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Friday, June 14, 2019

Westwood One Daily News Flash Briefing

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Friday, June 14, 2019

"From Washington DC. This is Westwood One daily news for June fourteenth twenty nineteen. I'm John trout to oil tankers near the strategic strait of Hormuz came under a suspected attack yesterday. US secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that the US has assessed based on intelligence type of weapons used and sophistication of salts that Iran is responsible for those attacks. Iran is lashing out, because the regime wants are successful maximum pressure. Campaign lifted no economic sanctions entitled the Islamic Republic to attack. Innocent civilians, disrupt global oil markets and engage in nuclear blackmail. President Trump is looking for a new press secretary this while another member of his administration is staying put despite a watchdogs, call for her to be fired and the president deals with controversy over what he said about a foreign government wanting to. Help his or any campaign on those developments. Correspondent Bob Costantini has more in the middle of event regarding sentencing reform. President Trump brought departing press secretary Sarah Sanders to the podium to honor her. And she plans to head back to Arkansas at the end of the month. In the meantime, I'm gonna continue to be one of the most outspoken, and loyal supporters of the president and his agenda. And I know he's going to have an incredible six more years and get a whole lot more done. It was ninety four days the last time Sanders stepped up to a White House podium for a briefing where she was a strong and sometimes combative defender of Mr. Trump. She's a warrior has no word warriors, right? Warriors were ore is we have no choice. Sandra's was mentioned in Robert Muller's report is having admitted to Muller's team that she could not back up her claim twenty seventeen that if be I rank and file had lost confidence in fire director James Komi another forceful. Defender of the president is staying. Put White House aide say the federal office of special counsel abroad investigative operation, declares Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway should not be working within the White House, quote, give it in. Ms Conway is a repeat offender, and has shown disregard for the law, OSE recommends that she'd be removed from federal service, the hatch act prohibits federal employees from using their positions to engage Vert, political activities, the White House responds. In a statement that the ruling is deeply flawed and violates Conway's right of free speech. There is no enforcement mechanism for the seas pronouncement. But for much of Thursday, Washington, was fixated on President Trump's broadcast interview comments about the upcoming election. Dunking with ABC news. President Trump's candor on display regarding derogatory information for a supposed twenty twenty opponent from a foreign country if somebody called from country Norway, we have information on your opponent. I think I'd wanna hear you want that kind of interference in elections. Have infamy. Nation. I think I'd take it, it is against the law for a foreign government to interfere in a US election. It is against the law for someone to help a foreign government interfere in a US election, those were the two main threads in what became the Muller investigation, EDS, however not against the law for the president to muse about it in some future election. Not only is the president opened a foreign government help for his reelection. But in the interview with ABC news, he contradicts his own FBI chief Christopher Wray, when speaking hypothetically, this is somebody said, we have information on your Ponant. Oh, let me call the FBI. Give me a break. Lifeless director says that's what should happen. The FBI director is wrong getting dirt on Hillary Clinton from Russians was the supposed reason for the June two thousand sixteen meeting arranged by Donald Trump junior. However, special counsel, Robert Muller decided that was not enough of what's commonly called collusion to charge, the president's son. Bob Costantini, the White House. The field of candidates is so big they'll break up the group, the Democratic National Committee has tapped, the tw-. Twenty candidates who will take part in debate later this month. Correspondent Sierra Crawford reports. The debate marks the first time. So many twenty twenty contenders share the stage among the twenty who made the cut current front runner, and former vice president, Joe Biden senators. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, comma, here is in Cory Booker mayor, Pete Buddha, judge former Texas congressman beta or Rourke New York. Mayor Bill de Blasio in former tech exec injury aing Montana. Governor c Bullock is the most high profile of the four candidates level the list. But DNC chair Tom Perez. Everyone will have a fair shot to communicate their visit in September. We're going to be raising the threshold leave given people notice. And so they understand that you have to continue to make progress your Crawford. Washington authorities say the man who was shot by US marshals in Memphis was a suspect in separate shooting correspondent, Clayton Neville, reports. Wednesday's incident injured more than thirty. Police officers testers were seen throwing rocks as the number. People in the streets grew into early Thursday morning. The angry crown, eventually dispersed after police, deployed tear gas now at thorns explaining what led to the shooting district attorney John champion says Brandon Weber was wanted on felony warrants out of Mississippi. And what's the specter of shooting Decio county, man, five times when he met the man to buy a car as our victim got out of the passenger seat from the test drive? He went around to the back of the car where Mr Weber met him with his shot in five times the victim of the shooting survived and was able to give police enough information to track Weber down champion says at authorities new Weber too dangerous. You're not have twenty armed officers going after somebody that's stolen core force to that's just not going to happen. You know, you're going to have that when you're doing the fell champion says when they spotted the core Weber was driving. They knew they had their man to wherever was driving are victims of the potentially bureau of investigation says Weber rammed marshals with the car. In the Memphis neighborhood of Frazier and got out with a gun. That's when Marshall's johnnym outrage followed fifteen police vehicles were damaged in the protests. Memphis police say five vehicles from other agencies were also vandalized, a lot of the damage came from bricks thrown from the crown Weber thought of as a beloved member of the community at the time of the protests that hadn't been made public WI Weber was wanted by the US marshals. Now that information has been released, but many people remain hesitant and say tensions are still high between the community and police. I'm Clayton Neville, and sports quite a year for first time champions, correspondent TJ Katini explains night after the Saint Louis blues raise the Stanley Cup for the first time in franchise history. Another, I as the Toronto Raptors earned their first NBA title in their twenty four year history by way of one fourteen one ten win over the fending champion, Golden State Warriors in game six of the finals, a humble Leonard, your finals and the cope, striving him, you know, pushing, you know, ended over. The trophy, but everybody deserves Golden State failed in their bid to become the first team since the two thousand two Lakers to win a third straight NBA title. Meanwhile Canada canal claim to their first championship in a major sport since the nineteen Ninety-three Toronto Blue Jays won the World Series. I'm TJ teeny electric scooters are the latest rage. Not surprisingly, the number of writer mishaps continues to increase. Stephan Kaufman reports from Paris to San Diego electric, scooters growing involve your Larry with a comes at increasing number of injuries and deaths in the city of Tempe. The home of Emerson state university stand up scooters, our common site in an effort to reduce scooter related incidents, Tempe is limiting the number of scooters by instituting and innovative market based cap charge us, companies dollar per day per scooter operate in the city that way, it won't scooters attempt to gain market, Cheryl rates. Other councilman Randy Keating says there's something else. That's being instituted to keep writer safe despite Arizona lacking, a statewide helmet law of the safety regulation does include a requirement to wear a helmet while operating scooter in the city of Tempe. Free-wheeling feel electric scooters may be adored by writers, but they're scorned by drivers who have collided with them and hated by pedestrians who've suffered broken bones when hit by the two wheelers as they whiz by sidewalks, however, despite their negatives, Keating field, scooters do serve a useful purpose. Provide quite a convenient and effective pollution to the last half mile problem. Stephan Kaufman Prescott Arizona Westwood One daily news for June fourteenth twenty nineteen. I'm John trout.

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