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"tom peralta alison. hagey charles baxter amanda stern" Discussed on Storybound

"Hey. It's Jude Burr. I just wanted to tell you about a podcast called the history of literature. It's a show that covers everything from the life and works of literary giants, Tolstoy Industrial, ASCII to lighthearted topics like the best of the Bar Shakespeare's greatest lines and overrated the books you don't need to read. The past five years host, Jack Wilson and his guests have explored everything from Gilgamesh took a goal seeking out the most unusual compelling and inspiring stories from the world of literature with his special blend of self loathing and optimism Jack, tackles. Every book if it could change his life and more often than not, it does just that at its heart. The history of literature podcast is a celebration of what we love about literature and life it will appeal. To anyone who enjoys passionate intelligent and unpretentious conversations about the beauty and importance of great books previous and forthcoming episodes of the show featured guests such as Tom Peralta Alison. hagey Charles Baxter Amanda Stern Joshua Ferris. Matt. Gallagher Tobias. Wolff and comedian Joe Para the history of literature is brought to you by the pod llamas new episodes run every Monday and Thursday and you can listen today by subscribing on Apple podcasts or wherever you are listening to this show. Everybody has heard fairytales, but did you know that original versions of fairy tales were not suitable for children? Every Wednesday the park has networks. PODCAST tales uses premier storytelling to present these stories as they were originally told orally and unadulterated tales doesn't cover the popular watered down versions of the stories are familiar with today. These tales are riddled with lust tragedy murder and more. You'll feel like you're in the middle of a story book as. You hear these Classic Tales described vividly here classic tales such as Peter Pan the boy you cried wolf and Briar Rabbit brought to life as you've never heard them before with many more details to come you think you know the story but do you really.

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