. So that definitely took a toll But i think that. I think it helped with the group that we had. We had such great veteran leadership or kind of pushing pushing everybody along like okay. We're taking it day by day. And he can't can't think too far out of workshops we almost treat it like just like a summer travel ball back in high school schedule You know you're playing a ton of games you can go out to arizona. Play hundred Doubleheaders one hundred twenty degrees heat and we made it through that so this wasn't too much different from that if we take that same approach of of just folks on the game for that day or games for that day then you're gonna make it but Yeah we ended up playing well and made its play offs. And i know a lot of people didn't have the years individually that they would have liked but I think we we came together when we needed it and almost took that series from the padres but it was. It was definitely a much different year than i expected. Guy into it. You know from from a physical and mental standpoint. Is there something to be said for. Maybe the way you guys did things last year kind of showing you know. Having a bunch of buses sean up to the field you know maybe not six hours before the game. Are there any positives anything. You can learn any benefits you think from from last year that you guys are you personally can take moving forward. I think so. I mean this year compared to last year like you're talking about we we would show up about three to our three to four hours before the game as opposed to like six hours before the game So as much less much less waiting around. But we're still able to get all the prep in that we really needed And efficient with your time. Yeah yeah i think it kinda helped consolidate Consolidate our pre-game work in figuring out what's really the most important things to be dale and what you can do at home on your own time and some of that ended up being like recovery stuff in the mornings on when you're not at the field or post game at back to the hotel or or back at the place in saint louis so it kind of showed us that there there is. There's definitely certain things that needed down the field and you gotta make sure you're doing that but there's also things that can be taken care of at home on your own time ryan kelly. 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The home loan expert today for a free mortgage analysis go to the home loan expert dot com the home loan expert dot com about not just the incredible alone offers that they have but also the incredible customer service their customer first approach. It separates them from anyone else. You could get a mortgage through ryan. Kelly is the hormone expert online at the hormone expert dot com chinooks roads. One more reason to love sh- nooks get the app that gets you chinooks rewards the chinooks rewards app allows you to earn points every time you shop for money off your next purchase but there's so much more in the app to simplify shopping for instance you can get exclusive digital savings including over one hundred new digital coupons every week. The shopping list helps keep you organized at items on the go. Plus you can share it recipes. Nap make meal planning easy search for recipes by ingredients and add them to your shopping list. Go to schmucks dot com and check out more about the app that gets you chinooks. Awards the chinooks rewards app. Download it on the app store or google play the chinooks rewards app rewards you for shopping at chinooks. How much did last year. And what you guys missed out on to some extent. Make you appreciate tommy. Maybe the opportunities you get to spend time with your teammates. I know that you guys missed out on the dinners and a lot of the body and stuff especially on the road that you would get to have of the course of a season or having your families you know with you Down the stretch in the post-season like did that change your perspective and make you realize you know what a special group of guys guys have. Yeah hundred percent. I think that was probably the most disappointing thing about the year was just the lack of time that real to spend with our teammates on the road The row chips like on the flights we weren't allowed to sit near each other. No card games on the flight. Not really conversing or anything. We were unable to go out to dinners No hanging out together in the hotel so it it definitely took a took a lot of time away. That a lot of team bonding time. And the other aspects of the families weren't allowed to go to the games either so my wife was pretty bummed that she wasn't able to make it out to that the series in san diego for playoffs but Hopefully that that's all going to change for next year the suing to get Get kobo under control. Which one of your teammates saved the most money by. They're not being card games on this. Or i know i know. Leaders is pretty disappointed because he usually knicks a lot of money on those plays. I think i wanna say miles. Because they're pretty reckless. I'm not. I'm not quite on the level of being able to join those card games yet. But maybe maybe five or six years down the road. All the dangle to join that table but who knows who's the biggest competitor whether it's a card game or whether it's a drill and spring training or i guy to show up somewhere i got it like who's the biggest competitor for stuff that that may seem Insignificant my my first person can mind was actually way now. I don't get really really competitive. Heard in the pf drills. He's extremely competitive in Fancy football actually. Everybody's pretty competitive fans your plan. That with him right. Yeah i just. I made playoffs Last week i clinched it. This is the last week regular season so my week didn't matter as much but i think that guy's arrest this week. Yeah yeah i mean getting the battery for playoff starts so i think the top four seeds myself leaders flirty and way now and then sixteen make it. I think the five and six are still up in the air. But i were redecorated with very competitive clubhouse in regards to Fancy football and we actually were able to another another competitive aspect off. The field was when we were all in our quarantine Rooms in milwaukee we all down. There is probably seven to ten of us that downloaded a poker app on her phone and we a few games a night and definitely. Some people took him more more cash than others. Who is the best. I think mar alley. Marble was case winner on the sharp guy. Yeah he definitely plays a a sound game could fundamental not like miles not not pushing I'll ask you about why. No it's a perfect segue because today it was announced that he is the winner of the roberto clemente award. I think anyone who's ever been around him for even second Not to mention someone like you. Who's a teammate of his knows what he does with his foundation big-league impact with you know his wife is family is brother and so many others. You obviously couldn't have been surprised but for people who don't see the extent to how much the charitable work means to him. How much he does. Not just in saint louis but around the world or what can you say about about adamant about your reaction when you learned that he got the award today. Tommy yeah. I was so excited for him. No one more deserving of that word than he is in luckier. Saying you can just tell just from being around. He gives off that aura of showing that he cares about every single person around him where that's his teammates or even just like strangers or or a random people on the street and he He shows that through his charity. Work in egypt has impacted so many lives so many lives through his career and adding As realizes that His success on the field isn't gonna be thing that defines him and his legacy but rather impacted he makes off. The debt is going to keep playing right. Like there's there's no way he's not playing next year yeah. I think i'd be surprised if he didn't. I will put you on the spot about anyone. Who's in limbo right now. But i will ask you. Because i know obviously you. You're close with him to does it. Sting what does it feel like to see the organization. Partways with someone like colton tommy when that happened and i know it's an unusual set of circumstances because of the business aspect of the game and so much that's up in the air but i mean i'll tell you it caught me calm. I was shocked and again i. I know you can't necessarily say everything you'd want to say but just went when when something like that happens. I mean it's obvious. I think to everyone that the team immediately feels ripple effects. Is that fair. Yeah i mean. I think we're all just as surprised as everybody else end Definitely are a better team when you got a a player as good as colton After winning his second gold love neuro So we will miss him for sure. Assume he doesn't come back from whatever it is. There's still a chance that he comes back. Sure so that's still definitely a possibility but yeah were will miss him for sure. He goes to another team in just hope that he doesn't crush us to Instant he has the part of the business. That is Is is brutal and again. It is a business and there is a lot. That's that's different in. It's changing because of a lot of the issues over the past six nine months not just in baseball but in all sports and i guess similar to what i asked you about spending time with your teammates. This does that. Change your your appreciation at all or your awareness of of what's going on. How closely do you follow. And i guess there's not really anything right now to follow. Did you follow last year during the stoppage. Anything going on or is it just like you said blinders on prepares usual. And they'll tell me when. And where i need to be i'll get there. Yeah i mean you try to do the best that you can just focus on your individual game but there's just so much information in so many media outlets out there that it's tough to be completely blind to it You pretty much have to delete all your social media apps and all your News apps on your phone. I guess in to be completely unaware of it but i feel like that's been good advice for life in general over the last few months in a lot of different aspects. Not too much positively on social media these days brittle but yeah sign. I mean we know aware and and our our guys who are involved in an mlb pa do a good job of keeping us in keeping us informed about everything going on with Like for example last year the negotiations about when season would start. So i think i mean definitely is important to understand what's going on but try not to worry about it too much all right so as far as the next couple of months as you're continuing to prepare. What else is what else is going on for the edmonds How are you guys Enjoying the next few months again understanding that. It's a little bit different. It'll be a little bit of a different holiday season. But what are you looking forward to. How are you guys gonna spend your time when you're not driving across the country doing uh super impressive Not much honestly. We don't have any any big trips planned merely because we can't make any big trends right now. So but we've we've gotten settled in san diego. We're staying a place. It's less than a mile from the beach so we've been gone down to the beach almost every day watching a lotta sunsets on gone for some walks. I actually my first My first few days of throwing last week were on the beach. So it's it's a pretty nice pretty nice workout area. The at and so. It'll i'm assuming it lists via a lot more of that over the next couple of months just getting ready for spring training game up in chicago. My parents live about four five blocks from the beach like michigan. But i have a feeling. I went down there and snapped a couple of photos. It would look much different than your photos of the beach. It would look like the apocalypse here. Dark nasty cold and probably no one getting a throwing program in the shores of lake michigan in chicago. Right now might be a little bit different than the. It's tough to their own. Twenty five degree weather versus seventy five degree weather out here. Are you a surfer. D- are are you not inclined at all the anti water sports water activities that you are. You are good at now. Not really i. I've never really got into surfing. I had i have a bunch of friends that are That got into surfing even more so now that they have more time on their hands with with covid but i was never able to get into it. I also don't have a wet suit in the waters about sixty two degrees right now which is terrible so you have to have a wet suit and i was actually. I was thinking about it. I went on some websites and looking at some wet seats to get but all the trigger manage. everything is sold our. Everything's sold out right now if you go on like the o.'neil website there's no wet available. Well the reason i ask is. Because i was talking with dan last week we were doing a draft of skills. We wish we had our things we wish we could do. And superpowers were off the table. So he had the first pick his was play the guitar. Okay my first pick was speak another language. Spanish fluently And we each picked five skills. What would your thing be if you could acquire instantly any skill or or learn to do something and be an instant expert at it. What would your your number one pick be because surfing surfing would be a pretty damn cool thing like mid west guy like maybe just it's just like one of the ultimate like if you can serve like just just a brawl move. Yeah for sure. And and being in san diego. I'd be able to take advantage of most people serve. No one ever doesn't look cool surfing. Yeah for sure i would. I would definitely do something that'd be able to do for a long time are like i mean i'll see like always sixty five year old guys out there surgeon so that you can do for a while. I think golf would be another good one too. I just started playing more golf this year. And i'm still horrible but if i was able to get pretty good at it then i could That's something that i could do for the next. What six years fifty sixty years. Yeah i said slam dunk a basketball. Just like you could impress your kids forever. if you can just throw it on a dunk Give gimme one too. Yeah it would just be awesome. Can you do that. No i feel like i could if i could follow basketball but my hands are too small. I can't jump at all. I can dunk at tennis ball but i can't the basketball. This was a couple years ago. Flare denies started the the players versus pitchers basketball game Debate and who would win position players of the pitchers. And you guys have some hooper's on your team give me a give me a non-sports one though Dan said cook. I said i'd love to be able to correctly iron clothing because that's impossible and Yeah give me maybe One nine sports skill or hobby. The you would love to acquire cooking all the good ones. I can tell you. He's got he's got a gourmet meals every day. That only gets much better than i do. You cook it all now. Not really is a really good cook. But so i guess i don't need to since you so good all right. So you need a non-sports non-sports something let me think. Let me think i think it'd be. I wish i was a good dancer for sure. Like oh just dancing. Like not like mean like you remember last couple years ago when we had the conga line in the dugout home runs. Yes you'd see cafe and and also in the getting their moves on. I never i don't have any of those moves so i the latin guys do like the little the move where and i'm doing it right now like you kind of put your hands up like in fists. Almost you're gonna box but then you kind of just start like shaking your shoulder on the hips Yeah and just make. It look really cool. I try that and it doesn't look nearly as cool. So i wish i was better that all right so dancing so start working an appreciate it. I know that Again it's been Crazy off season. But congratulations on a heck of a year. And i guess more importantly a unforgettable year first year of marriage with your wife you guys will hopefully never have anything like the last twelve months i know regardless of the craziness fans cannot wait to see you guys back on the field and echo that so appreciate tom brother as always enjoy sunny san diego. And i'll send you some pictures from the beach if if it's open and if it's able to be to be accessed here in the Twenty degree weather and snow in chicago. Appreciate it really great talking. Always brother talk to you later on wall you.

danny mac baseball tommy edmund san diego tommy ryan kelly Ruby sean dan scoops danny chris saint louis Tommy minnesota one hundred twenty degrees denver six hours minnesota twins cold arizona the rocky mountains white sox
Wednesday With Walton  October 30, 2019

