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"todd reynolds" Discussed on MacBreak Weekly

"He's talking to it. Are you assuming you're losing some privacy or the ability for it to do that. And i don't know if you do but i i think that any like i do i don't put. I don't put my my smart assistance everywhere in my house You know so so. There's places that. I prefer not to have an assistant In mine are all in the kitchen. So so the Which may not be better and talking about cooking but but the But anyway so i. I think that it's interesting it's an interesting problem of recording because in most states legal to record without telling somebody right. That's that's english. I do. I do think that the main solution to this is going to be transparency. That one thing that Google is second only to the anti christ itself when it comes to collecting people's personal data. However they're also very good and saying if you want to see every recording we've ever made from your smart device here. It is not not only that but you can actually listen to the recording itself so if you are shocked and you want to throw these through our devices a fire you are now free to do that and or delete all the stuff that we have actually collected from you so there things. Are there things you can't. You can't really make a smart assistant. That is so good at at discerning. The hot word from something. That's kind of has the same musical sense as the hot word particularly given that you've got this tiny tiny low power system on a chip. That's responsible for that and nothing else in that but people have to know if you're going to be if you kanter simply blindly trust any company. Google it apple amazon. Did anybody you have to understand. Exactly what the what's involved in the transaction so that you can decide what your factor is and it's not just remember as long as the data that they're collecting the david they're buying so they're constantly buying your. They're buying your data from the television That you bought. They're buying data from the safeway that you went to shop in. They're buying data from the credit cards. They're buying data. That's why all the gdp pr things are big deals like. Can we tell your data. What are they doing their packaging. That data up back to ruin facebook so they can they can get a better You know trajectory so all. Those things are things that they're they're they're all. Those things are collecting in the stuff that they're collecting directly as what they tell you. Do you think apple is not collecting it and not passing it on. I don't know apple's not casting your arms. They're not passing it on apple apple abba would the only reason that they would keep the data so they can figure out why it said that so they can improve the factory but they have no reason to keep it. They don't want to. Let's take a little break more to come. Alex lindsay's here from office hours office. Els duck global Alex I'm sure you've got some exciting stuff. You're covering wanna give us so much fun it was. It was a long day on saturday with when we went eleven hours of the regular show. She's and then we had the after hours because we started with the regular the regular show and then we have two hours when we talk. We have educated people in the becoming more and more like administrators and teachers and everything else. And we don't stream. That's he can't see it because they felt like they didn't want to put it all good. Yeah conversations like okay so how does like we're having conversations on on saturday mornings about well. How does Online learning affect the financial models of of in you know of of the traditional brick and mortar schools. And what does that mean in. What sustainable and so you get into these really deep conversations on saturday mornings so then came out of that and we have this thing that. We're calling the belfast project. Because we started in a bar in belfast and We're not project. But it's called the belfast method. We change the way from belfast. Project is something else that we decided not to use so So the belfast method Belfast project forget. I ever said project bequest project a breeze to the troubles and so we decided to change it to the bell hood. That's smart yeah so anyway. So the anyway We're figuring out. How do you run a show in this case. We're there was an artist. Todd todd reynolds who we worked with in the past and he were taking over like his switzer and his. You know all kinds of other stuff people all over the world are like running his show. You know from remotely until everyone's figured out you get to watch and listen to the comms and they've they're streaming into youtube and you get to see all the stuff that's there and then then course. We shifted gears again. We made i mean really good lentil Lentil so good. There's there's you know following along and trying to figure it out and so Gajar who's in in south africa's she she's teaching us how to make this this This lentil dish that was amazing and took us two hours. We put this all the guimet. Dad probably an idiot. Cooking is it's very labor intensive while it was. I have to admit that we got about halfway through and There was that we had done the lentils and the onions. And everything else. And i was like i could just eat this as a soup. This is fine right here and then we keep going. It was even better anyway and then we switched to the remotes which the roads is our own band. So they So anyway so they had a new song. Renamed his sabatoge gun toco. I think we've put all those things that we've finished about four o'clock in the afternoon you know it started at five in the morning and so in the afternoon and then we'll and then we went to after hours and then people were talking into the evening and hanging out talking about though the the big thing is is that we're just it's so amazing there's so much information going back and forth because the folks that are in office hours are getting smarter but also the the The kind of folks that are continually coming in we we we..

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