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In The Draft Show - NASCAR Truck Playoff field, Indy Road Course Test

In The Draft Show - NASCAR Talk

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In The Draft Show - NASCAR Truck Playoff field, Indy Road Course Test

"Great Grief Polk L.. Now don't do anything L.. Welcome everyone to in the draft with Wilson and was I'm Wilson here in Sunny Southern California meanwhile right across the Internet from me at our beautiful studio Goethe's version two point zero Mr Scott Boras. What's another we're finally? In the positive digits things are falling gala. It's been fantastic cold snaps over. We're up plus twenty four. who did you wear shorts? Almost I almost put on a light jacket. Oh Oh my God. That's insanity literally is going to be eighty here tomorrow. Eighty degrees and because it's like fifty to fifty three three when Because that's the low and because it's like that when I get up because I got to get the but cracking down every morning now I literally put on. I told you put on Hoodie because if I don't put on a Hoodie I'm just going to be frigging freezing. Yeah you know you gotta you gotTa cover man and I said it's all relative. The totally Lee is all relative because because if it were one hundred eighteen there you guys would be like crying in. Ib like yeah. It's pretty hot but day in the nineties in the summer really asked year. Yeah and and for us it's the opposite like there's a stretch like in late August early September. There's like a three week stretch. Where every F ING Day is one hundred plus plus like literally every day? I'm not making that. Oh Yeah no I lived in Baltimore. I understand what that's all about him like we have no cover. There's no trees freeze anywhere. So we are just getting beating down sons so eighty two US feels like ninety five just for the sheer actual heat. It's same way here man. We got a couple of palm trees. And that's that's it right there cell phone towers. Actually they're littler literally arsim at palm trees really cellphone towers. Oh man so we're talking about other stuff because Nascar has nothing going. Yeah it's a IT'S A. It's a downtime. Despite the fact that we are about three weeks before daytime. Yeah I mean the the Rolex twenty four is this weekend a cow Bush is going to be in it. And that's pretty much it. I I think the Dinger might be driving in a two. But they'll take her they don't quote me on that and there's one other guy there's like one other NASCAR e type of person. The traffic is I like past years where there were like five six dudes you know drive grab one problem and Toya Montoya is is driving in. But he's not Nascar Guy Anymore. Yeah no he's just guy who but the thing is jet dryers beware. You're signed a exactly tone on the practice exam. They still have them there but But I will give credit because they're spacing out the crap because on the IF NASCAR hadn't have had any news this week we pretty much would be talking about next to nothing Because you know. They did the last week or the week before they did the short-track era rules announcement Thankfully with Roger Penske. We had the indy road course announcement and then this week truck series playoff Announcement Ed's which will start the show off you're talking about But there was also met. Di Benedetto went out and tested at the Indira. Course we'll chat about that too two and then it gets real thin real quick We'll try and figure out what the stories with this Daniel. Suarez thing too so as to stick around for that but let's start with the truck series as a pretty major announcement. I think that they're expanding the playoff field from eight trucks to ten And then because of that and they're still doing the same. You know same number of rounds in the playoffs. So how do we do this first round two teams eliminated then the second round four team team so we go from ten to eight then eight to four and then four in the title race You know it's big in terms of your changing the the playoff structure. Will it make a huge difference when it comes to how the playoffs all shake out. No honesty I mean especially in the truck series for the fact that there is such a huge divide. I mean you have your cut you for all intents and purposes you probably can kick who the final four trucks are going to be. Yeah Give or take one but I think I think expanding ending it helps a little bit but the the grand scheme of this situation is marketing if there is a series in you expand the playoff field but no one is there to watch your here about the event. Is there actually an expansion. Yeah you're right about that because how how much 'cause when the truck series I happened. They Dave market it to the hilt and they did a great job and now it's there the thing is is that everyone knows where the race is going to be at. It's always on F S One. Yeah and yet no one watches and no one turns out for the events that is true. You know I mean it's literally the Sean O'Connor thing where if you have a contest. Oh well we're going to get listeners. Because we have a contest with no. You've got to get the word out