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Suspect charged in deadly California church shooting

AP News Radio

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Suspect charged in deadly California church shooting

"Hi hi hi hi Mike Mike Mike Mike Rossi Rossi Rossi Rossi a a a a reporting reporting reporting reporting the the the the suspect suspect suspect suspect in in in in the the the the deadly deadly deadly deadly California California California California church church church church shooting shooting shooting shooting has has has has been been been been charged charged charged charged prosecutors prosecutors prosecutors prosecutors in in in in southern southern southern southern California California California California have have have have charge charge charge charge the the the the man man man man accused accused accused accused of of of of opening opening opening opening fire fire fire fire on on on on a a a a Taiwanese Taiwanese Taiwanese Taiwanese church church church church congregation congregation congregation congregation with with with with first first first first degree degree degree degree murder murder murder murder and and and and five five five five counts counts counts counts of of of of attempted attempted attempted attempted murder murder murder murder sixty sixty sixty sixty eight eight eight eight year year year year old old old old David David David David shallow shallow shallow shallow of of of of Las Las Las Las Vegas Vegas Vegas Vegas also also also also faces faces faces faces enhancements enhancements enhancements enhancements for for for for lying lying lying lying in in in in wait wait wait wait and and and and use use use use of of of of a a a a firearm firearm firearm firearm as as as as well well well well as as as as four four four four counts counts counts counts of of of of possessing possessing possessing possessing destructive destructive destructive destructive devices devices devices devices with with with with intent intent intent intent to to to to kill kill kill kill or or or or harm harm harm harm Orange Orange Orange Orange County County County County district district district district attorney attorney attorney attorney Todd Todd Todd Todd Spitzer Spitzer Spitzer Spitzer said said said said if if if if convicted convicted convicted convicted as as as as charged charged charged charged that that that that the the the the jury jury jury jury finds finds finds finds the the the the enhancements enhancements enhancements enhancements to to to to be be be be true true true true Chow Chow Chow Chow would would would would face face face face a a a a sentence sentence sentence sentence of of of of either either either either life life life life in in in in prison prison prison prison without without without without the the the the possibility possibility possibility possibility of of of of parole parole parole parole or or or or the the the the death death death death penalty penalty penalty penalty authorities authorities authorities authorities say say say say Chow Chow Chow Chow a a a a U. U. U. U. S. S. S. S. citizen citizen citizen citizen who who who who grew grew grew grew up up up up in in in in Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan was was was was motivated motivated motivated motivated by by by by hatred hatred hatred hatred of of of of Taiwanese Taiwanese Taiwanese Taiwanese people people people people a a a a federal federal federal federal hate hate hate hate crimes crimes crimes crimes investigation investigation investigation investigation is is is is also also also also underway underway underway underway hi hi hi hi Mike Mike Mike Mike Rossi Rossi Rossi Rossi

California Mike Mike Mike Mike Rossi Ross California Church Church Churc Taiwanese Taiwanese Taiwanese David David David David Shallo Las Las Las Las Vegas Vegas Vegas Chow Chow Chow Chow Orange Orange Orange Orange Co Todd Todd Todd Todd Spitzer Sp Spitzer Spitzer Taiwan Vegas Mike Mike Mike Mike Rossi Rossi Rossi Rossi
California mom charged in case of kid hitting sports rival

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California mom charged in case of kid hitting sports rival

"A a mother mother in in southern southern California California is is facing facing criminal criminal charges charges for for encouraging encouraging her her athlete athlete daughter daughter to to hit hit an an opposing opposing player player the the charges charges of of battery battery and and contributing contributing to to the the delinquency delinquency of of a a minor minor were were imposed imposed on on forty forty four four year year old old mature mature Shanti Shanti hunt hunt about about a a month month after after a a punch punch was was thrown thrown during during a a girls girls basketball basketball tournament tournament Orange Orange County County district district attorney attorney Todd Todd Spitzer Spitzer says says there there was was a a physical physical turnover turnover play play both both hunt's hunt's daughter daughter and and the the victim victim ended ended up up on on the the ground ground and and then then moments moments later later as as they're they're heading heading across across the the court court mom mom can can be be heard heard yelling yelling out out you'd you'd better better hit hit her her for for that that N. N. hunt's hunt's daughter daughter did did a a sucker sucker punch punch that that knocked knocked fifteen fifteen year year old old Lauren Lauren him him to to the the floor floor causing causing a a concussion concussion and and bruises bruises neck neck Spitzer Spitzer calls calls it it unconscionable unconscionable apparent apparent would would encourage encourage your your child child to to engage engage in in violence violence during during a a sporting sporting event event but but one one legal legal expert expert calls calls the the charges charges a a stretch stretch saying saying prosecutors prosecutors will will have have a a tough tough time time proving proving hunts hunts outburst outburst was was an an actual actual command command and and not not just just an an emotional emotional response response I'm I'm Jackie Jackie Quinn Quinn

Shanti Shanti Hunt Orange Orange County County Di Todd Todd Spitzer Spitzer California Basketball N. N. Hunt Lauren Lauren Spitzer Spitzer Jackie Jackie Quinn Quinn
"  spitzer" Discussed on Astronomy Cast

Astronomy Cast

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" spitzer" Discussed on Astronomy Cast

"The crackles of high energy radiation around pulsars in the vicinity of white dwarfs that are parts of systems where the white dwarfs are cannibalizing material off of their sister and brother stars. There is all this dynamic often destructive physics out there that we see through these x-rays. Yeah, like the regions around supermassive black holes. Yes. The, as you say, the afterglow of exploded stars, the high energy interactions between solar flares and their planets. It's kind of amazing. And again, as I said, you know, in the minds of x-ray astronomers, it's the way the universe really looks. We're spoiled. We see in the visible light, but that's not how the universe truly looks. And you can see the whole spectrum. It would be the x-rays that are just blasting. And at this brings us to one of the things that Chandra does in partnership with the other observatories, but they're the ones out there putting everything together, is month after month year after year going on decade after decade, Chandra has been doing these deep observations in the x-ray of all sorts of different phenomena. We have seen Chandra mosaics of supernovae of galaxies and they'll put out press releases that bring together Hubble images that bring together spitzer images and their own Chandra images to show us this falls to our eyes color, image of what the universe would look like were we able to enjoy the entirety of the electromagnetic spectrum. And just I think it was last week, there was an amazing supernova remnant that they could come out with. An object that went off, I want to say thousands of years ago, I'm too tired to remember exactly when. But now we can see it expanding and colliding with the gas around it and it's just beautiful. And, you know, you sort of ruined my conclusion here, but because we were going to talk about spitzer, but one of the things that.

Chandra spitzer
"  spitzer" Discussed on Little Atoms

Little Atoms

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" spitzer" Discussed on Little Atoms

"Still the tom brady will. The instrumentation is kept feddie lewis until the nineteenth century. The romantics really cared about color. So the trajectories was ever greater specificity in music notation and the countess side of that is gradually making less and less space for interpretation so if you'll performing a medieval song probably about seventy five percent of the music is in the interpreter enormous freedom in how to perform e when you get to the nineteenth century to beethoven's time the former is just a performing monkey. I'm being a bit route. Here is mechanical to. I'm not an invest enormous authority in the genius. Composer is given us sort of god-like authority to dictate. Exactly what the is is not a good thing. I'm not sure it is certainly what happens to the west little atoms. I'm nailed any damn talking to michael spicer. We're talking about his book. The musical human history of life on earth and michael you talk about a identifiable history of music. Starting about forty thousand years ago the birth of what we would recognize as a modern human. Let's go a little bit further back than say a little bit further back. Will thousand years both to australopithecus. And i or the stabs a bipedal is which you talk about having an important connection to our identification. We've music. Yeah i into size what we call music. Nobody outside the west coast music. Music is is one word for sort of swiss army knife multiple things music does and when music quote unquote crystallizes. It assembles to gay at a a plethora of elements which evolved quite independently. So so rhythm miss. I found in insects on sixty five million years ago. We know that because we have fossils of prehistoric hated it so bush cricket some because fraud. Exactly what pitch kated chirp. And i was a thousand natural actually but the first knows in history is an e..

michael spicer tom brady lewis beethoven michael west coast cricket bush
The US and Guns: Can Anything Change?

