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Sports Talk 5-28-2020

Lance McAlister

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Sports Talk 5-28-2020

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Let's get to this six ten seven hundred wwl W. This is sportstalk. Our carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet Omland. mcallister very excited to be here. Glad to have you here. A hang out for a while. We'll do this for three hours last. Fun A kick around a couple of topics work you in on on a couple of those topics as well and a hand things off to gamble and senior weekly reality. Check at nine tonight. Let's get to the headlines then we'll go. We start with baseball. The Major League Baseball. Players Association expects to counter the owners economic proposal. Proposal by the end of the week with a plan that includes playing more than one hundred games and a guarantee of full prorated salaries for the twenty twenty season that according to Espn John. Hayman of MLB network reports the mets, reds, brewers, and mariners among teams, releasing minor league players today, not all of them. A number of other league players today, literally a war zone out there. One agent told. John Hayman this afternoon, Renton pirates should have wrapped up a series this afternoon at great American Ballpark, it would have been game number fifty six of the regular season Texas governor. Greg Abbott Today said fans will be allowed at outdoor pro sporting events with capacity limited to twenty five percent NFL. News the owners have tabled that fourth and fifteen alternative to the onside kick. Further discussion was needed on the Matter College Basketball Kentucky, as agreed to a three years series with Notre Dame beginning next year with a home with a home game at refereed on December Twelfth for the two thousand twenty twenty one season, the series will include a neutral site event in two thousand and twenty, one at a road game in South Bend in twenty twenty two major league soccer today announced at clubs may begin to use outdoor training fields. Fields for small group training sessions in compliance with detailed health and safety protocols. All small group training sessions are voluntary. The Premier League will restart on June. Seventeenth the Boston Marathon. Push to September fourteenth originally has now been canceled in one late. Note this afternoon from the NFL, Commissioner, sending out a memo to teams, indicating that starting on Monday teams can reopen their ticket offices and their retail shops with the expectation. The following week teams will be permitted to include coaching stabs at the facility. All of that a look at your headlines for everything else go to my blog at seven hundred wwl W dot com blog has reds and bengals and. Interviews from last night, a little bit of this little bit of that. It's there for free and waiting for you. At seven hundred wwl W dot com I want to try something tonight. I told told a couple of people I talked to from the reds. Organization actually told a couple of players I WANNA. Do This I. Don't know that they're listening, but I think it's something that. We'll call it an experiment. You've heard and read the vitriol from the owners and players. The sources say anonymous sources. Those those quotes that are popping up. I'm going to give you a platform. My curiosity is in how you will use it. Here's what I'm asking. What message would you offer them at this point? The owners and players. The fans get left out of all they go back and forth salvos five from each side. You stand over here like waving your hand like that I'd like some baseball I'm curious. What at this stage what you would say what you would offer? Be Message or advice to those involved in the process. My message would be something along these lines I don't need to know how the sausage was made. I prefer both sides. Zip It. I don't want quotes leaked and planted. I don't need to hear either side talk about. I would include in that message and stressing that message that they have a chance to set an example for other pro sports. They have a chance to lift the spirits. Of Baseball, fans lift the spirits of the country. They have an opportunity to take center stage. And if all else fails, I would stress to them. Do not forget. Nineteen ninety-four. Do not. Fail to recall the damage done in one, thousand, nine, hundred four. That would be part of my opening message. But again, what I'm curious is. What you would say if your ear if if you were involved as a party in this now right now later in this week, maybe as early as tomorrow both sides, we'll get together zoom conference calls. If. You were it on that. End. Up in the air, guys if I could just interject here for a second. What would you tell them? Because you're left out of this process, we're left out of the process. It's the the cliche billionaires versus millionaires, and we're over here, waiting and hoping for baseball. I think most are waiting and hoping for baseball. What would you tell them? Let me, give phone number and open up the lines right out of the shoot, five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one, eight, hundred, the big one pound, seven, hundred at and T. we're up and running. Join US, aren't L. Career sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet at seven hundred WWL W. Six twenty three seven hundred wwl wrol carriers sportstalk presented by Chelsea Chevrolet. Early question is simply this. You heard both sides. You've heard the vitry all in the the the spewing of of threats and in the unrest I'm giving you a platform. I'm just curious what you would do with it and what your message would be to those involved at this point I. Don't get stressed out and get worked up at times like this. I would say let me know when you're ready to play. Good, I. Don't spend I. Try not to spend time on being. Being upset about things that might happen or could happen now. I reserve the right to get upset. When and if they do happen, but I've never been one who really subscribed to the predictive angst like I. Know this is going to happen, so I'M GONNA get upset about it now. I've got enough to worry about now. That actually is happening, and that's what I would. That's how I would relate to the baseball moment right now, Bob. Nightingale USA Today wrote about this in. Today's paper, he said everyone take a deep breath. exhale slowly and chill. There will be a major league baseball season for twenty twenty. They will play. This is happening. He wrote there's too much money at stake. Everyone knows it Major League Baseball in the Union who may not be able to stand the sight of one another at this moment, stiller business partners and will resolve their issues. No one is naive enough to believe any team will turn a profit this year, but as the players will remind you clubs weren't turning around and handing out Christmas bonuses on the Prophets. They turned every year. Year either there's no reason to offend the biggest stars in the game. There are the highest paid players for a reason. They're the ones who are the biggest gate and TV attractions. The sides will come up with a compromise. It just takes time. There's no deadline in these negotiations, so sit back. Relax and try not to be caught up in the war of words. We're going to have a baseball. Season Major League. Baseball has no choice. Bob Nightingale today from USA. Today could have said it any better. That's why of his quotes from USA TODAY DOT COM I've tried to say this on. I know what frustrates people. There is nothing that has happened to this point that has thrown off the time line of what they initially said. Baseball offer around July the fourth with an eighty two game schedule. The process the making the sausage. Cover your eyes. I don't need to see it. I don't certainly don't need to hear it. There should be a gag order I. Don't WanNa hear from either side. But the drive to the angst. Because what you think is going to happen, I just don't find useful. But it is with that as the backdrop I. Ask you, what would you tell them? You're like the silent partner and all this. Owners over here players over here fans rate here listening seven hundred wwl w. what would you tell them? Go to the phones about Wilmington our first stop and Mitch. You are on seven hundred wliw. Hey Land. You, the more I think about this whole scenario. If? It Really Found me when I think about player