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"todd hamson" Discussed on Bible Prophecy 4 Today's Podcast

Bible Prophecy 4 Today's Podcast

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"todd hamson" Discussed on Bible Prophecy 4 Today's Podcast

"American prophet dot org. Ufo's what's all the fuss about. Please go check out that article. And it was written by. Michael bruce yanni so check that out Seals trump and bowls speaker. See you check out canadian program. Detriment determines this the other one so canadian program determines when seniors have six months to live whether experts warn system will compel euthanasia so That's in harbingers daily. So check that out. The canadian medical association journal published a study. That claimed that a new computer. Listen folks that a new computer risk calculator can determine what an elderly person has six months left live however many are concerned that will be used to pressure. The elderly towards euthanasia otherwise known as imia ide- medically assisted dying. Please please check out that article. Who tell you about talked out. But that's an harbingers daily dot com. Please go check that article out of so much. The bowling point. Which is todd. Hamson says enter twenty twenty minutes twenty twenty included to cover this cover nineteen manmade. Excuse me i mean. Gain of function virus was released as was lawlessness. Violence deception deep political corruption and other moral evils on a broader scale than we could ever then. We would ever seen or been made aware of so man end at this time. These signs are happening globally. So check that out. That's todd hamson. And now what will this. New wave of lockdowns do global economy. Well folks. I can tell you what it's going to wipe out the global economy the in there though in the digital currency and then of course they're gonna start implementing the the market the beast which is three and a half years into the tribulation. So we're no. We're you know we're not in that of your christian. You're not gonna you're not gonna have to make that decision between the mark of the beast you're not The bible tells us we will be raptured before that happens mark. The beast is not happening until three and a half years into the tribulation and So you're not gonna be here for that. We probably won't even know who the anti crosses because it says that man of lawlessness will not be revealed until The one who restrains is removed is taken out and so we're in the church age now. We are removed then. That man of lawlessness will be revealed if you thank you know who the antichrist is yet. Don't of course we have a pretty good idea. I'm sure you know we can make some assumptions But you all know what they were assumption means and i don't have to say that this is a family christian program <hes> but anyway <hes> guys that's spills and those are the top headlines that i saw today I'm still getting moved. Thanks to my friends. We find got everything. Move today. So i'll be for probably week or so but anyway a very thankful for money apartment over thankful to be where i am a very thankful to the lord for what he has done and Every day i wake up this thinking this could be the day that the lord calls of home So if we don't go on the rapture you know you never know what can happen. When the lord calls a you home individually or me home individually so we always must be ready. Be sure That jesus christ as your savior not just a little prayer that you said when you were seven years old You know it's a. It's a decision that she have to make any have to live for him. He is the lord of your life and so the decision is very important. <hes> in the bible says when you become a christian yet your fruits will will prove it. So you're not saved by your works but your work but she will have works. If you are a christian you worked will show that evidence of your salvation in christ in the decision that you made so anyway with that folks guys that is my spiel Get in the word of god and let the word of god get into you and as always mair. Naphtha lord jesus miron naphtha. Oh goodness come. Lord jesus comes so guys people less heavy wonderful evening and god bless you.

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