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30  Sigue la entrevista a David Bosc Albors de Creativo en Japn, parte 2

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30 Sigue la entrevista a David Bosc Albors de Creativo en Japn, parte 2

"Going Dawson's Demain Retro Youtubers Planner Totem Pole people listening to this show you you put them in there just because because I don't tell them what was going on a taller canal of secrecy soulless and put a Democrat to combat they won't you give your so noisy. Nobody the doors. Are you going on potato but he goes to David. Don't believe it or not not only is holding hose which working out about hose economically Sunday Sunday in throw political amass much. I wonder if there's GonNa be a semi us. All of the horse or the middle ability to be introduced bit will come out with. I mean they could probably last another day you it does not the there's a given hopping with us to the the the you do starts to go tonight. Your you do not know legitimate inaugural gown probably be a foolish risque as it gets bigger musk's within the Muslim community. What a good thing. I wanted to stop all right. How come what am I am becoming the couple typical royal canal to be this real expertise or the rest of your program on on the bog and they're not know most of them. The Laura Speedo USA accessible. I won't be focusing Bush did this. With uh-huh. What did they do this. Though you do what do get it or w nation Houston about the noise a steady but a lot of kings Yongchaiyudh wearing your person person doing this for shipping line. I whoa Gosh I feel so good. What about because you're not going to be your community to. He said football hit Thatta Smith. Nobody like I even though you you'll go into the anti cigarettes are Deuteronomy Gaydos by Bush in Vietnam Australia's it elite. Seal Norway which will be the Tom Leykis show is domino utility Botswana Republic missile me but if they win at the war candidate but I think it's time that were all with we. The blue stalled for almost two bogus in progress here so you feel like a fish tomato. CK each kid. I must put it through it all to be the willow going to someone who we win. That undaunted your shoe. Okay get it can sit on demand puppy and what you do all this. This is how it is it. All on this goes completely. Go wasn't gonNA immigrant this radio L. Libertarian. You'll come up with customers. Bogan Puccio stunt focus of Duke astounded when you say not in a stupid Castro Castro confessed stitch-up above startup is the goal line. We'll just both Scotto in why not only in video just by Niro's spun spun up though the whole winter Sunday a bit on both casino area with his nineteen percent or castle. I will tell you what he thought. You've got a good deal of capone in Spaniel I Kylo. I've done done Algal from Granola August is he he. He says he'd only time input and say listen. We've freaky here. Go on the they found void hop on your take even though he had to prove the harmonisation number. Oh so you'll let this is going to be kind of bullying disciplining forgotten just Monday no no but I want to toluene Habbaniya. Tanya was young victims Kolmogorov mutual. No no actually says ah the blogs or you're not guarded but there's better that Kim Custodian we'll need toys although he got say isn't going but I also North Dakota game on Communist having to Stop Boko. I'm Oklahoma Elizabeth Elizabeth Monarch Avalon's symbol of myself so I can tell you w weight loss has been done and forgotten pro bowl to yoga's. Kobe university eighty seven doing more as a good daughter dig up by both cars embi companions as liberal yet. I'm going to be mcelwain muklewicz throw Barroso. We'll tell them go get the implant compliment Komo spotty for which they may or May Sadhana someone be Retro Sonel Democrats Dictum Komo does industry policies tinti located. It'll be couldn't get one okay. Let's put them in combat gear. Investigar can only have one on your little bit. Okay Komo look on this button. Come on head to tail that ain't going to war waiver or almost got off aubenas perfume swallow. WHO's GonNa be a star because when we got a problem another one destiny the intake thanks sustainable economic and I'm from Winter Sante split Gaza through course Aparicio with your surrealist personal style quote condenser. Send your lover to compromise though here's Florida's voters no no no no no in the phenomenon going on. What am I upscale memories. I E I wouldn't Boogie diminished. I wouldn't Orthodox does committee will also does over the massive sodas against they'll need or nor sycamore anytime you see mayors deputy in the man. I know I engaged in the loop on your is yet intimating. Look at your bio next Adi or not Joan de that you can't get the initial was busy. He says look look believers catering. There are no physical down this month but I wondering the nausea will say goodbye and then we'll try to say what does it cost us storrow Thursday in night in Berlin this narrow. He's not going to go in and Wilton. This is why this is going to continue that you think window scofflaws nothing but yeah but I later on today in the Import Bernardo in Jerusalem. You're looking. I don't want you to feel yes. He big little Joepat Perl mortgage. We'll start. Tell the median poll eligible. GotTa make you gotTa get Kubota. thirsty in one hundred six is to study from the second date so you buy yeah the worst punishing everybody in which is the needle outrageously little brandy. Gamal medicine because if I were you. Can I give you throw Powell us. You'll fordham indicate anti-gay senior in the immature going taking portrait videos skimming the plan the NAS game. I think he'll cut them for your all. Your buses Timothy multiple ninety two doors Zebra giving it. I'm going to be on this locus here. It's a little much though you're not finished fourth of the import it will cut in for mark safe. I mean it can flow. Taylor will come into it by somebody to push what's going on non. Benetton impetus. He can la La Western hockey. We knew who mostly poverty defend in couple months about outdoor almost say look this up on the computer mckerrow Mika so orange the comparable or Gumby wake up owned wolters Zach humanist but if you show apprentice but of course of course you for by Chameleon as he boarded the relevant to escape it gets say own medical or getting components until it's been look how how did this those which insist and donate to you know not only do they go may commands. They'll know what he's importantly. Symphonies Selena stole fina the horses from about a dozen in many hundred courses. Can you know sometimes they came. Neither twenty dollars to get some people from another week to Moscow to organise pineapple is going to do the mechanical. CK noise but I'm going to continue taking office does not say John but a blue numbers on on Mars see Mars is there you made your secrets within your field because so you're not a hate this deal disputing cajoled you. You know cooking canal. I pushed out issue and they got him on the mouth. I can give you a bit over your ear. Maybe it is not necessarily TV the Marcello border so you know the one wants food so we can go when I go to Louis but I never doc look healthy. No nothing really felt over Louise take on this role meal. Bush and they have to go so today they would need some bit much vision in this offense disregarding the awesome Benke but I do before Indian representative Kay Benita whatever comparison in other words l come to come to our proposal by then police by L. A. C. Uniqueness and I'm not gonNA commit this level and only selling the Spaniel demonte government undermines the WTO W you can read through the Joe Lieberman of Basilica to ego but other gone. We ended up your windows. You'd have to get don't belong in what I'm supposed to impose on the register to below do issue number one in this area on this that they are hundred four Mulago going convenient parameter before rhetoric in Cobb on in your legal thing. Go say let's toluene domino's when I mean the sport. I knew how big information internally from loss as you know. We still have a little more or less. It wasn't there a ticket from Europe. We don't become cumby are for another minute. Show the for complex you convenient just move it. Inflicts GonNa Flip Out. I know but oh you're doing a blue skies competitiveness finding no you don't get much much more this hour on Komo. Go from US and that's still not window. They don't get it but you're going to eat those of question to put up with it. You WanNa go clinique. You're comparing people horrible people the minute. We don't think you're constructional blitz and mark for take a complete protein nest from what Michigan Apple just produced on this coming if I'm having their citizens but Lizzie Ivan Morales Hamouda Navy vessels. How do you stay put this is springfield. You're traveling. You're un-usa. Milan failed Kyushu taught all for travelers theon medicine of meeting with Komo News One hundred three Scape Komo Abi L. D. in Scotland Rachel was go hempel ingles Las Grandes interest the the oilfield thrown in Gorky Cavallo New mushy Sarko organ got say that the NEOM moderate Rosa Spaghetti AS Roma's if we'll award ambush look at what's on the golf talks up and fellow when are they just been on this the more random than rhythms aww I saw see and then thirty four this is say no sit salient domeisen retro. They're lining up until one meantime Donald Watson. Oh Among Cup of Guinness Mass Muslim Line K can benefit them in two minutes to get you don't have to accompany no no you must do this on the invested book would be three thousand. Rohingya say say the color of fiscal will come how about out of the race on you're GonNa Bill Ministy and the gate because he's a fellow female you this. He flew here but if you go to they're going to be honest. Industrious Dusky swollen candidates. Are The horse bomb we I wanted to wind up windows because L. on this disc. Will your interest online school. You okay the book. I've got a bunch of Montenegro Com. You'll Jason Little Gayton ended up Bush Bush valuable liberal Mugo Focus. Hey Stop the value of the DOT. Look I'm your thumb into the Lane Joe Walsh and but Homeowners Policy Call Me Stumble. Ooh She's with the new limits or the way that I had this in your windows Estan attack on the moon pool with the pornography as compared to the Mafia and got the doubling in particular concussed because as you might not because they're gonNA feed those Louis Tyler was the community garden he could add to community doing nothing. Alamodome yes contest Noggin with BDO wonderful. I just want to another another meeting. August two dollars the retro sat no no. I know when I I wouldn't alone. Do not get on with your body so it could it be night. Go go out of their got they can not it's not that easy noted the number. You ought to be in the day. I skate take into this is your Lord of heat giving involve upper two novelists Devlin. They're gonNA say Kamanga subordinate Shougang still when it'll be Oklahoma today they come on. Y'All see through your to come automotive audio for more mommy saw a Oh. He's most was failing coming at you. They are fails when you take these I'm whichever this guy gets away from mental battle. You'll get some or let's go. Did they want us to cooking Eddie. You didn't by telling me how she would kick them in the the United States in Canada. They love me but I mean the wait booklets mountain industrial say Logan. Don't tell him and he'll go any out for you to the cousteau not yeah. I knew Pam Windy. That didn't even maybe you'll go home. Eh One hand hewn pork. Pork pork is voiced now. They are not not much going on not just me but who do you go. I mean there's gotta be some will uh-huh Prince. How this overdose hell no. He wasn't Ludovic speed. I there's some which I am blending ideal while I'm fairly you cannot roll with me to Western University Tokyo next Monday. Afoot stokes video preview with you not tell the stadium focus aw I gave it to enforce penalties said he would I guess any in the report he was he was just telling me in detail. Not The end most penalty will be an hour. There's something I couldn't finish pimp won't read fantasy tales focusing all this is. Are you going to moderate through. CCC Mess they go on the believed he met a underway in Matthew and no one can affect positively so the differences with us. Rony me I mean okay the Amiga Spaniels must by so it does by an internet focal being local lockenfora. No as fate or stylishly familiar on simply will be we'll go sto thorough going ten pm familiar to set aside the other day during the most people who stole Nelson. Yeah I mean this is that Theo panelist competitive throw the water cobras yeah but he risks this audio spicer nothing Melissa Dhamar on Canosa needles. They were still by the region. It'll it'll go up with Leila fear this will figure out the doesn't the pinch-hitter DoCoMo fuel and uncle contain but so now what sets up the Democrat hallways over the Yoga Okay Okay D'Amato residency. I list archaeological more nice to entertain second after starting this up. Do you want me to the Thursday bookstores. Yes both is to. There's the user say they will join. You stole Dr Simone or so you go take your you know those different. They valued at the Implementation Ashley then. You're not gonNA see me. I've witnessed. This is garlic early on I won't or does anyone know nope. We don't have enough with union. I didn't get a Macho gun-free answer. Yamaha quest for domestic vida no bit ogm okay original cialis. okay the ability to throw the dog. You're going to go off on you know the the group loop. What I mean by Anti Spaniels wasn't hit both thing going. They do not accept the bay. No one would say they're not sports. The Federal Camo gear funded isn't it percents. I'm assuming of Kulikova Maria he poppinsan okay. They will go out to see him. Bogle fan little though you won the won the stubborn part table time in which a road into the stove up in New York this Sunday almost pinpoint all coming up here but I'm also just doing poorly by not taking mosquitoes coming office podcast Magog Maske Festival Damian knows it so we've been how big kick them all Blah Blah L. as long as you own skin avalon Houston. We obviously knew he assumed book with better case again which I didn't see all all but escaped to focus and do not least those happen or choice. Thank you bye now owns them down a little bit no matter what the message simply again when Bill Powell notable normally associated with the night before the choice is effing. WBZ Mafias for career people oh gosh nuclear Joe McConnell sympathetic. You will get this winter Sunday when we come to a deal but I want to talk about the Osborne. Most of custody of you know sticking is it is always thought to this but I know they had an article on the Soviet on the window reporter pimple. NOBODY DOT COM Alabama's job lenders always intimate Knowledge Mutare C. E. Get Your own material to leave via so he eh goes again must take on a few personae. Stay on you'll get a little bit watched in mostly. You're GONNA get one. MAQUEDA phenomenal intended the photo he eh you're not say the simple out of their the Dow stadion about him yet but they're all our lives cigar. You have an illegal manual going to go. All all of us get done do so. I think they will use Seattle. You'll be model saint see see your family in the water bottle nine the boy of mutual funds and and I don't even understand the WHO still show you understand what the I mean. This must have been that way when all saw another. Which one do you not Oko Talamona. You'll company las I got thirsty was stuffy on Rodeo Golick optical now. Let's Louisville Bush's Damaskinos Maluku this commodity. MISA GO commando domas Middle East when the impetus go. You've been solvable do they don't know there was Komo muscular central. That's another thing even throw it on lobby innovation total of thin hold on hold on what data but a one though all Allah from on Tuesday.

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011921 Hour 3

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011921 Hour 3

"Understaffed crust lovers. Some of you've been waiting for this moment. Your whole lives papa. John's new stuffed crust pizza is here so if you end up speechless due to the melted. Cheese filled marvel of a stuffed crust pizza. Here's a list of words. You can use outstanding first rate terrific. Peerless unparalleled superior supreme. No no no. That's something else. What about epic. Introducing the new epic stuffed crust pizza from papa. John's one topping for twelve bucks. That ingredients better pizza. John's not discounts fees in texas. Extra prices may vary the top of the hour. We give you the hottest trending topics in the world. This is now trending with regan's on the act. Show right one of the top turning topics this morning. Joe exotic a lot of pardons are expected to one hundred from the president and his last full day of office Little wayne has made the list And maybe joe exotic. The tiger king might be on that list. He's obviously in prison. For what what. What was the chart conspiring hitman. Or something carole baskin But he is on that list as well. Yesterday justin timberlake announced that he has a second kid with just bill and nobody really knew about it. He was on her show and I think it's interesting time. And considering the last story we heard about justin timberlake and jessica biel was that he was cheating on her and that their marriage was on the rocks. Now a few months later she's got a kid so is on her show. What kind of show does she have. Ellen oh sorry. I thought you meant on jessica biel show now doing podcasts by hip but yeah i think what they say when couples get caught up in like a cheating scandal that they end up having a baby hoping that that will fix things times. The they'll say the timing is interesting. he's like let's have another baby. I wasn't cheating on. You know we'll totally have another baby. We don't know that he was cheating. He was holding hands with another woman in new orleans at one time it was caught on camera. Not a big deal. He was drawn. Listen you can't hold hands with another hot chick. What i don't know i'm not saying he was cheating. Listen that girl ends with him. His hand i saw him out. I would try your driving home in real quick. Justin timberlake held by. And you're a big fan. Yeah so that would be a thing. I would try. So maybe that's what happened. Yeah just a crazy fan that would you feel the same about any former member of instinct. Now okay not really. Any of them but justin timberlake. He's still he's making tons of successful stuff very success driving Yeah no one else before you. He's the only one that's still like swaggie in cool. So swaggie and colts is now. You know what you have to do. A little bow a packed out the house for a concert he did in houston and twitter was not happy about it. No one was wearing masks and stuff like that but the best tweets were like. I'm not going to risk my life to go see little bow and who knew will bowel capac. The house in twenty twenty one. who knew. isn't he by rain from the that madonna movie Then he played by an hour just goes by bow. Wow he's not slow but he's still pretty low as he tiny little guy now does The the snoop dogg still refer to him as nephew. I probably everybody nephew. But aren't they really relate. Are they not related. They were thought they were too. Because i mean he snoop dogg and then little bow the family name. Obviously it's a family name. I don't think they're related though. Yeah they got me good. But i could be wrong. It's it's happened once or twice definitely Ace's new song came out at midnight Go check it out if you like. You know that kind of music. I like that at all that kind of us. Tom leykis love good win. That sorta got an all. That's totally what this. Yeah it's really. I didn't wince that sound all gregan's sorry. I didn't mean like that i. If you like that kind of music like pop using what is how would you describe like papa. I love love. Pop rock opera. Love song love song to true. Love story reagan's urinate into musical form. Okay enough looking too much into is midnight on all major streaming platforms and all those things. That's that those are all the things that are now trending. We'll do group therapy next. War of the tj. Show coming up is your small to mid sized business ready for the inevitable rebound voice. Hunter dot com specializes in providing top level voice talent for all your video marketing e-learning advertising needs. There's no better time than right now. To focus on increasing your customer base and corporate internal audio needs boy center dot. Com is a voiceover service with the world's best voice actors and actresses call voice center dot com at seven zero four six four eight nine thousand eight hundred or visit us on the web at boy center dot com tj. Don't forget at this time is happening. We help you win. So if you need some assistance with something. I mean again. We're not in the business of providing money but if you have other things that you need to members of the radio family helping members of the radio family go to ace. Tj dot com slash. Wednesday tells her story. That's as tj dot com slash wednesday. It's tuesday the doctors are. This is group therapy on the act. J. show today at the classic tale boy and a girl too many drinks girl. The just met with a guy for get to know each other date. It was the first time we've actually met each other. And i was pleasantly surprised that he looked just like his picture. Everything was going great then he had just a little too much to drink and he got a little loose with his mouth and started saying some sexual things regarding started saying sexual things regarding his beard. And even said quote wow. I didn't realize your boobs. Were that big in quote over here. A couple of my friends join us and he commented asking if we ever kissed and put it out my friend had quote unquote boots also decided to leave after that. My friends and we left him at the bar. He texted me the next day and said he realized that he got a little drunk and he was just nervous and very sorry for some of the things that he said. I'm not sure if he knows all the things he said. My friend said there's no way. I should go out with him again but he was kind and it was going well until he got drunk. He clearly had a couple of drinks before he got there. So maybe if he doesn't drink it will be a great date. Do you think it was a dealbreaker. Think he's funny. I think if you give it another chance probably be on point the entire night. Yeah but what. He's just gonna quit drinking art. He's to have a few drinks and that's the thing he does on the first day nervous. Not nervous i'm nervous. I'm nervous as a long tail cat in a roomful rocking chairs right now. Thinking almost saying nasty things dante cat in a room full. I gotta right now. So you don't think she should give him another chance. Alexis see i understand that whole you gonna first day like i get so nervous i state but i do take a couple of shots before i go and meet the person so gase. That's not true. Please don't let me rip. So maybe he just did a little too much. Drank a little too much. Maybe he had a couple of showers. Bhagat yeah kicked in bam next thing you know. He's saying things he doesn't he saying things it'd be mid he's saying things he should've say maybe this really comfortable around her. You know shows show that you really comfortable in my many many years on this earth. I have never been so nervous about something. That i would have to take two shots liquor to calm myself down and because i just get shots like if i take a cut like alisa won't be as shy just like be a little more relax. You have a problem when you use alcohol to change your personality. That's that's more for a hacker. We help her winds resident group. they're they're just became. An intervention is what it is another chance. Tommy ask yes or no. Tj give them another chance or no no no no. I don't think reagan's yes on a date too many drinks and absolutely a first date and start being very vulgar. No but i did. Something weird was she had a necklace on. That had a word on it. And i spent way too much time we were sitting next to you and i spent way too much staring at her neck and finally she was like. What are you looking at this whole time. I was like. I'm trying to read the thing on your necklace fame. Okay sorry yeah really weird. I'm here that's your name so it was back yeah. Overseen is spelled that way s. u. e. so one triple eight four one to twenty three eighty five one aaa forty one. Eight t j. You can also respond our social media. So they met up. Everything was great. He had too many drinks. Got a little Got a loose with his mouth. Her friends she should definitely not go out with him again. She said but it was going great until he had too much to drink. Should she go on a second date with him or not. Am i said no. Yeah i think so all right. So i'm the only one that's opinion has been heard. The results are in this. Is group therapy on the show. Long story short tonight he Girl meet guy for kind of get to know your date going gonna have to drink. He's had a couple of drinks advance. Maybe he was nervous said a couple of things that we're kind of offensive than kind of set things better friends that were kind of offensive when they showed up and she said things are going great until you had too much to drink. She's thinking about giving him a second chance. Her friends say absolutely not. so what. Say you wasn't offensive as in insulting them but offensive as in being two complementary in a sexual way. That's that's true if that's even possible so lot of response today but we're running about seventy thirty. Seventy percent of people saying she should not give him another chance. Yeah that's what i said like angeles has run. Don't walk but run the other way. Megan he's only speaking what he is thinking. Drunk just resulted in no filter. He sounds a trash. And i wouldn't personally see him again. Yeah he He doesn't have manners. Christine says seriously if you have to ask you deserve each other yikes aches jess says. Getting drunk on the first date would be a deal breaker in itself. I would say it would depend on. What kind of guy you're looking for any self respecting mature guy. Wouldn't get drunk on the first day. Let alone being saying the kind of things that he was saying when drunk. And then there's jessica who says hey. People are such prudes. It's one more date and if you decide after it he's still too much. Don't see him again. But we've all said stupid things when we're drinking and accidentally drank too much give the guy break and give him another shot. Yeah especially if he's paying for the next dinner especially sure i mean what's it gonna hurt. Yeah we'll get a free meal and he was just two complimentary. It's not like you said her is too close together or anything like that. He just said boobs a good and it was complimentary. Yes what i said. He was over over complimentary in a sexual way. Yeah he's a good guy. I just look at like it being the first date and all and you didn't know how to act. It was wrong. Know how to act slow motion for me. Yeah on one hand. His nerves got the best of him and it was mature for him to apologize but unfortunately censure friends had that as their first impression they'll never see him any differently and that's true. Jeffrey said he may have an alcohol problem. After a certain age people control their drinking especially when trying to make a good first impression with a date. Either that or he's immature. You can do better than settling what he should say is. Hey would you rather me have said your friends are ugly real right. I'm just telling you how beautiful they are like. I wouldn't say. I wanted to do those things to ugly win. Doesn't matter of fact ought to be thanking me for compliment. You're welcome. This point had the child i did. I say anything that could not be construed as a compliment okay. He shouldn't go out with her. Tell her to kick rocks. Yeah but alas the radio family voted about seventy to seventy five percent of your believe he should not be given a second chance and tj. Message that one of her friends wants to hook up with and that's why they're down talking about him. Oh god yet couldn't have been that he said something offensive about everybody off right so When you are the person that steals the car why would you be the one call in the police to report something. You wouldn't unless you stop it but if you weren't stupid we wouldn't have it on the show problem so we'll give you the whole story next part of the show now by calling eight four one to twenty three eighty five four taxed sometime after eleven. Am listened to the tv show on demand and on demand stores rob shared with me as a tabu nature. I was just saying. I can't really share that with everyone in. We're not much into sharing subjects of tabu on the radio. Yeah share funny. We'll definitely we'll have that ready to go for share funny. Who get that podcast. You'll love it all right Twenty one year old elliot. Scott from chicago stole a truck from towing company. While he was driving away he called nine one one to report a crime in the crime he was reporting. Is that the person he stole truck from pulled a gun on him. Oh old but he still successfully stole the tra- okay. Yeah so the cops had already had the gps coordinates of the truck so they showed up shortly after Back that call and arrested alia for of a stolen motor vehicle theft and driving on a suspended or revoked lice. that is unreal And i don't know if some sort of investigation is going on with the guy who pulled the gun but it is chicago so it's not really what you call a free area of the world so Be in trouble just having a gun so if he pulled the gun clearly he didn't use it in any way or he would have dropped the the burglary and i'm picturing it being where he pulled the gun but it was too too late. Okay he was already driving off and there was no clean shot. Take on him or something like that But i mean. I wouldn't be surprised if in chicago they gave him a harsher sentence than the guy who stole a car right. We laughed but at the very yeah big possibility. Yeah because the guy had to think. Okay well what he did was worse than what i did. So i'm calling the cops on him because it wasn't a threat to him anymore. The gun wasn't he had gotten away that he felt the need to call and report that menace dope. He stole a tow truck. Looks who steals a totally exactly be because but you don't want to steal one out of all steel. You're gonna choose the tow truck the slowest getaway except one stop blowed stealing a bus. And you're gonna get caught asap. We'll maybe he was stealing to start a business maybe he had a little entrepreneurial spirit he was gonna start a toe and business guys stupid up to then call the steal truck and call the cops on a golfer putting a gun and while he was stealing a truck. He doesn't even know the word entrepreneur. He probably was gonna see other cars with that tow truck. Yeah that's probably somebody like criminal minded. Yeah he's going to steal the car we were not seeing. The opportunities here picked good. I'll steal this car. So i can steal other cards teacher man to fish coming up on now trending with riggins big day. As his life he had a big release at midnight. I can't with our share details in now. Terendak is the ace and tj show.

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Trent365! - Sharing Daily Perspectives At A Time Of Crisis #839


08:21 min | 11 months ago

Trent365! - Sharing Daily Perspectives At A Time Of Crisis #839

"And Welcome to day. One of the lockdown lockdown here in Malaysia where basically on what they call a movement control order which means we have three to move about a little bit about much. The places close nonessential businesses and services. Our clothes you can't go to parks malls shops restaurants that kind of stuff so whilst you're not technically on lockdown you can't really go too many places anyway now for me. What I'm doing right now is walking around the floor online condo on my apartment building. I'm lucky that it's a fairly new condo and is not many people in it so I've actually got this entire Florida myself and so decided to do the trend three sixty five show for these next couple of weeks while we're on. This lockdown in Malaysia is to kind of do it like a journal by his post things multiple times or at least record things multiple times during the day as random thoughts come up and then compiled them all at the end of the day to a maybe a longer video into the one place just because I feel so much. Moving around at the moment is so many moving on some thoughts that I just felt it might make sense to do regular updates but dude in one video if that makes sense sorry I have been. The dice are far got lights possibly could which was still like seven thirty in the morning and five at around to be checked messages. Scan the social media frantically of course to try and find out what's going on then had breakfast thing got through otherwise could use that as Ho Jun for the day because of course the German department is closed. And he can't count to gyms and here. We are now just off the twelve thirty. I guess Just recording this little snippet and then going back to have some lunch and the couple of random pills for right now number one as an expansion of foreign country. It's interesting to me. How on relying really on social media to get a lot of my news because a lot of the updates are coming the local language and so I'm relying on someone else's interpretation of that in many cases so in this environment people like may really susceptible to these fake news thing so we have to try even harder than maybe everybody else to double check the facts to find out what's really happening into Google and to to double check in search as much as we can The other thing that's really hate me is the I guess the idea that a lot of people signing the communities need to be responsible countries Responsible governments count overreact and look down. It's up to the countries look after themselves and the people's look after themselves. Yes it is look after them selves do the right thing and be responsible and social distance and all that stuff totally agree with that but the reality is. That's not the way most people leaving. I think a lot of people still aren't ready to take this as seriously as maybe it needs to be taken so I think for many countries and certainly here in Malaysia. Even looking at my window just now. I could see the amount of cars on the road. Those people coming to to work in essential services nonetheless people adult so a lot of those people have just decided. They'RE GONNA to move around no matter what this still a. Helluva lot less than normal. But there's still a lot of people out there that probably could be on lockdown but if decided not to so I is fully support actually Malaysia. Making the lockdown step. Especially as we've we've become one of the major the major hubs selene Sunni in Southeast Asia. Because we have more outbreaks I think just about any other country apart from China so I think government direction and government mandates. Do make sense at a time like this. The only thing that's been interesting to me. Is that how funny way it's kind of? It's kind of still normal right now because I've still been able to turn on the TV. I've still been able to watch youtube. I've still been able to go on to facebook Dean twitter and all these things. Now imagine what would happen if those things all stopped. What happened if the Internet stopped? Then it would really seem like the world is in crisis but in a funny way even though all those social media channels and all of those news channels. They're all talking about this covert crisis in a funny way. There's a sense of comfort in that and it's interesting how much I think we rely on that comfort when it comes to a time of crosses like these so that's about it for right now and have some lunch. I think we'll be back throughout the day with various updates and then of course I will post that all at the end of the day. Now Hang on noticing. What's this saying. This is just telling me all the things that a closed in my apartment. Which is Jim the lounge maintenance services housekeeping services so yeah it's it's limited lockdown at movement control over here in Malaysia. That's if it's I'll be back later on with the bidding up that hug bureau staying safe by just an interesting conversation. About how governments and countries get through this crisis and one of the discussions was that rather than the employees take the hit and then be laid off or the company's going bankrupt or the government putting a massive stimulus package together. The reality is that everybody needs to sort of contribute a little bit so you know. Maybe the employees take a thirty forty percent. Pay-cut COMPANIES TAKE THIRTY FORTY PERCENT LESS REVENUE. Galvin's take thirty forty percents taxes. Everybody puts money into the into the Kitty essentially to help everybody survive and it makes a lot of sense. I think the reality is that of course for a lot of companies if they take thirty percent less revenue in the draw then and I don't have money coming in this doping seventy percent salaries. Then that's probably still put them to the edge of bankruptcy so it it it's interesting it's a it's a real balancing act. There aren't any wrong answers as a lot of suggestions and the interesting thing to this point is that a lot of people are super critical on jumping on every body others. Everybody else's suggestions and I get it because you know there's there's a lot of emotions running around but you know I think there's pros and cons to every option in every scenario. That's thrown out. So I think Tom Leykis especially it makes sense for us to basically not discount anything. I think everything's on the table right now. Another quick random thought. It's interesting. How much in this world of a global economy. We've come to rely on other people for stuff. And that's not just at a national level that countries rely on other countries for their imports and exports for that matter but even at individual level that cermony of us just aren't self sufficient. We rely on the local store. We rely on local businesses. We rely on importing stuff we we just can't survive on at least that's what we think it's also going to be interesting when all this washes out how much we realized that we really need all that stuff that we thought we needed after all already look the final update for today. Certainly good news. As far as I'm concerned just been announced that the USTRALIAN football league competition will go ahead tomorrow night as scheduled kicking off the first round. It's going to be plagued with our crowds but at least it means that will be able to watch it online. So for those of you. That are missing out on your sport at this time. And that's a lot of people you'll be able to watch it on the watch. I'll put a link to that in the comments Blur and look as the rain. Pelts down he behind me in in Kale in Malaysia. Taylor at this time I'm certainly looking forward to kicking back tomorrow afternoon and watching my football team. Cowden play Richmond tomorrow night in the AFL round one. God check it out look felt great competition. It's a lot of fun for those people. Don't understand it. Now's the time to find out already. Still pelting down at that is for today. I do thank you for your time. And we'll be back again tomorrow from lockdown when the world must come together as.

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LoopPraat 25  Martine Hofstede

LoopPraat - D Nederlandse Podcast over Hardlopen

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LoopPraat 25 Martine Hofstede

"They'll golden by Lopez didn't they style podcast four heart local door hard loafers. Manam steam box on the conference sculpture. Bending sit bar Tom. Watkins and Lopes Ozone Young DIFESA. Hey Young who is it? Yeah I'm on the Fed hoot boy yeah. On a day statesman venema equal most as with lawmakers on slope Monday night auditor. Alan my house now hill. Do you think you need it. and it kind of a mental cost my heart bedsides basic self each men and the new show it's fallen Kozelsk And an my That full dog won't cost. Yes and the half and zero in regretting the low fifty s Hear Alabama humdrum Roman obsolete dumped a grantee clips in the Yard League. Schettino amount also been in bad loans. Take over the terms of being in towns will walk that Milky Stage till that's in The Altar and Rocky Mountains for Cylinder Adventure Races Vegas acoss. And he goes on a left the door on sheer records Mar. She is Say for placer And is conducting vail basic on Har Kotz diplomats? He told me to Martino of stadium. Velka Lamelo pats. Hey Mama look. Thank you logo design Lots of clinical interest for Visa Martina Halston earn specialized appear to show. You been hollowed football and bathroom attention. Nation to new minimum clock out now my focus and national a by my own. The deal is haunting bills. You guys who plastic accurately afternoon as you guys and demanding and on Actioning and Columbia Secrets tomorrow on Kabbage. Damn Nita Mutare she. From now and now Charlotte clubbing little damp locations brands to show in a note at at me. Bob On Guide unto aspect of forward more you could Lope yeah. Let's go to hike. Spent time in for the little too dumb and in that Surf Lopez featuring And yet Bentiu did momentus not meet Oscars warmer on Natanson Lopata. My event in Yo Burka. She can crush cost Yeah exactly Casual them and Excel in Mougins Cotija fee MUNTJAC acting in a coma. And that's the full of Of going I kind of look at. Doc's Neal's who Who HEART TO Local to Asia what direct of doubling Copsey tied accredited and notice Myskina Helical. That's provided by lake. And Yeah I because I Just embitter say units from US and New Mexico not have a Availing about a lightly. Failing also battery careers mouth Holter shelf of magnets intensive care better and on the medium CAIRN amount fading out on the Oakland as much of expedite mitzner suggesting Excellent better could be. I D unit Schmitz future could allow better end on over to Florida Atlantic Of Nathan Chime in bitter my I developed a shelter team official Behalf severe in the edits my able to control often. Island captions will encounter Aides say of Abraham Yeah go ahead field dominated and you have the the nation. Da and I'm a beauty shot the Okinawa Who Still Schickel mentioned Because health in the Indian Ocean should be light on the appeals the details of the shanzer sweet especially a ample. You've been through over down to how much doesn't see the challenge to recruit intense gas. Would I have to I make on our on the Shell? I Don I ever other fish pump Roy hours on Ramona tour version to help Mitch Oklahoma Baking Corp Tokyo tonight actually Michigan's nine backward mentioning and adult. I'M GONNA ATHLETIC. Mighty media worst also dingoes fault at LAS shooting. The bannon need need to by Mohegan. If I she goes She goes eight months. Master mind pursue. Comb as you guys say. Mommy and I think the GO-TO mccomb bells must agent must Goldman Muslim adage is okay as for mood observer from Me Five hundred and you begin. You should be taking Alamo Longchamp Goldman either Dot Com my adults inside being among got out on a Pizza Hut relation relation media folded. Now don't ever corby especially guys. You're oper boggle macaroni. Taylorsville man Yeah I multiple choice domino lush as they head to my locks on the Open but album she Had Fish new have been after polical? Bucko show every hour fairly Fokker attending obituary. Neeman ochre talk finish. My name is on my name. Overall Facial Equating Mankin mocked helped. Y'All financial expertise. That's a Deja Beta by Macomb condemed dominant on shakes. I think that's my My my forcible Namo go on to the Chechen enough CONISTON. In the he'll he'll try. Just yet you can sell a closely strove Just pointing out eighteen shedded like well would I alternate at night? Facts on the nationality died voted in America. Cancer meets the shifting Tedesco Finish on aptitude and out the stub basic advanced expert on the machines. Nikon this equity. I need to get stressful hammer. Scotla UP OFFENSE. She develops he benue each event. Satan bitch. Click on Lucy throughout. You might say they the Muslim he'll show us the Ancien to Allah. I'M GONNA will have to hit a team with either dignity machine eastland Nice Vogel to those of the show. We had to go gravity a leading in November two couple of easy to Clo- shut instructions on steam in foul flexible indignation to talk my fiction. Guy Stuck Mojo. Gene mentioned film. Couldn't home daycare. Donaldson is Park Diva Diva. Y'All will be a shot if I can have. Whoever needs to evacuate them all kindergarten to focus mine Yeah off a couple to plunge before on the show Martin flow against Vogel to a State Today in the Bravo. Lopa and look at Mommy should donation. No shock will before too long hours each hole and exactly how the agency level showed me in the house on the mile with the Could do a global The issue of now stuff. He ganked crafts. Do the probability linebacker foster our sir. Hugh move in and I ever wanted to strengthen its Alma Chocolat Discern W have very own ecclesiastic kilos live by Maternity Shikarpur. Shanteau yes she she a LO- caving But AK- In minute long via the In the Oak Valencia Mark Liquor Lauch Award mentioned about economy immense today on its In far it looks at the huddle all ships new National Buddha. That's awful long. May accede to grow in New Nets Neil Schmidt and selling the feeler for. Yeah yeah some mcchord Super Bowl minded on the final of Attitudes Contract Angle Them. A check of today's show my. I'm gonNA come a Kobe. Divy Hall of Major Market Success. If they could have been made marked DOT official faulkner yeah deny Released vehicle knock dip healthcare muzzle gifts. This Schnell Amazon all But Luxury Gordon. Nyack sleeping took into that in the mouth sleeping at the tactical cadets from hall of fame between Addison Trauma. Don't have the almost show come dine and I'll have to shoot pool young of switch dog for your own joke you've ever to follow up near More eighty units Zhang had a unit did ask X. lamented on the mouth and she she'd onto the entertainment. They the he say that minimum Holiday mentioned today was on lashing locker album. Auditing it handled with regard. Yeah yeah now. Dow Down Introducing Neil to take court at the man. The heart obits hunting on economic horny to hoot on a car forbidding outta their models Hulliber Matala in obey to exceeded exceeded only civility. Mahir dumb dumb and naive plan. San Love Cheerful Novi Charts. Mclovin detail as you knew did Alma. And they Upset my thoughts newest by not night. The show all lived in between the Bacon over Midfield Adviser Multiple. Shing or sound disease. Mommy and on your on. The Global News breaks over the loan amount on the race director. Evan I'm Alita Elaine my dog DELTEC P bleak on and they extend the Bannon Mahato extreme dossiers only models Guy Lopez Mart shouldn't very guy to is it exed mood of the year Volatile Dalton Fox Abbott to Bacon amount of Pucker. Yeah it could. Eg Beethovenian sense of Info Donaldson was highly into anything in the. Yeah the the food of the exchange updated lifestyle Goodish astronaut from the mouth Nye will out almost shine and it got to the last week or stew kills favorites but nature for void medicine for Mexico but these asleep in our latest marketing by Joey showed me taking. So Oprah all the chain of Alicia Hill mentioned for middle by the lakeside deemed to hope Fania inboxes blitz and Ebay China and and disciple mentioned Meeting each time the five key people trumping lion does need to provide dusty play high shaky. Oj SHALY GO OPENING SHEA. Nut Cases Yeah there's McCain Latinos we have an apple cake okay Nigga it kept it keeps you form deformed affect Kleiner. Relations have come to myself O combat. Your step mytalk the over to my shelves for cash the ISH from Kona district my high lift on a a great Medina meet there especially at the best to watch may marketing guys on the Jeff Beck on alien about hyphen all new National Lynch that To for wondering on your own percent against from immediate data messy and who actually Half Lopiano Daba helped on the online at a normative so she doesn't oak and Mris Echo because digital events. I'll catch left the percents over these say. Stop mcdollar folks. It's an updating thank. You can cut off daily Slept would end on the microscope. Too You need me say Of Light Open Clouds daily over the code updating of lighted trying to convey to mention me and mental Not applicable updating scheme of of outside left of shameful stuff each guiding Amazon Beta may organ ham an alleged between stone lights rotor. Yeah it could meet to date Donald. Lots of all have descend. She screamed the loss of meeting. Just sitting at Oklahoma. Got You mentioned voltage. Should at least bit soup dishes Show this attack lamenting a partnership a kidnapper the Alma mid full in town and invite shows. Now mealy excellent enor- molecules analyst for also miles will take Foley should as you mentioned Alamosa. Animal trial will ever looks dot cynical lobster Feel mortgage now and Linda bryner fats domino obstacle with from WHO who helped Octopi Octopi OUR DIETS MAY MAY OF MESSAGE. Yocasta call right now and the Shaker omission. I'd love for my excellent altered enormous on Ding to today's show for boots the extra mile to feature mile of Ghana. Leaving of matter is mcclay show when FEMA hopefully mark our ordinary helps in God's mighty enormous Most and new on the national side. Walmer hill the document athlete in a couple of if I just don't have the enormous it's useful to come back to that local New York Expo Electric for Sean Lowe Pure Open Military Msci Ignatov neat. But you lose your onset. Mark who to kill a mobile via companies by both notice compass to Michelle my mid say shaved Clifton. The schouten Died this time about spacey. Steam collide composite activate humid with slaughter in Haiti Klein year-old and overcome outside Fish Guy your interested in a compromise. Income Bible concentrated Right along the Alaska to conduct joint vice incubated in his compliment. Matthias Cuba medical outside of either conquer your dinner and into complex outside fitness riot on the open APPs. You would've been Michelle's on all the time with your They're not gonNA meaningless attending the actual Alexander Logan in the exhibition This of the goal of feeling more aid. Osho the succumb to overcome Tim and now my Martinez Martinez began Donald By him an act like Equally Gadgets act like go. Parents who dream Mocha Ker O'hare long over hills building to get use the Oktay And I am a low shows. During the Finnish Medical Syndrome vintage safest Butler snow hill degrade. The Brits Yeah once pursued the mark me now also been trying to choose from Boza. The why you should do sports seem to see the item. Shrek Mine Music Seven Fund. The over the ear of nine years by the states is yours. Minds as I'll show you from the wreck. Yeah Yeah might say ready to get you to. I'm just think Oklahoma who being for low percentage the might be deacons Klein Kinik Lice. Line of stuff. She's really telephone major name and the mighties after the Knicks. Psu Rookie Foster home. She helps it kept the It could be closer to Subjects data turn Kickstarter I am here He'll heck Disneyl- finding my actually my mind noise Delman fake the gadget to con an agreed. It's still fine met From photo he market telephone Yay. Yeah Mighty Veld Enormou- and it has been shown to take this could ascetical foods yeah soon dominate book I ain't Wagner. Yeah yeah definitely will look like shit on Zeke of PODCASTS audiobooks. I'm telling you seek a podcast. Cautioned shake off On our show over customization and cheating and my glasses Dash Lopo for faculty. Coached advocate Spotify uncle to cook. Hello Peter stegman musical minded to look at changing worlds. Societies struggling And then go to. That fits that either tell. Basta Machiavelli annoy to spite which albums mental on from that to my act ineffective. I can do that. Can cost by speaker ferocious Levi need needs can't amortization and look into if you say man is on the phone the Neat Lopa grenache camps prediction going up to being. Delo volatile memeber estimated to pull Kazuyo while you need a lover we tell you feel Margaret deleting the SL I would last year before that were also hostile legs in downloading on say sloping elastic. See from the arbitrator cheese. Yeah Nigga and on again and I talk Funk Yearbook Your Body I love Angle. Show el show vomit comfortable Running ballots angled Scher You'll have a novel A value eight marks Over over for pleasure. National has the for you From NPR that the other Latif Sun Zena even the best of cost the lives. It is a book Assisi on of episodes and Hal is tonight at yeah hotline him for the other actually babe can material Avon. The declared for both costs out cereals hill hoots soon and And and the other is. Sorta LIKE OAK is your static insurance notes it dip ECK Anita Komo Peletier cost Rooster Merck will cost from Timken Nico Actual Cyber Corona pulled cost of owner met all of my interviews Alma informality link share Meta Nico Nico Meta material therefore Ma'am earing Manu Habitat on newer bumbler shelter. Vietnam at all. It Must Alanon effect on shot. Lachlan's outlaw is going downhill. These anti atom. The focus from Tim can often go. Globe defeats Okay Dominates Latino listening to Nongoma Natal Disney college the usual Gaffey stuck dope dealer. Jim Yeah Yeah And I asked the made me grateful. My dental showed Khumalo of Real Manitoba Naiad Multan appetite base and too many dot com levels feted Tissues Might Lopin shown. I answered back in a mountain ambassador to the Doc- version oak. Nance is think they should act will love and I have been a good long time now relating forgets and the medical me not to leave the forebear for Kayo announced Lopa and then kill us five on. I look who Milton. My answer will take all of Niles. Local news factors must always fun has to be from Blair we the overstocked if not a little divaesque models get back. A couple of five teammates. Nineteen dollars a monetary committee Fifes and they'll do we shave or noncommunicable nuts and then came from Marquette Mountain love now and love well Africans from grower will come I've Nick say definition crenshaw I lo- design Toward the shallow put on his two thousand local anglo-dutch might belong outside the relationship of Toledo and Now taking us the door Hala. That's finished trade enough needs to look. Does she excellent shellfish blank Started off from sitting local Dune and mail. It kept afloat. Look me holding down and now venue novellist mouthful of. Nez showed device. Pick leave a multi. Stage doing knock-on slopped Shaped GLOBES DONOR IN INK. Now look to entry problems Shaved avalon to peplum alcohol since the five give interstellar option soldiers Sharma's OAKVILLE via long-term. You do that. She did five Third Base Day humility state student. I for my phone. S both now southeast The end of the battle with Israel global string theory Sipc our show in the bear and the Oslo. Iago ME quitting on my. Don't extra materials majorly council session? And that is guys who died. Shed a number of Schalke. Four mobile home foty multi stage at St Antoine. Get who had the actor basting? Who DENY CHAIN OF. Wrap your spaces speaker dignity all duty four four blended nagging Mario Lopez loud MAC outside trade to those with low picket around eight. I shall each tempo student on the show like the now. The big need action. And it's not into battle loped on Oprah Astronaut Sit Five subjects to a local. This the Duke. Ni and mcstay issues will show US dies and the crooked on all sides. I haven't in the full here and Alcoa should have enough naive showdown probiotic alka. Mount show long weekends if not the best. I have no no tomato sir. Ram along Ostrom cut need. That's for Malika Koster Wow It's hon. Go sell the bank auction items here. The money by my that will destroy. Do Caban here show best? Couldn't Bible now on the Mike Copeland. Barclays is teaching here antics. All those Guy Kuni adventure races milk. Yeah now you can buy meals laser show alpha. She needed dot dot if copied Over our God laser But what copy shine is long to avert climate at Fishkill Was THERE SONOMA and foul. Ashtec a north of salt that it was an older version. Longish along small Beta border. Though Mona I think that the mental issue show style majestic. Show the sleep that way in the monastery of an food. So He's Oh yeah Mukunda for me Mama. Talks on Scour Corona Shinto. Yeah but it should. Argument essentially onto show cartilage writes At BODY WORK IS PRO. Guy Lucien Michelle Fowler. We estimate for it Dan. New FOR MY IT'S VENTURA. Glaciations Senator Senator Basic Mentor associated with on a resign and finish and before the quick sham three Hosta dated there's local mounted biker guy and not under the Databa- up Shayla Clinton outdoor doing he shot my an organization to Oakland. Nice definitely the talk to you. Need shelter on. You've been met a team from this side. Editing for DOS. Do to view the Disney show aiden. Wtam on the assessments and expedite salaciously shave off that And took an attuned in the middle of nowhere. And who's yet on the fence is intimate guides and on the detriot from Anna Bay Lopin And on by based on visual black light on foot feedstock of the guy on the capital of the computer and we took you by shake wounds of Brooklyn Dom volpato shake onside ski tomato. Show off design shine racist zero inside as from nine a cool new. Obi minutes F- flying they take NATO Over money's You've timber. Being every moment longer days After you have hasn't Haley de Potala Puts Meyer at oakmont holds a flipper and the Mike Leach. May you're here knowing him realize Compensation for them. It's an expert Databases now the chance of missing the Hornets. Not My team mate gone Nancy mccown naive young station. Shown ducks team along steams onto evenly. You must The Las My side and into the value of sooners now shave my two adults and he excelled in Washington Canal with social action as my extreme sports channel. I stink Doctors from my each hill fe vessel. That's my superman do show and to my Flew Donald to Victorville. Comic Grandma Mutually Slope Invasion invasion invasion knee should bend offspring have been An from owner Shamet Lopin mountain bike. Doctoroff nine now and now click horizontal blanking show. Which an off week and to never been listen teen usually without us from Kabul smartphones. Extra half I Dining phone reveals. Compu- money yeah four but I tend to the nation down. It's shell most attitude. Sports northbound essentially nation. Let's go on with eighth and she doesn't mind us as Volley Beach in conflict. Mag mentioned you have a few minutes. Medina and SUPERBIA REMOTE TO MOBILE BEATEN. Orkney Ziadeh To Mukunda convener the An extremely bad a jingle N. T. is usually you have cow homer skits Future Door States do leaning looks eight all steamed Russia esteemed of lace overlay serve the ankle of steam and each vote for your labor is almost black nickel Kadok guy. He knows the altitude Indonesia hope from two but on is the tweet. Just obey the L. U. Tampa Bay. Busy team stay. Yeah yeah no packing a Jewish of some. She wanted us do now. Let's element thoughts child now back from our who began really not only take off your audio. It'll be completely momentum and mass murderer openness of limiting banking that'll make. Yeah yeah totally for the Daler. I ask in a Montana Hotel organ shot of all of the medical care in the afterlife. Sign and you're shoutout woman Nabet. Asia Oak could stop that super. Doug loyal diplomatic Ask shook up at the right and I was able to the in house races from. What's what's going into almost feel. Yeah maybe that Island Deck. Coyotes admitted moved on the. Yeah Yeah Yeah. And there's no stalemate you'd have to look at the show duster at I had access door Hours O- or an Okey lots to allots to blow up Opium Epstein Lace Too so after a title is edited. Whole hi how full Thought Saddam and the AD. The two cases are still good morning. Show Beijing will detriments how Mexico's With rights he health So mortgage That have all of the National Mauka digital need either isolate megacities equal dot com. Eventually you shocked Legion too. Not Coloma Advocate Schaefer Scheider digital divers dilemma. I'm would've With with Alex shall i? It's always funny. Today's Checkmark Majesty in the market for that we'll have model show. Fuck Shackleton Woodson's Has Favor Ion Rabi FAMO- on half in half Rasoul. He'll feel the woman who enjoys tonight in Heinz Jewish by off your vision of titles for for heart lauber honest video poker okay at the beach. The extra who will communicate training. Louis Shot L. A. In fact the bunker Schlab social change the stale smell may be a achey choked locator dupage new need. Huntley Asians shop walk on a highly a bike today sheet amounted by not informing and the Metabolic Boughton job. And it's January Xinjian monopoly. To push on about the house will Account Nude Lucian but still ninety Cheyenne House. Show in Marcus. Oklahoma elected as an excellent the heat before reaching Hannoversche economic tonight stopping by a j on the tiki tomato accident. Spill may have this new take mental Disney amount of the show council on Lopate after some crumbs innovative switches. Y'All fister though the doctor's CONAN opponent Crock Luchnikov feature. That's pretty much all his planning. The if demand weakens all each time up near Dorking Donors Valve Stop Looking Company On Banner said the show. Yeah thank you can't ask these decline. May that's the best that I did. Those Lopo shifts a native Bellevue. Shohei mission. I don't define the open attitude. Trauma Melton Jahmai. Lash is enriched on Letterman McHugh dot com and the Knicks last night. Ice All of A bit volleyball net. Look for the the DASA. Transiting occasion Jaffna Lit de Doc- schipperkes making the picket and Could manage to Each each water a now classic. Think you could come Toma doesn't it's opera. Wintom Hauser option And my claim bath allies outta sight COUPLA Baker from don't stop don't Oklahoma. She felt a bit of movement over mentioned. And you weren't the lace for Knowledge Mild Narvaez's. That's the teams. We need at Disney chief by now she the middle aged alcohols thing due to alliance Deals both new in media the belong comedy do teachers who who deals The object felt a to remove commitment of time. I hadn't Anglo doctors some screen in the basic the structure. Open loop mentioning you to work overtime. Mentioned he don't have a clue took no mallow. Alad Nevada mobile via the media. Me and Michael do not mention screen to whittle for the Tom Leykis show an hill-climb defect in China. Win The New York. Messages Ends Skater Dea. Yeah that was hoped each market but hopefully that the Russian thing look Yada Yeah Usher Gag Nettie The stage genital intercept Special Nikiel Snell at their stellar appeared. Yourself in the yard cleared votes. Do It on a show. Doc- year Tacoma. And you've made about him with your own personal making a strategy about Vita fall. The original started as the banana peel actually mentioned on the DACA trying to come spot in each of the blinds over the data and come. He'll actually through concern like shake. I shake show. Camello vedic fill eight to And a new location kyle. Fuller's Bischoff didn't go commit relational we shall be so a guy and on the digital on the football he'll switch off shore and those the end for all those years. Thirty of the mentioned that Michigan handled hat. Racia- off the pipe bomb. Would we amend Prowl At Stockton uncle to real full of each of the Monnaie angels of his time. If you a Shea Cabello also Colonialization longer days locally how she did she talk mental. Michelle should come Oprah becoem always onto a little in a partner may elect stoppable chase Okola Plows Practice on On duty not think because the bottom Benecke allied Yeah I was deep unusual sugar and the advantage options on newstalk. More seven spies in adult to society often the Avon the stack of formatting Mandela Deep Ham school provider machine. Tamala who still tell nine bales stuck getting stuck no. I think you're Tim. Philly acquit is water. Scope it out of lowry Norway. Her thrim Strom skied age of to lots of incompatible Cultures County Title Hills Catnip a separate tiffany an exhaust the designated love as highly Critical adjusting is lip gloss slope. Owned by just accumulates Tacoma Dome of overdose hated. Technician took Bill Duffy and a high end EF Gokhale Done those who have been thanks Five look and a medical inhaler booths lining woman mentioned. That ain't allowed him. The Ulla did this black market human stopping the next night in the House Kim Jong Stems. Open ity deal by the Munich. Ounce Dhamma may native Sola out. He'll definitely him all he'll still going. I feel more that folio moisture back with Brian Friel Isolation I fought like a mock repayments issue stain. Hav Life Automates Markle Clim? Cloud took in Slick faces on oak extra grew local more low announced the open. Not Consider Greenwich. Wouldn't out could do it. I Bay Show Lena Esta I spoke with Joe Long Weekends. You should fulfill Identity so-called Lok Mike. How big on Oprah Galas on the vast Bullshit Maiocco push through could off more stuff sheets grown Awfully many of today. The Duke Golden Globes on. I'm screaming Craft Training Ashley. Alyssa much grow the ratio. Yeah Stack but only if Moscow Nils rush in with Johnson. Yup My nose area. The only the nope you need And we can only the. Non-cash gave him a couple of dealers people's daily stiff of nizing vice Alarm shallow its own and I will make out hunting for her. She loved him logo. He looks into that preceded the blaze on Bloomberg hit the fourth data blokhin local motion. As will they said today on the show a secret staff can the feature auction shape. Pfc Max pigments slap on the to serve local. Eric full hopefully come come. Nick Smith locally multiple tend to be tied via the new. York's illness is he'll Moi's fake. Moyal slider do look sent an Elaine mcdonagh lane. You're going to take a look at Elaine. Lopa my Lactose officers ancient now. Except Yeah Let's start with mark me. Go out full that fatina featured Martha Vacant South Dakota. So he's long. Thank you have a new slash of coming to assist a long Tijuca in care so once Is at the so jake. Nyayo for how Or to Medina's saw hope no helms for now folks my age and expect to. Ise. Y'All hoped Uber. Humbler night on towards Tacoma Sega. She's talk about doesn't mind locally. Toss it for that videoed around shallow right shoulder van. He'll be dunked for your for your host accent thing that attend the dude. Better hold on tight end cost. Yeah excusing age demo. Yeah it'd be fear on the enough Nadya folk metal. Yeah Okay I Yamaji here we're into Any Eric to say Blesses fell Dumont's only hours at a young in all your classes indoor Yeah kind of a Tony in Blast I should leave the doing ignorant fools Dunbar coke and gets all. His mind became peace engaged in tweets up. Lots Vinik also go sit tight. Vote dollar blueprint. Dasa doesn't mean stem. How did you cope? Dengue Heights Dot ochre dog or phones are harder hit against but overall the open media blown might Took it put die so joyal anik muster hope but that's still permits a With Mine and advice and eventually develop one Emma surely so day folks dictate the fifty policies for bias which can died for quality came with air set limo the sign and then I with my influence as long as it's better now look forward as the lifestyle habit uncle it No food obsolete Sake it okay against you and the fall off. Flavoring emission testing in the local news police guidance. Low cut into now those funnels east and saying he knew from the line starts my Bamieh phone the social media. Don Camillo Pathfinder Instagram facebook and twitter. My resign Boven All F. T. Full Obese Graham Environment Oak Hill life warden. Schema blunt accident. If he've you blast all EPA both cost and also as a fee feeding all five stereotypes listen to like five saliva at least by Posting feedback on a to look all that my Ditto of Avai Hoping the Senator PODCAST ALL ADMA COMA VIDOR under low percents And back on earth bathroom. This novas Deng for life today and told devote under of life thing and Martinez established within the integrated rented rim and upper entering Boondoggle and put into Nello Alabama cannot Alibi International. She May Super Duncanville. Don't give out.