Monocle 24: The Foreign Desk

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The US and Guns: Can Anything Change?

"To the foreign desk. I'm andrew mullah. My guest today. Are chris brown and robert spitzer chris. Brown is president of the gun. Control lobby group brady. She joins us from arlington virginia. Robert spitzer is distinguished service professor of political science at the state university of new york and the author of several books on gun. Control an eighth edition of his book. The politics of gun control was published last year. He joins us from portland. New york chris. I'll ask you first the big question then. We will look at a series of smaller questions when you think of the problem of america and guns. How actually solvable is because by most best guesses. There's about four hundred million guns that large in the united states. You're not going to get all of them. So with the best will in the world and with all the political capital you might want what kind of impact could realistically be made. Nearly one hundred percent actually and takes is really the political will to has some pretty basic laws. That ninety percent of americans agree with literally from last to expand the brady background check system to continue the momentum that we have in the states around certain issues but also recognizing that we have an epidemic in the united states. Right determined five times more likely to get shot in the united states than any other industrialized country in this earth. And we have to understand if we're going to fix it. The different components of what leads to forty thousand people a year being shot and killed and nearly eighty thousand additional individuals being shot and surviving those injuries part of that is homicide hearted that is unintentional injury of kids in their home with guns a very small fraction our our definition of mass shooting and two-thirds are suicide

Andrew Mullah Robert Spitzer Chris Robert Spitzer State University Of New York United States Chris Brown Brady Arlington Virginia Brown Portland Chris New York
Oliver Lee: Young autistic bell ringer and historian

Fun with Bells - bell and handbell ringing interviews

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Oliver Lee: Young autistic bell ringer and historian

"My guest. Today is oliver. Lee is twenty years old. He has autism which is a neurological condition that means he processes information differently. It also means he has difficulty with change and things that are unfamiliar to him. He's had some problems forming friendships with his peer group and this could lead to social isolation in twenty ten. He began bell ringing. It's the best thing to happen to him. He has made lots of positive contacts with people and is now well established member of the essex ringing group like many others. He has struggled during lockdown and the absence of ringing bell ring is going through that my first question to you oliver is. What made you take bell ringing in the first place. What always had an interest in churches stems from that because something i've always been fascinated with and think it's not background rid. The the comes from those tend to at my at price church and nice days never had to recommend arenas so i learned to opponent which is pretty averaged six just a couple of miles from and what is it. You like about bowing before. Start spitzer very interesting because some of sponsor there's a lot of interesting background to is. I think going specialists say what is it that you found interesting. Spiracy amount of history. The restaurants are towers the ring during the nineteen twenties. Recall pills civil law surprise nature stuff. And it's just interesting legacy feeding that y'all carrying that on is royal. Yes what's yo what's been your biggest challenge. Ringing wise screams audible devils trickier aspects. And how did you learn to overcome. There's the person both ways different towns because palm slightly higher than the difficult. So i've been trying to is trying to lend beaumont under backwards. Packwood singular one thing and you use the skills for another things. I've been trying to

Essex Ringing Group Oliver Autism LEE Spitzer Beaumont Packwood
Gunman Knew Victims in California Shooting 'Rampage'

John Batchelor

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Gunman Knew Victims in California Shooting 'Rampage'

"Police say the alleged shooter in the Orange California business complex shooting knew the victims. Correspondent Clayton Nevil reports that a nine year old boy was among the four people killed. The Orange Police Department says A preliminary motive is believed to be related to a business and personal relationship between the suspect and all of the victims. Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer says the 44 year old suspect began opening fire inside the business complex, horrific Rampage was going on in offices and people were dying or were being shot. Spitzer says One of the women victims was holding the nine year old victim when they were shot. That's how they were found. Police don't believe the shooting to be a random act of violence. The alleged shooter is in police custody.

Orange California Clayton Nevil Orange Police Department Todd Spitzer Orange County Spitzer
Child among 4 dead in shooting at California office building

Mark Blazor

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Child among 4 dead in shooting at California office building

"Her. It was no random attack. That's what police are saying about a deadly shooting at an office building. But they still have plenty of other questions was not random. Orange County District attorney Todd Spitzer, one of several officials Thursday, revealing at least a partial motive behind the Shooting victims were known. They were all known to each other. The alleged shooter, identified as a 44 year old man apparently had business and personal relationships with the people. He shot. Four people died, including a nine year old boy was found in the arms of a woman who was also shot. She's in critical condition, along with the suspect. It's unclear of police shot the suspect or he shot

Todd Spitzer Orange County
Los Angeles area shooter knew his victims

Ben Shapiro

00:31 sec | 1 year ago

Los Angeles area shooter knew his victims

"Random attack. That's what police are saying about a deadly shooting at an office building, But they still have plenty of other questions was not random. Orange County District attorney Tom Spitzer, one of several officials Thursday, revealing at least a partial motive behind the shooting, The victims were known They were all known to each other. The alleged shooter, identified as a 44 year old man apparently had business and personal relationships with the people. He shot. Four people died, including a nine year old boy was found in the arms of a woman who was also shot. He's in critical condition, along with the suspect. It's unclear if police shot the suspect, or he shot himself. Jason

Tom Spitzer Orange County Jason
Office Attack Southeast Of Los Angeles That Killed 4 Wasn’t Random

Ben Shapiro

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Office Attack Southeast Of Los Angeles That Killed 4 Wasn’t Random

"It was no random attack. That's what police are saying about a deadly shooting at an office building, But they still have plenty of other questions was not random. Orange County District attorney Tom Spitzer, one of several officials Thursday, revealing at least a partial motive behind the shooting, The victims were known They were all known to each other. The alleged shooter, identified as a 44 year old man apparently had business and personal relationships with the people. He shot. Four people died, including a nine year old boy was found in the arms of a woman who was also shot. He's in critical condition, along with the suspect. It's unclear if police shot the suspect, or he shot himself. Jason Nathan's in ABC

Tom Spitzer Orange County Jason Nathan ABC
"  spitzer" Discussed on KFI AM 640

KFI AM 640

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" spitzer" Discussed on KFI AM 640

"Then, while trying to fix that problem, the cancer causing chemical benzene was detected in 29. Team, causing the city to shut down the facility and import water. The city security $2 million grant last summer to fix the problem and just recently selected a corporation to begin construction next month on a new filtration system. The project is expected to take another year to complete. Corbin Carson Ko Phi knees prosecutors in Orange County of charge 10 people accused of making off with hundreds of thousands of dollars in fake unemployment claims. Orange County, D A. Todd Spitzer says two people filed more than 1000 claims. Using a front business in Garden Grove. They seized over $300,000 in cash, They froze bank account's tied to the business. And all total so far $490,000 relating to Edie defraud. Spitzer says the others were charged in separate schemes to help prisoners file tens of thousands of dollars worth of fake claims. He says taxpayers were scammed because the state Didn't provide enough checks and balances and a tiger never changes its stripes. And apparently, it doesn't stop asking for a pardon, either. Since Tiger King Joe Exotic didn't get a pardon from former President Trump. He's hoping to get one from President Biden. The Tiger King is real name is Joseph Maldonado Passage was convicted for his role in a murder for hire plot that targeted his big cat Zoo rival, Carole Baskin, from the Netflix series, Tiger King. TMZ gotta hold the emails where Joe Exotic says he believes the Biden Harris administration can help reform the criminal justice system. The Tiger King says he believed in President Trump until January 6th following the riot at the Capitol. Jennifer Jones, Lee Ko Phi news. Ryan's gonna let us know about a crash.

