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"tom flavio" Discussed on F1: Beyond The Grid

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"tom flavio" Discussed on F1: Beyond The Grid

"So that's why I met him and clearly incredibly quick, and what impressed me was busy. Do the fuel mileage with lap time and very competitive in those days to see funny Masur altercation with der at work where to help stand between the two before Derek whacked him and Michael. Something happened in qualifying in both cars came into the pits with big marks on the side and Derek tour at the car and chase Michael at the pit lane with myself and some Mercedes mechanics trying to keep up and stop stop Derry hitting. So is it vis t even then in sports cars that he had a Formula one future and a successful one at that. You don't know when you make that transition? But clearly he was he was exceptional in sports costs. So it was obvious. Tom won't show myself. How good he was on. When the when the toll came of him going into form one Tom, and I were ready, then engaged at Benetton, and we were desperate to get him in the car because when you have good he was you were desperate to get him in the car. Are we talking after Belgium when he made his debut with Eddie, Jordan or were you in contact with him about Formula one prior to that prior to that I think as soon as we became aware. I mean, the problem was we had we had to drive is in the car. And it wasn't Jordan had espec-. So and we were trying to persuade Flavio that we we should be drastic in the change. He wasn't convinced because he knew nothing about microchip backer. That of course when Michael appeared in spa and put into performance he did he was convinced. So I think, you know, the the Flavio discovering Michael Schumacher story is a little bit exaggerated. Someone I would desperate to get him in the car and Flavio is convinced once he saw him spa. So then ensued, a sort of fairly testy battle to pull him out of the Jordan and stick him in the venison. Did he suddenly get involved in those negotiations or was he just the porn in the middle that you will fighting? I don't need ever describe my closer Apollon. I certainly wouldn't. He he's even then actually he was he's he's shop. The the he would've nine everything was going on Villanueva was the was the key guy Michael side. But if I'm Acehnese, we're helping fund this former one introduction. So I remember some of the Mercedes guys were were involved in in the discussions. We're quite frankly that was something Tom, Tom Flavio. Did I watched as a entertain from a distance? I was more concerned only considering with engineering the calm now. What was he like as a person by then Ross whizzy was he very confident immediately. Was there sort of humbleness to him at that point? What did you find? When he first came to Bennett's in the Italian growing pre of nineteen Ninety-one. It was pretty well balanced. Some say had enough confidence to make you fairly could do the job, but not not overconfident very very inquisitive, very keen Sula. And I remember even then he devoted himself to it and committed the time and just just came across immediately as very professional driver. Not an awful lot of experience because he is experienced have been quite narrow and what it done. So. Yeah, there was all of learning to do. But he had a great attitude. I think one of the things I'd say about Michael from throughout his career is people who work with him. Never had a bad word to say about him. You know within the teams he worked in the it was crazy is a great impression and great loyalty. And it was immediately obvious back then the following year. We have a delicate situation because Martin Brundle was his partner and Martin was someone who is very close to Tom. And there was a little bit of minor needle in the team. But nothing nothing too serious. So that had to be sort of managed, but and Michael hound himself. Pretty well. So yeah us. I'm trying to remember how old he would have been about stage that would have been ninety one..

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