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Local Hour: Juan Pierre

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

30:53 min | 8 months ago

Local Hour: Juan Pierre

"You know one of the ways people have been finding solace and maintaining sanity during this time as exercise notably running outside with proper social distancing, of course, all birds who make sustainable shoes has something that might help with that introducing the tree Dasher from all birds, the world's finest performance, running shoe made from premium natural materials that are engineered to perform F S C certified Eucalyptus Fiber, uppers and Z Q certified Merino. Wool Deliver, superior comfort and flexibility and their proprietary sugarcane derived sweet foam souls have been reworked into a dual density mid-sole optimizing for cushioning energy. Energy Return instability. All birds also printed the DASHERS carbon footprint. Right on the shoe, so you know it's impact on the planet before they offset that footprint zero to make it a carbon neutral product, it's a running shoe built for performance and a low environmental impact. All birds has made the environment a stakeholder in their business. Because when the planet wins, we all win with new all birds tree Dasher feel confident knowing that you can run hard and tread light on the planet. Find Your parents Albert's Dot Com. Today I'm really excited. Chris I think this is. In the history of the local are I think this may be one of our biggest guests that we've ever had. We're joined today by none other than want peer, who world series hero Marlins legend. Would you say your Morals Ledge? Oh No, no chance I. Guess Co nine Charles Johnson Maiden I think CJ. Thousand Legends Man I. I didn't do that much, but luckily for the Marlins Fan. It's always good to JP's report of a cool thing. The marlins were doing tonight. They're having a virtual chat presented by Budweiser Tonight at seven PM. On more ORLANDS. Youtube page YouTube dot com slash marlins. At marlins on facebook, it's kind of like a reunion of the two thousand and three world champion Marlins, and that's also going on at the same time Fox for Florida's rearing game, six of the two thousand three. World series. And they can fans can join the conversation with people like want here. We've got CEO Jeff. CONAN taught halls. Rick Directly Mike will a bunch of more or less. They'RE GONNA, be auto, which is a cool thing. So. Thanks for joining us today. JP No, no links avenue. Is always good to talk about the good pass. Do you can't do you stay contact with a lot of your teammates from them or no, don't trill. talked to him probably two three times a week, but the other ones I do outrun. They, Miami Alex are run into my lulls some Tom that field, but like daringly atop to Brian onto twice. but other than that Nada you. Don't you know what I mean you run, ask them, but then like having everybody coming together like this I think he's GonNa. Be Pretty Cool. I can't believe 'cause you don't look like you've aged day. Since the two thousand three more. You look exactly tales yet. GotTa stay stay right. They can't give me today like consumer. Seventeen I run workout stuff with him. It's hard to believe that it's already been seventeen years since that happened. obviously as a marlins fan growing up, that's one of the highlights that in ninety, seven or two of the biggest highlights. No more lives in terms of fandom and I remember what a problem you casteel were at the top of the going back and forth. You guys. One of you would get on base than poetry. Just drive you in because you get on first base than you steal second and third, or you'd get on first, and then you know sacrifice to get you over the budget. Get ahead like down the line, or even like an insult hit and I feel like you'd score from first on an infield hit. So how often do you guys like? Is that something that you guys remember fondly Madison? Where would you have bad memories of it? Not Yet? Yeah, yeah, you always end up being around baseball field accountable Econo- pops up and now with the craziness we ended shown a lot of the old games. Now to me is pretty cool because I. Never Watch the game by here. The commentator, the fans you know mean I never sat down and wise, but going to sign a major watch with my kids. My when warn you know at the Thomas? So. It's GonNa. Cool to to to to relive that stuff and I still get goosebumps talking it because where we started the season into where you know ultimated winning the World Series in Yankee Stadium. Is Crazy and I was just telling someone fans. We brought the fans in because it will. It was like the Marlins and the fans like came together. You know what I mean it was like. A family type deal. Were you know because we're in a? In the community you know me and don't. We'll go to Walmart hanging out. You know what I mean by fruit with some people. Novon. Shopping. Of course I shop at Walmart. Best. Be You know what I mean? But that's the type of stuff I think in. Came along with us, and it was just a fun right now. You are a guy who you were known for your stolen bases leadoff hitter. Get on base. You always had the green light I assume I assume there was never a time in your career. We didn't have the green light. Now. What comes with that is sometimes you're gonNA. He wrong and get caught stealing and get your team out of an inning. Story in your career of guy who got the most frustrated with you because you happen to get thrown out and got him rain at random out of an inning Oh Jack mckeon. Out? Wrigley Field One day. Out I forgot what year was stolen or try to advance or some any say? What are you doing out there? Jesse Owens could need made it to that based. On Jack Jack. My goal wasn't to get thrown out. You know what I mean how? But Yeah Jack Dachsie about upset because every to go, but sometimes he would be like man. What were you doing right this? Yeah? Again. You can steal whenever you want. Just be safe all the time. That's a tough way to live now. The craziest place you've ever seen. Jack mckeon lineup up stogie. Where he was. So we used to go to church on Sundays going to season this stuff in, he was smoked all the way up until he gets the church in India put it on the ledge outside of the church, and he wants searches over comes and picks it up. At the jerk, valid act, you'll leave it out there a good thirty forty five minutes, but yeah that and the busy I loved when he's walk in exercise, smoking a cigar, l.. Dollars as you walk around. The feel exercises. are Jack you're man from? JP You are probably we were saying before. How you're one of the greatest forums, Everhart, Legend and you. You dispute that now I don't think you can dispute that. You're one of the most fun marlins ever to watch. Just because of the fact, they always had the green light and you famously another. There's a video of you before the world series. Take the field a couple hours before you just rolling the ball down the line to see how it is. The ball would play now I. Don't know if you know this. You and I have something in common. We were both incredible punters I used to go by billy bunt. I was on Seattle. Mariners coach coach Lazzaro undefeated on of. Of you heard of us, but we were both great bunkers. We kind of set the table. Get on base now. It was a little bit different than because this is when I was like nine or ten years old to no one knew how to feel the bunt, and I was of just too small to hit, so they'd have me bunt, and then they're just be errors, but I feel like you and I were on the same page, and I'm wondering baseball right now, not a lot of bunting going on, and I'm wondering why that is in your opinion on justice statistics of behind the stuff you know everybody's plan for the loan ball and on s was funny watching the Marlins. Game One game six I. think dared lead. He's like four. Follow headed thirty one home rather he sack. Bud I'm like you never see that right now. You know I think the game. The game is played on 'cause a one interview and they said we hit like. One home run in the in the world series, or maybe to in life in the playoffs we didn't hit like maybe two or three home runs as a team or minority applicants It was some number where it was like a low on run mark, but we ran the basis. We did all the little of men in all, and that's going to be because I think in Miami is the only city with fan walls at really embrace that from me because nobody even knows the game I. I played wherever team played on there like the guy that hit the home run got all the the pub which I much wealth year, but fans really enjoy base run in the Bun and stuff like that, and that blew my mind so but yeah. I don't know why I don't know why you know I used to do. The bus station at Spring Training Marlins now with the pitchers mostly visit I'll tell them I'm like will be here another year, so get ready for. The ages sure now this year they play everybody's GonNa have at the age now JP, two thousand and three. That's just like my heyday. I'm thirty three right now. So this is like that was in high school is just my heyday and if I text my marlins group chat right now and I stay Marlins walkup songs the first one. They're coming back to me with. Is We ready? WOMP year that I'm. I'm telling you man I loved that Walkup Song. I don't even know if you realize how popular it was with fans I just take me back to that. Like what made you choose that song? Did you realize that the fans loved that song as much as they did? Welcome song was physically being not guys changed every other at-bat now, but back then like whatever you got like you stick when you. It's it's a big process in all these listening you working out man. You're doing all this stuff, so it's. The world of Song is really big enough. We. BLAME THE FOOTBALL STADIUM ALMOST Last Wow, and of course I mean abortion. We had fan so you really. You really hear loud and oriented today to this aggravated. He game or something like the we really might. I didn't know affect having fans. And you? Kind, what billy spoke before about going out rolling the ball? You were very. You kept your same routine. And I remember seeing you, you would stand in the same spot like when the pitcher was warming up and you'd have your routine with swing. It was the same exact spot same exact every time I stayed you. The the strangest daily routine like something that you did every day that made you. You know the player that you were Oh. Man I. I mean I was really meticulous, waited like I had been cage from like to the two third. You know what I mean. Everything was like broken down like to the minute for me. Moonlight out on. Feel like at six thirty. To warm up and stuff and give me ten minutes I was just came second nature. You know what I mean, but like even coming up to the plate like to the two step for winning at means, so it was it was. Noted that because I noticed and the two steps I'm telling you. I copied because I. Played. High School Baseball I emulated that I was like I. GotTa have the routine man got to do the same thing. Every time you step into the by every Tom, and the reason is because it was to get my hands mood, sometimes skew suicide with due to just to get my hands with the two steps, so it did have some meaning bonnet, but yeah in the. Ready Set the tone for the further teens that we were playing like when I was leading off the game. All right guys you in south. Florida you in hot foot Joe. Ravi player whatever it was all back in hot one hundred against about the rain here. We call it the fishbowl back then and we bought. We got a five thousand fans. We've been bring it to you guys. What was it like in the world series and the playoffs? Because I obviously more of we were there in the five thousand fans gains at five thousand, sometimes generous wouldn't get to the world series in the platform sixty five thousand You're playing. Playing against Roger Clements in every pitch is like everybody's taking pictures because you think it's going to be. His last hadn't even seen a hit that I was watching the game the other day with it in like watching a fan. I'm like I was thinking. How did we do that hunting? You play like that like the people thing because all season long colby and We'll have old conversation out here now boggled. GotTa gotTA. He can't hear me. I can't like this is not normal, right? You so it was a good feeling i. mean we just excited for vans? GEICO's the fans something to cheer about some latch onto in the. It was special ed because how we came from the first ball. Me Winning the world series is kind of like how Miami's Bill Miami's bill with a lot of people that advocate how they live. You know people that you good. Stuff like that works stuff handy tool, so they gotta make way for yourself, and that's kind of how the MARLINS team was kind of out of bugs. All the nobody even knew. The players on the team so one thing that I remember fondly from that run also was when you guys clinched the wildcard clinch the wildcard at home, and they had kind of a cool thing that day when you guys did was like a celebration in a tent, like almost in the parking lot with the fans and you guys were like running out. You're all hyped. You had like the Champagne. Everybody was going crazy, right? The one of the things that I remember the most from that whole experience was Aj. Burnett was out that season. I think he had like Tommy John Surgery or something. He was like he was having a lot of fun that day, and at one point he took off his shirt. He had to pierced nipples. He was like waving around his shirt on. The champagne was going crazy. What's a story like that? The fans wouldn't see that it's like yeah. This person was kind of crazy in our clubhouse. Aj was a huge like my locker mate, so he was actually the Princeton to every day at the check. My shoes make sure he didn't put like a spider or Salman there of. Any brand pity, Josh begging AJ names like all the rednecks team, so they used to hunt fish all the time, so they will fishing after the Games in one day any like Baby Alex. So Gaza their shower. He puts the baby alligator in the shower. You didn't see so many guys run out of that thing so. What! Will made the allegation. You know Gosh our you might be shared. By is Clo- euro in a baby alligators in showers, knows shower stalls. Shower up and I'm like. What are you doing? So I, remember that really Josh Beckett Always Long Golf Club in the clubhouse. After repeatedly, telling them not to do it, he always had slim. The ballclub in the Clubhouse, a tearing notes w would hit all kinds of stuff. Wait Poland swing a golf club hitting a ball now. Even in of all he was just not measure out the doll between her. And all that stuff we, we had a collection of guys not yet. Don't trill Biggie. The young bucks that came on and and really energized our team. You know me we're did out of town got through Jack came in. Did his thing so? Aj was one of the. Definitely on team amongst many. Right JP is going to be Portland. You mentioned penny that both can be part of a virtual chat presented by Budweiser beginning seven PM Tonight Moe Monday nights on the marlins YouTube page dot com slash marlins at Marlins on facebook. You can also watch the clinching game. Six of the two thousand three world series at Fox Sports Florida. You mentioned don trump so you dontrelle became tight throughout the year he was brought up in the middle of the season. He was a rookie and it was a phenomenon DON ROMANIA! He went in a couple of stars from unknown, selling out and selling like forty plus thousand when he's pitching against Randy, Johnson is He really the catalyst him Cabrera what got things going for? You guys as a team, because not that you weren't together, but it was. You got rid of tour board. You brought in Jack. Everything just seemed to click right around the same time yet the. That boost we needed. You know what I mean. Those guys are energetic like said not true. May also I always tell us? Ben Units of came up with social? Media! Being like. Man You'd like millions of followers and stuff like that, but you know he. He brought attention. This model is baseball by. We didn't push it. All being denied he bitch, new home in ages showed showdown school usually. Miguel? He was just a few meetings. Urge getting hit the walk off home. Run against. As Center and I remember one store when the League he's up like a couple of weeks, so he strikes out on breaking ball. You Know Meziane my own. Kind of young. You'll get a mental note, bobby. He told me that pitch again. I hit a home run home run. Easy rose now up here up next at bat breaking ball home run. I'm like. The truth up here by you can be all boys. He's like you know me and him back. In the world series dating Roger Clemens out he's had. He's one of these Ikea Holes. He's is just hit the ground running. They never stopped hitting and never been just been dominated old career now as a baseball player I assume you're. Superstitious. Six now I've said many times to billy and other people on our show that I am a big part of the game four game winning home run by Alex Gonzalez. Series now I was sitting in my seats for like the whole game and we were struggling. The marlins were in a Rut late night game. We didn't have a bunch of runs, so what I did was I was like you know what I'm going to go up to the concourse and watching this happening from there and I did that and outs. Gonzales hit that home run. Can you please tell billy that I had a vital part of that I? As, vital man. That's been a team player as leaving St. Teams actually while they're in, do switch it up. We had the squid Patton. He had a big party. None claimed at Mattel. Alex Win the Monday Monday I'm gonNA. Tell dollars hundred the home. A man took one for gene left. You see I know. It was hard right. He was getting food or go to the bathroom something. JD, WHO's not getting for that? I was a little kid at the time was mom. I'm going up there. I'm just watching it from there. I need to change this up enough of this, but what kind appearance you have, but let you wander on the concourse by yourself. Well, I also I. Don't believe that you're Alex Gonzales. That on Monday. UNLESS, WE'RE GONNA. We're GONNA tune in Monday seven o'clock more to. Eight people there I get a chance what? Bowl guard. I'm GonNa tell I know that. They're going out with about the homeless. I'm going to one when they ask Alex about the home. Run on the Youtube page. MARLINS DOT com slash marlins seven o'clock on Monday. Check it out and see if JP because I. Really don't believe that you're gonNA. Look when you guys were there and you haven't seen them in a while, and you're going to be talking about different things. You're not be thinking about Chris you're thinking about this homerun. You're going to be thinking about that is i. see it on his face. Billy. You're wrong. He is either. He froze or Face. Well I think we might allows connection with J.. P. For a second. You cut it off. Duty it was so funny like it looked like you were just staring at billy like I'm going to tell them billy. Rose. y'All stared. It'd be too, so I'm. Like you, GonNa cut the interview ally so JP. You have one of the more interesting careers in the aspect of your a guy that you received MVP. Votes at points in your career. Then you also had stat heads, saying that this is a leadoff hitter. He doesn't walk enough. I heard Tim Kirk and say you have the most hits of any player of all time. That never made an all star game wondering when you hear all those things. How do you evaluate your career? Are you upset that you never made it all started I mean coming from a country boy from Louisiana man like for me to get one day in the big leagues was like. I never would have dreamed of you. Know what I mean so anything on top of that world series hit. Onus you know, maybe I'll take pride in my game, no doubt but when people say that. In my career I tried to walk more and do August up, but like the Costa I do not want this going to steal the bay. So that's one thing. I wish I could have done was make the all star team because I had when I was Barry Bonds. Andrew Jones Jim Yummies like some some studs man, so when you look at it that way I was, it might disappointed in deputy world series ring over also. What's the year? Though I know there's gotTa be one year that you're like I should have been in all star that year old, four, zero four. That's coming off the world series. I'm like Nah I was like like three. Whatever twenty nine at the break we're like forty bags. Yeah, a heroin! Colorado's like Oh to. I knew I wasn't gonNA. Get it because nobody watched the rock. Band might be three thirty at the rate. We all mean, but that was the time where you just had stars out there, but. That the to no-one old in Oh four I'm like man I thought. I could've could've snuck it near somehow somewhere now I don't have statistical data to back this up, but there was nobody better in major league history at having the at bat sequence of foul ball strike to foul ball, foul ball, foul ball, foul ball ball to foul single like you're the king at just having long at bats. Were you never got to like a two ball count? It was insane. An opportunity live that. That my brother plan was balling backyard. You know planned. Strike out like you that make contact. That's why I kinda grandma's strike out. Hundred Sixty, two hundred Tom Leykis you strike that much, not be ashamed like we can. Embarrass struck out that much back in the day, but I was watching. The cubs named the Bartman ball game instead stuff like leading off with more car when I got hit down. The line is I'll wa- foul wall. God Forbid Foul Ball my all right this hit. Album, or this one in foul ball so. That me Louis at the talk. Louis was the same way Louis rows even better at it than me, because Louise to draw more walks than I did so Abbas both at the top were like really couldn't strike out. We're going to battle you in the about time. You got the clothes. We wore you down. And then that was all game plan, but yeah I do remember that like him, not striking out in. Trying to get a big ditch the it, what was that Berman League game for you guys since you brought it up? Because obviously a fan, you like great the Marlins won, but that guy's lifeless fell apart, but you guys made it to the world series because he got in maybe reached over eighty reached interfered. On his funding, because light ear Naw the replay is in God's talk like I was on second base so I don't know what was going on Dugout. Mommy's looted interviews like. The one on. His fame is all like. Saying. You, said your base. He's trying to score and stuff so and at the time. I don't know Food Carter or not. And you know we just spent a game. And then after this started snowball on the in as any on escort him out, and just got really nasty. And when you think of you're not thinking about it, but as you look back on, US messed up. Move I'm wondering if you thought about the shape, he because it's something that I think about all the time. which weird. Because why would I think about this but? We Castio left-handed great hitter contact I. Get on, Bass Right handed. The guy was like Barry Bonds. He was like a right handed. Barry bonds and every time he's sitting right handed. He's hitting home runs. Why is he not hitting right handed more often I dunno trust me. He probably wanted. Way they'll be. Yeah he turns into bear at Lake. And everything, that's why we're not going to occur based on left me. And he was I'm not going. He's GonNa hit. He's GonNa hit out where he's going to have a good back. Yeah, he was so much fun, but his mind frame was at. Left End, get on as gotTa do, but right in US like. As. Good light that man. It was awesome because he is writing slips. Up and he knew what he had to do, whatever I carried over switched over like he knew Ryan. What to do and love were left. He was just contact. Get on base. It would ever just get on steal some base rain. He was like super aggressive like just going into power. Natural side and he felt like A. Holiday. A TREE Right hand. I'm not messing this up I. Mean I feel like we're being billy billy? You specifically I feel like we're being a little. Cavalier Luik has steal from the left side was like three twenty career hitters, something and he batted a lot lower average from the right side with. No handed, he would hit four hundred home runs at least. All. Yeah exactly. Do you have any good. Dontrelle Willis comes up that year. You and him are good friends. You kind of take him under your wing. Does he ever get big? Had it because he's the guy that like? The crowd is empty for Brad? Penny Start and then the next game. There's fifty thousand fans there is there. Do you have a story of him? His head getting a little big where you gotta you know had to cut his legs a little bit now. He you know He. He got this road away. You know Sunnis from Old Clinton. Let everybody know from Oakland Alameda. Got Thrown away, eating eating really hit the big too much much because we have so much going on. It's all team related a lot of veteran guys on the team, so if he did, he kept it on the rack, but definitely you know. He never aired out maybe in his mind, he probably especially remember gave their heads. Sports illustrated covered. Everybody had the sports illustrated covers in in in the stands and stuff. Of the supposed to be made the cover of. gave out train hats in the whistles, the people in the outfield. It was awesome A. Mermaid they up high when. You arrive when the Burmese just like. Now, any of you ever get little bit jealous of Juan Encarnacion, having the chance for three to one from route that was like a thing for one home for some reason. Did you ever say why don't I get? No, no, no, because I mean now because he humanity keeping knowing in Colosio, man he he here say he was just stone face. By he he showed no, we, he was abused twenty twenty year Stewart when he saw invasions twenty home. That guy was underrated. That's one of the more underrated marlins players. Especially during that season by head believable sees not to get this not to turn this in a sad direction, but has anybody heard from him? Didn't he have like some horrific? Foul! Fell off as I think he's in Dominican, I haven't talked to him I would love to see him. One I wish would be on call, but yeah I. Think you standing on the Saint Louis News at Saint Louis Foul. Ball got him in Xining? He couldn't play again. Underrated on the T. I feel like we should go out on a bummer because. Low, not. Just so when you say wanted pronunciation. That's where my mind goes. I'm sorry Eddie. By me, no, let's go. Let's go back now because you say that you're not a marlins hall of fame Rice. Who you are and I would say first ballot. Probably Marlins Hall of Famer, so let's say that we have a marlins fan that were constructing rate, and only five people can get in one man dravis in be Jack mckeon because put all his. No, so it's GonNa be Jack mckeon for the manager. Who would you put in your Orleans Hall of Fame First-class? throwing. I mean my low. Jeff Kona. If Mr Miami and this I mean unbiased like best first. Basically I've ever seen in my life. Dear Lee sides like he was so good like he underrated guy like yes airway. I mean he's really like I know. He blocked because like all physically, but man. This guy we wanted probably about ten games on his defense alone. He's he's. He's demand JP. It was a crime that that outings all is never won a gold glove like him and Casteel were one of the best double play combinations that I've ever seen. And he never got the credit. He deserved defensive. You Know I. Got No fans for down here, so was I was so glad from in the world's series. The him at Louis got just do because people saw how good they were. They were like and these guys. They make these plays like every day like you should see what they do in baton at. That wasn't real treat. EARN. Allied kitchen the volume Kikuchi. are only warrior thoughts on how ridiculously that Marlins outfield was designed. Football. Thematic lights were like football light light now Novi. I've been to the hard rock now, but he's like. His. Job Bacon a football I know this probably not need to be record, but like I'm going all but I'm like when I went in there and Dug out work. Even when they played in the back in the day, you can still see the baseball yet in off and now it's like Oh, you know. I mean I just feel like even at a at a football stadium in that little triangle in the Bermuda Triangle is the point of that triangle I feel like it could have just been a straight wall. They're. Just a mess, you. while. You're. Eating about that, but it was. It was a weird constructed being, but we love I love everything about role, player or rock Joe Robbie, whatever it's called a we really embrace playing there as as a team well, we thank you for joining us today. JP We call as his friends call him check out the virtual chat presented by Budweiser. It'll begin seven PM. Tonight on the MARLINS YouTube page YouTube dot com slash marlins and at Marlins on facebook JP. Thank you so much for joining us. Today was so much fun talking man. Ain't you guys at anytime? You want me. Oh Man I'm here for Autophagy Jiffy you. Say. GEICO! Knows there are many reasons why you ride from the Camaraderie of the other bikers band of brothers, always there for you rain or shine to the amazing savings you get with Geico on your motorcycle, insurance and accessories coverage all year round, but for Cornhill one reason in particular it was my helmet hair born with helmet hair I've tried to cut a bunch of times even buzzing it, but it immediately just goes back down here. gyco motorcycle fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.

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Tuesday Red Pill Diaries-CoronaHoax Tyrants Roll Out New Lockdown Schemes, Real Men MUST Answer Come & Make Us!

Mike Church Presents-The Red Pill Diaries Podcast

12:52 min | 4 months ago

Tuesday Red Pill Diaries-CoronaHoax Tyrants Roll Out New Lockdown Schemes, Real Men MUST Answer Come & Make Us!

"Think about. The Corona virus hoax. and think about the claim that the land yet that you get out of it. Is the. Defeat. Of Donald John Trump. Now think about what every bishop in the United States save for two at one point in time, we're telling their flocks about mass. About Church attendance, you don't have to come. I'm giving you a dispensation you don't have to come. Would that make them more or less likely to become? Devout. Well. If you believe that there is the real presence of the body and blood of our Lord during the presentation, concentration and presentation of the of the blessed sacrament then and there is a certain grace it comes with that new get it. While you go to mass well to a door God and to. Offer up your your adoration in your honor and and love and obedience. But there's grace comes you get a grace in Saint Paul says, we can all agree on this. Catholics Evangelical Protestants. The Bible while you know, we're Catholics, read the Bible to Saint Paul says were evil abound. Grace abounds more. Whether as evil, there's more there. There's there's there's grace it's superior to it. So. Era Grace's to be derived from regular attendance at mass. These bishops are telling people not derived the benefits of that grace, and if they do go in the church, cover your face up and insult God why not believing that? He will care for you As he always has while you're attending the holy sacrifice of the mass. Want a number of consensus issues emerged among Catholics including a preference for substantial abortion restrictions and attacks on Catholic churches the statues views within the Catholic Community Open Range Wireless Bob Bob is a lot of detail in this poll or are you concerned about anti-catholic violence for example eighty three percent? Yes. No twelve percent attacks on statues of Catholic heroes. Yes seventy four percent no twenty one percent. These are good burning bibles in Portland Oregon yes. Seventy four percent no nineteen percent calls tear down statues and artwork depicting Jesus as a white European Yes or concerned about seventy percent. percent, do you support defunding the police thirty three percent Catholic say yes. Only fifty nine percent not even making it to two-thirds said, no, the hell is going on here. How much do you trust? You have in your local police fifty five percent a lot. A little eighteen twenty eight percent not much at all eighteen percent at the twenty eight and the eighteen and you get forty six. So. There's an awful lot of people out there. Claiming to be Catholic that don't like the cops. I don't know what parents they went in or parishes went into conduct this. Joe Biden Jose substantial or here's the end result earns twelve. Over, Donald Trump. Among the. Stories. Convicted three, thousand, forty, one, Horsa virus bird flu and Americans. Are they panic easily? So now everybody's running around scrubbing this and spraying over cooking their food and repeatedly washing their hands trying to avoid all contact with germs. It's ridiculous and it goes to ridiculous lengths in prisons before they give you a lethal injection, they swab your arm with alcohol. Well they don't want you to get an infection. You can see their point wouldn't want some guy to go to hell and be sick. Take a lot of the sportsmanship out of the whole execution. FEAR OF GERMS WHY THESE Canada got a decent hamburger anymore. They cook everything now because everybody's afraid of food poisoning. Hey, where's your sense of adventure take a chance? You Know How many people die in this country from food poisoning every year nine, thousand, that's all it's a minor rich. Take. Chant Bunch. They sides what do you think you're having immune system for its killing germs but it needs practice it needs germs to practice on. So, solicit. Listen. If, you kill all the germs around. You look completely sterile life and win germs do come along. You're not going to be prepared and mind ordinary germs. What are you going do when some super virus comes along the turns your vital organs into liquid. Tell you what you're GonNa do you're going to get sick? You're going to die and you're going to deserve it because you're weak and you got a weak immune system. Fred you people out there that have been complaining about my bumper music selection. Here you go. Katie has a worst proper music selection in all of radio. Really do did you really just say that? Go Schwartz Carlin on you. Mike show here on the crusade channel last live radio station standing on air and always online at Crusade Channel Dot Com. They want you to play megadeath year, which is play inner sand man every day. I'm pretty sure that I pretty sure that Tom Leykis. Now they're California Kfi is already done that it makes it as him for his daily program about their listeners. Oh, look at her yeah. Pretty sure that that's been done anyway. Well come back to the Tuesday edition of the Church show Kennedy Hall author a terror of Demons would be with US shortly I just received a notice. From the mid as O'CONNELL. That fall is here and you know I know. Try and ask me how falls hear. Great. Asked me how I Know Big. Brother Bernard and company at the Our Lady of what Lupe Monastery and silver city medical. Have reissued their autumn blend coffees. That are not in a store yet. Man is afternoon because we just ordered them yesterday. And you'll be able to order it right after the program. So let's just make this portion of the programs brought to you by our friends at Abbey Roast Coffee Minhas O'connor you'll be happy another two brand new MR crazy pants bulldog Kia videos that little kernel sent me yesterday so I'll get those over to you so you can play those for the Youtube credit everyone loves missed crazy pants. Do. You bulldog Kia that's the thing. So, this portion of the program brought to you by our friends at bulldog key, we'll see at bulldog key where I get all my cars matter. Of fact, we'll be getting a new cell toes here soon middle colonel told me October the first Minnesota Connell. So. He told me October the I I'm pretty sure he ordered it. We could sell it if you don't want it. Oh I, told him you one of the white one. Gray one or whatever whatever. In any event Yuki brand new cell toes at bulldog KIA dot com talking about an awesome sporty little car. Check it out today call eight, five, five, bulldog. We'll say at bulldog a key tell them the king dude censure and bureau's coffees at Mike Church Dot com forward slash coffee the autumn. Now we we weren't doing business with brother Bernard last year this time. So I don't think we got the Abbey Roast Autumn Blend we did get one shipment of the Vera Cruz. He had a couple of bags like five bags of autumn blend. Yeah. But we stolen we did get no we took him home and drank it. Someone had asked if we were ever going to get them back because they loved it so much. So we have it back. If you're in the chat room Crusade Channel Dot. com forward slash China and you had any automobiles last year. Just. Do you remember. Was it good and no this is not you people this is not a spiced, Pumpkin? Lot. No one set A. You almost got no one set a goal danged thing about spice freaking Pumpkin lot pays. What you just had to say it didn't you. You just had to go there didn't. All right. Plus do some digital media files before we get to sister Kennedy Hall and we're talking about real men are not going to take this anymore by the by the man who sent me Christmas is cancelled is now sending me Christmas is not canceled links. Julia chance to check the okay. One. All the story that we had from the Daily Mail was at Christmas is cancelled that the downtown light festival. Why don't Know Cave E. T. is the Caveat is still into K V. Near in London. Here's Christmas canceled. I WANNA play this digital media file forty, four Mr Hall comes on because this has everything to do what we're about to talk about Matt's this. I just gave you the results from the realclearpolitics poll. Of Catholics where by count of fifty three percent of forty one percent that means that trump. President trump is lost sixteen points. From Catholics. Year or Four years ago again, exit polls said he beat Hillary fifty seven forty three Catholic vote. Man That's really the only indication we that we can go on the exit polls. It's not an exact science. If now, it's fifty, three, forty, one biden. He's lost sixteen percent that fifty seven. So what does that twenty percent twenty five percents a quarter Of the Catholic vote. How is that possible? If. There's not priestly and bishop. Agitation. Against the president. And for the apostate. And he is an apostate. Jaws Avar Biden. One Guy has had enough of all this is actor Jim Caviezel. I know Minna charge plays you're three days late Gavino parade well, actually could visa made several different appearances in this one. Hey, really. Tells you what he thinks about all the lukewarm minis out there that are running to show this day and how this has got to stop listen.

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#112 Diskriminering og rasisme er et reelt problem!

Liberaleren Podcast

23:36 min | 7 months ago

#112 Diskriminering og rasisme er et reelt problem!

"Do. That all pulled costs. Pope cost of man. Your. Dean focused. On the wall, even our listener. Sick Leave it all look on. Your debit. A Yeovil commented any Zuhdi Lebron. PODCAST may close. Loop Day. WHO said that on savvy set at least will stay can about student is on if you would or your sweat? Come on. Third. Often A G may dot com defense facebook. Instagram also either or will yon after last in the police all those. And no we'll have literature. Folk talk conscripted home they had quit on. We forgive you also knew whom the Nikkei vaccine the perspective we're going for. A forequarters Ostra Snake sweatier relaxed. Conscie- contest or let. Mundus Antiques, enough for the answer, not the recent todd. And some pull us over and men exploiting them We'll Utah and waxy in the mood Cordona. Grow Northern Common. Thank you. See I'm may lockdown or we ought. Someone say couldn't sixty percents of CER. She represents a seeing eye. On it percents vertical that long stem Mahad. Offer some. Leave a handset, but if snoring is a squeaky. Looks say forfeit the to. Vima. Thanking Vote. For Coach told them for Iota Hot hot. Also it's onto vaccine. The begun Oil United Empty though Dr also go over a list of wall by a fresh fruit demands on in. ENDED UP INTERSECTS Piedmont Org. Stewart among pool of the vedic thing in the odds of all Soma Assault on monocoque later. They're movie sequel naval. Will do all the to avoid immune via their altered on punked of his dry unifem. exte- sash of smarter only Ivy. League Little Marsin? I? Delete get all the sonitrol other. I asked you have to get also some ahead. Secret layoff. Cronan promote them. Also, some sport Mapfumo Kanzi goosing Saddam the things that aren't listed on panting. To hold the old dog that playoff students hidden pulled out among. To some Grand Slam lead pursuit. through the book on. Suspicion. Anna Concert called Cola hurston constant over new at BOOT on obviously we. Would among and between not punishable. Soccer, mystery Donna with ranked obvious craft. Today. Conversely and then Marquette entering e obviously with through out also there are some miscellaneous shared. All the I will Delta Gupta. 'CAUSE if no offensive impluse up to sixty issue in Somalia food or six tissue canoe, ee, principal it The del Tango Panel of the puddle of teed. The some food that is a muscle at the office. Gore freeing bud audited. Again it's. The Sham, depend on. Won't a law Atlanta community this for? The. Issue of oil balls. So. On all Soma told that. Somebody did Thailand. Milieu motto though stimulated Little Gopal need to say not your bit Imelda. Who taught haughey. At non-project so I'd also add costs, nodded a young adult the AUDUBON. Even if the all to do more movements said I in scar. Waldman is Norman they give money. Thank you I will the. Line. Sculptured is dying. Lomb in the mattress, because even more so more grip hog onto for Keller echina- car they saw. In the. Next Scott Elliot. LOVIE SMITH NO PUT THE WAR Among Smithereens Tom to that. Thing. Wouldn't bother their openness He says that difficult in the toilet of. To duplicate on April seek tortoise assaulted her dogs a condo quotas on thing you know. How at the Moon sci-fi Bodine's cops. The stem or battalions corporal them store you. All? This. Top on them there's Donald. They spend on the SAN team restaurant. It's not the third. In Oregon there are homeless. The? School, my concuss and there'd be three slipped. On pleasant now going so Soto subtle let is such a big deal to comment positively on them log and long-form i. Will see it up. The again offered over star auction, said scope. Oldham in math him to. Do Sleeping I in scope. The thanking thanking Tom Leykis anti-politics order for the Oswal monuments. Often there will often let's go. Rhino not non for the Democrat on the day of the her mess on concuss awesome. Conclusions to where the? Nothing from the steward 'EM, we're. Big Gore out. Manila Book Loot Cardi B.'s Harvard Disorder store. Shopkeeper along the store fung allowed. The heart heart. Stood a sign on that hot at Amelia that immediate. Hardship? Tanked on a disk. Conclusively. Stalwart were cruise ship on On on noodles diligent then industry. Then some teachers don't suffer. Couldn't sure concussion to opium now? I adopt a subpoena for DEA Axworthy. On MOSSES award of Skogen. No distortion. Thank you. All the policies consumption of until stuff out to accumulate startup on, and so thank Palma de Cordon either I'm Telford will start the. Ample Newton worked abortion. Sit on Balto story multiple. Sipadan suitable story or almost. Ten! Matter Skin denser them lumbra also do. Not to combat a whole partner position visible CNA. here penalties law gates on if he gets police don't. Comment on. Sister. we'll do a or Lacson said Talisman. Food Melody, our next to farmers, order or them I, said yes, insane it's. Also I'll seek. Wha- as install so actual to Lisbon up. Than deep in the stating it, or every America revealed did it up some. Obsolete SCO hold. Locks No. Also Chanel Rica while the Lucian on blocks, sheep smell at. All the bettine lunacy as of you. She Slim Neha also that me spitting it as Mad Arkansas, for tenant I've only say the whole farmers, the first avenue they also entered clear. Tucson's twinkles resume and the nickel-metal neulander Medicare. For us to be new locks in farm fired, provide the toy piano, sexual, not android, if along than if empty knee on excuse not to Tom Locks on gone. The KOMODO poet or be thirty, four deluxe interested in an order. Present. Piece export. At. More You term letters, let free Outta I'm your medical, implicit or Eastwood Seek Tom Serving Call Not Warhol Swarm Yogi Soul Mu Q. Some there? Looks number of at the spread or lock snapping tosses Belmont not discovered elite the Malt Nitin photo for your that answer them on them and Q. For example, wireless would fail. Hopeless per morten. Somebody. Fact that older mother you throw. Up So Scott, vedic lightest of all. With us on on, did yet him out of fort speeded up. Luxeuil you saw on the Pacific Tomita at at at the DC. Also I die will swarm you. See in seek comet. Daschle Music. Gov. DEATON Toledano's video. Suty. Atlante. LAPUTA, Morgan Montana Moods on Subtlety But I've locked to DVD orientated multi data's Malt for. The footer of for singles victim Indo. All. This is something you should and Mosses Spradlin. Francesa lot of his Salat. You would have put in on seek Tom some synthetic impulse, lot and so good as Mickey route over vitamins before things on Saddam. Hope Elton John from the that big puzzle most of the US. They'll do four book behind the He. M Some momentum. And two hundred of them promoting beautiful DVD's I'm not thinking. Lucas sick, really true for DNS bought dash by some art, and in Boston former form. To one hundred because standoff from. If you. Than Gordon. Pointing out Outta new city at all. The OBNOVA middle on the saw A. Vehicle thank you. Don't either de us on the volume volumes COUPLA Santa's bomb. Lv Do Cup Maurice Kahal than tip interested. They had taught so. Much, on those knitting kit, we're LUXEUIL. You saw me at all of The from you locks loose morals, thing and Limiting my horse Kamado, they'll down shouting new for example in A. Not. Cool to comrades for example in neutral sale. New Hadrian. Hush. That end, they'll. Discuss Elementary EFIMOVA OFFER WARRICK STU, Chamois Comparable trial quite after Utah new before lyrically under on or couture evening in there and the guilt I'm talking. To Your Law Vladi for booked and an idiot seat or a Sean Sean Nikki coffee, Sean the new. The had municipal somebody's spiritual know something yelp. He became not only said. Well the more uric. Sets good they it in hush also day adult onset class To discover the stimulus. EFFORTLE THEIR MORTON DEMOCRACY A BIG PA THE Little Motor Demon Skin Assam I'd unsought for all multiple. They're called courtesy maybe hard absolutely the over no thousand Taylor. And almost on Opportunity style Nausori. There is a lord of the university. Or come. Out On Video I. Don't or Komo news more. Damaging predominant. Some your, thank you point. Out that I accomplished to water. Divers Mickey the fresh North Real visa, so going to cash a non not the died, and they'll substitute of at ended up for covid Khawla sought thoughtless metaphor of the bullets Yagi for some pittance. Prompt the. Men's that yet. Wall of the species. In Pieces I. Also could open for a limited under the thank you. For your body. The A. Now. Without Ach at the APLOMB, the Marshall provided. can open police them, and then they'll stay on the mall. Kimmel sailor than I will not. SEEING SCALP! Wake thin functional, and I don't think scare hilarious. Function Stephen Paul Paducah Oh head Comex Fought lawler, let. MEGRIM! Own by though somebody Komal no, although citizenship as yet lucid, let also in the GOP may yield. Return also announced that anthem. To the of. For Women's because mother bitten Shlomo he his mother Janet. Absolute old some Atlanta these initiatives. Also these smart misbehavior sure is Mafia ncia synagogue for Leo Yoder for. These mother, even smooth up. You'RE GONNA be hitting all. Yup. Multiple side over the deorbit ankle still instill. Did the tour gunar them in other? All the key thought. If there's nothing could offer. gave on automatic. Get Him on Allison Fifty Fifty Down Omar oh? We would almost OCT- Atlanta Spoon Totem of instrumental, the possibility of illegal in be dominance Romano. The. Overall. There for three. Mung somehow the baton. DEMOC Luna. Your. Home how newly stamps are not yarn fast Odyssey orbiter blunt not listen. Valley Post depending on home soil that the. Gum Lab all sorts of me home. They're going to develop their. Code Volvo Heat never full multi level more. Positive Kudos. Turtle Golden William the frontal, all style they alternate, or is not your boot on police Paulius the law in. The Ansaldo Brit breed all the Saudis. Bliss. You Out will. Yell. Elms to. MATEKA MUSHA MADONNA COMA PAY OPEN FOR EXAMPLE CAN. Torstar talk as what you will veto. Automatically I don't. Committing Davila? I'm an also announcing the huddle down the canaveral. M tangled as where we can do for. Till it to the announcer. Tulip announcer on the ends the four and and also to. The on fertility Automaton Roddy Roddy sort all the stolen uranium low scores. And going to. The near. US. Through to the, There's offer. My Lord Alex Lebed for sure Dr Poor hunts. Smash AF on all the UNSUBTLE A. Thank you to Bacchus Avoi- UNDER CHEF AND BE OTHER UTAH. Law on the long metaphor forwarding. Stealing, almonds set so how will they thought all associated year nines leave them? Alert Angled Lily gator Salem the they the went sort of Nov Thank people want to the in villages on. A The some of these models up. On all that one France. but not too remote. Attila Manhattan Sake lost forty. Succumb integrating, Spoil Matt a Hugh issue as simple mobile, on CEAC May I NEW ORLEANS hiccup on and they also. Did activity into getting so among four started off the Im- the Lieber moons. America will hate A. became some. Dale decided they. Are you know the hot the newness? Third George Roy Talking Autom- and they'll start. A fairly may not inner be disconnecting. Near. The autumn. Looked so, you have to tell a tear all the courtesy. Of A car can man the new tournament, Oh snuck him there. Before fleeing media soccer. On Mir Stereo opening on the folk to the thank you so so. Man. Sex of T-, of discriminating hinder into gangs processing. Dan there. There are some. Leak amongst amount the shooter among Indoor Harden Lagoon Elliott Miki in Georgia. They'll hellenic. Know Your holiday your magnum them damned if you don't take. Your! Calls to set. Your Bosom so-called your concilium, the maltings, but if Toyota. Less music autistic over. Thing. Salkin area wwl sculpt scared by Nortel. Bus leave exempt. Over the hill, von the all this, you have all of the economy at the end Marmot and shoot Ni-. Also I. Marshall. Do you onset the inundate using effort Audubon gift do? In cotton the fork. A Win, the. Big it had. Not Bill onset known also committed car. snuck later on the Gabriel can't also thank you. Know whoever organ. So I have all amounts not. To of done skull decide MTV via. Some video neon poor. Even also on Sony home for the. It's not going to give it up. For, Dionne, Warwick for Automic Foley Companion, who Tom Free a limited. Ten paying the. DEICING. Sort of perfect, but he would've. This airing a little number. L. fucked up bossy radiating. BY COMEX COMPANION? So Stupid Mike and I. Are as captain studied, Reuben Foster Olivetti's Mickey more hillock someone footing Milad by spider. Other moments they avoid. russillo skeletons. Mahad Ale. So Putin Vedra. Suara so every. It can be told Man. Norsk folsom genetic. Holding in. All Muslims sucked out. Yeah, Sure Mangoes, sure but I the Odyssey if you Scott. This Kidman there, the Dea some guilt, possibly these liberty me meandering slows you subtle, not Turkey. Transit Insurance. The out via Interferon Fourth Legume, also, they put Reza. I consult Be settled some GOP. Integrate so this week's volume or Bamn Scott, men's Noski. Emma or elite yours or is predicted wants to answer them some leaking to get to the Maslansky mollusc. Manage Special, democratic, equal pretty long, so hold on twitter, remedy, smaller and sunscreens. Aunt the helmeted your suboxone, the blocked up so the into wrong e honing on Har, economy mentioned so da Cuban also. There Congo twitter the amount of his SALIX. This is the shoe, would i? harder Islam. These missions, this long hard year have meteoric Lama for sure. This is. I don't steal specialists freely. Oh! advil to what the MUM. Basinski Rick Rock. Do while good skits due to Sutton, clemens listen. Solve It will get? Around, what's going on, not edit promote folk through for example after not, and then lit the and then I put. Out The issue through the full of them the. T to snowsuit Sakata Nordia. They'll talk about Hutson Save Over Hello Dave attributes to take on going on on twitter. How and also gets getting some. Well the woman Yamanaka Holdings Messiaen what else goes on e in the. Full and we. Don't. Settle. Got To Davos she added lot. If that malt discover, the is not taken school little selling an ovoid died at of Barn on love out of offered ldl and on Muslim scare all w suck domestic it and you get belted the cash of Orleans so then later on the dropoff Monaro someday and full will pour Paul the the hawed. Long multi on acacus disc. Manera screaming. About. Something, some Uraba Scouts Saudi top eaten luhrman minnows force, kid night comic onset later on tonight I can make on Saturday night. Live fire June do come conscious command on kindle. Eko exactly new mirrored emulator Fredo. Albus, even atomic sit so far on the some of ot dominant. For, everybody runs more sherp in machine. There's something called. represent. There's a nuclear or Litter we set the village to please ball. We swagger, not in or years from strating at e virtually. Komo their it on their focused oppositional stimulus Tala, the final inning car. It is Sean Paul Rate. This podcast open for Mobile. In would recreate us to appease the ASS. When or Pause from either pulled custodian. toots caution put up and also controversial. And that into your introduced me hoping. You've. Talks, the dog or Do. Little. He'll liberalism podcast. In. Utah spoke to the world liberalism it. Saddest. Please do level near Boston Dean. CIANO Saul facebook. Instagram with only YouTube. That's also a neo. Nazi. Bit all down.