about what's going on. They're doing that. No No. And and it's it stinks because we've always stumped for the truck series and I think it's yeah it's a good alternative So I don't know why ride NASCAR doesn't see it like that anymore and just US dollars so it kind of gets lost in that whole thing where everything in Nascar kind of the marketing team just left in two thousand seven. They're just like we're not done anymore and left. They didn't replaces Dura. I mean the first couple of years ago Dora was. I gonNA either huge build build up to L. truck race on the dirt. It's going to be phenomenal and then like the past year or two. I like literally this past year. The Crap L. doors this week they haven't talked about nobody's talked about it. And the only thing that got people interested in the truck series. I think anybody who did was the fact. That Ross chastain was in there yeah is that he came down for the big series in China. Prove himself again. He's the watermelon guy. I think it was the biggest deal of the truck series this year which is kind of sad when you look at it and we talked about this. We talked about this in the past. Just like at the beginning of the truck series was Kinda defined by these new Grizzle Nascar veterans. That really couldn't cut it in the cup series and they went back to the truck series and all of a sudden. You have a thing thing. I mean they should follow that same method. Where you've got the young guys and you've got the older veterans but they aren't you know Bush whacking checking? They're just coming down from the Cup series. They're actually they're a guy like Greg Bethel he should be in the in the truck series all the time like they should go and beg on their knees to Carl Edwards to please. He's come driving the truck series. You know any of these guys who have recently been booted out of the sport or let's have a ride. That's where they should go. You know yeah I mean it's almost I guess not akin to the senior series but it's getting close it should it. It should be the senior series. It should be like thirty per thirty-three percent senior series and sixty six percent like new young kids coming up trying to beat these guys. Okay I see I like that one. Yeah but that. That's the thing that the the X.. The Old Busch series used to be where we're like. The older veterans of the Cup series would come down a race against that before it was all bushwack or you know before everyone got termed. I'm to Bushwacker felt So I mean like I. It's I think that that needs to be. If you want to get is on you have to get some names down there But you have to get names. Is it art racing elsewhere. So Carl Edwards Hella swore as if Suarez didn't get a ride or go down to their. That would have been a a good place in in a year or two for now when Ryan Newman in finds himself without right. That's where he should go. He's perfect for that series Yeah Kurt Busch after You know Kurt Busch every year for him is like Carson fingers monster pays for me. Well Monster will definitely pay for him in the truck series Yeah I mean it's and cheaper there too exactly forty five forty five dollars for a full season. That's why they'd be happily pay for him. You Know Heck Danika Patrick should go. They're never right fresh out in another series. She was here she was just here in town yesterday or two days ago named frigging know about it again. We had a marketing getting issue. You WanNa talk about you. WanNa talk about a star falling. Yeah like that like she dropped off like the face of the earth actress. She got a NASCAR. So so. Here's the thing the the The thing two days ago it was a talk at Emrich. Meraj The I think the I'm the hospital does a a talk series or something. She was part of the talks. Here's I literally would have gone. Except for the fact they charge a million dollars whereas only for the rich people but if it had been affordable I if I would have known about it that totally would have gone and I read an article. It was very it was like one of the few media articles in this entire town. That was very well written and it was very well rim and they went into do some great detail about what she was talking about. It seemed like it was very interesting. because she was talking about Nascar and she said that you know the reason she retired was because she she's like I'm too old I can't race I couldn't win a race up until that point and I'm just too old to win a race. Some not even going to bother anymore and it does it. It does bother her as much as we were talking about it. You know that that she never got the win. ANYTHING IN NASCAR I mean but I guess the Self Self Assessment of her him really good. I'm glad that she was able to figure that out before. Just keep trying and making a fool of herself and then she talked about the You know like doing the swimsuit issue due to an fhm and stuff like that and she said she was like super nervous about doing it but then once she did fhm got a lot of pop from it. She's like wait a minute. You know up until this point. I've been not wearing makeup. I've been trying to act like a boy trying to dress like a boy