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The Kerry Babies

"Welcome to murder minute. On today's episode the kerry babies. But i your true crime headlines a man already in prison for murder has been charged with murder in a nineteen eighty. Nine cold-case killing in virginia fifty five year old. Jose rodriguez cruz who was imprisoned for killing a former girlfriend and federal worker in washington. A decade ago pleaded guilty to second degree murder on monday to slaying. His estranged wife who disappeared from her virginia home in nineteen eighty nine in nineteen ninety one. Rodriguez's remains were found along a highway median in stafford county but they were unidentified until twenty eighteen when dna testing confirmed her identity in october of twenty nineteen. Jose rodriguez crews was charged with killing marta. Haiti rigas then twenty eight years old. According to authorities. Jose rodriguez cruz said at the time that his wife had left the country and that her remains were identified for years because the sister of his second wife had assumed her identity. Jose rodriguez cruise is already serving a twelve year. Prison sentence for killing another woman forty seven year old. Pamela butler had her home in washington. In two thousand nine he also dumped her body in stafford under his plea agreement of first degree. Murder charge was reduced and a charge of concealing a dead body was dropped. Jose rodriguez crews could face an additional forty years in prison. His sentencing is scheduled for february fourth. Twenty twenty one. A texas man has been sentenced to life in prison for his role in the slayings of candace couple. Who were killed after a novel. Worker ordered their deaths as part of a fictitious carnival mafia thirty seven year. Old rusty frazier is one of several people charged in the july twenty eighteen deaths of alfred and polling carpenter who were working as vendors at the barton county. Kansas fair prosecutor said that the carpenters were killed at the fair and their bodies. Were then taken to arkansas. Where they were buried in the national forests near van buren according to investigators one suspect posed as a carnival mafia boss and ordered the other suspects to kill the couple. Police have said the carnival. Mafia does not exist on friday forty year old christine tenny of the mark texas was sentenced to fifty nine months for aggravated robbery and eight months for obstructing apprehension for her role in the deaths. Fifty six year old. Michael junior of sarasota florida was previously sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. For one hundred years kimberley younger of mcintosh. Florida has pleaded not guilty to several charges including capital murder in the carpenters deaths. Rusty frazier was sentenced. Friday to life without parole for fifty years on each of two counts of first degree murder in pennsylvania. A thirty three year old man and his sixteen year old girlfriend have been charged with murder in the killing of fifty eight year. Old fred boot. In the victims wilkspur home in september twenty eighteen thirty three year old reynaldo mercado is charged with criminal homicide burglary robbery conspiracy theft arson abuse of corpse and evidence. Tampering prosecutors allege that the mother of mercados then fifteen year old girlfriend louisa race had dated boot and she and her mother had lived with him until the previous summer. Makoto and raise then allegedly plotted to enter his home and robbed the victim. Fred boot was stabbed more than fifty times during the robbery. Prosecutors allege that mercado then tried to burn his body and fled but was found the next day at the home of a relative. Makoto said that he hoped to flee to the dominican republic macos defense claims that he acted in self defense in the belief that the victim tried to sexually assault the teenage girl but prosecutors say that she has admitted that the two of them made up the story as they were trying to flee. Louisa raise claimed that she did not know the victim would be hurt. She has pleaded guilty to second degree murder. And as part of her plea has agreed to testify against her boyfriend. Both mercado and raise are being held at the luzerne county correctional facility without bail those your true crime headlines up next the kerry babies but first a quick break now more than ever. You really shouldn't put off seeing the doctor. If you're not feeling well. And i know that with everything going on it can be difficult to put your health. First whether you're busy working long hours at home like me trying to help your kids with their distance. Learning or just social distancing these days. 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It was the body of a newborn baby. Boy he had been strangled. His neck was broken and his tiny body had twenty eight stab wounds. Four of them were in his heart. The baby was about five days old born on or about the seventh of april and had been dead for two days the irish police known as the gardy recalled and they in turn called the undertaker. Tom carnitine when he arrived tom. Cruise into the baby with water from a nearby freshwater stream. He placed him in a small casket and gave him a name john. The gardy suspected the baby's mother specifically an unmarried mother perhaps a teenage girl or woman who was having an affair with a married man in catholic ireland in the early eighties. Abortion was illegal as was divorce condoms were only available with a prescription and birth control. Pills were only prescribed to married