Utah Atlanta Scott Elliot Mickey Instagram Soccer twitter Boston US Gore Komo America Tom GOP I. Marshall Yeovil Sean Sean Nikki coffee Ostra Snake Dean Tom Leykis
Best of Straight Outta Vegas with RJ Bell: 06/30/2020

Straight Outta Vegas with RJ Bell

23:07 min | 7 months ago

Best of Straight Outta Vegas with RJ Bell: 06/30/2020

"DDAT offers cyber capabilities that protect today while out thinking the threats of tomorrow secure your mission with the IT. Cyber Stack our ecosystem of cyber capabilities, leveraging autonomous cyber and enabling zero trust learn more at GD dot com slash cyber stack does finding a job feel like the hardest job ever with Lincoln learning? You can take a course like ten ways to stay motivated while job hunting one way is to create a vision board. It'll be there for you reminding you why you're looking. And what's most important. Keep learning to land your job. Get this course and thousands more top by industry experts free for one month at Lincoln learning dot com slash trial linked learning. We're in it together. The Fox sports radio. It was the big news that came out of the NFL. Sunday, night, Cam Newton signing a one year deal with the New England patriots. Since then he has posted a video via his youtube channel, and now all the rumblings is. How much better does this make the Patriots moving forward? And I. We gotTa say that the movement has been modest that if you think about the buzz, the amount of attention, the talk radio time. The tweets. If that's one metric, and then you say, how does that compare with the amount of market? Movement would affect. The. Cam, signing has had in Vegas. I'd say a shockingly and borderline shockingly small amount. So how much has there been one way to do it the simplest way to assess a team, the super bowl odds. What's the chance of winning it before Cam Patriots Twenty five to one? After Cam Twenty two one. Improvement. Modest improvement remember. Tom, Brady if he would have came back in theory. We're just guessing here. PATS would have been seven, two, one, eight, two, one, nine, two, one, not ten to one I don't think. So Is Cam really that much worse than a forty three year old Tom Brady I. really question that I. Believe and I know Jonas. You've Kinda. Come down on the Brady side of this, could you? Not Make your cases, but I'll say I got make your case on how a forty three year old brady who is reaching an age quite frankly, that's unprecedented. I think in the history of the NFL. forty-three-year-old quarterbacks in older have won two games I think it is or three. and. We're expecting brady to be better than a thirty one year old former MVP obviously brady at his peak was better. Which your thoughts? This is recency bias and admitting to that right off the bat I haven't seen Cam Newton play in quite some time, but I have seen Tom Brady and although I will admit his skills have diminished I don't know what to expect with Cam. Newton, so this is more based on what I've seen. Recently as opposed to camp comes back and he is healthy. I don't think. Think, there's much of a difference at this point in time between him and Brady but I haven't seen it in quite a while with Cam Newton. That is a very i. think reasonable answer and to me. People usually make decisions like this based upon a value judgment of well. You know if we go a little left right, and then they find that spot. Okay, but here's the thing with. With Cam. It's more of a dichotomy as in on one hand if he's healthy if he hasn't dropped off because of his age, even only thirty one, there's one assumption, and then the other sumptious is based on what we've seen. When he was hurt with his foot, those two games, what we saw the second half of two thousand eighteen. That's another assumption. It could be worse than that in. In theory because he's older, those two areas are very different. Right the the CAM at the end that was playing in that game on like we were talking about that prime time game. He was shot putting the ball at the end of eighteen I think it was the fourteenth game because he missed the last two is that guy is maybe not a top thirty quarterback? Right with that injury? And what we saw. The beginning of two thousand fifteen is I'm sorry checked at. The beginning of two thousand eighteen, the first eight games are so literally that guy's top five top eight quarterback, statistically for sure yeah, so which one is he? which the draw now it seems obvious that if injuries worthy cause in the second half of two thousand eighteen, which they were by all accounts and the two days we did see him last year. He was so injured that he had missed the rest of the season because it was an injury, he got in the preseason last year. Then that means that other than age. What we saw in two thousand, eighteen two first half pre injury is what you would expect, and if someone sturdy one. Price don't think age is gonNA. mean all that much so I totally get your point. Hey, show Missouri style. Show me baby, but if we had a project vegas dies I personally think. Cam would be. If I had over under understanding that if he was healthy, I think he'd be somewhere nine ten eleven twelve if he wasn't healthy, who knows? And that's Kinda the brilliance of the ballot. Check Bat. He won't play him if he's not playing well. If it's not like, you only have cam and some crappy backup. It's Cam with a guy quite frankly. The BOCEK was willing to go into the season with exclusively. As a backup stood him, and thus we either get to good cam, or we don't get Cam, and that is I think the brilliance about checks move, so you're splitting the difference and I think that's valid ballot. Check only cares about the upside. If that makes sense, do you? Do you agree with that? Yeah, I totally agree. I also think that people are assuming that all of a sudden all. This workload is going to be dropped on Cam Newton's lap. I can't think. Think of one game last year that the Patriots won because of Tom Brady I honestly can't think of one game. You can go back to some of the early games against Buffalo. Where they won that game. It was a big matchup. Buffalo is talk and I think they might have been undefeated at the time. It wasn't like Brady went up and down the field on that bills defense. It was a special teams touchdown. It was the defense making plays, and that's really how. How all of last year looked for New England so. The idea that Cam can't at least possibly do that much, and they could still be a double digit. Win Team I just I. Don't think it's that far fetched. I think it's unequivocal. That Cam. The first half of two thousand eighteen was markedly better than brady last year. Yeah, fair and we're not just arbitrarily saying the first half I mean he. There was one hit with Tj what that is. That is the identifiable. Identifiable for him the road that his shoulder was it the same after that. In fact, he kept playing to me is Gutsy to me. It's like you give the Guy Credit guy that people say. Maybe he's not as focused on football as he should be all the time. A guy that you can make teammate criticisms of Obviously Carolina wanted to get rid of them right so you could say that's an indictment, but what isn't an indictment. It's the opposite. Is He played so? Tough through that injury in eighteen, and if anything if he would've stayed out if that would have been the last play of the season. And he would have sat out the rest. How different would this narrative? We're punishing Cam because he tough toughed it out on the field. And again, that's a bad thing because. What's IT GONNA make other players think. Hey, you know. Maybe I shouldn't play even I could, but I'm not one hundred percent. And how do you ever assess that? You CAN'T FORCE GUY to play? Because the injuries are something that you know obviously you could try to make a case that hey, this guy. He's been playing and soon, but that's never going to happen so in general player decides when he plays. Camp gutted it out. He had nine eighteen touchdowns. And five five turnovers. I think it was or less in two, thousand and eighteen. The first eight games for that hit. I mean this is not. This was better in some ways in his. MVP season. Bill Barnwell ESPN said at the time MVP vote, and he would cam the fourth MVP and that was literally two years ago, and it's literally the last time cameras played without a major injury I'm RJ, both straight out of Vegas, but even so the market is saying. Twenty five to one to twenty two one. That's it. Now fantastic. WHO's a I would say cam hater. I'm not going to say it's person. Just you know Archie bunker style. He doesn't like Cam, and he thinks cams worth three points over stood him. which is a lot if you extrapolate out for a season if you have a quarterback, that's three points better than the alternative you're going to. Win on average one and a half more games. Vegas math for the season, so fezzet thinks that I should have a win. Total should've went up even more than that, but the win total only went up a half a game, so we talked about the sewer watch. Twenty five to one to twenty two one now the second piece of kind of the Jones, the health of a team is their win total sixteen games. How many games they GONNA win of the sixteen. Over under was below nine wins. For the PATS WITHOUT CAM went up to nine and a quarter wins, so went up about a half a win as of yesterday, so that was the first twenty four hours or so reaction. Since then it's gone up a little bit more, so it's moving towards nine and a half, so it was a little less than nine now it's a little less than nine and a half. Still not anywhere near the game in the half move, the fezzet believes. It should have been. And usually when the public is wrong, Jonas, I think it's going to be biased. It's all day like that guy too much because he's flashy or they don't like that guy enough because he's not or whatever right. In this case. Wouldn't you agree that the amount of talk the amount of You Know Oh. My Gosh, the Patriots are going to be good that you've seen on social media and heard on the show's far exceeds. The modest move that the market is attributing the CAM. It was I think also a little bit of it was. We were just so excited to have an actual football story to talk about that I think people went really really over the top with the coverage and their excitement for, but then when I was fascinated to find out what the movement was, and then when you guys laid it out and just said. Said Yeah. We're hasn't really moved all that much. That was a little bit surprising to me. Just based on the positive feedback that the Patriots and Cam Newton got for the move on Sunday and I'll tell you I respect your opinion about the pulse of the sports media as much as anyone I think you're wrong on this one and here's what I mean. Is, Cam. If I, said in the last five years since Peyton. Manning left or you know went to Denver or say. Is Who's been the biggest quarterback. that. I Guess Brady certainly meets that criteria that let's say changed teams, but after Brady, who was the biggest quarterback that left a team and there was a sense of. Where's he going to be next winning? Cam maybe be number two. Man. Next to capture nick I'm Yeah, but he never got side so of Cabernet got signed. That'd be a conversation right, but. In a way him Naw. Getting signed means, we never got to this point I would have to think on that, but I out the Tom Leykis though. In a handful of guys that would be in the top. Yeah, okay, so except for Brady's right there in the top tier, maybe the second right behind Brady, and wouldn't you say when it came to an open spot? WHO's GonNa fill with a quarterback that we haven't seen? Maybe this was the biggest in the history of the NFL that when the goat of all time with ballot shacks still there so now it's ballot, check versus Brady to fill. That spot was probably as much anticipation as anything. We've ever had a spot to fill right. Yeah I would say that. Possibly Brett farve return, although that was a little bit different, him going to Minnesota, but as far as coach already established based on the fact that the greatest quarterback of all time just left, and you follow them with some acrimony away I mean not that it was explicit, but there was a sense of those two at odds check. So to me, it's one of the couple most interesting quarterbacks changing teams in five years, but agree with the empty spot at quarterback that might be the greatest of all time. If feels like in a way, a bigger story than is being made to be I think camping on the market so long has dampened it a little bit. Whereas if it had happened right after he was released, it would have been huge. And it, just I, I'm so surprised. There hasn't been more movement. Be Sure to catch live editions of straight Outta Vegas. Weekdays at six PM Eastern Three PM Pacific on Fox sports radio in the iheartradio APP. Does finding job feel like the hardest job ever with linked in learning. You can take a course like ten ways to stay motivated while job hunting one way is to create a vision board. It'll be there for you reminding you why you're looking. And what's most important key learning to land your next job? Get this course and thousands more top by industry experts free for one month at linked learning dot com slash trial linked in learning. We're in it together. So Rj much of the talk around the NFL has been designing of Cam, Newton to the New England patriots, and there may have been a mistake made by several people in the city of Las Vegas. Your City Las Vegas Oh I love when Vegas makes mistakes, so There's a casino in Vegas West Gate. And they are pretty ambitious with their booking where the thing about bookies are. Most bookies are actually more bookkeepers than bookies is in. They want equal action on each side, and they don't want to open up odds until someone else has so imagine if Isaac who's back tomorrow. Monday Wednesday Friday professional batter. Is Imagined Fezzet, said you know Jonas. I think the odds on this game in the NFL should be three and a half. And I say you know Jonas. I think it should be four and let's say somehow someway. You had some other source. You valued and be careful, but they do, and let's say they said four. Now, you're not a bookie. You're not inclined to be one, but would you be scared to put up four, or would you feel pretty good? For was the right number I would feel pretty good for us right now. Consensus and if people started batting and it moved, you'd think I'm going to move in that direction. Right so it's follow. Follow the leader. Most bookies are not leaders. They just follow and a bookie. That's willing to put up the world opener. They're saying yeah. I got the VIG on my side, no doubt. But I have to be I'm betting the world that I'm right away with the vague is what the book is doing. That takes guts a bookie that will open a world opener. You gotta respect them a bookie. Who Does it is like a bookkeeper with green eye shades, and they make good money, but they're cockroaches. Usually because they hate to lose, you might say rj who ever likes to win or whoever likes to lose well. If losing the way to make more money, you don't mind losing right meaning against a certain player. Hey, that guy. He's good. Fezzet like Physique has limited action at about half the casinos in Vegas. Whereas there's some that won't let him bet at all. There's some to have his limits really low, and there's one that actually only let's once a day can bet normal limits, but he can't just sit and watch the screen. All that saying they don't want his action. Why because he wins okay? That seems smarter maybe not to want that action. But how much money could they make by just taking the bat accepting? They were loose something on that, but now they know the right side, so they can tweak the line. There's all kinds of. Ways you can use good information, but that takes talent and a lot of these guys quite frankly don't have it West Gate. Give them credit. They are ambitious about world, openers and such, but boy were they asleep at the wheel, so cam was unsigned Sunday earlier in the day. No doubt. And there was odds on Cam winning the MVP. So you know who knows, he might not even have gotten signed, and if he got signed, he might not be the starter if he but if you even was a starter, maybe with a bad team, in fact, almost certainly be with a bad team who else needs quarterback except for? The Patriots. The odds were three hundred to one so a dollar. Would a one year three hundred? So, Cam Newton. New over the wires baby to the Patriots and this guy jumped on the APP fired one hundred bucks at three hundred to one, so he now has a ticket cam. Newton three hundred to one hundred thirty, thou-. Everything. I like it be well first of all. If it hits, it's a legendary story, but also the fact that I think we can all agree that. The MVP isn't just about so much statistics. As it is the story that goes along with what the statistics arm, the season is, and if do, England has great season and Cam. Newton's playing well enough. That New England's on pace to make another run at a super bowl. He's gotta be in the discussion. Top three or four MVP discussion I would think in the end the NFL, no doubt and remember. There are the CAM detractors Fajik, but if you think about the media, general are Cam fans I mean if you listen to. The get up. Show the get up. Type shows the first thing I. Hype Shows Lot of Cam Lobe on those shows I'm not talking about those shows in particular I, know and get up. There is for sure I don't quite remember. On first things first a ton of camp stuff recently, but I you know I only watch clips on Youtube so I might have missed, but the in general. Would you agree with me? The amount of love of Cam in the media? If you know, they always said like a certain politicians, his core constituents where the media like John. McCain was loved by the media more than any voter right or So I'm not saying that's right or wrong. Whatever but it seems like Cam is loved by the media more than any fan base, be sure to catch live editions of straight Outta Vegas Weekdays at six PM Eastern Three PM Pacific Ddat offer cyber capabilities that protect today while out thinking the threats of tomorrow. Secure your mission with the. Cyber Stack our ecosystem of cyber capabilities, leveraging autonomous cyber and enabling zero trust learn more at Gd it dot com slash cyber stack calling cowherd. He had a segment talking about Cam. Maybe it's going to be problematic because. The Patriots ballot check. Don't put up with the be ass and that. Hey, you want a special commendation you want You know special treatment, not gonNA. Get it there and Hey Carolina. As you know by the way they built the offense around you, they brought in. Special O. C.'s coordinators. It's like Whoa Whoa Whoa. I agree a hundred percent with half of this, but I believe the other half is crazy and here is the. Half I agree with. No BS right for meeting. You're going to get the same consequences. Anyone else a fact from what I understand. Ballot check loved to Rippin Brady because he figured Brady can take it and Oh, by the way people see that they're gonNA think they're gonNA. Get the benefit of the doubt, so no doubt about it. But when it comes to customizing optimizing the scheme. That's something that New England specializes in remember. Mike Lombardi who has helped my insight friend of the show held by citing a ballot check immensely, said the three things we know about the quarterback situation before Cam was signed with the Patriots won. It'd be a reasonable price which it was the the cost number two. It would be that there'd be a competition for the starting job and number. Three would be that they would customize the offense to whoever was going to be the starter the. The Patriots. Literally. week-to-week will change your offense based on the weakness of the other team more than any other team. They'll change it when they run forty times next week. They pass forty times so their ability. It's built into the system. The pats will have the offense that will maximize cans value if he is the starter now I do think it's a question. If you have to potential starters, would offensively you see and I'm not sure how they're going to handle that but in. In general that accommodation when it comes breaking rules and stuff there is none when it comes optimizing the chance of of the players succeeding the Pats do a better than anybody else. Fox Sports radio has the best sports talk lineup in the nation catch all of our shows at Fox, sports radio DOT. com and within the iheartradio APP search F. S. are to listen live at DDAT. We know cyber is the thread that runs across every endpoint, every network and every person we. We make cybersecurity a priority DDAT cyber secure today, smarter tomorrow learn more at DDAT DOT com slash cyber on this. Is Newt Gingrich? Inviting you to listen to my free weekly podcast called newts world every Sunday we will explore topics and issues that are relevant to your life, and as a historian I will offer stories context of how the past influences are present and future download Newt's world on the iheartradio APP on Apple, podcast, neutral world, DOT, com, or wherever you get your podcast.

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The Traders Journey: Sacrifice

The Trader Cobb Crypto Podcast

10:45 min | 1 year ago

The Traders Journey: Sacrifice

"The show is proudly sponsored by trying to call dot com. The leaders in checklist based trading strategy. Yes that's exactly how it sounds. I'll teach you a literal checklist so you can take off autumns and be decisive very quickly. Get across to try to cobb dot com where there's a bunch of free content there. You'd have a look at and of course if you're interested didn't having may come to your city. Click register for the live events coming up and feeling fast have a great day visit. Try to call dot com now. Get everybody. Welcome the traffic of cryptos show today. I'm going to start a new series. The series is gonna be called a traitor. His journey and what i want to do is basically been thinking a lot about all the little things things that <hes>. I guess you have to go through. I want to give you a step by step. As some of the experiences some of the mistake some of the lessons that i've sort of bain through over the span of my twelve years trading of course obey some lessons and bits and pieces of threatening from way back when i first started investing and having interesting marcus when all sixteen when i got blown out lost money and you know i sort of understanding of how important risk manager was. I want to share with you. <hes> this series series a trade is journey trying to help you to understand what's to come all sorts. Just swallow some of the things you probably going through to understand that it's normal. There's a lot of things things are very difficult. When you're trading your mindset. He's one of them. Finding the right strategies is another finding someone to work with another keeping your cool under pressure russia. There's another one that there are so many of them. Today's that i wanna touch on day is sacrifice. <hes> you know it's it's probably early no surprise to any of you. That sacrifice is a ingredient to being a winner to being successful. What you sacrifice for your success ultimately shows how much want we can give up and that's the dream is gone. The end is there. If you never lose until you give up. It's it really is as simple as that. Now i can tell you a little bit more sacrifice because <hes> you know i sacrificed <hes> quite a bit of time and a bit of experience as far as travel and what not to to become good at this so my actual trading journey started in london in about two thousand six or got to london and it was <hes> ah it was it was a good a good first experience. I was twenty two twenty three twenty two <hes> i remember how old i was there and and basically i got to london shacked up with these girls with them on and we <hes> we lived in piccadilly circus. These will very lovely girls. I had lots of money indian day. <hes> had expensive tastes. We ended up spending my travel money very very quickly and needing a job. I had an interesting trading because my sort of billboard in london about how to spread bet wanted to know what spread bidding was and <hes> anyway long story short got into the market started trading now from their sacrifice really came when i realized i is sacrificed a lot of money. The guy had to travel fund but i also had a a a a business fund. If you wanna call it that i had money that i had set aside i saw to sort of do stuff with that wasn't just you know go. Potty travel the world and have fun with it was their set aside from business that i had <hes> i did a project in new support from had some money there and away i went now. I lost all that money. <hes> in the space of about i think i lost the majority of it in the first six months aunts and then went on to lose the rest of it in the next <hes> twelve months i think blew my loss account at about twelve to eighteen months. I can't remember exactly now. I sacrificed a lot of finance enhance. <hes> i sacrificed a lot of blood sweat and tees because it's very frustrating when you want to be good at something and you try and all you do is put time in and lose money of bain there. I've done that but the true sacrifice us when actually realize to myself required sacrifice driving wasn't just going to come to me. It wasn't going to be something that i'll just pick up. I realize that and from there. I started to seek the rock paper. I actually went and got a job with trading education firm. <hes> and stars learn from them. <hes> i've found the tame that was there. It was very very good. The guy who was running it wasn't so good <hes> he was enigmatic but he wasn't a very good trade up but it didn't really bother me because he was bringing people in he's tamed were fantastic the guys and gals that he he's tame with the dow very good traders so balls in there every morning and every evening all sacrificing tom at that stage because i would get a stop mushy if till nine o'clock and finished about six o'clock but i would be in there in london. It's doc in winter. It's like it's it's always doc. I was walking. The streets. Were full of like two hours. Before the sun came up with the frosted my fate it was horrible. It was hideous <hes> always affair wife from the office so as a series of buses and walking in tube and it was just pretty disgusting to be honest with you but i did it a sacrifice because the goal was there. I'd stay light as well. <hes> friends guide to pubs fans ganapati doing all sorts of things. Now i always have the weekends because of course markets on hyphen on the way traditional markets they are but i sacrifice i that time to get that experience and i sat with the try it is i learnt from the tribe as i work with the try. It is and i heard about their journeys their experiences but sacrifices acuff losses the biggest one. You can't sit back and feel entitled that you should get this. You know i it doesn't work that way. You got to put the time. You've got to put the tom leykis show oh now i did it while sol's working a full time job and you would probably do that too. Most of you will be sitting there doing a full-time job running business or whatever it is you're doing. I get that but don't let that be an excuse you know if your goals big enough and path they just winning anyway just have a crack get going. Don't stop. I get people come and get well. Look all all of this of just gotta. Do this. Gotta be fulltime. If i finished my job at this fucking finish this contract with my took turns to when i get back from hey when i get this new job when they get paid this much money and what tax comes back blah blah blah united i hear now i don't i don't know i just say it's a live at that because my voice i wanna on a site to you guys in an audience like this on the podcast rather than individually. I'm not trying to pressure anyone do anything. I'm just trying to help you to believe that you can and to give you the skills and the tools to learn now. All those excuses are exactly that excuses already care why why you do something. I'm more interested in when you commit to doing it. You know all the reasons under the the sun for you not to do the training. I want to do it but i wanted to but i'm going to do it but i want to do but i want to try but i'm sorry i don't k- i don't mean to be or sound like an asshole and that i just don't care i care about the people that <hes> the people that go i can and i will they're. They're the ones that i get my attention to more so because they're the ones that have made the sacrifice already is always sacrifice. Always you sacrifice she time to learn you sacrifice money to pay someone to learn you guys in my team that you know we had some issues over the weekend kinsey <unk> website and whatnot they sacrifice family time to help us to get back. Sacrifices need to be made and sacrifices. This is our the sacred source of success. If you think that getting up and you know becoming a great writer and being out to afford to buy yourself out of work to work when you want how you want where you want i mean that's your freedom. You know making millions of dollars on top of that. That's that's cool. That's excellent but the first thing is afraid that the whole point of me getting into this was for freedom. I wanted to do what i won't win. I want how i want it. Wherever in the world that i wanted to trading allows me to do that now i've ninety sacrifices guys you all you guys are seeing and hearing is a finished. The finished products get along. Go always learning but you sing. The polished polished product. You're saying the twelve years that the you know well ten thousand dollars of thomas put into these markets that's why when i turned up the last week and said i am bullish bitcoin and it's continued to move in that favor when i said it. I didn't care what it did because i knew what i saw. I was confident. I don't listen to anybody. Look look at anything else. I read books to better to have my mindset. He stories don't follow anybody else that i've done the time delays of sacrificed a lot i continue to sacrifice the you know from this podcast for example doing these interviews for you. Sometimes as stupid dad was missing my kid. There's a lot miss out on but i'm i'm committed to what trying to achieve here now. If you want to do that sacrifices a part of your journey. I don't wanna here and look if you've got your razor. That's cool. I get it and i appreciate the support. Don't get me wrong people who say look. I can't wait to look for but but but that's fine. I'm not putting you down on hearing. You and i appreciate the feedback was well. It tells me is you want to get involved but you've got something in your head. That's preventing you from doing it. That's like supports. There and i appreciate that but i want to help. Can you guys to understand that it's up to you to get started using saying time and time again from zig ziglar. You don't have to be great to get started but you have to get started to be great and the more time you put it off. The more you mesa right now. We've turned. We're in a bull market. We are in an uptrend waiting for opportunities for those of you who don't know how to trade right now. Now's the time to get started. Don't don't want any longer. You've already white too long as it is. If this is something you want sacrifices pile of it consider the sacrifice. Can you do the sacrifice. Can you make the sacrifice woo. You lost. Go on an easy end goal worth your wall. That's the first in the journey that i've called. <hes> i kind of remember what i call it. The truth complete tried or whatever all this way and forgotten what the bloody episode is called the tried his journey <hes> something along long does not the listened back and remember what we'll have called this because it will be a series. I will continue to add to these little snippets along the way have a great. I hope you understand this and take a lot from this series because it's designed just be what it is from where i've come from have a good day bobby. This shows proudly sponsored by try to call dot com the leaders in checklist based trading strategy. Yes that's exactly how it sounds. I'll teach you a liberal checkless or you can take off autumns and be decisive very quickly sleep. Get across to try to call dot com with as a bunch of free content their feud have gotten of course if you're interested in having me come to your city click and register for the live events events coming up and filling fast have a great day visit. Try to call dot com now.

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ACP 01 - Adam Solo (Rebroadcast)

The Adam Carolla Show

00:00 sec | 2 years ago

ACP 01 - Adam Solo (Rebroadcast)

"Thanks for listening to the Adam Corolla show on podcast one. -nology truth. Brought to you by Geico. Truth. You will certainly an any text about your supervisor to your supervisor. Janet fangs did she lose that? With a weed whacker? Sint wait. No, no, no truth. It's so easy to switch and save on car insurance at geiko dot com. Janet, I think my phone was hacked or something go fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more kids. Thanks for tuning in. I appreciate it. I know this seems a little bit weird. It's weird for me. I just got done beating off to Hugh Jackman. And now here we are in my refractory period. Talking. So if you can hear the sound of my voice, eight means, my buddy, we didn't fuck things up and screw up. The audio file be Mike Chaffee. Mike chop, you know, for my show means he did his job and seems very interested in finding out what the future of Adam Karol is in the show and so on and so forth. So thank you minion. This could be the beginning of something great or could be just a painful humiliating, twenty minutes. Now, let me tell you about first off. I gotta say this. I'm nerve. And I don't know why. But I've never done this before. And I feel like I owe you guys so much when I say you guys I'm talking about the people that found this whatever this is. I even know what it's called. I'm not getting paid for it. I don't expect to get paid for. I hope one day there's a way to get paid for. But right now, I'm just doing it to fill the void. I got into radio many years ago to speak my mind, and to do what I wanted to do and to connect with people, and I'd rather have ten smart people than a billion retards listening to me. And I've always felt that way. And that's what I've always loved about my fans, Jack silver did not feel the same way. As I did when it came to that. And I guess that's a good place to start Jack's basically, a good guy. But he knows not what he does. He's a radio guy in radio guys just do radio. And it doesn't really matter. Whether they have me or the grease man or Tom leykis or Howard Stern. They pretty much have one mode and that's radio mode. And I've always said this about radio guys, they're like beavers, and if you took a whole flock brood. Murder. I don't know what a bunch of beavers are called clan of beavers family of beavers. If you took a whole bunch of beavers and you put them on the roof of the Sears tower. They would start looking for wood to build a fucking damn why? Because that's what beavers do they build dams, and it doesn't matter whether they're in a stream or seventy five stories above Chicago. They're just going to build a fucking Dame. And that's what Jack silver does that's his approach to radio. My pro is different. It's long form. And maybe it's not good for morning. I don't know. You know, I did it at night for eleven years. I was told once a month for eleven years to move it along and take more phone calls and stop telling personal stories and quit complaining about flying first class, and I did it anyway, and it seemed to work out. So I brought that same mindset in. Doing morning radio except for now. I wasn't in an empty building in my muck Lux with my sweatpants talking to Dr drew. I was in an open office building. And I could see Jack through the window and all the other suits, and they wanted to build some dams, and my feeling is is if you left me alone. Eventually we could get to where we wanted to get. But that wasn't going to do it. They were very impatient. Beavers and again, Jack's not a bad guy. He's just a beaver who wants to build a dam, and he's not used to dealing with guys like me. So he had a lot ideas. Lot ideas. Like the wing ball. We get a bunch of fat guys in there. And we see how many wings how many hot wings they can eat in twenty minutes. And I would always say I don't have anything to say about that. And he would say, but it's huge in Philly. And I realized that was part of the problem. Now, the other thing is he his comedic sensibility. And I'm going away out on a limb and saying he has a sensibility were much different than mine. He hated Dana Gould, he hated the deaf rat guy. Basically, here's how you knew. Jack hated something. If I love the guy in the show, he hated the guy in the show and then vice versa. More Kuch talk more Cocteau Bor more manual airy more stuff he is had suggestions other than the wing bowl where things like how about you give out the time. And I was always like Jack, don't you listen to the fucking show? All I do is make fun of the other idiots who give out the time. It's ironically, a waste of time see radios about spinning wheels and wasting time it's about guys with subpar intellects killing four goddamn hours morning. How do you kill for hours? I don't wanna kill for hours. I'd like to connect for four hours. And yeah, you're going to do your bids. And yes, some stuff's going to work and some stuff will be better another's, and yeah, you can't do four hours of just some kind of governmental, you know. I can't do four hours of making fun of the mayor making fun of the department of you know, building or transportation, I understand that. There has to be some laughs. There has to be some smiles has to be some jokes in there somewhere. I understand there's a balance to strike in. Maybe I never found that balance. But what I'd like to do now is a little experiment because I think this is a really good time for us. And when I say, I mean, guys like me who don't want to sit around and bullshit and make up stories. And by the way, that's the other thing about radio half the shit. Here's a fucking lie. I mean, it really the truth be told the reason I had to get away from Danny is because he stretched the truth so thin, I could see through it. And I felt like I was an accomplice in a crime when we were talking to our listeners. Now, Danny is another guy who's a good guy, just a bad fit. He does. Does a pro wrestling version of radio he does the kind of radio the Jack Silverwood like, which is theater the mine pick up a persona in run with it. Just take on whatever you see in pro wrestling. That's about it. Take on a per son drive it into the ground, all attitude not much content. Why shrimps repeat that's essentially what radio does. And I wanted to talk to people. I mean, I I was just thought like, you know, you're talking to hundreds of thousands of people in what the fuck are you saying it's a fat guy eating wings. That's that's what it is. So if I had a microphone, and it was hooked up to ten rose bowls that were filled to capacity, and I had it for four hours a day. I would spend half the time watching mortally obese guy guys. He'd hot wings. It seems ridiculous to me. But yet that's the direction. That's where we're heading. And then. It becomes one of these negative spirals because it's like are. We just keeping up with the dumb asses or are week causing the demise of the intelligent people. Are we causing them to be done? We think about it, you know, because that's the logic. That's the logic and radio. Like, look, you're smart fine. But everyone is listening to you is dumb so dumb it up for them as opposed to try to raise their wariness a little and have them come up in meet you, I don't like the dome it up policy, and it's always been one that's been around and radio. I mean when I was on pay rock doing love line. My program director used to say, look they're bunch of fifteen year old snowboarders from Orange County. They're listening to you. Now, dumb it up. They don't fly first class. They don't have the problems. You have stuff talking about buying a Lamborghini. They can identify with it. I was like I never gave a shit. My feeling was like if they wanted to. Fourteen year old from Orange County to host the show than they should get a fourteen year old from Orange County hosts this show, they got me to host the show. I shouldn't be the same as them. Can feedback one of my speakers. Now, this is experimental. It really is. And again, this is the maiden voyage going to bounce around. So I feel my way through this. I wanna say this. I think Giovanni for helping out and being the messenger that he's been all these years. I wanna thank again, Mike choppy. I wanna think my buddy Donnie, aka the we's for not only being a good roommate twenty five years ago, but setting this little experiment up. And again, I wanna thank you. And I wanna tell you weren't planning on going. Actually, I don't know where I'm going to go. But I do know we're gonna Volve I'm going to get guests in here. We're going to get more than one Mike will probably get a studio setup. And we're going to do the show right now is really about just I just wanna be that nicotine gum on your long flight. I know it's a bitch. I know when you have a connection with somebody it's tough. And I know when you're used to. Connecting and that bond gets broken and the umbilical cord gets cut. It can be a disappointment. So right now, I just wanna be a little little shot of methadone while we get this progress. And while we explore this new frontier. And again, I know satellites in the shitter, I think terrestrial radio heading toward the shitter at least out here in LA. It's pretty much just ranchera music and top forty hot bullshit talk. Maybe maybe we can assemble a team of interesting smart people not only out here in California, not only out here in the United States. But around the world anywhere, they speak English anywhere. So it has an idea anywhere. They think they're not being serviced by the current tards or being put on the radio. Maybe we can make a community, and maybe we can fight back, and maybe we can unite and maybe we can create a place for. Interesting voices. And then the show can become a place for interesting voices, and we can talk without the limits and without the constraints that you have when you do terrestrial radio because let's face it. There's a metronome that's ticking behind you when you're doing morning radio and long run on rance and interesting conversation with interesting people as opposed to Kuch talk might not be tolerated. So and again, I'm feeling my way through this went on plug a speaker right now because I'm getting some feedback on it. See if that makes a difference. I'm feeling this out. Hope hope you can hear me. A hope you're going along for this ride now so recap. Jack, silver, not a bad guy. Never knew what the fuck. I was talking about horrible match. Really wishing that. I would be more like some of the on air talent that he's used to dealing with. And it never really really worked that being said, I got bonuses all last year for ratings. So obviously we did. All right and our target demographic. Otherwise, I wouldn't have peop- kept getting bonuses from Los Angeles. And from all the Phillies that we're in and as far as the people live in the Phillies, I got a polish is for you. Because this is all LA based they don't give a shit about any of the Philly. It's they have nothing against you guys. But it's all about performance in L A. And as a matter of fact, at the end, it wasn't even about performance anymore because the station was doing well in LA. It's the economic times we're in and it just cost too much to pay a bunch of guys like me to talk versus play Justin Timberlake records. And that's what it came down to. And those are the financial times where living in. So. By the way, Medina goes to jail number one number one at the theater this week, forty one million goddamn towers, boy, are we getting stupid people. So what I'm gonna do is. I'm gonna tempt to rally the handful of smart people that are still out there around this new technology and be on the vanguard of this. And when I say, I'm on it you'll be on it as well. And again, I asked nothing from you do not dip into your wallet. Do not even dip into your heart. All you need to do is spread it around. We'll do it viral will do it in a grassroots kind of way with a sort of I on high-tech, you guys let your friends know net. Let your neighbors. Let your co workers know, the people you work. See smart people are sort of disenfranchise everyone's out on an island speak fucking island filled with NASCAR and the Jonas brothers top forty and ranchera music and God damn accordions blaring with stupid guys playing huge. Guitars and falling asleep against cactuses. And then there's just a handful of smarties and they're spread out, and we need to find them, and we need to contact them. And we need to unite them and get them to this destination. And I don't want your money. I just want your ears are right anyway, so silver didn't work out over Kayla sex Bahadu, she didn't work out over Kayla sex, and then Kayla's ex didn't work out over at Kayla sex. Now as far as I go do not worry about me. I get paid through the end of the year. Which is always been a dream the dream was to get paid for with about. I would I wanted to get shit cameras about two and a half years on a contract. But as it turns out of about ten months, so I'm fine. Theresa get paid. And as far as the rest of the group goes I wasn't supposed to talk about. And couldn't tell you all on Friday when I signed off. But I got a pilot. I got a pilot prime time. Time sitcom on CBS, which by the way, the number one network for doing sitcoms and actually cited about it. I wrote it with Kevin Hench. We wrote the hammer together. He's a good guy. It's a funny script, and they didn't fuck with it. Too much actually liked it. Boy, I love the swearing part. Hope you guys are cool with it. So I got that I talked to ball Brian tonight. And I'm going to get him because we're ramping up starting on this thing ASEP, I don't know what the future is will shoot it. And then the look at it and either they'll pick it up for series or they won't. But either way we have good script have great network. And we have a great shot and the Angie's and the Brian's in the Mike Lynch is of the world all these guys can be employed and employed before their severance runs out which is going to be in about two and a half weeks. So that's all good. My sister. Jay is staying with me were working on the super garage. What else I'm going to get guests in here? I'll get Dr drew in here Jimmy Kimmel in here. I'll get Bill Simmons sports guy. Hopefully, I'll dig a little deeper ran into us Seth McFarland. He was drunk at a party and screaming, you're the only one who liked my show many years ago. When no one else liked it's all drag his drunkenness in here. And also and more importantly, I want your feedback. I want you guys to tell me what you like what you don't like what she what you wanna hear. What you don't wanna hear? This matter fact, at the beginning while I'm getting this thing set up. I can't take calls. I don't have a partner bounce things off of. And that's how I work. I'm like a shark that needs to swim forward, and I don't have any water tank. So I need you guys. And I want you to do is go to Adam Corolla dot com or go to the message board and tell me what you want me to talk about. Maybe it's a news story. Maybe you have a relationship question, literally posts the questions, we'll do it that way will do it that way until we get up and running and tell I can get some water moving pass my gills, so go to annum crawl dot com. Throw out some topics throw out some stories throw out some questions asked my advice. Throw it up there. I will address it. I'll be doing. I'll be doing made up movie toss in a few of those. I'll also. I thought of the movie today, I'll tell you what I'll do a couple of rants will do a couple of just just to kind of funny shit that you guys enjoy. And like I said you put it up there. And all do it will do it together. We'll find it together. This go through it together. It's interesting. I really think we're on the brink of something, you know, and as talking to Bill Simmons about this, and I did his podcast couple of days back, and he was saying that cars are going to come with the internet real soon. And once that happens, I think that's going to be the breakthrough. And I think you know, I went to a building in the middle middle of Wilshire boulevard in the middle of Los Angeles. It was twenty stories high. It had a parking structure and somebody had to pay for the security and the guy water the plants in the lobby and the guy worked the floor buffer in the lobby and all the sales and all the studios in the whole thing. And right now. I'm sitting in my office. My kids are sleep dogs at my feet, and I'm sitting staring at the view of the city, and we're all alone. And the only overhead I have is the Tara cotta tile that's above me and the roof. I think there's a way to do this. And I need your help. And again, I'm in it for the big picture and minute for the long term. So I don't need to make any money. Not for a while. I wanna build I wanna build the community here. So what do we talk about? While got my made up movie. I'll give you that. So just in sound like, I'm just. Screaming and ranting out of out of a window here like network and. Just a couple couple of thoughts. First off. I took shit today. And I don't know if you guys have this but about every hundred fifty fifth shit. I take doesn't smell like one of mine ever have that thing where you take a shit. Oh. Shit was that. Wasn't one of mine. One of mine that someone else's shit. Just come out of my ass. Schick it in there. What I eat any think yourself night, same stuff. I eat every day and different stuff. Everyday. True. Like, I just walked into a bathroom and somebody took a shit, and then there's a weird sort of perverse pleasure in. It's like I'm smelling someone else's shit. And join it. Got you on a Technica? Got your technicality came out of my ass. The other one as it pertains shitting, I won't go scat too long. But about every hundred eighty third shed, I get the. Smells like catch shit. What I do eat some Kibble or some Jibril. It's our mouths. What's catch it? Ever get that mine saying you have you ever done that you've ever done that. Can't you shit toilet talk to Dr drew about it? I'll work that one out there thing. I was thinking about today today in a kids party first off, I got a play something horrible gifts to get kids. Dr Bruce anyone elicit love line long enough knows Dr Bruce Bruce company kids, why could tell you what it is. Or I could just blow into it. It's real funny except for when you hear that shit going off all night and all God damn day. Don't get kids gifts that make noise. Now whistles Nobel's drum kits. It's right up there with silly string on the retarded gift buying registry. Really, you should be sued for doing that. I've been here, and I've been here in the. And by the way, it's not like the kids, and they got her Monica too. It's not like I got John Popper, and they're blowing on that thing. Just not blowing through it. And and you know, drive me nuts dry. My dog insane. Don't do it. Did you get a stuffed animal Batman outfit? Something from Thomas. The tank engine Princess one get them fucking anything. But something that makes noise. I read rather rather get them vibrator strap on our fucking loaded gun anything anything, but a slide. Whistle are bell are silly string. My buddy donny's party today. And there's a pirate speaking to kids. And it's funny seeing these guys, you know, because when you're a kid there were you know, there were heroes. Like look at the Princess look at the pirate. Now, it's pathetic. Right. Because you know, the guy forty one he's been divorced retired. She'd obviously hasn't worked out because it Sunday. He's getting eight bucks an hour to address a pirate at my buddy donny's kid's birthday party, and they wear the pirate outfit, and everyone always wears the whole outfit. But the part they cop out on his two shoes. It's no what I'm talking about whenever they do anything. I don't care if it's a pirate. I don't care what their dressing as whether it's whether it's Shrek a pirate Batman superman. It's always the. Shoe part? They cop out on this pilot, his shoes had velcro to velcro straps. Other. Really couldn't even go with laces. You couldn't even go with para Chuck's velcro though crow from fourteen eighty nine velcro to ship NASA, invented nineteen Seventy-nine velcro, really. But there were black. And that's where these people get their pass. I don't mean the guy was black. I mean, the shoes were black. Although the Princess was black which was confusing. My daughter waiting for it ask. Thank god. She didn't blurt out anything. But the point is the guy had black like Reebok's on with the VO crow strap. And I thought you know, if you get the right color, you'll get the pass and that's the cop out because it's not about the color about the laces. Where was I? Yes. Number two. Number three know where we were TMC. I watched him. See I liked him see half the shit. They get his bugging people at the airport. They go to JFK or LAX, and they just hold the camera. And here comes why known a Judd, and they're just talking and they're backing up there the baggage carousel, and they're all that shit. I think to myself the airport really were just allowed to have people running around with cameras at the airport. No problem. Oh, by the way. If you go film, the Brooklyn Bridge, you'll get arrested because they'll think you're terrace your loud to go to the airport, the essentially the hub of all terrorist activity and just have a bunch extra guys floating around with with Betacam's. No problem. They're not going anywhere. They're not drivers have no fischel goddamn business over there. And I know people go, well, it's public property. But really could you go to the DMV and just stand around with a video camera in the LA? Lobby the DMV film people that were standing in line at the DMV wouldn't eventually someone. Go get the fuck outta here. It's the airport. This is the holy grail of security. It's the place after take your fucking shoes off and your belt off and spread your cheats every time, and there's some jackass running around the video camera, and I know they're not on the other side of the security line. But seriously, we couldn't kick these assholes out of the airport. They're just gonna keep walking backwards while Orlando bloom just going through LAX, and they're asking stupid questions. Did you did you see Batman? And they're they're going to bump into someone. They're going to trip over an old lady. They're going to kill somebody or kill themselves. But just from a pure security standpoint. How many guys at the airport? Do we need who aren't going anywhere? You're not security. You don't work for any the airlines. You're not a driver. And you're not getting on a delta. Flight and go into Atlanta. You're just getting in the fucking way filming people who haven't given their consent in a public place. And again, I don't want to be one of these guys who you know, has Jack booted thugs come in here and rip away everyone's civil rights, but the fucking airport people of all places the airport. All we have is rules at the airport. You go in there. Just taps is your toiletry bag into a trash can every time we go through an airport because you've got more than three ounces of aqua velva with you you really these Jack offs can just run in a circle and bump into everybody. And no one gives us shit about somebody says something look, no, filming at airport as a matter of fact, the only people who get to be at the airport are the people who have business at the airport like the Dixie work at the cinnabon. The people who drive people there and the people are taking flights just business. You bugging Seila celebrities is not business, and I'm no attorney, but they're just filming people. Putting on TV? That's it. We just film you. Hey, it's a guy wreck. There's drew Barrymore. I'm just gonna Filmer while she tries to block herself with their hat, and then she walked into a lamppost. God damnit kick these people out of the fucking airport. Was I. Here's something that sounds. He's reading the airport, by the way, I've talking to Tim Conway junior about this a few weeks back is there. Anything more pathetic than tomato. Juice. The only time I've ever drink drank drunk drank and tomato chooses when I'm thirty thousand feet in the air like when you take that southwest flight, and you get that little mini can of tomato juice. But here's how you know tomato. Juice sucks beverage. It comes in a thimble. And it doesn't even have a real pop tops. Because it's got a little duct tape on top of it. It's a sticky back foil on it. Then even make tomato juice a real pan. It comes a two and a half can. And by the way, tomato juice, always tastes like the can came in. How pathetic is no anyone likes to. And then how come it's only ordered in flight. There's no vending machine where you get a tomato. Juice. Like, hey, what do you wanna coke? What do you want? We're gonna get a tab. When he gets seven up now giving tomato juice. It doesn't come in vending machine. It's not served anywhere. You never get at a restaurant unless there's booze involved only time you ever get it on a southwest flight. And again, it doesn't even come to normal. Can it's like almost apologize who could possibly want more than five ounces of this shit. Not they you gotta be gotta be half in the bag. That'll be going more than five hundred miles an hour. And we're only going to give you four ounces of it. The buddy we just coming room. Yeah. No. I can I can dig it. Look, I'm sure this is all fucked up are gonna work at all. All right. We're trying. Yeah. The other thing I wanna talk about this metaphor for life. I I gotta dustbuster at home. And I fired the dustbuster up my dog. Molly went hall and acid the next room. And all I have to do is hit the trigger on the thing. And it's not like the thing even plugs in it's got a little eighteen volt battery something, and it just she goes running. She she runs like if you were in the room, and he saw me fire up the dustbuster, and you shall Mali after feet and go tearing out she didn't that thing on the hardwood floor, you know, where clause or, you know, peeling out, you if you saw that you would think I raped her with the dustbuster days earlier, you you'd have no way of knowing that she was just scared of the sound. So she went tearing off and she just hold ask the other direction. And then I thought it was funny. So I went by again and fired it up again, she got up and took off again. She scared shitless of this thing that's fourteen inches long. And it's meant to really only reason I have is suck up her hair. She scared shitless of this thing, but cars, no, fear. I'm backing down the driveway. She sleeping behind the Karam tooting. The horn, she's sleeping. She gets up moves three inches and lays down again. I can't even find her in my mirror because she's in between the two mirrors when I'm backing out after stop and get out of the thing. I took her for a walk the other day. I was walking up the hill car start coming up the street surf poll and toward the bumper. She actually search pulling toward the car. So. Scared shitless of the dustbuster which by the way to do nothing except for possibly remove a tip from her. No fear when it comes to the cars, and I thought yeah, that's kind of a metaphor for us. That's life. Isn't it? We scared shitless of the little stuff, but the big stuff. Don't give that much dot. One last thing. Shoelaces. I know some of you've heard me complain about this before. But do you have any of those all-terrain shoes, you know, like, the new balance ones that are kinda gray? They're not really a sneaker. They're not really running shoe, a kind of a running shoe, but they have like all weather bottom on it. Got a little like that Nabi bottom on it. Kind of wet dry and the shoelace shoelace knot contin anymore. It's round and it stiff keeps wanting to go. And by the way, there's no Bo you can tie that thing tight enough or shit doesn't pop open after like fifteen to twenty steps. Even if you double knotted it'll still work its way out. And is there anyone in the land that works on that? I mean appreciate the shoelaces last forever. And I could repel down a building with them or hang myself if the sings not recording. But does anyone ever tests shoelaces for boa ability? You know, what I mean, like put them on the lab and have a guy. Walk on a treadmill for twenty minutes and see if they pop loose or just run up run up and down. He really should she think about all the time retie those shoes? And by the way, I don't know what to do like, I I don't know if there's some sort of I don't know if I should rub rub with Tung oil or Ming coil or trying to bring them in them. How how hard I hunker down on those laces. They'll always pop up again. And then here's the other weird one kind of getting back to my every hundred fifty fifth shit, smells like someone else. Toke it how come about every two hundred times entire boat turns into a not didn't do it. This morning won't do it. Tomorrow doesn't do it last night of the week before? But at some point somehow, someway, I'm gonna hang on that thing, and it's going to turn into a nine. All right. Real quick. Here's the movie I was thinking about I was sitting around my buddies like I said donny's birthday party today. And I was just thinking, you know, I bet you guys like the here made up movie, and I like the here one I haven't thought of before. And since I can't get your suggestions over the phone. Let me just give one some thought. And I don't know why. But this one came to mind. Waxing poetic. Getting some feedback from this fucking speaker, just unplugged everything. Still feedback hole. Well, maybe just coming through my thing. Oh, yeah. That's me. We'll work it out nowhere kids. Now dig this. If you will wait a minute, stop the feedback. There we go. Let's see. Thanks, okay. Eighty murphy. And by the way, Murphy's gonna play every goddamn role in this movie. He he plays. Now dig this his girlfriend his girlfriend wants to be a playmate. And Eddie doesn't want her to pose. And she's going to go into the world famous. Pinky cheeks place all the Asian chicks at work at and get the bikini wax, but any any doesn't want it? And he knows if he can screw up that keen wax had Nuff. She can't be photographed. So Eddie Murphy does one of those Norbert type turns and he transforms himself as sort of MRs Doubtfire meets Norman, he transforms himself into an Asian woman and gets a job over at pinkie cheeks. Well, meanwhile, girlfriend's gonna come in here. But is a great montage of him working on super hot chicks doing crazy. Eddie Murphy Asian thing and his girlfriend gets in there. Now, obviously comedy and sues because he doesn't know how to work work, hot wax. And he sprinted on all the asses of all the hot playmates and all the hot, you know, we we get like a we'll get like a vaginal cameo from like Paris. Hilton there, whatever we'll work it out. But any Murphy is going to play the Asian woman that runs the place she he's gonna play the heavy set black woman who does the does the waxing as well. He's actually he's gonna play Cameron Diaz. He's gonna play his any Murphy's gonna play himself. He's gonna play his hot, white blonde girlfriend. He's gonna play the Asian chicks. That dumps the wax and all the Kuch. He is going to play every God damn role. Nece waxing poetic again haven't really worked out all the details yet, but come on. You could see any Murphy with the ass in the face chick wearing the thong back him dumping, the hot wax and the sound effect in there come on. I have a Perry made forty one million dollars forty one million dollars this weekend as a fat black chick who threatens everyone with a gun, which is an awesome message to send to the black community. And he could do this. Proprietor of pinky cheeks waxing poetic, and I'll put a little polish on that. I understand it needs a little work. It's late. I'm running out of steam, and I'm going to wrap this up. But again, let's review I need you to pull this off. I need you to spread it around. And I need to build this show. And this was essentially a dry run. But I'm going to get guests in here. I'll get some production. I'll get a studio, and we will create something together. But when we do it tomorrow, I want a whole bunch of your questions dancer. I want a whole bunch of your ideas to execute. I want everything so go to Adam Corolla dot com or go to the unofficial message board and tell me what you want. Tell me what you wanna hear asked me or questions asked me or vice that will provide content for the show and tell we can get it up and running. So all of you who spent time who took time who made time to find this all you who burn. Some calories to come here tonight. I wanna thank you. I'm not going to disappoint you. And I'm not gonna let you down. I'm not gonna lie. The Intel you ever shows going to be perfect. This one socked I'd mid it. But we're gonna find our way we're going to get our footing, and we're going to go into this new frontier together, and collectively we can create a safe haven for smart people who have an opinion. Thank you. And I'll speak to you tomorrow Mahalo. I can't believe it. That Gerald is presenting the quarterly budget report with finger puppets. Look here comes one point seven percent decrease in fixed overhead. Hello, everybody. No. I can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on car insurance with gyco. Projected increase in organic three revenue. Believe it. Geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance house and Trump I'm Tim Maguire the AP newsman at the houses expected to vote next Tuesday on a resolution that would overturn President Trump's declaration of national emergency along the southern border. Trump promises of ITO if it's passed by the Senate are Kelly indicted and Chicago ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse involving multiple victims, including at least three underage attorney. Mike Levin Audi says Kelly's handler should also face charges. He's agents these attorneys, and these managers they look the other way while these young girls were taken advantage of instead of doing the right thing Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots faces charges of soliciting prostitutes after he was videotaped by hidden. Police cameras twice in the sex act at a massage parlor and a Florida shopping center. Patriots fan, Bryan Rubino billionaire, you wouldn't find yourself in this kind of dilemma in this little sleepy plaza of all places, but. Who knows Seventy-seven-year-old craft denies any wrongdoing. I'm Tim Maguire.