and all the sudden I dress like a girl first thing and everybody gives me attention attention. Nobody's giving me attention before. I don't want to be known as the person who's using being female to move up but this is a tool because nobody's paying attention to me when I'm acting like a dude self act like myself then all the sudden they'll get a little ill traction out of it might as well use it and more power to or for that. Yeah in can you figure you figured it out a little late but you figure yeah exactly you know so. But it's pretty interesting. She also said after she after she won the the her lone victory in Iro is in Japan after she won that race that everybody else on the plane back from Japan was like eleven in twelve hour flight. Everybody on the plane back was pissed at her because her and the entire team Just got totally hammered literally drank alcohol that was available in the plane. Nobody what else could buy any alcohol. nightside's about right. No Right. That's that's something that That makes sense to me so I thought it was interesting I was like Damn I wish I could have gone to. That thing. Probably could weasel my way in his media. I'm sure you could have thought would even known it was going on but that but her problem their their problem there same problem that NASCAR NASCAR has lack of marketing. Man Can get in the Goddamn word out but Yeah so you know the only only get back to the truck series thing only advantage that I can see is I mean it's minor at best is instead of going because initially you would. Have you know eight eight drivers And then you'd have your three to six drivers run three or four drivers now. You'RE GONNA have eight drivers in that second round that means for two you guys for two guys are GonNa have three more chances to try and make it to the final race. But that's it that's minor best because two guys you're talking about that are GONNA get eliminate would've gone eliminated emanating normally or wouldn't have even been there normally. They're probably probably not gonNA make it to the final round anyway. So right it's a it's almost a ill-advised yeah it's yeah it's it's you know. Is He gonNa make a huge impact in this series thing so So the Mattie Benedetto was in Indianapolis Wednesday testing out the Xfinity as an xfinity serious car has actually penske car number twenty two car And they drove around a little bit. They did a couple all the different configurations trying to get some data trying to get some feedback from him on what might be interesting more interesting or what meant might make for better acing So I guess that's the thing they into the press conference and everything afterward so you know Roger Penske trying to do it right where he's like not only going to have a photo op here more. We're doing the test but I'm GonNa sit driver Dan. Let's talk talk to him about it for real as opposed what NASCAR does nowadays which is early. Oh yeah there was a test. We'll tell the guy to do like one in screen video and that's all you'll get Yeah so he's try line and we're GONNA. We're GONNA make sure the instagram videos. Perfect if not we're GONNA make you delete and do exactly no I I give Roger Penske credit for not just saying okay. We're going to figure this out but trying to make it like an event. Yeah trying to a headline not. You're going to get people out there. If you're going to try to get attention to it. Why wouldn't you make an a big event exactly you? You know he's a businessman. It's the thing that he understands the most like. Here's how you draw attention to things in a way. Yeah try and get the media involved for for Sake Jake. I mean we've been talking for the past two years about how Nascar has been doing that less and less and less and so the first thing penske does we're going to switch things up big time in the truck series series. Second thing he does is when he you know he takes what could have been most and unmentioned test and he makes it. No press event invites people out they ask questions Christians news getting some popoff. Yeah you might as well and it gets people maybe talking a little about it. I don't know I think it's any might be a little too far out it. It is I mean if you did. It's a little bit sooner. Maybe people would be a little bit more apt to talk about it. But Hey what can you do. So at least it's a thing no I but Dan because depot the debris did this He can't race he ran the race because he's technically violated NASCAR's rules if he were to enter. You know this is weird. This is the weird part about that. It was not a NASCAR sanctioned test and but he was in an xfinity series car at a nascar sanctioned track that is a violation of the rules if he was in the xfinity series. Now what I don't know. And he even said I can't run in this race. Now because of this non bummed about that but what I don't know is if he's a the way I read the rules back when they came out for testing. I don't think he's allowed to run any xfinity races this year now but that could just be Me Hon. WELL ON NASCAR moving the goal per exactly really. I'm sure they will let that go in kind of situation. Like