Tiger King A. Todd Spitzer President Trump Orange County Joe Exotic President Biden Corbin Carson Jennifer Jones President Garden Grove Edie Biden Harris Carole Baskin Ryan Netflix Joseph Maldonado Passage murder
"  spitzer" Discussed on Discerning Hearts - Catholic Podcasts

Discerning Hearts - Catholic Podcasts

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" spitzer" Discussed on Discerning Hearts - Catholic Podcasts

"Mean you just gotta stop believing the lies. Yeah and we have done that. We have to know what a lie is. And i think that's what you do a you do some beautifully father spitzer going to start calling it not the quartet and the trilogy. I'm just going to call it the suma because it really is. That's true elegant accompany. Well it's your suma. And i love it because it really is again encouraged people to get the quartet. The first a four set of books that are really. I mean i think they're essential to understanding how we we move and and and live our lives especially in the spiritual lives the things that come against us. What suffering is and the joy that receiving the happiness through seeking but this particular book. And i cannot wait for the second of the third twenty twenty one is going to be awesome because those books are coming everyone thank you. Yeah i think we need a relief from twenty twenty anyway. God have mercy on before you can help others. You really have to help yourself. airplane role. You gotta put the mask on yourself before you can help anybody else. And that's what you are encouraging everyone to do this spiritual direction. This is one of the best books i've seen. It's not just okay. Spiritual warfare is over there and your spiritual life is over here now. There's an epic battle taking place here now and you help lead the way on all fronts. Father spitzer well. i'm trying any way and god. I think really give me and gave me the inspiration to do this. Even though like i said an unlikely person being very imperfect myself. But i think you know i just you know. They just can't see us going into the darkness any further I think somebody we all have to speak out. And so i'm hoping people will share some of these quotes with their friends and just to help them to see you know. Take the scales out. The is everybody Is not safe. Our culture me feel good but as a soldier needs and said in his great speech at harvard university. what's all the smiling about becoming decadent re coming so decadent we don't even know where decade and and he says you know what's what's all the smiling about what's all the toasting about what solve the joy for you. We want to be of course joyful god but not not joyful in in our Attitude of ego comparative. And that's the thing. I mean if we live in darkness oliver our life when somebody flips the switch on. And there's light. How are we going to recognize. How are we going to know what we're seeing because we've become so accustomed to living in that dark room. Oh yeah and i mean believe me. The devil always pulls the carpet out before christ turns on the light. He's going to claim his pray and believe me when he claims it. You will know. I mean and it comes out in despair and anxiety and depression and the all the very symptoms i talked about substance abuse etcetera etcetera father spitzer. I hope you're going to be doing a series on this trilogy. I help you're gonna be doing even more to break it open. But they have to start first with the text. You gotta get the bucks thank you. And i'm i'm gonna actually putting together modules for high school and and and Trying to put together modules to for You know the senior capstone courses in And so that's how that's my next project because the trilogies written Basically it's now just going to be published you know with about four months space in between the books And so Ignatius publishing all of them and So volume to say should probably come out in march and how are things demand to center. Oh my magic just doing very very well and We were in Ninety two dioceses now our curriculum on You know contemporary apologetic faith in science. And you know evidence for god. The soul in jesus and it's working very very well the kids you take it And actually if you just go to credible catholic dot com credible catholic dot com. Just click on the seven essential modules. Everything is pre there. It's free of charge. Just take your kids through the seven essential modules. Give them the evidence for god from Science and contemporaries biology the evidence for jesus. The shroud of turin utterly fascinating. The evidence for trans physical soul that will survive bodily death from near death experiences. Very very convincing to these kids. Ninety seven percent of them say that these modules are very positive for maintaining and defending their faith. And that you know before you can You know you know battle evil you not only have to believe in god but trust in him and his presence and know how to identify that presence in your life and so are trying to get it in a one two punch year so that's that's But just doing well and Just tell people to go to credible catholic dot com. I think they'll get a real good sense of what's available for the kids. Seventh and eighth graders Younger school older high school and college. Oh the the work is awesome. Such a gift to us if you're if you feel you're a lowly not worthy vessel. That just sounds like god's mode of operation father spitzer so we're very blessed to have you. We'll reach much. Chris and we're blessed to have you. I mean you constantly are helping to see. Of course god's presence is love and more importantly to see also you know what's going awry in our culture and deu bring so many different perspectives to bear in this Good media apostoli in which you work. Well i'm looking forward to march twenty twenty one so keep working on those the sumo the soon as getting bigger skinny bigger truly well. God bless you chris. Thanks for having me. The father robert spitzer we've gone inside the pages of christ versus satan in our daily lives. The cosmic struggle between good and evil to learn more about this book or to obtain a copy goto ignatius dot com the website for its publisher. Ignatius press or. You can find it at any fine catholic bookstore to hear and or to download this particular conversation visit the cernan hearts dot com or you can find it inside. The discerning hearts free app. This is bit a production of discerning hearts. I'm your host chris mcgregor. We hope that if this has been helpful for you that you will. I pray for our mission and if you feel as worthy consider a charitable donation which is fully tax deductible to help support our efforts but most of all. We hope that you will tell a friend about discerning hearts dot com and join us next time for inside the pages insights from today's most compelling authors..

spitzer harvard university oliver depression turin robert spitzer Ignatius press Chris chris mcgregor chris
"  spitzer" Discussed on Discerning Hearts - Catholic Podcasts

Discerning Hearts - Catholic Podcasts

02:28 min | 1 year ago

" spitzer" Discussed on Discerning Hearts - Catholic Podcasts

"We now continue with part two of our conversation with father robert spitzer. This is the book. I'm hoping i'm hoping will now be used as a standard text in the seminaries and spiritual direction schools. I hope that parishes have this because this is a. I think one of the best that i've ever read that in that understanding what we have termed spiritual warfare and the discernment of spirits. Oh absolutely and and how you in that at the great wisdom of dividing up the deadly sins into that you know part one where it's.

robert spitzer
Apology at sentencing deepens mystery of Golden State Killer

Eddie and Rocky

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Apology at sentencing deepens mystery of Golden State Killer

"But they say it's needed. On the Golden State killer today sentence to life behind bars. Finally, thing justice served. Our victim now have hope. I have hope for a future Contra Costa County D a. Diana Beckton after a California judge sentenced 74 year old former police officer Joseph D'Angelo to multiple consecutive life sentences for 13 murders and 13 rapes during the 19 seventies in 19 eighties, Orange County District attorney Todd Spitzer, saying the victim's waited decades to see D'Angelo punished We met with our victims. We knew the age of the case. We knew how long it took to solve the so called golden State killer escaping the death penalty through a plea

Joseph D'angelo Diana Beckton Todd Spitzer Orange County Officer California
Locked Down in Switzerland and Belgium

Travel with Rick Steves

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Locked Down in Switzerland and Belgium

