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"tobias jordan" Discussed on Thoth-Hermes Podcast

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"tobias jordan" Discussed on Thoth-Hermes Podcast

"Can I or Kissel piece written and performed by Tobias Jordan in memory of friend? Thank you so much tobias for this lovely talk which really was inspiring again. We had planned that into you a little bit earlier already but unfortunately you those those really terrible weather situations in this part of England Tobias lives. We had to postpone talk twice. But I'm glad stir things have returned at least on that level a little bit to normal for him and that we were now finally able to speak into into you. Okay came friends and listeners. That story end of today's show right. But you know that I don't let you go before I have told you what you are going to hear in the next episode. Okay there we go in episode nineteen. I I'm going to talk to our special guest. I believe to American Science Fiction Author Comic Book Writer and Expert on Tori. Tomorrow Rachel polack. She's a highly regarded writer and terro specialist very deep inspired by Kabul approach and by classical approach. Tomorrow I don't tell you more about her book. Seventy eight degrees of wisdom that has been described by Tarot readers and teachers around the world as Bible of Tarot reader. So all of you who are thorough fans. You really should listen to this interview. And those of you who are not yet so much into well you also should listen because you'll probably become fan great Well yeah the task being it today and next week next show will be coming to you on Sunday may tenth. Today we are talking with by a certain about Crowley's India and that means I can only tell you now take care. Stay tuned A.

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