Scoops with Danny Mac

27:07 min | 2 years ago

Wednesday With Walton October 30, 2019

"Design Air Heating and cooling has a playoff special for you right now contact design air heating and cooling for twenty five dollars off their maintenance plans. It's not too early to start start thinking about your furnace tuneup. They're friendly technicians will clean test. Your furnace showed run safely and efficiently all winter. Long peace of mind that your family is safe. During the heating leading season design air service DOT COM proud partner of the saint. Louis Cardinals Saint Louis Cardinals. National League Central Division champions. Hi I'm Ryan Kelly with the home loan expert Dot Com. The only thing I like better than baseball is saving people money. Start Saving now with a cash-out refinance at the home home loan expert Dot Com. Enjoy the PODCAST. Come into scoops with Danny MAC DOT COM. And it's my visit as I do every Wednesday with Brian Walton of the car donation dot com. Well we're coming to you in brilliant clarity. From Lordos diamonds visit Florida's diamonds Lordos diamonds dot com located in the heart of a lot of subjects ticket into the Arizona. Fall League is wrapped up the cardinals have a young catcher. That is starting to turn out to be a big a big prospect more Dylan Carlson more into minor leagues and maybe elimination of jobs and teams. And we'll also dive into the top rookies for the Saint. Louis cardinals all that and more is coming up. It's Wednesdays with Walton on scoops with Danny Mac dot com. Thanksgiving is just around around the corner. Are you all set. You've been piling up. Those Chinooks rewards points all year. What better time to cash them in? You could have chinooks pay for the Thanksgiving Turkey or a Pumpkin Kim Pie from the best bakery in Saint. Louis maybe even your entire holiday meal all because you're a chinooks rewards member whether you're hosting the whole family or bringing a special dish to their house. Make sure you're all set for Thanksgiving head dish. Nooks cash in those rewards points. Thanks Nooks Wednesdays with wall none scoops with Danny Johnny Mak Dot Com and as always we had the chance to visit with Brian. Walden of the CARDINAL NATION DOT COM a lot to get into is we just heard in terms terms of what happened at the Arizona. Fall League the rookies of the year. According to Brian and the Cardinal Nation DOT COM and we'll also go into Some of the issues facing Minor League Baseball which we touched upon last week. Brian is always a good Wednesday to you. Train Hunan well let's talk talk about first and foremost and I want to jump into this. This kind of put a bow on it because I had a ton of people respond to our podcast is last week about what may happen with Minor League Baseball. We really got into the the baseball aspect of it. Because that's what you and I are are into that's what we cover Without talking about the potential of what happens to those stadiums those people that work there Just the sense of of a team in a city in in a minor league area. Now that it's kind of had the dust is settled and things have calmed down a little bit. You have any more thoughts on what baseball is trying to do. In that regard well and just to recap in case folks weren't completely you know have the details There's a proposal that Major League Baseball has developed that they are are discussing with minor league baseball to reduce the size of minor league baseball by forty two teams starting in twenty twenty one. Just there's there's an agreement between MLB and the major league players there's also an agreement between MLB in the minor leagues that govern. You know how many how many teams are working conditions nations and and the whole thing and one of Major League baseball concerns. At least they say it's their major concern. Are Some of the facilities in some of the minor league. Cities aren't up to the Standards Sanders that they would like but it seems like instead of trying to push for better standards they said. Hey we're going to get rid of a a number of teams and the teams that do have good facilities that do draw. Well that are. Valuable really is moving them around to other leaks and the head of those teams that are going to be left behind. I don't worry we're going to create this thing called a dream league which is basically an independent league where players who are affiliated can play. But you you know a lot of folks in these cities established relationships with an organization. The cardinals have been in Johnson City for Sunday. Ten feet or something like fifty years. You know most people aren't GonNa GonNa you know. They're diagnosed cardinals fans and they always have been. And so you know it's not gonNA be the same if they take Baseball away organized. Baseball away from Cities like the ones in the Appalachian League and the New York Penn League. which are the two leaks? That look like they're going to be contracted in this proposal. I'm just curious as a guy that makes a living living in has a passion of Minor League Baseball. What are your thoughts? I mean not. Just take away the business side of it being a guy that loves the minor. Leagues loves the You know maybe that young kid that's out there and still trying to live his dream. What do you think about this well emotionally? It's tough because you know there's somebody young players that you mentioned have dreams to become major leaguers and the system that's been in place for years and years and years is that Mike Major League organizations develop their own players. They have a network of farm systems now back in the branch rickey days in the in the nineteen thirties. And the gas out getting in your thirties or early forties The cardinals have I think they run their peak which like forty two minor league teams. Forty two now you know. Now they're down to you know less than ten Dan but still. There's a lot of expense for organizations to you. Know to manage all those all those basically employ all all those players and then of course you have the coaches and managers and trainers and the strength and conditioning coaches and all the support personnel. So knowing now that with the analytics and the data available teams are much better at trying to identify in our to identify those players that become future major leaguers. They like to cut back expense twice. They cut cut back On Focus wise from the number of minor league teams. They have but you know on the mobile side and there've been a lot oughta studies done about this the importance to actually baseball economically of baseball being in these smaller towns where these fans were young fans get introduced into baseball and they later become long fans. And you know if anything. We've seen that Major League baseball. His demographic has gone older over time. And so you know anything that they do. It would be counterproductive to developing future fans. I think will hurt the game itself and the capital she over the long haul I I agree I think you laid it out. Perfectly teams just are making better. Evaluations and analytic. Certainly help that in finding out who truly are players now but you gotta have but you gotTa have other players players to supplement teams to put him on the field and that's something you got to remember too so those jobs while some guys may not know in their minds they're not making it to the big leagues. You still got to have those players for the other ones that might or at least had that chance to try to develop that's right and and there's no doubt that we could right now. Look look across the colonel cab. I think current council after entering twenty players under contract including the major leaguers and we can look at one hundred and twenty and say Okay and you know minus forty there under forty man roster say to eighty we look at those two hundred eighty players and say okay you know. Here's a thirty or forty. That are probably the best chance to become a major leaguers. And as you said had you know they're gonNA they're gonNA vary in age from from twenty three twenty four down to eighteen and you know those guys can't all play together on one or two minor league teams because their experience levels are so different. So how do you get them competition. Well you gotTa have other players around but guess what no matter how good evaluators are at finding talent. You know there are the Albert approval of the world. The Trevor Rosenthal's world the man in the world who weren't picked on the first two days in the draft they didn't they got a few thousand bucks to sign and they developed and became superstars later in their career. So you know it's kind of a to h street. Yeah you know you you can get the cream of the crop and yeah yeah first. Rounders usually make the majors. But there's a lot of guys who just need more time to home their game and they become important players as well so you know it's always like everything in like you know where's what's your life balance point. What's the optimal number of players to happening organization? What the optimal number of teams to have? And there's no magic cancer that but change change is hard Communities have made commitments could ballparks financial commitments There are there are gonna be issues shoes that will end up being in court. I think if they if Major League baseball tries to move too quickly in in this contraction idea reminder for Blues fans one at the ten area hotshots sports bar and grill locations. Is there for you to watch St Louis Blues Hockey all the Games dozens of TV's. You'll enjoy great specials on Jack Daniels. Mules cocktails blue sampler appetizers and more they have hotshots wherever you're located hotshots proud partner of the Saint Louis Blues on the Blues Fan since Nineteen Ninety. They're giving away tickets every Tuesday by the way at hotshot sports bar and grill one of the things. I I love about your site. It's not only Minor League Baseball Major League baseball as well and the cardinals as you wrote in your piece you know. Clearly benefited from their farm farm system. They brought up eight players. Who made their debuts and thirteen rookies overall of the eight first timers five were homegrown cardinals to or acquired acquired via trade one was free agent signing so when you think about drafting and developing Brian? The cardinals have done a very good job of that here. In the last decade a decade and a half and obviously that Came to fruition again here in two thousand nineteen. That's right then. We have a processor year in a period. Where do we go through where we go back and look at the previous season then we recap how teams did then we look at the top players at each level and hitters and pitchers etc and? Now we're to the point point where we've gone through all that for the minor leagues. Now we're looking at Saint Louis itself and so the article. That's it's free for everybody to read I go through a pretty in depth statistical analysis of of the players on the major league roster and in this case the focus began on the the thirteen players that still had rookie eligibility in federal. Those players actually made their major league debut before two thousand nineteen but You know rookie qualification has to do with. The number of at Bats player has a hundred and thirty or less innings pitched fifty here last as well as times on a major league roster so Go through the analysis you know looking at the stats of of the various contributors and it was pretty clear in the case of twenty nineteen. That about three guys really stood out Dakota Hudson starting pitcher. who was you know in the rotation all year Won Sixteen Games You know start off kind of slowly but really came on strongly and You know what certainly among the top three stars on the team all year long And then of course Giovanni Guy Eggos who nobody in the world never heard of until last July when he came over from the Yankees in the Voi- trading folks. I well guy just throw win guy. You know he's not gonNA come out to much of anything and better and he didn't even make a team that's right when the cardinals broke camp among the twenty five guys To open the season but yet he became the most effective reliever not just among rookies but of all relievers on the team. I'm finally the guy. Hi who who got the word. You know infielder Tommy. And everybody's seen what you know. What difference Tommy made from when he came up in June until the end of the year It just was a a tremendous sparkling for the for the offense Performance hit over three hundred slug five hundred double digit totals in home runs runs and stolen bases Just had a fine of course playing everywhere on the diamond. So you know all three of those guys had had great seasons but when you put it all together Edmund. Was the the guy that we gave the award to. And I haven't seen anybody Suggest otherwise you're not going to get that for me and as you pointed out in the article since his recall he led the Club uh in hits with ninety nine. I'm curious and maybe you can give our listeners. Brian on our weekly podcast here on every Wednesday Brian Walden Cardinal Nation DOT COM. I'm curious your thoughts on this people have asked me. What are the cardinals do? I've given various you know look at what may happen with the club. I really think they need to find a suitable. What they feel comfortable backup shortstop to give young a breather? I think Paul was out of gas by by the end of the year. Tommy Edmund played a lot of shortstop in the minor leagues knock on Wood. God forbid something happens to Paul D. Young how would you feel about Tommy Edmund. Having to fill in and be there for a substantial amount of time as a backup shortstop but then you know is a guy that gives one a break or place third or goes to the outfield l. but in particular playing defensively at shortstop everyday at the major leagues. How comfortable would you be not a hundred percent? Dan and this may sound but attorney in Is extremely reliable dependable. You know we've seen when he gets to the ball he feels it well. He makes strong froze. How range at shortstop is not elite And you know that may be a reason why. He didn't play any shortstop since he got called up in the rare occasions. When Paul theon gets it it was the giant millions who always played short if you look back at the stats this year interest? Oddly Tommy Edmund did not play one inning. At shortstop he played third. He played a second. Doc Id you played in the outfield. He you know he played all over but he never played at shortstop which I thought was kind of odd kind of Julius. Yeah now. There's no reason to believe that the Giro Muna's there's GonNa be back And if he is and he'll probably remain remain the backup shortstop. But I do think that they're going to want to get Edmund some in time and by the way he didn't play shortstop all that much memphis either but this year but I thought the reason there was. Hey they're trying to get him exposure at second third and prepare more for the major leagues but ultimately when he came up you know of course he played so much everywhere else. Part of it was the fact that carpenter was hurt. They need a third baseman. But you gotta ask yourself at the time when Mike Show decided. Okay I'M GONNA put Edmund in the outfield and what he's never played before you know that sort of cross the boundary in terms stuff you know. It seemed like they were doing anything to keep him in the lineup. But by Golly wouldn't get the day off which you know hurt them in the and how was he at short though in the minor leagues. I mean you mentioned that. The range was in great but how how did he played a lot of games and a lot of innings air. How in your opinion a and talking to those around the game? How good was he down there? Actually we study extremely study like I said you know no issues at all with his foot. Work is You know ability to make the place his arm none of that the only question if you look at his range factors When he when he came up and if he got the double and triple eight goes was number started to drop which indicated to me? And you know listen I know Scout. I don't I try to say that I'm a scout. I'm I'm an analyst. I'm on a writer. But you know my assessment was hey you know. He doesn't necessarily have the the extreme range that a lot of guys do now. You know as you well know with all the analysts scrambled on today's world there it's more about positioning than it really is necessarily about reach. Yeah it's great. You know if you can obviously to can can range far in life but so much of the game is the analytics telling the players the coaches of course turn the players where to stand and by. Golly you know more times than not that's one of the ball goes absolutely. I don't think I guess bottom line is i. Don't think think the card is. What would be concerned if they had to play? Tommy admit shortstop but it is curious up to this point that it's something that they have very clearly avoided no question Russian about it. I WANNA get into Dylan Carlson. A little bit more because he will be the talk of of this off season I in my opinion from the cardinals perspective. One way or another. He he's going to be talked about. I would assume they give them a shot to make the club out of spring. Would you agree with that. I do you know if you come in in in a lot of us. I'm sure yourself included. Spend a Lotta time. You know listening in analyzing what various front office and and even ownership figures say and it seems he's like you know some of the talk has been back off a little bit in terms of you know pushing pushing don't cross into the frontlines spring camp now could that be to take pressure off him and take pressure off the situation. Obviously I think ultimately it's going to be called since play that dictates how quickey moves to the major leagues if if he shows up in Jupiter Florida and conduct themselves like a major here which we're almost positive will and delivered result from the field like a major leaguer. Then you know well I don't think they're gonNA hold him down if he is his play dictates he should be there on the other hand. If he's skucool screen training maybe gets hurt gets dinged up. I think the path of leasers isn't to send HIM DOWN TO MEMPHIS. You know get some more bats and and You know see what develops now. Of course the other side of the coin is okay. And then who's GonNa play in left field. If Carlson is out there you know. The cardinals have a wealth of candidates but of course none of them were proven. And here. I'm talking about the lane thomases. Liz and radio rose arenas entire O'Neill's and Goal is Garcia. And they've got they've got a Lotta guys just in Williams which one of them which ones of them might be a hair saloon for man proud sponsor of scoops Danny Mac dot com homebase in Saint Louis founded nineteen ninety seven sixteen locations. You'll receive the perfect haircut complimentary Beverage Relaxing Shampoo Pot Talbot Amend Complimentary Shoeshine all for just twenty two dollars days and for an extra five dollars a stress relieving scalp massage. Hair saloon for men sixteen locations. There's one near you hair saloon for man. Any of those guys intrigue you more than another fortunate about heard me on these podcasts. have read my writing over a period of time. Know that I've been very impressed with the game was lane Thomas and if you look at his numbers you know when he came up briefly in Saint Louis and granted you know he he he didn't get More than I think. Forty forty four plate appearances. Something like that. But he slashed Greece sixteen four nine six eighty fourteen ninety three I mean You know extremely strong showing off. Interestingly Tripoli The guy can run. You can play center. He's got some pop in the bat but you know if he can't stay healthy then you know that's GonNa be an issue. I think Lenny Thomas if they're not committed to Harrison data instead of playing Thomas talking about him and left I think he could compete in center. Now Randy arose arenas the guy who's had the the recent momentum you know he. He's one finish so strongly memphis and then played well and even less time in Saint. Louis only got like twenty three plate appearances during the regular season but certainly radio arose. That did nothing to to hurt himself in his time up. I you know I'm just not sure eighties guys Completely are not that we know that they're going to be in everyday a player in the major leagues And but somebody's gotTa step forward. Clearly I wanNA talk a little bit too about the catcher. Von Harare hit three twenty twenty four at the Arizona Fall League and he's only nineteen. He actually walked more times than he struck out in his ten games and apparently showed Oh no problems handling superior pitching whether be at the plate or behind the plate. This is an intriguing prospect. Tell us a little bit about this. Young man you want Herrera was signed it was he was July. Second signing in twenty sixteen Played a year in the Dominican. Summer League then came right over to the an and he was an all star You know in the Dominican Summer League is the first year in twenty seventeen. Played very well there and then came to the US the Gulf coast and then from twenty seventeen to twenty eight team. He made this big jump. Same Jumping Montreal. Third Basement did and that is he jumped all the way from the Gulf closely to classic Peoria. And that's that's a huge step in a lot of guys that they presented with that. You know they're not able to make it. The weather's cold Midwest League You know in April that the competition's tough in Harare took that promotion extremely well this year. I did exceptionally and then moved to high a palm each and he's not good but not great but again you know we're talking about a teenager who's playing high April And then the cardinals you know gave him the opportunity to go to the Arizona Fall. Holy and Sorta like doing Carlson Yvonne. Harare's been the youngest player pretty much everywhere he was including the folly prospect showcase. You know he's catching at some guys. In some cases that have already played the major leagues And for those who Subscribe or or would want subscribe I talked to all the players the the cardinals players in the fall week including Harare and it was the first time that I hit ever really spoke with him any details. So of course the I wanNA check was houses English He's English is very good and he told me that the reason he became proficient in English was not the classes that even yeah he does that he goes but because he took the challenge himself with his teammates teammates to learn English better. He took that as part of his assignment. As a professional ballplayer. Extremely mature approach for again the young man who he's just nineteen years old and we'll likely see him you know. Make the move to Aa Springfield this year. And I'm the only one I was talking to Scott very recently down in Arizona. It was saying that you know it looks like Herrera has everything it takes to one day. Pete Molina's replacement. Now enter kisner still there. So there's you know the competitions competitions good but the point is that's how well Harare thought of and he's going to move into the top ten of pretty much everybody's cardinals prospect list and he might even appear you the national top one hundred Before the winners out WanNa get an advantage over the house this fall you needed download. Bet El the only APP you'll need to make smart bets. This season Bet Q.. AL's algorithm is based off of historical in recent team trends updates with line movement injury information download bet Q. L. for your smartphone go to bed Q.. L. Dot Co to sign up today. I don't know if you've been thinking about this at all. Now wrap it up with this and then ask you about what you're working on in the upcoming coming week but I was down at the cardinal offices and I went by the Cardinals Hall of fame and museum and I started thinking Who could be the next inductees into the cardinals does hall of fame? What do you think he? I know you're on that panel or are you thinking at all about who might be there and who moves forward in twenty twenty It's funny because I was thinking about that because I was trying to decide. You know we always meet right around Wichita okay. You know. We're going to beat before the warm up or we're GONNA meet with after one up and the other two parts of that process one part is to look at the the Players who are who have been out of the major league games for more thirty years and Then and those teams we pick one each year and got you know we go through an analysis of each player's stats and their history. We talk about other than we vote. Automatically is the player that gets linked then on the fan ballot. It's the modern era players. So those are the players you know played more recently. And there's Keith. Take this time hers Edgar in a real those type of guys And again we'll go through the same kind of discussion and we were. We're up ten guys there. And then based on our voting they'll be some kind of stratification and they'll say okay. The number of players actually going to fan ballot will be six seven eight. Whatever it this and then everybody out there listening we'll get a chance to You know make their own decisions attention. They want to see in the Carnegie Hall of Fame in Twenty Twenty. So usually there's three players players to in the modern era and then one old-timer and then finally the ownership has the opportunity to make their own selection which is how players like George Kissel and Not Players but coaches like George Kissel broadcasters like my Shannon went into the hall of fame as well right. I'm looking forward to. It should be fun. I I WANNA ask you about what's coming up at the CARDINAL NATION DOT com. You never stop well Roaring they're we're getting down to their final announcements announcements for plays of the year. Saint Louis. So what you'll see up this morning is that we talked about the Rookie of the year article. That went up on Tuesday so for Wednesday will be the relief pitcher for the year. And it'll be somebody that we talked about very prominently hearing this call then next we'll be discarded pitcher of the year and and certainly Jack Thirty years so he would be the guys that Tokyo looking toward the player of the year And then I'll go through a very in depth recap. I'm talking about six thousand words breaking down every detail detail of the cardinals minor league season at the major league season. So it'll go back to spring training free agency and the whole thing. It's a long read and a lot of folks may know it already but also so you know sort of serves as a historical document. And then I'll wrap up with a recap of the of the Minor League of the excuse me the postseason for St Louis. Then we'll switch gears and on the eleventh of November we start our annual roll out of the top fifty prospects for twenty twenty and we announced one prospect today. And that'll that'll take us. You know really basically all after winter warm up. So we're already doing the legwork behind and all the phoning The fans are including the vote. We have a vote process that goes among the members of the forum people who participated in the cardinals nation's message board they vote for their prospects and I give them one third waiting in in how we select the yeah. The players that are named our top fifty four the upcoming year always look forward to it. Thank you so much. Brian appreciate it. Dan One thing before we go since you mentioned the hall of same. Let's give away a couple of free passes to

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Wednesday with Walton  December 9, 2020