like Ted Williams that gave up. You know prime seasons in his. Career. A World War Two and the Korea War and gave up money, and he made that sacrifice for this country well, how does that relate eighty years later? I'm curious. How does that relate to now well, if if we're supposed to take this endemic as seriously as you know, we are in a war with unseen enemy that I've heard well at the same time, if if. Players in the past. Have that's up. And you know sack pike years out of their career. Ted Williams probably hit four hundred. And so the message to the players. What would you say to the owners? Well, they have to make a share sacrifice. It's it's not. It's unilateral between the two because I feel like it's You know I get tired of hearing this. Phrase were all in this together. Okay well for all in this together, everybody has to make back. Oh! That's a good way to put. That's a very good way to put it Mitchell I gotta let me grab as many as I can't hear in Muncie Jim. What would your message be will? Is Is GonNa Change, Your Life Yosick. If, they don't play at all. I couldn't care less. Your message to them. Yeah, exactly right and I say bring back to segment. Okay I I'll let them know as well on the conference call. I don't know how many are aware, but I think we'd all be in favor of that Henderson, we go Tom. What would your message be? I had to take you off speaker. That's why I was delayed. Right? What would your message be to them? Well Kim for. Fifteen seconds. They were for it I just like answer what your message would be to him if you could. Well just about my my message is about the reds tickets while they were offering tickets to buy, and then he would give a kid a backpack. But the irony is, you can't bring the backpack to this. I have no idea what that means, but I certainly appreciate your listening Loveland Dan. What would your message be? Asked hey. So I got I got four points. One they have to remember. This is not just has to be a win win. There's no. If there's no winner, right, otherwise lose. Number two times taken. It's their season. Don't be late root. Word is the okay. Right. number three. Yes is! Remember, that perception is everything. Your point out care how the sausage is made. Yes, our perception. Is Everything. Yes. Lafley four point? Is just basically like. They've got a lead together like. They Talk About Team Baseball Team Sport. Yes, if five of those two to be a team, they need to leave. They need to lead. Now that is, it may be early. I making the caller tonight so far. Dan I listen to thanks for the call. All, right all right. Let's do this bottom. They are now you you dead. What would you offer to that? Owners players back and forth back and forth I don't like you. We don't like you. You're going to have to do this. We're GONNA do that all the while. Tick tick, tick, tick tick! What would your message be to? The parties involved as we continue our L. carrier sports hot presented by Kelsey Chevrolet on seven hundred W. let's keep this moving. Six thirty, seven seven hundred wwl wwl's aren't carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet are L. Carriers, your global transportation provider visit our LLC DOT COM and Kelsey. chevrolets open for sales and service with a new state of the art. Collision Repair Center coming in July the assignment. Early is for you because you get left out of this. The owners do their thing. The players do their things. They fire the proposals back and forth Some of the the comments are leaked some of them. Them are anonymous sources and you're standing over here going well. What about me I just like to watch some baseball eventually, so I'm providing the platform for you to tell them your message message advice I would tell the players no matter no matter what you think, and no matter what you believe is fair. Understand this. You're always going to be working against the perception that fans believe you don't have a job and you don't work, but you play a game. That's always going to be that way you you. Argue able to change that perception because what you do. Your Line of work is something that fans did in their backyard. So they equate that to fun games. Something you do, you should do for love of the game. They don't equate that to being profession a job. You also have to understand that. Your salaries are known the owners. Books are never opened. That's not GonNa Change Apparently, so you're working against that from a perception standpoint that you play a game and you get paid a lot of money versus the owners who own and don't open their books. That's not going to change, so understand that going into the game. And always realize. You as a as a sport, can't afford nineteen ninety-four. The damage done to the sport in ninety four took for how long. Somewhat, say it it. Never really recovered. Others would point to cal ripken's chase of Lou Gehrig's record in what that did galvanize kind of fans of baseball, then eventually, what mcgwire and Sosa Chase of Roger Marris eventually did, and then it was, the curtain pulled back, and we learned that that was all a fraud a fake, but Remember Ninety Four. They cancelled a world series. In Ninety five when the reds made the playoffs, those games didn't even sell out, and I will say do on blue in the face that this city took the strike of ninety four and the cancellation of the world series more personally than any baseball town in the country. I would be willing to bet if you put the numbers up pre strike, average, attendance, post-strike average attendance, and a couple of years before, and then a couple years after that would bear pretty close to being true in terms of the number of people. Even now that's what twenty six years later who will tell me I have not gone back to a baseball game since the nineteen ninety-four strike. Now. There were certainly hurt feelings around the game here this town. They weren't hurt feelings. It was a sense of betrayal and a big screw. You. You're going to do that. I'm doing this I'll see you well. Check that I won't see 'cause I'm leaving. And you didn't come back. That's what I tell both sides. Understand this opportunity presented and yet. As, Bob, Nightingale said what was the line everyone take a deep breath. exhale slowly in chill. There is going to be baseball and I know it 'cause I. Hear you tell me. It bugs somewhat when I say that. I truly believe they're going to play baseball, so I'm not going to kick and scream and yell and call names until somebody shows me. They're not playing baseball, and if they don't play baseball I will join you in kicking and screaming, and perhaps even calling names to both sides. But to this point, maybe it's only because I've been there done that and had to do radio back in ninety four when there was no baseball season. I understand it's. It's negotiations and that's why I refer to it as the sausage and the old cliche. Nobody knew nobody wants to see the sausage. This is part of the process. It's not fun. It's not comfortable. It doesn't appear to be productive from where we sit. But I. Just I don't why so many people have told me in the last week to two I'm done I say done. Why because these guys can't and I keep saying? They're still on track to play when they said they were going to play. That's what I don't get about the rising level of angst. What they're talking about is a necessity at this point. Now they've got to get it figured out because as the caller said before the bottom of the hour, the clock is ticking, but it's not as though they have veered off course inner venturing somewhere on a on a path to nowhere they said eighty two games, and they said honor around July the fourth. Nobody right now has said nobody has said. We're going to be able to play eighty two games or not going to be able to play on or around July the fourth. The players were puzzle. It's believed is going to be to play more games to play upwards of one, hundred or one hundred and ten games. So don't sweat the small stuff. Let's go back to the phones about buddy. Go here and then there and over here, but you are on seven hundred WWL W. You I say right now. I guess a message out baseball right now. America want you. Desperate for sports, I'M AFRAID ESPN is going to sign the British. I can't. Do Anything. They could leave the news cycle. They play it right for two straight. Every night because we are so desperate. Guy Giving the singer. DETENTE NASCAR. That! I. mean