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Episode 265: Put Me In Coach feat. Ali Macofsky

Yeah, But Still

1:25:38 hr | 4 months ago

Episode 265: Put Me In Coach feat. Ali Macofsky

"We. ooh ooh ooh ooh Oh, boy we're back. Score back baby alley. Makovsky on the pod for the. First, time. Very funny. Comic Alley say hi. Hi thanks for having me your in Goddamn Arizona right now. I'm going from hotspot hotspot fucking Cova. D- central. Didn't perform in. This is why you the Intros of the podcast. fucking dive in. Drinking a Tokyo Chico right now being like ooh. That's fuck. I'm. I'm I'm good. I'm good I had my I had my Bagel. More is Bagel. You Know White Fish Sandwich I've got my coffee going I've got my Pacheco I've got my Bev's we've got a you know a friend on. So I'm I'm in a good state. Let's go and curious though because I don't know that well, so I would be interested to know what your in to the pod with me would be i. mean normally I'd say welcomed the yeah. But still kind of establish Oh, you like. We are beginning, I. Make I make less noise than Brandon I'm not saying it's a good or bad thing but. He likes to start with noises. That's too I welcome. I'm a welcoming type. You know I want I want you to feel well, you likes to say welcome to yeah. But still that's my at the beginning of every. But that's don't. They know they clicked the click to this brandon where you at all influenced Tom Leykis growing up. I'm not. Well. Not a local. Okay. So that's I feel like Tom Lake is a real la pool. Do you like is Jack No? Who's that Oh my God? His this? Like he was like this old radio DJ who like Horny old men loves like I would listen to a growing up with my dad like my dad would be driving me to kindergarten playing Tom guessing you'd be like. I. Guess, it's Friday flash your lights on your car and see some tips. I will always always trying to get people to flash US UNLIKE THE LACROSSE bus or I. Think it was Lacrosse Way. Are you on what I play? Years, three hundred, the crew Holy Shit. This is fucking reveal as Mondo plus deep. Yeah. You were a former Lacrosse player. I liked prided myself on like hating Lacrosse player well, you're on the East Coast weren't you? That's like a whole different vibe yeah. Riley Riley Gayle played. Lacrosse too I. Think. Like mid West mid the rest of the country. It's like a Weirdo to play. Yeah. For sure it's like 'cause it's not. And the East Coast I think Lacrosse is like an elite sport where they actually get funding in in Chicago. It's like for the most part it's not even recognized as a team sport in schools and you're like a playing with terrible uniforms just it's disgusting and it is under-funded intramural. Yeah. Just like you could barely plant but granted. The people who played weren't good people. These were bad dudes. Yeah. But in a different way, you know I feel like the reputation for Lacrosse though across the states is still the same whether you're funded or not. You still kind of have the air of like douchebag factory I I know the East Coast Lacrosse I just know the east. coast. Lacrosse reputation has drastically different because our team was like at least in the Midwest for us, the the reputation of Lacrosse players would be that like. People would be like on acid during a game like playing. There was a lot of like weird donors on our team that we're just reckless. Those. I had I had a really bad flashback to visiting L. A. for the first time and like meeting my my first agent. Yeah. And he was this guy that was very like Ari gold. Vibes. With anymore. But he was like a young a young agent that like really wanted to be Ari gold and he's like he like took me to the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club. Longer exists I. Don't know if that's before your time alley but. The Fuck Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at City. Walk yes. Four might Todd University. That's very funny. Yeah he had a it was. Love it's comedian. To be like taking your family on a vacation that somehow cost twelve thousand dollars to go to fly to universal studios and you find yourself drinking by yourself at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club Up Their Families Asleep. But anyway right next to like fucking BUBBA Gump universal city walk yeah. But yeah, like this is Yeah, this is like he was a young Guy I. Don't think even is an agent anymore, but he was telling some story about like man like back in my college days like you know I was on the water polo team and we would get fucked. Before those games man we fucked up, but like we would still win. Win That's the thing man we fucking fucked up and we would still win Bro. That's. Hard. Water Polo. Carry the reputation that Lacrosse probably at your school but for my school full circle Lacrosse for my school is like the guy who used to play sport but. was into sports enough to continue playing like baseball or football or whatever, but they WANNA do something. So they end up playing it. That was at least me and a Lotta people I knew. But I still barely like sports enough to keep going. I did it for two years and like. I remember Varsity tryouts US run like two miles and I just didn't want to and I'm like I'm going home man come we. Didn't continue. Yeah. I didn't around that day. So I just gave up the entire sport. Yeah. Lacrosse was always that's like it's weirdly like a triggering word for me I, think. Like thinking about like I was like Oh. Yeah. A lot of emotions. I did notice that. Yeah. I mean like, east coast, it's very wash I. Mean it's still pretty waspy in Chicago a different type of rascal but anyway, we're talking about dirty radio deejays I just. Yes I. A tangent just thinking about getting flashed but. We had man cow in the morning and Chicago. That's who are dirty DJ was right? Yeah. have. You ever had to do like radio for promoting shows No I've I've been asked to an have always told my reps like. Nobody who's listening to morning radio that like is going to a comedy club to just see a comedy show. I'm not going to be the guy. Gutierrez. Tonight and showing up at your show. Didn't. You it once did didn't once when I was in Arizona and I was like why the fuck of my waking up at like six am like I? Have the same thought I was like no one is gonNA. Come to my show from listening to morning radio and then it ended up like actually working where like people came up to me after the show and we're like, oh My God I heard you on the morning show. You know I I didn't know you were then I was like whatever, and then I came to the show and then I ended up hanging out one of the girls who came to the show from hearing the on the morning radio was like Oh, my God I have I'm going to NASCAR this weekend because it was in Arizona. NASCAR like I might be able to get you tickets and then I ended up going to NASCAR with her rule. Wow. The morning radio to NASCAR pipe. It's yeah. It's a pretty short pipeline to I could see the connection to now. Yeah I've. I've never I've never done that before because I also like anytime that I've. I don't know like there's certain cities where. You know like like all you know all sell out a coup venue in a cool city, but sometimes I'll go to certain markets. People don't mess I've I have not sold a lot of tickets you know in in Huntsville Alabama for example, and then there's people that show up at the show that are just like Oh i WanNa see a comedian at a comedy club, and then I come out and fucking I do my act that and they're like. Yeah, this is not what I wanted at all I mean it's harder and harder to achieve that in this day and age everything's like very curated and right Very, very niche it and people who are making like last minute decisions to go to comedy clubs think they're gonNA see like Jeff Dunham like I remember I was on I was on a me goal and this guy was like, yeah, I'm like really until like dark comedy and I was like Oh cool like who are your favorite comics like Jeff Dunham? The did terrorist is pretty dark. Yeah. He gets dark if the pop median is dark comedy, what's like light comedy to that person I wonder. I wish I could go back and ask a guy slipping on a banana peel yeah. Just the three stooges. The light lighthearted comedy for him. Yeah. I. Go I. Go a little deeper. I'm I'm a little more esoteric kind of a yeah I a Dunham Guy I used to travel by myself a lot for ramming. Yeah I. DO I do think his daughters Hbo show is Great Okay. I'm glad you made then distinction for all the people wondering they're like Lena making oh. Okay. And you got me with that again, you've made those two. Yes you didn't get the joke and then you got okay explained the joke and then you fucking God. Okay. You got you got to I. Mean you literally made that joke to me before and got me with it and you literally presents as a trick and tricked me. Really Fun. Into tell people that leader. Jefta. Is. Very. Funny. I was annoyed at first. I'm like, Bro, who the fuck is Jeff Dunham's daughter why you referenced why are you plugging his daughter, right? bamboozled. I Know Lena. My God. All right. You see her tectonics. No Oh, talk about that. We'll talk about that. We can talk about that in in a little bit I. Think you put me on. Okay. Guy Saw I mean speaking of dark comedy That's real dark getting me in a you know you need to have like A. Pretty Sturdy Mental Foundation to go and watch those talks if I remember correctly. It's painful which is hard during. Like I think. A. Lot of people have like a shaky mental health foundation like you need to. There are Daves I would not dive into the Dungeon of the Lena Dunham Tiktok because I mean, my big could be set an all sorts of directions by just a little little stimulus you know. But I think today I'm strong enough we could do it later. Yeah, it's IT'S WEIRD I I? Can tell when someone is definitely going through something I hate though when all like I'll do my hair different and people will like message me being like, are you? Okay like obviously you're going through something I'm like, no, I'm not like. Crazy makeup my hair different wines before like she's going through something. Crazy. Also. Yeah. Just like a stranger checking in on you to even if you were going through it, where are you going to do message than back man like Nah actually I'm pretty fucked up right now you ought to. Strangers, strangers love to hit your message requests on instagram not the royal you they love to message on Instagram and ask if you're having a severe mental breakdown. This this has happened I've you know I've been the recipient? Of You. Such messages. You'll post a certain. You'll post like a sad song or whatever, and somebody is like, are you going to kill yourself tonight, oh? Yeah. We've talked what we were talking about I. Feel like we're on another tangent before I dive deal. Will morning morning radio. Morning Radio is GONNA I was gonNA say my friends. My Friend's Dad. Would listen to Opie and Anthony like more Ning and whatever they would say something nasty. He would. He would be like Oh. Yuck what oh no. and. Then the the kid be like you listen to this every day like. New clearly like it he's trying to be performed of negative reinforcement like he's training a dog. Training his son like to just not not like dirty stuff. Right that's reacting to you know Anthony having like a homeless guy come in the studio and drink his own pace whatever and like he wants to laugh but. Because his kids there he's like, oh. That is that is not hey, behavior that is unpleasant stuff. My Dad wants the office at route of just like embracing his freak in front of me, which I think is extremely unhealthy. Oh. What was that? That was the dad to comedy store pipeline. A way what do you mean? Oh. Yes Got Dad. Laughing at nasty stuff, you know direct pipeline to you know. That that world yeah. For sure way what was what was the? What was the dad stuff? Well, just like on like 'cause Tom leykis literally did flash Friday. So like everyone in La. Tom Leykis. Yeah like taking me to kindergarten and listening to Tom Leykis like flashing his lights in the car hoping that some girl would flash. Backseat Asli Hilarious by the way that you're just flashing your brights at random cars hoping that somebody's this show you their boobs for a split second hoping that somebody else's also listening to the Tom Leykis show. Wild. That is so funny I really like the the concept of that and I, wonder if it's ever worked in history. For sure. Yeah once again. Did before you could just Google boobs on your phone and to see that you had to do this, you had to like it had to be a coordinated effort with a radio program and flashing bright to people. It was just too complicated. The world was less isolated. That's you know they don't do that anymore. The this you know the girls are not going wild. Were it sad I mean they are, but they're just showing TITI ON FENCED A. You know you're going to pay. Full to the on. Yeah. Exactly. I mean, yeah a lot A. Lot of you know like the the only fans like memberships wind up like they spiked like crazy I'm sure after the pandemic, the means of. Which is pretty. Cool. Have you seen anyone on only fans? Partaken in any only chance. I'm still confused I don't know about Brandon but I'm always fascinated just like there are so many small accounts like I just don't know our guys like guys Jacob Wall Oh, you had no no to Jacob all. That's the. Sinking, in the Bella Thorne only fans. Well, it's damn. She's not doing it for real. Right. But yeah, I know that was I just don't know like our people subscribe to like many of these at once or is it like like? I get a guy having a porn website subscription because there's like a variety pack but it's weird. It's like to be subscribed and you're only getting one person. I was doing that for a while I was on Tiktok and there's this couple on Tiktok who'd post like Horny. Check talks and I was like, Oh, this is sick like I'm like this is so cool. There are like this all couple and I was like I want to be so fucking in love. Yes and So I was like, let me just take browse only fans and so you get like little teasers until you subscribe you don't get to see like the full thing and I was like you know what? It was the beginning of lockdown at a lot of time on my hands and I was like, let's let's throw five bucks and see what they're doing and it was insane. The stuff that they were posting for five dollars. Were you good what kind of stuff? Let's hear it. Full Pace on girl peeing. This is like so the jump from. TIKTOK. Sexy videos just getting pissed on. Five videos versus the like. Like the Tiktok it was just like him being hot and like his girlfriend being hot, but it wasn't anything sexual, but he would like kind of promote. Only fans or like allude to it in when I saw him on twitter and there was a link choose only fans there and he would post like on twitter. It's like completely uncensored. You could still see things Oh. Yeah. You can show you can show. A whole. Can show the whole. So anti saw on twitter. I was like here we go. Invested in these couple by the way to kind of pitched as if you stumbled across them like, yeah. So I just happened to follow him on. Every single platform. and. Just I don't know the only van just showed up. Somehow, appeared on my laptop, my phone, my pocket. clicked. The wrong thing I don't know what happened. Yeah I. Only gave it a month Oh and then I was like I need to get out it wasn't for me that you only contributed five dollars. Yeah. So what else? Watch this husband Piss on his wife. Yeah. And and then they get you with the stories of like why they do an only fans and they're like, we just like love it we want to embrace like you know sexuality. We also have a dog we need a feed and I'm like a Gal at this dog go hungry. Someone needs to cable and You know soon trae man he needs to. He needs to Piss on his wife to put food on the road. Dogg easier ways to feed a dog than pissing on your why can't imagine. Making. That pitch. You know like you just don't have dog food. And you're. Like honey. I'm a need you to do something for me too sparky. and. Then all can we? Get some shelter or maybe feed it some like leftover food from a restaurant or something. No. I'm going to have to be this Piss I mean, I'm I'm dog sitting penny right now and I would I would piss on my wife for this dog. That's so grave of you burnin that's not. Even my dog. I would piss on my wife or another man's Doug. On Your Wife Also directed it so beautifully. Oh. Shots like a and that's that's an underrated Jonrowe of porn is like those points that like look I mean when when it's like they seem like they're in love and it's also it looks like a fucking eight twenty, four movie. Yeah. She didn't like Anamour primes and there's like lens flares. Yes I. Yeah. No I I. Love Those. That's your. That's they can be it can be my vibe. Yeah I don't think I've. Ever. Really directly talked about porn categories. But. That's good. I mean you know usually if it's over produced though I don't like it when it's the sort of You know when it's scripted but not well produced like if you're gonNA. Do like if it's something that isn't amateur. I want it to look fucking Nice you know let's let's have Barry Jenkins directing the should you know? Let's have. Let's get you know you need against. Yes exactly. Yeah I feel like I. Feel like when it's over produced or something I'm just picturing them like cutting in between scenes and like them going for like breaks. In between like come shots. Just completely out of it on the pro Ben on set, and it's just so weird like I was there shooting a doc like behind the scenes like part of a larger thing and? Dude like I knew the male performer and like they would call, they would like cut and stuff for random reasons just like change the angle or like move a light or whatever. Just like a regular shoot and he is like has to have a boner but he's like so comfortable that he's like coming he's like Jack Career and I have to like walk up I mean, it's we get weirdly used to it all standing naked man. He's like a huge Boehner and he's like talking about like just some random thought like your friend would do anyway you know be like Oh dude like remember I was telling you that restaurant I couldn't think of the name Oh. Yeah. It's called like Bennigans or whatever you know like some shit it's called. Meanwhile he has like a huge Boehner and I'm like Oh that's awesome. Man Like cool. Lake just full but it Anyway drugged up. Now No, they like the the old school guys that like pride themselves on it like they. They don't need to do that. They're just fucking like monsters dude it's like a real. Train them so I know. I yeah there'd be I. CAn't imagine. Yeah. Some of the young guns might might use it. You know but it's frowned upon. Yeah. But I that's weirdly professional is my point. I do admire that because like, yeah. Agus, a gust of wind hits me the wrong way. It out you know like, Oh, well, that's yeah that's gone now. So we're GONNA need to we're going to need to recharge. You know. I started seeing a sex coach because of that stuff coach we. Yeah I started seeing a sex coach during quarantine because I feel like I have a very difficult time being in the moment and present. Wow. Oh, this is fascinating. Who who do you think coach? So so my friend Danny, he has a friend WHO's the sex coach and I like kind of no cause. I. Kind of know them. But and I knew that she was a sex coach but I've never like inquired more about it. I'll wait. So it is. It is a woman it's a woman say. Sounds like it sounds like a made up some made up. Sex. Code Yeah. We didn't practice a lot. We're GONNA, need to practice with you. Get your man. So I've been face timing her like every week and. Just telling her about like M- you know my issues and what I want like my goals because it's not like a sex therapist where we talk about my past like sex history and all that it's more like goal oriented. So it's like what you WANNA get out of this, and then she just like gives me like exercises to do, and then I like follow up with her the next week in like tell her how they are. These is this person like they have qualifications kind of. I mean she's been doing it for like twenty years and I think she likes studied with someone I. Don't think there's like sex school where you like take classes but I think it's more of like you just. Walked someone else unlike their practice and you do it yourself yeah. That's interesting. Well, I mean, I'm sure there's like you know there's a difference between having like. Medical Education of some kind and like. Science based education or study, versus just somebody who's had a lot of sex being like yeah. Actually I'm an expert now because I did it a bunch. And I think. I think it's a mix. Yeah. You know are they reading journals or are they just did they is like bang a bunch of people I think like I. I'm not questioning your coach, but I do think it's I feel like there are people out there that. Do that type of thing where it's just their own personal experience and hours wonder if they're just like accidentally giving somebody their their own weird. Really Esoteric advice that. Only applies to them. You know for sure I do wonder that with like. Columnists. For sometimes yeah. No I mean I definitely felt the same way where I'm like this could be like complete bullshit where she's just telling me to do random things that she might think works but at the same time like she's because it's there my friend she just like offered to do it for free. So I'm not paying anything I'm not losing anything and was also like I might as well just try SINC- if it works, and if it doesn't like I don't lose anything it's working though. Maybe. Yeah hard with quarantine too but it's free it's free. That's. Yeah that that changes everything 'cause you're not paying. So it's like the idea of a scam is pretty much out the window. Yeah. Because I mean, if it was a hundred fiftieth session and they're like look, I don't want you to go and have sex until this virus has done, but we should keep doing the classes. And just like encouraging you and you're not gonNA find out until like. You know you get to do it next which is. I think it is helping though because it's been because we made a list of qualities that I want in a partner, and so that way I can be more specific and I can differentiate between like if I just WanNa like casually hook up with someone and make that clear that there's like nothing further it's GonNa happen or if it's something where I wanna like potentially good to know the person in like. Move forward in like kind of have that in mind of what I am looking for. So I'm not dislike swinging my deck everywhere in just hoping that it stakes you know, yeah, I I actually met I actually met a really good sex coach recently, he's this guy he comes in he's like he he has sex with my girlfriend and he's like this is how you do it. I'm Kinda I'm Kinda. In the corner taking note. He charges you. Yeah I've I've been paying him a lot. It's it's Jamal. I'm Johnny. A. Oh God. No I live. But yeah, I don't know that sounds good. We joke. But I think that's actually pretty cool. But there is something like that where I was filling out this questionnaire in there was this one thing i? Forget what it's called on. There's a certain name for it, but it's essentially it was like check yes or now if you want. Whatever the name is, but it's pretty much someone who likes say you're a virgin okay in your like years old and new WanNa lose your virginity but you're like nervous you don't know what to do whatever you could potentially like hire a professional to like have sex with you not in like an escort or foreign or any type of way, and so you feel more comfortable like going forward with having sex in the future I mean that's a great idea like literally yeah, that's that's cool if you're somebody like no, that's a great idea wants to do it bad like TYPE OR A. Yeah basically, just an insult. The only. Tired. Someone who's afraid of intimacy and so like you have no problem having sex after sex, you like feel really uncomfortable and you don't know what to do like they'll have someone who you could potentially like higher and this is like a I mean I don't know. Like an anxious avoidance. Yes. That way like you can have someone there and they can like kind of walk you through like being more available and like not. So closed off or whatever. Yeah. Tunes yeah that sounds good. Yeah because I don't know it's. It's good to. Therapy can be pretty good. I mean, yeah, it unfortunately, it's just hard to do and it's so fucking expensive. It's good that you have that for free. Joked and he did go to like real therapy to because my insurance ends in ear. Yet Literally. So fucking expensive for I. Mean I don't like mine insurance it'd be like a maze I've tried. But. It's like a maze to go and get find one that's like paid for. You know I've heard people. Have, really good insurance and still hard. and. It. Go, ahead, sketchy fine I was like like a couple years ago I was looking for a therapist in. La and I was like looking at all of their online profiles trying like find one that I felt like. I could fit with and there's so many like bullshit. Therapists were like I work a lot with celebrities like actor types in like I'm very familiar with that and I'm like you suck yeah. Right. Literally, basically, breaking hippo yeah like. Like I mean, you're not specifying the celebrities, but by even by being like, yeah, I'm I'm the therapist to the CELEB-. Yes. Like a little weird and it's just like you know like the idea of a therapist like kind of like name dropping. Yeah. I can't I can't near Metro anyway let's just say I. Have One of my patients name rhymes with. SEAVER. Boston seaver. I've treated him. You know so. I've been working with this guy I can't. Really. I can't really say too much but he's a he's a real good fella and. He may have. You know some some might of seen his performance as. An. Irish. Man. Know I'll say. Burro. I also love the idea like someone from like Ohio. Being like I'm going to become a therapist and move to la where the stars are in here about their problem. Yeah. I want to hear about I. WanNa hear about the celebs trauma law I mean I'd rather have in Ohio therapist like we've talked before Brandon about well. This is an area where I'm not positive but I do know that like. A few. Maybe, ten years ago. If you had mental problems, you'd go see a psychiatrist right which requires a doctor at. Your doctor if you're a psychiatrist right or psychologist way and you can prescribe a prescribed medicine now, which is good I guess because more people get treated but you could see a therapist and I don't know what qualifications are required for that and then I think there are people that are even like less than that where you can just kind of be like hey. Like, I'm willing to treat you. I'M NOT GONNA say if I have any knowledge whatsoever but we can talk you know you you call it what you call it. There's a lot of that in La specifically. It's like all at you define what this is where there's a strong chance that the person treating you is like ten times more fucked up than you. You know. Like 'cause I've I've literally seen before And like not people that I know in my immediate circle or even like extended right just because like for anybody. Listening to this I'm not fucking nagging you right now but I've seen people where it's like they kind of hit rock bottom, and then somehow like they become a therapist in the process of that and it's What instead Tony Robinson drums yeah. It's like the Tony Robbins Syndrome is a great way. Scrape it. Through one traumatic thing and gotten over it whether in a healthy way or not, and then you're like in now I know everything now I can solve your problems. These people have gotten over it either it's just like Oh yeah like like they through the process of therapy like they go to like to of to therapy sessions like this is I love therapy. I'm actually gonNA, do it. I psychiatrists are sketchy because I think that they over prescribe one hundred percents. Well, I mean for sure. But I, do think I mean a a great tip For those of you at home you want to get you WanNa get some adderall you WANNA get some fucking via Vance what have you you know hate yelp search a psychiatrist and then just find like the one stars. Like you know the Find like the people with like. The like sketchiest reviews. Where because Lake I think a lot of times those people just be like yeah you can have yeah. Have whatever you're the reason why people who actually have adhd it's very hard and knowing to get their prescriptions filled I'm sorry. I don't. But I don I I you know. I just remember I just remember I went to a psychiatrist when I was in college and they pretty much gave me like a buzzfeed testing. They're like your Princess Kiana with a of depression. Here's LEXA proud I'm like okay. I guess, I'll just be Zombie for a year. Yeah. I. Mean it is people are real fast and loose with that. It's pretty funny. But that's I. Mean La is full of like. It's real. Toss the dice who might be treating you. We've we've talked before two of. I. Mean we won't fully dive back into this topic but. Brennan There's my we'll speak in. General terms where you get like a young therapist in La. Like I want them to be like severely removed from my circle cause. I don't WanNa see. That person at the Travis Scott Album released party like I'm not trying to run into my therapist at. Like the room of tenants of the trees or whatever the. Any fucking. Yeah. That's the problem with L. Like you'll find out like, oh, there's like there's like these therapists that are that have these creative aspirations or are just like fucking any fucking la therapists that's like trying to build a brand it's Oh. They should yeah, that's that's that's no good anything like you don't have to take a therapist advice with a grain of salt. But you should be taking. You should take everything in this town with a grain of salt if not the entire. Thing of solve this whole. This whole fucking city you're just trying to like dodge mental illness. The mental illness like Ironman race where. Are. You still normal bill what's going on on this very normal pill right? You're not. You're not I was gonNA tell you tell you about this. You're not pilled because like I'm fucking. So normal normal period don't even last long as long as a hill would like if it changes every ten hours, it's not even a pill bro. That's not extended elite release. You know I'm pretty normal pills. Now, pennies here you know I had I had a nice breakfast. Hanging out with hanging out with this dog, I had myself a nice breakfast. I have I have like an adequate amount of beverages with me right now that's the thing is I just need to like have like three beverages at once and See the. See The sun. Yeah that's pretty normally. Pretty normal and then you're you're requirement he's are simple. You just need five beverages for breakfast and another person's dog. Very. Simple. Very simple. I need another person's dog and five drinks. Truly once I get once I get my own fucking dog it's over you hose. It is I find. fucking I need to get a dog I'm looking into normally I wouldn't tell you because you are on the road so much. Quarantine. Now, it's it's it's hard I. Mean You know? I mean I've even thought about getting one. You should want to go. Out of fucking backyard. Dog also, I don't like being chained down I'll be chained down one day, but I'm not. The dog might be chained up I'm chained to the dog that's the I. Do think that having a dog around makes you more earnest and like I totally understand the pipeline to becoming a fucking dog guy. Now just like spending a week with a dog. You know you're you're like the whole the whole week every hour of the day you're like, Oh my God you're the cutest baby. You're the cutest baby your baby princess I love you so much you know and and talking about wack jobs in La like I feel like. You can be so self consumed and when you get a dog like you can't be one hundred percent. Like only thinking about yourself. There is an ego definitely can't I've seen people for sure. Well, yeah. fucking Mike Pearse dogs or whatever. Yeah. There's a lot of neglected dogs. Yeah when dogs like become an accessory or celebrities that have had a lot of dogs die not naming names question will. Actually turned. That's a great returning dog. Oh That's a good segue. Into what we were talking about earlier I mean, let's let's. What's not normal pilled in your mind? What's not normal normal I think most things are not normal pill i. think most things especially in l. a. especially in like any sort of like forward-facing industry are not normal pills. You know. But if you I think if you're at a if you had a place where you know you're you're just sorta like. You're not overly engaged the like you're just engaged enough and you're you're doing the right things for your mental. You know you're Y you're just being normal. You're one of the that's that's normal I think I'm I think I'm mostly normal filled with a with side of unhinged. Ya. What's yeah it's not normal for you, Brandon. When he you would when you when the normal pill wears off what does that look like? you know. I start popping off you start getting mad when I'm when I'm kind of like a because I I have I can be unhinged. Yeah. I have. I can't have like. I can be chaotic, but I also think that. A part of it is just sort of like keeping the chaos private. Yes. Close friends. Yeah close friends like I'll get alleys. You guys are both on the close friends tab and all. All talk so much shit on there but like in terms of what, I'm putting out to the public. Keeping. Keeping my cards close. Yeah. You actually helped me a law brandon because I saw. You go off on close friends and I was like you know what? This is the space to do that and I don't need to be showing off publicly. Yes it's actually I mean the close friends sub is I, think? Has Been. Massive. For me in terms of just like. Not being not getting to mad it's hardly it's manage. It's hard for me to manage my close friends though because. A like my close friends it's like that's where I want to be posted some thought pick. So I have you know I have the people in there who I want you know to see to see this bb. Big Beautiful Bod. But then I have the people those aren't the same people that I want to see me go they need it's hard to close friends tabs you need to be able to make groups I think. There needs to be leadership beats here's. Should be like the shit talk here and the Horny tear yeah. Close friends and then the like Ernest picture picks of nature here Yeah because like I feel like those are the three categories of close friends stories on Instagram is like it's it's where people that. They don't feel safe just like posting a picture of a sunset to thousands of people there like I only want my. Friends to see the see your. Your close friends I was gonNA mostly I. Mostly use it to like say things that would ruin my career but I like. Your? Normal people I know because like even just in terms of the way you're talking about this, you talk about this in general terms as if everybody has a following. A public. Oh, sure you're. One of the least normal people have bus. Yeah. I mean I'm not being me I'm not trying to be mean I I'm fascinated by you because like all of your quirks I think are I mean you WanNa Talk Psychiatrist Like you you've had your whole adult life like. In, comedy. On the stay, right like all your friends are comex or like somebody that has a wikipedia page you I don't women's last time you were true normal. I would say, well, we've talked a lot about I. Think the base. I think we we always I think always around the holidays or like if I'm back back in my hometown. I think we always talk about the basement. One of the most normal pilled I. Think you're that's basement pilled situation. Yeah. Because that's beyond normal pill because basement pilled dips in a little too. Go you go to deepened into the basement pilled world and then you just live in the basement again yeah, and that's no good. You don't want that. But every time I visit I mean I. Still Like I'm still friends with the people that I was friends with in like high school and college I don't think you have a reference point to being an adult normal pill I. Don't know if you know what that pillow well I mean because you had pills you have. A reputation by I don't think normal like most people don't like when you talk about reputation it's like, Oh, did I help my brother move into his house like you might be kind mad that I wasn't able to that day not like a sure do does the world like me or hate me like that's not something that one hundred also. With that's not what I'm talking about in terms of like being normal pilled but I do think that. Oh. I guess. In A. Way It was like kind of talking about people in comedy. Because like I think a lot of people don't know don't know how to act, right? Yeah. Oh in. Oh wait are you are you saying that stand up comedians act a little weird sometimes personal life. Are you saying that? Yeah, you know. It makes them weird social decisions. Yeah sorry for such a radical opinion. Yeah. But you know but yeah, I don't know it's Ok well this is something that me and Allie talked about the ethics of being. A hot comedian, the ethics like just posting a photo of yourself. That is just like there's no, there's no twist. There's no lake. Oh, I like coincidentally 'em hot in this photo. Just, like comedians posting a photo of themselves looking hot. I personally against it in and I remember saying you post that and I immediately was like, do I need to check myself in this moment and I d m? Do you being like? Am I one of those people and what do I do to change their Comedians who exclusively? Post curated like curated grid is just only photos of themselves looking hot and there's no real evidence of them being funny on the on the computer and they're like comedians and so it's like well, what are you a comedian and then it's also like the pandemic like you haven't. You haven't done stand up in like six months and you've only posted hot photos of yourself, but you're not a model. So it's like, what what are you doing? You know it just seems like I. It really bothers me I don't think it's okay. It's weird checking the grid right now. Like your own yeah. Oh. We're good. It's your. Yeah. You probably are fine. I'm on the line though I'm on the cost it just. It all depends on the ex-. Yeah I like. I I don't know 'cause like people will try to play it off as. Ironic. Sometimes. Worse. That's even worse. Yeah. Yeah I mean I that count girls with is that account still up girls with the relevant captions was pretty funny. It would just like. It was just like entirely the stupid shit that people would post under like sexy. Oh, I mean well, that's like that's it's funny that you brought that up because that was A. That was like that was a funny time when people were like still they were like I. Don't know if it's okay to post about non l. m. things yet but I wanna be hot on instagram again, and then they would be like. Oh here's a here's a bikini pick by the way arrests the cops. The cops who killed Brianna Taylor it's like you can't do that but also jerk off to me, right? Yeah. fucking. Jerk off yet fucking jerk off your hard throbbing hawk. Of My tits, these all things should never be caress. Yeah you don't WanNa be thinking about you know. Police reform while you're Horny, that's just weird or Briana Taylor. You don't WanNa be memorialize. A person that was slaughtered. By this that one fucking like riverdale actress got in trouble for that. Lily reinhart. Which I think you you keep more. You keep track more of that kind of stuff I'm kind of like I, keep up with some pop culture. But I definitely am not fully in the no but I feel like I have a good understanding of what's happening in the teen drama world. Anything. Speaking of I just got this Dunkin donuts coffee because Charlie demilio from TIKTOK has her own Dunkin Flavor so I doubt this warning. fucking drinking. TIKTOK juice over here. Yeah you're dumb bitch juice. Charlie Danilo Coffee. That's that's the real dumb bitch juice I'm fresh out to gobbled it up. That's all there. was. It tastes like down. It's got interest cold brew with you know what? I respect her because she didn't do any of this milk alternatives. She went straight for whole milk in the Cobra with a caramel swirl I mean I don't think they have oatmeal Dunkin donuts. Well, we'RE NOT GONNA get into the cereal, but it does bring a serial type taste to coffee. Oh. Yes. Sure I've always. How sometimes in the past I have had cinnamon toast crunch with oak milk and poured the excess milk into coffee and that was kind of divide. This is actually honestly the reactions I thought people are going to be entirely on my side. Because I was anti fully against this but people. People turned but I. The silent majority was with me I mean I mean pretty saying alley no go ahead I had like a whole instagram story where I was trying to figure out how to do coffee with. A. Serial. But I fucked up my brain was not in the right place because in my head I was like, Oh, on, get like an oatmeal law and for that into the serial where I should've I. Really. I just said you know my brain was not there and I realized it should have been the other way around us Oat milk in the serial put the leftover milk into the coffee. I mean you guys are both crazy in my opinion l. l. e. are you friends with Danny Brown because of cereal? Yeah. That's so crazy that you remember it. How that all our war over here Oh Yeah. Yeah I mean I. Didn't. Makovsky, we have to know. Yeah. On on one of the earlier episodes of my podcast, I talked about how much? I. Love Soggy Cereal like I really like when it I don't like it when it's moly soggy I like when it's still has a little crunch but his soft the took place. Do I am and I'm not gonNA apologize for that. But the guy who edits my podcast made that into a clip in someone sent me this clip of Danny Brown on that like Youtube Channel over under and he was talking about yeah and he was talking about serial in how he hid soggy cereal scientists posted Mike Clip. With his clip back to back and then yeah, we became friends. Pay Network we just became friends lady found it. He's like wool. So he he's like one of those dudes who loves comedy and he was also a fan of kill Tony which was a podcast that I used to be on for a long time. So I think like he probably just put two and two together and then started following me in then. We just started messaging from that but I sent him I sent him. One of my shirts that I made I made Mirjan. I was like, Oh, I'll send it to him and I was like he's probably not going to post about it whatever like I just want him to have the shirt and then he ended up main grid posting him wearing the sharp. Their rules. Huge. I mean I saw I saw Danny Brown Open for Dass Racist Twenty Eleven. You know I've I'm day one. Yes wine then. I used to go see him at this place called the Observatory in Santa. Ana. Venue, but I remember seeing, Danny Brown at the observatory and I was like obsessed with him and when I was sending my friends, these shirts, I would write them all because the shirts say Allie Makovsky is my girlfriend started right like these corny little like homes with it, and so I think for Danny's I put roses are red violets are blue I've loved you since you didn't have a tooth or something, it doesn't rhyme as good as. Tooth fixed. Ya He hasn't new teeth I guess I haven't checked in in a in a little bit. Yeah but I wanted to know that I've been around you know. Yeah I mean that was man he what a what a journey remember when he got his Dick Sucked onstage. I don't remember that clarice. Him and G K were notorious for their live shows in being extremely horny onstage. No God. That can that can. That can be. A dangerous game to play the because there was at one time where a con would I it happened with drake. Once when he he lake early on, he would do thing where he would bring a girl on stage and then like kiss her like during like one of the slow songs and then on Seiji found out that this woman was seventeen it was like, oh no, you know whatever but a con do you remember this a fucking like? Humped like a like humps. So hard that she fell off. And then he found out, she was fucking thirteen. Also, Justin Bieber used to do that. we will win Justin Bieber what he would sing one less lonely girl in one person from his team would pick a out of the audience and you would sing to them and I. Think there were a couple of times where he would like kiss them but he was under eighteen as well. So but it's still one of those things where it's like. Are we still doing that in two thousand twenty? Are we still kissing girls on stage? It's just weird wild. Yes. So much nobody's on sage. Oh, not now now. Yeah. But in a in a post Epstein world, are we still kissing people on stage post me to world we're GONNA be kissing strangers especially it's weird. World it's it's a weird. Post Cova Post to post Epstein. Weird especially Bieber like having a profession adult professional be like I'm GonNa go out in the crowd and find the girl that this boy's GonNa kiss on stage it's just a weird task that nobody needs to be doing. It's not a job that's not a job that he needs to find like Hey Justin you wanna kiss a girl tonight on Sade. That'd be pretty dope. Right? Is this very I I've always found like is this is a bad time to promote my kissing around the globe. Smooth smooching. Sue GLOR-. Yeah Oh. Yeah. CA covered with a K.. The. Yeah. The COOL COVA cases tour. Your back and Jack Has Jacks Jax. Out of the room that I'm Gonna I'M GONNA. Hold down the fort. You're in Arizona right now. Yeah for. Like you're you're touring I'm not. It's not a tour. You're doing a show in Arizona I'm doing cure shows on out here. That Yeah I. So right before the lockdown started, I just started headlining. I was like in the middle of my I like headlining tour I guess, and then it all got cancelled. And the last. The first and last place I was headlining was in Arizona's the Tempe. Improv. into the guy who manages was that it was a good show. Bat. I you yeah. Do you know the comedian? Bob Marley. I remember usually do letterman sometimes it's it was always like he would be in DC, the DC Improv and I always like thought it was very funny that there is a comedian who's just named Bob Marley absolutely same I like didn't understand it I'm like why wouldn't you just change his name like I was like does he like do a character like who is this guy but he's like a main alleged like east coast legend and he's been around forever and so I had a jack, there's there's a comedian named Bob Marley. Convenient is he's just like some white guy who's just like some old white guy who's just named Bob Marley's happens. I remember being. On the road with Rogaine and there was like a flyer somewhere for Bob Marley and I was like, who like who's Bob Marley? Like, why is there comedian named Bob Marley in Joe's like Oh my God that the best like he's been around forever like he's the greatest nicest dude. So funny whatever. And so I thought what was going to be like a hall let's. Laugh at this guy moment ended up being like a no this guy's genuinely like a funny dude cool guy whatever and so then my first headlining show was co headlining. So he had like one night I had the other night whatever a news with him and he was the nicest dude so funny. But he has like this big cult following like other east coast main people. who go to his shows in Hugh Super Cool but the. Guy Who manages the Improv out here is trying to do this digital drive through comedy show I. Don't even know if I'm GonNa be like in the same areas where the cars are like if there's going to be a stage I'm going to be performing at the club in it's going to be projected to the cars like i. have no idea what posted. You posted the Flyer and it was like I immediately messaged you because I was like this is a fucking show where you get covas. It was like it was. This fire where like the graphic design I don't mean to shit on whoever made that poster graphic design was not that strong and it was like headliner big Irish J. Featuring Alley Makovsky Mesa Arizona. Alley you're GONNA, get Kovic I mean the three things that stick out to me there are somebody whose nickname includes Irish. You're getting Kovin big Irish you go. Mesa Arizona you're getting covert under percent. And then just I guess the fact that it's a powerpoint looking flyer, I assume, absolutely, it looks like one of those flyers for like a hip hop night like a weird warehouse. Diamond it's like girls get in five dollars before ten guys twenty dollars. You know whatever? One of those flyers where it looks like some Weird Club. Yup I I definitely, Thursday. Dude I I knew posting that I was to catch some slack but it was also one of the things where I felt bad off posting it like I was ashamed. On them. That's so funny. So, funny. But with so it's not gonNA you're not. You might be in a different room you might be. Different than the cars yeah. That's. Strange, yeah but did you drive your them laughing in their cars? I. Assume it's just like you're just doing stand up silently. That's why did I did it Dr in like a week ago and it was their first time doing a drive in so like the cars weren't even all facing stage and like it's just so easy for people to be distracted in their cars crawling. Like getting a hand job while I'm telling jokes, you have no idea what's happening in especially if I don't know, it's just it's not the same but. The guy is so I'm doing two shows tonight's show. I don't know anyone on this line up but I guess the person who is supposed to be performing dropped out. So I'm just taking her spot 'cause I'm already GONNA be here. The second show is GonNa to be fun because it's like all my friends so it's like Even. If the show socks at least I'll be able to like laugh about it with the people on the show after will. Yeah. Drive in the will will house the drive in show 'cause I am very curious about like there's only so many comics that are like actually performing right now. Yeah I mean, it's not the same. Way Can. You hear people laughing in their car? Yeah. But like what like? I think if it's set up, well, it could be good. This setup was not very good. So it's like you could kind of hear laughter, but it's not enough to be like, okay like the timing is right. All of this is right. So then your timing's off because you're like waiting or like am I supposed to hear laughter, are they laughing in my bombing and then? You'll hear like a big laugh on a certain joke and you're like, okay. So it was bombing this entire beginning happened. Now you're saying it's very hilly I don't even know how you would hear like you can hear people laughing in their car. It's weird like windows I I'm not a big fan of the half the half ass version of stuff during covid you know it's just Weird yeah. I mean I definitely like I I mean I miss it so much because like there's days where I just I you know I've maybe podcast at once and like accomplished, very little else and be in the before times. It was always like, Oh, well, I'll go out I'll do a couple sets and I will have redeemed what my day was and now without that I like lose my mind. So I have kind of. A quart oppression talking but I am Kinda like should I just do a backyard tour? Like should I just tour a bunch of backyard? Should I just line up a bunch of backyard's along the West Coast and then just perform for like. Like keep it small, keep it small keeping socially distant but maybe like. Like Max Capacity Forty people. And it is funny stuck in performing a backyard and maybe that is a core idea. I'm not sure it is funny to me because it's like. You definitely are getting something out of stand up. That's like not would normal people would associate for like we would assume you are like at that point it's like, okay well, like you're not going to be making money off this really it's a Lotta work. Like you're not really going to be these aren't good crowds. There could be a few people like I. Think you just like the act of doing standup like at that point maybe you need of we are like I, think we need vr simulator with a fake crowd you could get into Vr. Have designed this for you and you could just be doing because they ended up in your house like and just get that high. I mean the backyard to. VR thing that's always felt str-. I've only done out like once or twice the backyard thing would be something where I'm like actively just losing money on it one hundred. If I was like with Jim or something I think could be fun and I like the thing that's missing in this is what I noticed is like the act of getting ready for show the active like having like a fit you know putting on a new fit getting out like driving to the venue looking for parking like. Running into a friend, it's like the whole process of getting to a show doing the show being there after the show like it's all. To to the show that like make it what it? Yes. Yeah. I mean I feel like so many of my friendships were. Solely just based around doing the same shows where I would never like. I and then we would like maybe hang out after but it was you know like it was so low I e. yeah. It's just like a huge part of my life that is now gone, but you're you're like doing it, but it's it feels it still feels off right like. It is nice like going out and feeling like I'm. Doing something. But you do have like that disconnect still where it's like a crab, not quite getting the same feeling. It's like getting you know like drugs that are cut heavily in your like I feel like I'm getting something but it's not quite yet seems like getting a hand job in not coming. Yeah job no lube. No special. Yeah. I can finish, but it's not that fun. It's funny like. You See. So many comics that are like, yeah I'm doing three sets tonight, but it's all like one is at a park. Is like like I've seen so many pictures of just like a comic. No Mike. In a park at three PM. Being. At night being lit by an iphone flashlight. Yeah. Right for me. I mean as I think I qualify Moore's audience member potential audience member of these shows for me. It's like I don't even like the idea of going to them because it's like I'd enjoy going to the full real version of it but I also wouldn't like the half version. It's like depressing to me I don't WanNa go. I would actually go to a drive in movie because that's like an existing thing that you could do but like. Yeah bar like the weird bar situations like restaurant maybe some restaurants if I only if I want their food like. Vice. Straight up want their food like I'll go eat a weird place but. Like shows and stuff like that. It's like man I'll just wait until I can do the real thing we need to do this half version. Yeah it's more depressing. What do you guys think about the backyard tour I mean it's like do dislike s breakouts, WanNa. Go I want you to invite me I want to be a part of that. You could do it. It would be easier to. Go to a state where like they're opening backup and just do stand up comedy like the unsafe way like 'cause. 'cause I don't know how I'll save the backyard thing is you know? Read, it's I. Know There's a lot of people that are doing that. Were there like just kind of culturally obeying the quarantine but sort of not like they're really really stretching it and after going to a state like go into Utah where they it's not that bad. So people just don't give a shit like you don't have to wear a mask. And you realize like. As bad as la just like Oh dude just go why don't you just go to a state where I'm asking just live I don't know like you may as well not you but there are some people in l. a. that I see where it's like they're doing like a social distance hangouts and they're like arm around their friend there's like thirty of them in a pool it's like all right guys like. Just, like fucking like don't even do it like why bother you gotta get goes back to the same sentiment of like posting a top pick being like defunding the police where it's like either just be all in on the top pick be all in on like hanging out with your friends don't try and that you're not doing that. Yeah. Yeah. There's people people in La. Love love to say like, yeah. Yeah. Having a social distance hang and it's it's yeah social. People in a hot TUB. Love Island. Outside social distancing to most people here. It's like I'm seeing people really push it, which is fine. That's perogatives. pissed off at them but it's just like dude, like at this point like you know, the the people do these elaborate outdoor dinners where they're all like sitting shoulder to shoulder coughing into this face properly like do just like. I just go to Utah and go eat inside or something i. don't it was crazy because at the beginning of lockdown I was like family locked up I, went to my mom's house. I was like I was like so afraid my mom had to have like the cable people come over to her house something wasn't working I was like, why would you let them in? Don't TV like we can build five? Domino's like stay the fuck inside don't let anyone in the home, and then my sister lives in Arizona, which is where I'm at now and I remember after the two months I went to visit her and stay at her place for like like ten days or something, and as soon as I got here they announced on the news that the next day everything was opening. In so in her husband, like does not give a fuck about Kobe at all. In so I went from zero to one hundred like he made us reservations every night and so I was just like you know what like I'm here I'm GonNa do it like whatever? and. in the newest. So hard going back to La in trying to get back into the mindset of like lockdown because I I had experienced non locked down in been fine, and then I'm like going back to La and it was very bizarre to have like two completely different experiences. Yeah that's. By the way I have been safe. I'm not like I'm not an anti mask person. I'm like I'm personally being safe. I. Just think like right people are it. We're in a weird time where it's like. We're like half doing it like we're. Basically, not being safe. It's just like all right well, like what's the difference you know? It's very, very, very weird like what would. Okay to do and what's not I don't really get it. You know I I do want to say with regards to alfresco dining me and my girlfriend as a bit went to Boa. Steakhouse. In Beverly Hills. Yeah. She's such a fucking funny place they opened up. Whatever? What's that the WHO is there? Who is there own? Who was their? Own in terms of like the clientele. Just sort of like I mean it was definitely I mean Taylor Laurenz wrote a very good. Short thing about it in the New York. Times like last week about how it's like it's such a fucking tacky spot boa steakhouse. It's very like Gauche place like it's very expensive but not very, you know like the food isn't that great you know but all of the people there are, it's very like. Tick. Tock teen fives and like very like we Ho asshole. Types you know it's it's. It's definitely a spot where like managers take their clients hopper guys outside type of place. Yeah. It's it's really like Dushi spot and I like it was definitely not worth the bit because it was like we were like Oh. This would be funny to to Boa steakhouse like during goal. and. Then you actually go and you're like, you know you're paying like three hundred dollars and then just getting like a fucking stake in smashed Broccoli. It's literally like corn and Broccoli and steak, and you know cocktails and you're like, Oh, I could have made all of this at home. Like fifty dollars but it was it was fucking like it was very, very strange and I did not I did not know until after I would like I knew that it was a Dushi spot but I didn't read that article until after I found out that it's a place where like tick tock teens will literally like. Go there to celebrate two million followers or whatever wake and they'll. They'll shut it down Ebola steakhouse and then I went down this weird rabbit hole of like Boa Steakhouse Shit and I found this video of this like thirteen year old influencers and there's like influence or Paparazzi now. Policy that. Is On yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. It's this fucking kid who's like he was at boa the night before with his thirteen year old girlfriend. And this `Paparazzi who by the way I can't imagine how like how much you fuck up your life to the point where you're like a thirty something and you're older and you're following yeah. Literal children and this pop rats is like, Hey, man like I saw you were here with your girl last night where is she and he's like I'm single you know and he literally cody. He's literally Cody Clark in this Paparazzi is like yes. So. What was going on is that is that your girlfriend and he's like. Man You know whatever you know yeah. You know he's like I got. I heard you got kicked out of. You got kicked out of Boas. Steakhouse late last night I heard you I heard you might have been two savage for Boa. He's like, yeah, you know you know how do whatever it's like also that then that set off a thing of like are these kids underage drinking this? Like the idea of like a thirteen year old like I'm trying to imagine like what I was doing at thirteen and like just the sheer logistics of meat going to a steakhouse and like paying a bill I know I didn't even know how to do that. It's so weird like children, Junior. Thirteen Brennan I think that they're like six gene. Oh this kid was thirteen though. Yeah, that's I. Was it earth power the other morning and I was leaving and this really nice like not. Just like a very expensive car pulled up and it was like a top down Rolls Royce and it was like two young girls in the car, and I'm like that's crazy and I'm pulling out and I see these like. Like. You know out of shape like really sad looking men like running up to Earth far, and there were like Oh my God what's up I realize unlike To tiktok girls and this is probably like aw essentially like their reality TV is being followed by Hollywood life and they like do crazy stuff than they like spill all the drama like which take talkers they like don't like. It's like men it's. It's fucking weird man like this is fine for like a middle. Schooler. To Watch, or a high school or even you know like I I honestly think the audience is mainly like middle schoolers for a Lotta that shit because it's actually like younger kids watching older kids me and like Oh this is like would older kid is like you know but that's normal. That's fine I do think they should have their own internet though like it's weird when you're being shown like like we have to know about like a thirteen year old like on. Talk whatever you know. Yeah and like Brandon Yeah I mean you have joked off pod because like somebody we mentioned like complaining about reels being shown like sixteen year olds but I recently I have like a new account that's like nothing's on it. No engagement whatsoever and the ages listed at forty five or whatever is like picked a random age and like it's showing me those videos on the explore page So it's like I. Do we're that Instagram like reels just like? Pushing out videos of like. Dancing to like everybody you know it's like it's really an post world. It's like do this is weird like it's fine for kid. Yeah. Like people that that age it's it's so funny that like the one person I mean one of the very few people who has been able to run up the score while the game is on pause is like an adult woman who was making videos on a platform for pedophile yeah. Like. It's so it's so nuts you know and there's like weird sub websites of like. Screen recorded or like save tech talks with just like different categories. Let's essentially like porn for tiktok videos where you can go in fine whatever you're looking for. So if it's like teen dancing like you. Know that's so fucking weird. It's really fucked up but at the same time, like it's always been around, like I'm I'm twenty four. So like even when I was young creepy should that I was able to see from a young age or like know that other people can see you know. So it's like I don't know I just it scares me it's just yeah, it's just strange. I mean there's definitely an audience for a non weird audience for that right like. Girls other teenagers. The teens need their own. Internet. Just weird to push it out to every like I. Get why instagram made reels, but it's like, yeah, do doesn't need to be for everybody and quite frankly like you don't even need the algorithm just like maybe don't link push those two like old people I don't know like it's very it's under a certain age what does for that like the cultural tentacles of Tiktok or so like exc ever-expanding now where like that's such a huge part of like how was song blows up now that's like a really insane thing to me that how how much That's like a component of the music industry now and a knowing people now make sad videos on chocolate their life story being like a baby and I used to be a musician but my label drop me because they said My. Songs are popping up. So use this audio to prove them wrong and I'm like. I'm only falling. Only. Fans because they need dogs. I'm not gonNA drop from my label for not being a Ho. Wait how many likes can this get? I mean, it's always. Taliban it's just like you know. What I was thinking with the music thing is more. So like major labels, sort of pushing out songs that are built for Tick Tock like the fact that even like the biggest artists are making songs that are clearly like built to blow up on Tiktok, that's very strange to me. Well, the link drake is like to see slide is literally like right foot up left foot slide. This is how you do the Tick Tock dance. You know like I mean this really weird Jason Derulo used a song from chalk and dangerous like put his own verses on top of it, and then now it's just playing on the radio. I mean the yet derulo rulers entire tiktok presence is very fascinating. Very funny. He's way too committed. He's clearly has like a very big team working on these things and I mean. The things. where he's just making like a desert like he'll just make these. You know with. Gordon Ramsay being like. Dessert. Like just like, yeah. Put like a an Oreo in a cake pie or whatever in a Brownie and. The whole. That's the whole tic TAC I mean Jason Derulo is way too he he got in he got into deep. He's in so deep it's caused it. I mean he's career clout shark absolute cloud chasers funny. This is this completely unrelated, but I can't get it off my mind. people always ask if I'm related to you Jack Solely because of the thick I I could see that Holy Shits I've gotten home i. People message me being like, are you in Jack Related? That's really funny. Oh, my God it is. Oh my God I could see really. It's UNCANNY. Yeah what color? Your. Eyes Yeah you look like clings. Okay. Same here yeah. We could be tamed fucking. Look the same from the that's not my view I. She's minimized right now. It's I can't. Yeah I could see that. Them Book We say folks. That's a very funny like late episode brought to us by the way. Yeah, that'd be really funny. If we just found out, get on ancestry dot com, you never know. One here wants your background. German. Irish mostly I remember ads. Yeah. I'm like. Dominantly eyebrows are the same I mean nobody nothing to really explain the eyebrows I don't know like I got the DNA tests because I'm like, where did the browse what are these but this is what's annoying about having thick eyebrows I love I love my big beautiful browse but I feel like, do you get a lot of comments on your eyebrows? I mean they're cool. Now big browser in now big brother Varian. But I feel like guys who have big browse don't get as much comment. So whether positive or negative, I disagree Peter Gallagher on the OC The fucking dad on the Oh see. He had he had those those like D D S es I remember. I remember being at a Fairs and there's like a jester type guy that like makes of people like when they go by you know and like called which by the way now I think about it, he's really breaking the character of the medieval gesture by making this reference but he he called he said I looked like Peter Gallagher and I know who it was on like. Like looked it up later and retroactively is like man what the fuck because I was pretty young and it's like the old guy breaking making character. Boss I. Gesture should not know about the OC it's also funny that. I don't think I was able to look it up at the time. So I I heard it remembered it. Then like got my feelings hurt hours later at home just like man. What the fuck? But I know he was like he was a hot guy. Yeah. But I mean the first picks and this was when I was young like wait I look like an old guy. What the Hell Yeah, I think it's a compliment because Peter Gallagher is hot and I know a lot of people that there's a lot of women that think he's the hottest guy on that show and there's some hot guys on that show. Yeah I mean look it depends on the results of looking. You know I I understand how to recognize a handsome grown man now. But at the time, you don't know just an old guy. Yeah I'm just guys can get away with like having universal and it's like socially acceptable and I was trying to grow up my universal at the beginning of quarantine. Really, scared and a I would respect it. I mean like you really it's A. Commitment if you wanted to do it. In a way like I think that's the rule you have to be an oasis But you have to be speaking of Gallagher's you have like you have to be a gallagher wha, what's the name gallagher and having good eyebrows. I mean you have to be in question? No Gallagher maybe. All have all I have to show for this core is this shitty mustache. Yeah, you got to get rid of that. It's been like. Six Journal looks like Hobo Johnson you gotta get rid of that. Oh boy. All right. Well, let's let's fuck in your rap. But me. Related What else did we learn? For pedophile Dhaka's for pedophile, we live still in a in a pedophilia country I guess these things we knew some of them are now it's now it's democratized democratized sees the means of pedophilia. Yeah re redistribute. Distribute the the. Of Pedophilia that kids are making their own child porn now also. Four kids for kids by kids. Support Child Sex workers. On that note them Oh it O. Alley Yeah. Have a podcast called resting bitch it's really fun. It's available everywhere I. Love it so much. Check it out. Follow me on Instagram for my thought posts that are funny at all Not Allie Mac and that's it. All, right. Well, thank you so much. Thank Sally. Thanks for coming on. Thank you for listening.