Scoops with Danny Mac

22:34 min | 10 months ago

Wednesday with Walton December 9, 2020

"Welcome in to my podcast with brian. Walden we do this. Every wednesday on scoops with danny mac dot com. And don't forget. We have added my good friend burning. Nickless formerly of the post-dispatch. He is writing daily columns. And all you have to do is go to the website. Scoops who danny mac dot com put in your email and that'll be delivered to your inbox and if you wanna read his daily columns which have started already. Just go to the website scoops. Danny mac dot com on the website right now. There is a visit with cardinal. Tommy edmund with chris rabi so check that out his well. We have also added martin. Kilcoyne and charley marlowe of fox to. They've got great conversations. Included in there is former car. don't john rodriguez. So that's up on the site and check it out at scoops. Danny mac dot com in just a moment of with brian. Walden the doctors a blue tail medical group or some of the nation's top experts in the fields of sports medicine and stem cell regenerative therapies. And when people hear about sports medicine they think disabled list. They think they're going to be out for a long time because they're going to have to have surgery. Will doctors as crane and wolf are experts in stem cell. Regenerative technology doctors from all over. The country are coming to saint louis to chesterfield valley to learn how they are doing it. We're talking about your body's stem cells redirected to concentrate all of their power into the joints. That cause you pain so recovery. Times are very very short and you're back on the field. You're backout maybe taking your walks doing whatever it is that makes you healthy again schedule and appointment. Avoid the surgery do yourself a favor. Six three six seven seven eight twenty nine hundred again. The number six three six seven seven eight twenty nine hundred visit them at blue tail medical group dot com as we do every wednesday a chance to visit with brian walden of the car donation dot com a lot to get to is the winter meetings are virtual but they're up and running. Brian walton of the cardinal nation dot com and brian. Good morning is always nice to hear your voice. Hopefully everybody's safe and healthy with you. Yes and it's always a pleasure to be on. There is news to talk about them. They'll be more in the next few days. Well let's start with With the minor leagues. Because this is right up your alley. This is kind of a big day for certain cities across the country. It's the selection for minor league teams to get to one twenty now. we know. There's been a reduction this was coming and major league. Baseball wants to be affiliated with certain teams certain cities. One twenty is the the cutoff mark. So explain exactly what's happening today at the winter meetings with minor league baseball. There's been a lot of negotiations behind the scenes in recent months. Really almost for the last year since word came out that a major league baseball wanted to cut the levels in the minor league system down by two and so the model the model that will come out the back side is a five teams and on the us level for them full season and then one complex team either in the gulf coast league the league so two levels were cut out of the minor league system and roughly forty teams so now the major league baseball had some criteria regarding the locations of the teams The minor league teams as well as their investment in their facilities to ensure that they that the club houses in the lighting. Everything is is up to current standards. So all these negotiations were going on behind the scenes to decide which one hundred twenty cities would keep minor league teams in which ones would lose him in the case of the cardinals. We already pretty much know what's going to be announced Barring some sort of surprise and that is state college in johnson city Have dropped then dropped. Anelle move into college wooden bat leagues and the cardinals. Four levels postseason levels will remain although in a different order so memphis aaa springfield aa but then the class eight teams are rumored to be switching peoria in the midwest league would become a high level and palm beach and the florida state league would become a class a. level and the reason for that is the classic being the lowest level it would be much easier for organizations like the cardinals to move players from there to back and forth with the next lower levels down which is the gulf coast league so both would be resident in jupiter when you when you talk about state college in johnson city in a wood. Bat league What does that do in terms in your opinion for some of these places with attendance and interest level in those towns. Is it going to hurt it. Will it elevate. What do you think's going to happen. It's gonna drop definitely and one of the things that i did earlier this year I went back and did a case study on springfield illinois springfield illinois was once the cardinals top minor league team triple a affiliate in the early nineteen eighty s and i went through progression as they went from aaa to single-a to Independently to college bat league where they are today in looked at the attendance. The fan interest value of the franchise investment of facilities. It's just an unfortunate thing. You know it's not that it's not that state college. Johnson said he won't be able to see baseball but it won't be the same same kind of baseball in. There won't be the same level of interest in those franchises. Don't have the same level of value. So in the case of released one franchise the staten island yankees. They've already gone to court because they were dropped. They were one of the teams. That didn't make the one hundred twenty cut and they they are taking a tremendous financial losses a result and are going to court to fight it. So you know there's going to be some losers in this case for sure when you have the winter meetings you have the rule five draft. That's coming up this week as well. Maybe explain how the rule five draft works and then how it pertains to the cardinals upcoming here in the next twenty. Four forty eight hours. Five is really designed as a way to allow players to move from organizations. That are very rich in talent to organizations that maybe have a little less talent And the the qualification for real five depends on the number of play after players in the minor leagues. Like six years he can become real five eligible if the team is team did not yet put him on the forty man roster and so the way to protect players from the data said is moving onto forty minutes. So that's what they did with on. He'll run down and yvonne herrera those types so they're not eligible but there's a niche tier players down back. There was a ruin the forty man roster so other teams could pay a minimal fee. Well it means two thousand dollars but they could get half of a backup if they return player so teams can pick these players enroll five draft for hundred thousand dollars but they're required to stay on the new team's roster for the entire upcoming season or a they can be put back on waivers or be returned to their original organization so you know they're it's not completely without expense but the view is That this year. You know given the financial straights that baseball is in teams will be looking for bargains. And potentially there could be a number of pitchers especially changing homes in the rule. Five grand then there's also a minor league as the rule five draft which are sort of the next level of players down and those players don't have to be returned to their prioritization. I think it's like twenty four twenty five thousand dollars each for those players so they'll be some movement of typically lesser names in the minor league phase rule five draft but once in a while. Jim even comes out of there. That's how the cardinals guy. John back about five years ago in the minor leagues as a rule. Five so the cardinals and all the organizations would be out looking for some you know. lesser known talent in the rule five draft which will be held on thursday tomorrow tomorrow and you mentioned jambi is so the non tender deadline came and went and the cardinals non tender john grabby. We and i talked about this. This could happen. This is a possibility Now that it has. What's your reaction to seeing breviary. Gone well i think the decision to jamboree as well as as well as first baseman outfielder. Rondell rebelo go was driven more by the value of their forty man roster spots then maybe their salary would make you know eight hundred thousand at most in arbitration. So they have. Money wouldn't have killed the cardinals but the roster was at thirty nine players. Now it's at thirty seven and that enables the cardinals potentially take one player in the rule. Five draft which go to thirty eight and then still have two spots left assign potentially resign molina in wainwright and that would put him back at forty. So it's part of the housekeeping. It's needed over the course of the of the year to make sure that there's enough room to hold all the players that you want to keep there. Are you know still a wait. And see approach at this point with Molina and with wayne but one of the kids at is coming up. As catcher in the cardinal system is harare and i know you're following the guys in the cardinal system that are playing winter ball he's one of them so How is he faring. And how are some of others that are playing winter ball. How are they fairing this far. And we have reports every week on the hitters in winter ball and your weekend the pictures because they don't pitches off so And some big names of now started to play winter ball leagues of even started. Puerto rico is still is going to start in just a few days. But they're playing in the dominican applying events thing in mexico and players. Like on ron john hennessy. Cabrera the left-hander pitching very well and early action. Is you said. The catcher yvonne herrera's also a just started to play so it's still early. But you know it's good to see these youngsters who really didn't get a year of playing twenty twenty Get some get some winter ball work in. I wanna ask you about. And i love reading your top. Prospect countdown It's fun it's fifty days fifty nights fifty prospects of the saint louis cardinals and i'm gonna start with the The position players side. Because there's a couple of guys that have caught my attention That i'm i think could play a role and who knows how big that role will be in twenty twenty one and one of them was at mondo sosa. I was a little surprised brian. We didn't see him more This last year and he can play all over. The infield probably could play the outfield. If you wanted him but last year and winner ball he started to show signs of some power. He can flat out picket defensively. This guy's a really good defensive player. You had him listed at number twenty one. What do you think. The outlook right now is for sosa. Going forward in in twenty twenty one top to get information from the alternate camp but what we know about it. Mendosa is that he was one of the players who had made the team out of summer camp but was struck down by corolla virus. And you know. Some guy's bounced back more easily. We saw molina combat very fairly quickly for example. But we saw other guys like laying. Thomas where you could see. they just. They weren't able to play at the level in the past and that must have been the case with so says well because the cardinals had a need in the infield multiple times. But what we saw in what was surprising to me was it max. Sch rock was a guy that continued to get the call to come up the saint. Louis and yeah. He's a left handed hitter but he's not the player that sosa was in effect in ended up being put on the waiver. Wire after the season. And so you know i think the reason. That's so sad. I have to assume that the reason that we didn't see so set in saint louis. This summer was because he wasn't one hundred percent after getting colon but he's in a very good situation for him right now because not only did mack truck move on but of course you also lost to infielders in colton long and brad miller so the cardinals need infield help and sosa is clearly the next guy in line to step up. He also has no minor league options remaining. So that means that either. He has to stick with saint louis in twenty twenty one or be potentially exposed waivers that they can't just send him to the minor leagues. Like they get you know in the past so so so. This is going to be a really huge spring. Had mendosa associate and all indications are if he's healthy and ready to go you know he should again beyond the cardinals roster on opening day in my opinion and the same can be said currently constructed with Your number seventeen at prospect there with justin williams. Because he too is out of minor league options so this is a big off season and spring training. Potentially for him as well. Yeah and you know it's unfortunate. I mean a lot of things are unfortunate about twenty twenty one of the things that was unfortunate as the cardinals were unable to really sort out their outfield right. We still don't know for sure yet. You know o'neill had a great season with the glove but we didn't see the power that we hope for. You know bater had a good year but was added mirage. Fowler got hurt. You know thomas was you know basically unusable and what that meant was in you know combined with the fact the only played fifty eight games just williams never got a chance to come up to saint louis and play. He's kind of in the second tier of those out dealers and so what happened was williams didn't get called up until the final two weeks of the regular season. You know he any think you only got like six plate appearances in you know didn't do much with it but you can't really fault him for that and again as you mentioned williams like sosa is another guy who's out at minor league options and so you know it's not. It's clear that he will make the team. Especially if the cardinals bringing another outfielder from the outside without your trading any others we also don't know how big the roster is going to be in camp in the twenty twenty one season will be twenty six will be twenty eight. We'll be thirty initially in all those factors. Come into play. But i think williams roster spot is much more tenuous than sources just because of the the difference in their positions at associated with artists. Have a clear need and williams is still trying to find his way through the hierarchy of of the thomases and o'neill's and all to get regular work. Now there's a couple outfielders do have options so that would kinda maybe through roster construction currently the way that it's developed right now kind of give him. I don't wanna say the inside track but at least through the numbers and the business side of it. That's that's gonna help them. Austin deny believes still as options. And maybe thomas does as well as at correct. That's right so let's say they all come to camp and they play really. Well then williams would probably get the edge for the for the roster reason we mentioned because thomas and dean could go back and forth between the minor leagues. If necessary so again you know another spring area of competition where these by the way you know. Rebel is gone now so that also creates a little bit more space. But still you know. These guys are going to be guys. Come into camp when we. I'm talking about williams thomas and dean who are going to have to scrap for every at bat and you know can't waste a single opportunity because you still. The cardinals are gonna wanna play. Only they're gonna wanna play baiter so you know. Those outfield at bats are going to be extremely important in the spring. There's top prospects. Brian walton my guest of the car. Donation dot com on the pitching side. I remember hearing a lot and then seeing spring training griffin roberts. You have him at number. Twenty where is he is one of those young pitchers that maybe could breakthrough like we've seen with others that the cardinals have had and again. They've got young pitching coming. He might be one of them. But where's griffin roberts. In terms of being close to the big league club well griffin. roberts is an interesting case. He was a taken forty third overall in twenty eight eighteen. So you know quite quite a pedigree from wake forest. His first full season was was damaged by the fact that he had a drug suspension. But he's a guy that in college through the midnight been mid-nineties has a good changeup and Also really started at high palm beach and that was a pretty you know that's a pretty difficult level performance and he did not pitch well at a lot of trouble throwing strikes but went down to the arizona. Fall league after the twenty nineteen season and pittsburgh very well now. A little bit concerned was that his veracity was down and You know he stopped before the league. The season was over but He roberts was in instructional camp. And as far as i could tell he look normal but he was kind of on the cusp of the guys because remember the only guys that could go to alternate camp would be the alternate camp last year. We're the ones that could fit in the sixty nine player pool and didn't really have the experience where he was going to be. Ready to help saint louis but yet the cardinals wanted a prioritize prospects like Like thomson in liberty for in. So there wasn't room for roberts to be on that gone that alternate camps squad. Which means he didn't really get the action this last year But the point is with his pedigree. Roberts there's no reasonably robert shouldn't get a chance to compete for a starting job at double a The other question will be can. He continued to develop throw more strikes. Or willie end up being a reliever and that's to be determined. Yeah i'm excited about thompson. Liberty cody whitley griffin. Roberts that that to me. Brian overall as we evaluate. Where the cardinals aren't you can say. Maybe they're in a little transition period with some of the the guys that have at the big league club. Some of the money that comes off the books at at the end of this upcoming season. But still you knew. Look at where the cardinals are there. It's pitching and they're still the strength with this team right now and this organization. I think you would agree. Is they're pitching major league club and the miners no doubt about it. And in addition to the guys you mentioned here's three other pitchers who are in the top in the top twenty that we've in our rankings. That are still rolling out right now who. You didn't even mention pitchers junior fernandez. I'm talking about seth elhage. Antoni locie again was drafted in twenty nineteen. We didn't get a chance to lot to see him but the cardinals has some tremendous talent. That's going to be pushing to the upper levels of the minor league system and get normal year. You'd think well maybe some of those guys are candidates but there are so many free agents now in the market that if the cardinals wanted to go to bat they could probably pick up a guy having to give away some of this pitching riches that they have which you know. Twenty twenty one twenty twenty. They're going to need that depth. No doubt A wrap it up with this a couple more things. John mosaic lock. President of baseball operations will meet with the media via zoom today. Virtually this afternoon. What are of the things you think that he'll address with the cardinals. I mean obviously and the media. It'll be wainwright molina. But what are some of the other things you think will be addressed by john today. Well i can tell you what i'm planning to ask. I want things i want to talk to him about. Is you know the assumptions. That are being made about the budget for the twenty twenty one season. I mean we know that the virus the a vaccine for the virus is gonna roll out probably slowly into the spring. We'll certainly won't be available in everyone's in everyone's body by opening day So the question is going to be playing time to the cardinals make the necessary decisions about their budget so that they can plan accordingly for the year because normal schedule spring training camps can in in february. So we're you know in less than two months two and a half months from now. So you know i get that. The situation is fluid but i think the situation is fluid well into next year and at some point in time you know i think they need to make commitments on How much you're gonna spend another area that i you know. They're getting a lot of attention right. Now it's a designated hitter and you know. I'm curious if he thought that the designated hitter was ever gonna be resolved quickly knowing that has to be collectively bargain with a union and there are so many other Open issues that are that are outstanding. Right now yeah. And i think some teams are kinda like you know. We'll deal with it if we have to deal with. Another teams are are saying. Yeah we really wanna know. And i think there are players are saying. Please bring the d. h. Because i want my marketplace too. Big i need. I need the other half of the league to bid on my services. It's really important for the player especially marcelo soon. Nelson cruz some of the others. That are out there. Ideally for the players and the teams. They would make a quick decision. But we've discussed in the past these decisions don't get made in a piecemeal basis and so you know there's so many other things that have to be negotiated as well regarding the season in terms of how much will players be paid. If they can't play all the games in full stadiums what will roster sizes be were expanded playoffs be etcetera etcetera etcetera. And they're going to have to. They're probably gonna end up having to resolve all those issues in a big package so nelson cruz. You know they're just going gonna have to get by but the reality is dan. I think pretty much everybody agrees when all the smoke is is away and the decisions made for twenty twenty one. That doesn't eight here is going to be there. It's gonna get negotiated so some teams like the braves did a year ago may need to gable and sign of marcelo soon before they know for sure being paid off handsomely for atlanta. So you know. I i get the concern about the designated hitter but somehow baseball got through it last year without making the decision until june. I think it'll happen again this year. Two and finally what are you working adult Working on at the carnation dot com. Well as i mentioned a we we have our regular reports on the cardinals players in winter ball including some scouting reports on them from got some guys who got some is on the telecast of those games that are going on in the dominican we continue down our top fifty prospects list for now number fifteen and so one of those is up every day and there's detailed information on each of these guys. It's not just a list of names but we skied not only their tools That the players have but then also an in depth analysis of what their season was like last year in what they're twenty twenty one season looks like and let their career. Potential might be so a wealth of information. Of course we'll be. I'll be on the call with most will summarize what he has to say. We'll be over the rule five draft tomorrow as well awesome. stop brian. Thanks so much as always catch up next week next wednesday and hopefully some of the answers to these questions will be answered by next week but as always thanks to advise everybody to head to the carnation dot com. Talk you next week so.

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Game Day Update with Derrick Goold  September 24, 2019

Scoops with Danny Mac

20:57 min | 2 years ago

Game Day Update with Derrick Goold September 24, 2019

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I I'm Ryan Kelly Hollywood the home loan expert Dot Com the only thing I like better than baseball is saving people money start saving now with a cash-out refinance at the home loan expert dot COM com enjoy the pod Malcolm into scoops Danny Mac dot com tonight it is game number one fifty eight jet flirty against Michalik the former cardinal red and Seattle title Mariner and as always this is brought to you at brilliant clarity by Lordos diamonds see their selection Lordos diamonds dot com Lordos diamonds dot com the cardinals a win last night. It was anxious at the end. They won last time this team at a six game win streak in the month of September always two thousand thirteen a pennant winning year cardinals were forty four and forty four at the break now the winds will get into that how it happened with Derek Gold we have talked about the success of this team under John Moselle Lock well now twelve out of twelve seasons above five hundred eleven out of twelve seasons at least ten games above five hundred six out of twelve seasons they won ninety games and under mo the only team that's done that has been the Saint Louis Cardinals they have ninety win season seasons since two thousand eight six different times well it is Jack flaherty going tonight and the cardinals have a chance to reduce their magic number two one and you can see see that game on Fox Sports Midwest WanNa tell you about a new sponsor that we have on scoops with Danny Mac dot com. If you WANNA get an advantage over the house this fall Paul Download Bet Kjell. It's the only APP you'll need to make smart bet this season Bet Hugh Elles best bets that were rated four stars and and better with ten and two in week three for the NFL season bed cules algorithm is based off of historical and recent team trends and updates line movement. I'm an injury information. WanNa know who pro betters betting on this head to bad Q. L. You can stay up to date with line movement with Q. L. And track lines leading up the kickoff download bed Kjell for your smartphone or head to Bet Q. L. Dot Com to sign up today. Coming up we visited with Derek Gould Hey Saint Louis Fall is in the air that means Football Watch Parties Chili Cook Offs Caramel apples and so much more. Are you looking to get all those fall essentials in one place ace. You'll find it at Chinooks schmucks all about saving you time and money so instead of bouncing around from store to store go to one place that rewards you and get you what what you need. Its nooks get ready for fall. Get ready at schmucks for all your fallish essentials. Thanks nooks magic number of three for the Saint Louis Cardinals. They'll play Arizona later tonight. You can see the game on Fox sports. Midwest Derek Gould is here covering the game for the Saint Louis Post dispatch and Stltoday.com dot com and Derek before we dive into the Jack flaherty start tonight and wainwright what he did last night and the bullpen again being sensational. I want to go back to the four games at Wrigley Field regular season wise. Have you seen a better four games put together by the Saint Louis Cardinals with everything on the line and what it means the the obviously the tension between the two clubs it was just a remarkable series harking back to two thousand eleven. Maybe there was a stretch in there but it doesn't have the Wrigley Trappings. It doesn't have the first first versus second place in the division trappings on the cardinals had to play really well so back in eleven they also needed help like other teams plan poorly or other teams stumbling this was a case where cardinals had destiny gene our hands they controlled and to secure their hold on a postseason spots on at least an invitation to October October stand to go through their rival and it had to do so when their arrival could could overtake them from the beginning of the series so I I'm hard pressed think of a more important lor memorable four game series in Wrigley in Cardinal History let alone in recent history absolutely and the response afterwards the national media the local media the players the coaches. I think everybody realized just how important that was and what it meant to not. Only maybe the end of what could have been a dynasty that never was and where the cardinals are which is kind of been a model of consistency through a long period of time under John Mosaic Lock Yeah you know I I called him. A dynasty abbreviated and obviously some cubs fans took issue with that. That's all right you got three years in the cubs has three years where they were the team to beat in the central you know and they did not make it a forest now. You know they could retool. They could get back there next year but it's going to be a different look. It's not going to be you know. I may not be Joel Madden's team. Some of those players may move on some of those players may be traded. you know what it called. A A reckoning is coming and meanwhile you know the the folks point out while you know cardinals are back in the playoffs for the first time in three years that's correct but before that they are on the playoffs every year you know two years and they were the longtime division champs and when you go back to two thousand two now they're in the postseason all but what six years I mean that's remarkable in twelve consecutive years winning team. I thought it was was on a Certif- statement by the cardinals that the cubs had their time they did not survive presidential term. Let alone a dynasty good way to put it. Jack Flaherty goes tonight. You're a guy that talks to the the writers that cover this game. Where's whereas flaherty right now with the young which is not going to win but where is he and what are people saying about Jack Flaherty in the conversation It's hard to a find a spot where like dizzy atop three guy I don't. I don't know he doesn't really stand out when you talk to people people are just go to go to a page right with all the stats on it go to ESPN DOT COM or wherever you go to get your statistics starts searching the pitchers only searching by. You're a you know he's not going to be in the top five. I don't think you know he's the search wins. I mean on top three may have to kind of pick around around for where is he in the top. When it comes to pitching and you know I think that puts him on the periphery very strong second half very impressive second-half in in just might be the pitcher? No other team wants to face in October He is certainly a difference maker. If you know if he's pitching like this on October sure he's a guy who can win a series for the cardinals especially short series on A. I don't think you know I don't know if that Gulsum into that three. I think he appears on a lot of ballots but I'm not. I'm not sure he's like favorites. Starts Kippen away where some of these other guys are of the world the Prom and those guys here cardinals cardinals were forty four and forty four at the break now they have ninety win so forty six wins twenty three losses here in the second APP basically break it down. That's two wins every every three games in average. How did this happen here in the second half from your opinion well I think I'll be interested to see if if you push back on this it has been my contention from when they arrived at spring training and they went in with the roster that they we knew they were gonNA have yeah? It's starting rotation was gonna be what they relied on and I refer to it as the engine of their contention and I know there was pushed back on it and I know that I get like snarky. Comments Commits emails things on twitter every so often about that particularly when they were forty four and forty four that I stand by that and I from day one they're pitching was very good. I you and I talked about it a lot. In spring training. I thought they had the best pitching maybe in the National League so I'm with you built to ride it that that was going to be dictated dictated that they contended or whether they contended or not and that's what's been the difference you look at. What do the numbers we just talked about Jack clarity right? It's not the first first half that gets him. In the CY. Young conversations second half look at what Michael Walker has done since they didn't make a trade at the at the deadline for a starter which I think we could still argue they I needed to bomb and they would be that much better going into October had they done but then Dakota Hudson what he did in in in August and you know before starting guarding against Arizona Monday night here Adam wainwright was four note with an oath three three E. R. A. In September so all this all this you for all the coverage at all deserving for Jack clarity did in August with a foreign all saying that one the nationally pitcher of the month wainwright had just just done in September going into the game against Arizona. He's won all five of stark's this month and maxed out his contract so you know what changed for the cardinals was that they remained a a quality base quality defensive team but they got the start pitching. They always thought they would get all along and it was the starting pitching. The ones that started rolling wants that started humming wants the quality starts con started coming by the Bushel. That's when they started winning two out of every three and that's how this his team was built. That's that's what this team built to I would also say too and it wasn't lost on me the irony of Goldschmidt coming back to Arizona knocking the the diamondbacks out of the playoffs officially last night with that home run but Anthony Rendon has sixty second half. Rbi Nelson Cruz fifty nine Paul Goldschmidt fifty seven and a lot of them are not meaningless. He has ten game winning. RBI which is tied for the Major League lead here in the second half so we're finally yeah we're finally seeing him relaxed I think in and fit into being a cardinal and seeing the best that he has to offer in this uniform yeah absolutely and you know Ni- While more than that now is not the opium for the month going into the game in Arizona so that went up three runs scored against Arizona. I think what we're seeing. is a really varied type of offensive player. is a swing where he wants it to be. He is the average where he wants to be. No none of those things where he's finding other ways to win I I'll be honest and I the more I watch him and the more right you you see what he can do and you see what he does when he absolutely has to right okay so Wrigley's a good example this Sunday right he misses onto pitchers down the middle right and he's frustrated like those are the pitches to drive then he gets a pitch inside fastball and is able to pull it down the line for a double right. The springs brings home the game winning rbis. He's found a way because he had missed what you're GONNA. Be The only pitches he got hit so he found a way to make the most of the next pitchy got and I see so much of Scott Rowland game in Paul Goldschmidt I just it's just it's like it's like Scott. Rowland Mirror image on the other side of the diamond does at first base what he does base running what he does at the plate. It's it's like it's it's like the cardinals got Scott Rolling back. I'd even take it further to yesterday's game which won't show up outside of a walk run scored and then he hits a two run homer but if you looked in the game to plays Eddie tagged up on one he scored on other one he advanced and the other play. I look at a third play was defensively the double play which was not easy and yeah a perfect throw right over the runner going to the baggage second and then getting the return throw it was not an easy he play at all but a perfect throw on the lead. Those are the little things that don't show up that he has brought to the table that make you a successful team little things matter matter and it matters last night that comparison that it's it's like having Scott Rolling back. I do see some similarities for sure I think to me Scott Role in the best defensive third Baseman I've ever seen so I I don't know if I can say that. Goldschmidt is the best I defensive best first baseman. I've ever seen defensively civilly but yes I mean just a solid good player that comes through and makes things happen without those types of players you can't win and he is cleaned cleaned up a lot on this team. I think the other aspect that we need to get into is the emergence of Tommy Edmund and has just been incredible. His debut is June eighth eighth. He's one of three rookies. Ten or more home runs ten or more stolen bases Oscar cotto by the way ironically enough former cardinal has done that physio is done that in Toronto Llano and Edmund the only nationally player to do that so his emergence and flexibility he's given this club by having to maybe sit AMAC carpenter who who is had a tough year and the emergence of long playing every day I mean Tommy Admin has made a huge difference on this team to absolutely I think think back to a moment in Mike Shields office month and a half ago. I guess it was you know in was asking him. I'm like what's the difference between Tommy Edmund and Matt Carpenter any said as of today. There isn't one. You're right you know. I said I go on that governor. His season is higher on base percentage search. That's an he's struggling than Tommy. Edmund had at the time and it was up sizable gap what I hadn't been was at two ninety struggling Matt Carpenter over a larger sample sizes at three twenty. That's that's pretty significant gap. When you talk about guys don't make out and she'll made the point that he goes yeah as of today? There's not that difference difference but I'm not making a decision based on past performance. I have to make a decision who should be in the line approval. I think is GonNa do is GonNA performance today whose name production for the week and what he saw and what Tommy Edmund did from that day forward is rather remarkable is averages. You know we're looking up last night at one point a to ninety nine he's he's gone on such a stretch that you know when he really started playing a lot now is averages above where his on base percentage it was which is excellent and he's been a huge part of what they did here recently because long going out that could have been problems we we all saw the cardinals really struggle with the first second spot in the order all year long trying to figure out who is there finally got some stability there with Fowler Wong one is going to be out for some of the most important games of the season Tommy Edmund Steps in it doesn't miss a beat. Let the pros at Westport Social Hook you and your crew up with a semiprivate space. Eat drink play for your next big event like baseball tonight Bachelor Bachelorette parties to corporate events everything in between visit Westport Social Dash S. T. L. Dot Com and begin planning a night for your crew that they'll never forget. St L. Westport Social Dash S. T. L. DOT COM to learn more today. Derek Yada Molina he just keeps on rolling along. I made the call last night. I said as the stakes get higher. He gets greater and I really believe that he sensed did from day one watching him hop around the game on the field at its spring training in Jupiter. He knew this was going to be a good team and he just gets better and better than me yeah he What's what's the phrase smell it? you know that's kind of what the players have started saying around him and Kinda carried over to some other guys where they say you know you can smell it as a group group while it was it was Yadi another. I call it the whiff and son all the you know sent teams scurrying towards it so I I think he's you know he had you talked about like what Paul Goldschmidt you did. On the on the double play got a millionaire had some moments that were quiet defensive moments but were important then of course he had the home run in the on Deck Circle Right before that Marceau's in doubles right in the on-deck circle Molina does that thing where he raises his hands right as the take away marcell tags it it would have been you guys would have made a big deal. If marcella hit a home run it would have been like Oh. Here's Yada again calling a homeland like the texture Fowler Right all this one was the really long off the Centerfield wall out there at chase field and then he comes ends up in these and then he puts no doubt into it so yet. He's he's he's playing with a vibrancy we probably last saw at the world baseball classic ethic and I I don't. I don't think we should discount that month. where he was injured in yes recovering but what that does for his odometer mileage knowledge that he didn't have this season agree. That's allowed him to play so much recently. So you know credits leaders Andrew Kisner for holding that you don't want to schedule injuries. Obviously you don't do that but it but it was it is noteworthy that like he missed Mont and now he's got just such such a level of Tabasco in his game that were key to this whole run for the cardinals. Are you ready for the boys. Always of summer well pulled up front row seated hotshot sports bar and grill for all the cardinals action this season at one of their eleven area locations occasions during every cardinals game. You can enjoy the new hotshot strip apply special featuring a large pizza order boneless wings and a bucket of blood family bottles available for a great price also be sure to join the party on the last Tuesday of each month this season for hotshots ticket Tuesday and and your shot to score a pair of tickets to an upcoming game don't forget to score one dollar hotshots Tacos any day after the cardinals score eight or more runs hotshots proud home Accardo Pan since nineteen ninety your home for all the Games all the time find hotshots location near you hotshots net dot com hair saloon man proud sponsor of scoops with Danny Mac Dot Com homebase in Saint Louis founded in Nineteen ninety-seven sixteen locations inst- you'll receive the perfect haircut complimentary Beverage Relaxing Shampoo Pot Talbot Amend Complimentary Shoeshine all for just twenty two dollars allers and for an extra five dollars. Get a stress relieving Scalp Massage Care Saloon from sixteen locations. There's one near you hair air saloon for man. I'll wrap it up with this twenty three games in September Nineteen Nevada required to save and each game in this six game win streak required the cardinals save four by Carlos Martinez won by Guy Egos and Miller each my point is that they're playing tight games playoff games and that has has a way of bringing momentum into the postseason. I am a believer into that when you play baseball here at the end would you buy into that too and AH I talked to Paul Goldschmidt animal in right boasts about that after the game Monday night that you know this has been a really good test for the bullpen giving guys is chances to hold close leads exactly like they're gonNA have to do in October on the offense has had to find ways to score late and score off and Djaama's Taylor brought that up to me in the in the non champagne celebrate arrogance there was champagne there but the non celebration at Wrigley Field he said you just see a team. The knows how to win late wasn't sad but I'm in a kind of retro seal around the team. I mean it's Kinda got that hard nine aspect to it