"Start with Stephen mcfeely he operates being be on Ireland's dingle peninsula in just before the pandemic head Stephen an interest in the hotel Oberland in October and Switzerland that's where he's had to ride out the first few months of the global lockdown good and. My goodness. My Irish friend is learning Spitzer dykes. Good here in the Alps where I've been for four months. Now in splendid isolation, my plan originally was just to come for February and March, but I've I'm still here right well, what does the vibe in Switzerland right now there's a positive vibe. The society is reopening. Tourism travel has started again just no we're on the same level as it was before we had two weekends where there was crazy crowds here huge big crowds from all over Switzerland everybody who was here was from Switzerland or had to be from Switzerland. They weren't necessarily all Swiss because there's lots of international people living in Geneva and Derek and whatnot but everybody from within the barger of Switzerland over with crowds, and then it just died and Monday to. Friday went back to being really really quiet. Okay. Well, this is sort of the very beginnings of the rekindling of tourism I would imagine it'll be people traveling with within their own countries first, and then traveling within Europe, and then finally international travel and transatlantic travel. Yes. That's exactly what we're seeing. The borders here have just reopened. So we're expecting Germans and some Austrians and maybe some French to come now also, I don't anticipate huge numbers like that would have been heretofore. One. Very noticeable thing in the Valley of course, there's no American visitors. As you know, the valley also is very popular with. Chinese travelers Indians many people from Dubai and Saudi Arabia would come here and they're not here this year. So there's a noticeable difference there. So the people getting the real cultural change would be the French speaking. Swiss. German speaking part of his Switzerland and not even leaving their own country exactly. Fifty percent of our guests. Last week were French speaking Swiss and it was the first time I've ever actually met those people and I would say to them. Are you French Swiss would say no, no, we are. All MOM and so I I learned something new immediately the K. The identify as swirl. They were saying exactly what you just said they said it's like we are in a different country it's very dramatic here it's different toossion either those on the do shut down it was really cool. They were very excited to see a different part of their own country. So that was wonderful. Now Stephen you own a hotel in Ireland in Dingle Peninsula and now you own a hotel in Switzerland in Loudoun valley two of my favorite places as a businessman working in both these countries how do you compare the support getting from the government and how the two governments are dealing with this crisis? Well, the difference is. Very. Big. I'm still on team. Ireland. So I want to be positive about my own country, but there's not a lot of support coming. Heretofore in Switzerland for example, within two weeks of the crisis occurring. The. Swiss Federal Council which is the Swiss government offered ten percent of the previous year's turnover and So that's quite a considerable amount of money and they offered that as a loan which was repayable over seven years. Zero percent interest. So they're not looking to profit from it and in Ireland we really struggled to get some assistance. And we got ten thousand euros of overdraft line of credit and but repayable at seven and a half percent interest in Switzerland. We got three hundred thousand. So it's quite a big difference there no-interest at all. No interest at all. Of course, Switzerland may have much stronger and deeper reservists than Ireland, but they were able to immediately come up with assistance very little bureaucracy paperwork, and they immediately got to help us in Ireland. The experience was just simply much different to the government really weren't as proactive for as immediate as were here in Switzerland. The roots here what's around her a lot less strict as well There is a two meter rule here, but I haven't seen anybody wearing masks very much, which is kinda shocking for me because I know in Ireland the whole north of is people should be wearing masks. People definitely are observing social distance. One of my friends said to me that the two meter rule has actually brought Swiss people closer together so. That is so insightful to the Swiss society. It's more difficult thing. It's more difficult thing for Irish people or Italian people are Spanish. Two meters distance than it would be for this people or maybe the. Scandinavians. I can see by home people are wondering. Is the Irish pub culture ever going to come back the way it was with social distancing whereas in. Switzerland. Here for me like I'm I'm in the Alps I'm surrounded by fresh air and. Of of lovely space and it's been a wonderful place to be stranded, I don't even want to complain about it because although I I was stranded here for four months. It was the perfect place I felt very safe. I might have felt different if I was in the middle of Zurich or something or Geneva but I felt very safe. I'd in the Alps and it is lovely and peaceful and quiet, and of course, that's what people are coming here for anyway

Switzerland Ireland Alps Stephen Mcfeely French Swiss Dingle Peninsula Swiss Society Swiss Federal Council Spitzer Europe Geneva Swiss Government Dubai Zurich Saudi Arabia Derek Loudoun Valley
Los Angeles - State Orders Cary Jay Smith To Register As Sex Offender, Again

Tim Conway Jr.

03:37 min | 2 years ago

Los Angeles - State Orders Cary Jay Smith To Register As Sex Offender, Again

"Been a change will change here coming out of Santa Ana. Convicted sex offender carry J. Smith. Will once again be required to register as such, according to the Orange County District attorney Todd Spitzer. At least somebody has their finger on what to do here. But Spitzer initially told eyewitness news the governor Newsome was expected issue an executive order requiring Smith to do so later retracted this statement. According Spitzer The state attorney general's office had taken Smith off the sex offender list back in 2005 when it was informed that no criminal records were found for Smith wonder why? I mean, there's a 1,000,000 guys with that same name, but authorities in Orange County on Ly learned Of his whereabouts and where the 59 year old Smith was and released from a mental hospital earliest months following than 20 years in confinement, so a letter sent Friday to Spitzer The state Attorney General Javier Ah, Sara, said that the department Had been trying to obtain documentation regarding the individual's criminal history and multiple criminal justice agencies. Right. Just make this guy register. What's wrong with everybody. I am and not only register, Let's pick him up for something before. Look if this guy goes out there and rapes a small boy and kills a small boy I think we all have blood on our hands right that we just let this happen that there wasn't a tremendous outrage, an outpouring of anger, so he Smith could be served with that order as early as tonight. So since his release He has moved several times across Southern California, setting off warnings to local communities and law enforcement. He's currently at a health care facility in Costa Mesa. So watch your kids in Costa Mesa because this guy said he's going to When he gets out he was going to sexually assault, rape and kill small boys. What more do we need? So while he was confined to a mental hospital, he testified, having fantasies about raping and killing young boys. He also said that he liked to go by Mr R. T K standing for Mr Rape, torture and kill. In 1985 he pled guilty to misdemeanor sexual offence involving a child and was compelled register as a sex offender. That requirement was removed by the state in 2005 and nobody knows why. But he was admitted to a psychiatric facility back in 1999 after his wife provided a letter in which Smith described sex acts and warned that a seven year old boy who lived in the neighborhood could be next. So. You're in the district Attorney's office in 5 4002 filed 20 felony counts against this guy. This guy's still out there, man. That was way out there and he doesn't even after register is a sex offenders. Tim, I do have some good news about that We are going. We spoke. We had Corbett on live a little bit ago and well, reiterate it in the in the news right now, But Governor Newsome is expected to issue an order that will require him to To register. All right. How about an issue? How about Ah, issue a requirement to put him in jail for the rest of his life on that front? Hopefully the Holy the next the next quarter hour tease. Yes, absolutely All right, But this is it's crazy. If we allow this in this country, and where does it happen? California right A

J. Smith Todd Spitzer Governor Newsome Orange County Santa Ana Costa Mesa Mr Rape Attorney General Javier Ah Attorney Southern California California LY Executive TIM Corbett Mr R. T K Sara Assault
Los Angeles - Anaheim Police Officer Charged With Lying About Traffic Stop Search

Leo Laporte

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Los Angeles - Anaheim Police Officer Charged With Lying About Traffic Stop Search

"News you're a cop in Anaheim faces five years in prison for allegedly lying under oath and falsifying a police report cops found drugs in evidence of drug sales during a traffic stop in twenty eighteen Orange County DA Todd Spitzer says felony charges were filed because the cop Dylan Avila lied and said the driver consented to the search police officers who break the law or bend the rules they need to be prosecuted and they need to be fired he says body cam footage ended up showing the driver repeatedly said he did not consent if we do not get rid of the bad cops it makes every cop look past drug charges have been dropped Vela faces nearly five years in prison if

Anaheim Todd Spitzer Dylan Avila Vela Orange County
Los Angeles Man Charged With Poisoning 8 Homeless People With Substance Twice As Strong As Pepper Spray, Recording Their Reactions

Tim Conway Jr.

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Los Angeles Man Charged With Poisoning 8 Homeless People With Substance Twice As Strong As Pepper Spray, Recording Their Reactions

"Charges have been filed in Orange County against a man accused of poisoning eight homeless people in Huntington beach Orange County DA Todd Spitzer says an extract put in the food the man gave people is twice as strong as pepper spray it's simply outrageous that anybody would feed a concentrated pepper spray material to an individual for their own personal entertainment Spitzer says the man offered beer to people if they ate all the spicy food then recorded the vomiting and burning reactions from a distance several people had to go to the hospital the man is facing nineteen years if he's convicted as

Orange County Todd Spitzer Huntington Beach Orange County Vomiting
"  spitzer" Discussed on News Talk 1130 WISN

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" spitzer" Discussed on News Talk 1130 WISN

"Stocks rose on Thursday despite new data that showed a record six point six million workers filed jobless claims last week roughly double the number from two weeks ago gains in the market pushed higher later in the day after president trump suggested on Twitter that talks between Saudi Arabia and Russia could lead to a cut in oil production by ten to fifteen million barrels oil had its best day on record thirteen twenty four percent at the close the Dow was up four hundred sixty six points to twenty one thousand four hundred ten the S. and P. is up fifty six and the nasdaq is up one hundred twenty six points from the coal investment group I'm Aaron Spitzer good afternoon this is the mark Belling late afternoon show on newstalk eleven thirty W. Y. as I talk about a lot about how life is nothing but a matter of perspective there's nine thousand different ways you can say the same thing including it's easy to shoot off.

trump Twitter Saudi Arabia Russia mark Belling newstalk president Aaron Spitzer
Washington state man becomes first U.S. coronavirus fatality

