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"todd gold" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"He's connected on 48% from beyond three point range Kiss. But of course, one of the Hide starters for this Gonzaga team. This bird, a 6 ft seven and senior from Edmonds, Washington, and then you have fruit Timmy, who's average 19 a game, he's hauled down seven rebounds per ballgame. Timmy at 16 and 2 35, a sophomore frontline starter from Dallas, Texas. And then you have Jalen Suggs of fine guard who's averaged 14 a ballgame at 64 and 205, a freshman from West ST Paul, Minnesota. And then you have Joel I G Now II is averaged. 11.5 of all game also started under mark. Few And I'II go 651 80. He is from France. The Bulldogs starting five, Bean announced also, the Bulldogs. Yes. You know, I looked the mark. Few's they now will turn off the lights in here and play. The USF video gets you all fired up. Can we have any fans here? The Bulldogs under mark few, you know, you read all these accolades. I mentioned the 618 career winds. You know, few has done all kinds of things. He is currently the winningest active coach by percentage. He's won 83% of his ball games that now is actually improved to 84%. That was a note in the Gods AG depression, Oates, his winning percentage At the start of the year. He's tied, tied the 17th fastest to win 100 games. He became the third fastest coach in the history of N C a basketball to win 200 Ball game's the sixth fastest to win 300. The fifth fastest to 400 You get the idea here he is, just had an incredible run of it. And over the last few years you go back to the 2014 years and see a Heard round the advanced all the way to the third round. They go to the elite eight and 2015, the sweet 16 and 2016. They played the N C. A championship game and lost in 2017, the sweet 16 and 2018, the elite 18 and 2019 and who knows how far this team may have gone a year ago if the season had not been brought to a halt. Like Kobe it last March. Gonzaga will were there traveling black jerseys here today with the white normals and red prim. USF will be in the home whites with green numerals trending gold on the dance under their second year, headman Todd Gold in the U. S F starters being introduced at the moment. Dimes will have the same group we've seen in recent ball game on again tomorrow. Boo. You will be able to give it a go today. I know the adventure and concern. I I got some text and Sima emails and social Media guy who accept fans asking is who you're gonna play? Well, we had to wait till we got here today and Julia is gonna play so he is introduced. As a starter in this ballgame, All right, so we'll round out that Gonzaga starting five I gave you four of the five. Therefore, players. That.

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