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Wednesday with Walton  June 2, 2021

Scoops with Danny Mac

15:56 min | 4 months ago

Wednesday with Walton June 2, 2021

"Wednesdays with walton. It is been here since day. Number one of scoops with danny mac dot com. Brian walton of the cardinal nation dot com. The appetite for minor league baseball and cardinal. Baseball is huge here in saint louis and throughout the midwest and really throughout the country we get downloads from over the place. Literally all across the world and that's a many thanks to brian walton. New covers the cardinals minor league system and also the saint. Louis cardinals read his site. It's tremendous at the cardinal nation dot com and his always were brought to you by blue tail medical group. Hey brian good morning to you. our thanks going. Great dan you know. That opening was very appropriate. Because yesterday june first mark our third anniversary of these weekly podcasts where we cover all things cardinals with a focus on the minor league system. And it's been very exciting journey. I hope the next three years and beyond are even more fun. Absolutely and that's amazing considering No minor league season and you know baseball with the truncated season. We do it in the off season. We haven't missed one avenue. No we haven't and you know there's always news to talk about in the offseason. There's prospects there's winter ball so even when there's not baseball being played there's always plenty of news to share and our regular listeners. Know into you know. We thank you all for downloading and listening to these discussions every week. So there's a lot to get into concerning the minor leagues. But i do want to ask you about the game last night in los angeles. That was a thrilling game. I mean the defense in the sixth inning with carlson edmund and the play by o'neill to finish the game You're getting a little bit of everything on this road trip from titus o'neil. It was just a thrilling game. That was a great game in june for major league baseball. It felt like a playoff game. And i know that term can be overused but i mean you got close game. The cardinals are taking that lead into the seventh inning. And you feel pretty good. You've got your top guys. In the pin guy. He goes gives up the crucial home run and the momentum and the cardinals continued that great defense. And let's not forget it mondo salsa who has just done a tremendous job filling in for the young with that big yet to put the cards back ahead and of course you know o.'neil cap that all without tremendous cats. Which of course was really a game swinging. If that ball had gotten down the outcome would have been likely different. Dave roberts said we at least tie the game probably win the game and it was a great catch by o'neill so the defense was very good last night. You mentioned at mondo sosa when you were watching him in the minor leagues. Gimme the kind of Report you would put together and watching sosa. Come up being developed by saint louis always a glove guy but you know now showing the major league level. So what did you see in the minor leagues. Young necessa again. Always store defender of the question was going to be whether he was gonna show enough plate discipline to to be a major league regular. The cardinals did something with him a couple of years ago which i think was very wise and that is they expanded his defensive versatility in place in third base. They had learned second base where primarily he had been just a short stop Not unlike what they did with tommy edmund in fact and the right combination of events finally came into place this year where at minnesota was really out of minor league options. Because if we go back to training you say rao. Jose rondo played really well. He might have to make the team at that time. More off played really well but sosa had to be on the roster because otherwise the cars would have had the exposing to waivers and he's now got that maturity. He used to play a little bit reckless. Frankly and he's much more under control now edmund associate talking about and you know he's a guy that even when paul the young comes back is going to be a guy who's going to earn his at bats in time you know in on the cardinals roster and that means we're going to see more of edmund in the outfielder or what it means but admitted no salsa has shown on the major leagues absolutely I love what you do. Now that minor league baseball back you kinda ranked the top fifty as we go throughout the year and there's a re ranking all the time because some guys emerge and improve some guys don't so you have re ranked The prospects in terms of the top fifty f. b. cardinal nation dot com. What you going on right. Now with that brian. In the rankings every year we have a big set of rankings that occur during the off season and myself and matt thompson for prospect. Live go through a lot of debate and analysis tools analysis and futures. And all that. And there there are anchored there are core but then during the season we look at guys who are emerging who maybe we overlooked. Or maybe some guys we overrated and so around the middle of the month we re ranked the top fifty each month through the season and the four may a couple of a handful of players have moved up with very good starts this year. And andre pelosi a hander at springfield was a drafty and twenty nineteen. So didn't have much to show but has done really nicely in the aa rotation just last night in fact he went five star strong innings for springfield jordan walker course a third baseman. Who was the first rounder. Last year. We moved him up of his act. Thomson number four in our rankings. Right now because walker was off to a tremendous star both with the stats but also. The cardinals shared some bad ball. Metrics at showed you know walker was hitting the ball at elite levels. And you know a guy down in in low class in his first professional experience now. The downside is walker has suffered a hand injury about ten days ago. They didn't put him on the injured list. Right away We said that they didn't think it was that serious. But now they have put him on the injured list so jordan walker isn't playing currently but he looks to be you know again in the early going a very good all round candidate offensive of candidate and and right now you know he's right after gorman in harare in the top offensive prospects in the system how about the other The top prospects. That you still have though in that top five. It's always good just to kinda see where they're at in terms of what they've been doing this season. So you got five and four. Who else do you have. Well never said five is thompson. Floors walkers threes yvonne harare who's got his first extended taste of double aa and he's got an opium in the seven hundred zero eight right around eight hundred so he's performed credibly for him. The issue is an offense but continue to get more defensive reps You know not unlike andrew kisner at that point in his career so the hope is that harare will master aa here maybe in the first half the season and get some aaa experience later in the year. So you know he could potentially be in the picture next year. A number two prospect matthew liberatore who has left springfield in his participating in the team. Usa attract candidate of qualifying round for the olympics pitched in a believe on sunday and You know very very well had good strong start and so this is a nice broadening rates for matthew liberatore who is as a lot of people listening to this already know made the jump from low class a in twenty nineteen all the way to aaa in twenty twenty one so liberty for if you look at the sort of this im- informal race between liberty thompson libertadores off to the to the much better start right now and then of course. The top prospect in the system is the guy who took over when dylan. Carlson graduated No longer considered a rookie in terms of prospect analysis. And that's nolan gorman. Who started off the season. I three weeks or so playing. Third base exclusively. Now he's getting in the mix with regular time at second base at double a and as we've talked about many times for no gorman the key will be for him to hit his bat will bring him to the major leagues and again sort of like herrera. I think the hope is that he will not spend the entire season double. And if we we look back to dylan carlson. That's what calls did in in two thousand. Nineteen he spent a lot of the season. He spent enough time in aa to be. You know the player the league in texas league and then at the end of the season move up to aaa so that's the hope for both gorman and harare master springfield and we see them in springfield before the years at is. Excuse me see them in memphis for the years out a brian with with gorman And it's been talked about so much with the addition and nolan arnaldo. That nolan Either the d. h. comes into major baseball in the national league or he's going to have to play other positions so i love reading a recaps at the nation dot com. I haven't seen a lot on this. And maybe you can shed some light. But how has he been faring whether he plays second base and i'm not sure if he's played any outfield but in terms of just shifting around defensively what what have you heard about that no issue so far. He's made some very strong plays that beijing. That's still his home. And you know. When i i don't know maybe it was you dan the head discussion with michael gersh about this and the other view is you never know what's going to happen with injuries and other factors and so they don't want gorman to atrophy his skills at third base to you know to diminish in any way they still want him as their basement but the second base is really what he's focusing on now while there's been talk in the longer term about first base or outfield. Those don't seem to be on the table right now and again. You really don't want to distract gorman from his primary job which is to continue to progress toward the major leagues. i gotta wonder. I don't think you would happen. I do have to wonder though what kind of at least talk. The cardinals would have said to do even think about bringing up matthew liberatore after the injury to jack flaherty. Now you've already talked about it. You hit it on the head. And i've tried to temper expectations. When you make a jump from a ball to aaa and had no season last year. I mean you gotta pump the brakes right i. It's just that you gotta do that. But i do have to wonder if it was on the table at all. Just being talked about. Do we think about doing something like this or another pitcher from the minor leagues because the cardinals had been hit hard with the injury bug. Obviously with the pitching i mean. Let's let's talk about that. That the reality is i don't wanna say the cupboard's bare but right or is there not a lot of guys knocking on the door and aaa and the rotation right now. The memphis t me are as around. Six and part of that is and really. It's across the system. The pitching is really struggling this year. And so you know you got guys like tommy parson on how rondo on thompsons off to a rough start. There aren't a lot of guys knocking on the door. And that's why. When mike show was asked about it you know. He didn't rule out the possibility of taking daniel. Ponts daily own and or jake woodford. Who are guys who are more proven starters and maybe stretch them out to help fill this backfield in the rotation because after oviedo. I'm not sure there's anybody ready to come up right now and start and that's the problem right now for the cardinals. I love what you do to. Every month. he got players in pictures of the month. So get you caught up with some of the guys that are really making a move and have done something noteworthy to catch many of the folks with the cardinals their attention so they do their own prospects in terms of pitcher player the month. But you do as well you dive into it. Who do you have this month. And the difference between what we do and what the cardinals do. Obviously the goal is sandwiches to recommend the top pitcher in the top opposition player each month but the cardinals tend to orient their selections around the top prospects. Who are the top players in our case. We look at everybody stats. We consider them equally. Age level doesn't matter as opposing prospect ranking age and level in all they're very important but in terms of the month you look at the stats and you lay them out and you see what they tell you and in the month of may the top pitcher in the karnal system was a a very promising starter who was ranked and our system. Jake walsh but he fell off the radar after twenty eight team because he had an arm injury that led the tommy john surgery in twenty nine thousand nine. He missed all last year. He's come back jake. Walls as a reliever at aa a one point two nine your a nineteen strikeouts against us. Four walks in fourteen innings. And he's a guy that a manager. Jose leone at springfield is using to finish games for him. They haven't had a lot of closing opportunities in springfield. Because the team something i know six and eighteen or something but jake walsh done a very fine job and he's reinventing himself now and he's a guy that could definitely move up. The hierarchy potentially help saint. Louis maybe later in the year other pitcher that had an era under to last month was levi prater. And he's a left hander. From oklahoma that the drafted last last year and in five starts prater struck force for Laurey peoria laura palm beach. Excuse me prater struck out thirty four batters in twenty and a third innings. Wow matters and twenty so that's tremendous now on the other side of the coin. Prater also locked twenty so i mean that's why the guys in class say he's twenty two years old. He's getting his first professional experience. But a solid one. Point seven seventy ira and andrea ponti. Who was a name. I throughout at a He was drafted in two thousand nineteen. He posted a two point. Oh one era for springfield. So there's some good young pitchers right now who are showing themselves. And there's lots of opportunity. I think for guys to move up given some of the general challenges that pitching his seeing across the cardinal system. Actually a brian wrap it up with a couple more things We know the injury bug is hit. The cardinals really hit major league baseball. And yes there's pitcher's getting hurt but there's a lot of position players getting hurt too and the injury bug you think it's bad at the major league level. We thought it might happen. It's really happening in the minor leagues. Isn't it really is an. I mean the nine players at the say and for saint louis on the injured list but another dozen between memphis and springfield six on each roster dies on the shelf and you mentioned outfield. You know we know about baiters out right now. Will neal was out earlier. linked thomas so right now memphis has basically. They're starting feel on the injured list. Austin dean scott hirsch. Both of whom we've seen in saint louis and lars newt bar who just about was our player of the month in may and probably would have been if he hadn't gotten hurt and then there's another injured outfielder chase pinard on its springfield. So it's just hard right now to find guys. Healthy ups memphis is carrying four catchers including a guy they got from independent leagues and a couple of those is are actually playing in the outfield to try to cover just to get players to you. Know healthy to play the games absolutely What you working on right now. At the cardinal nation dot com. And i i tell fans all the time you have to get this log. It's very forcible. There's a lot of free articles that come along with it. You will be able to catch up with your favorite player in the minor leagues or find out about the cardinals. What's happening in the minor league system. There's such an appetite for it. So what are you working on right now. And there's daily articles every single day at cardinal nation dot com yet multiple articles every day for natalie from ourselves but also we have local reporters needs each of the minor league city so we have ended up to recaps from palm peoria springfield and memphis now during the week. are today are player of the month coming up alec burleson. Who's a outfielder. The cardinals drafted last. Year is already up from springfield. Excuse me from Peoria to springfield Nineteen rbi and twenty. One gains. Just a solid of opioids over a thousand and And of course we have recaps of minor league games every morning so you can quickly go to one place. Click on the box score. Read the details about who performed well across the cardinal system the day before awesome stuff bryan. Thank you three years happy anniversary. This has been so much fun. And i owe you a huge debt of gratitude for doing this every wednesday in working around my crazy schedule you have a crazy schedule and just very thankful of our friendship and what you do and provide cardinal fans and. Thanks for doing this. Every i truly do appreciate it. We do we love. And it's great that all of you out there listening. Enjoy this and see value in it. That's brian walton. The nation dot com. And we will talk to him next wednesday.

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Top 5 Favorite Cardinals Moments of 2019

Scoops with Danny Mac

11:40 min | 1 year ago

Top 5 Favorite Cardinals Moments of 2019

"The eighth annual evening with the cardinals is coming up on January. Eleven at Saint Louis Union station Grand Ballroom this year. It'll feature Saint Louis Cardinal Hall of Famer Ted Simmons and Baseball Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith. There's dinner unique auction items private photo session with the two legends and then hear them reminisce about their careers. Be a part of this special night visit the NC CCS dot org that's the NC S. dot org because no family should go through childhood cancer alone. We hope to see you on January eleven. An evening with the cardinals hit homerun and get pre-approved for your next refinance or home purchase at the home loan expert dot com enjoy. The podcast ball glove gets out the takes him in a way jerks bro far on his way to the gold glove here in two thousand nineteen. That's gold law catch with his track onto the infield. What a play by Bolton Law? All WanNa play here. I'll tear Wong Long. Little guys the Army I find him being hearing you know for a long time. I don't want to give this up. I'm giving up expect to be here for a while and then it's just one of those things were a little bit. You know you want all this say Louis Cardinals. Nationally sex pants us. It was an amazing year for Colton long and he won the gold glove the first of his career. Many thanks for joining US earlier. This off season on on scoops with Danny Mac. Were coming to you and brilliant clarity. Thanks to the good folks at Lord knows diamonds so I thought this be a little bit of fun to have the chance to get the top five moments of the season. These are my top five. I encourage you to tweet at me however you take in this podcast. You're top I. Five moments is well at scoops. Danny Mac dot com Danny Mack. TV is on twitter And I think it's fun just to kind of have a little debate going back and forth but these are my top five moments and I'll get into why I loved him why they were important and look. I'm GonNA forget some so I've got the Mike. These are the ones I like. You have some others drop them in. Okay these are the moments that I thought were pivotal in the cardinal season. And I'm going to start with game number two of the regular season. You're saying Dan game number two. Yeah game to a new first. Baseman is in the fold for the cardinals in Paul Goldschmidt made his presence felt runner goes and Goldsmith commits a drive on the left. It's at the wall. How about number one is God? God Gold spags Matt's. His first has a cardinal. And you could see that baby coming second a log. Why deep left good in his second game as a cardinal and as second homerun go back on top Goldsmith has got the second game as three days? Remember at that time. The brewers in a way they were the team to chase and Goldie stepped up. It was a slow start for him but he wound up with thirty four homers. Ninety seven runs batted in Homerton. Six Straight Games. At one point it was the fifth time time. Third Straight that he's popped thirty homers game to make my list jump ahead to the emergence of Tommy Edmund. He was promoted to the cardinals on June eighth and it took a little. It'll bid for him to get into the lineup. Stay but when you perform off the bench your earned a chance to play the two two bad man indeed. Well that's crazy. I know he got me last night. He struck me out with runaround. Second base and I think one nine I told myself I wasn't GonNa let him give me twice and try to sneak a fastball by me and I didn't let him home one of the guys had really good pass to get on days and really set the table Those are tough issues. We face in the Ninth Zan Ilias at the end in. I just noticed our guys. We're we're we're going down without a fight and I didn't want to be the ones to end that inning. Yeah Awesome. That's what's so great about this team is everyone's so supportive and even though I haven't been here the whole year everyone's been super welcoming right out of the gate and they had and Tau The chance to have in a moment. That was pretty special. A pinch hit homer against Seattle and then the next day came back with the bases loaded. Single late To win the game for Saint Louis. Tommy Evan played in ninety. Two Games for the cardinals. Started seventy five of them. He hit three or four for the season. Three Ninety seven averaging close in late situations from the time of his promotion led the cardinals in hits huge year for Tommy. Edman number four on my list number three on my list is in a game and eventually it does feature a moment inside a game but it was the return of Albert Pool Holes. The first night saw raw emotion for him and for the fans multiple standing ovations Kuenssberg Albert beat out an infield hit his only hit of game one of the series. Spur amazing you know what I mean. Show you where they are the best in baseball. Just pretty amazing just to able to you know. Play here for eleven years. Have the the great memories and you know like I say this is I was pretty close from trump and couple of years there. I think especially you know and I hope Yati and you know we had that moment to ourself right there to say. That doesn't surprise me at all. You know because our fans are you know being here for eleven years and the support that they even give it their all the side when they do something thing very share. You know being the home cy. It was pretty special so they says the incredible moment for me tonight. It's something that I'm GonNa put it right there. You know without compliment though when they were serious twice here because this is special just for me for my wife and my four five hundred kids to have part of that. I you know my friends to Special as soon as I stepped my foot. NFL You know I was talking to travel and call like you guys are GonNa leave me hanging right here on my cell. Come on Lemme you know but they were just understanding that you know that moment for your special. Unfortunately you know we came up with a loss you know but I think it was a great game and I'm pretty sure the fans enjoyed Roydon just slide game. Two of the series shot at Kota Hudson on the mound. He was pitching well picked up a win. However one pitch in that game is the one that stands out a two one pitch to Albert Bulls Alvar Hesse? Never these just given us out of that was a very good chance to be the final home. Run that pools ever hits in Saint Louis at Busch Stadium number three on my list. It's all aboard the newest restaurant in Saint Louis. The train shed at Union station. Perfect place before and after blue's in ENCARTA Games Historic Saint Louis. Union station has downtown's newest dining destination with train sheds create a pub and the Soda Fountains Modern Diner. The train shed at Union Station Chin. Hair saloon for men. You'll receive the perfect haircut complimentary beverage relaxing shampoo. Hot Towel and amend complimentary shoeshine all for just twenty two dollars hair saloon loon for men. I hope you know about the sh- nooks rewards APP. If for some reason he don't wear have you been the whole city has been downloading this. If you're a chinooks rewards member you're going to earn points points and the next time you're H nooks. You can use those points for money off digital coupons on the items you want most download chinooks rewards APP. Get the APP that gets you. All seasons are filled with great comebacks but for some reason the comebacks seem to happen more often in Cincinnati for the cardinals it was July nineteenth and it it seemed like any other regular season game in the long season of regular season baseball. The cardinals were looking at a loss. They're down seven and nothing but to their credit they came back and they came back in a big way. A ten run inning highlighted by Jose. Martinez two on two outs at three to pitch. Martinez went that Dr Jack. It up. Nine backbreaking backbreaking last night. Their Grand Slam this one three run shot Martinez and that's ten accountable. Ted Runs you believe that you could almost see it. Couldn't you the night before it was a grand slam by Tommy Edmund. This night featured a Jose Martinez blast and the cardinals eventually held on twelve to eleven. Maybe sign of things to come. They would enjoy a ten run. First inning against the braves in game five of the clincher of the Division series in Atlanta the blues fans joined the party all season long at hotshot sports bar and Grill and one of their eleven area locations rate food and drink specials available during every blues game. It is your home for Blues Hockey. Remember the blue scored five any game this season you get hotshots legendary tacos for one dollar each the next day find a hotshots near you at hotshots. It's net dot com proud partner of the Saint Louis Blues Number One on my list. The Wrigley Field massacre four games that basically decided the division laid a a dramatic winning win in Game One and the Cardinal Somehow pulled out game two then on September twenty first two swings for the ages against cubs closer. Craig Craig Kimbrel first. Pitch High Fly ball left center stone. Picks he tied so now this driven uptown left-center back breath. Yes yes Saint Louis on top two two pictures the next day the cardinals again came from behind in the ninth against Chicago and that allowed them to make history. The Oh to fly ball centerfield. This is cards. It's history a cardinals. four-game sweep sweep of the cubs at Wrigley for the first time since nineteen twenty. One St Lois back in the postseason. First Time since two thousand in fifteen a Wrigley field massacres. Those are my top five. I realized there were many others. But those were the five that stood out for me. Thanks for always checking out scoops. Danny MAC DOT com. I'm curious about your top five as well remember. Derek Gould is coming up this week. Ben Frederickson and also the head coach of Saint Louis University Travis Ford Scoops with Danny Mac dot com.

