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"todd kris jenner" Discussed on Squawk Pod

"What kind of Tech Company does the world need today? One that applies smart technologies at scale with purpose and expertise. Not just for some but for all with a I- blockchain and quantum technology. IBM IS PARTNERING WITH CLIENTS TO DEVELOP SMART scalable technologies that help businesses his work better together. Let's expect more from technology. Let's put smart to work visit. IBM DOT COM slash smart to learn more bringing show musically. This is squad the daily podcast brought to you by the team behind squawk box control to CNBC's essential morning show. If you're every day get the best stories debate and analysis from the biggest names in business politics today on Squawk Todd Kris Jenner. The woman at the helm of the Kardashian Jenner Empire says Kylie's deal with cosmetics company. Cody is just the beginning. Her Dream Mr Build this beauty. You know empire and just go into many categories that she hasn't even scratched the surface and Andrews take on the family and that conversation exclusive to squad. These are remarkable women who are tremendous entrepreneurs who are surprisingly disciplined plus former yum brands. CEO isn't worried about the trade war people. Now you feel that those fears are overblown. People are optimistic about the future. And you know I think they should be. David Novak delivers an upbeat perspective on China. Plus a nice surprise Frangieh those stories and much more. Today's podcast I'm CNBC producer. Cameron in Costa. It's Tuesday November. Nineteen squad begins right now and enter by three to one enders. Good Morning. Welcome to squawk walks right here on. CNBC we're live at the Nasdaq market site in Times Square. I'm Andros organ along with Joe Kernan and Melissa I up today bad news for we work again. I've got some grim reaper. News on we work. We work problems. They continue to get worse New York attorney. General is now investigating. We work this corridor. Report report by Reuters the company confirming its been contacted by the AG's office and says it is cooperating. Sources say the probe is probably focused on. We works founder and former. Co Adam Newman. And whether he engaged in so-called self-dealing Newman bought properties. You remember and then leased them back to we work and then borrowed against his own stake in the company company. This isn't the first time that we work has come under scrutiny. From The New York Attorney General's office last year. It rolled back policy of requiring employees to sign non on compete agreements as part of settlement. The question is you're going to look at those transactions where he bought the real estate and then use them them and then effectively lease them back to we work. Does that represent self-dealing. Who was harmed? What happened by the way I've done some reporting around that historically and the two things I learned over time were one? It wasn't clear you actually made money doing it. Then he might have actually lost my. It's unclear that would matter right and to that at the time at least the rationale justification for the transactions were that effectively the they were trying to build out we work as quickly as possible and they were trying to get certain buildings again. We worked into certain buildings PARSIS showcase and other things at least that was the justification rationale now for it at the time whether you think that passes passes the smell test. I Dunno self-dealing. Then there's also that issue the trademark which never came to fruition because because he didn't end up selling the rights to the trademark. I do some more reporting around the trademark as well to try to understand is it. was there any rational basis for why you would charge the company a certain amount of money. It wasn't a licensing fee. You know it was gonna be six million dollar fee that you're going to effectively pay to acquire the the the the trademark and again depends which lawyers you wanNA listen to. I'm told that there was an argument. Being made at the time that there was a value value to the we trademark and that you couldn't just acquitted to the company because that would be its own for resulting. I don't know if I believe any of these things but I put him out there because that's what I know internally or at least some of the conversations around some of these things that don't necessarily pass the smell test or at least people look look at askance right. I mean Newman's out obviously so it's not as much of an issue from that standpoint but from a corporate governance standpoint and what the board allowed to happen that's a bigger Russian because the board is still there the brains you have to wonder what steps of the board take along the way to enable this to happen and is that a corporate Garnett's was this corporate governance issues. I hate to use the F word and I'm eat fraud. No meeting. Are People worried about accounting issues in the numbers came down very quickly. What was going on? I think these are the kinds of things that if you are if you're an AG somewhere. And you want to make a name for yourself or just Jamaican for yourself. You've just think after justice and you and you want to start looking into stuff you look through these headlines you think. Maybe there's something something in there we we may look back. We work as is one of those moments but normally it's in the public markets and you've got the poor retail investors. That