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Washington state man becomes first U.S. coronavirus fatality

"Washington State Governor. Jay Inslee has declared a state of emergency because of the new strain of corona virus. The governor announced the move after following the first corona virus fatality in the US. A man in his fifties in Seattle who had underlying health issues. Dozens of others in the state are being tested. Gabriel Spitzer from member station K. A. N. K. EX reports. The man who died had no history of overseas travel or contact with other known carriers Public Health Seattle and King County officials. Also say to people at a suburban Long-term Care Center tested positive more than fifty staffers in residents there are showing respiratory symptoms. Dr Frank Rito is with Evergreen Health Hospital. What we're seeing is the tip of the iceberg. So we're seeing the most critically ill individuals usually that means there's a significant percentage of individuals of less severe illness floating around out there. The nursing home outbreak came to light. After federal officials broaden their guidelines on should be tested for the novel Corona

Seattle Dr Frank Rito Jay Inslee Evergreen Health Hospital Gabriel Spitzer Long-Term Care Center Washington United States King County K. A. N. K. Ex
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" spitzer" Discussed on KCRW

"And Spitzer fired back with a two hour press conference accusing or copper caucus of corruption and basically went from NASA for about the past ten years the arrest of doctor Roshan's risa Riley occurred a matter of weeks before the twenty eighteen election for district attorney and it very quickly became an issue in that race with the challenger Spitzer accusing the incumbent ricotta S. of using the case to bolster his flagging campaign for reelection so what is your caucusing now we're carcass put out a statement yesterday which basically express his sympathies for the women who had the courage to come forward he said he regretted that the public does not have a chance to explore the truth during the court hearings he raised the suggestion that this this may all be attributable to a political vendetta against them by the current yeah well so is there any indication that the current yes better will try to refile this case with different evidence or or try in any way to get a conviction of these two AS word yesterday were pretty much as strong as it as it is words can be and issuing reasoning for dismissing a case and there's no indication at this point that his office plans to refile and so the women who claim they were sexually assaulted what happens to them my understanding is that the victims are very concerned about this about this decision particularly in the beginning with the fact that they that they weren't consulted ahead of time certainly it the process of coming forward and identifying yourself to authorities as a sexual assault victim is not a pleasant one and it's I think the deal that they had passed through I think was done with the understanding that this case was at the very least gonna go before a judge and now that the fact that it hasn't is a surprise to them and and I think given today's result it also introduces the possibility of that as a result of the dismissal their excuse rapist rapist may actually be in a position to to sue his alleged victims for defamation among other things just make him he's a reporter for Los Angeles magazine and we've been talking about the Orange County DA deciding to drop the charges against a Newport beach doctor and his girlfriend here both of them had been accused of drugging and sexually assaulting at least half a dozen women thank.

Spitzer NASA doctor Roshan assault reporter Los Angeles magazine risa Riley Orange County Newport
Rape case to be dropped against doctor who was on reality TV

Mark Levin

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Rape case to be dropped against doctor who was on reality TV

"California prosecutors say they'll drop a rape case against the high profile doctor California's surgeon grant Robichaux who appeared on a reality TV show was accused along with his girlfriend of sexually assaulting incapacitated women they were charged with rape by use of drugs kidnapping and other crimes in twenty eighteen but Tony recount gets the Orange County district attorney who filed the charges later admitted he hoped the publicity over the case would help his reelection campaign the new de etat Spitzer says there is insufficient evidence to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt and that video evidence for Calchas a talked about did not exist an attorney for one of really shows accusers says she'll be devastated Spitzer is asking the state bar to review the original handling of

California Robichaux Rape Spitzer Calchas Attorney Kidnapping Tony Orange County
"  spitzer" Discussed on AP News

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" spitzer" Discussed on AP News

"Spitzer space telescope after sixteen years of scanning the universe with infrared eyes ground controllers to put the aging spacecraft into permanent hibernation for years but Sir look through dusty clouds that I'm told stars and galaxies uncovered a huge nearly invisible ring around Saturday and helped discover seven earth size planets around a nearby star altogether Spitzer observed eight hundred thousand celestial targets and turned out more than thirty six million raw images as part of the one point four billion dollar mission an estimated four thousand scientists around the world took part of the observations and published nearly nine thousand studies according to NASA designed to last just two and a half to five years the telescope got increasingly difficult to operate as it drifted farther behind earth NASA set it currently trails earth by one hundred sixty five million miles while orbiting the sun Spitzer will continue to fall even farther behind earth posing no threat to any other space craft or anything else officials that I Connecticut Indian tribe is withdrawing its decades long support of Indian related team names reversal has unsettled many people in Montville Connecticut where the high school teams are called the Indians with the former blessing of the Mohegan tribe the native American tribe traces its local history back centuries and today operates one of the world's biggest casinos the tribe in the school system have communicated over the years to make sure that the name honors American Indians and is not used in a derogatory way the mayor Ronald McDaniel said the school system will follow up with a try but the name is never been a source of friction until now British Airways joins a growing list of airlines suspending or reducing flights to China he pees at Charles de Ledesma reports it comes as fears spread about the outbreak of a new virus that killed more than a hundred thirty people show bases announce it immediately suspending all flights to and from mainland China after the British government warned against unnecessary travel to the country I made the virus outbreak finesse Hong Kong based Cathay Pacific and Singapore based Jetstar Asia meanwhile cutting back on flights to the country as the mantra for travel drops China has cut off access to the central city of Wuhan epicenter of the outbreak and sixteen other cities to prevent people from leaving and spreading the virus further I'm Charles de Ledesma question time in the truck trial I'm to acquire the AP news minute members of the Senate are questioning the house prosecutors and president trump's defense attorneys on this first day of questions in trump's impeachment trial during a break Utah Republican senator Mitt Romney told reporters he favors calling former national security adviser John Bolton to testify John.

Cathay Pacific senator Utah president AP Wuhan John Bolton Mitt Romney trump Senate Jetstar Asia Spitzer Hong Kong British government Charles de Ledesma China British Airways Ronald McDaniel American Indians
NASA shutting down space telescope, infrared eyes to cosmos

Morning News with Manda Factor and Gregg Hersholt

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NASA shutting down space telescope, infrared eyes to cosmos

"NASA is pulling the plug on one of its greatest space observatories the Spitzer space telescope has been scanning the universe within for red eyes for sixteen years the end will come tomorrow when ground controllers put the spacecraft into permanent hibernation Spitzer peered through dusty clouds at stars and galaxies and uncovered a huge nearly invisible ring around Saturn the telescope also help discover seven earth size planets around a nearby star it's been in decline for years becoming increasingly difficult to operate while trailing earth around the sun S. last observation is expected

Nasa Spitzer Spitzer Space
How Bill Creelman Built Spindrift

How I Built This

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How Bill Creelman Built Spindrift