plus it's the off season May in in six in the car and you know it's getting them some publicity so so I would think he's actually doing good for the group. Yeah you know if I were NASCAR I would be like you know what will retroactively make that official test and that way you can run the race if you want to. Yeah that's fine. They'll be the nice thing to do. It'd be the one time where they change your walls just on a whim and I would agree with it. Well it's one of those things where it's just like let's not Piss piss off Mr Penske with that could be it too. That could be part of it and the only problem is with all of that is. It's good to get the publicity. It's it's good to have the test make it public. Have the press conference and try and get some media coverage they still got to sell tickets though a lot of tickets or else is it gonNA look empty. I think it's GonNa look empty even if you sell them. Yeah totally but I mean that's that's the that's the downside if you like. Do you want the the excitement of saying you ran at the brickyard or not. You know it's one thing to say brickyard it's awesome. It's great all cool. Big Pop Yeah but at what cost the cost of making it. Look like you're just running a test there. Yeah I mean look when they sold sixty thousand tickets is what they said this past year Eddie a lot. That's a lot of tickets but the place holds quarter million so it's still only one fourth of the way full one quarter of the way full so you can sell these number embraced freaking insanely empty. So I don't see and the expert of the race will help that a little bit. Because they won't even be down at the end of the tracks so those those bleachers teachers wanting to get sold at all but it's also going to be a ways smaller draw. The Cup series is going to be and so you got the same problem where you know. It's you have the same problem. Where where it's you have less seats to sell? But you're going to sell way less seats to begin with so damned if you do damned if you don't Oh right. So is this an interesting thing about Daniel Suarez. The Park Liberman confirmed that he is is not going to be racing For the brothers the season at all where he ran. I can't remember how many racist last year some and so that's kind like paving the way for Daniel Suarez. We know that Toyota's interested in making it happen. We know. coca-cola is interested in making it happen and we don't have any official official word but we can unofficially say that NASCAR is probably very interested in making it happen and yet it hasn't been announced yet. Like what the Hell do you think is going on. I wonder if they just had to finalize contracts. I guess but get it. Because he's coming. I mean it should be a layup. Maybe they're trying. Maybe they're trying into get. They're trying to secure that all important charter. Well that's okay. That's that's possibility you're absolutely right. They want to make that big announcement that all big and one the question is. Does that matter charter. Matter I in terms of maybe like holding sponsor in their mind that might but we all know it doesn't matter for crap out really gets it doesn't like I the only the only race that would be something like Daytona but he's fast to make Daytona they the brothers have a great great package for their for their plate cars. Whatever the Heather WanNa call it and and he's fast and Toyota? We'll make sure if they'll make sure that at least for that race that they've got a stout motor that can make the field or are they just go ahead and be like. Yeah we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA buy someone's ride. Yeah what they can do that to be like just for the first race of the year is buying the somebody's right who does have a charter. Because there are teams out there. That have charters that that. We'll we'll take money to give up. The ride happens all the time but you might be right that that's the only that's the best reason I can think for them. Just simply taking so long at this point is either you know they're they're trying to get you know ink one last sponsor to the whole thing or more likely their their shopping for a charter. It's either Eliecer by pop quiz hotshot How many races last year had forty cars had a full field of cars cars over thirty six? How many races had man Daytona definitely And I would imagine that at least one of the other plate tracks had a fool field of forty. Are we talking about a racist where there were more than forty where somebody had to go home. I'm just saying I can. I can look deeper into that but I'm just going to say they right now. We're we're starting. I'm going to say out of thirty six races. I'm GONNA say six. Have a forty car field. You're you're actually low really eleven. Wow Okay so a third of the season a third littlest I third of the seats. I Ah I'm sure if I dived dove a little deeper into it Three eighty sure we could probably see that a lot of these were actually at Ford. Yeah there I remember. There were at least a couple couple of races that we talked about where it was forty cars and really up. Everybody shows up. Everybody gets