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"tom schmaltz" Discussed on Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson

"The best plan obvious looking also self absorbed. You know what I mean. I couldn't fuck enough. Girls can have enough fight can have enough faith outside the ring yeah. It wasn't enough yeah yeah. It's so interesting because I very much relate to what you're saying. That feeling of what's next this is it. This is everything thing I've I've every bit of my life that I've dedicated to achieving this thing and I did it now. What the fuck night but that's just my negative devouring everything because we don't have no outlook on self love back them so easy to say that it felt I love you find so many things to do to self and it sounds like in those three years out and then finding that passion again you tapped into something a little deeper yourself hundred percent you know the first time I was boxing first career? Yeah I call it to careers. The first time was about achieve in my dreams giveaway Joe Middle World and all sorts of which talked about all power and what if all this stuff but when I got there I fought like this is not shed. It wasn't what I expected in from England definitely hard because inland they look at boxes in the fight of a total different different perspective. They're like gods out. How how do you live their life in England? You can't go unaware exactly. I know he can't GonNa win. You can't go there waiting for you yeah yeah. That's true you hang out here. It'd be forty thousand people waiting for you in England. They don't fuck around. That's crazy what they're fighters their soccer players and stuff rugby pleaded with you two percent. How many people where Did you autumn in America right yeah how many people from UK came over seven thousand it was a lot of British fund struggled but like the second career? It's not about winning belts or anything. I've just you know a box now because eloped to fly finally found what I love to do with them to be involved in England fights and I'm take punches and people buck you know I go into these fights and I don't give a folk unlike lose on the crazy character. I don't care if the hit me. I don't care what they do. I'm going to enjoy myself. I'm going to have to fight. They're all serious like Oh my God. I'm like doing dances wave. I'm uh-huh and yeah singing to notice that Karen anymore. You know I've gone past the stage of caring about flying. Who's your last fight a Boxton Vegas in June fifteen bucks? A German Guy Calls Tom Schmaltz. That's right and I watched all of that. prefight stuff man in your energy was unbelievable said smiling yeah you were putting on a show Britney. Entertainment Business was in Las Vegas. Oh is that on the show did one the Fi- to the next one offense never been as happy as my whole career. Never I'm so happy right now so mentally well so unconcerned about what people think of me but think think about the ruis and I think he's a win over. Joshua was very good win two weeks notice how you find them. I would tie one on beyond me Back News Eva one job. He's not write-off pop pop pop pop. That'd be the easiest Fi ever let love. Is that if you're looking forward to. I'm GonNa find this guy on fourteenth then we're going to go for the wild all the rematch February twenty-second Allan this time I'm GonNa leave it to the just going to go over within four or five rounds then we're gonNA move on to fight anybody thinking. Thank you again for you fault somebody else. If all one flight before he fought dominick Brazil won round one round knockout. He's like Louis whole teas and he's next flight so we we met yeah yeah. I think now go quicker this time. No Louis all tastes one hundred and forty seven years old. You know how old he is from when Cuba they they fight forever this so just keep doing annotate So what do you think about like back in the day. Mike Cat Fifteen fights in a year before that sugar ray Robinson had like a hundred fights in a year and now how many fights as you have in a year maybe three that's crazy is crazy but when you start off at the beginning you can have all these funds in my first year as a professional nine fights. The mall is tap at the mall. The fights become less than eight more time to build a mall time to sell them. I wish I could fight ten times once a month for big old Alfred Today Obama campaign like Joe Louis as you do and they won't do it specifically possibly getting hurt. You know they don't do that that anymore. I'd love to keep very active like if I can get three fights yeah. I think that's me being very active time. Inactive one fight per year one fight in three he is just craziness seems like you get out of rhythm. Get Long Dot com much fit and you lose all rusty and he didn't know a couple of weeks to get back where he was yeah. Where's this fight coming up? This flight sought new new arena in Vegas T. mobile's onto hoga business a brand new one year for like twenty thousand eight awesome. How are you dealing with you? Know your success and continuing to build yourself up. Open your new career like I said I don't see a success. Don't see any financial live day to day. You know what when you're like me I could be happy