"In two thousand nineteen the World Health Organization revised its guidelines for sugar intake. SUGAR IT turns out. It's actually worse for us than we thought. Too much can be deadly now. I say this by the way as I finish this delicious sugar cookie. My kids made last night anyway. The new guidelines now suggest adults should not consume more than twenty five grams of added sugar a day. Now think about this for a moment. A single twelve ounce can of Coca Cola has thirty nine grams of added sugar. That is a day and a half of sugar. A can of coke and if you go to the movies and get thirty two ounce cup you will burn through nearly five days if you're sugar allotment before you get to the credits so what to do. Well the obvious answer is drink less sugar which clearly is advice. Lots of people are taking because the last year the sparkling water industry hit an all all time high and sales nearly two and a half billion dollars according to Nielsen. And it's why the beverage out if your local supermarket is now jam packed with with Lacroix and Topa Chico bobbly Poland Springs and Waterloo in several other brands. And it's also big players like Coca Cola Pepsi and Nestle Sleet are all pushing into the sector. One of the fastest growing independent brands and sparkling water is called spin drift and unlike virtually every other bubbly water brand out. There spend drips. Water is as basic as it gets literally just a mixture of sparkling water and fresh squeezed juice which may may not sound all that innovative. But it's actually an incredibly challenging thing to make because fresh squeezed juice does not stay fresh forever and Spitzer's founder founder. Bill crewmen took years to figure out how to make it all work and along the way he struggled to find bottlers and distributors. Who would work with them but the story story of how he was inspired to create spin drift probably begins much much earlier back in his childhood bills? Parents chose to raise the family on a farm in in western Massachusetts. His Dad worked for the sporting goods company spalding. His mom wasn't home with the family and pretty much. All the food they ate was local. The fresh thing I remember most is just all of the food seem to come from our farmer or the farms around us. So you know we had. I just sugarhouse up the street from us. We had you know milked it was delivered with a huge head of cream on the top. You know unbiased tries we would make other from that. Ah I think key learning for me was just a very clear idea of where our food is coming from because it seemed to always be delivered from our neighbors abors or or just off of our own farm You know there was local unavailable and just to be clear. I mean we're talking about like the nineteen thirties or forties. I I believe at the time of this recording. You're forty five years old so this is like the eighties. This is not that long ago it really wasn't and that's what I mean. It was really a choice. And you know. I'm not sure what the message message was. We're supposed to take away from it. I would say my mom. She love this idea of being out in the woods and being on a farm and and surviving and off of nature and she was surrounded by friends felt the same way and we had almost no rules honestly we she had this philosophy. Severe that you know have fun. Do Your own thing in be adventurous. I think she's sort of thought of the farm is our playground are self expression and and I think the thing I remember that the farm land just kind of continued in all directions and farmers to the left and right in around us and even to this stay. This neighborhood and in Western mass is really still the same way it's virtually unchanged today. Do you remember how quiet it was at night. From like December to. Let's say the end of March because I'm imagining there was so much snow. It was absorbing all of the sound at night it was just silent. Maybe a little wind I I remember that really keenly and I actually think of that often because now you know in the suburbs herbs of Boston you that level of silence that type of silence. It was really hard to find. We would keep by firewood for the most part. We had a big woodstove when that fire would burn down nothing there was really no sound left in the house. Save your breathing or the shuffling of you. You know of a sibling was it. An old house would like old wooden floorboards. Yeah it was an old redman just where you imagine a Red Farmhouse Big Red Barn creaking floorboards floorboards for sure. So I guess you knew of someone got up during the night but other than that it was. It was completely silent so So that eventually your family moved off of that farm to the town of deerfield which is also in guessing western Massachusetts and you went to high school there and then to college in Washington. DC at Georgetown. When you when you got to college like when you're eighteen years old did you have any idea? What you you want to do with your life? Now I was kind of out of the sort of grasps of western Massachusetts and I was really starting to for the first time. I What I wanted to do professionally and I should mention that kind of in high school and then as I started college I was starting to work on the fishing boats off the Cape and islands of Cape Cod or or like nantucket? Martha's Vineyard is. Is that right. That's right and you know it was just it was just magical you know you're on abode all day. You're fishing for whatever you could catch. Stripe Pass in Blue Fish And so when I got to Georgetown I really really. I was working in the summers and then going to school during the year and I started to really solidify crystallize. You know what I thought I wanted to do. which was kind of try to figure out you know business? That would be interesting to me so as I was finishing up. Georgetown I took my coast card test. And then eventually I got my captains license right after graduation and Butleigh why you were Georgetown. You met somebody who became presumably became a girlfriend today. Your Wife Life Bray is is right. That's right yeah very lucky. I'm to meet my wife Harley while we are Georgetown and we started dating when we were nineteen uh-huh and so we've been together ever ever since I'm not sure she quite knew what she was getting into way back then but while I was at Georgetown. I took an entrepreneurship class in my senior year. She she got to see me Present my first business plan so I guess she had some sense devoid. She was getting into even in the nineties. And what was your business. Plan that you pitch to the class. It was called nantucket smoke house so the idea was taking smoke fish and striped bass and other things in creating a smoke house out on island we were then offer the products from all over the US turned out to luckily not an idea. We ended up pursuing Tom. But you know the Sivas planted for sure all right so so you you graduate From Georgetown in Nineteen ninety-six. And and what did you do. Where'd you go work? So the first thing I did was go back out to an antiquated and actually continue now with my captain's license in hand continue working on the on the fishing boats. You know I was probably my fifth year and so I went out there with an idea of kind of finishing that summer and then and then ultimately going out to the Pacific northwest to pursue the smoked food world or at least learn more about it and so my wife Harley was living in her girlfriend that time living in Seattle and we piled into her sir VW and drove up the coast and basically just started hitting smoke houses and asking them. You know what the industry was like today. Play kit today. Not like it would they recommend going into it and I'll never I'll never forget finishing a tour and the guy who is leading me on the tour pulled me aside and said I mean do you favor never get into this business fish. It's fire you know. It is a shrinking industry. You know it's nothing we would recommend and was that enough to convince you it was at least enough for me to second guess it and so I am incredibly grateful for that person's advice for sure and the the business idea that ended up kind of coming out of it was company called Nantucket Harvest and untuckit harvest offered smoked food items That were already being produced. Even though it ultimately long-term not terribly successful. It was much better than where we would land right okay. So you're so you decide I'm going to go back to Massachusetts. I'm going to start a business where I basically. What like source food food from nantucket and create like a mail order business? That's right who is mid mid nineties Nantucket at all these really interesting producers serves that had gotten to know some of them over the years What were they making or what? What did they produce? Yes so they had you know it's thirty miles off shore so it kind of has some. I'm really interesting. Unique products only only really only available out there. There was already a a smoke. Bluefish Pate Really Beach Palm Jelly really interesting Zhang Jellies Bay scallops. You know lobsters ice cream so our thesis was will people love these in the summer. I bet they would love to buy him. mm-hmm the other nine months of the year and we wanted to provide them with a solution to do

Georgetown Massachusetts Coca Cola World Health Organization Harley Nantucket United States Cape Cod Boston Nielsen Founder Nestle Sleet Bill Pepsi Deerfield Zhang Jellies Bay Martha's Vineyard Lacroix Pacific Northwest Spitzer
Gunmaker Colt suspending production of rifles for civilian market including AR-15

All Things Considered

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Gunmaker Colt suspending production of rifles for civilian market including AR-15

"Connecticut based gunmaker cold says it plans to suspend production of A. R. fifteen style rifles with the civilian market company says it will limit production to police and military contracts can I get public radio's Ryen Lindsay is more the gun company says this is not a political decision C. O. Dionisio said in a statement that cold is quote a stout supporter of the second amendment but he says the market for a R. fifteens over saturated professor Robert Spitzer SUNY Cortland says colts decision is significant even though the rifles in question represent a small percentage of guns in America politically speaking his weapons have come to be seen as sort of at the core of America's gun problem and that is attributable to the fact that they have increasingly been used by mass shooters the company says that it's a R. fifteen sales have been declining but it could resume selling them to civilians in the

Connecticut Ryen Lindsay C. O. Dionisio Robert Spitzer Suny Cortland America Professor Colts
"  spitzer" Discussed on Newsradio 1200 WOAI

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" spitzer" Discussed on Newsradio 1200 WOAI

"We will have two special guests were you this our first Michael Warner's with us senior research scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory California institute of technology he has been the lead scientist for the Spitzer space telescope since nineteen eighty four will be talking about that Michael I love space and welcome to the program thank you very much you're right hope you can hear me okay yeah we we can't how did you get involved in science you must about a little boy loving space I I got to believe while I was writing science when I was little boy which was a long time ago was in the pre Sputnik days but I sold interested in pursuing science when I went to college and eventually found my way into astronomy well that's fantastic I mean I was involved in the interested in space we're gonna telescope when I was a little kid and everything else tell us about the Spitzer space telescope exactly what is it and why that name Spitzer what's names which are the structures for install stroke George's one of Manson's records for astronomy from space you can think of it as a because what the Hubble Space Telescope like the Hubble Space Telescope the scriptures baseball's coke is named for a famous astronomer over the past in this case a gentleman named Lyman Spitzer who in nineteen forty six photo very forward question to paper about the things that could be done with college coach outside of the administrator he later became a professor at Princeton have an outspoken advocate for space astronomy in particular so the whole street stalls goal how big is the Spitzer telescope like Richard telescope was only eighty five centimeters in size it's about the size of a hoop we do our work in the infrared part of the spectrum adjacent to the visible light the Hubble studies.