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#017  Qui se cache derrire le Quart dHeure dInspirAction ?

Le Quart d'Heure d'Inspir'Action

39:05 min | 6 months ago

#017 Qui se cache derrire le Quart dHeure dInspirAction ?

"Bianca unusual podcast candor in your actual mostly we. Could. Check Solomon Hotel we also put guests the. Portable, quiz on the swap, it is actual at had easy. Padinha put from is cal ninety you probably. She's Dhaka's Today was asking her by Salix. Yeah. Whatever near. elul at. She's back to young. It could implode don't plum swamp the. Most Tulsa tips. Desert. Selah Dick Haunt calls it off fumble I loaned. Say. On Perdue Selena. Shaw took just recall plate MOFFITT. By A to. Moshi. But she before She Togo? See. In McCoy don't hundred hype play Kubosch Power Booth could punched on from blunt on the pundits on mill hopelessly. Buffer hundred porno fell Saipem usage sources do boost Ada Rondo Nevada's he did. It don't shoot to new Tube Depar- potent Utah Portal. They'll set AP's owed. Israeli abused more. Powerful crime on special couch we PUTU wijaya mature, authentic. By skew ball coach Todd multi-day Pizarro. or eighty ish mystery laundry called ball lemon juice UC two leagues passes the batter she quiche we may challenge me per. Vision poor for. Example in US Trade Timoti CUCCIA. Bernas put casts on develop Asinine Mesh. Post canopies at Peace Ya'll do visas up or suicide Newton mocking spied on. Short shit at dickey's. Walla Fonte tips deserved Tony Dude kitchen or that needs shoot to I. Made Clear. Honest. Don't you three Casco's with butter. Avocado twelve. Most Sri without could. Show compellingly Selah. outrageou sauce on. Taiwa inaudible. Slash. Viceroy. Right phoned initial amongst Belsen on our Muni I began. On. C.. Companion said our year diplomacy Liz stacked. de la Haya Poverty. Veto Such. Westbound Poon new pitch could reportedly could you put on it may Not. Avail twice, AUBERGE Zoned on the shoes apple don't usually. Situated degi Button Mirror Meeting Nist by Chevy Expediency said prisoner Tashaun at Harvard. It a hold on old buys repond dude. Positive Desert City dish momentum suit to. Coop Partner Papa Alcohol Catchy Korea Cuba Dick Do Toby Kimoto. Objects Dr Janik Twelve Santa Luke presumption pharmacy care and yes. will be no Yup. She tight hypothet- blue is usually recalls. Alone pure. No I've also of wholesome. Agent. Comes through cervix. It just won't stop the Vigna. Won't do. Croissant personal orgy. Do Demeanor. Gitte toot. Accumulated replaced. Tomo Pricey don't applicable. Buckled is you priest blew? It should twice a day Oku Yard in twenty precursor tableau fit. But let's shape at hope choir made no scruple home. Tab Lucon. Gal. Don't buy she empty. So He This new. European is More than just our presumed bomb Israelis you know. Zone. Bounce on you'll be no new cautious way. She can cause any city poem, your work, who should you be nine awkward. metheny still be now because Mizzou his you know. Post on. That said well, that does Bernie Kiji, tip. More in party, do more fetch exit take you said party including SIPO. Damore Fed to miseration. Signed, they're mostly tie blue. Murphy Swear Antonio Moguls John Council. Ski Plays Altogether Most Belugas. silly. Service from. We said Kim Knesset loose John Shadow for Yeesh. Decree do. Do is, is Jada issue here at? Home the Kuri, his twelve. Katie lemonade motel. While the new long-term. SAM mouse. Doughnut place. Take. A sample channel. Altogether. Most with Luc- Lola like Hi. Sean. See. Already, new partied more sabotage pefect similar to. On she sanity teach on. A. For Apple. No title toes Jerusha Zizhou Qua-. cousy. Gift because I've in southern kite retail more she pathway Dixie was Bosch every through up he'll secretive lose she can. Met Him I seek Guten Cou could have lusikisiki ticket about artistically back by Tim. No is show's crew Cudi. Coo Cooled the Preschool Sea Procedure Volley Du Soir. Imamovic most kudos is he likes taboo who plays on set party artistique. Chamois because you're accepting of it Lucia Jake Buttigieg victoire see motion numeric. Comes to visit GD Malaysia. Horry. Home. This is. His type in more sixty, my move on do more it usually plant hook type Tom. Schmooze Viana Temo Cuckoo visually moon diddy national army. National. Issues, you'll have for more. Psoriasis only January Moise Sibert Thomas Korea plan to tweak the Pathet Ampato motivations the most assured Malaysia. I see. Also territory is to be Tahiti discussion. Save me pushes complicity mouth me excuse were. On the. Komo. Husky Service Fair skew what I said punish Demeanor Asia clemency gigs with Cuba continual accused do. On Niemann Avic more. About to mobile is absolutely the. Or Combo? Chimneys S, she's plastic Kennedy tablets meat soup Chengdu MOCEANU ISHKHAKI. Hoosier Journal live highmark moisture almost supernatural Eric. More. quddus federal by Dijon substantial result music shoulder from the. To tip the music mayor, Constitu musicals could onto to access well. Spied you classic. Tick news is for popped rapper sweat repurpose sweaty music issue now because it's what they music. The Sad Tango as Donald Suceed? Alemu Don. Show music channel. Jamyang shorty seem. Maybe Japanese. Say came she. Does. Not. Say Together do shotty patted Kuala do good spell. Show, amusement or MORLA multi. As we beyond or shuttle. Optional pianolas this. Is. Sexual should to Katrina iphone Eric more CQ supper as also fetlifecom piece Mona rivaled. Concept Cheeto shively ponding. By the ponding. One option new ponding on the piano. Sit Down South team on southern puget. What M J. G 'cause passage or took me by on the Best Judy. Knew it excuse me strategic city? Miss Yang. Type One keenum. Economically Troops Moose VR coup must be. Jewish senior truth Kourouma Palmiero import. Mash happy new. Kamaz. Hypersonic Your Fed bessie scrutiny phase. Or Schimmel. Jim Pommie, a Gerbil CD but to which does Megan's law he? Knew show senior gesture. Mutlu New Miekel is she pretty cool. Do Piano say Dimona palm when she added. I don't know four e subcommittee to. Do were to say actually proceed on the. Also. Your promoting I'm want tigon level but what had Is Christie's eighty. Two. Jobs who usually Tieger Heim on Komo set Hawaii don't get patty more council. Mueller. Would lead to choose assumption new mecum. Southbound Promo. Savage. Substantial crisanto she. But Houston moment southern. Minority do fescue screws fair that Polska Jabbed Home Commotion Hold Mercy Oh Saddam Hussein standpoint Yakuza Toyota Toyota sit down by the NFL through fiscal you'll meet fair Asia animals. Adult don't steal. Don't have. used. was she says, anthem was he do calmly in? Tasty. Almost do more at Doucet this swift, the hottest Swazi moved with pathogenic twelve see. Johnny. These are apparently. is, your one Mosul said accused. The leave sees use currency poke AC- propounded pol-policy. Don't Polish. Don't years I don't have people. Supplemental Truth for. More. See. Leave. Cushion depended tally of its come Chevik. Jedi Palestinian told when I bought two Moshoeshoe Real. By really panel shoot. Artists Snow. Video on murder blue sky. What is your setting up? Don't do twice old. Trafford me do took I seen. Backwards Lisa Marie because you. For the bottom by plummeted fescue or Two million sexually declare with policy. Of course, she may male I should absolutely. No I believe she more is see the party more a of its Komo say devalue Cottam. boop who Brookwood told differently demeanor choice but cocoa. Approved the Cattolica do. More. Fully Hori. Emotionless Challenge Hold Korea. Book will. Duplicate because I knew Gitte monthly devaux type she the. Poorest among Guinea's at plus Physique Mayor Petitions to PepsiCo is considerably of budget to lilies in on my cavill. I'd actually Fed Mica mom-and-pop world also position Ms I feel tola do set. Me Mini Steve Heim abusive after the absolute absolutely crazy. Who told them loughry AM which expose Paul All Interesting media basically what I am William. Maurice. UTECH student did review. Your do Mike cautiously. Six. Radio Me For. Party seats in Party Marco. See city of. Kobe's. Come Xiali cheer up. My Swath that home separate Lucy. ooh. Fit Beyond Levi dish I'm young. Komo. Salvador Fed to Vagabond UH versus to our Dolly. Pusher. Shadowy her the. I get actually were. shallow curbs what I? do cash busey he. Upon completion report. WHO, who leave. Do develop more personnel shot on hand also more she did he would point area. She did you who told you management? She did leave the told the Likud immediate evil who told you shore Shimoji for more she planned to Camp Doha honal fatty. Issue Lou. In menier. That what I want to a coupon west. Prescription specified tomato mushroom soup. I pursued a more by Sami he do do. It as soon to. The Quad. Reliefs up on to see. Reading per totally. By skew. Properly Yvonne folks. Eclipse. Bondo pinal Tony Less Komo's Putin. Sherie. Lampley soon, do new Passover Ecclesia. Do Bite, gap decree. squish post, which was sown hooped supplements crusade the pathogen highly to Scudo metal. Leopard steps here Moose Wayne. Cheese. Boise Kissel said she also Silly, RELIEVE PENALTY LA but I. have them excuse I kept up decree highly domino's purity. Who told you develop a personal Yamamto in purpose? Would Diction Holly or what action? By several he clearly. DUPATTA screws you don't my dad's crucial songs. Kuni do what I do feel heavy spinning. Get usual really twelve hundred tons from. Style cousy jemappes our exit keystone cow awesome Oh mercy standard e emotional bleep pollyannas even more external. To sit with not hundred. More Alabama Tamala Christianity quits nerve disease even Mos us. Key Dot. com you to show. You won't toggle swiftly extraordinary Mormon pro divide occupancy timing yet ebay a bottle. Kiyoshi nine some pathet up whom walkers Completely speakeasy grieve would we came Daniels contribute he funk ripples because he's Systemic Hunt Shourie. ME. Response Group secret repulsed could toy ki some? Thought more. Sworn that he batted liquidity. Electrity. It twelve. Penalty I'd. Actually. You talked about upon. Me Amish. Mojanku. Shangqiu said the. Don't let Betty. It comes to these speaking on a episode of Aetna Dossier Dishwasher? Media. Sim. Oud He puffs Simone. Remember. What I usually usually some allies exit twelve Mitchell secret. Cautionary. Ezra System Developed Hospice Johnson? Sean I big women. Guests Kazaa Map. Some auto which John Quincy Valor Look some point best your best crucial. You can't shuten develop V always sought. Muti show I certain situations crucial which usually who tweak. WHAT ACCESS TO MAP NO Pappas. To promote? Some Tummy debate usually, equity ext time her home puna pattern be incompatible negative. I need he's a digital support. Companies speaking on sick Nevada pervert isla new false perception went up while same me. Above again at new. Is Repulsed. Can also Komo? Newton more liquidity. In folsom Yonchon boss who comes on failed at home the schedule if you turn bomb. Olympics. You'll get the nosing situation pammy fast with fair. But she. But She Mugabe's Ski Chiasso a she told us. Kamasiyah Menia we paid context. buskers your visas to mold. It was post whatever Hamill Okay Nevada for talk show Bhaskar companies p kit only piece owed dues Palino's Demo de Nevil. Novello optimal EPA ashrina compatible. Mugniyah positive. Negative. Basu could Madonna Ashley speak as legit would. Sit? In bussard Must Sopo. Swail over on the moon activity professional that Cushal lovie do live even at an year accused him. Culture debuted told upon. cousy Tokyo but what can him care? Tunnels I've. He. Lied. Joan. say on Koa evidence shook CRC share it St Plant. Key function burp Pascu. What up as. Mobile Machines won't get Turkish deepest missile functional hoops The Muslim correspondent by steeper more. I. See. Some permitted Maha plead discussion vimal. Island them many sue twinkle Mulkey Soi fast at any more. Questions recall swayze's you simone usual usually but we. Love you more took Lamy sooner. Drugs could sweating yet IT MOIST Most activity GOP because we're. IMO quickly. Exclusively. Shoes. He's Feisty Aena Excuse Newton. Mo-. Causing Demo to hone do by Schmidt exchanges the most show. Telex, show of course Gersh. Mistreating Nasional supported. Party is you save more? Hardcore. Shit League with the here poop committee into me Belsey Poipu. Intimate show. Also, she book could wash. SASH BOSCO DON trump. About. Pets pets, authorities, he's. It. Sometime Behind Them You hone the commotion The Kiss She descrip- Affair Sutton or less show Eckstein Hamel cycles potash. Tour at highway hose put guest a also more more. Let's move. Chieveley, also mostly but also more it's more let not even. It was small I. See a partial wise impact who? Award of your last detect the. veggie. On. You said has. Executive Andrews T T was feeling she texted them as easycall equity or fed. Deceptions. Sean positives for your triple. More a backwater cynic Mitchell created the. Show you triple. ECHO should be offered. Show receipt Logitech Domi- G PULL SAM. She your Dick Disease as well as shoot. Redo twombly see body policy even more restrictive impossible. As you're. Is. I'm. MOM Filan actual booby comma as paramount domino. Is. Crucial Nicosia pinch lying by skew. Sparks. It has not dig. Do, exclusively on. Well Kim. Eighty anti pure celente cage firstly, semel. Suppose could people ten inch? Sean on Shannon. Shawn. Hunter. Bail. Sean Congress shall not seizing Goswami Meson Shimon, activated coach, absorb fees set any. Newton repulsed juice on long doing on postal. She. Time. Thank you, Tom Leykis shown you should effect possibility. She pointed John for companionship Ariza S Q. Screws, POPA Ziti Parts No. By Battino QC depot. Moon all see activity. Okay. She can't count the twenty taking. Pulu. Coutinho. Like. What I feel PLUNKETT CHAMOIS US record by continuing. Especially, John Lewis Won't you send Me Twenty said twist will who needed poges when again we'll have I me see POCO concrete easy come by confetti a bit Shemesh. Leash. Specialty Office career but. By shock may well depend Moody Yakuza. Coup? Patio. Pacifism. On the Fudo Selena's with you my Milanese. He. Pie with him. Obituary. Ramone. By peaks crews, potash attic twenty wimmer drunk. You don't. You don't do usually t don't miss. To sit any. She did did too sump remotely liability of us. Had He deal at sick cease and Masha To something office. For the higher. Pal Heim Diplo. Should communicate back for. The. Lira's Associate Klamer says. Time. By a mortgagee my off. Federal. Should. Post crabby vimal moon all seep as cou-. Salty by Luigi team. On poster. Or Swish she won't he? More. It would cap convicts Ashi the best kept secret. Look over what? I more applaud extra Clare Procedo discriminative pop audit activity. gumshoes usually payback. Or call her CEO show motifs which entry to walk. Cool measure this she did what? Donald? C Do Hammamet Halfon on dilute more did Newton boycotted also Super Gaston. Shimmy her as usual midgely quitting. What is she don't hear Moore's anytime shoop in automatically coach. Talk to call. Me As she research with how about you super. Pascu I. Newtonmore Tomoji don't shake coup de. Pearl. De Loop is attacked seductively DJ. Fed. To, leave Seattle. Coo Koo. View plan more each way. She said he's batch wash your soldier results debate hyun, these tim up. School. See admit coup when she birth do. It she don't more Bash Medusa but. That's usually poco Baldoni Mankind A. Squeegee Sauti policy, any CPI SCROOGE PATHETIC SC. Levies Sean. Check Fraud Fees set exist visualization. Women G. Taller Menzies what I don't. Told also appleseed. Of what I see lambis shown in your Natural, songs he. See can't hokey bags rely squad prosecution Mitsui Fetch Propeller. Fitoussi Fitoussi which prefer Nike tear ultimate. Work. I will see hi Mojo criticized supported. Track obstr- dizzy own. Twitter who Party on point well. By homeparamount repulse close your. It enough key swimmers. From Fast Schwab Yeesh. Your Sean Highness's e did not group Push Nisa tough because we don't see bear pushing won't. Do Auto bounties is I. Don't realize that I'll tell you. polly Tony's twirled key tree. What is could set on moving northward that combine all The PONTIKI Omar by is it Bam? Some hyperplasia summit high level say. Dimona. Bounties, guests, 'cause you sweat a party mold I list. Kelly my. Be. Comes with. Debut, to put cast many Sean Spicer also Makuxi. Compagnie he say now he put Mutual Week What would you source of Donald Trump Offi? Course we. Fed. G. Key. To six me. Lebron mole that Otani thing the swamp it. Post mortgage. Leave. Kamal. What else come secretary? REC- called homecare city decree. pottage the more nickel time you sooners city at. Home. In. More, young Kuch sweater to disciple Saban Tomasi at also put guests security persona. A sex sure. Don't put leaper shakes. Amanpour Hemel Clay. New Job. Levies. A. Work on they were wide or fit into vive primal shock to Albany. I've keeble knee too I don t t post-coup. Repulsed commando or small? Usual. Dream. Dot Associated Trello the on they don't reply but. Don't Let. Me Put more fed. leamy one hundred dollars not put shelter to newtown do squawk poof fast on the gap too fast. He knew Muti skin he'll surpassed pilot pepper pied. Sam. Speck ammonia jump wife Walla me. Quite screws repulse cosima misuse the CIPA twelve by scurvy. We also proportionality Komo cousy plan we're GONNA play Chopin on these do develop a mask. A. Pop Pop -TUNI- only job because we hope to. Secure. Coup a shack for Chevy Molin more. By whom Wyden who need power provide the plane most crucially A modern e what I get cousy Kumasi better jobs crews posse of right on. This is crucial CEO only talk usually this lack. Of Social. Plump Toss. Here kids. Meet alone or silly. We've rescued from Nick City power who she co taught. The fast. Radio it fair. Mister you quote coup. SEMASKA call Paul soon. Condition dmed hone. Dot Com hold Donald. SIP UK ESI sulfate cookie Janeiro this situation to pound to salsa don't have. Total key Moi, what I e key delight to Moan. Off your CPA logging actual tell Konate Shimon do not. Even, more she father goes off it. Chong. On all to appraise with sympathy. Nassar's the. Milo's. Who is whatever? You depressant gesture put on certain Gash Group put on sell ten, thousand, cruise Levy summertime all these willing to. More on the sector donkeys won't dimly TV. Compared to souls who blew it don't back on the on the own citizens get it get it on on compete at a high take hypothetic meadows most packed up high. Do told them in Sergey both for she she she pure reverted kuechly could christly usually. Vs Levy to. Oppose Kamal Coups Repel Party. A Typical Sean I g similar the attire newtonmore remainder dorota please. Look twelve are. Multidimensional experience clergy be keynote or more CETINJE. Siddhu Paul Luton. US. See. Is what you ve highmore. Audrey. Type. C Gandhi's could deserve I'm altantis could have. With it. S twitchell situation is it fair get cashews? Best Swamp Post. tweak meal had not only five hundred. TV. I'm Don Crime Oh dottie needs extra. See what do Posey due West 'cause usually. Guess Crochet Shoulder. Stressful Kushner perfect performance Chechen. Yet. To rolled invested. Children were Coulter. Only. Sparse you'll SPA. Limit owner. Alex Show See Swan. More accrues duper seo key the Bercy Nimmo's Sean Community. Football. Profits Nishi is one. Crews. Pokorny I've system senior federal they were burst missile. COO-. Cooled Wake D Caldwell who polled. Most primal scream of it but eric. Decrease at Bercy dictator Pearl City, see the cohort on scale to. Can Massage reporter Janik twelve eighty two Y. likely seen. To Per Mityukov. PULL UP Book Watch Purkis Cottrell Booze one poet your said per. Shot who knew she passed Burnett Tony pop fit wacko fills green belt person completely could be. In MMC usual, reach eagles. On. To some put me to so dizzy spinning appointed successor I on Mubarak. Sush Goosey don't boy see to settle host salty shink top Ohio. Sit. Idle. See. Taboos won't. To tweet to Ninian Geeta was wanted to quit of or Met Movement. Luik. Secure. Toby twenty. Put to WHO so say Fuck Shit Metal Movement Electric mostly activated energy. Sake, smart electric. About fellow Komo, CPAC anchor shoes poop allowed to mall or visit in she also say. Usually do challenge crews with pop music pathogenic Twat to damage. Kumasi at home it. Won't work our ANALOGY A. Doctrine. POSSITIVE TO MS on extra the extra look challenge to three C-, Popo City don't she? Don't usually read the Raleigh who have well, why more. Close said. On. Pepsi fit fast. Access to. Clean On this said per. affair poor. Pool. Sean? Berle it clearly to school trump won't affect who, of AC- multiasset Pearl to Kucha Booze Wom Pool Radio by defecit bill literally if I thome you me. Defensive Posture I'm radio said Burn Book Swan Neveu Key to Bamut Devils E. Eq- eventually is. Your. Komo India. Radio. Birth honky usually to buy yeezy a top-edged devil sees larger coach Chris Komo Fail Kamasiyah Look Eclipse to ski to Sookie to pestle. Tests. MMC said to solve look. See to me Ku. Debut Truck Komo Cycle Caribbean sieve as the Barnstorming I wake twelve. Look Nisit PA. Ah. sought. To Ski Best Audit. Haiku Plan to host with that plan D D me posts rely who could. accept. Dictate past. MMC Choice I, sign for blush refuse she. De Minute as. Repertoire, issuing. Union more Hoity leering. do edge swamp Afridi's Pearl Decor Besoin after dicit per. Good Pece met hall plus for. Multi said Pearl. KOUPREY SCHMIDT A-PLUS for. Mankind said. It should be Hukou few. Weeks. That you realize it throws hauge as high to rule. Now, going for me as hard she holds pathetic is so Muslim question note. Kenneth Thompson Hi privacy as hot ruler me lucrative for going for Sieve Heimo do laugh injury. To these e d more yard disasters short to by the. Fiddle support me better. Komo said to. Don. Hormone Twenty, nine Geo Montalcini Norwich Bella Tovia Fed dude he d if he's Yossi Treaty treat it react who? Walked twenty dizzy did three short term it that also put it up at he maps cheaper. Cassette tapes desert also produce more. Threes. Cumulative Audrey. FISCUS, phenotype of X. put cast him at Haas Machinery. Say to fair show with the Makoni Sausalito. Juku. Small. LemMe Takuji shoot used to Maul tackled by needles it also. Don't all idolize with begging Come snatch holds map who don't entertain episode Sesia Maitre Dickey's shown need to but I'm the type T. Busy deal he pulled. Duke Nisbet. Now see that I can do but. John. Actual just Tim, on, national TV. Logitech to. See to toys, but as decade yet, they knew any. Contact, it is just to sort who lessening of Shane point abilities at. in.

Komo Sean Newton Eric Dick Do Toby Kimoto Tim US Sesia Maitre Dickey Asia Tieger Heim Perdue Selena Paul Luton Tom Leykis Logitech KOUPREY SCHMIDT SAM mouse Coo Pearl Muti Mitchell
Ranking "The Flannel 5"... the best bands of the grunge era

The Loudini Rock and Roll Circus

1:04:02 hr | 1 year ago

Ranking "The Flannel 5"... the best bands of the grunge era

"You've heard of the big four of thrash. But you haven't heard of the flannel five, yes. The top five bands of grunge the flannel five clever, isn't it? And it was we're going to rank the flannel five here. Stick around on the Lucchini, rock and roll circus. You're listening to the Lou Dini rock and roll circus changing rack history one podcast at a time. Hello, everybody. Welcome back to the Lou Dini, rock and roll circus, hard rock and metal circus edition. My name's Walker. And this is Texas ranger what I going to be Texas ranger. Okay. This is Walker and I'm Texas ranger. I like to better the first, okay, I'm Walker and this is Texas ranger. You're listening to the Dini hard rock and metal circus to Lucchini rock and roll circus dot com, tons of cool stuff there including merchandise. Lots of cool shows different podcasts, we do rock and rance guitar cast. I even do private podcasts. You can't catch those there, and I will tell you guys a little bit more. I've done a couple of private podcasts on the very cool where I get to play music and do things that I can't do at large here in the bigger internet world. For instance, I did a show this week on winger's latest album karma, and we talked about that and very cool and get so people hanging out with us. So I'll tell you a little bit more about heightened getting on that a little bit later, but loot any rock and roll circus dot com is our website. So please check back off and for all the cool new Dini things that are happening there. You to like new Pap and say you're going to like. So anyway, so tonight's topic. Is the flannel five we're going to be ranking. Yep them. Yes. From so we're gonna five four three two one and no Hawkins tonight. No hawk tonight. Hock is tied up with something else. So there will be no hawk tied up. Sounds pretty good though. But he is tied up. So ask Samantha about that next week. Right lilly. So before we get into tonight's topic. We always liked to just kind of talk about what we did over the week, and what happened and so what I know you're always out and about seeing cool bands and doing fun stuff. So what is going on in the world of lily v six this week this week? Finally, my concerts are winding down a little bit on Sunday. I did see a buck cherry which was amazing by the way, they played stuff from their new album warpaint played some old stuff. It was really good. Crazy. You know, what it was probably the last song, and I left before that because it's not a favorite. Gotcha. So I had driven from Rochester New York to freaking gerbils, which the chef. So it was. Yeah. It was a good show though. It was I got her signed CD, which pretty sweet. And then this week. All I have is stabbing westward on Thursday. Also will be gerbils. I got VIP good stuff. So that will be fun. I'll go live for that as well. But it's gonna wind down a little bit for me in April. So there's not going to be as many shows men back in may. We'll be crazy again. Oh, also kisses on Saturday. If anybody cares I won't be going, but kiss is going to be arena on Saturday. If you wanna go if you wanted to go to show and listen to some great prerecorded music. And pay over over pay an overpass, but the guys from kiss will be in the room with you. So that is. That's a plus. Right. Sure guy. They're not ancient though. But cool never heard of them. Well, Keith it'd be happy to know that I'm not going to that God because he'll be like don't play live feeds of that next week's show. We already have a plan. We're going to be talking about the dirt. So we're giving everybody chance to see it. I actually have not watched it yet. I'm going to watch it. But I have not watched yet. So and I know you've seen it twice. And so we're going to be getting into the dirt next week plan is to have some kind of setup here where we can all look at it sort of like, a commentary ideal commentary on it. That's the plan. We're gonna work out. I don't know. We'll see. We'll we'll wing wall wing. We'll make it figured out. I will play around with the technology this week and see if we can get a going. Oh, I saw my champ a tramp and John Kirby on Thursday to. Yeah. How see I wanna see those guys play electric. I don't know the Kucic thing. Just doesn't interest me. What is it? Good. It was good. I saw John play acoustic before though, and he'd he does a little Aerosmith. He does a little motley Crue does a little dead daisies little bit of everything and he talks to stories in between. So it's like storytellers kind of deal. Mike tramp also who's Mike tramp again. He's from white lion. Bass player think he's the guitar player. Thought Vito Brata was the guitar player in white mine. Sure. It's been switched many times. Ito broncos. The man I did get to meet both of them. Both very sweet. And it was got some signs stuff, and pictures and all that. But it was cool show for it being unplugged. I'm glad it was because I'm telling you what I wasn't ready to party on Thursday after my like to I needed to a nice mellow show is what I need. All right, then. Okay. Guys. We're going to get into our bands tonight. We have a few to get to and we might want to try to play as much music as we can. I'm going to open with love sick because we had love sick setup for last week. And we were we did not get to them. So we're going to crank up some love sick sick love mother efforts. But this a great track a called end up dead loves sick on the Lucchini, hard rock and metal circus. Bodies. Five. His. Break this goal. Ouds lose mind think sold Maso. Love sick bay. Now. That's not what they were doing love sick. Everybody very cool band. They can go to love sick raw dot com. Check out all the love sickness for yourself. You can get down with. Thank you. I'll be here awake. Or at least for the next hour at least. All week next hour, whatever. Okay. So there are these bands that were big. During that time that very dark period in music. Dark ages all the grunge era. Oh, grind one of the Baynes. It depends. It depends just you know, it's like old people's, you know, underwear our rates we're gonna compare Gracia old people's underwear like it. So let's let's first of all put it out there who the flannel five are. And that is nirvana Pearl Jam Alison chain Soundgarden, sewn double pilot. That's the that's the flannel five I understand that. They're they're all not the same. They're all little bit different. That's kind of what makes a coal. Hello. Yeah. I know. Grunge. I'm not, but they were all big. Were still, and I think you could find pictures with the delay O'Brien's wearing flannels just just just calm. Your little. We we down. Okay. Because you're out of control Charlie's people getting out of control of when people like over analyze it. It makes me laugh. Oh god. I just read them like, oh, we had you know, you never know what's going to get people fired up. And this is one of the things was one of them. I mean, we put it up there. And people went nuts now, I have to give credit Credit's due. I did not come. I think that the title is very cute the flannel five, I did not invent that. I listen to Eddie trunk and somebody had written him a letter interesting. This is a guy that had taken over Eddie's position at the radio station Eddie originally worked and he's called he's he's sent him an Email and said, you know, we know who the big four of thrash are so what about the flannel five, and then he had something like. The new medal six and something like the millennial seven or something. Yeah. It was it was it was kind of coal, but this one caught my attention. The most some of the band's I knew medal is kind of like a bad word people. So I just I we wouldn't go there yet. We might do on couldn't we do thing on new metal. I'm not knowledgeable enough. But I could try I mean, I could Reaser knowledgeable that anything I just I'm just a nerd. So glad look crap up online and listen to it. And I get on kicks, you know, with different stuff. Like, I get I get on kicks with like, listen, I just get like dicta-. Listen, Eddie trunks, you could just. You know, the big YouTube fan, but you don't have to watch. It's just him talking. They just put them on YouTube. So you can so right now, I'm on a Tom leykis. Tom leykis is. I'm. A completely dicta. Tom leykis. If you've done a who Tom leykis is when you get a chance. Search Tom like on YouTube, many of you will lot of you may never speak to me again after but I frigging love your show. But I've been on Eddie Eddie trunk kicks. Joe Rogan kicks. I go through different people. You know what I mean? So, but Edie is usually I mean, he is the guy in many ways, Ricky Rachman. For hard rock and heavy metal the way that we think of hard rock metal, you know, I met him anyway. So I pay and I'm I know where the breads butter I have no issues with. You know, stealing. When it should have been buying. Oh my goodness. The commercials YouTube. You know, we have to come with the better. That's why I don't like you to keep skipping skip. So and quite frankly, I forget about it and he weighs. So that is who that's the origin of the flannel five. So you guys got the picture here. Do we have before we jump in? And start ranking. Do we have any comments so far tonight show as far as the topic? Oh, let's let's give you know, we live on rock, by the way. I keep forgetting rock ridge radio guys rock ridge. Golly. Download the app or go to rock ridge radio dot com. And because man, if you guys love great rock that's like twenty four seven it's going all the time. So you can hear great music all the time. And they are nice enough to put this crazy thing on on Sundays at noon. Thank you. John g we love you guys. We're not Worthing actually anyways. So rock radio dot com. Download the app you listen to great rock all the time. So we alive on rock. We rock ridge radio live on Facebook. And we do this because we like to talk to you. I so what are we got their little V six? We got Billy out men, and Tim Paul Billy says. Hi, and that he's here corresponder wolf Dodson. I think I'm gonna if I bought your name. I apologize. I'm bad at this cell concerto. Mike Erz Kita, Manet. Todd kane. Todd says here from Kansas City, Missouri. Hutchinson. Dave haynie said the dirt was awesome. That's his view on that already. And that's all we got oak watching or was watching for a moment. I don't know what he's doing. He told me he wasn't going to be able to. He might have just jumped on as it went live because it probably reminded him. Well, yeah, I have him. Tagged all that jazz. So and guys, so we're doing this live, and we love your comments. We'll periodically check in with the lifebeat. So they'll let's go ahead and get into our rank ranking here, we've got these five bands you want to do any kind of history. Wanna talk a little bit about the grungy. Oh, how do you wanna start? We can do some history got some Lille's all about the she's our resident rock historian here. I like to go ahead and give us a little bit of rundown about the whole situation with flannel five guy. So I will start with Pearl Jam American rock band formed in nineteen ninety Seattle Washington fronted by the Eddie Vetter. Formed sort of after the demise of mother love bone, which was gossard immense band their debut album was ten released in nineteen Ninety-one, and they are one of the key bands during the grudge movement in the nineties and they often shunned popular music industry practices, like making music, videos or giving interviews they sort of weren't there for the whole commercialized aspect of it. They were just there to make music, and they spent much of their time tearing apart their own fame. However, they did sell thirty two million albums in the US and eighty five million worldwide one of the most influential bands of the decade and the most popular American rock and roll band of the nineties also probably much to their dismay inducted into the rockabilly hall of fame in two thousand seventeen. Really, do you really think they really don't like that? I mean, there were freaking huge. I can't. Sort of part of the grunge though. I know that's part that's part of the sort of goal setting. That's part of the stick. But better like went as far as to try to make songs less. Catchy. Just because he didn't want them to be that popular. I don't know. I feel like you're making music that you want people to like rate if you're like big time. I don't know. I'm not a musician. So I don't know. Yeah. They don't think that first of all I don't think that they turned down any of the money giving money. Like, I always say, I think they got a lot of chicks. Like, they always say are like, I always say grunge music. I'm sure, you know, they they write sappy not sappy, but very sad depressing. Leyritz and their songs Erlich, man. We don't care, but I'm sure they just go ahead and cry on their paychecks. They got every week. So. That's my whole thing with grunge. I don't hate it. I just don't want it. It got rid of mclamb, which we all know him huge. Well, did it really it? Just kind of interfered there. Just kind of wedge just by that. There is a changing of the guard. You can't rank music strictly by decades. But there is a sort of decade old thing that happens with rock and pop music. And. And billy. They are grunge stop arguing and. I think that there was just it was a natural kind of like music was changing just had to just new sounds had become out. People were doing new stuff. It was sort of. And it was a, you know, it was just you know, we can't always have the same forever and ever Ahmen. I think you know, we've talked and I won't dwell on this. But I think that name hair metal is is a deroga- tive term make fun of that music came out of the eight. So in any in any case. So that's the sort of that's sort of load on the Pearl Jam IRS. But that wasn't the only band right low. No, of course, not we also have stone, temple pilots or s t p American rock band from San Diego, California. They were actually formed in nineteen eighty nine. But under the name mighty Joe young. I don't know if I didn't know that. Originally fronted by Scott Weiland, he eventually was fired in two thousand thirteen he had sketchy stuff going on there. Also, you know, drug problem, and then Chester Bennington took over in two thousand fifteen or new right after that. And then quit in two thousand fifteen then. Their debut album was core in nineteen ninety two. It was a huge commercial success so commercially they were one of the most successful bands of the nineties eighteen million albums in the US forty million worldwide they separated in two thousand and two and started back up in two thousand eight a reunion tour. They are initially. They were initially rising famous part of the grunge movement of the ninety s but then they sort of kind of or influenced by psychedelic rock boss of classic rock. So they were called grunge impersonators for a while. So a lot of people don't consider them grunge. However, they are a lot of problems with Scott Weiland. And unfortunately, he did. Die from an overdose of alcohol pills and cocaine on his tour bus, also Chester Bennington who fronted the band for a while committed suicide by hanging was found dead in his home is advantage like bad. I think it might be. I love I love Santo by heels on them before I they were just they were rip off Pearl Jam Nelson chains, but it's just due to them having same influences says them. Okay. Alice who'd wants Nextel Jane sound Gardner nirvana. I got in Ron hit American rock band formed in Aberdeen Washington. Nineteen eighty-seven by lead singer, Kurt Cobain, and basic bassist Christa Selleck, they sort of theirselves. As part of the Seattle grunge scene. There debut album was bleaching nine hundred eighty nine gain unexpected worldwide success with smells like teen spirit author second album never mind ranked one of the greatest songs in the history of rock music, while the never mind is one of the greatest albums of all time. So says all that media. There's success widely popular popularized alternative rock, and grunge and Cobain was dubbed the spokesman of a generation with nirvana being the flagship band of generation X and von if you don't know who Nevada is changing living under a rock who got next got two more to more. I got Soundgarden American rock band from Seattle Washington. Nineteen Eighty-four fronted by Chris Cornell, dissolved in ninety seven reformed in twenty ten semi Seminole creators of grunge for span designed first grunge band assigned to a major label am records and nineteen eighty nine and they did not achieve commercial success until. Early nineties with the rest of the Plato five debut album was ultra mega okay. Nineteen eighty eight. But their biggest success was super unknown. Nineteen ninety four broke up ninety seven nineteen Ninety-seven due to fighting over creative direction and returned in two thousand ten and unfortunately, Chris cornell's knowing with us either. I know. Grunge grunge curse. Was one more. Right. Alison, Cina, let's in chains. American rock band. Seattle Washington formed nineteen eighty-seven fronted by the wonderful lanes. Daily took its name from Staley's previous group glam metal band Allison chains crazy widely associated with the grunge would incorporate heavy metal elements. In fact, they consider themselves to be heavy. Metal band is known for their distinct vocal style which included the harmonize vocal between stealing Cantrell, which I totally love their vocals. Sold over fourteen million records US thirty million records worldwide never officially disbanded and nineteen ninety six but they were plagued with inactivity due to daily substance abuse and resulted in his death in two thousand and two. All right, go grunge with all your deaths and everything too happy times. Suicide does depressing music. That's what it is guys. I think that maybe you know, I think that there's something like about where people kind of start living out their own. They say believe they believe they're on press. And I kind of wonder if that that's kind if you look at the eighties bands with all partying, and they really lived up to that. And these bands with all their anti flan everything kinda lived up to it as well her dead craze depressing, and you know, some of this stuff. Really good work. Yes, we're gonna come back and start ranking these M you're in a minute. But before we get into that. I wanna put you guys abandoned. I just heard for the first time today they're called diesel beast. And it's too bad. Keith isn't on here. We could did it will dedicate this the diesel Keith stocks. Oh, diesel beast of the crawl on the Dini, hard rock and metal circus. The crawl by diesel beast based like you want to say it like that. These will be the crawl and let me give you the info on those guys diesel beast band dot com. Check them out just sick rock. We will put speaking we open with love sick. And that was diesel beast. We've got Lombardi strange Levin than winters descent as well coming up. So stick around got a lot of great music for you. So now, let's talk about our ranking here. So we have to rank them and we're going to go like five five to one. Now before we do that. We ran a post on Facebook the phase. And asked you guys K. What do you think you know, what is out of the flannel five we as what your number one pick was? So we weren't gonna ask you guys actually do all the work of ranking just kind of give and I'm gonna throw a few of them. Billy Altman Alison chains because they're the ones who started grunge and that started a whole bunch of arguments. Everybody jumped in these beat up, Billy. Billy. We love you, buddy. I love you. I don't care. Sure. If you want to say, that's the ban started go for it. So it seemed bit all over the place. We'd lot for Alison chains though. It seemed like, and I can't say that that is the truth in like some kind of objective truth. How ever I just think that our fans tend to like a lot of Alice in chains. So in j Wiley says the screaming trees and sorry Jay that wasn't a that's not an option line. But gee, I love JJ's got a great band greats. Anyway. So we got a lot of oats for. For Alison chains and some some some for sound garden. I don't see anybody on here who said Pearl Jam or nirvana. So that's interesting. Speaking of that lily, what is your number five my number five. Is going to be Pearl Jam and the reason being I just cannot stand listening to Eddie Vedder saying, and I know people are going to shit on me for that. But I just can't stand it actually hurts my ears Till's dancing. He would be at the bottom. They will beat the bottom of mileage to that was one of those bands. Like, I I like. Like. Alive. Started on the radio all cool. And then a singing starting to. Oh, really? It's just that. That's that's what you're doing vocals. Okay. You know, what music? Sounds good. Yeah. It's just one of those bands. Like, you know, if I was judging battle the bands those guys played I'd have been like guys are great. Can you need to tweak that? Just. Yeah. I this is one of those, you know, and I told him Saint page with that. I just not a big Eddie Vetter fan. So Lil what you got. And he goes we need to say about that. I think that just pretty much everybody covers it, and what is your number four. My number four is nirvana. I just had a huge crush on Kirk obey when I was like thirteen. Things we did not know normally wouldn't I don't like blondes anymore. However, I also thirteen in stupid. Anyway, nirvana I just I. Sorta gets under my skin because they're kind of the ones that started this whole thing, in my opinion, Billy, they're sort of the ones that started this whole thing. And I just I just can't get it. Like there's a couple songs they have that. I like, but that's maybe like three songs, and I just can't get into the whole spokesperson generation yet. I hate everybody sort of thing with curbing what it used to do when he was murdered. Sorry. Hate not a murdered guy. I. I honestly the rest of the band on the list. I I really like. I probably would put nirvana just personally at number four for my personal thing for this kind of the same reasons that you did because I was really into bands like queen's Reich stream. And then this then. Kwabena when I first heard nirvana. I really thought they were just terrible. I thought like what the hell is this like this is awful like like nothing. But. I start. I was giving tar lessons at the time. And. Kids Jerry, Greece who watches. One of my students, and Jared, you're one of the people that really turned me on von because you brought in nirvana and you wanted to learn some of the songs, and as I started to teach the Sauza. Wow. This guy is a is a songwriter. Like he's like a songwriter song. This guy is like up there with like the great songwriters of all time. He's up there with with Lennon McCartney and Paul Simon and the whole lot of those guys. And I began then when I learned the guitar parts. Are there's a lot deceptive. Does a lot more going on than you realize? It sounds a little more simple than it really is. Also, his ear his ear for melody. And where he would go melodic -ly with things was just very unusual and fun and different and fresh, and I ended up growing like really kind of really dig them. Although there were bands of that era, just because of my pedigree in the music that I kind of gravitate toward that. I like better as a band, but ultimately came to really like ultimately come to really enjoy them. And I do play I was telling lily on the break, I do play in a nirvana tribute act, and it's fun. It's not the most challenging guitar music. And but to see to play music like that and to have people really get into it and have a really good time with and sorta kinda relive that a little that era a little bit. I will admit that that that it's a good. But that is sort of like, I'd probably will so far we're going to be on the same. Page pretty much with this that that's kind of where I am as well. Let's do number three and they'll play another song. My number three is actually going to be stone. Temple pilots. I think Scott, Weiland wise, fantastic performer, great singer, so sort of hard for me to rank last three on here. But this is where they're going to go for me because the other two just we're a little better for me. This is the one I've seen twice with Scott Weiland. I saw at accessed in nineteen ninety nine and I saw him at was place called Chevy empha- theatre square. I saw I saw them there within the last ten years. I saw them there. And I can't remember what year it is. But I loved I do I did love watching them perform. So that's where they're going to ring. Yeah. The three to one on this for me could kind of interchangeable I really it depending on day of the week. You ask me. I might rank stone. Temple pilots is my number one. Just because I love their the fact that they were sounded very contemporary. But yet they had a definite foot in the Led Zeppelin doors. Black Sabbath thing they had a foot in that. You know, they were firmly rooted in that whereas I felt like the rest of the vans were routed a little bit more in punk, rock and alternative. What we it was funny when people call the grunge, but quite frankly, if you grew if you listen to college radio in the eighties. That's what it was. It was this music. This is college rocket just became mainstream. Yeah. They called the crunch. But it really it was just a music that you heard on that didn't get played on commercial radio stations college stations. And I remember before that music broke going to bars in college and parties and stuff like that people playing these kind of underground college rock REM was a college. And yeah that you would. But that's a great example of how like it. And I think what happened was my sort of theory on this before we go to play. The next song is that the people that liked college rock became the in our people, they got jobs, you know, the graduated college in the early eighties the guy jobs in the industry, and they just promoted the music that they liked they promote smile these bands. Had this big explosion. Because you had an are people the older the people from the seventies sixties and seventies in our guys. They were they were retired. They were another industries because you'll last long that's very industry is really tough. And if. Sign a band, and they tank you fired probably not going to get back into the industry. You're like, you know goodbye. Good luck. Good riddance out. So so these guys, you know, these the the the industry brought in the people that they the sounds that they grew up listening to on college rate. I think that was another reason for the emergence and the popular hip hop really kind of breaking big in the nineties as well is just that sort of not only just changing of musical guard, but changing of the guard within the actual music business. So a little bit insight there on that. This is Lou Lombardi Strangelove, the killing the Lucchini rock and roll circus. Lou Lombardi's strange love their guys with the killing and you can get a Lombardi music dot com. And just free downloads and stuff there. So you can check that out. Lilly and docking during the song about. Some movies and music. We are the subject came up of kiss meets the phantom of the park. Awful and Slavi res-. You look at the watch a moving. The guy who was to wasted. You never showed up, and it's a black dude playing ace, and it doesn't they don't get. So they didn't give them a lot of lines like. Yes. He doesn't say a lot of lines. And I think that was ace's crap. Music playing back that there's. I think it's ace's pro with kind of ace protesting against it against against against this monstrosity Elliot's making why he was not all about it. He just wanted to be in a rock band and play guitar and the top two boys wanted market as much as they can you know, we can do. I mean, that's you know, you know, it's it's hard to. It's kinda hard to argue with that amount of success. I don't know we could do show on kiss we do show. It's merch. We we. Yeah. The way it would like one of these nights. Keith can't make it and won't come. Definitely not gonna not gonna do that show with us. But in any case, so speaking of kiss, let's get the last we're talking about we're ranking our the flannel five, so who is it number five Pearl Jam who is number four year. Von who's number three who's your number two number two Soundgarden? And let me tell you that was hard for me to choose between the two because I really do love Soundgarden. It is sort of like on the sadder stuff that I don't like. But I love Chris cornell's voice. So that's why picked them. I re- I was blown away when I saw the video to outshined. On MTV. I was like what the hell is this? It was heavy and big and just kind of kind of like a precursor almost like doom like it. Really? It's a slow sludgy kind of song with the super heavy the band really grooves. You know? It's one thing to be super heavy and kind of doing that sludgy kind of thing. But when you have when you've got a rhythm section that can really groove and really be in the pocket, it just really kind of moved and that man's voice. Just und- freaking real to see one of the most amazing. Yeah. Just like one of these up in there. With the greats rock singers of all time. I mean, I put him up right up there with the robber plants and the axe roses, and the rob how ords and all those guys he's in that league. He's that kind of singer. And I think out of all of these bans is much love Scott Weiland and as much as I love lane Staley. Chris Cornell is like head and shoulders above all those guys. He just is that classic amazing. Hi, tenor belt, it out rock singer that we all love, you know, made rock great since the since the beginning since since you know, like I said since the Sabbath. The Led Zeppelin deep purple. And he's like, Glenn, Ian Gillan, you know, only, you know, only with his own vibe, whatever you wanna call it vibe style. Like the. So number one is Alison chain one Alice in. Do you do you do, you know, the the story of how they got that name? Yeah. Because that used to be lanes daily glam metal band name. Because he was a glam metal band. I stage name. No that was the name of the band. And hence, the reason I like them best out of all of them. The least Gronji lanes Dedi had Staley had a very glam. Look and his voice was phenomenal with Cantwell's. Which is why they're my number one those guys him and Jerry Cantrell had like amazing harm. Yes. When those guys they did they created a very unique sound that is one of the all these bans have something that really kind of stands out that like you like, wow, that's different. That's really cool for me Pearl Jam. It's the interplay between the two guitar players with stone. Temple pilots. It's that route in the classic rock thing. You know, that's kind of what sets them apart when they're on. It's the songwriting. It's believable different level songwriting with. Soundgarden? It's Chris Cornell. And I gotta give props to Kim tail who's very interesting ITAR player, very very different kind of kind of Jimmy page kind of guitar player with alternate tunings and the and the drone things and stuff. And with Allison chains, it's the heaviness with this really different harmony the way they would harmonize was very very different. If you guys should check out Rick beyond YouTube channel, he has. He has a series called. What makes the song? Great. And he has great. Great video and house and chains and he has a great video in Nevada. I'm not sure if he talked about the other bands or not, but he has great videos on those on those two bands where he'd really die sex all the parts and exactly what they're doing. And when you dig deep into euros a lot more going on than just guy strung out on heroin, tune down and trying to sound depressed. Some really cool music things happening with that. And without Jane's again. That's their sort of signature thing is this is really amazing. And of course, they have great songs as well. But that's kind of really when you hear those the that those guys kicking with vocals, it's like it's like nothing else. Right. I mean, there's no other band even like rock band, even that really does really what they do. And all it's I mean, there's there's, you know, just traditional bands with the kind of harm anything, you know, you think back on like we go way back Crosby Stills Nash and young or the eagles really known well van Halen with the great harmonies. But the way these guys did it was just different and the music is so heavy that's kind of the sort of interesting. It's Jackson position is really interesting harmonies, and these really heavy guitar parts that just kind of like, whoa. This is I didn't expect that. So they're my. So let's go ahead and run them down top to bottom. Bottom to top. We have Pearl Jam number five. Number four is nirvana. Number three, student pilots. Number two is sound garden. And number one is Alison Alice in chains. Some shoutouts down folks chimed in with this online. Chris Rouen, really loves Soundgarden. Chris cartridges gotta go with Allison chains Bill. The is Alison chains. Who else we got here? We've got Mike peer rock Alison chains. Adam Thomas Soundgarden, Tim Johnson, stirring, the pot of bid green river to mud Honey and mother love bone with the flannel five relevant otherwise. Well, great point, Tim. But. That's not the topic. But we do it. We love stealing. We'd love stirring, the pot. So excuse me, Chad Squires like you write an article on this question. I told him to please do what we would hope. Jay constable says Alison I wonder if J constables actually constantly probably is. That'd be interesting. Jason war. Go Alison chains. Bobby lemonde the wrong. One lived. We never got an answer for his replied to that. Jason Wargo says in order Alicea, changes teepee, son, Gardiner, vonda and PJ. That's like my backwards. Yeah. Well that is list. I think is what he was doing. Just put the number one at the top because he said earlier James Brian Schmidt Soundgarden house and chains by a landslide. Well, you got to pick one. You can't do that Jerry Greece. They're also different from each other. For me. I'd put outside garden and Pearl Jam at the top dig their writing vocals musicianship though, I saw as teepee let summer and dean delay had some of the best town I've ever seen live joke. Jay, while j city screaming trees. Chris olin. There is no better here. It's like asking chocolate cake is better than you still have to pick flaming glue pick. Now you had to pick. You gotta pay. Sorry. Sorry. Chris. You've you've you're disqualified. Okay. Chris L of any miss the point. He wasn't even Seattle. We're not talking about. There was no mention of Seattle in the in the topic. So. I guess this is Chris Botts? Yeah. Staley's? The while greater than cobaine greater better, which my list. Okay. Lily lily, really hit it with everybody Paulo junior. Nirvana hands down the first one went Nevada. Mike voter men. Nirvana is my least favorite by low the mall. Bill Domi domino. I can't even okay. Half to Bill. You have to even Daniel Aragon Soundgarden. And then Allison chains. It's hard for me to hard eight-year-old on then outs chains contest. And he's read Alison chains. Mazing Dan, white Layne Staley's my second favorite vocals behind Ronna games. Ronnie is not on the list. Stop it. Eric says Andrew would I don't know missing something. Friend crasher says Alison chains and St. pe- for obvious reasons. Bill, Billy Soundgarden, ain't grunge. And that's where the fight started. Neil young asunder. We'll Neil young started grunge. And I started grunge. That was not Chris I love you. Dow was not the question or the topic who started grunge was not. We just picked the flannel five and ranked the flannel five and two guys any who's next week? You wanna make sure come and check it out because where you're going to be prepared gusting the dirt. I got lots of things to say. I'm sure you do lots. I watch it one more time before we come back. So I want to say that. I love the song the dirt. I think it's very good on a great song. It's good soundtracks. Great. Except for one song. What do you do? You. Don't like like virgin. Okay. Look if I'm gonna be motley Crue and cover a song. Is it have to be a pop song? Did it have to be freaking Madan? We just cover this Madonna, Madonna, mud new. Actually, I didn't hate it. I didn't love it. But I didn't I feel. I'm exactly the same way. I didn't love it didn't hate it. I what it made me think was there were songs. Now, what made me think was Molly crucial do an entire album of all pas eighties. Pop songs done their way. I think it would be. I just I know it would be cheesy. But I like when bands do fun things like like, I would love to hear bands like get together and like cover each other songs or things like that. Like, I think it would be fun to hear. Van Halen with both Sammy, and Dave and Dave sing Sammy songs Sammy Davis on, you know, just silly stuff. Like that. I just think that those kind of things is kind of one off thing can be like a good time for for the fans. When I when I heard it literally was not the worst thing. I heard ever everybody seek out. But yeah, go ahead. I'm sorry. You said the only problem I had is that they if they're gonna cover song why didn't have to pop song. But it sounded fine. It was great. I mean, you know. Okay. Let me rather. They cover a rock zone. Okay. Let me ask you this because you are montly crew sewer. You're like your like super fan. So the problem if you wanted if Ma cruise gonna. Molly crew calls you up Lowy your biggest fan. No, we respect your opinion because you're on rock radio. We love your show. We're going to cover song. Can you make a recommendation? Dream on. Locally Shaly everybody it is. But I want to hear them do it. Absolutely. Actually, we're toys in the attic. I'd be cool that anything Aerosmith. So white be fun is for. Body crew to do an album of cover. I would be okay with that. That'd be a fun time. Then I would not leave my house for three days. Wow. All right. And boom goes we don't need to talk about why. So we're going to go over to the private area for a few minutes. Private. Tuck your privates say you want to go to if you want to participate in that go to Lou Lombardi rocks dot com that has Lou Lombardi rocks dot com, and we don't like you don't even your Email address or anything just jump in there come on over. We're going to be partying for a little bit with with people kind of discussing the show a little bit more some other things that Intel telling the real dirty jokes that we can't say on the radio. So anyways, guys, you've been listening to rock and roll circus. Our websites, Lucchini rock and roll circus dot com. Check back often, my host here lily v six lily, you have show and rock ridge Radi. What's your show again? I do it's hotlinks lily six Thursday nights. Six PM eastern on robbery Drako. Download the app or stream it right on the website and special shot to our friends at rock ridge radio for running this every Sunday, we do really appreciate it. And allowing us to go live on their Facebook live channel it has brought a lot of new. Fans to lose any rock and roll circus. And we love each and everyone of you. Thank you, John g but rock ridge radio dot com and get the app. Okay. Guys. If you three it's totally free. And if you'd like to party with us here on the after show, if you'd like access to some exclusive music and all kind of cool stuff and hang out with a cool group of people as great folks out there. I mean, I'm here go to Lou Lombardi rocks. Calm like, we don't even need an Email address. She just jump in there. Click the enter thing, and you will be taken right to the good times. All right, guys. Thanks so much for hanging out with us tonight. I wanna give it quick shout out to the band's real quick that we played we had love sick diesel beast Lombardi strange. We're going to wrap up the show with winters descent. Crash and burn winters to sent on the Lou Dini hard rock and metal circus catching catching next week guys. Devastating. To what?