Pinot of suicidal evening yeah so when you live your medication no medication training compare. Oh revived drugs test in the world then you've just trained my medicine has become training. I used to like just train for a fight. Go Out of camp upon a way not train. Just H it all the time during the day on the second time coming back like I'm staying in shape the whole time training every day for me not just for sport for me to keep myself mentally well and strong on the training camps and life style of boxer has become very easy for me now box two hundred and sixty five pounds walk around two hundred and sixty five pounds well before I was walking around free injured and seventy pounds or more forums pieces to three seventy. I'll never staying shape. Uh in all seasons you were violent have finally after fighting three and four times a year like I was just boom always fighting now and train them on his school Gordon Drinking. Just I didn't have didn't have good life skills back then yeah. That's what I'm saying. Brain saw aw man brain should staying shake yeah keep running. Don't don't go to the gym you just keep running every day your car and your yeah keep the cardio yeah you know when he was doing all this cooking all the time. Did you catch many diseases laughable. That's part of being the guy that gets all the girls to notify me. If you dare guy walked everybody that comes with it too so I was recently over in Spain and someone said Oh no don't fuck Gal. She's got happy. She said well she folks. May She's GonNa Committee. Gonorrhea visuals curtain oh FARC according kissing disease when they my my Um. I'm one of this year my fucking your lymph nodes and the AD cooking glance bowl. Well look like a fucking told told he as big glands yeah. Wow couldn't believe I feel like I was dying relief. Oh pain like no other you don't believe in which paint eight and he showed up with some kissing an opposing that to talk it goes both ways you get both ways either either one both ways. Thankfully I've never contracted and this guy looked out lucked out until you get any brothers and sisters got four brothers. No sisters five brothers knows how while fighting all the time all the Tom May and my younger brother we used to fight every day all the time and younger brother and he was also a professional boxer. Sir Fighter had nine profile yeah but he had a bud. I had to retire from boxing would have been good. He was a Sh short compact and powerful heavyweight heavyweight yet hotel may was about six foot six foot six Fulton two hundred and fifty pounds. Yeah you have a family yeah. I got a wife. Five kids kids kid. You do Raymond your tablet. Turn kids got to work hard to Ondra son. Go tape going ten ten. What are you the lot to living living in England right yeah and did the cost have to live in high? They're expensive yeah. I would think so yeah. He lived the fucking live over there. I mean you gotta get together. Still are suppose he pay a a high tax bracket to live a safe place yeah margin if he lived in a third world country again stopped and killed every second on your doorstep hoping taxes so over there. It's claimed place to live quite safe. Spot it really what are you doing in. La I'm here in L. A. we've got some press for the flight to SPN studios on a bit awesome too but they're feel interviews and things about flights fight for September fourteenth to agent and put in a movie and do yeah. Oh yeah it'd be great good on the street over there and Gone GonNa sit and hang out to hang out with Jim set down the street now. We're just going to go back and do the show a call that down the street. Do you have any interest in that acting not really know how to know what the future also supporting pornographic navy the WHO host interesting what what do you see for life after boxing or even thinking that far yeah you're going to become a professional laker off the box. No don't get you a job that I I earn through so that'd be my ideal. Oh Kung due. There's healthy to me disease it out there. I want to do after boxing. I WANNA I WANNA start heavyweight eight five factory I'm bringing heavyweights from all over the world of them in in one facility shopping in each of her up on try and take him anyway jumpings love heavyweight training ground basically breeding ground love that it's awesome. It was a young fighter. What is your what are your options? How do you how do you get in? You just have to find a gym and you know you work with all the other fighters. Is that the best best situation suppose so you got to get to a gym. I am and people discover me. Eh One. I want you to something that happened. Yeah how did it well you grew up in. I grew up around boxes very easy for me to get involved in it. Yeah I'm of England bane of small place small country. It's like if any go toll and you're going to be selected two bucks for for the country and in comments all over the world so yeah I used to walk to the gym every day to me and my brother used to they used to ride a bike on on the train two hours three hours Roebuck so awesome what without them opportunities to do aw I maybe wouldn't even be today who knows so that's another thing I would like to..

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