we are desperate. Don't blow your. Yes. He strikes. I WILL BE I. That that's an excellent, that's all I need a buck. Thank you all right. We've rallied now back to back calls I'm making caller a in color. Be One and two of the night. That's what I'm looking for. What is the message would need to to stress to them to say guys. Look listen. Just hear me out for a second now at the same time. Let me drop this in I'm reading The New York Post Today Joel Sherman, Headline Major League Baseball Risk Losing Coal Trout and others if it wins. This from Joel Sherman. What of Major League Baseball owners. Get what they want. And then a group of players don't show up. That would be turning victory to defeat quickly for the owners. And Joe Sherman went on to point out that it has already understood that a group of players and coaches and managers with pre existing conditions might opt out over health concerns. John Lester Anthony Rizzo. The cubs are cancer survivors brandon. Morrow type one diabetes. Joe Sherman talk with multiple agents, a half dozen agents in recent days, who said they expect most players to return due to love of baseball sense of responsibility to their careers teammates, perhaps even being shamed into participating in the bad look, but the agents also say they would not be surprised if some players decide not to play. One agent told The New York Post I would actually be more surprised if we did not get a few. WHO Sat out? Three different here won the super rich players. Two players who were do the most money Garrett Cole Mike, Trout both have lied do with their first child thought by some agent's A. They've made enough money in their career. Already wives pregnant with the first kids. Concerns on multiple levels. Maybe they say we'll sit out, but we'll just. We'll see and twenty twenty one. To the players with contracts for multiple years. In, which twenty twenty is a low year on their contract meeting? You'll get a three year deal and a lot of teams will space out. The payments say it's thirty million and it'll go. Six. Ten fourteen million by year six. Is that up at two thirty, okay, six, ten, fourteen, million, some look, and say you know what I twenty twenty year, my contracts, not that big, the bigger years, or on the back end with all that's going on in the risk of injury and everything else and I'm not happy with the deal. I'm not coming back this year and the third part free agents who feel they could do more harm than good to their case. Guys like mookie Betts and TJ Jt Muto in in Trevor Bauer who become free agents at the end of the year. Maybe look and say well wait a minute. I'm in the final year of my contract Do I come back for only half a season. Do I risk poor performance? Do I risk an injury? Do I put myself kind of behind the eight ball by not having a good year with all? That's going on right now. Maybe I just. Don't come back in twenty twenty and hit free agency in the off season, three scenarios laid out by the New York, post, and then there Scott Boras today the agent we heard the back and forth yesterday Trevor Bauer basically told him to get the hell out of their business in a tweet and yet Scott Boras, said today to his clients in a memo obtained by the Associated Press do not bail out the owners. All part of the backdrop. So. What would you tell them? Five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one, eight, hundred, the big one pound, seven, hundred on at and T. R., L. Carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred W.. F. Down the stretch rapidly moving our number, one darnold sports talk within about Dawson, triple a nice rally this our love, the input on the topic and the opportunity. On twitter Oh, remember Cayo. Loesch Carlos was a red at one point, Minnesota twins Philadelphia phillies pitcher had pitched over a decade. If I remember in the major leagues, Cow alosha retired. In a twitter spat with Trevor Bauer was making reference to some of the stuff, being said from the players side of things and trevor weighed in and said and I quote. This is Trevor Bauer to former Major League pitcher Kyle. Loesch Kyle your time as a player has come and gone. You're no longer part of the player group negotiating everyone. Appreciate your time and your service, but you don't speak on behalf of the players anymore. That time has come and gone for you. You're not privy to everything that's happening. Kyle Loesch responded. Trevor, I'm just going to chuck. This went up to immaturity. While your generation, it's talking Major League baseball business while playing video games and complaining publicly how the Union is doing us out of touch. Ex players aren't happy. Standing by watching you wreck. What was built? Trevor bowers response on twitter. Okay boomer. Scott Boras sent a letter to his client. Scott. Boras says the most powerful agent in the game represents seventy-one players his agency. This off season negotiated one point two billion with a B.. One point two billion dollars in contracts this off season boroughs recommended today. His clients refuse Major. League Baseball's attempt to cut salaries in an email obtained by the Associated Press Boroughs wrote the player should not alter the terms of their Merch twenty-six agreement with the owners that. That call for the players to reduce their salaries to a pro rated base basis based on a short, a shortened season based on the proposal eighty two games the players on March twenty six agreed to take what would amount to a fifty percent pay cut. They said all right. If we'RE NOT GONNA play one hundred sixty to apply, and we play eighty two. You can pay half our salaries. Borough said today remember games cannot be played without you. That's what he wrote to his clients. Players should not agree to further pay cuts to bail out. The owners lead owners take some of their record revenues and profits from the past several years and pay you. The pro rated salaries you agreed to accept. Owners now what player to take additional pay cuts to help them pay these loans they wanNA, bail out. They're not offering you a share of the stadium Ballpark, villages or club itself, and that's the genesis for most of the argument that Major League Baseball last year was a record industry of ten billion dollars in baseball's turned a profit as a whole sixteen. In the last seventeen years of the owners are asking the players to give up money during tough times, the players will say well when when you were making the profit sixteen in the last seventeen years. You didn't give us any more money. Outside of the agreement we'd already signed. The players will say why don't you? You didn't let us tear up our agreement and give us more money. So why in tough times for you should you ask us to give you? Give up more money because of what's going on. Back to my original point, none of this none of this should be be played out before our very eyes and ears. We should know any of this. If I were Tony Clark the union I would say look. I see one tweet one radio interview one TV interview from any of you. And we've got a problem. Maybe. That's just me Anderson. We go next time you're on seven hundred WWL W. Speaking here. Just, make my point. I was trying to make I agree with you one hundred percent. But baseball owners in baseball players sued enact a gag rule. Okay, yes, and here's why. Forty million unemployed. Hundred thousand dead. Small businesses going out of business every day. People worried about food on their table. We all are baseball. We all love sports, but we don't want to hear your fighting in the public. You're going to turn people off, yes and. Make Them Mad. Yes, Yawn, belief! And on my second point, if I could follow up because that's such a good point because I I think most understand there are things that have to be hammered out and sides don't always agree on initial offers. It's called negotiating, but if that all needs to take place, and we accept it does. You can't play it out in front of us, we just we don't have the stomach the time the patients or interest to put up with any of it. Do it behind you. If you need a yell at each other, yell at each other. Don't let us know yelling at each other. Right? And I'll tell you this My second point is My Small Business is sports related okay? And I knew. When the NBA canceled, their season paused their season that it was over for sports twenty twenty. Okay, now they're. Coming back with no