are likely not happen. And it's really interesting this time did it's got this much publicity. It's really just the big fat cats get our second eating eating it. It's bad isn't it. It's it's we may end up talking about this years from now. Don't you think I'M GONNA get my billionaire. Tears Mug out Disney plus subscribers may want to consider changing their passwords multiple reports suggest that thousands of Disney plus accounts stolen by hackers and put for sale on the dark web which I thought was the next star wars sequel. But that's not that'd be a good name for it anyway. The hijacking happened mere hours after the services launched last Tuesday a report on ZD net. Found that hackers were accessing The accounts logging the users out and changing the email and password associated with the account. This was effective because many of the accounts were prepaid for a year or more Disney spokesperson told CNBC. The company takes the privacy and security of user data very seriously adding. There's no indication of a security breach on dizzy. How're how are you doing your passwords kids names or how what do you do? You really. Don't want to get into it because because we have to. Why would I want on a show? Yeah that's right you're right. We're on TV but we have to change it all the time. I have trouble coming up with. I really try to score really well on that measures how hard it is. Their studies disappointed strong disappointed. If I'm Eric Studies that show that all this changing is actually bad idea. Why because if you just create I have actually and there's been a number of research studies show no no? I haven't done the research myself that show the changing. The passwords constantly actually is worse rather than better because what ends up happening is more get out into the third. When I changed I write it down everywhere you know I got an oh? That's what that yellow posts. I probably shouldn't be saying yeah but in in other things if you get in you know what I'm thinking of giving out too but I forget what. It is used a password generator. The raiders are a pass Dash Lane. Just give you onto stuff random stuff attacked and you have big well if you think that the whole account gets your problem. Yeah you remember news you can use everyone in the audience double authentication two factor authentication for everything you do. Do you know what that is. I hope you I ended up in the world. You don't even use the tech leave. Leave me I've seen it because I forget what. Set the password again on half these things I got. I JUST WANNA make sure your double authenticated so it's not good that every single thing has a different password passwords either is that no. That's probably that's probably why nobody can't remember I'd get mixed. I don't even remember my username. That's why that's why you should just using the key chain thing on your apple phone or or one of these services. It's hard safer coming in these pills to improve your memory to try. That American Express is playing. Catch up with these MasterCard. A New Journal Report says the CAR Company is offering sign on bonuses to businesses who begin accepting accepting its cards and the amounts range from ten thousands of about four hundred fifty thousand dollars as of last year. Visa and mastercard were accepted in about one point three million more US locations occasions than AMEX internal sales targets to sign up new. Merchants have increased at a double-digit pace since two thousand sixteen incentives for businesses include discounted. Swipe fees one one of the biggest concerns for Small and medium retailers the Journal Report says sign on bonuses with no strings attached are nearly unheard of in the credit card business. Visa and Mastercard sometimes pay businesses businesses to start accepting their cards but usually to defray the cost of payment technology upgrade. Some I don't know if you read through the story. There were anecdotes in which it would take American Express Something on the order of six to seven years to make back the payments that they were offering to the merchants the incentive payments so they would offer somebody may ten thousand dollars but in some cases the amount of money that they can collect the three percents. It's such a small amount. They'll that to get to ten thousand dollars in terms of fees is remarkable people. So it's interesting as you as you start to look through their earnings reports and things like that to understand. Both their marketing costs now. I think they've actually taken some of their marketing. Spend down and and have moved some marketing. Spend money into this program. It's just like a soft line in their earnings report. We'll also we'll have to see what it is exactly. Let's go guests just won't shut up for Dr Apologies up next on Squawk pod together the bread together together. That would move things along. I think this could be good date night. Joe Andrew are planning a night out thanks to former yum brands. CEO David Novak. That's what kind of Tech Company does the world need today. One that applies applies smart technologies at scale with purpose and expertise. Not just for some but for all with Ai. Blockchain and Quantum Technology Asia IBM is partnering with Clients to Develop Smart scalable technologies that help businesses work better together. Let's expect more from technology eighty. Let's put smart to work visit. IBM DOT com slash. SMART to learn more..

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