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"tomasso champa" Discussed on Wrestling With FanBoy Mark Jabroni's Ring Rust

"You're listening to Rustling which fan bull market veroni during rust on a paramedic and via various streaming podcast and download things hashtag because wrestlemainia annex takeover standing delivered. Night one which is on april seventh from this as yet declared location. So we'll see where that's going to be. It's not going to be from the Which is the annex version of the thunderdome. But he still do to thunderdome. But it's like the the for debbie they just have it in one arena and they just on the march twenty fourth episode of inex- on usa a gauntlet eliminator match was scheduled for takeover sending deliver night one with the winner. Receiving an inex- north american championship match against johnny gargano night to the participants for the gauntlet match were determined in a battle. Royal on march thirty first episode of nfc battle. Royale participants were read. Dexter lummus kushida. Leeann roof cameron grimes austin theory roderick strong l. a. nate isaiah source scott. Hang on l. A. night they reveal isaiah source. Scott pete. Done the brewery tyler rust and j gutless so couple names. I haven't seen performing. i don't think yet in an essay. But i haven't really been keeping up with as much as i wish i could. I watch most episodes. But i haven't seen all the episodes so i don't know who for instance tyler rust is got off wikipedia. Hopefully not supposed tyler bait. Because that's really not how you spell bait so yeah that could be a recording this of course before this takes place so i don't know who is going to go into it so tomasso. Champa confronted nfc uk champion. Walter on last week's episode of inex- interrupting an imperium beat down to chelsea austrian champion for his title and wells tomasso champa. So you know he kinda got it. Like i want a russell for your belt. No yes no. Yes yes What no. i didn't want okay. Fine you can wrestle me from my belt. Even though you're not from the uk will then again. You know showing. Michaels beat davey boy smith for the european title way back way an in europe. What makes you think. I haven't gotten over it. I don't know if i'm playing cards really close to my chest. I think so considering is going to be the first of at least two title. Defenses for walter of the exte- uk championship. It's i don't. I won't necessarily say it's a foregone conclusion but it's gonna be quite the fight. We'll have to see whether walters going to hold a little bit back for his challenger. At the following nights event as a result of danny burch getting injured during his match on the march seventeenth episode of general manager william regal vacated tag team championships which birch had held with only larkin a march twenty four episode regal scheduled a triple threat tag team match for the vacant jeopardy chips on night. One of takeover stand and deliver between m s que. Wesley and nash charter grizzled you'll of restaurants or however they say it anyway. James drake and zach gibson formerly of annex you. K- themselves and llegado. Del fantasma wildy young. That's yes an end because it's roman dosa and joaquin wild so i think it's pretty noticeable. How big a jetpack. There is on the both backs of msk. So i would expect they'd probably win. I wouldn't be that surprised. I think if either the other teams won a little bit surprised. I think of llegado. Del fantasma one but anyway grizzled young veterans not so much because they already inex- uk take team champions swell so and they look good with those belt. So i imagined eight look over these belts. So we'll see how that works out and after impressing her with her. Recent performance women's champion. Ian shirai has her sights. Set our calgon zealous as her next challenger at nec takeover and deliver candy genius of the sky soar above her opponent. Or we'll one half of the inaugural annexed he women's tag team champions punch a hole through her full potential straight through to women's champion. That there was was was me. I got somebody's from wikipedia. And i just feel undressed myself so i just flexing my literary muscles here so i think it could be. I mean it's hard to tell really cause. Nfc seemed to treat their titles a little bit differently. Like they'll give someone to title that they like. Most of champions are people that they seem to want to move to the next level bringing them up to raw smackdown also though a lot of champions seemed to enjoy staying in annex t a lot of a wrestler seemed to enjoy seeing an nfc. I'd probably wanna say. Nfc mainly because bo dallas had an absolutely fantastic character and nfc absolutely fantastic. He was a motivational speaker. But that wasn't all he was until he got to. Wbz's main roster and then that's all he was they took this one aspect of his character and said this is now one hundred percent of what you are. Boy howdy anyway. So that's why so. Great did oscar is actually eight angling a little bit more back towards her annex e persona more so than her main roster for saana shoes quite dominant and very hard hitting big fighter. So be nice to see her. Get back to that. A slight side note at any rate though the official theme song four and exceed takeover sending liver rob zombie the.

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