fans, okay. So but I knew that I knew that back in mid March. Why didn't the owners know that when they were negotiating with the player Ch-. You know he should plan for this and you. You made a deal. You know sorry. You get stuck with what you negotiate. Hey, Tom I enjoyed this call again sometime. Thanks, thank you. Yeah, let's in. Again this is this is more the XS and os in the negotiations in my eyes, kind of glaze over, but on March twenty six I. Mean I remember sitting here with the agreement was announced I remember the excitement of my voice. I, said well look this. The owners and players have agreed was march twenty six that night on sports talk and I said. Wow with all its going on Dave agreed. The players and owners have agreed. The players will only be paid for the Games they play. And this proposal was eighty. Two Games for the players have taken a fifty percent pay cut. And now, the owners said well wait a minute. We didn't really didn't mean that because this could be happening. This might happen, and we needed to take more than that. And the players have kinda folded arms instead, and what now you want to do, what we agree, and that goes back to the trust of wait a minute. We both sides agree back on March twenty sixth. But in the bigger picture of all this I shouldn't be talking about this because it shouldn't be a talking point for any of us, it should be like top secret double probation for all of them when they come walking out of the rooms, if members of the media are sitting outside, they walk right past him, and instead of the dropping those lines. Because you know, this is going on look odors, no members of the media players who members of the media. They dropped the information they need to get. Out there to frame the argument to make them look good. None of this needs to be the only time we should see them is when Tony Clark. And, DONALD FEHR DONALD, fear and Rodman. Tony Clark and Rob Manfred an owner representatives were sitting at the same table and the cameras. We go live to the announcement of agreement to play baseball. There should be the first time we see them and the words out of there about the first. We hear from Major League. Baseball should say ladies and gentlemen. It's time to play baseball. Imagine how differently that would be received. If that was the first thing we heard from either side. Up next rules rules enrolls so many sports changing roles, and it drives over people crazy. Are there any rules you'd like changed as we continue. Our and carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred WWL W. The following takes place between seven PM and eight PM. Let's keep moving big starting our number one. Let's roll it into our number. Two eventually will roll Hamlin fit in ear reality. Check from nine to midnight tonight, on the heels of the commencement. A graduation theme you just heard. Let me add this a big day. My my daughter. I as I, say this. It's hard to process that things have moved this quickly. Payton graduated today from Simon Kenton. High School She is now onto Louisville where we're onto level now. The next phase did the drive through graduation as someone who's experienced both the in person at N. que you the Bank of Kentucky Center what's. Facility. Bank of Kentucky having sat through one of those for Casey at what four plus hours Nice but having driven through a forty five minute. Drive through graduation better. Like that a lot, but it was forty five minutes we were in you drove up to the curb. She got out, stood at a little podium with the CAP and gown awed. We got out of the car stood under a little tent, and you took some pictures. Then she moved a few feet over to her right with her principal at another administrator. They handed her diploma. We took pictures of that, and then we were often We were on our way, so and then I said well you. You just graduated from high school where where you go next. And she said let's go to cracker barrel. So a cracker barrel for lunch on graduation day, so very proud of her and love you and. That was that was very cool today, so we are. Now on our way to one who heads into his junior year at UC, in one who heads to her freshman year at Louisville holy cow, and she wound up with a pluses across the board for the year, which clearly is an indicator that she doesn't get any of that. None of me rubs off on her. That is all Kelly. As my as my teachers would tell you what both Carmel. High School and Butler University I was not the a plus type of student. She ran the table with them so very proud of her big day big day all right in the first hour, we we, we did a little exercise that was meant specifically for you. You've read these quotes heard these quotes, the anonymous quotes in old man. This is now getting out in this side, says this. And I thought well what if I just ask you what you would tell the owners and players what the message would be that? That was some pretty good stuff in the first air. Let me this hour number two. If you missed it in the headlines, we talked a little bit about this last night. The NFL the owners have tabled the vote on the fourth and fifth alternative to the onside kick. They said I. We're just not ready to to vote on this. Need some time to let it sink in marinate. Maybe we'll revisit next year. That is out what I find interesting. To the point of making it a topic now. There I think there is a thought that sports as a whole is trying too hard to change things to change the rules. tweak this and tweaking and changing this and changing that. And why don't you just leave the sport alone? That's the sense I get. Rules roles roles change change change. Well. Let me ask you serious question. Is there a rule. You would like to see changed. I can quote you the sport and the rule that you say stop messing. Stop don't do that. I don't need that. Is there something you say now, if you if you really intent on messing with this will change that. I wonder. Because there I get a lot of the pushback because I love those type of I like change. I like the progressive thinking I like. To tweak the game to the point where the excitement level goes up, and the interest is drawn in reach more than the average fan that rubs a lot of traditionalist purist the wrong weight. Stop just stop with your ideas and the silliness. WHY DID NASCAR change this? Why did the NFL have to change this? And why is baseball considering changing that well? Is there something in your mind that you would say? Look if you guys really have to keep messing with things? Why don't you just change this like for me? I think the dropped third strike baseball's while the dumbest rules I've ever heard of a and maybe that's from watching Casey growing up playing. Baseball and the fact that was so hard for little kids in in baseball to throw strikes when they did strike somebody out only to see the third strike. Get past the catcher in the get on base. You just want to like. Throw your hands up at Aaron dropped to the ground and curl up in the fetal position. Really do we really need the dropped third strike rule? Does anybody really think the game is a lot better because if the catcher doesn't hold onto the third strike if it gets passed in that run? This stop! I get rid of that. My biggest pet peeve in sports is the ridiculous NFL rule that says if you're if you're going in for a touchdown, and you fumble the ball through the end zone out the back of the end zone. You lose possession football. It's just it is never made any sense fundamentally. It makes no sense whatsoever that you could be running into the end zone, fumbled the ball, but as you're entering the end zone, it rolls through and out the back in. It's perceived by the NFL rules. Committee is like some cliff in the. The ball fell over the cliff and leg-up tough luck. Other team gets the ball now. When they did nothing to earn, it always said. Why don't you certainly penalized the team for fumbling out of the end zone, but had make it a touchback and put them back on the twenty yard line. Why would you strip them? Possession the ball and give it to the other team when the other team has done nothing to earn possession so I do that and I don't like in the NBA and college basketball guys fouling out. I. Don't like guys picking up a second found going to the bench in the first half. You don't see him again into the second I. Just Make It you know what on the fifth foul or pick your number on the six