Michael Warner senior research scientist NASA Spitzer space telescope George Manson Hubble Space Telescope Lyman Spitzer administrator professor Princeton Richard telescope Jet Propulsion Laboratory Cali Spitzer eighty five centimeters
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" spitzer" Discussed on SPACE NEWS POD

"So these ones will continue going on. So please stay subscribed. This is the this is the format for this podcast. I'm also doing another podcast called space news pot alive. So that's where you can get the longer format that's where you can get the conversational format of this podcast. So that being said, let's get into some Spitzer news Spitzer space telescope, according to NASA will be decommissioned on January thirtieth of twenty twenty now that is due to the space telescope aging. And this is due to decreased functionality you see Spitzer. It has to rotate two point it's antenna towards the earth to transmit data back to us. And when it does this, it causes its solar panels to turn away from the sun in during. That time the space craft relies on internal solar power in a battery to operate. So every year, that Spitzer has been out there, it's there's solar panels have been tilting further and further away from the sun in scientists at NASA worried that continuing to operate Spitzer would deplete his energy source completely. And if this happens like in the middle of it experiment, they might not be able to retrieve the data that's already on Spitzer, so they need to basically save energy in order to shoot that data back to earth in Spitzer is amazing. Right. So Spitzer was only supposed to last five years in it. Lasted in additional eleven years, in during that time Spitzer gave us some of the most stunning images of Saturn's rings clusters of stars and. A small black hole from a nearby dwarf galaxy amongst a lot.

Spitzer NASA twenty twenty eleven years five years
"  spitzer" Discussed on 850 WFTL

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" spitzer" Discussed on 850 WFTL

"Attorney general Spitzer settled with the ten largest Wall Street banks for one point four billion dollars in civil fraud penalties. A mere fraction of the hundreds of billions of dollars Wall Street, earned underwriting and trading fees. A small price to pay by Wall Street will PT Barnum, the great American circus. Impresario one said that there's a sucker born every minute. Hey main street shell games off with suckers don't gamble in a risky investment shell game. You'll always lose insure your investments, play it safe and follow those three irrefutable laws of safe investing. We talk a lot on talk radio about how Wall Street is broken for the mainstream investor. It's ironic to me that the one thing that proves point for the best is just looking at recent stock market performance. We're going to give you some really bad news that you're not going to hear from your stockbroker, or your financial adviser that specializes in selling you risky stocks wristy bonds risky variable annuities, and risky mutual funds. We're gonna take the stock market from the high point Tober twelve two thousand seven the Dow Jones industrial average is only made about five percent per year. Could you believe that over ten years of the ups and downs? In roller. Coasters, sleepless nights biting, your fingernails pain in your side five percent per year, the S and P standard emporer from the high point Tober twelve two thousand seven is only made about five percent per year. All right. We're gonna take the NASDAQ over seventeen years. The NASDAQ the NASDAQ only made an average of two percent per year. Are you kidding me folks? Why would anybody do this? It's. It's crazy. If you need your funds, you can't be gambling. It's like being in Vegas, and gambling with all of your retirement funds funds that you need to support yourself. When you retire folks, this market could tank it anytime. Black Monday, October nineteenth, the Dow in one day was down twenty two point six percent. The SNP in one day black Monday October nineteen was down twenty percent folks. Don't do this to yourself. It's crazy. The last financial crisis. The Dow was down thirty six percent. The SNP was down thirty eight percent the NASDAQ down forty three percent folks. If you lose twenty five percent of your funds in a financial crisis, and the next one is going to be big. You have to make back thirty three percent of your retirement funds how long it's going to take you to do that. If you lose thirty three percent guess what? You have to make back fifty percent. That's insane. You can't do this. You can't run with the boys on Wall Street. It's dangerous. They will eat you up every day of the week, you can't do this into the.

SNP PT Barnum general Spitzer Attorney fraud Vegas five percent thirty three percent one day four billion dollars thirty eight percent forty three percent twenty five percent thirty six percent
"  spitzer" Discussed on News Talk 1130 WISN

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" spitzer" Discussed on News Talk 1130 WISN

"And also Erin Spitzer in studio. Good morning to both of you. Jeff. How are you? Great. How are you Paul fantastic? Aaron Spitzer welcome back to the show. Thanks. Thanks for having me back today. I wanna make sure you get the exact title. You are a CFP. Correct. What does that mean a certified financial planner? There you go. You got it all these acronyms. Yeah. Right in your business in we get late around. There's a we have a list of how to find a financial adviser and some of the alphabet soup you have after name. So we might go through that. If we have a chance later around Jeff you have more alphabet soup titles behind your negative. I've been around for a while. But the thicky inner office that we believe in continuing education when you could do the continuing education, you get credit for you get a designation that designations we have seal us chart life under a charge financial consultant, certified financial planners. I think Joe is a certified retirement planning specialist. So we believe in the continuing education in the designations proves that we believe that your website the co away dot com. Gives us a lot of background on all of your locations. Now four I believe soon to be five Jeff, right? Yep. We have in the world headquarters in Waukesha. We also have Madison port, Washington, Phoenix and an era Spitzer good thing. He's here today because he's going to be working out of that office right at highway twenty and ninety four hundred oh, that's a good location. Aaron that's not open yet. But soon to be correct. Yeah. We're targeting about a month from now and for most people if you're if you're in the Racine area, and you're going on highway twenty you can't miss the sign. It's about as big as a billboard out. There the coal investment group. Now, so five locations will be saying, Jeff, of course, your world headquarters as you said in Waukesha, but if your net north shore area port Washington office, these are places you get together and meet I guess when needed. I mean is there a rule of thumb how often I should meet with my advisers it as needed Jeff? As Niyaz we'd like to see our clients generally once a year sometimes twice a year and more often, we'll see clients very often if they're close to retirement writer at Ray, the pull the pin, and you wanna make sure that you're not make a mistake on that. You don't wanna be retiring leaving work, and then finding out that. You have to go back at seventy five because there is a slight miscalculation. So we were very careful with that. But generally, I would think especially for. Our clients were me with them twice a year. And that it's not just about the investments it's about the planning as well. And if you go you mentioned, the the website.

Jeff Aaron Spitzer Erin Spitzer Waukesha Paul Spitzer Ray Washington consultant Racine Joe Phoenix Niyaz writer
"  spitzer" Discussed on Radio Free Nashville

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" spitzer" Discussed on Radio Free Nashville

