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"tom outsource bee" Discussed on Strange Brew Podcast!

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"tom outsource bee" Discussed on Strange Brew Podcast!

"That. We're going to leave you on on some awesome. Yeah we'll even your man. I'm sick of talking about we're drinking. We're getting a motion. I mean I know a lot of you. Want some quotes by Chris Farley. I've a tendency towards the pleasures of the flesh. It's a battle for me as far as weight and things like that but I'm curbing them but I continue do comedy in those two. Don't mix so I try to fight those demons. He was funding demons. His whole life is a his overweight the fact that he had to be funny guy fat fall down four down. I fall down. I is self image of themselves just tainted. Yeah and he saw himself as a piece of Shit Times which is very sad so stop making fun of my weight. Even though. I'm not even close folk you Tom. I'm like fuck. It fit in both legs and Chris Farley pants and also another one isolated. Make it serious. You know. I'm kidding. I used to think I used to think that you could get a level of success. Sess with the laws of the universe didn't imply but they do it still life on life's terms not on a movie stars terms. I still have to work at relationships and I still have to work on my weight in some of my other demons. Nettie trying trying. You tried for so long. We Love You Chris. Farley this wellness for you. Hope you're hearing wake you gotta do to get huts. Break you from it breaking from Franken down. Because that's billy is fun factor. I feel like a lot of new but I'm not sure so I'm just going to say it anyway. Coca Cola originally contained an estimated of nine milligrams of cocaine per serving but has been banned since nineteen ninety three ninety nine milligrams so I wanna know cocaine so like how. When did COCA COLA START EARLY? Eighteen hundreds how fucked today's fizzy pop. To look it up. I want okay. We will look that up but I had a second part I. It's it's weird. I don't I don't know why this exactly is but men nine times out of ten or more addicted to coke them. Women are weird and I'm surprised with that because you know as women doing. I'm doing coke head. Girls there have been but the physical attributes of meeting it is more prominent have more addictive personalities than women. I get that women are women but I'm saying that surprisingly because they girls like that you'd think about like they don't have to get something horrid and coke can help like your sexual and Ambitions Carlin. Never Mind Shit. I lied I thought I thought Coco was around since the early eighteen hundreds. They they were doing it for about ten years with actual coke so they started in eighteen. Ninety Two's called Coke Cola eighteen ninety two and the Vanden. Oh two that's crazy and it was called coke because cocaine a cooler. So you got your call wearing came from fucking sad episode. But also find. I Love Chris Farley. You know Pray to Satan for him. But I think he's in a good place and there is a weird guy. Go spock session where he used some ghost equipment one of the ones that were bred. Certain sounds and I swear to God I should play this clip but you can distinctly crystal rallies or something like that on Youtube where you can distinctly hear his voice say like I'm okay like it's okay and he's coming through like a ghost box that I have but the guy's a better one and he's like he's in this guy's pretty legit and stuff and he's a case. Let's let's re news like goes pucks go. Sparks is the one I have. It's radio frequencies it's like ten and it's like saying that goes through talking yet. It's like a goes through hundred radio radio stations in a second. Okay so it's so fast. It's impossible for another station. Actually come in and have a longer sentence or something like that. Obviously myself and I've literally heard I was like say my name say my name same name same name but any would say Thomasson Newman. It's impossible for it to carry a long no fighting and since you know dead. New I shall have batteries for it but I learned sidewalk twice and the exact same female voice Thomas and then doing myself and then mentioned my stepbrother. Peter When boards and stuff like that and like I was introducing to Ouija boards was. I probably shouldn't have done. We played his buddy's house. We wouldn't work unless my hands on it. So whatever's catching me because it was my Ouija board so I do believe wasn't my mind moving it. I've done myself. Yeah we episode go back listen to it but the fuck Jackson but the fact that has to the fact that I know enough about it but like and then we were playing those spear blocks and then is things are talking when I touched it and then I heard say Thomas and the exact same fucking female voice are heard before and Thomas in like a deep male voice survey all done johnny playing that now. So we love you Chris Farley. Ww DOT strange. Podcast look us up on our website. And what's coming up with? What's coming up next episode? What's coming up after? Oh Billy's got a new song blue balls or so gloomy returning Topa Brad. We do do a song after every episode every one every single except when Tom Outsource Bee's thirteen thirty three every episode of you go back up to like the tenth episode. There's some we didn't ever Attitu- started doing it. But there's a lot of old songs that I've done. Billy's done. Sins of weird. Listen to the lyrics lyrics. His actual talents rates took root strange brew facebook pages to Ram. Listen Chris Farley. I love you sh-.

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