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"tom brady ann rogers" Discussed on Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

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"tom brady ann rogers" Discussed on Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

"If there is healthiest the dodgers last night Richhill went out there pitched five innings. He struck out six guys. Pedro bias pitched one inning. He struck out two guys. Caleb Ferguson didn't get any Cantu. Migrated didn't get any, but the only combined to get two outs total. No strikeouts. Matt's in third, a strikeout kenley Jansen two innings to strike outs would one inning. One strikeout Floro one inning. Two strikeouts in early had a strikeout in one inning. In other words, these guys are going out there and they're lighting guys up. There lighten guys up. This is my issue with Kershaw, it's that he doesn't have the ability to light a guy up anymore. He's got a pitches way through it. And if he gets a little wobbly, help Grondahl in game one, then the whole thing kind of comes apart. He, I don't know if you can extend the guy or. Or have your guy in these big moments guy that needs everything to go right to have you have a moment. It's like a QB who needs great, Blackie great running game averagely half great. Hey. In order for him to execute anything slightly off. Annella son was like on, he's you're just a guy, the holy full. I know. So I mean, none of them are in the same category and conversation as Tom Brady and Rogers. MS reason, Creighton Kershaw is supposed to be the Tom Brady Ann Rogers for the dodgers, and he's been more like. What would you say? What is this for him? It's been more like Peyton Manning. Would you say? Yeah, that's that's a good comparison. What is this for his far as his year? This is his can tell you right now. This eleven th year in the league. Oh. Changed that chain. He's young. He just get started. Eleven eleven years in the league you you should be cooking. Travis was getting hit me what's sixteenth years. So you know, I was gonna say, well, he's older but now eleven years. You should still be cook. His older for pitcher and pitching years is still under I. It's not. It's not as birth certificate as much as it is this number. He's thrown twenty one hundred innings in his career and regular season, so you tack on. Let's see. So that's twenty one hundred plus another innings. Another one hundred thirty three. So he's thrown almost twenty three hundred innings in his career. I mean, that's that's. Yeah. And those miles from may April may through September. There's nobody that's been better at it ever. Nobody fill out a mouse could be from October one till whenever it ends. There's a lot of guys that. Band. So one, the funerals we always play so hard to say goodbye. Now that one, not that one, but when I go marching. Yeah, yeah, that when we might have to play that one one of them because. That's a lot. One Mississippi goes out if he goes out any pitches a gem and we win the game for me. Fan's perspective. I'm feeling better by him coming back. But if he goes out lazing egg, we got to, you know, he's been chased in the fourth. I'm not feeling good about him cut. It's not. It's not. It's not about him coming back Zoli on the contract. Yeah, it's about, but he's going to opt out. Might. What people don't seem to understand when they start talking about this opt-out stuff helped me. You can't opt out if you don't have any takers. Everybody's gonna feel the same way about you. If you go out there and you landing egg, nobody's going to be stupid enough to give you a hundred and something million dollars interject real fast with your name Marino because it wasn't the pool. Yes, yes. The was the expiration date on his career as a great player had passed. He still a good player, but the team was the time for him to have been the best player in the league which he was for the better part of ten years. It was long and every team in baseball knew it except for orange every team. Okay. I know you're angel. But, but they extended him too long if they would have given him a four year deal fine, but they gave him too much..

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