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"tj krone" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"Peres Barrio Gipson, these guys were all there last year. And so you try to figure out what the different in the different is the Minnesota Twins in the off season change their manager Rocco belt belly. But the biggest change that they made is something that had not been done before in baseball. They hired a pitching coach rate out of college west Johnson, who was at Arkansas, Mississippi State, Dallas Baptist all good baseball schools. He is they're pitching coach and he's a guy that heat in the new technology. He's a file mechanic guy a philosophy expert, and I think huge jump for an organization because for whatever reason unlike football and basketball, and even hockey hiring a college coach, whether it's a head coaching college or pitching coach hitting coach. You just don't do that. People never embraced the college coaches that is changing now because the colleges, especially the big name colleges that the big money college is that the some of the Pac twelve schools. They got to that technology that the drive line stop the, the, you know, the rap Soto cameras the high speed cameras the high tech stuff, even the stuff that. Talked about that, that he tinkering around the college has got their first and felt that that higher in my opinion has been the biggest change in the twin because that rotation it's essentially the same guys is last year and their lights out right now. Talking to rich waltz right now. And a rich I mean you said you're listening to the mic quality thing or the mic quality interview earlier. And talking about Byron Buxton, who for a long time, was one of the top prospects of top prospect in baseball, only twenty five years old. He's kind of that old school speed, not tons of power, but does he doubles? He's a gap the gap that he can still you basis if he stays healthy. This guy has the makings of being a superstar type center fielder. Yeah. And look, I think that's a great illustration that there's value in that still. We, we, we grow in the game focused on home runs and power and guys then they've got it. Obviously, I mean, we're fifteen TJ krone following up a career year that he had to nose healthy. They all this with Nelson Cruz on, on the DL as well. But there's still value in a guy that speedy centerfielder and go gap. The gap guy didn't get on the guy that can feel basis. There's value in that in the game. The teams that have a mix of that the Red Sox the Astros of it still feel basis that still value speed and stuff like that. There's that's fun too. So it's nice to see a guy like that emerge. And and to me the twins. Remind me a lot of the Astros in in what they do. Well, you guys talk about the home runs and how many they hit fifty two home runs in may. But they've got the, the flip side of that. You know, part of hitting home runs in baseball comes with the cost of a lot of strikeout. The Astros don't do that. They hit home runs and they don't strike out in the. Don't do that, either. They have the most homers in major league baseball in the third pew strikeout baseball very good. Wow, very good rituals with us. Here's the one caution flag. I, I don't mean to use that fun Memorial Day with the Indy five hundred but the twins play in a division that, that thought on the bottom and, and outside of the division. They played the Orioles. The orioles. They've got four wins against the Tigers. They're doing what you need to do. They're feeding the teams they should beat which for a young team that. Building cO lifting and blossoming perfect scenario when they get to the harder part of their schedule. Go, I love the story. I love the story rituals with us. What was your first year in Miami? Two thousand five with my first year that World Series team was still intact. It was a fun bunch Dontrelle. Willis, Josh Beckett. AJ burnett. That was the rotation Miguel Cabrera was blossoming Mike Lowell and, and. Penny. Yeah. A penny. Penny had left by five, but that was a really good team that fell just short of the postseason and they, they blew it up completely, and the next year was the, the youngest team in baseball. But both anonymous even baseball with a payroll of back then was like twenty million. They became Davey Kane into this is what when you rebuild traits they became the first team in baseball history to be twenty games under. And then get over the five hundred Mark later in the season. That was a team with Hanley Ramirez and Dan Uggla Josh willing ham Johnson, Cody raw, there was that was a really good team eventually in that year. They showed it at the at the second end of the season. What a great story. I love your background than all this stuff and seeing Seattle built up. And of course the Marlins and, and all the stuff that you do now in MLB quickly though, we got a few minutes left. Yeah. I had a good conversation with Kyle Haines the giants farm director. Yeah. I did. I look I live in Seattle. So I wanted to go see Dr line baseball for myself and spend a whole day. They're in. You know that they're the, the leaders in this. That post article focused on on what they've done. And they've really like I said, not only in the college is the in the professional game in every organization now is diving technology. I wanted to find out what the giant did with that in there. The giants are in it with two feet. As someone looking for the outside of the giants. And then last year I got a chance to do some games in a little bit on the inside the giants have always been a team that has been a little more advanced than people know simply because they're not a full organization. They don't go around talking about their secret sauce. And what they did even though you know, the last off, it was more into analysts. I think people realize. With the ship. Now there's a little more light shined on it. The giants organization has all that stuff that, that, that high speed cameras track man for spin rates and launch angles and all of that. And it was a good discussion about velocity and pitching and all of that, the focus on velocity is is, is big. But I think you heard a little bit of it in the Milan-San discussion. The technology is just as important with bio mechanic, and the mechanics of a pitcher now it just takes out the guesswork now you can design pitches, and work with pitchers on, on everything. And there's no guesswork, it's no, hey, tinker with that. Here's the proof. When you drop your, your move. You're rich just a little bit this or change your grip. You're getting a much bigger spin rate in the one thing that he said that really stood out with me. It's the last thing I'll leave you with is all of the hasn't reduced. What teams are looking for it hasn't reduced what with a really good scouts able to identify to take the guesswork because he talked about spin rate. And that's another thing that big in the game. And he said, you know, we can identify been right, much better. But it's always been valued in the game. And it's a good example to guide that had been right? That we're able to get guys out in the. Zone. And I was well before breath photo and track man, and all of that, though. Some of the oldest new that, that kind of the mic, but it was fun to hear what the giant, especially in the minor league have got in, in terms of technology and instruction and all that we're just a matter of time. It's just a matter of time. Great report, rich really, really enjoyed it. If you got time next weekend, we have the draft on June third. It'd be a lot of fun to chat with you over the weekend. Maybe look at the first top picks or whatever especially in light of what you just said. Whether you go college high school pitcher outfielder shortstop, so we'll keep in touch with you have a great day, and I appreciate you being on. All right. Get them runs. William hardy. Get some don't give up runs. That's it. That's the deal that they can now. But my goodness, just get out of the first inning gets them out smarter. All right. Have a good app that thanks rich. Thank you. That was a pleasure pleasure with rich waltz. I'm trying to get him on next week. It's funny to look back on the Marlins have always been sort of an awkward or strange franchise. The three team was good. The five TV's mentioned some good names. Dan, glen. Well, let's Cody raw gonna if he was there before three ask him how that team came together the authority. Yeah. Sort of like the twins. But I think we've, we've done a good job on the twin cites been a lot of fun. We'll take a break back here at the public house. We're going to do are drawing for Hawaiian airlines alleys going to give us a minor league report, as well. And we will look at the scoreboard all that coming up right.

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