to race and And some of those are probably gone. Brother cars uh-huh so if you take out take them out of the equation is attractive from all those races. You're probably like if you don't have a charter and you're the brothers and and you got Toyota's backing you got a talented driver like warez. You're probably only sweating it out about four or five races the entire year like sweating it because there's more than forty cars a little bit nervous. Maybe you'll screw up. Yeah I mean it's one of those things where it's just like you. You WanNa be better safe than sorry if I Uh Rusty seeming driver change okay. Let's just say that'd be great if it was uh-huh Yeah 'cause I'm looking at the ones that had forty Daytona five hundred head to cars the The says it's the dagger race yet. DIG Rates had a driver change for Tyler. rettig going into the sixty two car because I think what does not west hurt or No Yeah Brennan Gone. New Brennan gone was in there. I oh I guess Tyler Rettig was supposed to be in there and Brendan gone in there but that it was just forty cars. Shockingly enough one went home on that one The coke zero four hundred with the other Talladega race all only forty Carson Awesome Only forty cars for the Kansas race. So forty show up forty leave for the Charlotte actual non-ruble forty cars show up. No one leaves. So it's not a necessity. I don't think I don't think so for you to need a a charter at all. I mean Daytona sure because you know you never know and it's and it's safety but again the brothers are I think are good enough smarten Martin. Nothing Gosh Darn into people like them. Yeah that they can they can make this race here. Yeah agree. You know. I mean if you're rick ware racing and you've sold your ride. The Joey we gave that weekly. Yeah you probably wouldn't have charter. Just make sure you get in but But yeah for the GUMP brothers. I don't think they need all year. Nothing is can make a damn bit of difference French but you might be right. They might be doing anyway just so they can make it easier to to procure sponsors. It looks like only t the Daytona in a five hundred. Did anybody deal now. That's crazy so phony phony people show up Foti people get in Daytona so so if the goal brothers show show up and they don't have charter and or makes it in the race which I would think he would. Then there you go these like he's pretty much set for the rest of the year charter you know what else we got Carson. He wins the chiller for some thirteen races area for some thirteen tries that he wanted Chili Bowl Be Christopher Belda do it. But he said he said that that was a bigger win the Daytona five hundred for him. Then he apologized the nascar a should apologize NASCAR. NBA does that make Nascar. Look bad my yeah. I don't I don't see why should should is the NASCAR. It's the guy who grew up on the dirt tracks like this take for him. This is huge. This is this is. This is a dream that he's had ever since he was young before even thought he could have a chance. NASCAR I mean. This is a beaten forty three cars or four. Sorry forty cars either is beaten three hundred sixty version GARS and a week's worth of racing straight so I mean it's a huge like it's it's it's a more for endurance than anything else I I don't I don't think he has apologized and ask. Armenia said what he said this is why NASCAR gets looked at as a a fraudulent in terms of. They can't let their drivers speak openly without fear fearing them. You know coming down and bringing the Hammer. I think that's why he said that. I think that's why so sorry about that. Yeah Yeah I think it was scared scared by it but then no it's a it's a big deal and and I think that NASCAR should be happy that he's like that excited about it because it brings it. I mean it's not a NASCAR series but but it's you know it's it's it's still like grassroots racing you know. Yeah I mean it was a it was a good run. Why wouldn't you go ahead and do something like that? You know what I mean. Y- The EP proud of actually doing something like that. For Christ's sake I would. Yeah and I'm looking here To See what other prominent cup drivers when Tony Stewart wanted. Two thousand to two two two thousand seven There you go then. Christopher Bell three last four years collars. That's pretty much it. I mean you can say Rico Abreu. But he drove like he's in half in the truck series not a long time in the truck series but but that I mean since nineteen eighty seven. You're looking at primarily like career midget car drivers that are The that are winning that race. And then you've got Tony Stewart. You know at six out and then Chris for bell the last three years and then collars in this past year twenty twenty. Yeah completely. I'm just GONNA go off chart here it do if you don't mind do you think we can get on backtracks. USA You think he'd do that. What is that? It's a kid. Kelly's thing Oh let me think about Ah Cake Okay Kid Kelly just left Sirius. Xm Okay Right. So there's an executive spot opened. I think we should try to go for that. No let's do it Siriusxm we can we can. We can be up there. We can suck up the people that tracks. USA