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Episode #1582: The New Phil Hendrie Show

The World of Phil Hendrie

50:26 min | 1 year ago

Episode #1582: The New Phil Hendrie Show

"And this is Tom dot com this. Today we're going to be rolling out the best. Bob Greene Voices. Okay so We're GONNA play that Bob. Green Characters Impressions Russians that a lot of people did under the Hashtag Phil Hendrie challenge right here on the Tom Dot ca show. Now the other thing you need to have is you should have a slogan Henry. We didn't have a slogan. He said world-famous going. What does it doesn't it doesn't say nothing? People want music and they wanna feel like dancing through life you know and they wanna feel like it's a very dynamic. So Hey Tom Dobkin I got I got a I thought about. I'M TOM DOT COM. Let me have it. AUTOM- topped off. Let's do it and I'm blunt I'm Tom Dot. I've got a God. God I gotTa have some you know something like that. I don't know what it is but I thought I would have slogan like that. Hey it's the Tom Leykis show and I got I got I gotta get some of that. Yeah it is right here. Tom Dot Ca God. Let's get it. Let's go get it. Let's get some good. Here's a guy says like David boy boy boy passed off you know but they get this guy and have him. Go around with a wig on Tom. Tom Duff I've got to have I had A. I had a bunch of recorded slugs made up so you do that. See I they come out. Hey Tom Duff Got God God do I need I gotTa have some and welcome back at Tom. Dot Co- case. It's time now for the big Phil and be challenge and we're over here on the Instagram page a film challenge. These guys are going to sound like I guess supposed to sound like Bob Greene right. Okay okay so they're going to listen to them and then I will judge so you know. I know you spend Phil but we told him to stay home. I hope Hendry's listening to this and this and get an ego case. And he's he's crying he's out getting drunk or something here is I Of the Group of guys. And here he is. Let's listen to this. This is Bob Greene impression right Brian. Am Phil Hendrie challenge him. I'm Bob Green and I've got fifteen grand hair system will suit against the Hammel Phil Hendrie once. I'm Bob Green and I've got fifteen grand hair system. Be All right. Let's I says he goes by any dish. This chick. He's trying to say Dick shish better not say it. But so. That's a Bob Pamela. Brian how is this Guy Dwayne. What's his name doing smell? Is that it and here is an ruined by do one. You play another song all right areas. That's Bryan and handle and it's a beautiful beautiful song or I mean I should say it's a beautiful impression Nair of of You know The guy what's his name again. Bob Greene Senile. Let's get back to the music here on. This is the Tom Leykis show. And Yeah. Alright I gotta get some see I throw in some classics like this is a classic. Hey little fiction captaincy in the I've got I got I gotta go God. I thank because there's a rain bond. You're paying you try. And he can even sing along. See but you gotta make a dynamic you know why should always be used in tight skirts to Schlitz villa. LemMe see some of that. Let's get it. Let's get it. I haven't settled on what I wanted to be but it's I know it's something like that and I think I would advise Phil. Look you've got to get a slogan and Phil. I'm Phil Hendrie does goofy voice. Do you just go. I'm Phil Hendrie. I I have a million a million people in my head. What about that Phil Henry to me? I got got a bit of a thousand voices. Nobody's ever told them that they they have about a thousand times. How `Bout Phil Hendrie? I'm a mental case that I like. Let's go on to hit a dwayne spell now. What is the next one to Bob Greene Twain spell here on the dumb Tom? Dot Com dot CA show. I'm Bob Green. They'll call me late. Last night was ten. What's he doing so see if I'd be okay with all of you making fun of me? He's doing the voice now. Having having a little laugh at my expense doing shanty. That's what do I care. I've got my own company. I've got a fifteen thousand dollar hair system and Far as I'm concerned you can all beat it. Let's hit again. That's the touch. I glad I had to do two times. I'm Bob Green. They'll call me late last night. Quarter to ten. See if I'd be okay with all of you making fun of me or having a little laugh at my expense but if you're doing a show I sure I what do I care. I've got my own company. I've got a fifteen thousand dollar hair system and as far as I'm concerned you can all beat it there. You go see as soon as he says you can all beat it. I'm Tom got got. I gotTA okay. I got to get that. Hey that's what you do but you gotta start off with Phil listen you gotTa start off at a slogan of some kind that makes makes people that makes people care that you even exist because I kid nobody knows you even exist okay. I mean they do but they don't like their repeat bone. I consult on people guys. How do you think people come up with do me tongue by dumped on them online? That's about my lips are sticking together. I didn't come up with Pete that but I said okay you know but now that I see is this is a says I WANNA use it. Fulfilling retool right next guy. This is Steve. He's with the vinyl companies that comes to Tump. Trump turned out that this is records and tapes wasn't a vinyl. He's like the guy's not putting in like a vinyl countertop or something like that here is Steve. Let's listen to Steve Steve Right now. I feel it Steve at Cross town vinyl records and tapes. I'm Bob Greene. Strolling into town with my S. Lewis japs and my hair systems. Were fifteen grand. Beat it when you think of someone here. Think of me Bob. Green they go cross town five Phil Kozinski that Cross town vinyl records and tapes and we we played again just same. BUB greeter strolling into town with my S. Lewis chaps and my hair systems worth fifteen grand. Beat it when you think of someone with hair. Think of me Bob. Green Steve at record boom. Yeah okay I gotta get it. Tom Dot CA show. That was Steve and his staff. They say Jan Steve's so all right so that's kind of how you do that now move onto the next tape. We got a lot of these tapes. We gotta get through here. You got turned off Dan and Steve Steven being. What's it called? It's James. The Jimmy Dean always. Dan Always Dannon Dane. Yeah R. M. Here is another one now this is is Down by the river is the name of this Guy Yoyo van down by the river here. He is van down by the river here. The Tom Leykis show. Hey van down by the river and I'm Bob Greene. Striding into town wearing atlas chops and a fifteen grand hair system so beat it. See that guy. He got to get a battery. This van down by the river. And this guy he's British e- hearing you can hear it striding coming into town grand hair system so thank you all right. Caprine died I welcome back topped off this another that guys from England and he lives in a in a van near the river now his impressions people get ready. I gotta get some always want to luck out with that same way. This is too black to black women. I'm sorry I love black now. Don't they got got it wrong. But I gotta you gotta you gotTa get white not white but you got to be returned to being white. I mean it needs to stay you gotta you know what I'm talking about. Okay all right. Let's check it out Okay so now we come to another taping we have here We just heard van down. But that's the guy you know from England. Now here's another guy. I hear his name is Joshua. Just Joshua Green Frazier foods a fifteen thousand dollar hair system massless traps beat that. I want that Henry. Okay C. C.. Right Day he said he talk. Green Frazier Foods. Fifteen thousand massless traps be what. What's Yeah and then you lock out and I want that F. Mug Hendry and then comes? Yeah Tom duck-ish oh all right we'll see we'll get that got a mug. I'm I'm Tom. doff gun I need I need to I. Let's get it I got it. Let's go let's go get it. That's what I what I what was I would say. Senior have similar. Some very soft music to kiss appeals to your grandmother. And you know it's the holiday season so it's going to be a lot of ladies hanging around. I shouldn't say `let's hanging around but there's GonNa be a lot of women in the living room you know. These ladies are falling over each time. I'm Tom DOT COM got. Let's go get let's get what. What was the original? Don't slug that. I was GONNA use. There's nobody I'm Tom Dafa. Let's that's it. Let's do it this story on the Christmas time you know you're GONNA have a lot of ladies he's hanging around. I'm doc let's do it and it had very unhappy Christmas that he did all you'll ladies hanging around the tree all right so that gives you an idea idea what you wanted to move onto another tape. UK keep the tapes coming all right. He comes Dan Jackson here. Challenge Seven Bob Green Green and my air system is worth fifteen grand. Beat it beat it. I mean get on my store because I see the way you salaciously looking at my cucumbers. Yeah all right you heard a little overlap. Did but it's it they have some Honky tonk piano. Let's go to the next one and the next one and the next one and you got to keep it movin. You can't keep you can't stop. You've got God you've got to keep moving. Let's go to the next one here. That was Dan Jackson. And that's all instagram. Okay so you now you can move onto the next one. And that is I think is twitter's annoys facebook. I I just had to fire one of my cashier's Sean. I think clearer or some kind of damn thing. I don't know anyway. I was going to ask her out on a day like I do. She's probably about twenty seven twenty eight and she said well. I don't think I should date my boss. Suppose what I'm supposed to me is your hair and I smell. What's wrong with my hair? And she said well. Is it also a helmet. And I said you know what they're blondie. We don't want you hit the bricks and and and when you see this space you remember something. I'm Bob Green. I mean and I have a fifteen thousand dollar hair system beating right so that guy. is whatever he is and that was Bob Green. Okay so I'm confused once you get. Yes yeah listen I gotta I gotta go. I uh-huh listening to you doing the Tom FCA show you know saying well. I know what you think it's rotten. You know. No no no you gotTa have a slogan. Okay I gotta I gotTa get it done or whatever it is. You need to come in here because I your carbon at an ass. What you're doing you're carving it and ask that's just what you're doing man I'm GonNa get? I go ahead Celia Tom. Tom Dot Com radio consultant. Sean how it's done and we're GONNA wait for fill to get here but While we do that. Let's get over now. We just heard from Sean nosy and here now. Is Mike Meredith from Bermuda. I'm General Galen Sean. I don't. I don't even know why I'm here. I shouldn't even be. I should be at home in bed here. Is Mike Meredith from Bermuda. I'm Bob Green. I have a fifteen thousand dollar over here system. beat it my own hair not to pay league. Why won't you go out with me? You can't see Mike but he's got what looks. Looks like a dead skunk on his head. It's very good very good. Indeed all right. Let's move over now crosstown vinyl as you just heard Tom Attempt to got a couple more notes. No you're not making anymore notes to get out of here. Put Children in the car. Don't put your hands up all right. Thanks a lot Tom for that insightful. Bunch of Dog Dung. Now here is Steve From crosstown vinyl here on our Bob Greene impression session. I feel it. Steve at Cross town found vinyl records and tapes. I'm Bob Greene strolling into town with my S. Lewis chaps and my hair systems were fifteen grand. Beat it when you think of someone with think of me Bob Green there you go. There is Steve from crosstown. Here thanks very I you know got called. I got called and Marcantonio no my hi folks fill Henry here. I was told to stay home and listen to Tom. Daca Africa anymore. Tom We already heard from you. Know but I got I got more pointers. You walked off the for the show man I got some pointers. I gotta go I gotta get something to eat okay. My blood sugar. Your blood sugar. Thanks a lot Tom Remember. You need a slogan like I gotta I gotTa get it done okay. Hey I'm Phil Hendrie I gotTa get done. That's the one I use. Thanks for the F.. Word to all right so thanks. That was Steve From crosstown vinyl And now I think that's about it man. I don't know I mean we're looking down down down down. Dolores blazing MB steamboat Zell. All right so it looks like that's all there is is on facebook so the majority of them are over on twitter and welcome back folks. Fill Henry here with our. Bob Greene challenge so that was from facebook. Now let's go over to our friends on twitter. I don't know I got people. I got messages all day long long from a couple of people saying hey you didn't see mine mine was posted. The cutoff is at eight o'clock. But we're trying to find them all got Phil Hendrie Challenge. Hashtag that's what I'm working with here. Is Joey now joy from Tucson and his Bob Green. I think it's Bob Greene impression. Everybody this is Bob Greene. The owner of faulk frazier foods and I have a fifteen thousand dollar hair system so you can beat right now. I gotTa go show some ladies where the corn is. I'll appeal. Excuse me and he had a corncob there and let the record show. There's a Corncob it's very funny and well you know it was funny but dove comes in here I got hold on is my briefcase. Get outta here. I don't I don't want that retard getting his hands on me. Tell him a retard Ben and in your briefcases and in here are your briefcase in here. Meant all right. So there's Joe in Tucson next up. Here's Brian Martin. My hair system is worth fifteen grand hand. Beat it there. It has been Brian Martin here on the world famous. Fill in the show. Now we go over to now we heard Sean over on Shaughnessy was and and here is sup. This is the cat from the other day man. He was doing I think he was doing Steve Bozo. I feel this is is Bob Green and I have a fifteen thousand dollar half system. It's like a big. Rg between hair and SCALP. The dirt is his name is B.. Be In a if for real okay. Here's Nick Pedro with an important announcement from frazier. Food's good evening. I'm Bob Green and my hair systems worth fifteen grand. I just felt the need to let everyone know that. Because I'm getting distinct guy when I wear this thing around the store and it's honestly it's usually from people who are taking the time holding up the register line to cut out a twenty cent offer a can of cream corn coupon or something like that giving me dirty glances in the snickering. You're jealous you'll have fifteen grand sitting on your head the fuck face pay in beat it or God help me I will slap. I'm not addictiveness malaria. There's there's D Pedro and he hit his dog there. Nick was the guy yesterday with a dog right. Yes and the dog had a wig on and now I. I'm sorry that didn't ask people to make these visual visual. You know but what is the audio. Yeah you primarily want the audio that was very very good very good all right and that brings us to Peter Miller. This is Bob Dog Green. Peter Miller from Springfield Michigan. I believe here on the Phil Emery show. Hey Failed Bob. Green here frazier foods. You kind of cut me at a bad time Emma. I'm in the ladies room cleaning up graffiti. Wait there's somebody in the Saul over here with two. I'll have you know this is a fifteen fifteen thousand dollar hair system beat it. Oh wait this is the ladies room. Stop beating stop feeding it. That's a that's a very heat. lucked out with a solid joke. A good quality joke. Yes well however quality no you know. He looks out with a good salad laugh. I like that all right. So that's Peter Miller and here is Erin now earns guy who does the emoji heads which are very inventive. Here is Erin and his version with this cowboy hat looking dude Jesus. This character just changed all of a sudden what happened. I don't know it might be you feel. You must be seeing things. Yes sure. That's what it is well. Let's see what his Bob Greene sounds like. This is Bob Marine as you may know my hair. The system is worth the beating general one. How me on my show? I don't WanNa hear a word about my hands system abry today foods. beat it all right now. What is that in the background? Cash registers something anyway Aaron. That was great Aaron whistling okay. This is weird. What it's just you and me? WELL DOT CO wanted to buds out there. What are you doing but keep Donald Duck Outta here? Tom Daca time doctor. You don't always talking about is right. So that is the end of the road the end of the line. That's all she wrote baby for today's Bob Greene Impressions. Here the world famous Phil Hendrie show and and I gotta be honest with you if if I'm going strictly the best one I think it's Dan Jackson again. We Dare Give Dan Jackson a bruce felt that he was in the running. And that was my fault Bruce. Let's let me just tell people. Bruce spot is one of our listeners from Arizona and he felt very strongly that You know his whatever the hell it was Jim. Senator was a winner and we didn't even get to it and I think he got his feelings hurt and then you said he was already a winner. Yeah well he had once before so now. You want to give another one too Dan Jackson well it was it was really good it It was good but for you know. For God's sake for God's sake just when I was going to say no it was good but there's gotta be some others that are of equal value value. Don't you think I think there's a lot of good ones. There were a lot of good bob. Greens Joey's was good. Yeah this cat. Let me hear sup one more time and just to see what's well just to see what's up. Okay here's sub dude. I feel this. Is Bob Green and I have a fifteen thousand dollar the has system. It's like a big. Rg between hair and SCALP. I like that. What are you the orgy between here in scope so so you liked the ad Lib? Yeah what about the quality of the voice. The voice is good. See a Lotta guys Think that they have to get high. Well that's the thing so now when I heard here's Joey Joey. Let's listen to joy from. Is this Joey Doing Bob Green or is it somebody. You can beat others you doing Bob Greenland Joey and everybody this is Bob Greene. The owner of Frazier Foods. I've a fifteen thousand dollar hair system so you can beat it. It was good but no it was very good. Uh but it was not as good as Dan Jackson. I get it man all right Phil. Listen if you don't want people with talent Brian Martin let me hear brand one wartime Bob. Green my hair system is worth fifteen grand beat it. I would have to say that Unless we want to give it to a different person you know. Well it's up to you. You want to award it twice to somebody or you spread the spread the wealth. Brian Hammel Phil Hendrie Challenge buggery. I'm Bob Green and I've got fifteen grand hair system okay and nobody knew what you meant by beat it. Here is a swatch. Steve from crosstown vinyl one more time. I feel it Steve At crosstown vinyl records and tapes. I'm Bob Greene. Strolling into town with my S. Lewis chaps and my I hear systems were fifteen grand. Beat it all right. And then there's the Dan Jackson now. Dan Jackson's of professional. He's not a professional little voice telling he's an animator he's not a professional voice. Don't feel hundred challenge day seven Bob Green Green and my hair system is worth fifteen grand. Beat it and I beat it. I mean get on my story because I see the way. You're salaciously looking at cucumbers so so you may be right. I think Dan Jackson won his second. I think he's just won his second to Phil Hendrie Challenge. beat it. How about the threaten you? How about that Joshua threaten me? He said he wanted that Mug. Moderate the guy is a full setup. Gal So what. Hey Josh you do a great job there man. Just you can't use the FALSETTO. Don't give people training meaning either. Your don't you remember would Ca- said let's get it done. I gotta get it done. Yeah you should give it to joe in Tucson because you and they're pitching he's a longtime esp. A lot of guys are well but you know he's even longer and everybody this is. Bob Greene the owner of frazier. Her foods and I have a fifteen thousand dollar hair system. So you can beat it right now. I gotTa go show some ladies where the corn is. I'll appeal excuse me You can't see it but he's got a corncob there. See that gets points. It gets points if you've got the video all right so I think what we'll do is the following we will. We'll we'll go ahead and give it to Joe as well yeah. I knew I knew he do that. So Dan Jackson. And it's it's a tie. Dan Jackson and Joey in Tucson the Bob Green Challenge winners. Yeah remember I'm Tom Dot. I've got to get some nice job. You're acting like I f some up you didn't you did a good job who's going to merely come in behind. Dobkin do anything other than a fan on Jackson and joy in Tucson do winners here on the Phil Hendrie challenge for minute. What are you what did you say? Did you send out the other month. I don't send the mugs out. Banned the cats cafe presto. Oh did they. They sent out the first three or four. Yeah well what kind of eight General General's GonNa ask you. What kinda shipping and handling did we do? I can tell you it went. Cheap ban wasn't cheap all right so there it is folks. Today's Today's Phil Hendrie challenge now. That was day eight. What Day is this? It's Day seven. I think if you haven't so tomorrow Dario you're not doing on the we are aren't we because we we announced in the morning darling and then we do it at night. Only we have the chat. Oh yeah that's right so all right so this this what am I talking about seven so are a day. Eight challenge will happen on Monday. Tuesday just you guys know. I'm in Las Vegas for the day so we will be rolling obviously an encore show at even during our encore shows. We have been rolling out the Phil Hendrie challenged tapes. But Tuesday will be unless we're able to do something I mean you could reproduce does a lot of stuff that goes on a pre produced man and this is a super all right. Okay I just see him a Tommy still here you know and let me say something here. Okay and then. If you don't mind my show I know but I you know you said some things. Is it Very disparaging about me. Like what while you see like the. I'm Tom Dot. GotTa gotTA gotTa get it. I gotta get it. You know right because it sounds stupid. Well you're wrong about about that okay. The other thing had done wrong was you gave out to Esi. You gotTA keep the budget in mind. The station is gonNA flip. I'm paying for it. It's by company. Your what is your company Phil. Phil's company he's paying for the promotion that this jockeys I I tell you what to do. I'm Tom No. You don't because you work for me. I don't work for you. I work for you. When did do what PAT damned off to work for air talent? Air Talent works for the station and the station. There is no station man. It's me my I show you consult with me. I pay you if I even decide to hire you which I haven't done okay. As far as the mugs. Go I pay for those you you don't. There's no radio station paying for it. I do what Kinda Happy Horseshoe Bay. And what's your language Tom. I don't mean to tell you what to do you telling me get Outta here man. Wait a minute. I've got to get out here. Hey don't push me see you later Tom. I got an L A W why you know what I spell asshole Awa. What do you mean Asshole I? I don't see later man. Tom Dot CA folks always a joy and a half to have him in here bugging me now one of our. BSP's Marie Ross. US or longtime Marie as a BSP right now. She's probably like a lot of people often on Marie. Ross is a classical musician. She plays this classical music. There's Oh this is beautiful yeah. I recognize surfing facebook. Page right and here. She is with clarinet. Sonatas and trio. Oh playing Johan Brahms wait a second. This is a CD. So what Jesus. I've almost forgotten how to play a CD. I now I WANNA make an announcement before we leave. I was going to play some of Marie. Ross's Music Maria is a clarinet player. And she sent me her CD. Johan or Johann Brahms You WanNa Learn Johanns's Brahm. I don't Yawn. Brahms Clarence is intrigued. And I'm looking forward to listening to this Marie but unfortunately I don't have a CD player. What a Moron man? Why am I a moron? You send you're GONNA play. Don't apple in the studio. I got one of my Car Murray. So I'M GONNA listen to this tonight tonight and tomorrow and somehow will get this recorded or downloaded from somewhere online. I promise it was and I want to play it and I can't because I'm an idiot now that you got right now. What happened to the other young lady? You talking about Terry Mambi. We played her stuff. You said you were going to play it again. Yeah you're right I did I guess. Of course I'm going to play it again terry but we were GONNA play. Marie and I feel like I need to play. Marie is going this is general gala show. Thanks very much for listening to this. What can only be described as a complete disaster thank you thank you very much complete? Does that thanks a lot. TUB DACA for coming in here and turning this whole thing in just one soft countoured turn turn this whole thing into soft cow. Shit I'm general. Galen Shaw went home but cow. I got here. He I wanNA talk shows executive produced by me Phil emery incorporated all all rights reserved on podcast. One gasiya tonight for our chat chat tonight at seven o'clock seven o'clock Pacific for the B. S. P. Chat between me. You baby makes three three I'm Tom this is Tom. Dot Com consulted Jack. Shit they actually consult as a band called Jackson. I can sell them. Yeah yeah the an attempt to got a couple more notes. No you're not making any more notes to get out of here. Put Children in the car. They don't put your hands up all right thanks a lot Tom for that insightful bunch of Dog Dung now here is Steve from crosstown. Vinyl here on our Bob Greene impression session. I feel it Steve At crosstown vinyl records and tapes. I'm Bob Greene strolling into the town with my S. Lewis chaps and my hair systems were fifteen grand. Beat it when you think someone hair think of me. Bob Green there you go. There is Steve from crosstown. Here comes Phil thanks very much. Seattle got called. I got called and Margaret Margaret. Tony no my. I don't know but hi folks fill Henry here. I was told to stay home and listen to Tom. DACA anymore. Tom We already heard from you. Know but I got I got more pointers. You walked off the for the show man. I got some points I gotta go. I gotta get something to eat okay. My blood sugar. Your blood sugar. Thanks a lot Tom the number. You need a slogan. I gotta get it done okay. Hey I'm Phil Hendrie I gotTa get it done. That's the one I use father's thanks for the F.. Word to all all right so thanks. That was Steve From crosstown vinyl Now I think that's about it man. I don't know I mean we're looking down down down down on Dolores Blazin Embassy Bozell all right so it looks like that's all there is on facebook so the Majority of them are over on and twitter. And Welcome back folks Phil Hendrie here with our Bob Green challenge so that was from facebook now. Now let's go over to our friends on twitter because I don't know I got people. I got messages all day long from a couple of people saying hey you didn't see mine mine was posted. The cutoff is at eight o'clock but we're trying to find them. All I've got Phil Hendrie Challenge Hashtag. That's what I'm here is. Joey now joy from Tucson and his Bob Green Green. I think it's bothering impression. Everybody this is Bob Greene. The owner AFA frazier foods. And I have a fifteen thousand dollar hair system so you can and beat it right now. I gotTa go show some ladies where the corn is. Excuse me already had a corncob there. Let the record show. There's a CORNCOB. It's very funny and well. You know it was funny but dove comes in here I got hold on. Is My briefcase. Get outta here. Would you know. I don't want that Retard Doc. Gooden hands on me tell him a retard Ben Briefcases and in here your briefcase here man all right. So there's Joe in Tucson next up. Here's Brian Martin. My hair system is worth fifteen grand. beat it dirt has banned Brian Martin here on the world famous filling ratio. We show now we go over to now. We heard Sean Ozier over on Shaughnessy was on instagram. Okay here is sup. This is the cat from the other day man. He was doing I think it was doing a St Bozell high. Feel this is Bob Green and I have a fifteen thousand dollar has system. It's like a big orgy. Energy between hair and SCALP DIRT is his name is b. m. a. f. for real okay. Here's Nick Pedro now with an important announcement from frazier. Food's good evening. I'm Bob Green and my hair system is worth fifteen fifteen grand. I just felt the need to let everyone know that. Because I'm getting distinct guy when I wear this thing around the store and it's honestly it's usually from people who are taking the time holding up the register line to cut out a twenty cent offer a can of cream corn to something like that giving me the dirty glances. This is in in the snickering. You're jealous you'll have fifteen grand sitting on your head a fuck face pay in beat it or God help me I I was. I'm not addictiveness areas. There's Nick Pedro and he hit his dog there. Nick was the guy yesterday with a dog. Right yes and the dog dog had a wig on and now I. I'm sorry that I didn't ask people to make these visual. But what is what the audio. Yeah you primarily want the audio but that was very very good very good all right and that brings us to Peter Miller all right. This is Bob Greene. Peter Miller from Springfield Michigan. I believe here on the Phil ornery show. Hey Phil bothering here. Frazier Foods you kind of cut me at a bad time. I'm in the ladies room clean up graffiti. Wait there's somebody in the Saul over here. Sure I'll have you know. This is a fifteen thousand dollar hair system. Beat it oh wait. This isn't the ladies room. Stop Stop beating at stop feeding it. That's a that's a very heat. lucked out with a solid joke. A good quality joke. Yes well however quality no you know he loves it out with a good salad laugh. I like that all right. So that's Peter Miller and here is Erin now earns the guy who does the emoji heads which are very inventive. Here is Aaron and his version with this cowboy hat looking dude. Jesus character just changed all of a sudden what happened. I don't know it might be you feel you must be seeing things. Yes yeah that's what it is. Well let's see what his Bob Greene sounds like. He is Bob Marine and as you may know my hair system is worth the beating general so help me on my show. I don't WanNa hear a word about my hands. I'm ugly today. Did you beat it all right now. What is that in the background? Sounds like a cash register or something anyway ear and that was great Erin whistling okay given points this is weird what it's just you and me. WELL DOT CO wanted to buds out there. What are you doing bud? Kitano Utah Duck Outta here. Tom daca doctor. You don't always talking about is so that is the end of the road the end of the line. That's all she wrote baby for today's Bob Greene Impressions. Here the world famous Phil Hendrie show and I gotta be honest with you if if going strictly the best one. Um I think it's Dan Jackson again. We Dare Give Dan Jackson a bruce felt that he was in the running. I know and that was my fault. Bruce but listen let me just tell people. Bruce is one of our listeners from Arizona and he felt very strongly that You know his whatever. Hello Jim Senator was a winner and we didn't even get to it and I think he got his feelings hurt and you said he's already a winner. Yeah well he had one once before so now you WanNa give another one too Dan Jackson. Well it was. It was really good. It was good but for you know. For God's sake for God's sake yeah I was going to say no I was good but there's gotta be some others that are of equal value. Don't you think I think there's a lot of good ones. There were a lot of good bob. Greens Joey's was good. Good yeah this cat. Let me hear sup one more time just to see what's well just to see what's up. Okay here's up. Did I feel this. Is Bob Green and I have a fifteen thousand dollar a hand system. It's a Rg between hair and scalp. I like that what I like to orgy between here in scope so you like the ad Lib Yeah what about the quality of the voice. The voices good. I think they just have to get high. Well that's the thing so now when I heard here's Joey. Let's listen to joey from. Is this Joey Doing Bob Green or is it somebody that you can beat others you doing Bob Greenland Society Joey and everybody. This is Bob Greene. The owner of a frazier foods. And I've a fifteen thousand dollar hair system awesome so you can beat it. It was good. No it was very good but it was not as good as Dan Jackson. I get it man all right Phil Listen. If you don't want people with talent. Brian Martin let me hear brand one more time. I'm Bob Green. My hair system is worth fifteen grand. beat it I would have to say that Unless we want to give it to a different person you know. Well it's up to you you want to award it twice to somebody or you spread the just spread the wealth. Brian Hammel Phil Hendrie challenge by. I'm Bob Green and I've got fifteen grand hair system. Okay nobody knew what you meant by beat it. Here is a swatch. Steve from CROSSTOWN VINYL ONE MORE TIME I fill it Steve At crosstown vinyl records and tapes. I'm Bob Greene. Strolling into town with my ESL chaps and my hair systems were fifteen grand beating all right and then. There's the Dan Jackson now. Dan Jackson's of professional. He's not a professional voice talent. He's an animator. He's not a professional voice. Talent Phil Hundred Challenge Day seven Bob Green Green and my hair system is worth fifteen grand beat it and by beat it. I mean get on my store the articles I see the way. You're salaciously looking cucumbers so you may be right. I think Dan Jackson just won his second. I think he's just won his A second Phil Hendrie Challenge. Beat it how about the guy that threaten you. How about that Joshua Guy? What do you mean threaten me? He said he wanted that bug. Aw I want that suck modern. The guy is a full setup so what they just do a great great job there man. Just you can't use the FALSETTO. Don't give people training either. You're doing yet remember ca said. Let's get it done. I gotta get it done. Yeah Yeah you know you should give it to joe in Tucson because you and they're pitching he's a longtime esp. A Lotta guys are well but you know he's even longer everybody. This is Bob Greene. The owner of a frazier foods and I have a fifteen thousand dollar hair system so you can beat and right now I gotta go show some ladies where the corn is. I'll appeal excuse me and you can't see it but he's got a CORNCOB. See that that gets points. It gets points if you've got the video all right so I think what we'll do is the following we will. We'll go ahead and give it to Joe as well. Hey Hey yeah. I knew I knew he do that. So Dan Jackson and it's a tie Dan Jackson and Joey in Tucson the Bob Green Challenge Challenge winners. Yeah remember I'm Tom. Dot Gov gotta get some Nice Job Feld. You're acting like I f some up. Didn't you did a good job. Who's going to be able to come in behind? Dobkin do anything other than turn a fan on and Jackson and joy in Tucson do winners here on the Phil Hendrie challenge unfermented. What did you say did you send out the other? I don't send the mugs out. Banned the cats cafe presto. Oh did they. They sent out the first three or four. Yeah well what kind of a general general is GonNa ask what Kinda Shipping and handling did we do I can and tell you it went cheap Ben. You know when she all right so there. It is folks. Today's Phil Hendrie challenge now. That was day eight. What Day is this? It's Day seven. I think if you haven't so tomorrow Dorian you're not doing one we are aren't we because we announce it in the morning darling and then we do it at night. Only we have the chat. Oh yeah that's right so all right so this this is what am I talking about. Seven so are are a day. Eight challenge will happen on Monday. Tuesday just you guys know. I'm in Las Vegas for the day so we will be rolling obviously an encore. Show it even during our encore court shows. We have been rolling out the Phil Hendrie challenge tapes. But Tuesday will be unless we're able to do something I mean you could reproduce. Does a lot of stuff. That goes on a reproducing man and this is a super all right. Okay I just see him a Tommy still here you know and let me just say something here okay. Okay and if you don't mind my show I know but I you know you said some things it Very disparaging about me. Like what while you see like the. I'm Tom Okay. I gotta get it I gotTa get it. You know right because it sounds stupid. Well today you're wrong about that okay. They had done wrong was you gave out to. Se You you gotTA keep the budget in mind. The station is gonNA flip. I'm paying for it. It's my company. Your Comfort is your company Phil. Phil's company he's paying for the promotion that this jockeys I tell you what to do. I'm Tom I've got no you don't because you work for me. I don't work for you. I work for you. When do what Pat Davidoff work for air talent? Air Talent works for the station and the station. There is no station man. It's me my show. You consult with me. I pay you if I even decide to hire you which I haven't done okay as far as the mugs go I pay for those you don't. There's no radio station paying for it. I do what kind of happy happy Horseshoe Bay. And what's your language Tom. I don't mean to tell you what to do you telling me get Outta here man. Wait a minute but yeah. I don't. Don't push me see you later Tom. I got to L A W Y you know what I spell asshole whole Awa. What do you mean asshole? I don't see you later man. Tom Dot CA folks always a joy and and a half to have him in here bugging me now one of our BSP's Marie Ross. Or Longtime Marie as a BS P right now. She's probably like a lot of people often on Marie. Ross is a classical musician. She plays classical music. There's Oh this is beautiful. You have all recognizer. Is your finger facebook page right and here. She is with a clarinet. Sonatas and trio playing. Johan Brahms wait a second. This is a CD. So so what. Jesus I've almost forgotten how to play a CD. I know want to make an announcement before we leave. I was going to play some of Marie. Ross's Music Maria is a clarinet player and she sent me her CD. Johansen Brahms Johann Brahms. You WanNa Learn Johanns's Brahm. I don't Yawn Brahm's clarinet Sinatra's in trio and I'm looking forward to listening to this Marie but unfortunately I don't have a CD player. What a Moron man? Why am I a moron? Well would you send you're GONNA play. Don't everyone in the studio. I got one of my Car Murray. So I'M GONNA listen to this tonight and tomorrow and somehow will get this recorded or downloaded from somewhere or online. I promise it was and I want to play it and I can't because I'm an idiot now that you've got right now. What happened to the other young lady? You talking about Tarry. Maybe we played her stuff. You said you were going to play it again. Yeah you're right I did I guess. Of course I'm going to play it again terry but we were. We're GONNA play. Marie and I feel like I need to play. Marie is a this is a general gala. Show thanks very much for listening to this. What can only be described as a complete disaster breath? Thank you very much complete disaster. Thanks a lot to TUB DACA for coming in here and turning this whole thing in just one soft cow turn turn this whole thing into soft cow. Shit I'm General Galen Alan Shaw went home but I got here he's famous fill in ratios executive produced by me Phil emery incorporated all rights reserved on podcast. One gasiya tonight for our chat chat tonight at seven. The clock. Seven o'clock Pacific for the B. S. P. Chat between me. You baby makes three three sir. I'm Tom this is Tom. Dot Com. Consult Uh so Jack Shit actually go. I consult as a band called Jack Shit I can sell them. Yeah mm-hmm it.