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Wednesday with Walton  February 10, 2021

Scoops with Danny Mac

13:40 min | 8 months ago

Wednesday with Walton February 10, 2021

"It is a wednesday and that means we have the chance to visit with brian. walton of the car donation dot com is always were brought to you by the doctors a blue tail medical group. There's some of the nation's top experts in the fields of sports medicine and stem cell regenerative therapies doctors bays crane wolf experts in stem cell regenerative technology. So before you have surgery think about what they can do we're talking about your body's stem cells redirected to concentrate all their power into the joints. It causes you paint schedule an appointment. Six three six seven seven eight twenty nine hundred six three six seven seven eight twenty nine hundred visit them at blue tail. Medical group dot com will. brian For the longest time in this off season there wasn't much to talk about but We got a lot to talk about. Now how are things going and good morning to you. Good morning again. Yes. it's great to see. Finally some more clarity around. How the twenty twenty one spring training and regular season going to be organized and structured. And you know then you hope that that will go downstream in the same kind of questions get answered for the minor leagues as well the The off season is brought to ueno. Nolan are not oh and now yada your molina. You know my mind was kind of a foregone conclusion. I always felt that yati was coming back. How about for you well. Yeah and the to their defense. The cardinals have been very clear all along that even though this was a down payroll season for them or year to year. Twenty twenty two twenty twenty one that they had always allocated money to sign wainwright in molina. The real question was could they do any more than that so yes. I think everybody kind of thought that was going to happen. And you know they were able to do a deal for are not oh that was basically payroll neutral in twenty twenty one at least so you know i think at this point in time. We have to look at the improvements. The cardinals made the guys coming back and say this is pretty much. Looks like the team that they'll have this spring. Yeah they may bring in some guys on minor league deals and all but you know you have to feel pretty enthused about the way this team is looking right now pagoda. I love the projections numbers. I know you do as well. They've got milwaukee and chicago ahead of saint louis. I'm not sure i buy into that. How about you well. What i posted on the cardinal nation forum was those projections are a hot mess. I just. I don't see how anybody can can look at the talent. Not only that was here last year but then look at the players that have left in the cardinals having really made the only major addition and say the cardinals earn anyone when team you know a third place team. It just doesn't it. Boggles the mind me. Dan and i think those projections are going to get posted in the cardinals locker room. And they're gonna get stomped on a number of times during the twenty twenty one season. I wanna go back to yati. You consider that yati his got four of them. Platinum gloves are not. Oh god Four of them and so eight combined of the tenant of ever been awarded diong is not shabby goldschmidt. Won a gold glove. Baiters probably got a gold glove his future at least potentially tie their o.'neil. Artie has one. i think. Tommy edmund is gonna play above projections and dylan. Carlson is just fine in right field defensively. This team seems to be very very good. It's going to be a strength of this club along with their pitching. Yeah then that's the cardinals formula for the last couple of years. And it's gonna continue that. The positive is that are not as fast now in the lineup. And we'll get a full season the doing carlson as well. But but yes. I think that the that the value of the defense is something that isn't easily measurable right. We see era. We see batting averages ob p. o. p. s. But you know you defensive. Numbers aren't just as obvious but the number of runs that that defense saves you know is just tremendous in. There's no reason to believe that. This team won't be as good or better than than the team last year. What did you think nine million i. I thought it was fair. When you look at real mutoko for you know so nine million for yadi. I thought okay realm. You had to wait for that domino to fall and then you look to mccaughan getting roughly around ten castro's around what six and a half something like that and then it to me became what you pay for legacy on both sides you know. What's it worth yati to come back. And potentially finish his career in saint louis. And what's at for the cardinals to bring a franchise icon back. And i thought nine million is probably right. I thought is right overall in the scheme of things. Whether he got seven eight nine he could make ten million. He's got some incentives in there that you know. Hopefully if the incentives are based on appearance doesn't reach them because you know ideally molina will get less restaurant. We'll see more from this backup but different topic for another day. The cardinals had enough money to pay. Molina it's a fair deal. Where equivalent over a million dollars here or there. You know isn't isn't a big deal because it's not precluding them from signing anybody else. I the cardinals are going to achieve their objective of the down payroll while still getting their to legacy players back and you know picking up you know just a tremendous asset for the next seven years so you know you have to focus on what they accomplished and not really get hung up with the money in my opinion this time next week. We're talking about the beginning of spring training so we hope it gets off on time. What excites you about this club. Is they head into twenty twenty one. What excites me. Not just about the club just about what's happening in baseball that they were able to you know. Get the health and safety protocols defined so that we know okay. They're going to be twenty six guys on the opening day. Roster there's not gonna be a designated hitter there's going to be a five-man taxi squad you know the whole thing all those things so that not only. Do we know what players are going to be on the team but we know more or less. Probably what kind of roles are going to compete for. Now you know no designated hitter certainly means that matt carpenter is going to to move around and and probably you know fight for more than he would have seen otherwise but other than that you look at the lineup and you you can. You can kind of see the guys that are now. The dexter fowler was gone on cost is not going to have to move around every day. You'll probably be irregular and right o'neill is going to be the guy left until he proves he shouldn't same baiter and center but then we've got i think probably to answer your question directly the thing. I'm most excited about it to see what lane thomas can do what justin williams can do right the young young outfielders that were either sick or just didn't get a didn't even austin dean. The didn't get a chance to show themselves really in twenty twenty. Because i think les. Thomas is a lot better player than folks. You know the guy that we saw that was was definitely struggling with the after effects echo. But he could force his way. You know ended up starting picture at some point. Yeah there's no doubt the cardinals. This past week traded dexter father's probably good for dexter gets reunited with joe maddon. Who knows how much he would have played against left handed pitching which is something to consider. He was very much down player. From the the right side of the batter's box and you're trying to get from the cardinals perspective young players a chance to play. What was your take on that deal. I think that was a win win. For everybody i mean. Dexter fowler was going to get his five hundred plate appearances at least for the cardinals this year. You know he was going to be the starter. Every day and intel showed he was and the downside of that is those five hundred at bats plate appearances extra fowler dot wouldn't have gone to lane thomas o'neil or somebody else and so you know this is really a matter of in. The cardinals are paying for most of the salary. Certainly you know he'll get a shot with the dexter fowler. Got nothing to hang his head about. But you know for the car this is really about clearing up playing time in resolving once and for all you know which of these outfielders are keepers in which they aren't and you know granted if somebody went back and listen to this conversation we had exactly twelve months ago you know. We said the same thing. Then but colin came in the season. That happened was abnormally in every way. And so you know we're still faced with basically the same questions about the cardinals outfielders that we had a year ago but twenty twenty one should allow them to resolve it and dexter our no longer being on a team. I think Tunde better than had he stayed. I don't know about you brian. Brian walton of the cardinal nation dot com is. My guest and i would advise everybody. Make sure you had to the cardinal nation dot com more than ever because of the truncated season to learn about these young players. Coming up in twenty twenty one and beyond but I'm still not sold. That we will not see a dha in twenty twenty. One and i understand has got to be negotiated. But i i still think and remember. It got negotiated up until the final. What first pitch almost of last year. I still think there might be a shot that this gets done. I've been saying the same thing and you know it's it's harder to make that argument now that all the things have been you know that have been documented to structure of the season. And i think that. Mlb may have done a disservice. By tightly linking the designated hitter to their proposal for expanded playoffs because the players apparently were not happy with the amount of money that they would get from the expanded playoffs and therefore they dug in on the the designated hitter. when in reality. pretty much. Anybody you talk to player owner broadcaster writer. We're all gonna say yeah. Yeah designated was fine last year. Yeah let's bring it back so there's not really anybody against it but it's just a casualty of these Unpleasant unfortunate negotiations between the players where they can never seem to agree on anything in terms of a young minor league player that once we see minor league baseball fire up or if some of these kids have a chance to go to spring training. We don't know officially who's going to be there or not. Gimme gimme a couple of names at aren't on the radar that you're excited about seeing and could make an exceptional jump this year. Well known is the name that first comes to mind. And he's a guy that was the pitcher of the year. The minor league says a couple years ago Got added the forty man roster but for whatever reason last season you know he didn't get included in all the call ups so the the oviedo's and the the whitley's and all the others millages that they all came up and don't really know why but in terms of his tools and folks will be able to read the details about this at the coronation this week of all the pictures in the cardinal system on hell run has the most above pitched of anybody in the system. Got four about average pitches and so you were repertoire latte. And he hasn't pitched a game triple eight yet so you know. There's obviously more work to be done before. He reaches the majors. But he's a guy that i think could make a big step forward in his way into the picture. You know picture for saint. Louis i mean we already know about the libertarian. The thompsons and they get a lot of attention. But somehow i think on hell run donuts. Sort of got lost in the lost in the at least in terms of fan perspective. Do you liked it. The rules are coming back runner at second so on and so forth if the extra innings and some of the others. Yeah i do i do. I mean like we talked about before it'd be nice to see the desert here but that's not the end of the world. The other thing you know the runner on second you know. Even you know traditionally mike shell said. Yeah you know it. It made sense to do The sending the seven inning doubleheader. That's gonna come into play probably for covered reschedules and all and it seemed like everybody seemed to think that was a good idea There's decisions made on the size of rosters and spring training. You know no more than seventy five players. Okay you know. That looks good So you know the things that they're doing you know contesting to continue every other day. Things that are going to occur. Seem to make sense. And i think baseball is gonna do everything. They can to to play season as normally as as possible. This is the the final question for me. This is the time of year that brian is really busy. And you're always busy at baseball time but getting ready for spring training when so many fans that normally you know may follow the the minor leagues but they really get into it and they have a chance to watch the games on television and they see these minor league kids and like oh i heard about that guy would tell me more bottom. You've got the prospect guide. Coming up. The i i called a handbook. It's cheating guiding spring training. Thanks to you. So that's coming out. I want people to know about it. What's in it. How do they get it and some of the things you're working on right now. The carbonation prospect guide. Now it's our fourth year and the intent is to focus on the top fifty sixty prospects in the system and go in depth on what makes them special and this time around you know. We always have a significant detail about them but this year. We've added details tool Readings for the pitchers for the position. Players excuse me so we're talking about here power run throw etc and then for the pitchers by their pitches each of their grades i Show where they might get assigned this year. We talk about rule. Five status ultimate potentials is so much. It's almost two hundred sixty pages of information it's available in pdf form now so you can come by it And if you're a subscriber to the conversation you can get it at half price in the spiral bound Books are the printer there being printed and my goal is to make sure that whenever you call the first game This spring that folks who put their first orders in we'll have the guide in their hands and so When yvonne herrera or whoever it is comes up to bat they can slip over there page and read everything they want to know about them. Awesome stuff great stuff brian. I appreciate your time as always thank you so much. We'll catch up next wednesday. Take care dan. that's brian walden. From the cardinal nation dot com.

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Wednesday With Walton  September 4, 2019

Scoops with Danny Mac

17:56 min | 2 years ago

Wednesday With Walton September 4, 2019

"Have you ever wanted to throw out the first pitch at cardinals game become a design air heating and cooling customer in you'll get that chance call this number now three one four seven three nine sixteen eight hundred three one four seven three nine sixteen hundred become a designer heating and cooling customer and you could be throwing out the first pitch and receive four all inclusive tickets to that game game three one four seven three nine sixteen hundred the chance of a lifetime thanks to design air heating and cooling proud partner of the saint louis cardinal. I i'm ryan kelly with the home loan the expert dot com the only thing i like better than baseball is saving people money start saving now with a cash-out refinance at the home loan expert dot com enjoy the podcast. Hey saint louis. It's matt carpenter for my friends at snuck. I want to tell you about the surprises they have in store. Smokes has completely reformulated the taste and quality of hundreds of snakes brand items throughout the store ice cream soda chips snacks all of it designed to meet or beat the national brands on taste and quality plus. You can save a few you bucks while you're at it. It's not generic brand. It's not privately. It'll it's not storebrand. Its nooks brand so check out all the surprises in storage now just bought the rich nooks dot and you'll know it's that's good wednesday morning and that means a chance to visit with brian walton abi car donation dot com and i would advise any cardinal fan. Make sure you go to decarbonation nation dot com to get an update on what's happening with your saint louis cardinals but also he dives into the minor league system better than anybody in the country so so if you want to find out daily updates on what's happening and i mean daily three hundred sixty five days a year on your minor leaguers head to the cardinal nation dot com brian brian is always good morning to you. How are things going great and i just wanna say <hes> have a great team of people carnation including reporters in each of the minor league affiliates that's and that's part of the reason that we can provide this coverage because we've got people in state college and johnson shooting in the backfield and jupiter etcetera that are all working together to deliver this coverage coverage. I liked it. I'm able to cheat off your website so say i want to say thank you on a public forum that i do cheat a lot off your website so thank you eighty four to an extent right of course <hes> you know we we have lots of subscribers from people in the in the mainstream media like yourself in others <hes> lots of players families and then you know there's a there's a group of hardcore fans out there who are really you know. Pay attention to what's happening. What you saw regan's is of course your sister. General manager used to run the international program. He would you know kidding me sometimes and say hey. Nobody wants to know about this. New kid we sixteen year old. We signed in. Certainly i'd straight absolutely people were asking about him so he told me the story. What's what's what's the skype out. Everybody wants to know about every player in the cardinal system. Is we all know people love. Cardinal baseball doesn't matter if you're sixteen or thirty six they wanna find out about these guys before we jump into the minor leagues points been a hell of a run here with saint louis cardinals eighteen games above five hundred and <hes> you know mike show well and i had faith in mike since day one when he took over for mike metheny and he's got them playing as a team he he's gotta coming to a head here in twenty four regular season games remaining. It's all come to you. You know to fruition. This is what mike shelters about. He gambles and a lot of those things. <hes> you know pay off and he he builds a family atmosphere with his team and it's it's really paid off with the major league club. You know i didn't watch impressed me. The most is that my show has stayed the course you know he had a couple of situations nations like the carpenters for example where you know he could have reacted strongly but he might have caused damage with kids relationships with his players and he ended up you know financing that pretty well and of course he also had the benefit of of tommy edmund stepping up and playing well but you know he's kept allegiance every team you can see that the guys are playing hard for him and like you said there seemed to be having fun i looked at tommy edmund and those plays it he made last night behind jack flaherty and i thought that was was the difference in the game the over the shoulder catch in foul territory then he came in on a ball and a barehanded play doer di made that play and then there was a routine grounder into shift after after that he was a part of all three outs and i thought that was the key in the game him making those three plays and you know i know the cardinals feel. They probably his best position. Defensively is second but maybe give our listeners brian an idea about what he did defensively in the minor leagues well. He it was primarily a shortstop coming edmund and the cardinals had him playing some second base they actually employ third and as we've seen his arm is plenty strong enough to play for basis basis well <hes> this whole idea to play the outfield is really a thing that happened in the major leagues but you know he's got a very credible job out there as well and you know for coming having to come in and contribute like he has earned the trust of mike show because you know we've seen some other cases with rookies where they haven't got a chance to play but edmund edmund you know really earned his way into that. You know regular rotation and you know he has become a regular on this team. <hes> the other defensive play by the way that you know we saw also john harrison baiter make a very good strong catch coming in and you know we should not look the fact that harrison later came back from the minor leagues and has done everything everything expected of them and more although he didn't necessarily do it as well last night he's shown better disciplined at the plate you know he's drawn more walking striking out and of course that defense which you know edmund invader both are key cards in a in a very very strong cardinals defense. Let's talk about your minor league player and pitcher pitcher of the month and the minor leagues the final minor league <hes> month of this regular season. Who did it go to for the car. Donation dot com are clear the most for august as adults garcia and then of course it has a reputation either being red hot or ice cold and in august. He had the highest old p._s. Yes in the system at eleven sixty hit eight home runs in the month more than any player in the cardinals minor league system drove in twenty one in twenty five games <hes> but on the downside garcia has this this past season. His strikeout rate went from twenty three percent last year to thirty he percents this year and you know thirty percent strikeout rate is just you know. It's gonna. It's gonna kill him now. He he on the positive side he drove in ninety six hundred thirty two months months from memphis but he was willing to see entire year yeah five hundred twenty nine plate appearances so you know while that's the best home run r._b._i. Total that any cardinal tangents snick stabber noah in two thousand eleven. You know that that <hes> in the building consistent contact i think is the reason that goes garcia got passed over for promotion to saint louis in september. I'm curious o'brien. We'll get to the pitcher of the month in a moment but his speed would that help this club in september if need be and if so why not i just call them up for that. I think rennie rose arena is is <hes> better runner than garcia. Course you still four fourteen basis for memphis but he got caught ten time. I'm so he's not exactly you know. He's not exactly a successful based dealer so i mean they make their decision that randy guy that they called up rather in our sent. You know i think based on everything. I think that was the best decision pitcher of the month. Well again publicly-owned you. You could have put his you know could have felt negative when he got back to memphis after his trial. You know you've got a couple of starts. From saint louis got knocked around but instead he went down and really had a fantastic <hes> month of august in memphis. We're talking about a zero point nine three three e._r._a. Thirty nine strikeouts in twenty nine innings. You know he's just fantastic month for daniel and the only negative who is he walked four batters in each last two starts at thirteen walks overall for the months but you know we saying he still has a little trouble getting over that hump with saint louis respect. He earned his way back up definitely <hes> with his performance for memphis in august and he was pitcher of the month. Wanna remind everybody we do this. Every wednesday with brian wall all the cardinal nation dot com mondays with moe benfrid fridays daily podcast interviews at scoops with danny mac dot com and this can be downloaded downloaded to your favorite supported devices. The call ups have been made randy. Rose arena was called up <hes> within the last twenty four hours or the call ups were made <hes> <hes> on september first. How about the call upset were made and some that weren't who are your surprises non surprises. What was your take on. What the cardinals have done well. I had projected that they would call up as many as thirty seven players. It looks like they're at thirty five right now. <hes> the injury is the situation action changed with the injury of leaders that occurred right on the cusp of the first because they had to add joe hudson. Who's essentially the fourth catcher or the third catcher leaders. I can't play and so he took a forty man roster spot that they created by basically ending lane comments the season putting on sixty injured list but you know we were all watching watching to see if a starting pitcher jake woodford might get a chance to join the roster and get called up. He's going to have to be protected anyway this winter but you know what i allowed six runs in his last outing and he's just been pretty inconsistent this year you know his e._r._a. Is over four and if you look at feeling independent pitching which is a sabermetrics measure his his fifth is over five and a half so you know jake stone has more work to do. I i think one of the disappointing things is that his walk doc rate in his home run rate both went up this year in his in his second shot at aaa so you know jake for more work to do before he can compete for a rotation spot and saint louis definitely although he will go on the forty man this winter almost certainly going to ask you that i mean they're going to have to add him to the forty man or they risk losing him so that's that's why i was surprised. He wasn't called up. Yeah me too me too but again. I think maybe that deal with hudson using their last forty minutes. Spot might have been the been the death knell offer woodford chances the other guy who did not get called up. There five guys obviously thirty five or up so that means. There's five on the forty man roster. Didn't you got alex rasa of course who's injured often number. You know the words where he ran out of runway. Well they kind of knew that already how much time you had but apparently he didn't catch well enough in his <hes> <hes> relief work at palm beach and springfield that they felt like they would call him up so this season is done ramon orients whose middle infielder really add wound associate with him in the pecking order of the reas hit very well so soon forgot who got the call up instead. I get that we talked about it going scar c._n._n. And the other was justin awesome williams and justin williams of course left hand hitting outfielder that came from tampa bay a year ago and williams in his thirty six games in memphis drove in twenty six and ten forty five so williams was was hitting very well <hes> as well frankly home for southfield and i thought williams might ashok just because he has a left handed bat and know the other call ups <hes> did but they ultimately decided that he would be packed up for the second year in row to be called called up as well in terms of all star representation for the <hes> the cardinals well one name comes to mind that's still in carlson doing call and had yeah fantastic here and he was not only a texas league all star <hes> in the second half as well as the first half but he also was named the texas asleep player of the year and that's you know that's a major honor in a you know a big feather in his cap. That's the positive the negative side of the coin is that in the the final all-stars postseason all stars they call them for the pacific coast league memphis redbirds were passed over as well as palm beach and peoria but neither of those none of those three clubs had league all stars at various levels in the second half and this is the first time in at least the last decade okay that the cardinals organization had just one <hes> player at the full season level is an all-star so you know that would certainly <hes> a disappointing showing overall <hes> last year they had disciplined perspective each of the last two years they had six so you know going from six to two one is obviously is a major step down and uh-huh reflects <hes> well frankly taxation stuff season across the cardinals minor league system. We'll get to that in just a moment across the minor league system and one of the positives gives was johnson city. Yeah johnson said he was the <hes> the one team of the nine cardinals minor league affiliates that made the playoffs <hes> they won their a division with a thirty five and thirty three records so it was a division where the teams were doing a lot of beating up on each other and they won their first round <hes> and now they're one in one in their postseason so here on wednesday night the the winner of that game is is gonna be the appalachian league champion so carlos you'll ever shot at having a league champion so yeah got nine affiliates in the minor leagues in of the cardinals. How did they fare brian. I mean i. I know it was a down year. It's about development but you want. Winning seem to be part of that as well. How did they fare well. You know it's an interesting because the cardinals probably at the top of the system are in as good shape as ever because you know we talk about the carlson's and the gorman's the montero's <hes> you know the players you know getting national recognition and still have them but the you know the overall talent seems to have been down such that none of the four full season teams had a winning record in fact only three of the nine affiliates across the cardinal system has had had a winning record and the last time that that <hes> you know they've had that situation we're only three teams in in the system had winning records was back in two two thousand thirteen so <hes> down year the overall win percentage of the system for sixty four and that's the worst since two thousand three and <hes> just to put that in perspective. I took a quick look at the major league standings that happens to be the exact winning percentage of the cincinnati reds. They were sixty four seventy four so basically the cardinals system has had the whole play like you know one. The same percentage of games as the two thousand eighteen rats have so far. Here's cylinder man proud i would sponsor up scoops with danny mac dot com homebase in saint louis founded in nineteen ninety seven sixteen locations. You'll receive the perfect haircut complimentary implementary beverage relaxing shampoo pot tavlin amend complimentary shoeshine all for just twenty two dollars and for an extra five dollars get stress relieving scalp massage hair saloon from sixteen locations. There's one near you hair saloon for man. Put you on the spot twenty twenty four regular season games to go. You got two left with the giants at home. Then you go three at pittsburgh off day three against <hes> the rockies walkies never easy place to play add cornfield then the scheduled turns up a notch or two and you still have seven left with the chicago cubs. You got washington mixed in there. Aaron milwaukee team made it into postseason play the major league club. Oh i think they do. I think they do and there's no reason to believe why they can't win the division. You know every every time we turn around the chicago. Cubs seemed to stumble. <hes> you know yu darvish as some type of <hes> elbow injury that they're not really think too much about you know they. You know they've had a lot of issues that are closer craig kimbrel who they <hes> you know god was premier closer. Last year has had trouble closing games so you know i don't think yeah granted the chicago. Cubs have been the best team in the division for the last few years but if you look they're winning. Percentage is the worst since two thousand fourteen the year before they sort of unseated the cardinals at the top of the division so you know i don't think the chicago cubs after be seared as much as and some folks and you know i think the milwaukee brewers. Are you know starting to fall back and you know obviously those games. They still gonna have to win those games but i think we saw is mccarter brewers. You know when they're at their best they can. They can handle milwaukee. I final question for you brian. What do you have going on at the cardinal nation dot com well. We're running our final weekly reports from our minor nearly <hes> reporters so they're summing up the the last week of the season next. We've had our award winners as well that we've announced <hes> for ah for the season. We'll have a few more features on players. Are you ready for the boys of summer. Well pulled up front row seated hotshot sports bar bar and grill for all the cardinals action this season at one of their eleven area locations during every cardinals game you can enjoy the new hotshot strip strip ablaze special featuring large pizza order boneless wings and a bucket of blood family bottles available for a great price also be sure to join the party on the last tuesday of each month this season for hotshots ticket tuesday and your shot to score a pair of tickets to an upcoming game. Don't forget to score score. One dollar hotshots tacos any day after the cardinal score eighty four more runs hotshots proud home accardo pan since nineteen ninety your your home for all the games all the time find hotshots location near you hotshots net dot com.

