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Importance of Integrity in a Leader

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Importance of Integrity in a Leader

"Welcome to veteran on the move. If you're a veteran in transition and entrepreneur wannabe poor someone still stuck at the GOP trying to escape this. Podcast is dedicated to your success. And now your host job bring have you checked out. American forces travel yet. American forces travel is an exclusive website powered by priceline bill for veterans and active duty. Check them out at veteran the move dot com slash travel talking with retirement core general. Tom Drowsy call sign sage. So sage next topic would like to cover is the importance of integrity in a leader. Yeah I I guess This really hit me again going back to my days as a as a Midshipman one more instructors was a marine and always a Korean War veteran might have been World War Two veteran as well but in any event as one of those times when when the instructor can kind of get off subject to talk about what we were there for which was to go out as a second lieutenants are insincere and lead sailors marines and his words were still with me and he said some of those who choose to come in the Marine Corps may find yourself in a situation where you're giving orders that will cause the men that you're leading to die and it isn't asking too much of you that they perceive you to be a man of integrity and just hit me and I thought you know that's yeah they make and then later in combat. I thought John I'm on orders from from other people. Do I consider them to be men of integrity and is just? It can't be a thing of well. I don't think your personal tech you're not going to carry out your order but it certainly makes it eat that easier to say. I'm willing to put my life on the line because I believe that. This leader is a person of integrity and so that always stayed with me so in a talk given on leadership about Would lead should be. I say that they should be leaders of morality as well as integrity and the question comes up. What was the difference between Morality and integrity? And then I asked the question. What do you think get different answers? And I said well let me share with you. A book called Rushworth kidder. Called how good people make tough decisions and his position is that morality is a choice between right and wrong. Good and bad Con Easy to distinguish sometimes difficult to carry out. The you know the right thing but it's you know black white you know find you know. There's a line between the two. The challenges that ethics is a choice between right and right and all you get puzzled. Looks right and right. How can you have a choice between right? And he said well think about this Kidder said that It's life. We have a kind of a constant ethical dilemma in four different areas and those areas are justice versus mercy honesty versus loyalty short-term benefit versus long-term benefit the good of the individual versus the good of the group on each one of those were comparing or having to choose between not right and wrong but right and right and that's what makes it so difficult. It's the ethical dilemma. Because whatever right that you choose the back of your mind is the fact that you rejected another right. So did you choose the the correct writer and I assure fans on you know honesty versus loyalty. You know how many of us have ever been in that situation class classmate loyalty you know you. Don't rat on a friend and all those things but but ours were supposed to also be pupil. Honesty of honor Justice versus mercy. How many of your parents nominee have run up against that of of ensuring that your child goes up to be a person of integrity But understands that there's got to be justice but to do so without breaking the spirit or will that child says got to be the mercy part of that as well and then the long term versus short term. You know we understand that. And then of course the good of the vendor vigil versus the good of the Group. All of these are rights. They all begin our start with the you know the good of the benefit of So that's that's the challenge. How do you get that? You know that's not. Don't you through training? That's done through education. That's done through the way we were raised. You know what's Okay and what's not. Okay it's reinforced by the culture. In which relocated Marine Corps culture has motto Semper Fidelis. Semper always not when I get around to it or one is when is okay or when you know. It's it's convenient it's always. It's the basis for any relationship of of permanence and then fidelity faithful honest loyal. All of those things that are necessary that We want I said the dollar is a term. We don't use much these days but during the past it was a fairly common term. In fact we used to name our dogs. Fido rid of fidelity fight on the that the loving caring that the companion that that faithful Loyal the being that we have with US final and then remind people that know cat has ever been named. Fido which is kind of apology to cat. Lovers cut up. But that's the the idea that you have these challenges and to be a person integrity means that you you make the right call and the desk developed through education through the things that we read the culture in which the people that we stronger sauce with. Are you surrounded by people that that you see also people of Integrity? That that you're comfortable with that you know are going to make the right call on it you. You would not feel ashamed to say. Gee I made this call because You know I just thought that was not not that big a deal. I mean all. These things are necessary in the development of leaders and But especially that role of integrity. Who wants to follow a person without integrity? You know what are the value of his or her decisions that are going to cause us to put our lives on the line and so the leader just has to have integrity and in my mind absolutely. It's a good stopping. We're GONNA take a quick break Quebec. If you've got business travel coming up vacation time or going on leave. Now's the time to make your reservations for Spring and summer travel with American forces. Travel serving you in helping your military family. American forces travel is an exclusive website and a deity partnership with priceline powered by priceline and built for veterans and active duty. American forces. Travel can save you