fouled, bet, college or pro? Pick it on that foul into free throws in the team gets the ball. You're not fouling out of the game. I'm just saying that he always found out. Is that. Make any sense to those are three things I would change. I get rid of the ridiculous dropped third strike in baseball and the ability to. Advance if first base is unoccupied, or if there are two outs and Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. A fumbling out of the back of the end would simply be made okay, that's not good Here's your penalty. You have to take it all the way back to the Twenty Yard Line and NBA College basketball, or not fouling out anymore. When you reach your limit the next. What is then two free throws for the team and the ball, so stop fouling otherwise we're offering the potential of of a five point play is the team gets two free throws, and they get the ball back and they might hit a three. Those who might three I've got one two three four five lines open for that. We'll introduce. That is our second topic tonight five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one, eight, hundred, the big one pounds, seven, hundred on at and T. people make it clear to me crystal clear. They don't like all the changes to the rules. There has got to be something you would sign off on and nod your head and approval when it comes to the rules of sports, go back to the phones and Covington would go John You on seven hundred wwl w.. Yes, Sir regarding your first topic. Okay. Here's what here's the way. I feel about it. I would tell those guys. Look America has been through. American needs a diversion. And please consider it your patriotic duty. To have a season and that's really all I got to say. That's very well said I appreciate you checking in thanks the words I that would be a powerful message to the players now the the players would probably in some way shape or form answer and say hey, we are all about the this country and the American flag patriotism, and yet business is business and we we are not there shouldn't be viewed as anything different than anybody else in a line of work that is in negotiations with their bosses, and it's a necessity of what needs to happen. This has to happen to get us from where we were tobacco, baseball. and. That really has to operate as an entity to itself over here. Because we it is a business. Y- fans will call it a game, but it's our job and it's a business and things have to be worked out. I think the the biggest thing. Out of all of this, it would be a lot easier to stomach. If. You didn't have to hear it. See it and read it. I think it would help the players even more so because the players you. When's the last time you heard an owner's name attached to anything that came out and yet you know damn well. What is being offered in this equation include stuff from the ownership groups. They will tell the owner of the the media tweet text that reporter. Hey, you know. We're going to do this or they're asking for this or they're doing that and names are ever attached at. When's the last time you saw an owner quoted any of the players, and there's obviously thirty owners, and there's like nine hundred players when it's all said and done so. I understand the dynamic there but I think we all agree I in a time where nobody can -gree agree about any I think we'd all agree. Nobody really wants to hear any party involved. Work on this. We just want the words to come out of your mouth. Like Jimmy, Chitwood and Hoosiers I figure. It's about time I play ball. Seventeen couple lines open. Who to two thoughts on rules soccer? I know you're. You're probably somebody say he's exactly right. Just leave our sports alone. There's gotta be something though back in the deep dark recesses of your phantom somewhere in there say now. If you aren't going to change something, then just go ahead and change that rule. It'd be that for another segment or so sportstalk. Seven eighteen arnelle carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred WWL W. Seven twenty, four seven hundred wliw are carriers for dot presented by Kilson Chevrolet. They have the news at seven thirty five. Wait till you hear what Ohio State basketball coach. Chris Holtman said about the possibilities of UC. Ohio State, Xavier and Dayton playing a yearly tournament. That coming up after the news figure. How about a little college basketball fix for maybe a mini segments? News what we're working on one right now, let's go here in Westchester Hey Jim. Thank God. I'm well. Thanks for calling. got a good one for you man. What about the small booster? Yeah, no more no more foul outs on. Strike, two strikes in foul at your. Yeah, they never white. That doesn't make any sense to me. The. Rudder! Yeah all right I'm GonNa Markdown and thought about that one, but your right as you say you, what? Why should you be? L. Just because you fell off a second? Blunt with two strikes all right I'M GONNA mark. Hey. People to buy more. There Hey Jim I gotta go. Thanks Buddy. Buddy, thank you in here in for me on the circus. Who Was it Anthony Castro Vince wrote a piece recently about the dropped third strike, the history of the dropped third strike. It got me thinking about this. Actually look I'm thinking about. The number of people have made a point of telling me last night. They despise the fourth and fifteen rule and I said, said really that a deal in the end. I mean if the onside kick is successful less than ten percent of the time. I don't understand fighting for the onside kick when you could have an offense, run back out onto the field or run a fourth and fifteen play that to me would seem exciting now. That would be very cool Hamilton. We go, Greg. You're on seven hundred wwl. Yeah this is simple idea with soccer i. know would never change this rule. Maybe it's a new version of soccer, but soccer is always low scoring, and it's a little dangerous hits your head the ball especially with children I would love to see them play. Soccer with your hands that. Like boxing boxing gloves on. Kick. You can't carry the ball. You just have to smack. But before would be a lot higher and you would be hitting the head. He just smacking. You can't catch it relatively just just mack well if you want more scoring. I'd rather I'd make the nets bigger before I put Mitts on their hands. I think it'd be fun to watch little kids kicking MAC and I. I'm. GonNa mark this down kicking and macking. All right soccer fans have just passed out there. Say Don't touch my sport. At Clermont County one, two, three, four lines, five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one, eight, hundred, the big one and pound, seven, hundred on a t and t, the question is simply as much as you may be opposed to rule changes in general in messing with your sport. There must be one or two. You'd say all right if you must. Could we at least change get rid of this one clermont? County we go Steve You were on seven hundred WWL W. I never played soccer coach but my kids. they went on to higher leagues. and I've watched. You know You know some college. Some you know Olympic The the worst thing I think about proctor is the off. Oh yes. Yes, yes. Many times during my daughter's soccer tournaments, I'd be like running down the sidelines to keep my view of of where the ball was where the defender was easy. You'RE GONNA. Call it onsides offsides once a it. It's frustrating and it's confusing and I'm for making everything much easier to understand yeah. Confusing. And less your parallel yes. Yes. I I'm writing that one down. Thanks Dave. Right. Away I'm John Flashing to Kelly would tell you. Perhaps Payton's coach would tell you all. Yes, there was. A run down the sidelines, trying to get parallel to try to judge offsides or not. John on twitter I get rid of illegal motion in football and false starts. Do whatever you want until the ball is snapped. Right. ME. Let me go here, Steve! You're on seven hundred W W. Good Steve Wait a minute. Is this these Steve Molar and it's great to hear you have A. You have an idea or suggestion I absolutely. My daughter-in-law played on the. National Championship soccer team. Yeah, and never been a big fan, but when I heard the gentleman call about. Boxing gloves I, told her this repeated. That's the best way that I would watch. Soccer is if they set up. Set it up like a billiard table when they hit goals on all four corners own. Field and play with. See now what you're doing is