women. Both were difficult to obtain any sex education or lack thereof was laid out by the church. Young unmarried woman found herself pregnant. Her parents could send her away to a church. Run home where she would have her baby in secret and then the nuns would take it away for adoption. Irish women few options could use. Evine was a small town in police. Knew that someone with no something. They questioned women all over town even physically examining some of them for signs of a recent pregnancy before long. They found a suspect joanne hayes. Joanne hayes was a twenty five year old single mother who lived roughly forty miles away. In abbey dorney north kerry. She had recently been pregnant but wasn't anymore and no one had seen a baby. Joanne worked as a receptionist at a gym. It was there that she met the father of her children. Jeremiah block jeremiah. Was married with children so joe am lived with her daughter. Her mother her aunt and her siblings on the family farm. She hid the pregnancy and by april. Her relationship with jeremiah was over joanne. Hayes told police that she gave birth alone on april twelfth but her baby died shortly after she then buried the infant on her family's farm. Burials like this were common as babies who were born out of wedlock or weren't baptized. Were not permitted to be buried in consecrated ground. Babies like joannes received home. Burials after this traumatic birth joanne needed medical attention and it was through the hospital that these authorities discovered her as the guardian interrogated joann. She begged and pleaded insisting that if they would just allow her to show them her baby's grave on the farm. She could prove that she was not responsible for baby john. They refused the gardy threatened that she would be jailed for murder and that her daughter would be sent away to an orphanage on may first after a long interrogation joanne. Hayes confessed to the murder of baby. John her siblings mother and aunt also signed statements confessing their involvement all with drew their confessions. But joanne hayes was charged with murder. The next day the remains of joanne's baby were found in a field on the families. Justice test confirmed that. The baby's blood type was oh matching joanne. And the baby's father jeremiah. Lock baby john was blood type eight. Meaning that baby. John could not be joanne and jeremiah's china but the gardy weren't done with joanne yet. They put forward a theory of hetero paternal superfit condition the guardian alleged that in a twenty four hour period joann had had sex with two men of different blood types and wasn't pregnant by both later giving birth to twins each with a different father and a different blood type. The investigation led to a tribunal of inquiry known. As the kerry babies tribunal. It was held in tralee and in nineteen eighty five and lasted eighty. Two days the tribunal was meant to look into the investigation itself but instead it became a trial of joannes moral character for months. Doohan was subjected to humiliating questions. Forced to reveal personal and intimate details about her sex life. Her anatomy her menstrual cycles and her use of contraception jeremiah. Lock was asked whether joann was virgin when he had. I had sex with her legal team. Even presented detailed maps of the locations. Where the two had been intimate together. The tribunal was so distressing for joanne that she collapsed was sick. A number of times and at one point even had to be sedated. Women's rights groups sympathized with joanne and picketed. Outside throughout the kerry babies tribunal. They sent her letters support and yellow roses in solidarity protesters carried signs with messages that read. We support joanne. His compassion not blame. Women are outraged and joanne is a victim not a criminal. The murder charge for the death of baby. John was dropped but joannes life would never be the same the tribunal found that she had precipitated the death of her own baby on the farm. The judge found that. Joanne choked her baby to death. Despite the state pathologist listing it's cause of death as inclusive and having no physical evidence for this theory there were no charges. Joanne and her family's confessions were coerced through police abuse. Both physical and psychological came to nothing. The tribunal cleared them of wrongdoing but they would not escape criticism. The case became the subject of two books. Nell mccafferty's a woman to blame and my story. An account co written by joanne hayes herself with john barrett four gardy involved with the case took legal action against the authors the publishers and even the shops that sold the book they settled the dispute out of court and received settlements totaling over one hundred and twenty seven thousand euros january of two thousand eighteen. Joanna hayes received an official apology from the state and the acting garda commissioner after a dna sample from blood taken at the time of the investigation finally proved that she wasn't the mother of baby. John the parents or killers of baby. John have never been found the undertaker. Tom cornyn arranged and paid for his funeral. The simple headstone read quote. I am the kerry baby christened on april fourteen thousand nine hundred eighty four named john. I forgive the grave. Has been repeatedly vandalized over the years by person or persons unknown. This has been murder minute for true crime anytime. Download the murder minute app or follow us on instagram at murder minute.

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