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"tomio ladipo" Discussed on KQED Radio

"Things. Commends positively really great things are happening. And a lot of places but. We met, and we like each other, and that was very important. The loss US North Korean summit in February, and it abruptly with no progress on resolving the dispute of Pyongyang's nuclear ambitions. Correspondent Laura bicker who's the voter says analysts are divided over the wisdom of Mr. Trump's latest meeting with Mr Kim. Hissy this handshake as a way of breaking barriers years decades of mistrust, that has existed between the United States North Korea. Yes, is what what but it's a what with a deeper. Meaning others are wondering whether President Trump's approach is a bit frivolous. Whether we're putting denuclearization to the back burner. His approach has been very different in it's almost reality TV style, politics, as many people have termed it, but it's got as this far I think, here when it comes to people in Seoul, and certainly when it comes to president moons blue they have welcomed as approach protesters demanding civilian role in Sudan, have appealed for launch scale demonstrations today for weeks ago, security forces violently broke up protests in the capital tomb, killing dozens of civilians this report from Tomio Ladipo sedans opposition groups, expect today's demonstrations, to be the largest since the third of June. The military blamed the violence that broke up that day on in. Infiltrators among the protesters, despite multiple witness accounts accusing the security forces of being the attackers ahead of today's much the military's, again, warning of possible subatomic, even though it says it will provide protection for the demonstrators, but the protests groups complain of continued repression the sedan professionals association say security forces stormed at headquarters on Saturday and prevented a planned press conference from taking place. Police in Hong Kong have begun a big security operation to discourage renewed anti China protests in the run-up to Monday's aniversary of the handover the territory to Chinese rule. Hong Kong's main convention center has been sealed off access to the square outside is restricted well news from the BBC. The Saudi led coalition against who the rebels say it's intercepted to drones targeted. Saudi Arabia coalition statement said, one of the drones was heading towards a residential area in the southwestern region of and the other was bound for his own airport near the Yemeni border. People in our Bena will vote today in controversial local elections shadowed by as their rift between the country's two. Most powerful leaders the president Ilya matter had ordered the postponement of the polls, but his decree was rejected by the prime minister at Rama guy. Delauney reports albana's electoral commission has ruled that the polls should go ahead. Even though around half the candidates running unopposed, the United States has also indicated its support for holding the vote as scheduled the police will be bracing themselves for trouble. The opposition have been holding regular anti-government protests since February some of which have turned violent, they accuse Mr. ram of corruption vote-rigging and collusion with organized crime. Spanish officials say for as far as we started as a result of an intense heatwave burnt, an area of more than one hundred square kilometers afar that began in the central town of rock. Some Friday has now forced the. Accusation of another village. The authorities sent more than thirty craft and helicopters carrying thousands of liters of water to tackle the house. The South African two time Olympic champion runner custody. Semenya is competing later today in the Prefontaine Classic in California in want may turn out to be her last eight hundred liters raise Semenya has naturally, high levels of testosterone, and as recently easily outstripped her rivals and her primary distance earlier this year, she lost a legal challenge to international athletes rules that would force remodel athletes to regulate their to social levels. But she secured an injunction against the rules in June. BBC news. Six minutes past seven GMT. Welcome.

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