"Eliot Spitzer, this is a largely unknown story. The guy who apparently took down Al Franken Roger stone and took down Eliot Spitzer, if you haven't seen this documentary client number nine if you want to know who Roger stone is watch this documentary. It's breathtaking. It's the story of how Eliot Spitzer as attorney general of New York state was going after a billionaire. In New York. And I'm I you know, it's been a few years since I watched the documentary. I'm sorry. I don't remember the name of the billionaire, but this billionaire hired Roger stone to take down Eliot Spitzer, and Roger stone, apparently bribed somebody inside the federal judiciary inside the federal government. And got sealed federal investigative reports. They were looking into this prostitution ring in Washington DC, and he got these sealed private top secret FBI reports that indicated that one of the people who had been a customer of one of the prostitutes that was under scrutiny. Was in fact, Eliot Spitzer. And Roger stone made that information public. And of course, that took down Eliot Spitzer that was the end of his. Life in many ways and in client number nine. They interview Spitzer at length, and and what's so heartbreaking about this documentary. And I really encourage you to watch it is the first twenty percent of the documentary. I v of the documentary is clips from from Eliot Spitzer giving speeches and things the guy. It was going to be the next FDR. He was going to be part of the United States. And Roger stone took him down. Roger stone who used to work for Richard Nixon was Richard Nixon tattooed on his back. Took down Franken apparently took down Eliot Spitzer. And now it appears took out Hillary Clinton. So my question does the Clinton campaign or does. Hilary Clinton herself have the basis for a lawsuit that could be established at the supreme court for fraud against the United States of America and against their campaign. They're the aggrieved party they would have to to file the lawsuit. Although I would think that any any of us could file a lawsuit to say that you know, we are aggrieved parties too, but it might be a little more ten little thinner a little weaker. But does the Clinton campaign have a lawsuit that they can that they could bring in federal court that says? Trump is president as a consequence of a fraud. He should be deprived of the fruit of that fraud. Therefore, Trump and Pence are no longer president and Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine our president and vice president just like that is that even possible. I don't know. I honestly don't know. Congressman or O'Connor will be with us on Monday. He's a constitutional lawyer Yale Law School, go at graduate. I I left a message for him this morning, but never heard back. You know, asking essentially the same question, we will certainly talk with him on Monday when he comes on the program. So anyhow William in Eureka, California. Hey, William thanks for listening to fourteen eighty AM. What's up? Hi, tom. Thanks for doing. What you do? Sure. I'm calling in today with a get out the vote action alert for people in California. I think there's a lot of people that vote in every national election. But they don't realize that these state party election happened every two years, and they're very important if you had a minute or two I could call your audience more about him very quickly. Well, this weekend in all throughout California, and the California Democratic party is holding in elections called ADA stands for assembly district election meetings. Happy's took place two weeks ago and the rest of them take places weekend. I want to encourage all of your listeners in California to go to a website. WWW dot ends dot vote. You can find the progressives that are running in your district simply by going there and selecting the assembly district that you live in. I also have a really good idea for people that don't want to donate to the Democratic Party. But really wanna help propel progressive ideas. One thing you can do it. You can join the democratic progressive caucus in your state. You can go online if you live in California, just Google progressive caucus, California. Let's donate or and you can do two things at one time. You can give them a little money, and you can join their caucus and really get in tune with what's happening in progressive politics in California. You always encourage people to get more involved. And I just want to thank you for that. 'cause Bernie Sanders have.

Eliot Spitzer Al Franken Roger stone California Hillary Clinton California Democratic party Roger stone United States president Trump tom New York Richard Nixon Bernie Sanders FDR fraud Yale Law School attorney FBI prostitution William
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"What a wonderful hedge against inflation because in these sixty nudity as interest rates rise. And as the economic environment requires rates in the sixties will rise also. And if you remember back during Jimmy Carter's day, CD rates were double digits and usually the rates offered and fixed annuities will rise higher than CD rates. If you see that happen. Raise your hand say, hey, gimme the higher rate that you're offering which is higher than a CD rate. You get it. This is a safe insured program. But you're keeping pace with inflation. Anthony doesn't stop there as they say in the infomercials, but wait, there's more these great fixed annuities a super way for you. The main street investor to cut your income tax dome. Run super is right because these have great feature in deferring the interests that you word you could cut your tax Bill as long as you keep that interest in the program. Don't take any distribution in any given year, you paid your attacks. Because all that interesting is deferred. It goes on to the next year. If you're ready to stock a bond a mutual fund, you get a ten ninety nine every year you have to pay taxes on those earnings with fixed annuity keep the money in the program. Do not take a distribution let it ride. Let it go forward. We have hundreds and hundreds of clients not taking distributions, and they're saving thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxes every year because they're deferring their interests are not taking the distribution great way, keeping your money, safe and insured by cutting your tax Bill time now save money talk radio for Anthony's monologue. And I've used the analogy many times Anthony, I've never forget a trip. I took to New York once and onto the corner on the sidewalk a young man playing a shell game with folks. And I couldn't get over the amount of people that were willing to lay their money down the play the shell game knowing full. Well, there was no way they were going to ever win beat that guy at the shell game. And the irony was that just a few blocks down the street was Wall Street where a huge shell game is taking place. Wall Street's favourite shell gain is pay to play and that's the subject of your monologue this week well during the financial crisis of two thousand Eliot Spitzer, New York attorney. General sued Wall Street's ten largest investment banks for civil fraud mrS Spitzer alleged that the Wall Street banks knew that many of the tech stocks. Did they were underwriting promoting and selling to main street? Investors were very risky and heck, no intrinsic value. Wall Street analyst who recommended many of the tech stocks to main street investors during the years leading up to the crisis privately dismissed, these investments as worthless garbage. Info space, highly touted tech stock was privately called a piece of junk by one Wall Street analyst, another Wall Street analysts privately dismissed, another highly touted tech company excite as piece of crack all of these highly recommended stocks, and many others which were highly touted by Wall Street as.

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"I wrote the ski lift up with Eliot Spitzer. With former New York governor and client number nine. I was on a ski lift I was on cheer five which is high noon from from the back. My wife, and I we go ski Vail. We spend ninety five percent of the day on chair five back full. I love chair. Anyway, go ahead. What what you want to say? You know, I just wanted to say that this girl that got raped down there in Arizona. That is like that brought tears to my eyes this girl in the veggies state. Somebody obviously, a male takes advantage of this girl, rapes her and and she knows absolutely nothing nothing. And then all of a sudden all nine months, later, whatever a kid, I hope like all get out. And I'm like all get out not occurs because I know cursing is not allowed on yourself. That'd be correct. I wrote they mailed this guy. You know, they're doing the DNA. A sampling a warrant was served that they're all the males at the facility for to provide a DNA sample. If if if anyone doesn't that might be a, I guess, that's the culprit. But also, there might be some that will give up the DNA thinking, maybe the science won't pay me. And I wouldn't I wouldn't Bank on that. Great call. Thanks a lot. I'm in full agreement on the skiing and the deplorable situation with this woman in the vegetative state giving birth in Arizona, thanks for the call call again, don't wait two or three years again. A call back eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine I got more calls..

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"Party of tendon patches non-sport cope, having high waisted book clubs Spitzer drinking fibers theory. Listeners might not appreciate. Everybody'll five this and blood every real fight between men. Most of the time between. On the ground. Forget TV fights with the round houses. Forget boxes. Forget Bruce Lee. Bruce lee. Every single flight. Divall almost instantly into wrestling. And whoever knows how to wrestle wings. How do I know? Why do I speak? So confidently snap understand. This is hard one of years being the very first black key to walk into an all whites. So listen to me when I say rustling Wednesday. So. Gonna mess with that other stuff is just a distraction. Step. Jesmyn probably presents the Matt. Was like the fight. Only fight them matters news from Washington. Makes your win some loose baby. Listening. Step. I'm excited because the best ask once you don't see. No one knows. A snap judgments show Rosenberg Joe, take it away. unlike most people stories actually really truly on the day. He was born. Story that my mom told me she was sixteen years old when she was about to have me. And she tells me that when I came out she could tell right away, even though she was loopy from the medication. She could tell right away that something was wrong. Just how quiet a gun how the doctors were looking around. And they basically they rushed me right out of the operating room. Didn't allow me to see me didn't allow her to hold me. Anything? And so my.

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"It's the new colonial movement. I like to talk about everyone wants a piece of the pie and Saudi Arabia's doing it to whether or not actually accomplish anything not is not clear. This is not like you a east program, which I think was established with some common sense. I mean, it's still a government program. It's still ruled from the top. But at least they had a long-term castle. Plan and how they've instituted Saudi Arabia seems to just jumping on the bandwagon. And I don't know if they really know what they're doing. You are the author of the universe in a mirror, which is the story of Hubble and a significant passing that has to do with Hubble. What's happened? Nancy roman. Who was the first chief astronomer at NASA passed away on Christmas at the age of ninety three and Nassar. As an y LA later chief astronomer NASA said if Lyman Spitzer was the father of Hubble fancy Roman was the mother she as the first chief astronomer at NASA pushed very hard to get strana me launched into space and was critical forgetting the Hubble space telescope funded and built in the sixties and seventies. When she ran. They started me program at NASA. Isn't just by the way Hubble because in the early days. Astronomers were very skeptical of spending money to put us telescopes and space and she helped turn that around. And it was her work that made it possible for for trying to me community, they eventually convince congress to fund double. And so her passing is a sad thing. And she should always be remembered. We'll probably name a bunch of planets, Bob. We can see that. Bob Zimmerman keeps the website behind the black author of Genesis about Apollo eight nine hundred sixty eight and also universe and a mirror about the Hubble space telescope,.

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