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459: Spanish GP Qualifying Report

The Autosport Podcast

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459: Spanish GP Qualifying Report

"Qualifying day in spain. And it's an absolutely incredible one hundred pole position for lewis hamilton. An amazing achievement finance another pole position for mercedes. You have grabbed po at this track. Every essence twenty thirteen newest will be joined on the front row by max stopped with three hundred between them whilst battery blocked us and charlotte lock will be lining up behind on the second bar. We didn't see top three improving on their final runs with how much actually don't want at the exit with an ultimate corn by didn't matter as neither the stop an off as managed to improve that times either charlotte did manage to set personal bests in his final lap with alpine of estevan splitting ferraris. M p five and call signs behind impe six daniel. Ricardo bounced back from last weekend's qualifying finishing seven fastest beating saggio perez. Who spun at tom fatty on his last. Run and ricardo also out qualified teammate. Landau norris who came in p. nine. The top ten was rounded out with finanza alonzo and notable absence from keith rate was gasoline who despite looking quick in key. One was eliminated in q two for the first time in twenty twenty one and he will line up p twelve tamara in-between the aston martins launch. Tro and sebastian vessel antonio g. of nazi came. Mp fourteen ahead of mr saturday. George russell mp fifteen who again managed to make out key one and in doing so we saw. The elimination of yuki sonoda was quite the surprise about quite straighted team radio. Finally we had kimmy ryan. Mp seventeen ahead of schumacher nicholas fiamme nikita miles

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