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Wednesday with Walton  November 11, 2020

Scoops with Danny Mac

18:49 min | 11 months ago

Wednesday with Walton November 11, 2020

"Every wednesday a chance to visit. Brian walden of the cardinal nation dot com great minor league information as well as major league information on the saint louis cardinals in baseball as a whole and you can find it a d. cardinal nation dot com. We visit with brian. Every wednesday is always brian. Good to hear your voice. Our thanks going gone greg in its pleasure to be honest you got. Let's start with the manager of the year. We've got don mattingly in the national league. I thought it should go to don mattingley. I was disappointed. Mike shildt wasn't even a finalist yet. David ross there. Your g tingler goes to don mattingley. I have no problem with this. Thought he should win it. Mike shell came in sixth. He got three second place votes in in one. Third place votes You know frankly. I think the whole the whole finalist thing is just not news. Anyway whether david ross came in fourth or bright snigger. Third or bench shaker came enforce. Who cares i mean. I just wish they'd announced a dang winners insurers but whatever don mattingly very deserving He got twenty first place votes More double of what. All the other candidates got together. And i think we all saw the challenges that the miami marlins face early on with all the cova cases and the fact that their farm system wasn't nearly as rich and saint louis with major league ready players so they had to go out and you know basically sign and grab a bunch of guys off the waiver wire and he did a very good job of keeping his team in contention and making the playoffs and i think they certainly far exceeded anybody's expectations. And i think for that reason manley was a was a great choice over in the american league tampa. Bay's kevin cash and this is done before Postseason play so. Don't worry about that game. Six decision in the world series How did you think that fell to kevin cash. Re happy with it. Well you know you look at what tampa bay is able to do with the minimum our payroll. Now you know a lot of that is certainly the front office that put together the but you know cash has to push the buttons are putting the right guys in the lineup and the right combination of guys and he you know it's overstated nurse. No doubt but the american league east is a difficult division. The red sox are down a tad now. But toronto's always tough. The yankees are always tough for them to excel the way that they did again. I i think that's a very good choice. It's it's disappointing to see a referee. Who came in a strong second lose his job again the second time in chicago as the their respective clubs wanted to a more name brand manager But you know. Kevin cash was You know pretty much. The landslide winner in the american league. And again. I think that was a very good choice. I am fascinated to see what happens with the mets with new ownership and a guy that's got really deep pockets. He is a mets fan and he claimed yesterday that within three to five years he thinks it can win a world championship. He'd be disappointed if they didn't win. A world championship. So how do you think this changes the game. A little bit in terms of what they may do and going out and trying to sign some of the top free agents in baseball as we look forward. I think steve cohen diverted thing. Obviously he's a smart cookie or he wouldn't be as wealthy he is but he went out. And you know had had a zoom call actually went directly to the fan base. And and you know in. The mets fan base has been long suffering under the prior ownership. That had their issues with the made off in the ponzi scheme and they didn't have enough money to really invest in the club and steve. Cohen's really been come in and been a breath of fresh air but on the baseball side. He's bringing in sandy alderson to be the team president. He's going bring a baseball operations exact under him. So they're going to bring in people who say very well respected me. He goes back to the as You know when larusso was there so and work in work in an obese offices and really knows the game. Well so they're gonna put people in charge. You know what's going on cones going to allow them to spend money and that's certainly going to put the mets in the group of a half a dozen eight maybe teams that are going to be spending money this year with a lot of the other clubs like the cardinals are looking to tighten belts and other things. It cohen said i thought was very interesting. Was renamed pitching and we need a good catcher and You know everybody knows that happens to be what the saint louis cardinals have on the market right now. So there's been no direct connection to wainwright and molina but you'd think they'd be certainly guys that The mets why. I'm willing to take a look at him on a number of other teens. Minor league teams cross town in the bronx. There was some frustration with the minor league affiliates. In the future of those affiliates with the yankees. I'm sure there's gonna be some frustration as we get closer to the baseball season and see the elimination of some minor league teams. What are you hearing on the whole with that brian. And then what do you think. Happens with the cardinals. Well it's interesting dan. The you know the one league that we that was basically the teams are owned by major league baseball. Which is the appalachian league. They've already been converted basically to a summer wood bat league and what they what baseball decided major league baseball outside. They do is they. Take one league and it be an entry level league offer. The youngest players have the cape is in cape cod league. Be the league for the juniors and then the new york penn league which is a league state college the other cardinals affiliate affected by this move. That would be part of a league. That would have a summer. Wood bat league for college seniors right before the draft and the deadline was supposedly today or like actually yesterday on tuesday for the new york penn league teams to commit to say. Hey yes i want to be part of. This would badly or no i do. Not now there could be some other shuffling around. Some teams might move from class to class or that type of thing but you know the whole purpose of these moves so one of the purposes is to have better geographic concentration of teens in state. College is you know basically Out in the middle of pennsylvania two and a half hours from pittsburgh. Sorry from yeah from pittsburgh and so you know there really aren't any clusters of teams around there and so the challenge for state college. Do they go to this badly or do they potentially cease to exist so the cardinals are likely to run to fewer florentine state college johnson city short seasonably teams being out the system which would create a very big jump from the gulf coast league the rookie level league where it's typically the entry level. All the way to class a the other move that's rumored to occur that the high a. four state league which is the next step up from class a was peoria if those would actually switch levels and so the class a team for the cardinals would be in florida which makes sense they kind of keep everybody concentrated. And then the peoria and the mid west league teams that survived in that league then moved out of high classification shirt. The next step up being a double a Stanfield what we need to get clarification on the designated hitter. Probably sooner than later free agency period is here especially for national league teams. There's a talk of expansion of playoffs. How do you think this all unfolds for major league baseball. I think everybody and john talked about zoom call a couple of weeks ago you know it would be ideal for everyone if some of these questions could get answered. The designated the expanded playoffs roster sizes. You know all those things. The challenges that there are the same questions that had to be negotiated last year. That took months for the players and owners to agree on have to be all negotiated again. What happens if they can't play one hundred and sixty two games. How much will the players get paid. At what rate what about service. Time all the same questions. If they had to argue last year has to be argued again and so the designated hitter is gonna be perceived to be a give to one side and a take away from the other and so the chances of that getting resolved quickly as much as everybody might like. It probably can happen because it's going to get tied up in all of these other big questions that have to get answered and as much as that is a potential inconvenience the reality is if we go back to twenty. They didn't decide. Those things until late may early june and everybody got along okay again not ideal but i'm not optimistic. That they're going to pick off some of these easy ones in negotiate them with until they solve all these other big questions. I hope i'm wrong. But that's what i that's my take in terms of your top fifty list of the saint. Louis cardinals we're gonna shift gears and brian walton. My guest of cardinal nation dot com shift gears and talk about. What i i love in this offseason you go your top fifty prospects starting from fifty and ending on number one. So you're in the top seven or eight right now at least the bottom seven of eight. I guess i should say of the top fifty as we head to number one. How do you come up with this brian. If you don't have a minor league season how tough is this ban and trying to figure out who's had a little progression who's come back down to maybe a lower level whatever the case may be but how are you trying to do this for your top fifty prospects in florida for instructional camp. Last january are fortunately minor league camp as most folks didn't ever really get started literally the same day that mightily campus opposed to open march twelfth. Which is when Baseball was basically. Shut down we didn't have reporters in summer camp but the cardinals are reported. A number source told about that and scouts have continued to follow a teams in their instruction. League's cardinals inhabitant. Structurally but there's a lot of talent evaluators out there that are basically studying videos. Because mlb had a basically across agreement that they would share vigo's and information from their alternate chance with each other so even though we weren't in springfield we didn't get a lot of access scouts do and so this year i incorporated into our process. The work of gentleman named matt thompson. Who is the founder and runs a site. Called prospects live which focuses on scouting reports for minor league players across the game. They have over sixteen hundred videos up on various prospects in matt thompson specifically Is cardinals focused his loud cardinals for a long time and so he provides scouting reports based on the standard twenty eight scouting scale on all the tools of the prospects and then i write about their environment. Where what kind of year did they have in. Twenty nineteen where what camps were they in in twenty twenty. What's the outlook for twenty. Twenty one where they're gonna go for their careers and so we're doing that for fifty prospects. At the rate of one a day we started a about about a week ago and this will take us basically through the end of the year. One of the interesting names. You have is delvin peres shortstop. He's a big kid. Six three twenty third overall pick in two thousand sixteen. He dropped in that draft. But everybody thought hey. This guy is a unique tall shortstop talented kid. We've been waiting for him for a while now. Now we're heading into two thousand twenty one. Where are we with a very familiar name. If you follow the cardinals in their minor league system but delvin peres well perez. Just finished his fifth year as a professional. Believe it or not. It seems like yesterday literally that the cardinals picked him in. The first round fell a long ways because of a positive drug test or he will rumors were that he might have gone as early as fifth or sixth in that in that draft but governed perez has yet to demonstrate offense the potential that he showed as a as a as an amateur being drafted age seventeen and he was getting in in showcases was hitting balls over the fences but in his four years ago. Play and of course one year sitting out twenty twenty. He's only hit a total of two homelands as a professional and he just hasn't developed offensively as he needs to be. He's basically a single hitter and he's got very good speed very good reflexes but isn't particularly good on the base paths either and the question is whether devon peres glove and plus play on the field is going to be enough to get into the major leagues and the reason. I say that is even. While he's young turns turns twenty two Soon later this month the reality is he is already become rule. Five draft eligible and what that is is is a draft that allows organizations to select players off of out of other organizations that they think might be ready for the major leagues. The cardinals or other organizations would protect guys moved him to their forty man roster which exempts from this rule. Five draft governed peres isn't going to be protected. He's not going to be added to the forty man roster because the reality is he's never played a game of low class. Say at this point. And so you know. He's just not ready to be on a major league roster this this coming year and that's the real. If you get if you taken in rural five you have to stay. At the major league level we return to your prior team and then two more years and delvin perez can become a minor league free agent and a player who still four levels. Away from the majors. Delvin peres has gotta get going with the bat in a hurry this last year. Certainly her him But he's got to get going in a hurry to be able to get the saint louis before he's eligible to become myrlie raging. Go every once. Cheer zac thompson is asked. All the time who i think could be the next prospect that is not made it to the big leagues but could see big league time in twenty twenty one and the first name. I mentioned high draft choice out of kentucky left handed pitcher a couple years ago zac thompson. Would you agree with that assessment. That comes in is a very very interesting guy. He's a left hander. Solid plus fastball slider above average pitch got curve ball as well doesn't go as change up as much but i mean a guy a lefty who's got four pitches and can get get them over And you know he can actually crank up to the mid nineties above if if he's in short bursts so the question will for guy. Zach thomas will be will. The cardinals be tempted. Maybe to bring him ahead more quickly as a reliever. We've seen a number of of players. You know going back to carlos martinez and others. Who started in relief. Because there wasn't a a spot in the rotation and eventually then you move into the rotation the only concern. The only caveat is that that thomson in alternate camp in springfield had a little bit of shoulder irritation and that slowing him down now. The word is that by the end campaign was just fine but one of the reasons exact thomson fell to the cardinals in the first round in twenty nineteen was that he had had some shoulder issues at kentucky as well and so this is another thing watching it. You know you never know with guy was shoulder protect. Your solar problems is relieving and a better thing for him or is starting every fifth day. A better don't know. And i don't want to overreact about the shoulder. Issues with thomson but that was definitely a concern earlier in camp tommy edmund. If it started tomorrow would be the second baseman of the saint louis cardinals. And we've talked about it primarily in the minor leagues shortstop but he does have the ability to play all over the diamond in the major leagues. Play the outfield compla- third. You can play short now second. How do you think you'll fair as we look at him being potential everyday second baseman and and seeing the last of colton long. I think defensively Tommy is going to be a very steady player at second base. I think you'll make the routine place. He won't make spectacular. Plays that we saw colton. Long make. Albany certainly has more than enough arm. We saw the end up. Learn to play third. So that's not going to be an issue. He's a smart guy. He'll be positioned well You know we haven't yet seen his chemistry in an extended period of time with with paul dion short. But i'm assuming that can be okay. So i don't think i i don't think second base will be you know. He will necessarily be a gold glove type of candidate like Cold one was. But i think he'll be solid there. I think the bigger question for me on time is which offensive. Tommy edmund is gonna be is going to be the guy that was just so this last year you know put second in the batting order but really didn't sparkle like he did as a as a rookie and twenty nineteen. And you know it would be wonderful. If one part of game of tommy edmonds game could be plus if he could be a plus hitter like he wasn't his rookie year. Or if you could be a plus defender. I don't think he's going to be a plus defender now again. You said as today. He's the second basement that's true but younger cardinals still could sign a veteran second baseman or a veteran third baseman. And that mike shuffle. Tommy ed monroe as you said before we don't know about the d. h. But i will tell you that if you look at the infield position for the saint louis cardinals. It's gotten thin in a hurry. Because we saw mack truck left the cartels tried to get him through. Waivers was claimed by the cubs. Brad miller's free agent gone cold wong's on and really the only guy that they've got the minor leagues to step in and fill. The gap is at sosa who is again primarily shortstop but he can also play second third so you know so so it could be a guy to come in and be a backup but you look at the cardinals infield and say it seems like could be a home for another major league tested player for a one year deal or a two year deal until we see gorman or or monteiro reach saint louis and it'll just depend on what the market is. I think the cardinals could go either way. They could sign a second baseman Third basement because we know edmund can play the place and and do a respectable job but of course without a d. h. You know carpenters is pretty. Well you know tied to be your third baseman. At least you know most as absolutely. I'll let you go this brian kiss. I appreciate your time what he working on a. d. car donation dot com in addition to your top fifty prospects list going to be looking ahead at the rule. Five i mentioned earlier that That that draft will be coming up in early december. As part of the virtual general managers earn the virtual winter meetings and by the twentieth of this month the cardinals gonna have to decide which prospects that they want to protect put on the forty man roster of course because the forty man roster is limited in size. You kind of have to you know balance. You can't put all the guys on you want you to think about who might be taking a nut so we'll do some analysis there As well and then i'll also back. I'm working on an article to talk about the strategy. The cardinals might take in the off season if they want to be potential little more creative than the career path which appears to be try to sign wainwright and yadi and a few complimentary pieces always love it. Brian great info is always. Thanks for doing this. And we'll catch up next wednesday. Thank you there. That's brian walden of the cardinal nation dot com.