is a weekly two hour radio program sure host for ten minutes ten minutes at our though the he the Kid Kelly worked at Z. One hundred. No yeah premiered in nineteen ninety two. I remember that show Remember that show. Let's do that. Sorry just saw this. I saw top open all acquiesce in January. Two thousand eighteen backtracks. USA Hired Toby. Yeah I know Toby knapp as music. Er Reiter curator. Sorry for the nineteen nineties version of this show and substitute host. Oh man now. I hope that doesn't mean the. Toby has an inside track on. I gotTa talk to him about inside backtrack backtracks on that worked with toby. DC Man Yup Yup Jerry Huston doing these days is working in DC believe it or not at a sham Man What else we got? That's pretty much. This driver sponsor news I the the rash racing one's interesting Yeah we pro pro core with Christopher. Bell and Levine family racing for the day just for Daytona five hundred. Their last. Yeah procure comes and goes on that CAR I. I mean that they'll do a couple more races after that the Castro with Ryan Newman for select races twenty twenty. The car looks good. I say I like it. It looks pretty slick It's a nice. It's a nice little throw as it gets out of that hole like John Forced feel yup panicking. So that's pretty cool also it was It was is a mention that the that acorns is not going to be back next year. That's right yeah. They aren't so I know everybody is there were heartbroken broken. beat up about that one definitely but hey what can you do. These things happen but yeah you know. Castrol is one of those companies like rebel where typically quickly like different series different types of racing. They like to sponsor and usually when they sponsor something as series. The paint scheme is always pretty good. Net basic colors almost looks like a pizza. Yeah exactly we're waiting green man. I mean it makes you think of your favorite pizza. So there's nothing that won't be. The hunched brothers is pizza ride. Yeah yeah that'd be funny if they alternative back and forth between them now that'd be wonderful But yeah between them and rebel rebel always typically it has pretty solid schemes wherever they go then And then there it is. We've done it. How `bout that that's all we got him looking on this tecom right now to see if there's anything on there You know the story about you know Wean Byran Ricky stenhouse. Debate William Byron or Ricky Stenhouse the most likely Cinderella story hand in the Daytona. Okay I could see that I can see that conversation because who has that. One William Byron or Ricky Ricky Stenhouse William Byron obviously way better car. Ricky stenhouse has the plate track history. But if I'm laying money between those two guys in the cars that they're currently currently going to be in going Byron on that one I think I didn't read articles on what I think I think. Yeah I think William Byron and just because I don't I don't trust I don't know it that Danika Patrick thing I don't know if there was any talk of Mr Stenhouse or not what I do know what do know is that Aaron Rodgers and denic Patrick just purchased themselves a twenty eight million dollar home in Malibu on the the water really GonNa go getting out there pretty serious between those two. I guess or buying houses there but they're just buying houses together the binding find if I hadn't in. Yeah sure I would just go to that. Just knock on the door. Hey I do a NASCAR show and I enjoy I football exactly. What else is there on here TV Rolex twenty four this weekend you know I. I don't get as crazy about the rolex twenty four so do about Allama when La is on there. There have been years where I've gotten very little sleep and and I'm just staring at the damn computer screen really for no reason But but with with the Daytona. I don't know they're doing. Let's see here. Where are they doing all of the coverage NBC So they're doing on Saturday the middle of the NBC and BCS N. NBC ACS N and then Sunday NBC US N.. And then the big finish the big of the big checkered flag back on. NBC again but the entire time the NBC. See Sports at. We'll hook you up in. You can watch it nonstop like I probably will. I think that's also a nice little. It kind of gives you the kickoff. That feeling of our yeah. NASCAR is about the comeback. Yeah exactly it seems that the twenty four hours is the kind of signals like all right. Now we're starting to get this. This off period is ready to go Because a couple of weeks beforehand you know. Did you hear about the General Motors Technical Thing at Charlotte. Oh yeah they're gonNA build something there aren't they the Tech Center Seventy Five Thousand Square Foot facility off. I eighty five ten miles from Charlotte Motor speedway provided opportunity to recruit potential. GM employees From the growing pool of technical talent in the area I provide the opportunity to expand and enhance its support for the NASCAR teams as well as other. GM racing teams feature a driver in loop simulators vehicle simulation Arrow development and other practice designed to advanced racing and production capabilities. Maybe maybe we. We should Maybe we should