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"tom pitta" Discussed on 790 KABC

"But I want to say Hello to the panel. I Kelly Curtis fitness expert to the stars. How are you Kelly? Thank you. We have Dr L E machine nutrition specialists PHD. How are you Dr messy? I am doing good. Good good. Thank you. We have functional mix. I can't even talk to functional. We're live folks functional medicine chiropractor, Dr Holly. How are you? I'm great. Thank you. We have Jason Waller addiction and rehab specialist. Are you Jason wonderful? Thank you. We have Dr of fashion. We have rod Allen Baker. How are you? Ron. I am doing awesome. This is a fantastic panel. Folks. We're here. Have you got a question about your health? We're going to be taking calls. Section two three and four but session one is about education, how stress and anxiety affect your heart. Let's go to doctor Dr messy. Let's talk about this. Well, as far as what I see in my clinical practice for the past twenty years. I should there is a lot of emphasis on high blood pressure and a lot of attempt to lower at different type of drugs. What it is a Dima water retention, whatever is irregular heartbeat or whether it's lowering the blood pressure with a combination of two or sometimes even three different family of high blood pressures. But I don't shave as an emphasis on day. Low blood pressure. I do not see even day. Does you come into my office? Do have a regular alter sound their doctor don't do it regular basis. We don't know day routine and one of the most important part of the heart, which is a pump. What I call. How strongly that blot out put as it is something called ejection fraction. That's just front of your palm. That's your heart. How strongly pushes it out? Should not be preventively speaking, I do not like to Seattle sixty five. But that's interesting question between you on your practitioner, but basically when it drops to less than fifty. We're talking about the risk of congestive heart failure put him on the heart is either too weak. Steph, whether you can't pump out or whether it cannot a late enough to get the blood ENA before they systolic basically pressure can push to blot out. So I won't. Brings us up to our listeners a change fan that they need to be having an open dialogue with cardiologists. General practitioners, nurses, doctors natural pats to focus on the low because as we talked about last week in Portugal or woman and the young woman. Less than fifty year old are becoming the Tom Pitta silent fatal disease because they don't know how much of. Stressed that they put in their heart. This pump can only take show much before. It says, you know. Thanks for having me..

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