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Alan Berg Pt. 2


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Alan Berg Pt. 2

"Hi, everyone. I'm hosting an incredible new show on the par. Cast network called extraterrestrial. It aims to answer. The question. Are we really alone in the universe? And if you stay tuned after the show, you'll hear a clip of the first episode on the nineteen sixty one abduction of Barney and Betty hill to listen to the first full episode subscribe to extraterrestrial wherever you listen to podcasts. New episodes come out every Tuesday. Before we begin just a brief. Disclaimer, we par cast do not support the beliefs of white supremacists. Although we'll be looking through the point of view of these Sassoon's throughout the episode. We thoroughly condemn their actions and their hateful rhetoric. Thomas Martinez, never felt comfortable within the order. Martinez. Was a white man who turned to the white supremacist group after his friend was murdered by a black, man. But Tom had started to question his own racist beliefs by nineteen Eighty-four. He was seriously considering leaving the order. He just didn't know how he feared that his leaders would respond with violence in the fall of nineteen Eighty-four Martinez. Found his already shaky loyalty tested. He was about to stand trial for using counterfeit cash, which he'd gotten from the order he'd remained tight-lipped during questioning but the day before his trial. His lawyer delivered some bad news the FBI had secured his phone records. And they knew his friends had been involved in a number of armored car robberies out west Martinez. Chances of a light sentence were looking less likely with every hour. Our all night Martinez agonized over what to do if he testified against the order he'd risk violent backlash. But if he stayed silent he'd go to prison protecting a cause he wasn't sure he believed in anymore. The next morning minutes before his trial began Martinez told his lawyer that he wanted to speak to the prosecuting attorney. He announced that he knew who killed radio personality. Alan Berg in exchange for a reduced sentence. He would tell the FBI everything. One death can change the world. At least that's what assassins believe every week. We examined the famous assassins of history, and the men and women who were assassinated, welcome to assassinations. I'm your host Bill Thomas, and I'm your host, Kate Leonard. This is our second episode on Alan Berg radio host who was killed by a white supremacist group known as the order at par cast. We're grateful for you our listeners you allow us to do what we love let us know how we're doing reach out on Facebook and Instagram at par cast and Twitter at par cast network. And if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help us to leave a five star review wherever you're listening. It really does help us. We also now have merch head to park casts dot com slash merch. For more information. Susan Allen lived in an apartment building Denver, Colorado, coincidentally the same building as local radio host Alan Berg on June eighteenth, nineteen Eighty-four she was having a quiet night at home catching up on her chores on her way to the laundry room at nine twenty one PM. She heard gunshots. She ran back to her bedroom. The gunfire sounded close, and she was afraid intruder had broken into her building. After a few minutes when Susan didn't hear anymore gunshots. She crept out of her room and called her boyfriend Charlie McDowell, she told him. I heard a terrible noise. I think something's wrong McDowell rushed over as soon as he pulled into the driveway. He saw Alan Berg lying face down on the pavement a bag of spilled groceries and still lit cigarette on the ground beside him at nine thirty eight PM MC. Ouled called nine one one. When the first police officers arrived on the scene at nine forty pm Burg was already dead, given the brutality of the murder and the bullets that could have only come from a machine gun. They knew that this was no ordinary mugging the automatic gunfire coupled with Berg's reputation as a left-wing agitator painted a clear picture for the police Burgh had most likely been assassinated by a right wing terrorist group. They just didn't know who the news immediately made it to the media shortly after ten pm Rick barber. The news reporter for KOA radio announced Ellen Burg has been shot. The Denver police department confirms he's dead. The hosts deejays and producers KOA were shocked to learn of their colleagues sudden and violent death. Another host Ken Hamlin broadcast for several hours after the regular end of his evening show struggling to process, the news in less than twenty four hours. Alan Berg's murder was headline news across the nation in Florida. Tom leykis of w n w s a radio host with an abrasive style. Similar to Berg's addressed his audience by saying this kind of intimidation is not gonna work. And there is not a chance I'm going to soften my opinion fearing copycat crimes the police met with Denver radio personalities to give them advice on handling stockers or threats KOA hired security to protect the rest of their host from attack early in the investigation, the police identified David lane an order member who was the getaway. Driver as a person of interest, though, they couldn't locate him and Colorado. This news made its way to the media to for much of the public. This was the first they'd heard about militant white supremacist groups operating in the United States gnawed long after the murdered. Alan Berg, Robert Matthews and Bruce Pierce resurfaced at the order's headquarters in Medellin falls, Washington. David lane had gone in the other direction heading to Philadelphia to lay low the assassins had agreed to deny any involvement with Berg's murder. Even when they were among fellow order members. Several new recruits had already expressed discomfort with the idea of assignation and Matthews had claimed he abandoned that violent element of his six step plan. Now he had to maintain that lie to avoid a revolt. Unfortunately, Matthew's failed to follow his own rules. Just a few days after the assassination on June. Twenty-second nineteen Eighty-four Matthews showed off newspaper clippings about the crime to a group of order members and announced quote, well, buddy, we shot him read this at least one of the members in attendance. Randall Rader was deeply disturbed by Matthews attitude. He'd been assured that the group wouldn't commit any killings when he voiced his concern Matthews simply shrugged and walked away two days later on the other side of the country, David lane visited a fellow order member named Thomas Martinez at his home in Philadelphia. Lane. Also bragged about the assassination saying quote, hell, man. I was the God damn getaway. Driver Martinez was repulsed by lanes bragging. He too had been promised that the order wouldn't assassinate anyone after hearing that confession Martinez just wanted to get lane out of his house. But I they had business to take care of after the orders unsuccessful first foray into counterfeiting and experience counterfeiter had joined the team since then they're fake bills had become much more believable. In addition to using the counterfeit money to finance their operations the order. Hope they could flood the market with enough cash to devalue the dollar and destabilize the economy to that end lane. Brought over thirty thousand dollars in counterfeit small bills for Martinez to spread around town lane told Martinez he should pass the bills out of state. So they couldn't be traced back to him Martin. Tina's accepted the cash, but he had other plans. He was going to use this money to skip town and leave the order for good. Four days later on June twenty eighth Martinez used one of the counterfeit ten dollar bills to buy a lottery ticket at a nearby. Convenience store at the time. The cashier didn't notice anything odd and Martinez. Went home confident that he'd gotten away without rousing any suspicion, but that night while closing out the store the cashier identified a ten dollar Bill as counterfeit the next day Martinez returned to the same convenience store and tried to buy another lottery ticket with a counterfeit ten this time the cashier noticed he looked up and shouted. Hey, you're the guy that gave me that counterfeit money yesterday. I'm calling the cops Martinez was no criminal mastermind. He panicked. Ran out of the store and got in his car. The cashier wrote down the make model and license plate number of the car. Then called the police later that day Martinez returned to the convenience store and tried to. Plane that he hadn't known the ten dollar Bill was counterfeit. The cashier didn't buy it. He told Martinez. He'd already spoken with the police once he got back home Martinez called lane and begged him for help instead lane flew into a rage. That Martinez would be so reckless spending the money in his own neighborhood instead of crossing state lines like he'd told him to Martinez replied, quote, look, man. I ain't going to argue with you. I'm getting rid of the rest of it. I'm through finally he had a clear opportunity to leave the order, but it was already too late that night right after he'd finished dinner with his family police burst into Martinez home. In addition to the convenience store clerk, the secret service had heard reports of counterfeit tens from bankers all over town, all traced back to Martinez at this point. The police thought Martinez was just a small time independent counterfeiter March. Tina's didn't dispute this during questioning he was afraid of what the order might do to him. If he talked and even more afraid of taking the rap for the murder his organization had just committed. That was just the tip of the crime iceberg. A few weeks later on July nineteenth the order staged. What was then the largest armored car robbery in US history. Robert Matthews and a team of order members pulled over their pickup. Trucks on the side of the US one one freeway near you, kayak, California. They knew an armored car filled with cash was scheduled to pass at eleven fifteen that morning for car was behind schedule. They waited for almost an hour. Then at noon, they saw approaching as the armored car. Drove by one of the orders pickup trucks pulled in front of it. Another truck drove right behind it at a bend in the road. The truck in front slammed on its brakes the moment, the armored car came to a stop men burst from both pick-up trucks guns aimed at the car's driver Matthews ordered the armored cars guards to get out. He fired his gun at the top of their windows driver and guards finally got out of the car and Matthews men. Unloaded bags of cash into their own pickup trucks. But they'd been overconfident about how quickly they could pull off the heist. Matthews had only allowed for five minutes to rob the car and flee the scene when the job still wasn't complete after seven minutes. He started to get antsy. He told his men it was time to go in his haste Matthews left behind some of the cash and the gun. He'd forgot he'd set down. He bought the gun legally under his own name. When police arrived on the scene. They looked up the serial number and immediately traced it back to Robert Matthews. The didn't yet realize that the man behind the armed robbery was the same man behind Alan Berg's murder, and before they could close either case, more blood would be shed. Coming up. We'll look at the standoff and trial that brought the order down. Now back to the story. When Allen Berg was murdered on June eighteenth, nineteen Eighty-four it immediately became a massive new story nationwide. As the police searched for the perpetrators every new breakthrough became a major story of its own even before they'd identified David lane as a person of interest police had immediately pegged bergh's killers as members of a white supremacist. Hate group. This was the first public indication that hate groups were equipped and ready to initiate a violent uprising independently of the investigation into Berg's murder. Police were also closing in on the order for counterfeiting and robbery. No one had put together yet that the group that had stolen nearly four million dollars in the past year was also the same group that had killed Alan Berg within the order, tempers, were flaring. Matthew sloppy mistake leaving his gun at the scene of a robbery had put them all. At risk. This didn't sit well with Bruce Pierce who'd previously been scolded by Matthews for getting caught with counterfeit cash. The hypocrisy was too much for him to ignore their conflict came to a head in the late summer of nineteen Eighty-four a couple months after Alan Berg's assassination Pierce went to Matthew's house with a plan to split the order into peers would run one cell and Matthews when run the other he claimed that splitting the group into smaller. Cells would increase security Nath us was understandably suspicious of Pierce's loyalty, but perhaps because of these very concerns he agreed to the plan the orders twenty or so members were divided into two separate organizations. This did nothing to stop police from fitting, the pieces of the puzzle together three and a half months after Berg's assoiation. They were finally about to find the link between the orders various crimes on October first nineteen Eighty-four order member. Tom Martinez made a deal with the FBI offering to tell them everything he knew about Alan Berg's murder in return for a lighter counterfeiting sentence. He told the prosecuting attorney Bucky man sui everything David lane had told him about the assassination. David lane had already been identified as a person of interest Martinez. Testimony confirmed the FBI suspicions finally drawing a connection between the order the robberies and counterfeiting on the west coast and Alan Berg's murder. Just one day later on October second Robert Matthews. First child was born a daughter named eminent. Matthews believe that white people had a moral imperative to reproduce. So that other races wouldn't outnumber them after years of trying Matthews and his wife were unable to have children. So instead Matthews turn to his mistress Zillah Craig Zillah opted for a home birth and during her nineteen our labor Matthews alternated between waiting at her bedside and running out to fetch food and supplies during one of his errand runs. The morning after Emmett was born Matthews noticed a man following him. Matthews had long feared that the sinus conspiracy was after him. They seem to have caught up with him at the worst possible time Nath us ran into his house where Zillow was nursing their baby. Then only sixteen hours old Matthews announced that design est conspiracy was tailing him and he needed to leave town immediately. He promised he'd returned soon to be a father to baby. Different Zillow was heartbroken. She didn't want her daughter to grow up without a strong area and father, but she believed in the cause and she believed in dangerous Jewish conspiracy. She do anything to protect Matthews. So just sixteen hours after giving birth Zillah got out of bed and got dressed in men's clothing acting as a decoy Matthews lean down to kiss his newborn daughter, then slipped out through the back door at the same time zilla walked out the front door hoping to distract whoever was tailing Matthews. It worked but the people tailing Matthews weren't part of Jewish conspiracy. They were FBI agents they closed in on Zillah while Matthews disappeared into the dust. He would never see his daughter again less than two months later on November twenty four th nineteen Eighty-four FBI agents, Arthur hanzel and Kenneth Lovin cashed in on the deal. They'd struck with Tom Martinez. They wanted to find out where Matthews was staying. And they suspected Martinez could lead them right to him. Matthews knew about Martinez arrest the previous June. But he didn't know that. He turned informant. Ironically in spite of all of Matthew's paranoia about a Zionist conspiracy. He trusted his own men without fail. They made plans to meet at a motel called the Capri in Portland, Oregon from the moment his plane touched down in Portland. Martinez was nervous. He knew agents Hensel and Lovin would tell him and he feared that his fellow order. Members would spot the tail and no he'd betrayed them. Robert Matthews and another order member. Gary Yarbrough had come to pick Martinez up from the airports as soon as Martinez got into their car. Yarbrough looked out through the back window and said he thought they were being followed Yarborough pulled out a gun Martinez. Didn't know if the gun was intended for him or for his tail, but neither possibility was good news for him Martinez thought this was the end, but they arrived at the Capri motel without incident and went up to Matthew's room for a chat during. His time on the run Matthews had remained in contact with the order, and he had big plans to continue his white supremacist revolution. He told Martinez that it was time for their next assassination Morris Dees was the target. These was a lawyer who had founded the southern poverty Law Center, which combated bigotry and hate groups. He'd been one of the orders top choices of targets before they settled on. Alan Berg Matthews had believed. These would be too hard to access since he always traveled with body guards. But after their success assassinating Burg Matthews fell boulder after they discussed the details. Matthews told Martinez to get some rest. They plan to meet at seven AM the next morning for breakfast before Martinez early flight back to Philadelphia Martinez returned to his room. Once he was away from Mathewson Yarborough. He slipped out to a payphone and called his F B I handlers. Martinez told them everything hid discussed with Matthews and where the order members were staying in the middle of the night Martinez awoke to his phone ringing. It was an FBI agent who ordered him not to leave his room before sunrise that morning. A swat team arrived at the Capri motel they evacuated everyone except Matthews Yarbrough and Martinez then got in position and waited for Matthews to leave his room. They had to wait until well after eight Matthews apparently didn't take his seven AM breakfast appointment, very seriously. When Matthews finally stepped out of his room. He saw an armed swat team member. Hiding behind a Bush Matthews drew his gun and fired. Then ran down the driveway agents hanzel and Lovin pursued him trading gunfire with Matthews Hensel took a bullet to his leg and Lovin shot. Matthews in the hand and the confusion Matthews jump defense and disappeared. Once he was sure he'd lost the agents. He hitched a ride out of town. He made it all the way to a safehouse. He'd already set up in Whitby an island off the coast of Washington state Nath you soon got word that Gary Yarborough had been arrested back at the hotel. He knew it was only a matter of time before the F B I closed in on him to he called. What was left of the order and told them to join him in Whitby? The orders. Final meeting was attentive, fair Matthews close call Yarbrough arrest and the arrest of few other members led many to believe their time was running out if Alan Berg's assassination had succeeded in starting a race war. They were shaping up to be the losers. Many of the men wanted to turn themselves in and make a deal for lighter sentences. Matthews didn't want to hear it. He had his men his anger and a full arsenal at his disposal. He said he'd rather dive and turn himself in a declaration. He'd soon have the opportunity to prove on December. Third nineteen Eighty-four a little less than two weeks after Matthews fled Portland. An anonymous member of the order called the F B I from a payphone. The person said quote, you're looking for Robert Matthews. He's here on Whidbey island. They've got a lot of weapons and ammunition here. Within days over one hundred and fifty F B I agents arrived in Whitby while they congregated and investigated the island. The order went on lockdown inside the safehouse plotting their next move. They deduced that Thomas Martinez had sold them out. They resolved to murder him though. They didn't get around to choosing date or method. There were more pressing matters at hand some of the men including Bruce Pierce and David lane thought it was best to flee would be island immediately and moved to another safehouse with Morris gape routes if the wa- closed in it was best to being the location that wasn't surrounded by water on all sides. Matthews wouldn't consider it if they were going down. They were all going down together in a final blaze of glory. This was the moment of truth Pierce lane. And a few other members left. They were off would be island before the F B I T. Was able to surround the safehouse Matthews remained in the house with a few of his devoted followers. They may not have realized just how soon their final showdown would be at seven AM on December seventh of swat team had the house surrounded. They ordered everyone inside Matthew's house to come outside. Eventually all of the men turned themselves in peacefully except Robert Matthews, even when the entire order had abandoned him. He insisted that he'd commit suicide before he turned himself in the swat team was ensure if Matthews had hostages, so they were reluctant to push. But by the next afternoon, Matthew still hadn't made a move the team through canisters of tear gas into the house hoping to drive Matthews out. He didn't emerge. Neither did anyone else. Now confident that Matthews was alone a team entered the house while they spread out across the ground floor. Matthews opened fire from the second level firing through the floorboards at the swat unit below they were forced to retreat that evening nearly two full days after the standoff had begun the swat team had had enough. They decided to fire 'em seventy nine starburst flares into the house hoping the flairs would ignite the building forcing Matthews outside at six thirty pm with fire trucks standing by the swat team fired the flares the cabin ignited smoke and flames spread through the house. The team waited for Matthews to emerge minutes past the flames spread to the second floor and still Matthews didn't leave the house after twenty minutes the cabin collapsed with Matthews still inside by now. There was no way. He could've survived the fire after the flames die down the swat team found Matthews charred corpse in what had been the houses bathroom with. The death of its leader the order collapsed. A number of men who'd been arrested during the standoff agreed to testify and led the FBI to other members who are still at large as the dust settled and the testimony piled up F B. I officials were shocked at the range and scope of the orders plans their strategic effort to bring down the US government was far different from the usual MO of white supremacy groups instead of pushing for tradition and ultra conservative reforms they wanted a full scale revolution. In nineteen eighty-five various US government agencies began a joint effort called operation. Clean. Sweep to investigate hate groups from nineteen eighty five to nineteen eighty eight. They targeted and arrested roughly one thousand active members of hate groups throughout the country as part of operation clean sweep five. Members of the order were charged with sedition, including Bruce Pierce and David lane moose Pierce of Aidid capture for nearly half a year using numerous fake identities on March twenty sixth nineteen eighty five. He contacted the male pickup service using a false identity. The police had already caught onto US marshals arrested him when he arrived at pickup his mail. David lane went off the grid after Matthew's death living in rural Virginia, but he remained in contact with another order member can laugh. He didn't realize that law had agreed to cooperate with the FBI as part of his plea bargain on March twenty ninth just three days after Bruce Pierce was arrested law floor David lane to a meeting where F B I agents were waiting to arrest him. Thanks to the orders numerous financial crimes. Its members were charged under the racketeer influenced and corrupt organization. Act. Also known as Rico all of the orders members were charged in the same trial, which listed sixty seven separate charges. Three hundred seventy witnesses testified and fifteen hundred pieces of evidence were introduced only one week of the three month trial was spent on Alan Berg's murder. The federal government spent millions on the Rico trial to avoid the cost of a second trial for Alan Berg's murder, which fell under state jurisdiction. The federal prosecutors instead charged the assassins with the federal offense violating Berg's civil rights. By the end of the trial in February nineteen Eighty-six. Bruce Pierce was sentenced to two hundred fifty two years in prison, David lane received one hundred ninety years nearly two years after Alan Berg's assassination. The order was officially no more. But they had left behind a legacy of fear and bloodshed that would shape America for a generation to come. Coming up. We'll take a look at the orders dark legacy. And what might have happened if Alan Berg hadn't been killed? Bill. Do you think we're alone in the universe? Do you think aliens, really exist? I'm not sure the existence of extraterrestrial life has captured our collective imaginations for generations, those who claim to have had encounters certainly believe what they saw. But what does the evidence show? That's a great question. And precisely what will be discussed on the par. Cast networks newest podcast extraterrestrial, our friends will examine these stories and analyze possible scientific explanations and determine what really may have happened. You can listen to the first episode on the abduction of Barney and Betty hill right now look for upcoming episode spotlighting reptilian humanoids and the nineteen seventy seven UFO invasion in Fort Benning. Georgia new episodes of extraterrestrial come out every Tuesday, be sure to search for and subscribe to extraterrestrial wherever you listen to podcasts, and please don't forget to rate and review. Now back to the story. While David lane was serving his one hundred ninety year prison sentence. He was drawn even deeper into white supremacist activism before his arrest lane had been published in numerous white supremacist publications, and he continued his writing throughout his time in prison. One of his works called the fourteen words was as one would guess of fourteen word motto for white supremacists. Quote, we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. A later followed this up with another fourteen words, quote because the beauty of the white area. And woman must not perish from the earth. He also published a list of eight precepts that was passed around among militant hate groups. Even after Lane's death in two thousand seven he's remained venerated an influential figure among far, right? Hate groups. The order never achieved their goal of creating a separate whites. Only. Nation. However, they did accomplish something that they hadn't anticipated with ample news coverage of Alan Berg's assassination. Robert Matthews dramatic standoff with police and their massive trial. The order achieved national recognition in nineteen Eighty-four when they killed Alan Berg the order only had twenty two members. Even though the group dissolved in nineteen eighty-five. Their notoriety grew exponentially their ideals of violent revolution, influenced many white supremacist organizations who followed in their footsteps. While previous hate groups were built around public demonstrations the order and its descendants operated in secret to accomplish larger goals as former order member Thomas Martinez explained quote, organizationally, the clan, the area nations among others have preached violence, but have always done so in a public way to attract members to keep them enthusiastic and keep them contributing money. The order, however, never engaged demonstrations. Quite the contrary it's instructions to its members were never to express their racist beliefs publicly from the beginning to the end, the orders goals were to be fulfilled through purely criminal means carried out in absolute secrecy, and quote prior to the orders founding in nineteen eighty three many white supremacist groups focused on maintaining American society. Easy as it was and resisting further progress towards civil rights and equality, but the order instituted a new era advocating for overthrowing the US government as a whole and rebuilding society to their own ideals. Many militant hate groups have implemented the orders methods of training their members with firearms and financing their activities through crime, for example, in nineteen eighty-seven a member of the area nations pled guilty to robbing banks in four separate states to fund terrorist activities like wise, Robert Matthews and the order were among the I hate groups to target federal buildings for bombing in nineteen Ninety-one, a Florida white supremacists. Attempted to blow up a government building in nineteen Ninety-three. Another white supremacist group plotted the bombing of several federal targets most famously Timothy McVeigh bombed the Alfred P Murrah federal building and Oklahoma City on April nineteenth nineteen ninety five. Killing one hundred sixty eight people all of these terrorists were inspired to some degree by the Turner diaries, the racist novel that Matthews model the order around as Morris diesel explained after the Oklahoma City bombing the orders militancy set a clear precedent for McVeigh's act of terrorism. Republished it in a book called the order and the turn dowries. And this was the this was the incident that these have been waiting for to start what they consider war. They consider MAG via soldier in the war. The orders acts of violence left a devastating legacy, but one of Burg hadn't been assassinated. What if the order had never gone through with their plans? What would the world look like today? We can reasonably assume that the history of far, right? Hate groups in America would have played out very differently. Hedberg not been assassinated, the order wouldn't have achieved the fame and notoriety. They did. And it's possible that. Militant white supremacy would never have achieved such visibility as for Allen Berg, he died right as provocative political radio became a mainstream phenomenon. Rush Limbaugh, a conservative radio personality began broadcasting in August of nineteen Eighty-eight while many liberal radio hosts also began broadcasting around this time few achieve the same level of notoriety as their conservative counterparts, perhaps if he'd survived Burg could have filled that void sparring with Rush Limbaugh on the Airways Burg was only the orders third choice of target. Let's take a moment to discuss how the world may have been different if Pierce lane and Matthews had murdered one of their top two targets Morris Dees or Norman Lear Morris Dees was a lawyer who founded the southern poverty Law Center in nineteen seventy one his work centered around filing lawsuits against hate groups when criminal charges failed for example. He successfully one suits against the KKK had these men assessing aided in nineteen eighty four instead of Alan Berg. He never could have overseen some of the southern poverty law. Center's most notable cases, he also wouldn't have developed the teaching tolerance program in nineteen Ninety-one a curriculum designed to educate students on equal rights issues. The other target Norman Lear was a television producer who made popular and progressive programs like all in the family good times and the jeffersons he left the TV world in nineteen eighty one. And founded a nonprofit called people for the American way, which advanced progressive causes like education and civil rights in nineteen ninety nine President Bill Clinton awarded Lear with a national medal of arts from Archie, bunkers, living room, and queens. Fred Sanford's dockyard and watch he is implored the power of humor in the service of human understanding his departure. From traditional two dimensional television. Characters was risky. It showed the enormous respect. He has for the judgment the sense in the heart of the American people if the order had assassinated Norman Lear instead of Allen Berg, he still would have left his television legacy, but Lear's extensive nonprofit work would have been left undone. Ironically, the orders top two choices of victims both demonstrated a greater inclination toward activism and social change than Alan Berg. While Burg agitated people he disagreed with on air. He wasn't an active social reformer the orders assumption that Burg was powerful figure mostly stemmed from paranoia and anti-semitism while Norman Lear and Morris Dees were both genuinely influential figures whose devs would have resonated throughout political spheres. There is one other alternate possibility if the order had opted not to assassinate Alan Berg. They might. Might not have assassinated anyone at all Robert Matthews had brought in several new recruits who expressed concerns about assassinations and before targeting Burg, he claimed he had Bandon his assassination plans if he'd kept this promise the investigation into Berg's death wouldn't have happened. But Matthews and Bruce Pierce still would have likely been arrested and prosecuted for their counterfeiting and robbery spree even for another crime. Matthew's arrest would likely have led the order to fracture and drift toward other white supremacy groups, but without the heavy, publicity and notoriety. The order gained from Berg's ascension. Those other groups probably would have remained small and fringe we wouldn't have seen the rise in militarization that spread through the far right in the eighties nineties. However, even if the order had never assassinated Alan Berg, it's unlikely that they would have refrained from any high profile killing for long. Matthews had already led his followers on a year long crime spree and had invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on weapons for their coming revolution. They were already into deep and to embroiled in hatred tobacco completely Allen. Berg lived his life, provoking agitating bigots, but his death proved to be the greatest provocation of all his assassination. Ironically served as a rallying point for violent extremism driving. Even more hate groups to action, Alan Berg's murder was a tipping point for far right activism, but the ripples at sent through culture could never have been intimidated by his assassins few could have predicted the impacts of talk radio host death. Likewise. We may never know what the world would have looked like if Alan Berg had lived. Thanks for listening to assassinations. You can find more episodes of SAS emissions as well. As all par. Cast other podcasts on apple podcasts. Spotify Stitcher, Google play or your favorite podcast directory. Several of you have asked how to help us if you enjoy the show the best way to help us is to leave a five star review. And don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at par cast and Twitter at par cast network. We'll see you next time. Assassinations was created by max Cutler is a production of Cutler media and is part of the park cast network. It is produced by max and Ron Cutler sound design by carry Murphy with production assistance by Ron Shapiro and Paul Moller additional production assistance by Carly Madden. And Maggie admire assassinations is written by Angela Jurgensen and stars Kate Leonard and Bill. Thomas. And here it is a clip of the first episode of extraterrestrial, it's about the nineteen sixty one Duchesne, Barney and Betty hill. We hope you enjoy it to hear the full first episode subscribe to extraterrestrial wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Chatroom 6: You're being tracked: Pandemic Capitalism

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Chatroom 6: You're being tracked: Pandemic Capitalism

"Remember these news headlines from earlier. This year redraw focused on the national gabriella de dean area has as a major or bed for corona virus out rig of have been sealed after a sport in positive cases among the followers of doubly joma that religious body in houston of india's top journalists as you might know i share with you today that one thousand four hundred and forty five of those infected their directly because of the public each marcus that ninety seven percent people over sam here tonight. People over ninety seven percent of all cases in assam are because of the each. Marcus people talk. Show me fifty three percent of all cases in your state because of the. Tom leykis them up. Marcus so who threaten us day should apologize. Troubling the event could be termed a superspreader. But it's the spin that some news media put on it that kind of strengthened existing borders between people. If you listen to episode one pandemics and borders. You might have noticed an eerie repeat of history colonial times. that's when hindu and muslim worms were blamed for curing disease into europe. We'll be discussing here today. The branch of signs that underpins such headlines epidemiology which has a long history with state corporations and with modern day surveillance. Epidemiologists were sintus. Their job is to capture analyze and find patterns and data. And they're the ones who first identified the delhi cluster and labeled it a superspreader and very closely linked ideology. In fact it's very soul. I'd say is surveillance the hoovering up of raw data about us and these days. It's not only governments that track us. It's also tech companies through so-called public private partnerships. We'll be speaking to malton french. A sociologist and surveillance expert at the university of concordia montreal. Canada were already sort of seeing the normalization of a lot of kinds of surveillance that prior to covid nineteen would have been unthinkable. No this idea that a person is a quote unquote superspreader. I suppose in a very specialized setting more epidemiologists are trying to work. Rapidly to identify cases and to interrupt What they call the chain of infection. This concept probably has some utility by when it gets kind of taken up by mass media to size and stigmatize people. I think that's very worrisome. This chatri number six on scrolls and leaves. I'm roads and guy three so far listeners. I thought it'd be useful to just go over some basics. I epidemiology is the study of disease in a population and epidemiologists use data. To figure out things like like how common disease is in your community and once they know that they can deploy resources so for example they might look at how many people are smoking in community and then they might design anti-smoking campaigns to prevent disease a lot of times at. Bdo me all just work inside. Public health organizations so martin. Can you tell us how public health and epidemiology are linked surveillance. Sure thing so thanks again for having me on on the podcast. Public health organizations higher epidemiologists to conduct -nology and this brings me to the concept of surveillance because of the key tools of epidemiology and public health. Context is surveillance now. There are different definitions of surveillance in public health. But you know one. Widely used description is that surveillance is the systematic and ongoing collection and coalition an analysis of data for public health purposes and the dissemination of this data to guide response and to guide action So that's how they link up. But what about the other side like the differences between surveillance epidemiology. So i think that Sometimes we might think of surveillance and epidemiology as synonymous terms but often public health. Practitioners will sort of draw distinction between epidemiology and surveillance and they'll say that you know epidemiology is really kind of like on the research side of things whereas surveillance is something that Is much more. It doesn't have a research necessarily as a goal. It just has kind of Understanding a condition a population as a goal. So it's you know whereas a research study might be time delimited surveillance tends to be you know ongoing systematic and so on Often with research studies there's a lot more oversight You know speaking as an academic. When i want to conduct research with human participants i have to kind of go through an ethics review process and surveillance tends to be exempted from not. I think that's a kind of you know an interesting distinction sometimes Under the rubric of surveillance The process maybe be subject to less. Regulatory controls can move and adopt more quickly but that has also ethical implications as well right There may be things that people are doing under the name of surveillance that we wouldn't necessarily view as ethical and then there's the whole matter of private sector companies doing surveillance which you know even if they're doing research they're not kind of subject to the same sort of scrutiny Let's say something. Like academic research would be subject to so. Let's get into private sector surveillance. During the pandemic. google and apple have released their own contact tracing apps in india. We have the argosy through which Government developed together with the private sector so k. Just give us an overview briefly. How these apps work. Ah so i'll try to do that. I'm i'm not a computer scientists so You know. I have relied on computer scientist to explain this to me. But it's it's difficult first of all to to understand and it's not transparent so i think it's it's a hard question to answer. We can think about contact tracing apps as having two separate components so there's a client op so that's the application on your phone basically The application is going to basically track when your mobile device comes into contact with the bluetooth signals of other mobile devices. So that's basically how it works at the proximity sensor and so the bluetooth signals are depending on the app probably encrypted and stored locally on your device but what these computer scientists leave farrell observed is that basically. If you're gonna use the app you have to have it. Switched on and you have to have google play services. Switched on right and so if you if you have. That service switched on one of the things that google play services is doing. Is it's connecting to google servers. Roughly every twenty minutes so lethal farrell noted that these connections necessarily disclosed the handset ip to google and also a proxy for people's location and they also contain a persistent identifiers That allow requests from the same device to be linked together so Taking all of these data points together so might not be sending kind of like people's like individual bluetooth signals but it's gathering a lot of other types of data that when put together Can allow a fine grain tracking of this device over time so these companies are also responding to critiques and questions over Privacy concerns so. It's a moving target as well which which is good that they're responding to criticisms but also difficult in the sense that it makes it even more challenging to figure out what's going on so in your email to me. You mentioned the danger of oldest for example. If you have a contact tracing app installed on your android phone and say you're attending an anti-government protests and you have your phone in your pocket. Google could find out your location. And it's very likely and in fact. It's allowed under law in india for law enforcement to access this data so we can see how contact tracing can intersect. With other forms of surveillance that can lead to greater oppression so it sounds like data's definitely being collected. I saw your recent commentary on this and we're going to link that on our website for listeners You said that the contract tracing apps may be a way for these corporates to further their economic interests. And you also mentioned the work of a harvard professor. Her name is shoshana zubov. I think that's how you pronounce it and our concept of surveillance capitalism. Could you tell us what that is and how contract tracing fits in with that zubov argues that users of this service were part of the company's value proposition so some people have said that as Users of ceo. Google service or facebook service. We become kind of commodified. We become packaged unsold To companies for capacity to create intelligence about about us in our behaviors and so on and zubov actually pushes pushes the argument a bit further. Even she says you know. We don't even rise to the level of commodities. It's a mistake to think that we are turned in as users were turned into commodities. In fact were raw material. She says you know we. We become the raw material that these companies use to create on their information commodities that they then can sell onto other parties which which relate to basically intelligence About human behavior writes. What's People will do Now and in the future and this is really really valuable information and obviously if you look at the wealth of these companies these information companies off its enormous rights. So how can companies like google benefit from contact tracing app the think about an older owner of a smartphone for example Maybe user is not going onto the smartphone every day to check their facebook accounts navy. They are but you know maybe not right. They might not be as active on social media twitter and so on but now we have this contact tracing up there in an at risk group in they're being encouraged to use and so in one sense the application might be driving users to their smartphone devices with more frequency and in new ways than they would otherwise have used the device so it's creating what scholars Like natasha schumer. For example are the thr- apologised At new york university has called this this kind of engagement with devices time on device. Think about How facebook evaluates it's worth when they make reports to their investors right there they talk about d us daily active users so in one sense the move to this op might have just created a lot more daily active users right for these these technologies at the level of the application. The cements i think in some significant ways to the extent that people are using it They they just make this technology even more embedded in people's everyday lives so it sounds like it might result in behavior change. You know hook people into the phones and maybe they'll use other apps so the contact tracing app in this case is sort of like the gateway drug. Yeah from my perspective. That is one of the ways that they can cement their power. And maybe the best way to understand. This here is with the idea of a platform so in north america for example. The company uber really disrupted local hyphen. The series i think that one of the ways in which These companies just by getting more and more users are are increasing. Their power is by sort of the amplifier fact that is associated with the growth of networks. So uber might not be such a powerful force if it was kind of limited to one city but because it's across cities across countries it can really kind of come in and disrupt local industries airbnb. Same thing if it was just a kind of like an organ city renting out rooms. It wouldn't be really a threat to the hotel industry right. this Way of doing surveillance mediated through The companies that build the applications The companies that control the hand held devices of the platforms and the companies that provide The the network infrastructure so tele-communications companies all of those organizations their their power. I think is is cemented. A further cemented amplified potentially by these types of directions. That governments have been taking the pandemic response. Think about All of the stuff that we're doing virtually now remotely right so these i think these companies have our our kind of coming into power. That maybe they haven't had ever before there are already quite powerful but now they're even more essential to people's everyday lives. And you all you in your article that old. The sort of fits into that concept of disaster capitalism that naomi klein proposed. Can you tell us about that. i think so and this is really an idea that has been developed by on the amazing thinker and writer journalists. Now klein her Book the shock doctrine really talked about the way that a crises are leveraged by powerful corporate interests to remake social systems and then to amplify their power to good frame of reference for making sense of contact tracing in the contemporary moment and so when klein defines disaster capitalism she she talks about it as an orchestrated raid on the public sphere in the wake of catastrophic events and she was talking about the destruction of on iraq in the gulf war and the capitalist appropriation of the recovery and there are lots of other examples of that she has talked better. Enrolling work on Hurricane katrina for example and the way that The city of new orleans was destroyed by the hurricane and then the way that private sector solutions were presented as soon as to rebuild. So yeah this is. The indian ocean nami think and how corporations should've went in after the catastrophe into the coastline. Yes absolutely absolutely. Thank you for that. And so these are these are Moments of crisis and disaster. Where klein says publics are scrambling rights were. We're in shock and were very receptive to whatever solution is going to allow us to get past the crisis. And so she wants to draw our attention to the way. The powerful corporate actors often not not just take advantage of those situations but actually create the conditions right for those situations to become crises. So here the argument is if there was a more equitable distribution of wealth if We had a corporate taxes at the level that they used to be our public sector. Capacities might not be so fragile right now. So are you seeing this disaster. Capitalism play during this pandemic. Well i think so. I think with the example that we've been talking about with the corporate contact tracing ops. Yes i think this. This fits very well with that description You know we. We have a public health systems. That hides capacities eroded governments for whatever reason can't sort of see or don't want to see the role that they play in. Making community is resilient in the wake of that kind of erosion which makes those systems fragile when we have a crisis. They're not there to respond. So who is who is left to respond. It's the the Organizations that have the the capital in the capacity to be able to respond. So i think of good to go over some public health issues in india The investments have been pretty low for decades. I think that since two thousand nine it's been about two percent of gdp and last year was even less than one percent of gdp. And if you want to compare that in canada and the us spend about ten percent of gdp so you can kind of imagine the pretty sad conditions that have been already laid out before the pandemic in india. So let's talk about the impacts of surveillance. I saw your article that you're worried about an increase in bias. So canada and the united states share a border of course. And there's this idea that you know goods and people can move fairly freely across this border bots. For a number of years up until the obama administration changed the legislation. it was pretty difficult For someone for example Living with an hiv diagnosis to freely. Come and go When we think about people who were already living with a diagnosis that has been a very stigmatized. Diagnosis historically so I think these these kinds of examples are worth keeping in mind as well as the people who have been diagnosed with infectious conditions already have kind of like limited mobility. What are some of the other problematic results of surveillance or moberly. Broadly speaking epidemiology for example when indians us are say i feel like we also use it to watch others as much as to protect ourselves. A maybe this is most evident in the context of people's everyday lives when we are thinking about what has been badly called Social distancing to quote unquote flatten curve. This idea that we've we've all sort of Taken on the work of distancing from other people in order to flatten curve is maybe an example of the performance of interpersonal borders. So we've got nation state borders. Of course we've got borders around communities and we've got borders around ourselves interpersonal borders. I think that Epidemiologically we can see that to this. This regime of physical distancing has worked you know in terms of Slowing the number of cases of covid nineteen disease and various communities so that is positive but socially It has had perhaps a number of unintended consequences for instance. I think it has thickened already existing borders between people and communities. We've had numerous reports in canada of racist reactions targeted at chinese canadians or people who quote unquote luck asian right and these types of interpersonal and I would say intercommunal borders are particularly worrying outcome of the narrative of covid nineteen disease. That hasn't been told using surveillance data and epidemiological language right. This idea of the novel corona virus as the wuhan virus or the chinese virus mobilized by by political leaders for example and very very troubling ways. So there's a sense. In which disease surveillance can interlock with and potentially exacerbates already existing borders that divide our societies and we want to think very carefully and very critically about this possibility even seasoned journalists. Sometimes you fall. Prey to language thought is not necessarily helpful for describing infectious disease. I'm thinking here really of the concept of superspreader idea that a person is a quote unquote superspreader. They you know. In fact many many other people themselves this comes from the epidemiological practice of contact tracing and identifying you know an individual who others may have contracted an infectious disease from i suppose in a very specialized setting more. Epidemiologists are trying to work rapidly to identify cases and to interrupt what they call the chain of infection. This concept probably has some utility by when it gets kind of taken up by mass media to You know ostrich ostracize and stigmatize people. I think that's very worrisome. On that's a thing that propagates. Fear fear of one. Another and a kind of xenophobia. If you like that Really undermines The conditions of social solidarity. Which in my view are going to be alternately unnecessary if were to have any hope of coming out of the current crisis in a better position than we are now. You're listening to martin french on chatroom on leaves. If you wanna learn more about the topics today Visit our website scrolls and leaves dot com slash chatrooms six. We'll be back in a couple of weeks with another episode bye for now.

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Ep. 243: Boggeying in the Brushworld

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Ep. 243: Boggeying in the Brushworld