move to Charlotte are working there. Honestly we shed Mike Carolina Pretty Nice state yet. Is You know I mean there was supposedly last year that I went out there and And I enjoyed it was it was a good time did you did you get to Speaking of North Carolina speaking of the hall of fame. When you went to the hall of fame I did? You did not see the Dale Jr. Glory Road as he is one of the curator's now did you see the videos. It's up on the the next CAR'S DOT COM. Now where is that. So it's it's under the video. His first curation. Oh yeah like right there in the in the front right the front section Kennedy get some action from the back section. Oh eight sorry out Roy thing Whereas now I just clicked on videos? Hang on let me go back to the front page here. This is riveting this is really riveting stuff right now radio. Fix It in post Here we go. Let's look at that. Yeah I mean they I think they rotate out those cars every so often but that'd be cool if he was the one. Now there's the mountain dew cars there. That was there when I was there hung. Oh Gosh stupid. HATS ADS for movies. That literally you have nothing to do with NASCAR like not even remotely this Valentines Valentines Day movie because Nascar people are there like. Oh Oh yeah. Let's let's advertise just romantic drama molly. They know their audience. So the first the first guest curator to display eighteen cars ars in the glory road Number Twenty cars there. So is the T- Tony Stewart the number. Eleven car of Darrell Waltrip on there. I think a couple of his father's cars in the good good wrench Jimmy Johnson. Car Bobby Allison car. Yeah I never understood the idea of glory road. This is so weird because the not all of them but the majority these cars were already there. I Dunno narrowed it down from a list of seventy seventy five to one hundred They are the first and last championship cars Were from his from the seven seven time drivers championship hip for Jimmy First Championship Petty Richard Championship for Dale Senior. Last ones for. That's pretty cool. I like that thing. Yeah a couple of those cars. Yeah there are some there that were there when I was is there but so but a decent number of them were but like yeah that Jimmy Johnson car and I'm sure that the The Jimmy John's car was at the Hendrick Museum when I was there and then I'm sure that those junior car the senior cars probably came from the Children's museum and they've got the the Rusty Wallace Kodiak car to. Oh do they really twenty seven. Oh Nice that probably came from the was that that was on Hendrick car. Wasn't it no no no no. I think that was still. That's still a penske car ooh before he was there would have been before he was think all cash now making a mess. Hang on a mets fine around things happen but But yeah you know some of those cars were but that's pretty coal. We've when we when we both moved there to work there then we can go hanging. We can do the show from there every week that we get an audience. I think it would trust. Trust me the help they can get people through the doors. They're so might actually work. They do have a radio studio in there but nobody was using it when I was there. No one uses it when they're in the right now so jess catch us next tweak on on racetracks backpacks the fax back racetracks. USA We start our own competing. She'll call race tracks right and then there was a guy who used to do like they would play music. Maybe countries talk NASCAR. But we'll play like we'll play all kinds of music. We'll talk now. Call it race. racetracks here the tracks and you talk about this action on the track. Oh so he. He raised for Raymond beadle. The twenty-seven Oh and then two years later he went to penske there you go. Yeah so it's probably just hanging out and some kind of Rosh somewhere we're here somebody. I just had this random Kodiak somebody bought it on Ebay. They're like HEY NASCAR. They bought it from the auction. It was the real one exactly Man Well there it is. We've done it. I think we've done it so next week. I'm hoping that we'll have stuff to talk about. Because we're going to be really close to having the frigging race man. Yeah it should be a good time. What is our countdown clock at twenty three days as we record this man okay? So it'll be two weeks it'll be two weeks away to await nuts. It'll be two weeks away at that point and I'm hoping the rent some news we're going to some interviews to talk about. We're GONNA have some stuff going on. Should be rolling out there mediaweek. Soon right I would thank you know. Start do something Nascar Day. Oh remember back. In the day there used to be like a fool literally a full week of testing interviews and photo shoots and crap and now they like Shelby Day beforehand. Because everybody's a everybody's Like a wimp because go oh season so long. Don't leave my house in Aspen. Come here and tasked show up the a day of tired tired of man all right. So because there's there's GonNa be some interesting stuff on the show next week. You should definitely subscribe. He can do that on speaker. That's the best place to do it. SPREAKER STITCHER PLAYER DOT FM. Google