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"tom penner" Discussed on Mason & Ireland

"Have you been to the new Bank, America, whatever that thing is stay I've been a lot. I've been allowed to stay. For game. I gotta go for a game like so fun and to to help us talk about that. And what's going on with L AFC is our buddy Max Brito smacks has worked at ESPN for a lot of years. And then the L AFC talked him into coming out here and be in the voice of their team. But still does a lot of stuff for us at ESPN. And and we got max online. Now max, how are you man? I'm doing great. Yeah. They talked me into it. I talk to my auntie come over here. This is the Cush job though, was going to say you get to living game. You get to live in Connecticut or you get to live in L A. I think you've got the the good end of that lollipop. All right. So explain what's happening tonight. Is it unusual that a first year team makes it to the playoffs max? Or is this one of those leagues where most teams make it or explain what's happening tonight with the postseason. Most teams do not make the postseason, but there has been a revitalization with these new owners and new team, and they really wanna hit the ground running. And they wanna put a great product. And they put money behind it with the stadium with players. So. The original team that did it. And like, you know, they've been it Major League Soccer tonight six thousand six and then there's been a lot of expansion teams. That haven't done that like Minnesota was an expansion team that came in and didn't do much, but Atlanta came in and they had that sort of blueprint. They made the playoffs. I hear so Elliott's compared to the Atlanta which is owned by Arthur blank ones, the falcons, and they do an incredible job and their spent a lot of money on players Elliot c comes with a clean slate and can build the team around division all leadership which at Bob Reilly and John Thornton, and well, it's hard. If you're an expansion team doors some advantages to doing it because that clean played I believe, but it's still pretty unique, you know, the experience, and it's the Bank of California stadium. I was just I have trouble keeping the sponsor names. Yeah. I said Bank of America Bank account for that. But it is. It's an experience that surprised me. I mean like the rooting sections. I guess the the Cuervo quavos in the district nine ultras and the black army eighteen fifty you've got crazy crazy fans, and it makes it really fun to be at the game. I don't know what I don't know what John is waiting for. But we'll get him next time. I know maximal absolutely get there. What happens is once? The Lakers season starts I become like this chicken with my head cut off. But I think there's two of you. There's two new because. Your your your radio show a day after being in Minnesota. What have you? That's pretty remarkable. Yeah, bookie. So, but but I didn't why hijacked your answer about about the Bank of California stadium. And some of these Mason pointed out, we're actually I want to give Tom Penner, buddy. Who runs the team over there a little credit here? They actually went found who their fans are going to be people are buying season tickets and max, you can talk about this better night, can but didn't they they paid for him to go to a game like in England or overseas. So you can see what fan is like. And they've basically transformed that into your stadium. Right. Max. Correct. They've looked at Germany particular to see what that famed culture would like they've also gone to areas. I know Tom, did you Major League Soccer that have a very established the fifth decayed fan culture, which be specifically the Portland timbers who all that. He saw that. And you see what works, and what doesn't and I think what's really cool from the fans that you're coming in on the. Ground level. And you're supporting this team from the beginning, and you invest now, and then you reap the benefits that I think one though fan I talked to about any hit thirty to fifty two which is north end where the for the fans are, you know, getting off of fine..

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