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"tom george thomas" Discussed on Pool Podcasts

"Welcome back to american billiard radio. I i've said this so many times. I i shouldn't even have the right to say it but yes i know it's been a while. Today is thursday february eighteenth and amongst the news that i'm going to mention on this episode. Is well the reason why. I'm doing an episode today and there's also the motivation behind doing an episode. So if that wasn't mysterious enough the biggest news right. Now is the news about jeanette lee. The news broke yesterday. That genet- was diagnosed with stage. Four ovarian cancer really the only information that we have out there is. What's in the press release however the interview for this episode is with her agent in good friend. Tom george thomas somebody that. I've worked with in the billiards industry. For quite some time y- in relation to ginette. I used to maintain nets website. So i worked regularly with. Tom and i worked with jeanette and she was. She was fun to work with I'm gonna. I'm not gonna try to get into any details. I will say that. I'm not surprised by the outpouring of support that we're seeing in the industry. I'm i'm not even really surprised with the amount of coverage that i'm seeing from outside of the industry off microphone. Tom mentioned that the washington post had a story about it our. Espn was doing what they could to help push you know. Get the news out there. Tmz website had information about it. Janette is a unique person in the billiards industry. I talked about this with tom in the interview. Genetic is the combination of ability. Drive smarts motivation. I i mean she was able to do something she was able to become a name outside of our world. I can't count the number of times. I've i've climbed into a taxi and you get into a conversation with the driver about while you're there while i'm here for a pool tournament i'm here for a trade show. Whatever and the first question out of their mouth is do you know the black widow. The black widow is what people outside of the industry associate with pool and she was able to to create that she did an outstanding job of promoting herself and in promoting herself promoted the game itself so again. I don't wanna get too too deeply into it. We don't know a whole lot. What we do know is the genetics won an awful lot of matches in her life. And she's going to do everything she can to win. This one In other news. I don't wanna dig too deeply into the billy thorpe saying look my opinion. I've been wrong before but this is just my opinion q. Tech was a no win situation. They did what they had to do. They made the right decision might experience. I'm not gonna name names years and years and years ago before as e billiards was anywhere near what it is now. I had a player. Come to me and say you're not doing a very good job of marketing. Easy billiards and there's so much more that could be done by marketing. It and i. I understood that completely. That's not what i do. I built the website. I took it. I didn't want to have anything to do with that. I mean i ran the site for years without a banner on one but this player came to me and said look. I can sell advertising for the site and i. I'm a youngster. In the industry we meet at tournament..

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