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"Mean there recall this growth. I think it is personal growth. Yes i think it has to be from especially know about being honest. i didn't. I didn't think these fan bases had it in them to be able to reflect inwardly and go. You know what it is. It is me. It's today it's me. I didn't think either one of these bases had that club in the bag. Nice to see though It's nice to see because you know what you're still hasn't made. Its way to oakland. I can tell. I mean jesus christ. I'm asking you about the wild card picture. Well we'll you can win this game. And frankie mud us does this. I mean come on. I was just i was. I was trying to inform somebody who who made a statement that was inaccurate about frankie momtaz. I mean you do have to remember dallas as a paid employee of the oakland a.'s. Take everything he says about that team with grant us all. I think we're both on the same page here. Not only do. I think the toronto blue are gonna to play in that wildcard game. I think it's going to be played in toronto. I really do and it's it's it is. The red sox playing the toronto blue jays in toronto and that our game. I don't even know if i can watch. I was gonna say do. Do you even want to put it on. And that's going to be a home. That's gonna apocalyptic. Oh you're gonna you would be. You'd be one of those poor individuals standing off to the side watching all twenty eight of your home. He's getting walked up that fucking pyramid just to get their head lay down on that stone and then here they point sale will just be coming back so it's like. Yeah maybe he's maybe. He's thrown off flight crown seriously and fingers crossed. You hope you hope that like it's just a just a little hurdle that all these guys are able to balance back and be viable options on the field. Have you heard anything about dudes getting pneumonia. Athlete right after getting cove. Yes ma'am yeah. It's like they're getting coverted there. And then there's like this second wave with not not in terms of infections. I'm saying People that have tested positive for kobe. With like the delta variant. They'll get sick for like a week. And then there's like the eye of the storm so it'll be like forty eight hours with like i feel great and then they wake up the next morning hundred and four degree fever. And they're like fucking back then never went away and then they'll they'll the fever will break and it's like oh now i have pneumonia. Yeah well and there's you can look this up Tj quinn a phenomenal reporter. Phenomenal journalist actually wrote an article about covert long haulers and that that describes individuals who have contracted kovin and are are are now essentially living with it and living with the lingering effects the quote unquote after-effects. But really. it's not an after effect because the shit still going on the are still affected. So it's not after the fact like this shit is still prevalent for them I mean fuck dude. Iran thinking about eddie when he got sick initially like he couldn't walk around the hotel room correct without breath. He couldn't walk period. it was monthly. It was months later. He hearts inflammation like this should is. It's it's dude. It's scary like straight up. It's scary. yeah yeah he looks. Just ask yourself this folks who are listening because look. We don't want to talk about this shit. Talk about the shit. But if we're just being real with each other for the trustee here how many you motherfuckers listening right now are going to outrun. Add water rodriguez. How many of you very very limited view of you know there might be some one hundred twenty three pound cross country running sons a bitches and i'm jealous of you but see on a bucket swat rack dick heads. If you guys could run like fucking dear. no doubt. Don't know that you're just blowing eddie's doors off as a big league pitcher. I know what these guys do right He could do any of it. Couldn't do any of it. As a finely tuned highly maintained athlete. Could do it. And he's just one of multiple so like again. You know how i roll. Jared i want you at your strongest. i don't wanna beat you with two guys out three guys. I want all you motherfuckers there. And i want you fire on also unders and that's how i feel as competitor. That's how i feel as a fan watching this thing unfold. I will the red sox at full speed. the game deserves that we want that and it's a brutal brutal brutal scene right now. they're just does not feel ever going to be the case. No think the only way the red sox get a hard reset and stop the spread in their own. Clubhouse is wants the season's over and everyone goes home. Yep yes this is going to run through the playoffs if they if they are able to advance if they even make it there. There's no way to like. I feel okay about the red sox. Chances of making the playoffs at this point. I'm not a guarantee especially now that you own sale and any hopes of making a deep run feel.

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