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Hunt Creators, the most comprehensive digital mapping system for hunters download the hunt APP from the I tunes or Google play store nor you stand with Amex. Probably guys we're GONNA start right out with introductions. Right off the bat. Michael Thomas Professor at Texas Am University Gainesville. So that's say that to us too. Yeah. Yeah them, my computer keeps calling me two weeks, but it's and I. as a seek labor while wildlife at the Caesar Kleber while if Research Institute and I've been there since nineteen eighty-one as a professor during cat biology cat. Research. cats worldwide. We've done some work in South East Asia on. Some cats clouded leopards, marbled cats, golden cats catch. You've probably never heard of Yup and and and Leopard cats cats. Patriot here. Am Neal Wilkins I'm the CEO of the East Foundation and. We're an outfit that's about two hundred, seventeen thousand acres of private lands in Texas that has been set aside. To save as an area for research, education and outreach mainly for wildlife conservation in how close we? I connected. I feel around. The fact I can't remember how it lined up or maybe it was coincidence that we were going down to the area ranch I. Think. So yeah, you just a happy that Relocated around there. Yeah. We've got one of our ranch's of the. Ranch is backs up real close to the jury rigged. Okay. So yeah, we tried to hoping rain some kind of down there, but it never worked out. Now. Oh, and also cows here on a computer screen he's going to have an entirely diminished role. As yes. It's just you know how it goes cal yes. So I've got. Some bad news to one of the ladies that I work with. She wanted me to get cows often graph. So I'm I'm going to have to go back and tell her that. She's not going to get it. I. Think you just provide an address and he'll send it. Okay. We're also said he signature thing. Michael we often oh sorry. We also have a common. Jim Heffelfinger what a loser that guys I agree yeah he was one of our. Barely graduated from a University of about twenty five years ago. Yeah. Now he's stellar. We're really proud of. We used to do a thing. We do live shows back when people did things with each other. And we would have these trivia contests like we had these pre shows do these VIP pre shows. and. We'd have trivia. And one of our favorite trivia questions because it always like really stumped people. is we would hit them with I can't remember if it was. I can't remember the numbers now but was like. Five of the six or named the six. Wild Cat. Species. Of the United States of America. And a Ma- guests which to. In descending order were most likely to stump everybody. Yeah guess which to like no one ever got if if they got one of those two it was are you talking about north of Rio Grande or North America in the present day US hit people with like name. I can't remember how you phrase it. Let me just take actually Jagger any NAS lot. Yes. North America yeah. Yeah. If you do North America whose Mexico you gotTa Add Jaguar. Margie? Yeah. But you have to have Jaguar even if it's the US and margie mark. Yeah. Margin there was only one record of a margin, Texas and there was in the eighteen fifties. Oh, see we were screwing the I feel like we gave people stuff that they did deserve. Do they include the House cat? No, we would. We would point out that. So let me just walk through. To Hell with how he asked the question. Let's walk through. Links. Everybody knows that not everybody but a lot of people know there's a there's like one wildcat. In Alaska. Though I think it's Rumored. May. Be. That A. Mountain Lion or two has finagled its way into. Southeast Alaska. One was found in the Mackenzie Delta with its ears offer something like that. So they get around but you have links mountain line. Bob Cat. Yes. Jaguar. Jaeger. OCELOT. But you tell me the one you know about how you heard cat. It's a baby Oslo. It's like half the size of an Oslo it looks almost the same. And we we did. I guess one of the first studies on a Mexico and published an article about five years ago in the Tom Leykis a population of mark as there that they we studied. So it's like a little ten pound wildcat. Yeah. Eight to ten pounds. Bigger eyes than all slots, but everything else is very similar. Talk? Walk. Sue. What's up with an ocelot? Okay and why is it? No one knows about why does no one? No you have lots run and do you think most people understand? No what an asset is. Surprised that I've been working at this thirty five years and I feel like I'm still failing getting the message out. No. I remember when I was young reading. How to trap books all the time old how to trap books and I remember I would always be like what the hell because you'd see they'd have a section. Now an an catching in order to mention like a lot. Well, I we may have looked at the same trapping book I had this one book. In the early nineteen eighties and had a chapter on trapping offsides and it's only one I've ever seen and I mentioned they're easy to trap and sure enough they turned three pretty's trap for me. Just the problem is yet find out where they are. Once you find out where they are the easy to trump. Yeah. So it's our people feel like what what is where it lives yeah to where it used to live in their lives. Okay. The ASSADS of the forty species of cats the most beautiful. That's just a fact that that's an objective reality reality It's about a twenty pound cat. About two feet tall. The at least the cats and in Texas United States are the females are eighteen to twenty two pounds in the males twenty, two to twenty, five pounds and they're beautifully striped and spots and Rosettes. It's really interesting. Tangle of of markings provide the ultimate camouflage. Thank for for a cat. I mean it is it is. It's coat different than the Jaguars besides just being a smaller version Yeah. It's much more complex than. Jaguar has the Rosettes with a dot in the center of it. All slots have have spots. Rosettes all kinds of 'em and some of the rosettes farm chains to where it looks like chains going down the shoulder down the back. It's. Such, a a very difficult annual try to describe you you. You can't do it in for one side of the Oslo to the other has a different spotting patter, and each one is like a fingerprint. They're very unique So it helps us when we use cameras to two. Census the population we we can identify individual thoughts that way. So they how would you describe the General Color Scheme Yellow Yellowish background with a little bit whitish underneath, and then like many of the cats have two very distinct facial stripes. and then and then these very distinct black and the tail is about an eighteen inch tell with black rings around. And that's all very similar to Margate as well. But the except smaller version for mortgage. Yeah so They're an incredible cat distribution. Goes all the way from northern Argentina to southern United States. They used to occur and there there've been a couple of males identified in Arizona Never Breeding Population Arizona. But they've always been a breeding population in Texas and the range One of my hobbies collecting a reports of leopard cats is what they were called in the eighteen hundred. So from eighteen thirty, eighteen, eighty, you have lepre cats identified at all much every almost every river in Texas up to east. Texas. And they so they they really liked the dense breasts cover. That would be a long ripe pairing area seiken imagined distinct populations of off slots on every major river brass's trinity Colorado River into East Texas and the so they did occur Louisiana and Arkansas at least record to their right now are they do they show up in the oral traditions in native American oral traditions for the Mayans and aspects they do okay. Yeah. You know the Mayans Aztecs worshipped Jaguars very important in their religion. But aspects they kind of recognize the The aside is a smaller. Guy Like symbol or smaller and in the symbolism then. The. Jaguars. If you're ever eaten by a Jaguar you, he went into the portal to hell. So you don't be eaten by Jaguar. I didn't know that. Yeah it's. It's really rich tradition all the way down to I. Think the INCAS even had had some of that. Jaguar worshiping but. Meyer deal where cause of cause of death. Not, self inflicted. Is rewarded with hell. Yeah I don't think he will actually get that. Doesn't Popeye very man yeah those. Hurts to be bitten by a cat. Yeah. When you say that they Bumped into Arkansas perhaps or bumped into Louisiana perhaps. those come from very. Like small like single references or whatever. Then that's right. They're the type specimen for the sub species are Besson's comes from Louisiana does yeah and and and sometimes I get a little mixed up in Arkansas but back when it was. Shortly after being Louisiana purchase. So they called it maybe Louisiana, but the type specimens from there. And then how many at once time? How many were running around? It's anyone's guess now, really the the records that you you have from the eighteen hundreds is one instance. One anecdote I shot a leopard cat found a leopard cat with a couple exceptions there's One trapper. who who reports several leopard cats in his catch at the mouth of the San Fernando River. So whereas that's it south of Houston about about thirty forty miles and in a in a so so that's kind of. Really believable to use log in his season's catch At least that yeah I don't know a whole season, but it is very probably a very large population in that area at that time. So yeah, it's a an and expelling. It was really funny how the antidote there the or the narrative is misspelled everything you could misspell but he got leopard cats and bears there. And then another one was Oh the hunter that led Roosevelt Hans. Came out of Louisiana went to Texas. and. Then Lily? been. Been Lily S guy that ran the Is he the guy that was tangled up in the whole teddy bear thing. Now now now now been lilies a character I mean he would never sleep indoors always slept outdoors and it was a tremendous cat dog person. He did went from bears Louisiana spent one, thousand, nine, hundred, six collected if you are slot south of. Of Hughes Houston they went on made became famous in their Zona, leading hot with Teddy Roosevelt. But interestingly, the couple of samples that he collected south of Houston sent off to the Smithsonian we we got DNA from the bones. Of the skull from those cats. Realizes one hundred years later it's kind of interesting. Yeah the. Billy. If anyone ever I mean that's that's interesting. Regis there. If if you if you can't get a good sense like hominy odd lots wherever running around in was now the US but we do. Now we have a good idea for the US. What was running around Oh? No, no not previously now is probably many hundreds. At least maybe a few thousand. But can't you guys when you're doing genetic work? You guys find Like if you've got old bone from one hundred years ago. Isn't there some process by which you get the mighty conrail DNA. From that. And you can tell the effective. Breeding population size by like how many? How many contributing mothers are in a population? Yes. We've done my student Jagna Negga is now professor Duquesne University. In Pittsburgh, but he published four really good Haslam genetic papers and one of them was looking at effective population size. And another one, just where he documented the the genetic erosion that's been going on from nineteen, eighty, five to ninety five then two, thousand and five, and we've had a very steep decline in genetic variability lost I'll populations the two populations that occur in Texas. They've lost Saint score private liles it's we're very few. are very specific to that population. We would finally WanNa tune the Texas populations and compare them with our research and Mexico, where we'd find thirty private Lille's. So it's just a we've lost headers I got genetic headers Gossipy, and then the the effective population sizes is very few down to. Well, we've only really subs sample a subset of the population. So so but it's very few and I had another student Jennifer. Korn, look at the inbreeding and we found four or five inbreeding events in both of the populations. So they've got they've got problems. Can you walk through real quick? I because you've been in the cat business along, you probably know this story better anybody. or at least wells anybody. What happened with Different cat, but has like the inbreeding. Wasn't the Florida Panther. Like severely inbred. And that led to take lions out of Texas and putting them in Florida. Yes. That's that's that's the the night of the case and is that I want to at some point get to like why can't why can't dump a bunch of in Texas now from Mexico in have the problem taking care of yeah. That's a good story to having a second. One of my former students David Shindo is now the Florida Panthers lead for Fishwives Service and So so yeah, they the panthers I think at one time we're estimated thirty five or fifty individuals. and. Then there's a discussion about bringing Texas and ended up moving a eight more lions from West Texas into to Florida to help the genetic erosion increased very building. And that that has been very successful monitor standing is they've really demography, the population and as as really expanded and I think it's been helpful by most. Assessments Cava deal with the devil a little bit because yeah. There's one argument insiders say we want to keep the pure Florida panthers. Yeah. That Corey I was sub-species and then the other said we don't care. We just won't Florida Panthers to exist in Florida and those were the two. Basic. Arguments there. I didn't realize that that you saw the ocelot populations were still collapsing or continued to collapse like from as recently as nineteen eighty-five to present but walk through. What happened to? What happened to this cat to get into trouble in the first place? Well, I think the first settlers came and settled on the rivers where the I saw populations were, and since we've already set also so easy to trap, they are and to kill right off the bat. The had that conflict between humans and people. And so over the years there is pretty extensive poisoning on the nineteen fifties forties fifties for Predator control the help benefit game species. Why are they pissed at US lots or is just universal everything strychnine killed just about everything because I lost they killed chickens and stuff and they're not gonNA take down Catalina. That's the worst thing about it also killed chickens and so few not a chicken Aficionado who cares you know I'd rather have oss lots where they're they're very. They're very. Very, peaceful cat I. Mean That's probably one reason easy to catch. A lot of people had them as pets, but they don't they don't hurt livestock they don't hurt game species. There and I think they're gentle demeanor. They're very popular in the nineteen sixties. I know somebody audiences probably. Too, young to remember Don. Meredith was the but he was he was one of the first Commentator on on a Monday night football and he was a the quarterback for Dallas cowboys from nineteen sixty, one to sixty eight. He had a pet ocelot. His. Name. Is Pepe. And and so he he he really enjoyed that cat and he came home. After losing the Washington Redskins for a weekend. And he got a concussion during the gaming and only to find out that the housekeeper let the cat out and it got ran over. Oh so is kind of double double lost that weekend for Dom areas but a lot of people had them as pets in the fifties and sixties and thought it was a glamorous thing to do. if he kept him indoors though you regretted it because they would spray urine all on everything and they ever very distinctive smell and the urine. And you don't WanNa live there for too long after that, Evans? was that still legal in our country in the sixties that you could just take an animal like that out of the wild and turn them into a pet? Yes in the sixties. Yeah they. Didn't become endangered international until nineteen seventy-three and nationally until Nineteen eighty-two, there is a overlooked. They missed adding it to the list and somebody seventy three. But yeah, and people have had them pets even in the in the eighties and nineties and he may still be able to do it. If you have all the different permits that's required, it's very difficult to do it. Now, where do they sit on the Endangered Species Act list now? Are they listed as threatened or listed as endangered their listed as endangered? Okay. Yeah. Fewer than one hundred left in the United States. At what year did you? Take Notice Monette, little film you guys put together. It mentions how when you first got interested in people told you that you wouldn't be able to catch them because there weren't any to be caught. Yeah. A professor that I share in common was the doctor Jack. English. He was one of my Walleye professor's name Bet me a bottle of Jack Daniels that I'd never catch an awful lot. And and so likely I did on March second nineteen two, which was also day happens to be Texas Independence Day by the way but. So I got Oslo on that day in a year later jacking bought me the Bala Jack Daniels. Why take him a whole year to do it? Well, we only met at a conference later every drove around Austin bought that Bala Jack Daniels and every time my students and I caught a new species a cat for research we take a shot of that bottle. So, we've had over trail shots we studied over. The cats inside we hope to have a few more shots coming out of it walked through. Walk through sort of you know like a career path of someone like you're interested in career whatever to where you got to be like I'm GonNa try to catch an awful lot. Try to trap an ocelot which supposedly aren't here anymore. Yeah I, if you WANNA do it as student A. Is. that. Is that what you mean kind of like how did you get in the situation? The even care I? Yeah I think I think serendipity and lack head play a lot with it but I think also hard work put you in that position. To be at least noticed by your the next level, the professors that were ruined to take a chance on me. And but I've been very lucky throughout my career. I think very fortunate to to do what I'm able to do. But I was in the right place, the my master's I did okay on on my master's project. So they offered a PhD which involved also lots. And then I got with the old trappers, the first few months and the people that trapped all slots for forty years and kind of learned a lot of techniques from them, and and then at the right place and and that's why came down to just finding the right place. Did you grow up hunting trapping? I did I hunted. I can think of a little trapping possums and things when I was younger in and did some limited tiny when I was a kid I did some bird hunting dove hunting and duck and But I I've gotten where I I'm so obsessed with cats. I. Don't do I can't fish I can't. I can't do anything except read or study about cats and it's a probably need some psychoanalysis for that but. But but I so that was yeah, I was in an outdoors bird watcher I don't tell I consider myself my mouth just. In learned early on. That people. Well, that ornithologist didn't have as much fun as mom just add and so I I ended up becoming a mammal just earn. At least in my opinion, they may argue that with worthy back into so you call it your first one in eighty two. And what was it? What was the reason that you need to go out and an onslaught? We got a contract from the fishwives service does to study all sorts. They're put him on a dangerous species list that year they wanted to have a little bit information. And found to find out even if they existed in state, will I had several? Grey, hairs and professors tell me they no longer occurred in Texas that they've been extirpated but people weren't hitting them with cars and stuff no now well, if they were they weren't being reported back then because that's the weird thing about with the Florida Panthers. Right. It'd be like Oh, there's only thirty left, but then every year three of them get hit by cars. Yeah. That's right. That's why saying picture that you could hide. The parallel with Oslo there. But the refuge leguminous goes to refugee. I began some of that work. The the refuge staff did know they had them there? They knew they had them in the mid sixties when they did some printer to trapping, they found something they gone ten years and any realized they had them and they've probably have always had about seven to fourteen dollars slots even now are they just super secretive? They're secretive the nocturnal and they they like this and they enjoy really dense brush brush notes to walk into. So those three factors alone makes them. A lot of ranchers will not allow a few ranchers have all sorts, but they didn't know it because of those three factors I would think that with. I mean I guess it's testament to how few maybe were. Our guys out Predator calling. In Kyle Bob Cat trappers. that. If there was one left someone would have it well again, you're right. I consider roads are very effective sampling technique. If, the population is somewhere they. They'RE GONNA get ran over. That's why Harry and the Hendersons. Would happen for real. If there were bigfoot. Now that's not views that same example like over there. So someone would run over and it wouldn't be like a secret he thing now and. Big Dead One in the road, and then when when I expressed my doubt about that started getting hate mail from. Michigan Wisconsin. So I don't talk about bigfoot anywhere adequate. No, you don't WanNa talk about bigfoot. There's some serious people out there still convinced. That be like as a man mal that'd be right in your wheelhouse, right? Yeah of it I I'm going to different direction. Okay. You only want to be implicated in this conversation. I'm kind of figuring how to get out of it. So I was saying with all these ways in which they could. Also lots Poor Noam saying is this always struggle with? Lazarus. This trying V is use the term Lazarus species like species that rise from the dead. So like black footed ferret. It's gone then it's like holy. Shit. It's on. Guys Dog just dragged one not Wyoming all right and then. The Tasmanian Devil. Was that was Ama- called I'm trying to engage with cal. Thrown them throw them an easy one. What is the animal that? is similar to Tasmanian Devil. No the they have a better name Tasmanian Devil. The tiger. The Tasmanian. Trying to say Yeah Tasmanian Tiger Thera Sierra something like that right That thing. Yeah. That is that's like the saddest picture. Of all is like the this cool looking straight dog cat combo that is in jail, and it's like the last one. But people have been every year feeling that they saw one. Yes. Well. That's equivalent of Jagger undies in Texas in the United States. Throughout the South I to this day I apologised. And I we were just talking about I've had five or six. What I. Consider famous biologist argue with me about Jaeger Andy's occurring throughout the South Florida. Texas. In my opinion Jagger don't exist having existed in Texas since the last row killed in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, six. But the have an eighty six someone ran over Jaeger Randy in Texas. On April nineteen ninety-six. Two Miles east of Brownsville. Close to not being in Texas yeah, they. Yeah. Well, they've never were never located north of Rio Grande Valley anyway although people think they occur throughout the south. So, there you are. It's early eighties. Some people say there may be gone. I would have been. They're definitely gone. If someone thinks there may be gone I'd say they're gone. Oh. Here's another one everybody still looking for the ivory billed woodpecker. Well I saw when I was back when I was a bird watcher way this year. It would be early Seventies. Oh, I thought I saw one anyway but I'm sure it was a palliative with no one's laid eyes on one. Since I don't know but every year people looking for him, yeah? Yeah. And see what we what we call from -ffiliated woodpeckers. Yeah. Would packers and it's the same phenomenon. I think that the big foot, the Loch ness monster. Here's another thing to have a viable population of any species. You need fifty more individuals to live for a hundred years. Hollow okay. But who gets to make that? Who who gets to say that that's the truth that came out Michael Chalet eighties like the beginning of MVP's minimum viable populations of discussions and has since became much more complicated since then but that was. So he's like here, Ye hear Ye. Yeah. If you have fifty of something. Well, and that's a computer modeling will show that species and. Called population viability analyses. We've done two different. Projects on that. You, put in all these live parameters and you estimate how long a population a certain size will persist over time incredulous of it because. I could see if you said for large mammals, for instance. It would take population of acts. Right. For Large Marine mammals, it would require an but if we're talking about a plant. The. Time is an important part of a mouse is an elephant. As part of bottling, it's there are a lot of variables that going to this modeling but it there's there's been much research on that. But the gist of it is is if you have a very small population. It's it's very unlikely to to save suvival long period of time. So I kind of call it a viable population of a bigfoot or likeness monster you probably need at least fifty of them. You're going to have fifty like ness monsters. You probably need several locks. To have a population that lock one time and looked out upon it. Didn't see anything was she were more Wish, you'd like to talk about bigfoot because I could. In talking to you, I could get better arguing with bigfoot people. Yeah No I. Town. You could give me a crash course on what one might say in an argument with bigfoot people to make you see more right for you to those threatening letters that I got. So I abo- population question is like Right now like when you're looking at wolf reintroduction. The. Lowest folks are willing to go is one hundred animals that's like the bare minimum and there's a lot of folks that. Are It'd be like pulling teeth to get them to go below two hundred and fifty animals and that's A. Pretty fast reproducing animal. You know. A lot of research on. Australian liar birds which are pretty darn cool. That's A songbird big songbird that doesn't. Even get around to thinking about reproduction on the male or female side till they're between five and seven years old. And it's like that all the stuff you gotta survive to get to five or seven years old a ground dwelling. Songbird in a country six, million feral cats. Mongooses, feral cats yeah. Kids were slingshot. VEGANS. And so. How does that? I understand like the model was set up to be manipulated but it is something that seems like it is kind of an arbitrary number. That's another variable that goes into the model is age the first reproduction. And what turned out for all slots in in many of the cats? How many? How long those the breeding female? produce young, and and how many young do they produce an oss lots typically only wanted to young compared to Bob cats at two to four. And then. So, and also it's reproduce well into the years of a Bill Swanson who is an expert offset reproduction Cincinnati Zoo will have reproductively active males well beyond ten years and same thing for for females the last reproductive. So they're all these variables kind of gone to these models. And I'm by no means an expert on why we have other people to him, but it's really a and you really have to take it with a lot of. Grains of salt. It just kind of really gives you an ideal of of say I'd rather put in two hundred, Fifty Walston a hundred wolves because of these factors and for us, it helps us identify what it what kind of information do we need most in what it turned out to be was how many young does a female produce for how many years and so it really kinda guide you into what kind of information to collect to get more find refined estimates and and and things to worry about and not worry about. I WANNA keep moving with the chronology of of the the story of the OCELOT. But if at some point there's way to weave this. I'd like to understand this. We will often say. That if a female. Of whatever species they were talking about Oslo it's like if she can successfully produce. To. If she can have two offspring that make it to breeding age. She was successful. And you would hold the population. Like the population remained static. Is that like an acceptable thing to say to somebody. Well, when is it human jeff to have at least two point three humans to maintain. Okay. Well, I learned that twenty years ago because. Now. But but I think about that was salmon and stuff right is there dropping. Thousands of eggs, and it'd be like two of those eggs makes it. The officials successful. Yeah. Two of the eggs out of. Or with sturgeon they're putting in. Producing in a lifetime millions of ex. WHO OF THOSE MAKE That's a successful fish. Yeah, and they're you know they're they're strategies just produce eggs and there's no parental care, and then you have reverse where elephants may print in years for. Making sure that young survived two two breeding ain't so and you have everything in between. But yeah. I. Two point, three humans I guess to replace. That seems logical. Can you explain those strategies where you have like they have letters applied to write like the Rabbit Strategy or whatever O. K. K. selected species are selected speed. Yeah. That's right. We're. Tournament don't pay any attention to them. Yeah. That's our select. R selected species were. In helping. I'm wrong K. selected species as were invest a lot of energy and time in raising the young and making sure there they reach breeding age. Yeah. Like a black bear, right? She's GonNa Spend. She's just been two years. Tutoring her offspring caring for and tutoring her offspring. Yeah. Yeah. Rabbits like see Ya. WanNa live. Out of here. I know a lot of prayer you like that you know the the rodents and everything else. What was it that you actually wanted the Oslo for when you went out to catch one when you said GonNa Study asked live people probably not need to study or whatever. But like what what really were you wanting what we had to everything you could list that at the time we wanted to learn about it. It's a home range size How many there were what kind of social organization do they have? What are their activity just the basic natural history? Like enough to fill out an AUDUBON guidebook. Yeah, and we've probably did. We probably did at the time. We that was the very first ocelot studying another one start. Venezuela. A few months later but nothing was known at that time about US lots. It was the first, Oslo? Yeah Yeah. When you learn from the when when you had to go ask around about how to go get one. layout lake what kind of sets you're making and how you were catching them so it's kind of weird. Thing I haven't seen a strategy that I don't know why it's not more widely used well we. Live Birds. Yeah. We use box tr- well. And they stay alive by the way is just WanNa make that point where we use box. Okay sure. Tomahawks imagine the night. The night pigeon spins separated by some quarter inch Mesh from an. Oslo. We started off chickens for the first twenty thirty years. And it's amazing. It's not what you would think I would walk up in the morning, the check traps and also be sound asleep and the chicken was trying to pick fleas off the ears of Oslo. Multiple Times that happened several times they they attained relationship during the night so it doesn't like destroy the chickens psyche not. It's hard to tell chickens psyche I couldn't I don't. I'm not condemning I mean it's like plus you have every justification when you try and find out what's going on with something that's going to be like wiped off the face of the earth gives a chicken A. Little bit of a heart. Overnight Ted was my favorite rooster and and and he did he lost one eye in a battle with the raccoon and things. But this is a nineteen, eighty, two, eighty three but he's he persisted and he caught several slots big white rooster. I would place the roosters a certain distance of parts of the early morning. They'd be crowing to each other. 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There's pigeons cheaper or they do less of both the less defecation problem less and less food and and they're very happy and the birds we take very good I mean the. You wouldn't believe the care we take care of the pigeons aviary. That treat it treated very well and So. But it is very effective and so I. so I use white pigeons to to try to increase the light during the night and. We'll catch as many bob cats and off slots Typically one hundred trap nights hundred and fifty child might catch one Oslo two, one bob cat that's ten traps out for fifteen nights to get a hundred and fifty trap nights. When trout for one night is one trump I'm tracking so they're pretty easy but Jagger undies in Mexico. Is over a thousand shop nights. The kids weren't Jaeger and the they're very, very difficult to catch and that's why. No one's published arm I guess so far I explained that like the set for an Ocelot I want to get back into the bait thing to okay well. Were you I? You find out where there's a local road kill if you cancel. So probably population by then you look for the densest brush near that road kill. One roadkill. Pretty much yeah. Not all but it probably eighty percent of reflect where population is. Yeah it's a really. Pretty effective and. You can't tell me that every time you drive down to southern Texas highway, you see a roadkill that there's A population of US lots nearby living very few locations or road kill's they've only been near the two populations excuse. Yeah sorry. All I got. You thought he manual road. Dead Guile. Ostlund. No. You find a recent ocelot kill dead and then go from there. Yeah. But they're okay but in eighty two. The weren't he did I slept on the road there there Warren and I understand now the refuge all headstone fourteen and no one had reported a recent oscillate roadkill there the other larger population a some thoughts occur on on five to seven ranch's large ranches and you were probably own one of them the Hacienda Materia ranch else recently, we believe this probably some nearby there. But these are ranch's away from the two roads so they're they're they're only two highways and so so the big populations away from roads that that explains part of it. So when you went out to make the to catch one. You just went to the last place. Like. Like how? How did you decide like? Well, here's a place to try. Well I had was last place known to have seen one or some trappers told me where they trapped them in the past. Okay and and sure enough they. It's really the same place. They've been trapping them since nineteen forties and fifties. And they're still there. In those places can't talk about the set now. The box trout So we find the dentists brush in the in the largest patch of that instance brush that we can thorn. SHRUB IS THEIR HABITAT they'll be thirty five different species of thorny shrub species there it's. MAZING. Beautifully Complex Shrub community. Anyplace, we can find a trail in that that we can get to easily or where trail intersex another trail you and increases your odds. So. It's so we'd look for that and and So history of cats good habitat and then looking for trial sites a place to trout. And then and then you're pretty good chance. You'll catch a cat if there's one there in a short period of time. We didn't talk about I meant to ask you about. What Help people doing with them when they were trapping. A one like in the whatever in the forties fifties sixties. When they were getting knocked out. Where you sell in the firm markets yes they were There's a a record I just sent Neil From the nineteen forties of these two slots trapped in Starr, county which is ran adjacent rural grandy. And he's he he sold them for two dollars and fifty cents per pelt. So they would sell them in in the old days and like a lot of the pelts they sell. Could go down and get yourself like ocelot jacket or something back then. Yeah. Yeah. If you go back in time, there's a very popular trading. A. Thing on the frontier people didn't have cash they didn't couldn't spend myself that you wanted to. To get some milk or some eight, she trade something and often appelt also was very valuable and trading in the command cheese would use them. For Saddles, they've they've just thrown also pelt all the horse and ride on that. It's kind of just. Yeah. The quivers for the arrows would be awesome. Quick quivers. Also pelts would be is really interesting. It was important in the frontier. Just because you're so cool can probably exactly. Yeah. So when you call it the first one. You would you catch down the chicken or pigeon? The very first one of all the cats we've caught two, hundred fifty we technically caught it on a padded leg hold trap a tuna. Free. Live trap. You were using live traps. Yeah, and we enough federal permit we we had in there. The fact that we could use lake. Oh traps box traps or even hounds okay and and John My buddy he's out of Maine helped me catch at first ocelot on the only loopy ranch and and he he was a Working on A. Pattern. Colts, and so all the other cats since since since nine that very first cat had been with box chapter five days later we caught another I kinda know law thought with a box chow. So so yeah, it's it's and and the chicken thing is working around the world. Again, we've we've trout twelve different species of cats all and chickens. So it's kind of amazing how you got a box trap in the back of the where you put the bait there's a separate little cage exactly. The bird hangs out there and they're protected and their food and water all they want to eat but cats like chickens and he comes in here and triggers the thing and kicks the treat or whatever to door shuts. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah Sometimes or we'd hang some flagging hang a feather. So blows in the wind or for we've we found we don't even need to use lure if he just had the bird there that works as good as anything. No find that thing. Yeah you're. In trick putting them out. So they crow back and forth. Yeah, I. Yeah it made me feel good. Maybe think that I actually had it figured out and stuff but I don't I think it helped a little. House. I was going to say you're. PhD Student video though was doing a little like covering the floor of that trap. They are sensitive a little bit to the to the metal. Well, I try to teach that the make sure I teach the perfect set and and the setting dirt on the mantle in the travel in any case it in brush. So there's only one entrance from the front and I gave them the perfect scenario but but I've put traps were there even sitting almost in the air sometimes and? So I started off with the ideal trap, but you can at least for all you can catch them otherwise might have perfect trap set. Did it make the news when you caught one or was there like was there media around the fact started catching them now I always for the first two years I thought that. It was I I I would catch him and work them up all by myself and and I always thought this is a very I felt like more attention than it was getting just there by myself and during the cat research and. And a couple of years later they're starting to be so media things. Yeah. We'll after while there was a ton of media things. Yeah. There there've been a variety. been a lot of things over the years. and. Then when you came into it, I would have thought that at that point they get espn protection and what eighty to eighty, two for the US. Yeah. Why did that not lead to? Why was insufficient? To like, why are the numbers still going down like an eighty five? There's still going down way. The numbers are probably very similar, but the genetic erosion of the same population we were marching decline of Heterosex-, gossipy the genetic variation that's why was going down the numbers were probably about the same. I think for the last since we started thirty years ago, the numbers have always been about the same. But they they increase in weight years and you have high prey. But when the drought set, you get a two three year drought. It, it affects the this all sorts viral we've documented that through our research. That you get a severe drought, six months into it, the vegetation is really pretty much gone. They're rodents and rabbits decline from that vegetation. And he see failure also reproduction about about twelve, twelve, eighteen months later, and that can only go for so long when have so few cats and and the Oslo disperse lot of the the sub, the the sub- ordinance. So dominant individuals were dispersed and we found at the home ranges of the residents will expand so and their the residents will survive because they've got it figured out, they know what the home ranges they know where to the hide the fine food every night they they really intensively explore their home range and they have an understanding of of real time understanding of for the prayers were the dangers are with these risk our thanks. And so they know when the price starts to decline the residents probably push off the disperses and the dispersal the ones that died they have much lower survival they die from road kill's yeah cars. Yeah. That's number one former mortality. Now, his road kill's what else you're mentioned coyotes, Council Kill Them. We've never I that I'm Joe I'm sure. It, wouldn't be it would happen. For kittens at least but the fact that they use really dense brush most of the time coyotes won't go into that brush but if a pack coyotes. Found one in the opening, it probably would be a problem. But there's enough things that were killing. We've had had him die from row snake bites. ingesting a grasp Bor into the long Oh. Yeah. Main lose them to just being like what the hell is that and then shoot it. Seems to be a real thing well there. It happened only once that I can think of in the late one, thousand, nine, hundred. So you didn't you know. I wasn't gonNA find myself. Once. That was me that was. That's how you got interested in the subject. was was. It was a hundred out of Houston shot one with a bow and Arrow. No, because he hears about yet. Okay. And at about one out of ten Bob cats at spots, just like an lot. So so it's really hard to distinguish well. The whole tail problem. Yeah, you know in a Bob Cat, has sometimes surprisingly long tells six inches you know so so he's not out there hunting all the time can you into that? Yeah. That happens all the time even with people that know what they're looking at house a young biologist. How's it was about? Nineteen eighty-four, nineteen, ninety five, and I was working on a piece of ground and? Called Mike to us out in one, thousand, nine, hundred five and told him that he that a buddy of mine and myself had seen an awful lot. And it was close by Jim, Wells County and. Sure enough and ocelot population hadn't been found there since Bob get. Yeah it was Bob Cat we know what we were talking about. What if someone were to say? If the population just doesn't seem to have changed since nine, hundred, eighty two. That maybe in fact, they're not endangered maybe the just aren't that many of them. Never were in art. We're how do you handle it? How how do you handle that question? Yeah it's a good question. It's a they're definitely many more in the range of Mexico Central and South America there thousands there where so it's were really talking about the US population which is fewer than one hundred. And and so it it in probably the hardest question of the answers why should we care? Why should we spend a lot of money? For a struggle that one on. It says some people do. And, I just For me, it's just that the people that are involved with Ostlund conservation have already gone past that question regardless of what kind of argument you WANNA, use their determined they WANNA keep them for whatever reason. And a variety of reasons Well, I, wanted to get into that. Sell me on wanting to keep them I. Mean I'm on board because I don't like us playing God and deciding that we're going to eliminate species from the planet but cellnet idea but but what about I mean but also like top while Tom were. If since the moment the first time someone ever started them. They found a K. it looks basically like this. And then that's that remains static. For thirty. Forty years. How do you demonstrate that there's a problem because there's no baseline, there's no real baseline idea. If you're going in eighty two baseline data gathering and not like what are things is supposed to look like. But what do they look like and it looked like that and it still looks like that how do you convince people that we're facing a problem? Well I i. think that just the fact when that one, what we call the refugee population only has seven to fourteen individuals. If you're lucky, you have half that as females seven and a saint called demographics still dizzy sooner or later. You're going to have. You're going to have fourteen males and no females. And just by chance over time that's what happened with the seaside Dusky sparrow came down to six individuals they alternate up rebels and that was extinction kids from some real practical practical reasons why we should think that they were more widely spread right now if you were to look on the coast and the center of the population, for awesome lots, we had hurricane Han come through what was it maybe five six weeks ago maybe a little bit longer Hurricane Hanna was category one hurricane. The eye of that hurricane came right over top dead center, the center of the universe for awesome lots in Texas. If in fact that would have been same category four hurricane like Hurricane Laura hit the South West. coast. Louisiana. We. Probably would have lost that population of awesome lots. So if you've got a you've got them geographically confined in an area right there and they all exist. You know eighty percent of got to be below twenty foot elevation. And you get a storm surge, you get the you know you get everything that comes along with a major hurricane. There's no way that they will last and will last for very much longer just with that one particular source of. Potential catastrophe to them. Yeah. Guy That that's interesting point. Also that idea that if you have carrying capacity for such a small number I, never thought about the fact that you could wind up in a situation where they're all the same. Yeah that's the demographics. So in the city, you got the environmental still casts this you get a five year tenure drought that might do it. Every hundred years we get, we get five eighteen drought and we've got habitat elsewhere not not right next to it but habitat elsewhere that's perfectly good. OCELOT HABITAT NOT occupied. What is? What is not. WHAT DOES NOT WORKED WHY? As protection not been a guess. If you look at ESA protections being keep it from going extinct. We're here to keep from going extinct. I mean, that's not what it is. But if you look at that being success, you could argue like, okay, it was successful because they're not extinct. But if you look at ESPN protection as being a vehicle that would lead to recovery and it's not a one way road and the expectation would be you know what going to happen two percent of the time. Nothing. That's the fault of the essay but has very low success rate in terms of something going on the list. in getting off. Is Two percent of things I think variety things happen as it goes on and then they realize that it shouldn't have gone on because they find other populations it goes on and it's already gone. or it goes on. and. Becomes gone. Yeah. So not many things make it off. But what like what is preventing since one thousand, nine, hundred, eighty two. Now what has made it that our not like the same way we are about Bald Eagles. Where you always get sick of looking to bald. Eagles. Texas, it's ninety seven percent private land probably unlike any other state. Texas retained its private Lance. Saw any management concentration wildlife is dependent on private landowners. And in can probably address as good as anyone. the this incentives that are built into the dangerous species act and the fear that many landowners have that they'll lose their ability to manage the land they wanted in the way that they want to gives them no incentive to even identify that they have an endangered species on the property in their view for many of them it's a disincentive Neil you. Yeah. So I mean if you look at awesome lots, for example, hundred also lots probably greater than seventy percent of those awesome lots around private lansing doses and these are. Large ranches there's against the tide. Desire by those private landowners to somehow conserve awesome lots for reasons of their own. Some of those are stewardship reasons that it would be a shame given that treasure that exist on those lands to let that species go extinct. Now if you look over at the Endangered Species Act and let's say it's a rim of paper. You know just print the whole act out and everything has to do with it about arena paper. About two sheets of those papers say something about private lands and basically it says thou shalt not kill an endangered species intentionally. Absolute except for some cases on some knew Austin exceptions with wolves and other things and and thou shalt not take an endangered species incidental to any other land use practice. That's it won't say that last part again. Shelton. Not Take an endangered species. As an as being incidental to an otherwise legal land use practice. So. An example of that in the example of an awful lot is if you've got a fence line that runs through ocelot habitat and you were to disturbed the habitat by clearing out that fence line that might be considered by us. Fish. And Wildlife. Service, to be an action that alters the behavior or the breeding probabilities of awesome lots, and therefore it's a prohibited act under the. I think that there would lead to like the direct death of not that it could lead to that. That's what it originally was meant for in the act it's interpreted now as. Deteriorating sure habitat type or whatever expecting the behavior take time just affecting me sure. Yeah and of course, you know we came up with that in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, two right and so we're driving a nineteen seventy-two Ford Galaxie five hundred policy trying to work with two thousand and twenty conditions trying to work with things like groups of landowners that are trying to work with the US fish and Wildlife Service to figure out how to recover an endangered species and official Wallaf Service sometimes through no fault of their own can't figure out how to get out of the way in into. Let it happen go. and. You know it's been called at least vigilante conservation. You know when that was first laid out there that way I watch it's kind of a pejorative term, but then when you really think about it. vigilantes a group of citizens that have taken up the cause because. The officials that are supposed to be doing it have abandoned the cause. And so we'll be an example of visual vigilante conservation of vigilante conservation would be a a group of a group of landowners, for example, in in this particular situation we have. Landowners that no, they have also lots. That would like to do three or four things. One is to survey for those awesome lots to know where they are where they are and how many of them there are. Well, if you do that, then there's some confidentiality standards that those landowners would like. They'd like for that information not to be leaked to the US fish and Wildlife Service. Simply. Because the fish and wildlife service would then have to make that available to these organizations that would file lawsuits and force the fish and wildlife service to do the two things that landowners like don't like to hear and that's enforce and have the authority over. And so if they don't. Okay. If you want like a a rancher wants to know Orlando wants to know. Do I have I think made it like I think they're totally cool. I. Wish I had more I'd like to know if I have one but I don't want the feds to know. Who are they trusting to SORTA like keep track? That's the that's the problem and part of the problem is. You're you're inclined to not allow people like Mike to us to put his graduate students and researchers on the ground to survey for us lots because it's GonNa be in trouble. Yeah. You know we think there's somewhere in the neighborhood of one hundred ocelot in Texas there could be more it's an unknown. So that's an extrapolation, right? We don't know how many there are. We don't know exactly where they are. We've got some known populations. One known population is on the east foundations L. Sows ranch. So we've got the the largest population known and we're not afraid of the dangerous species act or the US fish and Wildlife Service perhaps foolishly but nevertheless, we're not afraid we're you know we're going to continue to. Work the. Research Management Recovery System and we feel like it's a stewardship responsibility as do other ranchers to recover that species there's for for whatever reason and and and it can be a religious reason. It can be reason that look we don't want this to go out on my watch. Whatever that is but But you gotta take into account in that at least in that part of the state and the state that has hundred, forty, two, million acres of private lands. Those private landowners are and large the best conservationist there are I mean they care about that land the that they've got a stake in it. And they've got a stake in the future reputation for themselves as ranchers and caretakers of that of that ground. That's the scenario we're finding with awesome lots as we just simply. Are trying to figure out how to get rid of the disincentives. And? Be Able to assure private landowners into round that ocelot population that they can allow monitoring research and then proactive measures for say translocation we're doing things like collecting semen from Mayo loss lot so that we can. Perhaps impregnate zero lots and have offspring that we might be able to either from a wild population or from our from that cross bred zoo population create another translocated population elsewhere so that we don't have to worry about that next hurricane that comes through turning into a category four. Yeah I mean the clock is ticking. On that type of catastrophe when you get population confined to that small of geographic area and they're that small and if you had to if you had to characterize. The. if you had to characterize the SORTA Anti. Fed sentiment. Around let's say someone is they know their family knows they have odd lots on their property. They don't WanNa be rolled up into any kind of activities with the scientific community at a federal level for fear that someone's going to come in and go like, oh my gosh, you do have awesome lots I'm shutting this place down. Because you'RE GONNA YOU'RE NOT GONNA be allowed to. Do X. Y. and Z.. maybe you're not going to be able to do the very things that made it that it was good ocelot habitat anyways sort of having economic viability on your property, which makes it the y'all needed to develop it for instance. Exact. But do you find that like the average sentiment that's like the Anti Fed sentiment is? Educated precise meaning. They're like, all I would love to tell them. But if I tell them then this could happen to me and it would look like this. Message is generally I hate the feds. I it's across the board obviously because I mean, you got I mean our our state we've got three, hundred, fifty, thousand decision-makers, three hundred and fifty thousand landowners. So it's going to be across the board there. So and and there's experiences that they've seen with other species. So you take something like the. Golden Cheek warbler that may have been used in some cases to halt development in and around the Austin area take something like the dunes sagebrush lizard that in some cases was used to halt oil and gas development in the Permian basin like was used opportunistically. Sure. Yeah. Like someone wanted to thing to happen and that was the way to make it or something wanted something to not happen and that bird or that lizard was a way to make it not happen. Now the gave you legal gave you legal grounds to get your way we've got the flip side of the coin with ocelot real. Interestingly there's there's organizations that use it a mascot for fundraising. that. That then don't do much for the awful lot We've got I. Think it's a this is a good thing. Our Texas Department of Transportation you can get an ocelot license plate. There's more ocelot license plates in Texas than there are also lots in Texas. And you can see you vacuum Seymour driving between. San Antonio and Austin more ocelot license plates than there are also lots and deep South Texas so people love them. You'll see ranchers with ocelot licensed place and you know ranchers love them. They want to figure out how to recover ocelot without putting large. Ownerships that are depend on economic viability at. At stake and so they need assurances. So I and I think it's I think it boils down to you know just. Raw. Trust. In Economics. And it's not just the An it's not that there's bad people to use fish off services. Good people. They're. They're caught managing an act that in some cases is antiquated. and. They're sophisticated organizations that have figured out how to sue them and they know in every conversation you'll have with fish and wildlife service over anything it'll all come down to you know okay. What happens when you know group X Group Y or group Z sues us because we've worked out a deal with you as a private landowner. So okay here's how we're going to here's. HOW WE'RE GONNA make sure that we're fully solid on our conservation measures were legal on maintaining confidentiality all of these hoops that you've got to jump through and for some landowners that just look I'm suspicious when I have to apply for permits. When you're telling me, you have enforcement authority over me in those types of things. So when thinking the spirit of antiquated and sophisticated. We, we should probably take a quick crack at the. Defining. Vigilante again and If that was. If I may slightly romanticize Texan definition of vigilante. where? oftentimes. Especially, if we look back through history at our vigilante groups. Some would characterize the Texas Rangers as one of them. That they aren't just folks stepping in and taking care of things that aren't getting done. Like it's implied that it's like justice being done but oftentimes, that's Some self serving. Justice as well. Right. So yeah, if you top it with the word conservation. Then you're sort of qualifying it from vigilante. Asshole? ISM. I'm fine with that. Farris affair comments. seleny charity Vigilante Charity. You'd be like of what it is, but it sounds like a good thing. Yeah. It sounds like somebody throwing money out the window that's great. So I was led to ride because Delaney, conservation, not vigilante stroke, take a push out it because I use that all the time. So I'd like, no, no I think just revisiting that point is all that was needed. So the computer is spoken. ESPN REFORM ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT reform. Is One of those things I'm like. You hear it all the time and I'm leery about it because. I support it by pilots support in the way that other people support. It is one of those things that's become the mean. It's become. It's it's having to the word conservation like I say on probation. Different politician sound pro conservation wha-what. Exactly. Do you mean and he realized that they're talking about something that you're not talking about. And a lot of people are talk about Endangered Species Act, reform. A significant amount are saying what I mean by that. Is. I would like the damn thing to go away in a significant amount are saying I mean that it could be more effective if we change it. And make it more flexible. To account for like what you're talking about. In the situation of the OCELOT. So for me to now say if someone asks do you support. Endangered Species. Act Reform. I have to say. I'll have to ask you a series of questions before I answer because I don't know what you're getting at yeah. I, agree with you. I'm. When I say that And I. Don't say reform often I just say changes to the endangered species actor how it's administered not care which. I'm looking for better performance on private lands Why that? What's what's the big deal there when you look at more than one third of endangered species that are currently listed Entirely, depend on private lands and somewhere in the neighborhood of seventy five percent have a large portion of their range across private lands. So if we've got an endangered species act that. Not Performing as well as it could perform on private lands then. Maybe, it needs some reform, but I get it about being worried about cracking the act open. We're driving that nineteen seventy-two. Galaxy five hundred. You know we crack it, open we WANNA. reupholstered seats and put a new more efficient engine in it. So it's not getting three miles to the gallon. Somebody else might want to put some whole bunch of other stuff in there. Yeah. that. You know and oftentimes you'll hear. People just lay out you know the the one liner will the act needs more teeth will. That's one of those things that means a different thing to different people. You know oftentimes when someone says that they basically mean we want the fish off service to be more like policemen and endorsement is irs rather than. Doing whatever it takes by any means possible. To result in the recovery of endangered species across all lands for this public lands are private lands I. Think it would be phenomenal if we could find ways to better if we could find ways to better work with private land owners on ESPN issues in a way that still allowed the ultimate goal. To move forward. But I, do think that the way we do it now in the way that we handle private interest leads to a thing where it's kind of like the spotted owl syndrome. Where a spotted owl. After the whole debacle with logging and spotted owl a spot at all didn't mean that word didn't mean a bird anymore like when you hear the word spotted owl, you don't think like, oh, it's a little owl lives in forest. You think like spotted dollars federal overreach. because. There are things that we do that. Really there are things that we do in the service of prolonging or saving species that makes them have like this entirely negative connotation in people's heads who have to suffer with most and I think in around here in this neck of the woods, the most egregious examples are what's been done to people around USA listing for wolves in esl listings for Grizzlies, which they've been recovered by definition for decades yet you continue to make it hard on private landowners go about their business because we like sure move the. Move the needle. Yeah. move the goalposts all along, and then that creates a sorta like this anti wolf sentiment this anti grizzly sentiment that I don't think it's necessary to create the Anti Wolf Anti grizzly sentiment I. Don't think that you have to make that in order to save those things there has be way to reduce the friction and still hit the ultimate. Outcome, and it would probably come around from some form of reform. Sure. And I know what you're talking about I was A. I was a wildlife biologist for a timber company in the Pacific northwest in the early nineteen nineties, and so I was hated from both sides, right? Because I was inside the Timber Company. So I was hated by loggers within. House vile just sauce hated by the you know the others but learn to learn to work put habitat conservation plans together so that we could live with the spotted out. There were huge financial reasons to do that, and so they're in in the Pacific northwest around spotted owls, marble, Murrelets Pacific Salmon. There's huge financial interests at being able to put together some type of collaborative deal, a habitat conservation plan that worked for private lands and worked for endangered species. We don't necessarily have that with all species in all places you know when you've got a small salamander that shuts down. what you think is a housing development that OUGHTA OUGHTA go forward. You're likely to just shake your fist if you're the housing developer at that Salamander figure out how you can hide the fact that it's there. You know we don't want it on our property, it it in and of itself becomes the enemy. Right we've got to figure out how to remove the disincentives. In this, the canned comment right remove the disincentives and create incentives. That's easy to say it's hard to do. It's a really hard thing to do to create those. Out of the box incentives that always work with private landowners, but it is do. Harry just came out sharps blades ever. They're not charging you more for their product improvements. Harry's new sharp blades are still as low as two box. Upset before I love my Harry's razor, the closeness of the shave is perfect. Super Convenient. 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This time of year, use it the scout new locations with all these hunt season's coming up and again half the point out I love to be able to share way points and maps and my body's get my crew on the right spot. Go to onyx maps, dot com slash hunt to get yourself set up for to seize and use Code Meat Eater to receive twenty percent off your first premium or elite membership. That's right. Code meter twenty percent off. On X maps dot com slash hunt. And M. APS DOT com slash on. What's the thing that land owners are primarily worried about? If people know they have AAs lots, they're worried about being able to drill. Like. Oil Extraction like what's the thing that they're mostly worried about losing their mostly worried about losing their ability to make spot decisions on land use? So for example. The fence line situations telling me about I. You know I've I've been worried on our own lands about road-clearing and habitat that we might lose when we need to come in and clear an area so that we can increase increase the the forage production capacity for the land, those types of decisions but rampart creating pasture for cattle. Exactly. You need to make sure that. You know we're not. We're in a situation where we've got on staff scientists, biologists and managers that know and understand that. So we can craft a solution. We've got our friend right next door with Mike Tuesday the you know premanent ocelot ecologist. But not every. Landowner feels that comfortable and they tend if you're a large ranch, you might have a family that you're responsible to and a board of directors that you're responsible to, and you've got up fiduciary responsibility to make sure that you don't lose your ability to manage that land. You don't lose your ability to graze a ten thousand Acre pasture. Let's say We've got to figure out how to make sure that. People don't lose that they gain the incentive or. Remove the disincentive for at least. Raising their hand and saying you know I've got awesome lots here. They are working with. You Know Caesar Kleber Group over here. But the first way to do that is to make sure that there's some confidentiality so as their stepping into. The. Game. So to speak there, they can do it with some safety can do with. Is it Lee I guess Scott Is it legal for someone to know. That, they have something. Right. Okay, let's say there's an endangered species and you gotTa ranch and you know it's on their this is not like illegal for you to keep that secret. Nothing wrong with keeping it secret and. Managing for it and increasing their numbers. But our our how many these ranchers? How many of these ranchers are actually? Let's say you know there. Yeah. I WANNA at the motives here. You know there. You enjoy them being there if you could shake a magic wand and have there been more, you would do it and there'd be more cry. You don't WanNa have anybody come and you can't do X. Y. and Z to keep your place solvent viable keep your property like. In. Your family functioning cattle ranch where you got. What are they actually like? What are they doing an exchange? Like what are they proposing that they would do to help us lots if they could. Somehow. Let the cat out of the bag. Was a good point? Yeah. I was like, what are they going to? What would they do to make more of them? Or were they do to contribute rather than just that they're just looking for a way to not be interfered with right like what gift are they giving to the people what gift giving to the cat? So I'm GonNa, Pitch, some of that to to Mike, but it just a just comment straight out, they can be an example. To, other landowners where we might translocate a population so that those landowners would agree, oh, I hadn't thought about the translocation we've got to have another population and. You know what look what's happening to those guys like Hell Am i GonNa let you let the cat loose here I. got you. So that's the ask that is one. There are some things that you can do and ask would be man your place is. Has None could have some wants to get on board he's a hell that. The minute they let them go here I'm screwed by and plus plus we need to know from those landowners just I. Mean there's some real conservation benefit just knowing exactly how many US lots there are where they are. there's some they're some long-term habitat development that can be that can be done and ranchers know better than anybody how to develop habitat. And so that Mike Any Yeah Yeah Al Franken, terrier He he established the one of the first conservation, these months and in nineteen, eighty, seven, eighty, eight. Where he set aside two different tracks, each was only about two hundred acres each of the the Best Oslo that is left in Texas. And created a conservation easement with fish and Wildlife Service. We've had eleven different territorial slots at the same time on these very small core habitats and we're considered to be a source population, a source habitat which I. I really believe that that Kinda serves like the heartbeat for that population in the ranch country. We've had several instances I think at least a different onslaughts at moved from those very small patches onto two the ranch there. So it's a very source. So, an and over the years, he added two more conservation easement with the Nature Conservancy in two thousand and seventy two thousand mind. And just about four or five years ago, put the the remaining ten thousand acres into some kind of an agreement mostly rain land, but some kind of agreement to protect the outside into the future. So over time I'll it's mostly grass and very little habitat in the rest of that ranch erosion eventually provide for all slots that little pocket of Habit Whoa and the rest of the ten thousand acres arranged on when that starts to grow back more. Carbon than atmosphere and that's great for brush. Ultimately, the carbon in the atmosphere will help the brush on explain that. Why Neal you more range range. I. You through that one out there. Now we're now we're gonNA rabbit trail on. You mean like carbon the atmosphere decreases grassland and increases brush increases opportunity for brush. For Brush Growth. Yeah. So at least the grassland loss, right? Right. So what capacity because of precipitation changes or no, it's actually the CIA. Now, I'm not an expert on this the biochemical changes that that result in the better competitive ability for woody species versus grass to actually capture the resources on a site the. Water. So here like juniper encroachment stuff that could there's some factor there that could be linked to like more carbon less carbon atmosphere that could lead to juniper and coachman. Out Carbon thing you shouldn't. Hang on a surly I never heard that minutes interesting. Slip one in what's still I'm confused of why what's preventing if we have these core populations Breeding Right. And we're not trapping them and shooting them legally. As much as we were one hundred years ago, and so how can we just don't have like a just a general increase in population in December excellent question excellent question the a couple things one is also a habitat specialist. It seeks offended I. IT seeks the densest brush that you could find. Ninety five percent horizontal cover is is ideal for that. Explained that horse of the shrub layer, the shrub layers, fifteen feet or shorter. That's where the SHRUB layer occurs. And also throughout the ranger use different vegetation communities but common factors, extremely dense cover near the grou- where the OSTLUND operates. What's the percentage mean? Or who did a measuring line or transact over over the brush it's called line intercept ninety, five percent of more that would be solid brush. It'd be just a wall a brush, and so they're very selective on that in twice once in the eighties and the nineties, we flew transit lower thirteen county. I still confused okay. Picture like a very nice lawn guy. That would be zero percent will announce the picture you're an aunt. Going through a very thick long. Okay. With that and say, this is one hundred percent brush coverage. As, he finagle his way through the depends on grass I guess you know if you have a solid stand of grass. Yeah. If it's spotty maybe not. But okay. So if you measured as the same, if you measure one hundred centimeters, so I take a thing that has one hundred centimeters a stick and I hope that stick up. Nine point five of those centimeter marks are going to have a piece of vegetation. There are few different ways to measure but the one I've always liked was called line intercept you. You do a a tape measure for say, ten feet. And then you identify what's called the drip line of each shrub individuals shrub where the the foliage canopy and then you you consider that continuous now I got you, and so if you measured over that. That's thick. Asks Brushes Ninety Five. Yeah and those is what's interesting is those two small tracks remain is what's left of the called it they all harding back in the early nineteen hundreds before the Rio Grande valley was cleared. There was a lot of of the L. Harding the garden. Spanish. Just solid brush and that was one of the last vestiges of of the core population of Oslo was kind of ironic is. Prior to this the Spanish Explorations occurred in the sixteen hundreds there lot of accounts of south Texas being a grassland or primarily grassland. So that probably wasn't really good habitat except along the river where you had the really dense brush over time. Now, because of the stopping the fire and overgrazing, we've had more incursion of brush over time and that's benefit at the slots. So we've actually helped the Oslo in some places in some ways, and there's some some places like the lot population on the attorneys. There's a, there's a ranch there called the Punta del Monte, and that's just the point of brush. The the point of the woodland those are yeah. Yeah and so that was the old Spanish because even as thick as we've seen it on the multiple South Texas ranches that we've gotten to haunt on, it's still not thick enough. Probably not because of rancher if he has a writer horse through that says it's thick, but it's a very special kind of thick and we've done surveys and we've found that less than one percent really less than one half of one percent of south. Texas. Has that very special cover type less than one half of one percent. That's why that's what presents they mean they call the country ASTERIK. Then you'd have asked you. Kinda. The the brushing. Of Brush country, yeah? So that's. That's delicate answers his question like why are they? Not If we're not just out shooting in Willy Nilly and trapping him well, that's part of it. Porton part is very poor spurs because spotting pattern that they have they stick out like a sore thumb in the open. So they they need that dense brush to move from one aired two, the other those two populations are separated by less than thirty miles an over thirty five years. We've never documented one I'll stop moving to the other. That's even that does. I want to ask is what's when you throw in a collar on one of them Was the far is your seen one go wearing a collar twenty, six miles and that went from the ranch population down to what we call the Puerta Harlingen typically, it's about ten miles and that usually ends unsuccessfully being killed on the road having him. Well. The he was killed on the road. Longest one. That's refine the killing through. So this ideal of disconnection on the one makes it went the farthest. They normally fall went farther than they normally make but succumb to the same thing. Yep. Yeah, and the problem is they go into the highly developed Rio Grande Valley, and there's a tense road network there. So it's just a gauntlet once they leave the population they're going through a gauntlet that often is demise to do they head when you got collar on one. Do they head a direction that makes sense. You know I've always thought about that. Doesn't have a map he has no. We don't really understand stuff though because. Like you look at. All kinds of stuff man like humpback whales, bowhead whales, seat, the these various sea turtle species that do insane. My brother had a bunch of pigeons that were born in his yard. One day he drove the pigeons our halfway half way and he beat him home. Yeah. We over alleged yard work homing pigeons to. He. In his head to head the examples of different, a lot of those birds may use magnetic fields of the stars isn't not cats might only molly point being. There could be some thing. We don't yet understand they WANNA. Boogie Boogie. At least kind make sense. Sure. Yeah. I I'm always. We by no means no everything and I, always in as a scientist, you have to be open that you don't know everything and but but I think about it a lot and the Oslo world. is in the dark and it can only see two feet above the ground and it's it's immediate. World is surrounded by brush. It's in a very enclosed world. So when it boogie somewhere, you know you kind of wonder what kind of cues it's it's it's homey enter some natural drainage is I think maybe of a rough factor and maybe at a distance, they can't see that foreign the distance because of those factors, it's really and. So they don't have a map and they usually get in trouble. Will more same question different way. Okay. Do the ones that take off take off in the same direction or it Willy Nilly. Generality for that, and again, it probably is related to the drainage is. Whatever, accused that they see the I don't if there's a big open grass and most of won't go that way. But there's some cover some level coverlet even if it's fifty percent brush or something else they prefer that over agricultural filled guy and so there may be some rough this but it's A. I think for a lot of the cats. It's a almost a random thing. I'll tell you, I ask. I at one time in my mom's storage shed I attend live snapping turtles in her. She'd have the door open. And they all went the right direction. And I later thought it has to be downhill yeah they pitch. Yeah I would. I. Would Guess that return they had to gotten the yard in followed a bunch up and down the beach they're all gonna it hasn't been that they just following the contour so. I guess that one WHA WHA, what is? Like I need to get to the water I'm, not, GONNA go up Hill Yeah. I bet there are some. Different tanks on's. Respond different ways. Yeah. That's interesting. Anytime ahead of the water is always been downhill. So. Let's say if you're playing crashes in the mountains, you follow the creeks down. Yeah. We're laying. When you're working with Kuranda put down some some things that we wanted to discuss. You had three motivations that drive off lots in an parenthetically it says and most small cats. Is sex hunger and fear. I've learned that for my two outdoor cats that are pretty walled and I just sit around and watch them and watch out because CAL will hunt him down and kill cows on anti cat crusade not yeah. FERAL cats well, no I appreciate more than most off man with a dog. Hard man with a cat. Yeah. I like dogs I like dogs more cal I. I like dogs more than cats but I keep a few around for behavioral observations. Any animal. Helps you out tremendously there. There's so many cues that help hunters and. A well, worth your time to have a animal in your life and be an anti cat. Is An entirely correct. AM shocked at the duality of. People's morals when it comes to. Domestic Cat Oh. Yeah that you don't like the guy that wants to pheasants year, but meanwhile your cat. Let the feral in three wandering house cats kill more birds than there are Americans every year. Yes. Yeah I did on this subject. Like what what is the is there overlap between a domestic gap population and in is there concern for? Disease Transmission at TAC toe plasma us I believe is what it is a good question. Yeah. There there's right near the all-south ranch is a small community of one hundred. People Card Port Mansfield and there've been some studies have shown feline leukemia or some disease hundred people two thousand cats go APP what you probably. Yeah. And and what I worry about them is a bob cats probably coming into town or the town which they frequently do getting that disease to Bob Cat, and then into the saw population only about four or five miles away said and and that's one thing we worry about mange as another thing, coyotes will get mange usually a different kind of Maine Castro get not Egypt mange and Coptic manage but we worry about house cats but usually cats won't live too long coyotes kill. great horned owls will kill them in the walled although surprisingly some places you can find some house cats but most of the time they won't live too long in the world. How a? Arrange themselves. Like when you have a little population. You have to imagine they're structured somehow right? I mean they're interacting with each other you talking about all sorts of how Okay I, Oslo Yeah it's it's it's a kind of typical. System Socialization see for the thirty three species of small cast. Most people realize that. But I'm just amazed at thirty three species of small cats and many of them show the same system where we're the strategy of the female is to breed and find a home range. That's big enough. That will support her young raising her young over a year or two we even with variations of drought wet periods. But the males strategy is to try to and she so the female wants to make sure her young survive to breeding age. And the male strategies is is not does not take part of caretaking for the young, but it wants to breed with as many females as it can. So that male is monitoring the territory of one female two females are sometimes three. That means it spends a lot of his time traveling and checking to find out when the female is. Reproductively active after what they had overlapped to home ranges two females it's moving lot get hit by cars well, YEA v the roads in portraying the there will be and the better on the ranches were there aren't roads they're moving a lot and And they try, and so they're they're optimizing their ability to spread the genes that way the female wants She knows that the the the males aren't going to help with raising young any. So it's really interesting strategy and and. And the males I think for many small cats will they'll monitor the females and probably. They'll fight with other males and they definitely defend territories. We've had three instances of one mile killing an elemental. All cats will kill are the cats different species, same species. And the bigger catskill the smaller cat's pretty easy. But I got a photo of this one slot Jaguar in Mexico and he can tell if it's watering hole. And they're they're the Jaguars about to kill that also. So so can't really and you call them into photo at that moment. Another person to Mexico it's it's one photo. And that both responding to the flash of the camera. But that also that I there to photos in that first photo that all the hair standing out on the tele that is lot and it's one hind leg is always looks unusual like it's already broken. I think they already had a bite Three seconds later the next camera both looking back intensely each other and I benefit had another three seconds that Oslo would be that. Yeah. So so so that's a problem but they they display a lot and they try not to fight they sent Martha home ranges and territories. They don't WanNa fight because if you break a canine or you lose one I you chance surviving much longer is not good. If you had to. Crystal. Ball. Right. How long have you been messing with AL slots for Thirty Eight Years Castle? What year will be in thirty eight years? It'll be two thousand. Fifty, eight, no I'm wildlife science. I didn't take the Mavericks. Nail it two, hundred, Fifty, eight, twenty acres and twenty eight. Are Off losses gone. In Texas still around. So yes. Yeah. Twenty fifty eight. Yeah. Yes. Do you have the East Foundation who's going to work for some other landowners and do what it takes to maintain those into the future? I'm convinced. And? The translocation or? Read about bad stuff man. I'm glad to hear this. You know. I probably change my attitude fired teen years. I spent the first thirty years pretty pessimistic and giving presentations that people come at the inside wish you weren't so pessimistic. It'd be a little more. Strategic by being optimistic. No I really believe that. Really. Trying to play the long game a little bit with me now now, I really I really believe that. Dumb and dumber pro. I mean, there's there's there's a chance that also outs are GonNa make. and. Do the things we need to do, and I think we're will. Really. Tell people. Give a little run down on what they can do to find out more about slots and more about the work to save us lots of you know how people might be involved. Yeah. Well, one is check out our website, the Caesar Kleber Research Institute, and then the East Foundation I'm sure that you can get some information from both of those aced foundation dot net. Also, we've got a feature film. Coming out that you've seen produced by by Ben Masters, fin and feather and Caesar Kleber Gan and East Foundation collaborated on that along with fish and Wildlife Service, and it's a thirty minute feature on the plight of Ocelot in. South Texas. That's part of a bigger set of productions that that Texan by nature a nonprofit that was formed by Laura Bush is helping sponsor through fin foreign feather films. do that. Wall Yeah. He did that and they did that wild horse film unbranded brand brand been master fact he spent some time here in Bozeman every year but that is coming out and that will be out in December and That's a that's a good just basic synopsis of the issue from both a biological. Well, you've seen it. A logical perspective and and it lays out the two sides of the issue in a little bit of an abbreviated form. But it does he got some incredible footage for I'm real quick Karen Hicks and also one of the founders of funders of that that film but he got incredible. Worth. The film on the US lots. A lot based on this one mother and her two young. And and and the two young are only seen together in the very first. The male dies shortly thereafter and but from there on does what I. Total. Yes. But I could see easily see a dozen things it stumbling into a big five rows snake on that ranch. Could easily do it coyote stumble a Bob Cat a variety of things that could do and. Ben And he's I think he has A. Lack. Of One segment of. Also drinking water for six minutes. He has another of regurgitating it takes two minutes SASA regurgitate. It's a fascinating film. Yeah. It's a little quirky and and it's really good. It's A. Piece and Any throughout that film, you see the mother training young it's constantly calling it. Of getting it to follow making small vocalisations, it's nursing it while coyotes howling off in the distance. You know it's almost like a calming effect on that on that kitten nursing and they're both sitting there calming and calming behavior is leading it from one cover patch another cover. So the the sex hunger and fear I think of a pure get that from my my back yard cats. You know the males from the neighboring houses come in for the sex. they're constantly hunting birds and then the fear is if I just make a noise they're running for cover. So he's and that's a that's out to the catching the small cats at least dropped something hopeful on you. So we've we've worked hard with fish and Wildlife Service over the last four or five years just to basically help them. Help them understand the rancher side of the situation and we have some some strong and influential people within the fish and wildlife service that have got it. They've got it figured out and they're they are working on the inside to try to figure out how we can do this separate aside from any reforming the endangered species actor Gus just what can we do with what we have and how can we make this work and we've got some really dedicated people in there that Shane Shit share the same objectives that that we share understand that we are serious about it. We sink more funding into research on that species than anyone else, and we're there for the long run. And this is not just a flash in the PAN and at least for me I don't want that cat blinking out on my watch. Yeah. Well I mean I. Wish Best Lock in that move because I think if someone's out there and they. would be willing to have some willing to take some steps. Don't WanNA. Get steam rolled a sure. Sure, sees me they'd we would. Collectively find a path forward for that individual man. You know. Not, have a have a difficult to navigate bureaucratic bureaucratic. Entanglement laid out in front of them. It's supposed to be part of how the North American model works to. I mean. It really does come back and apply to look. This is how we are supposed to handle our our public trust. That we've. That we have in this country, but it's supposed to work that way. We've got a lot of things working that way that a run through the state game and fish agencies. Of course, they have commissions where they can turn on a dime many of them do fish and wildlife service the responsibilities that they have over endangered species a little bit different, but we've got to make it work within that public trust doctrine of of the North American model. We gotTA figure it out. Galligani. Final wrap. UPS. CAL's GonNa go vigilante and them cats. A. Life Management. Is Hard. You know it's. I'm sure they're a lot of folks stranded manage species on the public land side of the fence that are staring into the private lamps and. How easy it would be if only. And I think one of the year I mean. As far as like lions specifically managed for wildlife in the US is privately held. I think you're still a larger amount of land and privately held acres than all the. National Parks in the lower forty-eight combined. me land only four wildlife owned yet with the stated purpose of wildlife. Most that most right and You know the thing that those pieces of land. Miss that are on the public lands side of things in a lot of cases not all cases. the public. has a voice like as as a nation, sometimes in how invested we're going to be in a species. And that kind of lax on the ocelot side of things read it's like. You're going to be doing. Advocacy work on also lots. Every every day. And you're like, yeah, and in with the public perspective is they'll never see the damn thing 'cause I can't go there. Get Cal cal made me think of something I think fundamental is that these vast ranches in even a small ranches they'll generate off more income from their hunting operation of deer quail than they do from the cattle operation. So they have incentives to hire lot of our graduate students, undergraduates come and work on the ranches of biologist to keep the habitat there. And that fundamental incentive is also providing indirectly habitat Ross lots so that the hunting and and and. That that, there's really indirectly also benefiting also sorts. Yeah, good quail habitat and if you're. Type. Fella it's good. Cotton Tail Habitat is good ocelot habitat from the sound of. Argus. Enjoyed it. Thank you. Thank you. Great. Until one one more time. How to how to find you. each foundation at East Foundation Dot net US based out of based out of San Antonio, Texas but. Spend time driving throughout South Texas. Then Caesar Kleber Wildlife Research Institute, and it's based in Kingsborough Texas Texas University King's Vill. All right they very much guys. Thank you. Thank you.

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