you're GonNa make this suggestion. Then you're going to hang up and you'RE GONNA. Let me deal with the fall. It is great to hear Your Voice I. Hope You're well and thanks for calling tonight. Pay One one final thing. This is up one of our board. Members for the greater. Cincinnati basketball fame just just passed away at. Ninety nine years old redwood, a graduate of Walnut Hills went to Kentucky played for eight. Of Rope, Eddie what they're six foot four. And When. He became a sophomore. He was behind Frank Susie. He decided to transfer any transferred to university. Affect us. And my first year over the affects about locking all lake and I see this huge fan who's now grown to six times walking down the hallway. I understand there's a Yankee down this hallway conscious. That would be me. You know do some self and country against some unmarked Bryce who's now the Z.? Hey, you guys. Don't kill anyway. I wanted I just pay tribute to celebrate. All that he's done for basketball and what a great gentleman he was! Know against break. I'm glad you did thoughts and certainly to his family. Steve I really appreciate your listening I'm glad you called. Take Care A. Soccer thing now. Out that get to work on it. Thanks Dave all right. Take you right. Let's check news when we come back Ohio, states coach talking about Ucla Ohio State Xavier and Dayton in a basketball tournament all ahead on. Arno carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred wwl w John's. Seven thirty eight seven hundred wwl W this carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet Arnelle carriers, your global transportation provider visit our C. Dot Com and Kelsey chevrolets open for sales and service with a new state of the Art Collision Repair Center and it's coming in July I've seen the Stages or I guess midway point stages. Maybe getting closer to the end it is a sweet looking facility all right looks at this into the mix in this hour and heck, we haven't talked college basketball in a while, and this would impact ultimately one two, three four. To six different fan bases so i. thought what if we may be carved out a segment where we could react to this, there is a podcast college basketball podcast. It is mark, titus and tape, Frazier, Titus and Tate College, basketball. And I had this past along last night by a listener who listen the iheartradio APP in Charleston South Carolina. Think the name Suri. H. O. are sure so sure if you're listening, thank you for listening to thanks for the pass along. Because I had missed this, they talked recently I think this was last week. With Chris Holtman the head coach of the Ohio State Basketball Program. Listen to his response to the idea of you. See Ohio State. Xavier and Dayton playing in a yearly basketball weekend, the answer to what Indianapolis does with the crossroads classic here on Titus and Tate is Buckeye coach Chris Coghlan. I get asked about this all the time. Will there ever be a day where Ohio State Xavier Cincinnati Dayton played double header the four schools in Indian well listen. He's like he's like. Let's go back to the transfer. Let's talk about. This topic. Over. Here I think we're at the point right now. Where we're getting enough people that have interested in in in in happening I, do think. Will. Happen in the next couple years. We're interns. It's other teams in tournaments, but I think there's enough wishful. This that happened guys that I could see essentially, and it may not be in two. Thousand, twenty, three or two thousand and four David Will. You know while. His push this for years. She's our operation. I will tell you we have approach. In the last year and a half we've approached the other institution summer onboard. I think most will be onboard of it's. It's on US probably to find a date. And then we have agreed on location to, and that's a little bit of all right now. We are going BRIANNA location, because we know there's some really passionate basketball fans among lake on. That's a little bit of a herd of. We gotTA figure out. Your. Date will not leave date. Is. That that's his lawyer saying we're not planning unless it's in Columbus all those other schools. are going to be very upset about that Chris Holman last week on the tightest and Tate podcast. Let's let's get into that. Let's kick that around a little bit, because I have done this as a topic every year come is December usually that tournament takes place in Indianapolis at bankers. Life fieldhouse. I you purdue Notre Dame Butler they. Never play each other in the event because they play each other in the in the in the big ten. Obviously, but they rotated every year. They've done that for upwards of a decade I think it's a fantastic showcase for the state of Indiana, as Chris, Holtman laid out the possibilities of Ohio state UC, Xavier and Dayton being in this. Obviously, you see your wouldn't play each other in the rotation because they play each other as part of the annual crosstown shootout now. Let's deal with the roadblock. The perceived and I think the reality the roadblock is. Xavier does not WANNA play Dayton. From, all indications has no interest inclination. Nothing towards playing Dayton at any point. Doesn't feel the need to. And, so that prompted a an email I got last night in this combo email from Suri who said look if if if Xavier doesn't WANNA. Be a part of this because they don't WanNA play Dayton. We don't need Xavier game? And, so he said. Why wouldn't you just do you see Ohio State? They've shown a willingness to play. Each other already uses shown a willingness and Louisville's show willingness to play each other Kentucky and Ohio state have shown a willingness to play each other. They'd been matched up in that CBS sports classic. What to the last three years or so somewhere around that he said. Why wouldn't you just move on from? Xavier and do you see Ohio? State Kentucky and Louisville and make it. Your annual border game matchup called the Buckeye bluegrass border battle. He says. Don't don't tell me CBS or ESPN would want to televise it. Is You've got the relationships from at least three parts of that to make it work now in in people, I talked to today and reached out for some background. They said well understand that'd be great, but I'm saying you have have to make it worthwhile for Kentucky to be involved with this and include UC! Kentucky already plays level, so that wouldn't be part of the series, but if you're talking about a rotation of the the border battle where you see, Play Louisville one year and Kentucky the next year, and then it goes back to Louisville the next year, Kentucky the next year. That means Kentucky would play. Ohio State and Kentucky would play you see it means logo would play you see in Ohio state if you're going to do all that, you have to give Kentucky a reason to include you see in the tournament. And a day and age with everybody involved in holiday tournaments. You're you don't have as many you're playing more conference games and a lot of cases, so you have fewer non conference games You want to build in your cushion to help for the NCAA tournament, so there's not a lot of opportunities for Non Conference Games, so you'd have to convince you. It would be worth their wile that you see as described to me. You see what have enough juice enough cachet to make UK say alright will be a part of this every year and every other year. We would willingly play you see. What? What do you? What do you think? Five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one, eight, hundred, the big one pound, seven hundred Aud at and T.. Pick your name. The the Ohio River border classic the Buckeye Bluegrass Border Classic. Doesn't really matter what you call it. I know what I think I. Know what it would mean for a network whether it's CBS or ESPN. I think I know what it would mean for the fan bases of. You See Louisville. Kentucky and Ohio! State, can you hear me now? At Five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one, eight, hundred, the big one pound, seven, hundred on at and T. The in fact. Let me if you're a UC fan. What would you make of this? If you're a Louisville Fan I, couldn't tell you the last time I heard from a Louisville. Fan, but what would you make this? Buckeye fans wildcat fate. Let me approach this. If you're a wild cat fan, I would be most interested in your thoughts on this. Because by conversations I had today. Your program is the one that would need