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"Real answer, but the bit that I want to get off the ground is that I'm desperately waiting for center back to score ten goals and it has to be a team that plays for set pieces. They're aerially dominant. So walker Zimmerman is the first that comes to mind. Or somebody like Bill tui Loma who takes free kicks or Jacob blessings who gets asked to shoot every time he's within 40 yards from the Philly crowd. So just any center back is going to end goals. It's going to happen one day. I don't know if it's going to be this year, but those would be my three suggestions. We're going snake on this one, even though we won't on the Golden Boot draft on Thursday's show. This is our final award prediction here. The Aaron Wong, good player to all league, Tom boger, take it away. I'm just gonna steal Jack mayor before you guys do, because again, I think that's an obvious anybody playing next to walkers Zimmerman. It's the life's easier for you. Dallas was Matt hedges, obviously these are all very good players on their own, but anybody who's played next to walkers never been has looked very good. The other shot would be, I think, that Alvaro barreal, if they play back 5, the whole season at left wing back for Cincinnati has a real chance to jump maybe not quite Kai Wagner, but ish. A top 5 player at that position. I will not make a reference to Jack Mayer's nickname, you just listen to the show you already know it. Give it to me. Dave, what do you got? What is the snake mean? We're gonna keep going and going? No, no, no, no, no. It was just a joke 'cause we were Jack bears and obviously most of my list is center backs. I have a long list on this one. So how many can I say? Can I say a pairing? Is that where I'm going to start with a pairing? And then see if you're not going anybody else is off and we'll come back to you. And then we be like stroking his beard. Yeah. I'm going to start with in cozy tafari. I don't know that he's going to be the starter week one. I think we've seen who's Sebastian Vega is an MLS, and that's not negative. I think he's one of the best rotational center backs in the league, but I think the ceiling for that team is with tafari as a starter. And then the other one I'm going to go with is memo Rodriguez. I think he's going to call. He's going to come out being probably the under the radar best move of the off season. He can play different roles. I think fanny can use him in different ways. And a guy like Victor Vasquez and Sasha question are gone where there's trust because you talk about aphra to talk about obviously coast of Tyler Boyd. There's no trust there from Greg vanish. I think memo is going to get a lot of opportunities to play in different roles. And I think there's a chance if that galaxy are high in the west, he will be a big reason why. Andrew Gutman left back. I thought he was the best left back in the league down the stretch last year. I thought he was excellent the year before that. With the Red Bulls, this is a guy who has national team talent, I would take him right now in a game that we needed to win.

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