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Ben Fred Friday  April 23, 2021

Scoops with Danny Mac

21:50 min | 5 months ago

Ben Fred Friday April 23, 2021

"It's a friday so we talk it over with ben frederickson. We call it. Ben fred. fridays on scoops. So danny mac presented by blue tail medical group. Before you have surgery make sure you contact and get consultation from the folks at blue tail medical group great alternative to surgery doctors all over the world coming to chesterfield division with those doctors. And saying how you doing this. How are you keeping people in the game. You can do that as well blue. Tail medical group dot com. Hey ben good morning. How are things going morning dan. I'm doing well that it'd be with you and happy friday everybody. We've made it happy friday. Another week is in the books. The cardinals opened up a seven game. Homestand will start with baseball here and probably do a lot of baseball here The road trip wasn't great. Couple of wins cardinals have had now five series in which they've had a rubber game they have not won any of those. They're two games below five hundred with the reds in town. So how would you size up the first Handful the days and weeks of this major league season for the cardinals while frustrating forum ride. I mean there were clearly searching for some for some things and it seems like when they found some some other things gave way they had games. There was big offense which is a really good sign. I mean they're doing some things or having some big offensive outbreaks that suggests they might have a more powerful offense. We've seen in years past. It's there's no consistency so if find him offensive traction than they have. They can't get the starting pitching. Starting pitching the offense does its job then a rare rare bad game for the bullpen defense has gone at times. They just haven't had you know haven't had a game stretch game. They've been able to fire on all cylinders and. I think that they're probably frustrated by that. That's a lot of teams the national league right now. There's only a handful of teams. That i think are happy. With the way they're they're playing in the nfl. The team that the cardinals are playing in this to start this home. Stay in the reds are kind of feeling the same way i think they felt like they were gonna go in the world series after beating the cardinals in that first series in their cruising into town right around five hundred a little bit below so both of these teams kinda need to find some traction and it's not a bad time to play each other because it could fire up both teams. So the cardinals. I i think the good news is you're getting some traction in your inner rotation. They're not going to go anywhere if they don't have quality starts and we're seeing that from these guys now. I was really impressed with carlos martinez his last time out. So that's a plus the bullpens been good. They've gotta figure out some way to get some some consistency in their in their offense now and then have everything. Come on at once and easier said than done so far for these guys gyro. Neil be back tonight k. k. will be The starter for saying lewis. Sunny gray i believe is going for the reds hearing game number one tonight so looking forward to that Obviously a lot of people are looking at matt carpenter. And i think one of the things you have to look at is with o.'neil back williams has shown signs carlson's gonna play every day. That means edmund. Goes to second. And i would anticipate probably carpenter more time on the bench. Now as what. We've seen the last couple of weeks i would think so. We're going to see which way the cardinals have to lean and they're gonna have to pick one way either. It's continue the outfield experiment. And really stay true to figuring out what you have and don't have out there or lean toward you know trying to continue to find ways to kind of launch matt carpenter and you know what a what a strange start to the season been for him. Where if you covered up the result it looked at some of the velocity and the the barrel rate things would look really good but you factor in the strikeouts and and and it's you know they're at a career high clip and the fact that the the shifts are just killing him. I mean he he. I don't think he's had one at bat. This season. correct me. If i'm wrong where he faced a pretty a pretty severe defensive shift and they're doing it for a reason it's up to one hundred percent now and you know they know where he's going to put it in he can't either can't hit it over him out of the park 'cause he's got like pay in full of balls that have died at the warning track Any can't you know he can't figure out how to go. The other way with it consistently enough for them to stop shifting. It's a tough spot. So i think they have to go back to their original plan. Which was fine kinda ways to try to bring him off the bench and put edmund back there on at second base which should help your feel defense and and you gotta keep cycling through these outfielders. And i'm with you man. Even when baiter gets back. I don't exactly wanna see. Justin williams is planted on the bench. I think he is taken advantage of is opportunity. I think we're seeing them being willing to give him more of a chance to be a regular everyday guy starting him against both both You know righties and left teases is a sign of that. They might have something going with him over his last ten or so games. He's looking more comfortable. He's looks more confident. He's going to make some mistakes Green he's going to have some moments where he doesn't know that the strike that he was the third. I don't think those can happen anymore. No but we've seen some flashes of of a guy who could make loud contact and some of those balls to drop in so We're gonna they're going to have to decide one way or the other or are they going to. Is this season more about trying to get something out of matt carpenter and trying to get him back or is it about sorting through these outfielders. Pretty soon. they're not going to be able to have it both ways there. You had an interesting piece where you really looked at the numbers of carpenter. What did you come away with. Well i think you know. I think there is some encouraging signs that we talked about the exit velocity the barrel rate the expected slugging percentage and. I don't scoff at those numbers but you can't ignore the trend line since we go back to the start of the two thousand nineteen season. Where as many guys who've had as many opportunities as he has he's toward the bottom of the list and pretty much every meaningful results produced this ticket. You can't ignore that either. We're talking about more than seven. Hundred plate appearances You know that's not a small number That's commie edmonds career. And then some in terms of evidence You also see some concerning things in the numbers that he's got going this season. We mentioned the strikeout rate. Its way up for him He swinging at pitches outside zone. He's making contact. On on a smaller percentage of pitches that are inside the zone and his contact rate is down in general which i think what we're seeing him do and i actually think it's the right approach. He's just getting the result. He's got hit home runs dan. It's not gonna be a guy who sprays the ball over the field. You would do it by now if he could do that we would be. We would see him doing that regularly to beat these shifts. He's not going to be a guy. That's a bunch doubles anymore. He doesn't have the speed to do that if he could do it. and i'm not trying to beat the guy up. He's got a hit home runs when he was great in two thousand and eighteen. What did he do. He hit a ton of home runs. You had a career. High home run total a career high slugging percentage and a career high strikeout number. He just hit home runs and tried to launch the ball. And he's doing that now. Those balls some of those balls just died at the warning track. It's a question of does he have the power to get him over the fence. One thing think you got to keep in mind People might call me a homer here and that's fine. I just tried to present the numbers as i saw him. He might some of those balls might go out when the weather warms up a little bit we all know the ball flies a little bit more as as as the weather gets warmer. Still kind of trying to figure out what this new ball does. But some of those balls that have been caught and you called of them that have been hit to the warning track and on the run. There've been at least three of them probably more like five Some of those might get out when the weather's a little bit warmer and then if those get our probably not talking about back carpenter being one of the least effective hitters in baseball right now you know you can talk about are not oh and goldschmidt and rightfully show. They're great players. But how about the start tommy edmund and how valuable. He has been to this team because of his flexibility. It's really bought the cardinals some time with some of these injuries. Play carpenter if you want. Yeah we've We've talked a lot over the years and all these podcasts. Before about having a reliable player reliable hitter at leadoff. And he's done that and that's not an easy task to jump in there and he's done it no matter what position he's playing. He's made outstanding. Defensive plays at second base in the outfield. He's you know stirring the discussion of of positional utility man gold glove idea which i think is a great idea personally but i mean he's he's been calm cool steady n. He's just a good. He's a good player at a cliche. I mean he does everything he he's aggressive. He's got sneaky power he's fast. He's got a glove. And i like his mentality where he's like. He's one of the few guys who doesn't seem to bother them at the plate where they're playing the field for a young guy without a ton of experience in the may. She just seems to kind of have an old soul about him. And i think it's really benefited in well because he he doesn't get flustered. he doesn't he doesn't get worked up. He just pretty much sticking with his approach. And i think the on the analytical side. He's cut down on some of the On some of the pitches that used to be swinging at that weren't good pictures to hit. You don't want him to try to work. A bunch of walks. We talk about that with them where he's not walking enough. Well you don't want tommy edmund. Trying to work walks. Want him hitting. But you want him hitting pitches that are strikes. Because there's a better chance of square about but i think he's doing a better job of that this year when you look at the lineup. It's always dissected in our city every single day when that thing comes out I do wonder if they're gonna move Goldie and arnaldo down put a dylan. Carlson maybe two or put him at four and keep those two big guns at two and three i. I think it's interesting to see what may happen with this lineup as we move forward. I've always liked the idea of carlson at to go. you know. Switch it or edmund carlson. Those two guys you both twitter's with speed that can use the use their speed on the basis. And then you get a little more. Ib rbi chance for for goldschmidt. Our nado the risk there of course is that you lose the effect of having a guarantee of those two guys in the first inning and chilton's talked about how he really likes that kind of punched in the face of having those guys have to face the starter in the first inning. No matter what but you know you really if you get to the point where you can reliably count on either edmund or carlson to get on then you then you can do that in the first inning and then maybe have a little more. Rbi potential. I didn't mind yati molina hitting there but it's probably unrealistic to see yati continued to do this and now As you pointed out quickly over this road trip he just got he just took off the hand so you know he's he's a tough guy and he'll never complain but you do wonder a little bit how that's going to affect his swing at least in the near future because it looks like he's still kinda sore beginning today Seventeen in a row. This is a fairly important stretch of games. And i know it's really early. Were about ten percent through the schedule. And i usually look at memorial. Day is being my time of kind of taken a look and say okay. Here's some league-wide trends. Here's what your team needs. Maybe doesn't need those kind of things. But i think we're gonna find out something about the cardinals in the seventeen games because oviedo is going to get a run You're going to get o.'neil back and maybe you get a better idea of where you're at and you should have a much better time line in the near future of both baiter and mike lists right You know so you should have. You should have a better feel for coming. And maybe what they're going to be able to provide. So i'm with you and it does feel like i'm guilty of this as anyone feels like. There's such a rush to make big conclusions about teams. I think because we were were not quite adjusted back to the one sixty two yet. No last year. We were our big thing was we took the games and we kinda did dog years translation where we figured out what. What percentage of games this was like with the one sixty two that i feel like we almost have an adjusted back where people are trying to make conclusions on teams based off of fifteen games or so. And that's really not aren't usually good conclusions. So i'm with the but these this this stretch gauntlet stretch is going to be telling because if they don't get good starting pitching it's going to be very obvious. They need to to add something there. If michael is not going to be back at some point in the very near future and to should be a better read on the offense It's been times. I've been encouraged by some of the power we've seen from. We didn't see a lot of put up ten plus runs last year. There actually doing it at least so far like ten percent more games than they did last year. So there's some encouraging signs there it's how do they. How did they get more often than how do they don't need to get eleven one night and need to get get five two nights in a row. How do they have they. Kind of. Get to some of that consistency. Think we should maybe a little bit more of that. As the outfield gets healthier starts to sort itself out a little bit And they got to get the part of the big thing is they gotta get goldie going and they gotta get pulled the ongoing and if those guys fire up than they can they can weather some kind of some turbulence in the outfield which they planned for chris wray here the doctors doctors and ophthalmology associates. I'm very proud that ophthalmology associates are the studio sponsor of the chris rabies show. And i'm very proud. That they are a part of our scoops with danny mac family. If you haven't gotten your eyes checked in a while what are you waiting for whether or not. You're having issues right now. Your eyes are one of your most important investments. And that's why you should invest in going to see the doctors doctors and ophthalmology associates schedule your annual eye exam insurance more than likely covers it and you could not even realize that you're getting out in front of some issues that could potentially come down the road if you've thought about lay sick but maybe you've only heard some of the misconceptions about it. Maybe you don't know what to believe. Go ask the best. Ask the doctors doctors. They're called the doctors doctors because more doctors trust them than anyone else. So go see. Dr greg birdie runyon notre dr robert precisely and dr andrew. Royer doctors doctors. Tell them chris. Rabian and scoops at danny maxine. You visit your. Id act dot com or call. Three one four nine six five thousand. That's your identity dot com or three one four nine six six five thousand. It's important game tonight to your inside your division. And the least from what i've seen it's going to be reds milwaukee st louis any combination but man that brewers pitching is awfully good and i think reds could be dangerous for. Yeah the brewers are doing the bruiser. Doing this and christian. Yelich isn't even doing well so this this idea that that they're legitimate is is proving to be true the reds you know the resolute toughest. Hack there to start. They've they've kind of Bottomed out a little bit for now. But they're kind of like the cardinals they they're they've been boomer bust and i think they're searching. I love the idea of the reds and cardinals. Getting some bad blood back. I don't wanna see anybody get hit with pitches. It's not what i'm talking about. But i like it. There's an edge to this to this rivalry again and a man. The way folks in cincinnati responded to cast janas flexing over. Jake would you thought it was like man. It's like their version of the patent maroon. Hand pat maroon game seven goal for the blues. I guess being like they're going to build a statue. Would i think they got t shirts. Cassiano us just said the other day. Dan that a waiter stopped him in a restaurant and told him that he added on the background of his phone I mean they're treating it as if it was like this monumental moment which not to knock our good friends. Cincinnati that kind of speaks to maybe the lack of big moments. They've had here in the recent years. But i'll say this i'm okay with the cardinals and the reds having a little bad blood i think that makes things more fun and i think it makes things a little spicier. Which if we're talking baseball on april we need a little more spice. Yeah i am with you We just saw mizzou wrap up. I think it was randy character. Put out that. Scott lenihan is now an adviser offensively for head coach. Eli drink poets is that is that accurate. Have you seen that. He's been around. I'm not sure quite the title but if randy If randy had said that and I don't have any reason to doubt it could be wrong. But my point is done a good job of having guys around Different folks who who have something to bring who wanna come observe or maybe in a little bit more of an official role. He's kind of been an open. Invitation guy at least as been my impression for coaches players folks with ties to the program. He wants him around yeah. I think it's interesting. I think they're going to have a good year And i know. It's you know april and we're talking about this in a lot of people who say dan make sure yes ben about illinois so i'm gonna ask you about illinois What have you heard about bret bielema and what he's doing in terms of just you know first couple of months on the job trying to get some recruiting roots going that kind of thing with their football program positive things and i think he started with that early. There unfortunately had been kind of a decaying of the relationship. I guess is the best way to put it between love the in his staff and kinda high school coaches around the area. And i think i think bill has done a good job from day. One of trying to build those bridges back up and you know reopen those doors and illinois similar to missouri. Like if you're not getting good players from your from your backyard and you're going to have a hard time getting good players if you're not appealing to the kids who grew up watching you and whose parents went there. Then you're gonna have a hard time appealing to kids who has never heard of illinois or missouri football before. So he's gregarious man he he knows what works. He knows what he wants to do. he's not going to walk into a living room or high school coaching banquet and not make an impression And i think his enthusiasm and his likeability in a one on one setting is going to help any any bridges that were burned so then that starts right away. It won't it won't be instant but you know you're talking about a guy who has a lot of experience a in playing some smash mouth. Football be has kind of a reputation for being alignment whisperer. I'm to get the big boys to that kind of makes them the rock stars of the team which is a good idea. Here's trying to play big ten football having good lines on both sides and nc. He's got some connections now. Some experience that i think will make him be better than what we saw. I thought he got a raw deal at arkansas. I really did. I think they had some unrealistic expectations. And and i think when you look at his what he did at arkansas from a from an independent and non. Arkansas related view. You think. I don't know why it didn't get more of get more of a shot there. Why didn't work out a little bit better. So i liked the higher lot. I think he's a good coach. And i think. I think he's gonna have success. I just don't know how quickly you'll be able to to get it going but we're about to find out. Yeah we are and not much time left. In the nhl season you covered the blues last night at enterprise center. I don't wanna talk about the game. I just wanna look at what the blues have in front of them. It's a what thirteen maybe game. Something like that. Fourteen games left in your opinion. Does his team make the playoffs. With the way the schedule is shut up and who they have to play the rest of the way i want to believe in. I'm dan. i a sucker for ba- ruby. I was so impressed with the way that that he is is lifted this team up since he's been here and i don't want to believe that. The ruby magic has worn off. So i'm going to put some confidence in him but it's not gonna be getting them there. I mean we've got to see some some guys who have. Who are the leaders of this team. Step up i mean jordan bennington. He said they're coming back. He will if he starts playing as well as he can. I think it's time to turn up the heat a little bit on of ladimir tarasenko who You know he wants to be a leader of this team. He got upset. He wasn't a captain. I'm well play like play. Like you're the captain. Prove it on the ice You know some of these new guys tori crude can play better They're finally. they're not all the way healthy but they're healthy enough that they should be able to win enough games against teams that are either not playing for the plus teams. That are already in. They should be the most motivated team on the ice every night unless they're playing arizona and they should be a better team than arizona. So i'm gonna say yes. And i'll be disappointed if i'm wrong. Arima man will catch up next friday. It'll be the end of a home stand as bryce harper and the phillies will be here and then tonight The reds kickoff at three game weekend series busch stadium always finding these are fun to bannon. Now we'll talk next friday. Eric set have bryce harper by the way maybe they can get yours at the trade deadline to make up for. So i was doing some numbers. Because you know. I i love max scherzer. I want to watch him pitch anytime. I don't care what uniform he's wearing. I pray pray preferably saint louis. The cardinals face him anymore after known crushed by spring training and then having it roll right into the season. I play that much. You know what though he hasn't had like the jump off the page numbers against the cardinals. I thought two days ago the game was one in that first inning with the bases loaded back-to-back strikeouts at one out. Then he settled in. It would whatever team gets him at the trade deadline if indeed is traded they take on about twelve million in salary and they get for the air and they get one of the best pitchers in the history of the game. So it's it's the roll the dice if you will if you get a max scherzer. I'd like to see him in a underneath. The arch growl in hollering at himself. Have a little competition with wainwright to see you. Can you can have the best postseason performance. I could get on board with that absolutely. Hey let's catch up next friday. Thanks my man. Sounds good rather him.

cardinals matt carpenter reds danny mac tommy edmund edmund ben frederickson Ben fred blue tail medical group chesterfield division baseball carlson carlos martinez neil back williams ophthalmology associates goldschmidt dan arnaldo edmund carlson Justin williams
Wednesday with Walton  September 22, 2021