money on flights. Cars and hotels support your branch of military at the same time. Active Duty Reserve veterans and more can use this restricted website. You'll save money on flights cars hotels and on top of that travel company commissions. Go to your service branch to be reinvested into your military community so checkout American forces travel at veteran the move dot com slash travel. And see for yourself. That's veteran on the move dot com slash. Travel bag with sage subject. Matter is imports of tasty in a leader. So I have to say I never realized that the dog named Fido was a derivative of fidelity. Until you said that but I guess it makes total sense with the unwavering loyalty of Docs Ohio and and the dog lovers out there. We'll all that I mean you know that. Faithful companion that wakes up in the morning and he just can't wait to to make you happy. Oh God what a what a wonderful being you know. Dogs are and how grateful that God made them in that that the dog chose to be on on our side of the hugh the split between animals and humans absolutely so what other Do you have some examples of tough decisions that you may you've made in your life in regards to write versus rate? I'll I'll share with you. An example of of one that Things kind of emergency. I was at headquarters. Marine Corps Got A call from General Krulak my dearest friend and he had this situation he said this is a heck of a story. The story goes back to World War. Two and there's an Irish lad from Chicago was in the army when off to to England in preparation for the the big invasion and fall in love with the IRS girl and The Gut Murray conceived a child he went off and fought came back. The marriage Fell apart so they got divorced and he came back to Chicago in one thousand nine hundred sixty six the mother because of the troubles that are taking place in an Ireland context. Father and says listen on this kind of dangerous spotter. Would you mind if we sent our son To live with you at Chicago and the father said sure no problem so the sun shows up kicks around for a while gets bored and decides to join the Marine Corps nineteen sixty six. If you joined the Marine Corps. There was one place that you could be fairly certain you're going to go. And that was Vietnam Right. So he's about to ship out and he says Gee I probably ought to call my mother and told her about this Hide and listen. I I got kind of bored. Here's Soy Joined the Marine Corps. She said you what I didn't send you the United States. You could join the Marine Corps and go into into dangerous situation. You get your little Irish but backyard. Harlan immediately and so he does he. He deserts background so and is now she would assist about nineteen ninety one or so maybe a ninety two and There's a wedding in Chicago. They're going to fight. All the relatives. Include this individual. Who's no ma'am issues up in immigration and a pops up deserter. So they take him away and change to the dude adjudicator whose General Krulak in Quantico. So they bring him in and and is he's bad shaven so generally calls me and says what do you think about this? Is that the Guzman Bad Chevy said a couple of heart attacks. He's not survive prisoners of but my lawyer just saying I got hammered the sky. You've got a standard example for for the rest of the ring card is I'm Kinda Kinda wondering you know. What what do you think about this and joy swear to God? That immediately in my mind was a palm not a poem but a Soliloquy that sister Marilyn my freshman year in high school made us memorize in was from the merchant of Venice and it was with Porsche's saying the quality of mercy is not strained it dropped with as a gentle rain from heaven upon the place beneath it is twice blessed to bless him. Give him receive it and so I just recited from memory is said to collect that. That's that's my said. Okay right all that down for me said to me so so now comes the day that In General Krulak was the communist system. Right no no. At this time he was so. Cg EVOLVE MC SIDDIQ. Down there so Voter education over I guess older deserters but So he has the guy come in here. It's got the guards performances. First of all take the shackles off. This and then he turns the Guy said this ends today. This will never admit got home. I was going to happen and he said. Let me read to you something then. My dearest friends sent me and he read the Soliloquy. The quality of mercy is not strained and so he finishes and he said it's over. I'm excusing you of everything you'll never face this again. But there's one requirement and the guy says. Oh God yeah whatever. I'll do whatever you want. General you said in the future you're going to have an opportunity to exercise either Justice or mercy and I can tell you to consider mercy in decision and I said well absolutely so you let him go off to goes to the wedding back to her. That Christmas general crew has done him and he said I gotTa show you this card and is trump this individual from back in Arlon. He said General. Thank you again for your kindness and so forth since our meeting. I have had a number of occasions to choose between justice and mercy. And thanks to you. I always chosen marquette down on the side of the mercy and have never regretted it. I hope that you have not regretted the fact that you showed mercy for me. So Joe you just never know when one of your teachers making you memorize them a portion of Shakespeare the May come in handy but in that case it came in handy for that individual as General Krulak Qetta choose between justice and mercy. Well that's incredible well. I don't think we could end in episode any better than that. Well to thank you. You know we have all of these opportunities in life to to do the right thing to reach back and say gee what what is what is right and proper here and hopefully that in reaching back. We're reaching back into a bag that has lots of integrity involved in it. The we we ended up making the the the right choice. Well that's awesome Russia. I appreciate you sharing those words of wisdom and phenomenal story with his. So that wraps up this episode and we'll be back Be Back with another one soon. So until then these two veterans or Oscar Mike vetted on the move your pathfinder to freedom if you like to show leave us a review. Kids reviews are always greatly appreciated so until next time. This veteran is Oscar Mike.

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