the most convincing to do something like this. You know what Kentucky does. They take on all comers. Play a heavyweight non conference schedule. Could. You be convinced as a Kentucky Fan to say? Yeah, we'll be a part of this and you know once. Every two years will play you see even though they're not a power five. Do. They have enough juice. To, have you entertain the idea? Well find out when we continue because I'll take some calls on that. Ready, five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one, eight, hundred, the big one pound, seven, hundred on at and T., and it's not to dismiss what Chris Hoffman said is the original idea of you see Ohio? State Xavier Dayton. It's just I think everybody would tell you. Either privately or the record everybody involved would say there is no chance in hell. That Xavier's ever gonNA schedule Dayton again. So I took kind of that out of the equation and went with email. WHO said well? Why not just do the Buckeye bluegrass mortgage classic? I would almost pay for that opportunity. Because I know that what that would mean for me from a topic standpoint, and if you give me something that involves and engages UC fans with Kentucky Fans with Louisville. Fans with Ohio state fans. I mean. If Chris Mack and John. Brennan have already said we'll play each other in Kentucky and Ohio state have already thought okay. No big deal, we'll play each other. What's wrong with the setup on a rotating basis, we'll continue. Seven forty seven sports talk Arnelle carrier sportstalk presented by Kissy Chevrolet seven hundred wwl wliw. Heading down the stretch our number to get your news in seven minutes. About an hour from now we'll do on this date and reds. His then gamble infinity reality. Check in the house tonight. They will take you nine to midnight. The other question that was raised during this conversation earlier today was all right. If you do this Buckeye bluegrass border, classic word, you play the Games and I saw you know it's. It's not like there's an obvious like one spot in Ohio and one spot in Kentucky, so you would in all likelihood have to rotate this and you'd be at fifth third one, but that Saturday. A, Saturday in November or December at fifth third arena for the the Buckeye bluegrass border battle. And then the Um Center, and then Rupp, and then the shot in state, and and imagine imagine that appeal on a national scale, but what had have enough appeal in enough juice for Kentucky to say Yeah we can. We can fit that into the Naga. We're willing to to make that. A PART OF OUR NON conference schedule once every other year to take on the cats that is explained to me by all parties I talked to. They said that's that's your. Hang up in the convincing point because you see in Louisville of already said we'll play and Kentucky. State already do play each other so. You'd have to convince Kentucky, it would be worth their while go back to the phones. Then note I forgot about from earlier about what the Texas governor said today, but in a let me wrap this up from our previous topic in Dayton Dave. You're on seven hundred WWL W. Hey Lance how you doing. I'm well. Thanks for calling. Forgetting me on when you mentioned something about rules changes. But we'd like to see the first thing that popped in my head was the NFL pass interference. Shouldn't should not be more than fifteen yards. When they drives me crazy when these teams, yes, through forty fifty yard passes, and there's a cast on her parents, and they moved the ball half the field. Yes, you give him give them a first down, but make it fifteen yards, not the distance covered on the battle. Make it a spot foul. Exactly just do like to. Do, so there you go. I'M GONNA put that on the list. Dave, I'm glad you're listening I certainly appreciate your call. Have a great night PERSI- check in. You know I'm looking at the see. This was the setup last year and this was December twenty first. They do this in Indianapolis. Indianapolis, and that's where they honestly the jealousy is for what college basketball means around here I think the crossroads classic has now taken place I think this will be the tenth consecutive day or the event I think and it's bankers fieldhouse. Perfect place for a showcase event and the state of Indiana gets Kinda of puff out. It's just and say four this Saturday and that's I think both those games are CBS Games, are they? Not I believe Butler Indiana, Notre, Dame and purdue. This past year Indiana took on Notre Dame. Butler took on do. If if they could do it, and it's one of those they can do. Why why why can't we do it? Now in the in the true sense of an Ohio version that you would need Xavier and Dayton to somehow work out being able to play each other and again. It doesn't appear that going to be the case. But. And every time we bring this up, we talk about well. then. Where is it going to be played? If what is it called now? Heritage Bank arena was in better shape. Be Perfect, neutral site downtown Cincinnati, the epicenter give each school twenty five percent of the tickets. Or the I guess you could rotate it fifth third CINTAS value. City arena ud arena. All men imagine a Saturday in December you. D Arena with the Ohio version of that. Now as I, said Indiana, purdue was big ten teams, don't they? They meet during the conference, so they don't play in this crossroads classics, so you do the same with with see and Xavier since they meet in the crosstown shootout. You would just rotate around that, and that always gets into the whole idea of you could expand the fuel beyond that I just like showcase events, and a about a chance to show your pride and offer up the rest of the country. What you've got an if that's if that's not going to include because the conflict. Would Dayton than you me? Ohio Kentucky on a Saturday. When we're Thurston for big things and matchups to high, School Ohio Schools to Kentucky schools and There's a lot of blue blood flow and match ups like that that would be fantastic I mentioned this off the top of the headlines. At honestly, I forgot to I forgot to do more of a segment on this, and maybe we'll do it tomorrow night. Related to the reds. The Texas Governor Today Greg Abbott, announced that fans will be allowed at outdoor sporting events in Texas with limited occupancy so that we're. We're talking for baseball purposes. That's obviously the rangers and Astros, and he has limited the crowds to twenty five percent. So a couple of questions that came out of that one. How does Major League? Baseball handle will if if Texas teams in Texas can have fans. What is baseball do if some states allow fans and other states, don't allow fans almost would seem like it has to be all or nothing. Either everybody has fans or nobody has fans. More specifically, I started running the numbers great American ballpark capacity. Just say for argument's sake. Ohio said all right. We're GONNA copy that plan. great, American Ballpark in Paul Brown can open at twenty five percent capacity. Great, American is forty, two, thousand, three, nineteen, twenty, five percent capacity would be ten, thousand, five, seventy nine. I looked up. They were four games last year. The reds played below that it attendance, but ten, thousand, five seventy nine gives you your season ticket holders than a couple of thousand tickets, maybe per game for individual game sales, but in the bigger picture I I don't know how be curious to know what the answer would be well. What if one state says they can do it at other states around Major, League. Baseball, can't certainly you're not going to have. The Houston Astros player the Texas Rangers. Rangers play at home crowds for their forty home games while other teams can't play any simply from a monetary standpoint of the Rangers being able to you know, pile up some money when we come back Mike Corsey is the hall of Fame College Basketball Writer for the Sporting News. He wrote a column last week about FC. Cincinnati new coach, I don't want to ask you about FC. Cincinnati new coach I. Do want to ask you about the idea of great players being great coaches from this standpoint. What's the Best Combo you can think of? That's been offered up. In terms of the best combination of a great player who was also a great coat, I can have a whole lot of instances where great players miserable coaches I give you instances where guys were miserable players, or maybe didn't even play. That became outstanding coaches. But