Scoops with Danny Mac

10:45 min | 4 d ago

Wednesday with Walton September 22, 2021

"Wednesdays with walton on scoops with danny mac dot com a chance as we always do every wednesday to visit with brian walton of the cardinal nation dot com closer look at the minor leagues also. What's happening With the major league club and as always were brought to you by blue tail medical group. Great alternative to surgery before you have surgery. Think blue tail medical group and find out what they offer. The doctors wolf basin crane at blue tail medical group a brian. The cardinals are rolling. And good morning to you. Boy it's your phone to talk about a ten game winning streak twelve the last thirteen. You know it's it's wonderful and the cardinals are playing with the right combination to win that there have many blowouts but they've been consistently scoring enough to win and the pitching has done the job when they need you. Oh and i'm sure you saw this coming. Didn't you know you know again. I have to say colonels odds of. We should playoffs just a couple of weeks ago. Coming into the month was down. The two-three percent nuts and now it's you know above fifty and you know they're. They're the team to beat for that second. Welcome i think is in a four game lead. They have in the wild card this morning. Yeah four-game lead right now. Four and a half over another team phillies and then five over San diego. So i wanted to ask you about jake woodford. Because he's been a different pitcher after that relief appearance that he had Against the brewers then was inserted into the rotation. you saw him in the minor leagues. Was there anything that he was working on specifically or did you see him. Take another step in the minors to allow him to have this success at. He's having right now. I think you know that. Dan we've talked about this before and others have as well of course the analysts that you work with on sports west who are former pitchers. But there's such a fine line between between success and mediocrity in the major leagues and a lot of. It's between the ears having the confidence that my stuff is good enough that i can get these major league hitters out that i don't have to nibble around the edges. I don't have to change what caused me to be successful in. For jake word for it was i think the biggest step for him has the confidence that hey i can go up there. I can stand in against centers in baseball for four or five six innings in. Get them out and that was something that we didn't see before he was a little bit reserved. He's a guy that you know you didn't see was seemed to have maybe had incited but now you know you can just see the confidence when wizards on them. I don't eat. Looks like a different man when i was watching the game last night. And i'm sure. We'll get clarity on dylan carlson later. Today i was thinking about Minor league outfielders and some of the guys at the cardinals have had you know whether it was lane thomas this year just in williams obviously lane no longer in the organization but just in williams maybe some others. Is there anybody out that is re out. There that has stood out for you In the minor leagues that if need be you know you could bring them up Part of the forty man all the different things that go into this but Just kind of thinking outside the box if if anybody comes to mind well there's a couple options dan One year who's a young man who tied for the organization lead with luke and baker twenty six modes this year each primarily a corner infielder. But but he's played a little bit of corner outfield as well. Some left the their rights. You're one yet as at triple a. he's not forty man but you know he's a guy who could come up and be a good bet the other guy maybe it's a little fast but alec burleson was the the young man just drafted from a year ago from east carolina. Who started the season. Peoria moved up springfield now. Moved up to memphis You know it's hitting the ball. Well get twenty. Two home runs that season Across the organization. And it's a little early for burleson but he is a very strong defender a very good rightfielder. And of course we know. That's a possession dylan carlson place. So you know alec burleson might be a guy that you know that i might have to tap on the shoulder if i need it and again. He's only twenty two years old. It's early it's too fast but sometimes injuries come. You know you've got you've got to make some moves. Yeah so one of those guys either. One of those guys could be could be of help. Well the other thing too is in the you know you could put timing edman out there i. I don't want to mess with tommy edmund. In the outfield. I love him where he's at at second base. I don't know if you're robbing peter to pay paul and those kind of things but We'll see how it plays out. Would you agree with you. I think there. Dan you know the question is in what happens. A second base does mac carpenter. Get back in the lineup. Let's let's face it. He's you know he's just not. He's an offensive black hole right now. The other option of course would be to propel young back end and moose over the second but sosas played such good shortstop. You know you like you said you just hate to see yet. Disrupt what they've got working at the middle there right and that's where i'm at with that A lot of the minor leagues are wrapping up right now. How did the cardinals fair this year while the cardinals organization in terms of player development. Of course there's lots of young players who continue to to fill the pipeline. And and you know. Be ready for the next Opportunities in saint louis but it has in terms of lynn loss. Record won loss record The cardinals had the worst record. I'm talking about the. Us based teams the one that finished his finished their schedule. They finished with a collective three ninety. Two winning percentage under four hundred and that was last of all thirty organizations And so you know it was a tough tough season whether from memphis on down None of them finished higher than fifth place in in their respective divisions and. I think you know as we've talked about. Before pitching is the major culprit as not a one of the cardinals. Minor league affiliates Have have eighteen. Era that is under five. So everybody's five five or six in terms of their er as this year and you know you just not gonna win many as when you've got to score seven or eight runs to win every night and that's the situation that the cardinals found himself in in twenty twenty one in in terms of like this playoff format to aaa. What's going on with that. Yeah they're playing to two separate weeks of play games rather than the small six games this week and next and so memphis playing Jacksonville jacksonville this week. And next week though finished the season at home and it's not part of the regular season they call it the final stretch But it's another ten games in which players can get more experience and potentially also a place where a pitchers or players can rehab For the major league club and what. The cardinals did This last week was given. That memphis is going to continue to play and the other teams. Aren't they took a six young men who were at aa springfield and move them up to memphis again you know. Let them get their toe in the water. Get some experts in aaa understand. You know the routines The stadium all of that this season because their players that would likely be at memphis next year and Lucan baker is our number sixteen prospect. As i said before a twenty six home runs led the system. I think eighty-three. Rpi something like that. This year Really nice power. Potential guy but a first base only got yvonne harare. The catcher talked about. He's our number five prospect. He's on the forty man roster. A harare came on very very well. I started off slowly to season but he ended up with seventeen. Home runs this year. Which is i think. Sixth in the system. So you know yvonne. Harare was a guy that You know you wanted to see the offense continue. East continues to get work behind the plate. He's probably not going to be ready right away next year. But he's a guy that they'll wanna get a good season of aaa experience. And then you know he'll probably be the next guy up in the in the catching room Another guy that's A couple of the guys that were called up to memphis thing you'll hand zodda the big tall right that we saw. At the beginning of spring training the cardinals got from the phillies. He basically had a washed out year. I think he's only pitched in like a dozen games this year because of multiple injuries. But he's on the forty man and he's up with memphis and you might be able to help in the relief corps next year and then andre pallone tate. A right hander was drafted again in twenty nineteen who's choosing twenty twenty who Has moved up now his second promotion this year. A right handed starter. Our number twelve prospect. And he'll get a chance with memphis to show what he can do. And you know will wanna get in that in that mix up potentially be a call up to the cardinals next season gotcha arizona fall league. Are you hearing anything about what's going on with that or any potential guys going there. This is really a strange year. Dan for the arizona far league normally by now not only would we have had the schedules out for probably six weeks but we would know the players that are going usually always by labor day. They announced that usually organizations about seven or eight players. And it's a mixed by position because six major league organizations joined together for everyone arizona folly team so they they sit down together and make sure they don't all send catchers or none of them sent catchers for example but basically it's a you know probably three or four four pitchers than infielder outfielder catcher. And maybe one other player but this year we have no idea what the schedule is going to be other than. It's gonna start on october thirteenth. We don't know what players are going and one of the things that came out this last week. I believe baseball. America reported that the Major league baseball has decided that the players that are going to compete in the arizona. Fall league must have proof of vaccination and therefore it's caused some organizations to have to go back and potentially just their list of invitees to the arizona fall league to ensure that you know they have the players are willing to comply with regulations in you know typically the players that go the arizona fall league or those that are getting closer to the major league sometimes guys who were injured during the year. So like a ron stone in memphis for example was out some Julio rodriguez catcher in springfield missing time So there guys that are on the custody they wanna give them a little more experience in the other thing that will see. Is that some players. The organization may be encouraged to play winter ball this year again in the caribbean typically dominican republic venezuela that kind of thing to get some more experience at you know heading into camp in twenty twenty two. Brian wrap it up with this. What are you working on. Cardinal nation dot com wall starting the beginning of next week. We'll be dinar season recaps. We'll go through each of the organization affiliates in detail describe you know how their season with the good and the bad and then After we get through all those teams then we'll loop back around and announce our starting pitchers of the year are relief pitchers of the our players of the year where we go into in-depth stats of all the players on teams and identify. Those that really stood out during the season. And that'll take us well Well probably through almost through the month of october. Yeah i love it when you do those recaps. Hey man thanks. We'll catch up next wednesday. Take care dan. That's brian walden of the cardinal nation dot com brought to you by blue tail medical group.

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Danny Mac on Scoops Empire, Cardinals, List : The Chris Hrabe Show Ep. 46

Scoops with Danny Mac

20:22 min | 10 months ago

Danny Mac on Scoops Empire, Cardinals, List : The Chris Hrabe Show Ep. 46

"The thursday which means we visit with danny mac a big week over at scoops. Hq it's going on. It has been a great week at The headquarters the world headquarters scoops rape says Obviously you've been doing great work. And we have added a burning nickless to our arsenal and bernie is writing daily columns and for folks that are listening to this. If you wanna get bernie maglis daily columns which he's brought back the bits. Just go to scoop. So danny mac dot com. You can put in your email. It'll get delivered right to your inbox. And then we also added Charley marlowe and And martin kilcoyne from channel to so martin is. God visited me on mondays. He's got the kilcoyne conversation on tuesdays. He's got marlow and martin on thursdays and we're going to be adding somebody else very soon a hall of famer on friday so that's coming up as well so keep coming back to the site as we add more spin fun man. It's been great and reading bernie reading the bits yesterday or a couple of days ago. I guess has been fantastic bernie back in the mix and you know that. He's got a lot on his mind after A sitting on the sidelines and a lot on his mind as we enter into. Hopefully what will be an interesting if nothing else. Baseball offseason here. Yeah i mean barney's to me the foremost authority in in sports in town and has been for a long long time and you know to be able to to to work together to collaborate with bernie and to get him back writing which is right in his wheelhouse and give him carte blanche to do what he wants to do right what he wants to do to bring back the bits which is something that he talked about So many people have asked him. You know you do the bed. Stu the batson. He's he's doing that again It's just awesome and once sports really gets back in full swing. That's also in his wheelhouse. I mean he's great at analysing baseball or basketball or football. Whatever the sport is it's going on at that point and with so many people that love baseball here in this town. You can imagine that they're going to be going to to read. What bernie asked to say to break down a series break down the night before. Look ahead that kind of thing and the be no stone unturned when you think about burning covering the cardinals are danny. Mac is with us on a thursday on the chris. Rabi sean scoops at danny michael's talk about the cardinals a bit of a different winter meetings. Week dan i guess. First and foremost is we get some details about the minor leagues for at least invitation for Affiliate clubs to return right now where we stand. What do you believe is realistic In terms of a minor league season. I i guess i would say what is your hope. We all hope that there is based on their as much baseball as possible on the field. But a where do you stand right now in thinking about minor league baseball and then how that goes hand in hand with The big leagues coming up in the twenty. Twenty one season yeah. It's a great question. Chris about this time in the season like right after christmas normally the cardinals had done what they would do with their top prospects and bring him into a camp Used to be done right after. The major league season was over and the minor league season in like october november and then they pushed it back to leading into spring training. They're not even going to have that. This year doesn't look like so that's problematic. I know some teams have done that others have not with the testing. And and just you know this all the different things. You'd have to go through to make that happen. They pushed back and we spring training around the corner. Normally as you know have been down there for so many years. It's a packed house people. And so you know. How are we going to be able to congregate hour. We're going to be able to if the vaccine is not been distributed yet to the general public of getting to major league players or even personnel around. The cardinals can you have at spring training. So will it get pushed back. And then how does that dovetail into a minor league season. I do think we're going to have minor league baseball. i just think it'll probably piggyback on. What's going on in terms of their spring training getting going with the major league season and then you know see what kind of a semblance of a season they can put together. But i do believe we're going to have minor league baseball. I'm just not sure when we're going to see if there obviously still are some big big questions in terms of The cardinals and their personnel. And you know. He spoke to tommy edmund earlier this week about the departure at least for now departure of colton long about adam wainwright yada your molina as well still a question. Has your gut changed over the last couple of weeks. We've talked a lot about adam wainwright and yada. Your molina has got changed at all when it comes to if those guys will be back if one of them both of them. Neither of them will be back in a car uniform this year. As it pertains to yada yada by the way great busy time edmund and that's up on the site right now. Fans wanna go Listen to that. But i just think that the marketplace might be shrinking a bit for him when gary sanchez was brought back to the yankees and tender to deal. Looks like mccann. Goes to the mets Yeah you know does does yada goto. The angels is san diego possibility. Tony the rooster with the white sox. I mean i don't know i. I just think that maybe when you think about what is the marketplace for a guy that's thirty eight mile edge hell of a player hall of fame player looking for a two year deal. I'm just not sure there's a big appetite for that. And then when you look at how is played in twenty twenty with the offensive numbers. You know yati who he is but he's not like a guy that's going to go out there and mash she's gonna be a great defensive player he's going to be like a coach on the field and those are intangibles that you do pay for. But the intangibles the cardinals pay for as opposed to other teams are legacy what he means to the franchise what it means to the fan base. And that's important. I think to the cardinals in so that's the first domino. That's gotta fall. And i just think there's more and more signs that would point him coming back as long as the the shake out and any winds up in saint louis. That's my personal opinion. I don't know that from the cardinals. But i just kind of read. The tea leaves of what the marketplace wa- is looking like you know we've talked so much adam wainwright and what he's done last couple of years on the field how important. He's been to the cardinals but you know him as well as anyone have spoken extensively with adam about what he does off the field. Dan and it must have been really special for you to see Adam get the roberto clemente award at the beginning of the week. Yeah really well deserved and Having been a part of a number of his events in and just seen him behind the scenes with fans whether or not It's for charitable cause or not He's what you want in the modern day athlete. He's he's what you hope. That guy is going to be. Which is you know somebody. That clearly represents the franchise well between the white lines. He's a competitor. In wins in has success in keeps himself in shape. And all those things that that. That's that's a given. He's going to give you everything he's got. But then you're always hoping that that that player is somebody that's going to represent you in the community and go above and beyond and and he's done that so he's a desert deserving member. It's pretty cool. The cardinals have had now. Six members of the franchise at have one that. And how about the battery made of your your molina and adam wainwright. I'm not sure there's other battery mates that have ever done that in baseball history but we have one right here in saint louis have spent their entire big-league with the cardinals. And that's that's pretty special. Dan mclaughlin with chris. Rabi sean scoops. Danny mac dot com on a pivot for a moment and thank goodness for some local hoops. We've seen some great basketball out of slough illinois mizzou. I know you've been on the call for number of us lou games. Ask you first about the billikens. What impresses you most about the billikens and about what travis ford has been able to do over the last couple of years since arriving. Saint louis to get to this point. Where again amidst an unprecedented college basketball season he has them positioned as one of the better teams in the country. Chris their deep Really deep i mean. They're they're seniors are really good. Sign french and jordan goodwin going go down as two of the great billikens ever in devante perkins might be their best score and he's only been around for a year and a couple of months after being a juku guy in and he's smooth is any division one player you watch in the thing that travis has been able to do is go recruiting class upon recruiting class. And i think what we're seeing right now in in college basketball. Is that if you have the non one in duns so if you have players that have been in your program. And they're juniors and seniors. You're going to see the upsets k. You and kentucky and duke. That do get a lot of those wanting dunn's because those teams just didn't have the time in the summer and in the fall to get integrated into the system those coaches and so when you have these players that have been in programs for a long time there at a benefit there in an advantage. And that's why i think Teams in the ten are having some of the upsets that they've had in non conference play the rpi for the eight. Ten is shooting way up because of what they've done in non conference and so that's why i just think that if you have those kind of teams that have the veteran leadership you're going to have a chance to win and win a lot of games in two thousand nine hundred and twenty twenty one. Because they're used to the program and they're used to playing division one basketball you're integrated into the system of that particular coach into travis travis's credit he stack those recruiting classes and so he reaps. The benefit of what is a horrible year in a pandemic but for sports for basketball. He's going to reap the benefit of what's going on here you know illinois certainly deep as well as a lot of fun to watch them Beat duke the other night at duke mizzou using their depth to pick up some nice winds early on we just need to figure out a way to broker this tournament. Yeah in saint louis with slu mizzou illinois and then somebody else throwing bradley and sl you missouri state. Gimme somebody else but come on this year of all years. Let's make it happen and and you know we're hearing about all these teams like i was talking to the other night. I guess it was. Maybe the idea of central arkansas. And he was telling me about similar teams in their position. That in a normal season would go play The dukes or the kentucky's or whatever and they fly in they get paid and they might get beat more than likely they do ninety nine out of one hundred times but then they get out and he said a lot of those schools are being asked to go fly and take on these teams that need games like the bigger the the bigger conferences. And they're not doing it. Because there have been instances in college basketball what were those teams will fly out. So they accrue the cost of that they show up and then either their team or the opposition gets hit with cova in. So you. don't get the payday and then you have to fly back out and go back home and it. It's it's a waste and so this particular time. If you could hop on a bus and make it happen. You should do it. And i got. I wish slow is playing mizzou illinois or vice versa. Could set up like you're talking about and the other thing too that i'm seeing in college basketball. I don't know if you agree but there is no homecourt advantage in my mind. You know when at duke right losing twice at home now. Illinois granted is good at michigan state. That's a good team But in those games. Not having the cameron crazies. You don't think that makes a difference. Of course it does and so the home court advantage is. It's you have a little bit because there's familiarity of being on your home floor and understanding the rams and the shooting backgrounds and you're sleeping in your bed and all those things i it's just easier beating home but without the atmosphere of that crowd. That is a massive factor in these games. And that's why. I'll be fascinated to watch Mizzou and illinois on saturday. It's a huge game for mizzou man if they if they win that game their top twenty five top twenty top fifteen maybe if they knock off illinois and they get the the bragging rights game at home on saturday cameron would be fantastic to see a game when it's rocking and rolling when you've got the full student section in there. Where else would you love to see college. Hoops game Camera would be one. I've done a game at north carolina. That was pretty cool That was yeah. That was really cool. I'll tell you a great place if you've never gone. When they were really good. That is his loud is anywhere in. The country was wichita state. That is a neat place to go. See a game and not many people would say well. That's a great place going to k- you. I've done games at ku and allen fieldhouse. There's nothing like that so probably. The best experience for me was ku and the game. I'd like to go see that. I haven't had a place with iraq and crowd is cameron. I don't know your best place but that would be mine. Yeah that'd be pretty cool. I mean Even the other night just just thinking about Not seeing the fans in the stands at how small that building actually is on top of you they would be It'd be pretty fantastic. Mclaughlin is with us. Let's get to a get to a little thursday list buddy okay and left week. We did things or hobbies are skills that we wish we had. We don't necessarily have a little bit lighter this week. How about top christmas movies. It's christmas movie season flipping around seen. What's on the tv. Let's go top christmas movies and once again you have first pick go a christmas story. Shoot your eye out kid Him getting kicked out on the you know the slide by santa. It's always a favorite in it. It can generate laughter and fun for the entire family for the youngster in your life or for the middle kid in your life or for the older kid in your life or for the grandparent. So a christmas story. I'm not sure it's my number one seed but certainly at the top of my head that has got to come up there. He had definitely Like you said transcends age transcends generations and yeah one of One of the best ones are. I will go. Let's see here and there are a couple of different ways you can go. You can go more new schooling go more old school just kind of For a variety of reasons. Personal reasons. As well i didn't go home alone. Number one and go home alone A classic obviously actually some personal connection as well. I'm couple of blocks away at my parents house and actually went to preschool at the church. The home alone church in there that the home alone home is in the neighborhood as well. So i'm going to go home alone number one absolute classic vintage macaulay culkin when he was you know. Throw in ninety six with movement. That's my number one his home alone. Yeah i had a good singer back then too. I i. I'd have to go even though this should not be one. That tugs at the heartstrings. Or maybe it does depending. If you've are imbibed iot assume but I take christmas. Vacation is beautiful is one of my favorites and You know alkyl. Eddie is I'd have more in my house. I don't know about you but uncle eddie. Make it over to my crib. That's one of the best. Let me ask you before. I get to the next one because this is one. This is an argument. That always happens. Do you believe diehard christmas. People love to have this stupid argument. Why are we going down this road. No it's not a honest asking it in mind it no. It's not christmas music movie. No good it's not going to be. It's not going to be Around the diehard. It's not one of the choices. Now i will go. I will go with my next although elf. That's a good one. Very quotable. Very quotable Just a classic classic performance by will ferrell elf. Jon favreau directed l. is my my number two. I'll go it's a wonderful life. I know that's an easy one out there and everybody sees it. But it's a wonderful life always tugs at the heartstrings and brings a tear to my eye jimmy stewart you know great Great acting in Obviously i'm going. I'm going elf. That's that's their yup for sure. You're you're tugging at the heartstrings. Here you're definitely going when you said tug at the heartstrings. I didn't know if you're going like the The harold and kumar christmas or what. I'm not let's see see you got christmas vacation. Christmas story wonderful life. A lot of people might say those are the top three. I've got home alone elf. okay. I'm going to keep it somewhat fairly new school. I'm going to go bad. Santa is my number three love bad santa so good so good so good and the tony larussa connection. He's big billy bob guy right so bad santa. Just another absolute classic. That'll be my third choice. I will go with scrooge d- with murray not many people go down this road. And i do think it's a sleeper pick on this and Scrooge is is right there for me. I love scrooge. I've seen it eight thousand times. Yeah screwed his one of my favorites. I'm going let your eyes wide shut. Well that was there too. And i did think about that. There's a couple of really nice scenes in there. But i went away from it. I thought tom cruise and nicole kidman did a really nice job in that flick It's not one that i'd probably bring the kids out to sea but You know it it. It does fall on the outside looking in potential moving up on the list depending a what time of year. We're in and what what arctic. We're talking about all right. I will go for my number. Four all go With an arnold and i'll go jingle all the way jingle all the way. Okay that's fine and then my final pick will be the animated old school. I don't know what you but rudolf i will watch the old. Yeah like the claymation rudolph right. The claymation one. I'm a big fan of that. I know that may be not on. Somebody's list. But i do find that if it's on i stop and i watch it. Maybe i'm more intrigued by the claymation more so than the storyline will. Then i'll go eyes wide shut number five. What about You know you gotta go jim. Carey's gotta get in here with the grant drench out take the grinch number five which they are remaking and. I believe like this week or next week. There is a live like musical version of the grinch. Nbc's shoutout to the grinch No one's going to be able to to do what jim carrey did. He was awesome in the grant. It was unreal. Yeah like eight hours of makeup a day. also. I could list and if you want to Not stick up for eyes wide shut. You can tweet us. You can email me chris. Scoops danny mac dot com another fun edition of The thursday list maffei appreciated man. We'll we'll see what transpires the next week or so as baseball moves out of the winter meetings and we hopefully Start to have a little more movement. Look forward to everything happening on a daily basis. Scoops danny amac dot com including bernie. Who's right smack dab in the middle of his first week and appreciate the time man was funneled. Talk next week. Buddy thanks mac. That's my great pray.

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