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"tomasz era tanaka" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"Trouble for Luke boy and a Yankees take a one nothing lead Voight one for four on the day. He's reached base safely now in twenty six consecutive games. Going back to last September Yankees with the one nothing lead. They added to it in the third a leadoff walk from Mike talk me out of the nine spot, and he moved to second on a wild pitch. One out later, the batter was Aaron judge and the left he deals swung on the right field as a base fields. Here comes Tuchman. The throw home is not a die. Base RBI Aaron judge and the Yankees to nothing lead to nothing in the bottom of the third glacier, Torres singled and the first and second with just one out. But Luke Voight flew out Clint Frazier grounded out and the got only one more hit the rest of the game. That was a seventh inning single by Giovanni or shallow who was promptly wiped out on a double play ball by Kyle Shoka one hit over the final six innings for the New York Yankees four for the game. Now that to nothing we didn't hold up because of what the White Sox did in the fourth inning Tomasz era Tanaka I three innings they had to it's six strikeouts against him. Tanaka started off the fourth inning by giving up a single and a double the actually the single Amman Cada. The Mocatta was thrown out trying to stretch. So he was wiped out after that first hit, but then Jose Bray you doubled yonder Alonzo has both walked on three two pitches. Splitters in the dirt that they were not swinging at that. They did swing at the first time through the order bases-loaded. One out the batter is Tim Anderson.

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