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"tom tarpley" Discussed on Business Inspires

"And he fell in love with it and he's kind of uh invested himself as a cornerstone of this community ever since he's been here and uh he built the business based on people on the web that can be we do a lot of the community as a community as a heck of a lot for us and we have a really when when relationship and that's kinda just uh evolved into a great relationship yeah no in lots of meetings that i get a chill um i was in one earlier this week an education foundation is talking about the golden bear bash that's going to be there in the treatment center in up a week or so and you know the first thing they say is hofmans market they're are always there for us they're just amazing partners and we appreciate having them here in so support of all the time so i know that that's a big part of oil your business and we circle back to that but um your dad y you said something earlier about upper arlington location to your uncle taken that ever was at a grocery before your the turkey's his own store um from i think when the shop centers first built we've actually up store pictures of the old tarpley store hang inside of our store um we see many members the tarpley families still they come in and shop in everything we got relations with those guys um but they were transitioning they had stores i don't know the exact number of their stores all over the terms are easy to remember tom tarpley yeah um and so we see tom junior all the time um and some of their family members but he added turkey's had the store um they're transitioning and so that's kind of how we just took it over from them great yeah and working with your dad like you said earlier young yawning sell wetter what are the strengths and weaknesses that you have in any help offset too you know i uh and i don't know how i'm wire this way or wire this way but i don't take a whole lot personally so um where the people and family business.

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