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"tomlinson andrew" Discussed on Afternoons with Marcellus & Kelvin

"Some of your greatest hits ripped pro bowler marcellus eilly dude. I ripped him all the time. No give me some of the greatest hits. I wanna hear this all the whole chris. Please be recording. This is a promo. I would rip marcella from the beginning when marcellus was in buffalo. You know there was a quarterback controversy at the time. Do you guys recall. There was little. Doug flutie against southern california zone rob johnson bandanas and marcellus was. He chose a side and told the world about it. Hey doug flutie should be our quarterback. And i know choice. He was the right choice. Well i well. Regardless sensation ancient history. He was the guy. That was stirring the drink. Stirring the pot you know. So then he. When the buffalo front office leaves and goes to the then. San diego chargers they bring marcellus with them right. John butler right was jim was the general manager. Yes and then. It didn't take long before a little dougie came to you know and they became the buffalo bills of the west and marcellus was a good player. He was good. He was now romer he was he was good. He was never great. Take over the team for the he was always about being a big personality. And so i was on the radio at the time and i would just rip them. You know especially if it didn't go well or if he made a mistake. Whatever it was. So i was ripping before i even got there and so yeah i think marcellus break us up and then throwing me on you were ripping is correct. You thought he was to focus on off the field activities correct. That's probably right activities that he was involved with were they in the media I think at the time he was mostly promoting that he was a dj. He was calling himself debt dude and he had this jeep and he had it like all tricked out and it was all about him and his music and what he was doing with his off the field life and there were a whole group of characters that were kind of coming in and out at that time you know so marcellus by the way did have two great years you only did make the bowl ones as you pointed out the in buffalo his last year at ten and a half sacks that was a great year double digit sacks is a great year and then thirteen that first year in san diego so cap he was making you eat it at first year but then after that it was six acts three sacks then he went to dallas then he went to dallas. It's still jerry jones money which we always joke about. And and then the jacksonville the cash more check and i ain't mad at him for that either. He got a double though. After that big first year it was like look out from our sellers facing more were opponents who was opposite him. The other thing was always they were terrible back. Then what years were those george. What year did he get there when that he got there. He got lear thousand one. Oh one okay. Yeah he was there all one two three guys. They were so bad back then. They adjust drafted ladainian tomlinson andrew breeze in the same draft and they got marcellus wiley and they were so bad for those first few years. They had so much money and there was so much hype around and he was such a character in a performer. 'cause you know if he got a sack even if the charges were down twenty five to zero you know he was dancing. Like you know. They're about to win the super bowl. And so yeah yeah i used to rip them proudly so it's funny you're right at the end you know were. They're five and eleven under mike riley. Norv turner was the offensive coordinator. Then marty schottenheimer the second year. They went eight eight cam. Cameron was the offensive coordinator. And someone named deal. Lindsay was the defensive coordinator and then two thousand and three back to four. and twelve. Under mardi cam. Cameron and dillon. So that was past year and then marcellus left and things started around not blaming ourselves. Of course things did the next year. Marty was still there. That's true And they went twelve and four drafted drew. Brees in dany thomas him. They became better because they got better with players. But it on a on. Marcellus wasn't around over that twelve four. It's not personal. It was fun back then but he would. He will come in. He will come in dude and it'd be like oh i'm here to break s okay and he would take me pick me up and throw me out. You know all really. Yeah oh. I didn't know it was like that definitely was not three by the way marcel is. It'd be. I think it would be more like this. Who are you. i'm sorry. Who the guy in san diego back in the day used to rip you and i have no idea who you are. I think that's what it'd be more like all right well. Eight seven seven hundred ten. Espn let's go to the phones. We have men. Well in gardena men will come home. Mind well first off all three you gentlemen. I want to wish you happy. Mother's day because fathers in america are very very important right so hopefully any of these young books listening our fathers not just there so anyway s l. All day man kaplan's gone and Gone so i hope they're listening. 'cause man mama cat rings he and again i you re enforced. Why like you can't rob johnson dot chop in buffalo and yeah people forget the music city miracle was the only reason rob johnson would have had a playoff right. You got it you got it. Us's own rob jones. Yes sir. So a great show is always amen. Well i was listening this morning when you called in to to ask slee. Does he wear a tank. Top aura. hoodie. So i heard you this morning. Talking to travis does brother what does he work. Does he wear a hoodie. Says he never shows his skin and he says he's like your quite never shows skin. He said kind of answers said that he used to wear like the tank tops underneath his shirt and tie when he used to be hound selling said that was the last time we weren't it was funny. Wow i who says. They don't want to show their skin outside. Single racy person that little sleet one couldn't board what's that he's got his own boom. Yeah yeah michael in santa fe springs. Michael what up. Jay george l. d. Listen i got it. You guys want somebody to come home. I got that you guys want someone that can score the mid range game dot that he checks off at the three point. Range is not healthy. But z l. Back levin that's who. I want if i can have that levine. We can open up the floor. The cat can jump jumpsuit all day long and mid range and also a three pointer and he's coming home he was a ucla product right washington kid but he's a ucla kit. Yeah give me no. He's no longer you know but he makes like twenty something million he makes twenty seven million. He doesn't make that much. But i'm i'm not seeing chicago. Giving him up all. I think they will. Oh yeah. I think they will go. I think for the right deal. They will do so no no but he makes twenty million dollars nine hundred five. I'm looking at it right here. Yeah he you can have him. They're not in love with day. They're not in love with him. That's what i hear. They're not in love with him. They like but lona. I think you propitiate you. Eight seven seven ten. Espn so there. You go l. z. What he thinks. zach levine. Tell me on the other side so that does z. Cap with you here on seven ten. Espn each and every day. Heading into fathers day we had been nominating a father. We've been taking the nominations..

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