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"tom lolo jones" Discussed on The Bobby Bones Show

"And it's good time. Rare for me to be up that late rare for me to be home. I'm on the road every weekend. So that's good for you love tank. My what you're left, Hank. I didn't mean any girls. I know, but I'm saying like friendship. I mean friendship love. Thank your love tank. Airplane some jams though, the dark bar. DJ's really good. Raining though is still packed streets. Peak of the room Broadway and national like big like everybody just having to urinate, right there. Why wait for a bathroom? Yeah. Like everybody else is doing. This waiting time. Hey, Morgan this before you, but you like to when it comes on. Yeah. I like the song we were thinking we're like Morgan number two the Florida Georgia line bar. We We didn't didn't go go in. in. But we were like we've been more jailhouse my old style. Broadway every week. Are you still in Broadway weekend? Yes. I love Broadway. You are. Yeah. She's twenty five though, they get it. I get that. I just don't be the old guy in the bar. Right. That's all I kept any was the old guy. Older. Good because it was Broadway around you, see somebody older. Older than me. I'm good. You just pointed him the whole time. Don't look at me. They announced the official celebrity big brother cast. So I'll read you the celebrity tell me what they're known for Kato kaylin. I know I know that name I feel like lunchboxes talked about this Kato kaylin there from MTV Kato kaylin live with OJ Simpson. Yes. When we all talked about quedo, testified he lived on his property. His face now. Okay. Joey lawrence. From blossom. Ryan locked de swimmer. Tamar braxton. Child star. This teenage start one of the twin sisters. The girls has show together sister Toni Braxton. Right related to Toni Braxton from the Braxton's show, right? And I'm assuming. Ricky williams. Oh, look up Tamar player. Yeah. For UT for running back Natalie. Even Marie these are all celebrity big brother people. Natalie. Eva Marie Marie item. She's a former WWE wrestler. How about candy Bruce? Candace cameron. Oh, yeah. The names candy Burruss. I've no idea she's a real housewife former singer current real housewife, candy Burs don't. He don't housewives anymore, man. I don't know which one she has listen. Hi, my Bravo. Watching has gone way down since I became a mom, Tom green. MTV star commit funny guy, stunts comedian, Tom Lolo Jones runner. Yeah. Yeah. Olympic track athlete and bobsledder. She did the. Wow. Okay. So there you go Jones. I mean, this I'm pretty solid and a low low don't you a bit Oregon? You know, how I know her. I don't really know how you know her. I know that you donate. I don't know how you know her a measure on a dating. How? But we actually have it like just like texts talk. We've actually physically about rush and then like last week or so she was like I gotta disappear for a while..

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