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"toby dinah box" Discussed on News Talk 1130 WISN

"Friday said to on WMDs, an Fox on Shadow Technology, allowing an 11 year old girl and fully Minnesota toe order her own lunch for the first time last week. Chicken sandwich want a chicken sandwich that would you want, Okay, We're having a chicken sandwich. Harley Walker suffers from cerebral palsy and is nonverbal. McDonald's endorse section normally closed for Cove. It opened to allow her to use a device It's called I gaze By Toby Dinah Box. She locks her vision onto an icon on the screen for more than 0.4 seconds. And it speaks for her. I just witnessed my daughter talk for the first time and order her own food. That's her mom. Melissa, who says Until now she never knew what hardly like to eat. Now I know that hardly like chicken sandwiches, no orange drink. That's amazing device isn't limited to making choices. She can also select emotions or communicate. What hurts if she's sick with Fox on Tech and a Iliopoulos Fox News Prince. Mm hmm. On welcome back to the program, all right? Sheriff Dale Schmitt, standing by Dodge County Sheriff. To talk about. I don't even know how this is happening, but it is to talk about how now in some areas, the administration level of law enforcement agencies. Has now banned rank and file police officers from displaying the thin blue line flag. Which, of course, is a way of them displaying support for their profession. High share of how are you? All fantastic aria, Vicky, I'm doing well. So in response to in the latest was University of Wisconsin Police Department chief Christian Roman announcing that her officers they're not to have not allowed to have patches or pins, bumper stickers or coffee mugs or anything displaying the thin blue line flag. And for those of you who don't know what that is. That's the black and white American flag and one of the stripes on the flag is blue and its signal support for law enforcement If there is a red stripe that signal support for fire departments, But the blue one is for is for police. So I enjoyed reading your response to that. But when you hear the chief of university, Wisconsin Madison Police Department say that the thin blue line is somehow a dog whistle for extremist groups. What do you say? Well, I'm not going to certainly disparage any other agency or chief. But But when I hear this kind of a sentiment that really is disheartening in and really makes me think that we're most pandering to those hateful ideologies against law enforcement. And really, what is the basis for this flag? This flag represents unity with law enforcement. It's not solidarity of law enforcement. It's unity of the community with law enforcement. And we support each other. The community supports us and go back to Robert Peel, the original author of law enforcement. Really The people are the police and the people that police are the people are the police and the police. Other people. We are part of the community and we need the community support to do what we do. And and for us to say that somebody has that this flag represents. Hateful ideologies pushed by extremists is just ridiculous. How are we going to allow this? This rhetoric to change what we do on a daily basis? Because we have people who are out there carrying the American flag, who might also be determined to be extremist on another level. Are we gonna all of a sudden that's fly that American flag anymore? That doesn't make any sense at all. It represents law and order. It represents law enforcement, being out there protecting everybody's lives, property and constitutional rights. That's what it's all about, and we can't allow the media or others to dictate otherwise and to change that. Because that's really what it is, and unfortunately, the media has been a huge disservice to law enforcement and they have carried this this hateful rhetoric towards us. And while we're working so hard in our communities to make sure we have positive interactions, just like this past weekend we had we had a very stressful situation. Standoff lasted eight hours. At the end of that eight hour standoff. Our patients led to this person going Well, not home, but but led to him that not being you know, a statistic Hey, was removed. He was taken into custody. But he was safe. And I've gotten thank you letters for that. And and those things go completely unnoticed because so many people out there just want to demonize us and the hundreds of thousands of positive contacts that happen every single day. Are thrown out the window. Because we have people like our governor who puts out statements that they don't get all the facts. And once all the facts come out that Kenosha was actually justified, and he actually did exactly what he was supposed to do. Then they still come out and say We still didn't do it right. And that's what's frustrating. Yeah, you've actually got a governor who, before any facts were known before the riots even took place denounces, renounces and otherwise demands for expulsion of Kenosha police officers. In the Jacob Lake incident. But Lieutenant governor actually got the facts so wrong that he said Blake had died. I mean, these were facts that were left to stand. The press didn't call out the governor of the lieutenant governor and say, Why don't you wait until everything you know all all of the facts were in. Why didn't you do anything to stay? Stand with law enforcement instead. Look what happened in Kenosha in Madison when you don't have a press, and you don't have a government that stands with the police officers in the city of Madison. Then what you end up having a riot's broken, you know, shop windows and business is business owners that have invested their life savings being completely wiped out all because of the politics that somehow have have formed around police and the politics.

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