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"tj watt deontay johnson" Discussed on Behind the Steel Curtain

"It is. it's kind of mind boggling to be honest with you For someone that has been a part of this since but debris was drafted. I took over the website shortly before that draft. Bud duprey the two thousand fifteen nfl draft. I mean we started a podcast platform but it was nothing like what we're doing right now. I it it's really great. I mean for me. I listen to all of our morning shows on my way to work. I listened to the news shows on my way home from work. I try to check the afternoon shows as much as i can. But it's just we have so much unique content that you could actually pick and choose the shows that you like that you wanna listen to. We hope you listen to them all but there's a lot of content but check it out wherever you get your podcast. Steelers are behind the curtain. Subscribe follow do whatever you have to do depending on the platform so that you don't miss a thing all right. Let let's get to the. Let's get to the meat of this. Podcast i wanted to talk about excuses. Not so much from the players but really from the fan base. There's a lot of people that are steeler apologised. I fall into that category at times. I'm not going to lie but there's a lot of people that always wanted develop some type of excuse as to why steelers may or may not be performing the way they are. My still do feel there are fans out there that for some unknown reason. They want this team to fail. They want this team to fall flat on their face for nothing more than to just be able to say. I told you so. And that's that's kind of sadistic to me. But and i definitely questioned that person's fan hood but there are people on twitter. Go to steelers twitter. My goodness you'll see people that. When if ben rothlisberger is struggling there. Happy why i told you he would stink if they just want to this person or this team to fail for whatever reason just to be able to say i told you so so there are people that are out there like that there are people out there. That are like that but the excuses. We want to talk about today. It's enough of it enough of the excuses. It's time for the steelers to prove their worth. Prove it to themselves prove it to the coaching staff. Prove it to the organization. Prove it to the fan base. It's time for the steelers to actually go out and prove something so when you're talking about injuries i mean my goodness the injuries tuesday. Mike tomlin means we all knew about the the injuries to you know. Joe haden devon bush. Tj watt deontay johnson. those aren't new injuries tyson. We knew about those. Or then. Mike tomlin gets up on it at the press conference and he starts talking about how. Ben rothlisberger has a pectoral injury left pectoral non-throwing chest injury and then also alex smith has a groin injury. What the heck is going on. And they're signing taco charlton to the steelers practice squad. I mean my goodness the injuries and there's a lot of people out there. Let's say that's the reason why the steelers are struggling. That's the reason why they lost and week too. Because of the injuries and toon extent. I believe that you listen to you. Listen to the live. Mike with michael back on tuesday morning. Or if you listen to the cutting room floor with jeffrey benedict on tuesday at noon they both talked about how if the steelers would have just had. Tj watt for four quarters. It probably could have been a different outcome. Not saying it would have been but it would've been a different outcome in terms of how the game played out especially in the second half but nonetheless. Here's the issue. Here's the difference now between going into week. Two and the week two game and now leading up to this game against the cincinnati bengals. The first and foremost is planning planning a you. Had joe haden endeavour bush pop up on the injury report on friday friday. You have to think about how this works for the football team as they prepare so when they are preparing for this. The game is on sunday. Typically on monday the rehash that game and they're already starting to put in the game plan for the next opponent in some instances. They're working on the game plan for the next opponent before the previous game. So that would mean that. The steelers were doing some homework on the cincinnati bengals before they played the las vegas raiders before anyone freaks out and messages me on twitter saying there overlooking opponents. They do this every week. And they're not the only team that does this. This is also why they have a scouting department goes and scouts. These teams and get stuff together and coaches like mad. Canada will start to take a look at personnel groupings. And things like that. Don't go overboard with the overreaction. But the they'll start on tuesday they'll put a plan together and then on wednesday they start implementing that plan in practice wednesday thursday friday practice saturday walkthrough game on sunday. When you have a plan in place and you're going wednesday thursday. Everything's great plan is in place. We're ready friday. Uh-huh two of your defensive starters are on the injury report now. An enlisted as questionable. Okay maybe we'll get him back. We have high hopes. You try to build a contingency plan. It doesn't always work out that way and then sunday rolls around. They'll be active uh-huh.

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