play music. IHEART radio I tuned spotify the big spot of the big S. And then you can all you can listen to tone. I dance monkey like everybody else's on spotify by then you can listen to our show right after that more than the tick tock all the time owing no. We're not a for everything else involving the Mas man I really WanNa see you and tick Talkradio's should we start doing videos. You start doing them. I'll follow come on. Let's do videos do what you need to do. A UH loss in just yet but everything else in the draft show dot com one place to get it. We would link our tick tock there with all the fads that are going on. Leave me Lawson then facebook dot com slash an address at twitter dot com. I shouldn't address show What's the other one? It's all you had the instagram dot com doing the country country road dance. Yeah that'd be great gets a year after that tackling. Anyway that's it. That's all four Wilson. I'm wise wants to care self and someone else who's been in. The draft with Wilson was little historical. Stuff more yeah lab so facto. I don't know you're just saying words. Dinky might be having having a stroke this day in one thousand nine hundred four apple computers puts the Macintosh queasy up on sale. Nice nine hundred. Eighty nine Ted Bundy executed by the electric chair. I'll take I'll take the MAC. Instead believes the twentieth. Amendment was gratified on This Day in Nineteen thirty three changing the beginning and end terms for all elected officials. I remember that I do remember that you were there for you were you. Were there and boy go and extra extra read all about it was I had suspenders. And everything was great. Nineteen O eight. The first boy scout troop was organized. In England. I had suspenders for that. Too Interesting Eighteen eighteen fifty seven. The University of Calcutta formally founded As the first fully fledged university in South Asia and then they lost Alabama by one hundred. It was really bizarre really bizarre worst cotton bowl ever. Yeah No. It wasn't great even and that time of the spread was used before sports. Betting was the thing as amazing eight hundred forty one. Claudius has proclaimed the Roman emperor after after assassinating Caligula. That's not oh I thought forty one was like some sort of Korean pop band or something they are on the tick tock. Yeah they are. Yeah so I mean you got that got that going for kids other than that everything else is just a disaster. It's not a great time for you. uh-huh Homeland Security began its operation and gave us the show homeland. We got that going for us. Oh Man happy birthday to to to Wow there's really not any notable both I if either what the hell is going on here. Pick one at random I'm trying to. I just can't get any of these. I can't pronounce any of these things. Oh John Belushi oh there you go John John Belushi he did he did not create Sadly Jimbo's Oh yuck all spirit off. The Soviet Russia birthday celebrates you WANNA accolades. He he made he made Branson Missouri or Branstetter Manson. Yeah he may Branson Missouri a thing. Then yeah definitely like the the amount of money he's making off offer that holy crap dude and for my money today still funny what. It was hard to top his when I it really was in a in a cheese ball. Type away still funny. I'll him in Emmen Herald stone. There was great times. Yeah I missed you. Know what. What can you say Matthew Lillard everybody? Also his birthday is today. That is he was in hacker is he was a He did He was shaggy in Scooby. Doo Oh okay there you go. He's doing that one. Other Bird Michel Barton. Actress Michel Barton. Yeah remember the kids know about her. Yup Scott speed. Everybody really former red bull racing driver. Scott Speed Do you think he's celebrating his birthday by painting sales. Probably so entat's m. l. e. m. Ali she played She played down. The fresh prince of Bel Air is not not hillary the other the other daughter. Oh so she was the youngest starter. Okay well there you go we do ed Helms as well. Everybody know he'll be there you go. There's somebody that's some Mary Lou Retton as well. Oh He's other is nobody buddy well because as I was scrolling down Eurocrat stuff they love. That was very good. I don't know if that's his name or not. But you've convinced convince me that. That probably is his name. Are the Hungarian athlete. Who died in one thousand nine hundred born this day? Eighteen to look I can't. ETA often estimated time of arrival never showed up half is that I don't know he was. He was a he was a German German jurist author and composer. Of course you know like I don't like these names who doesn't remember him. Mild may face. Second etc of Westmoreland. An English politician was born this day in sixty two. You can see why I didn't know this I'm I'm up on on my or somebody. Somebody Fe Tina Fey said. Yes exactly as gentlemen. We're done here hopefully next week. We'll have more news of NASCAR gets off their grass and actually does media Until then enjoy your weekend. We'll see you next time. Thanks for listening to in the drop with Wilson laws.

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