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A Roadtrip Through Bulgaria

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07:53 min | 2 years ago

A Roadtrip Through Bulgaria

"Let's talk about a road trip through Bulgaria. I'd like to welcome to the show. Tom and Patty Burkett. Who are coming to us from Ohio but come to talk to us about Bulgaria? Tom Common Patty welcome to the show. Thank you hi there. And what is your connection Bulgaria. Well I have a cousin who's in the. US Foreign Service listen. He's posted in Bulgaria currently and is married to a Bulgarian woman and we decided to celebrate our fortieth wedding anniversary that we would like to do a trip that that was a bit more exotic than we usually do and that since we had a connection there in Bulgaria and had heard on your show that Bulgaria it is a country that is more like your might have been several decades ago that it would be an interesting place to visit and we discovered that that was absolutely true. And I think that feeds into my next question which is why should someone go to Bulgaria. Well interestingly we got that question lot from all of our friends and family I have. I'm not surprised and actually also from many Bulgarians who said why. Why did you come here? I think one of the really exciting exciting things about Bulgaria. It's on the crossroads of history. The Turkish empire the Roman Empire Communism. And so it's an absolutely fascinating location. You're interested in the development of culture. I'd add two things to that. I that we started out the trip by spending a couple of three days in Munich and Budapest and Vienna and we were amazed at the difference in tourist fatigue between those cities and our visit in Bulgaria and Bulgaria. We were the interesting interesting thing that was happening to them. Rather than the other way around some people in small towns would go out of their way to call somebody up and say. Hey they're Americans here. Come look at. Oh that's hilarious. Excellent well kind of I recommend for us. We spent more than three weeks driving around the country and we prefer to avoid for the most part areas that are highly touristed and we recommend starting in Velika turnover which is the old capital of Bulgaria and driving through the country to the Black Sea coast and spending a bit of time. There are and then driving on mush more southerly route and ending up in Plovdiv and taking some day trips from Bo Velika Tore Novo and plugged it. Okay excellent well. Let's start that immortal. You started in. You flew into Sophia and we did about. He has a good story about arriving there. And and the surly alphabet renew knew ahead of time that we might not find people who could speak English. So you're prepared for that and we knew of course that the CYRILLIC alphabet was different and we had done a little. Oh studying before we went pretty hard to get it in your brain so we got there pretty fatigued after flying. Think we had to take two flights to get there anyways as we got in. We had to rent a car. We're getting to our AIRBNB about dusk. And all of a sudden it hit us as we were trying to park our car and we could not read anything on any street signs except every one of them had a tow truck on the bottom so we finally sort award of figured out that thinks said things like well nineteen hundred eight. Am sounds like maybe you can park your overnight and so we punt with some of that and that we did have to say had a moment where we between our fatigue and trying to park this car in the country we were really unfamiliar with. We looked at each other and wondered if we'd bitten off more than we could chew but we actually ended up within an hour of that finding a friendly face at a restaurant and spoken Galician relation. Who helped clarify that? We had actually interpreted the sign correctly and we found US bought park. It was good to park at until later. Eight thirty the following following morning and the following morning we got down about fifteen minutes before the deadline expired to discover that someone had parked behind us and the car even in such a way that we couldn't possibly get it out so we're standing there wondering exactly what we should do about that in a woman got out of a nearby. You're by car that she was parking and pointed at the sign. As if to say you shouldn't park here after eight thirty and we were thinking that boy we would like to be able to get out of there if we could. Fortunately maybe someone was looking from a nearby window and who was not partisan and came back and moved it so he could get out. Welcome to Bulgaria exactly and this was in Sophea and we drove out so-fi later that day and we're not sad to see it in the Rear Review Mirror for at least a few days. Excellent will you start at us then in Velika turnover yes Adele. Novo is the first capital a Bulgarian. And it's a beautiful city. And there's a large fortress there that sits up on a hill and it has a sound and light light show that operates most nights of the year. I occasionally. It's not working but there's music and narration and the city is situated on several hill. Also we were on a hill that faced the castle so from the balcony of our apartment. We were able to watch the light show at night. We couldn't hear the narration but we could the music and we could watch the lights. Change of the fortress walls light up and the castle keep light up and it was very matic and an interesting to seem all in Bulgarian. Rian internal Danny's okay set off by the moon and the stars. It was romantic and fascinating and we were able to stay in a an apartment apartment. That was just along the craftsperson street there in Velika Tore Novo shops. The ones that weren't restaurants or little grocery stores were operated by artisans who were wood carvers and icon painters and potters and they all were all there practicing their craft. We could walk down the street read and visit with them and see the things that they were working on. It was really delightful. The street was over Hong with umbrellas so at night they had those lint it and it was very romantic as well. I'M GONNA guess you're talking about the some of SCA car Shia the Complex well in Velika turnover. I would say that was that was an ideal location. Because it's a very hilly city so you're able to do a lot of up and down hill walking. That was the place for her to be at your central location because we can walk to those vendors and then there are other places in the city we could drive to but we felt that that was a great location to be centered in. And were you finding out through Airbnb or through some local site. Or how does your apartment on AIRBNB. Yep We did use AIRBNB and we did USA local connections for some of the lodgings we stayed and when we were there as well but not that one that was airbnb like we found the AIRBNB. Were we had good luck with them. The the quality of them were described accurately. It was a little bit more rustic of somebody's a high end traveler. These were not that okay. It was what we were looking for. We were in somebody's home. We had our own area of the home with their own patio but was not a luxury but it put us right where we wanted to be

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