which one rises to the highest level? In a combination. That will look into as we continue. Our carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred WWL W. The following takes place between eight PM nine PM. Go. We are already here. Here would be our number. Three eight ten on seven hundred wwl W sportstalk. Arnelle carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet Lance McAlister I. Really appreciate you making some time to hang out tonight. If you missed any of the early portions of the show, always available in podcast form, you can find that at seven hundred wwl W dot com. Just look on the podcast button. Click it little. Little Drop Down Window, pick my name or you can do it through the iheartradio APP, and I have my own podcast page just type in my name through the iheartradio. APP, and it pulls up every show and every interview all right in this hour I like pieces that make me think and Mike because he is one of the finest writers I've ever read and what I enjoyed about the piece he wrote. was about ten days or so ago, it was not about college basketball. He's a hall of fame, College. Basketball writer, but he wrote about FC Cincinnati is hiring Yop stom- and this topic isn't about FC Cincinnati and it's not about your stom-. But from his piece, I started thinking. I've always been intrigued by who who was good at combining both worlds, the road of the great player transitioning into the world of the great coach, because that can be hard and Mike, the paragraph that really got me and said well. That's a topic one night. Mike wrote in North America. We've been conditioned to believe being an all time. Great player means little relative to one's ability to successful successfully right a team. Bill Belichick never played in the NFL. The Toronto Raptors coach Nick Nurse Played One season of professional basketball in England. Only three of the past thirty coaches to win the NC Double A. Tournament in basketball even played in the NBA. A pointed out magic. Johnson lasted sixteen games as an NBA coach. One of the greatest players of all time sixteen games as a coach Wilt Chamberlain one of the greatest players of all time. Lasted a single season as a coach. Ty Cobb never managed a team that finished higher than second. Pete rose manage the reds to five consecutive second-place finishes. He wasn't bad. He just isn't what I'm looking for. In terms of ultimately the question I'm asking Ted Williams had a losing record as a manager and there's always that thought that. The greats have a tough time. Articulating what work? For the or the expectations of it came. Didn't necessarily come easy to them, but they knew what it talk and they couldn't understand. It got frustrated like. Why can't you do it like I did it? And they had trouble communicating their greatness to players. So often found myself thinking all right if if we were to. If. We were to pick that player. Who best represents best player who became like? Great player great coach. I don't know maybe maybe very good player became a very good coach I'm just looking for the guy who who offers the Mo the highest at each level. Because I can give you sparky Anderson. It wasn't a very good player. Hell of a coach. Manager. I can give you guys who have done one and we're miserable at the other. What I'm wondering is who would you consider to be the best? At both. Let me give you a name. I just tweeted. That came to mind when i read Mike's Piece. Joe Torry. Joe Torry as a player was a nine time all-star. He wanted gold glove. He wanted MVP. Won a batting title. RBI title. Two hundred and fifty two homers. Over twenty three hundred hits over eleven hundred RBI is. Oh by the way to time manager of the year four time world series champion as a manager six World Series appearances twenty three hundred wins fifth most in the history of baseball. I guess that's where I'd set the bar. Who can give me? Can you give me somebody who matches or exceeds each category? Player coach? Now I don't think anybody would argue Joe Tori was great, so maybe maybe this is the best combination of very good for argument's sake I'm just looking for the match at the highest level. You understand what I'm saying. Let me give you phone line. If you do five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one, eight, hundred, the big one pound, seven, hundred on at and T. They could do it at a high level on each side of things I'll give you another one. Mike Ditka. By, the way, do Tories a hall of Famer Mike Ditka Hall of Famer as a player. He was a rookie of the. He was a five time pro bowler. He had over four hundred catches. He's in the hall of fame. He's got a super bowl ring as a player. He's got a super bowl ring as a coach. He's got a super bowl ring as an assistant coach. In fact, he's got two. Super Bowl rings as a player. So that's that's pretty high up there on the rankings. His accomplishments not as high as Tory from a manager or coach. augie one. How about this? It's kind of like you say I say you play at Ucla at I played. Carrie combs just text in and said Forrest Gregg. I wrote that down. Great minds think alike in fact, carry combs put an exclamation point back at the end of Forest Gregg I wrote down notes today on Forrest Gregg nine time pro bowler three championships is a player, a hall of Famer. As a coach took the Bengals to the Super Bowl multiple coaching stops. That's not bad. He's going in our team. Picture of what do we call it? Dual dual playing coaching greatness again. Maybe great I just been asking on twitter. Do you consider Dusty Baker? Great I wouldn't consider him great, but he's somebody I'm looking for that. That's that would go on the categories. Well, because dusty was a couple of time all star player, he won a gold glove. He WanNa ring. He was a National League Championship series MVP also a three time manager, the year one over eighteen hundred aims. What everywhere went. See I i. think there's something here, clearly. Kerry combs agrees because he's listening in texting his answers. Who else. Might have been a decent as a player, but they became great as a man. I'm looking for somebody. WHO's bar gets pushed up there in both categories where you're thinking. That bar is set pretty high for category. I give full credit to Mike the Corsi for sparking this idea what he wrote about. Tom By the way the original point umbrellas FC Cincinnati higher fantastic player, I mean a fantastic reputation. Hard nosed tough as nails. What will be at FC Cincinnati? Don't know we're about to find out. He's managed another stops. I love the the bill belichick on on one side never played in the NFL, arguably the greatest NFL coach of all time sparky Anderson. Probably sparky Anderson's lifetime batting average probably around two ten one of the greatest managers of all time. Nick Nurse One, an NBA title with the Raptors in played one season in England Who Makes Your List Andrew Tom Scott John Billy Dennis John Richard. Take a timeout like carry text me some other candidates now. Tom Gamble chief is texting me so I must have hit on something. Clearly I took a big swing and a miss on the basketball topic in the in the previous segment. I almost invested like a top of the topic in the college basketball, so I thought to myself well, how can you lose if you drawing UC? Ohio State Kentucky and Louisville for that level of conversation after Chris. Houghton floated the idea and I just took a gigantic swing and miss. Go back to the dugout on that I may have hit on something. We'll get into your calls next talk. Carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey. Chevrolet, seven hundred W W. Jones plumbing. Right I'm. Traffic Cop right now. I'm looking at I'm looking tweets. This question I'm looking at. Rains during this question, Tom Gambles ever text me this many times in one day, Todd Jones, texting me one of the great writers in the history of Cincinnati Kentucky sports over the years. Kerry combs is texting me. I Tom Jones. I agree on one I just tweeted about Lenny Wilkens. Letting Wilkins. A Hall of Famer I spelled his name wrong I shouldn't have done that. Sixteen points a game. Seven assists per game as a player nine time all-star, thirteen, hundred and thirty two wins as a coach, he had a ring ring as a coach, and at one point upon his retirement was the all time leader in wins in NBA history. I don't I. Don't know it'd be a stretch to say. He wasn't on like the fifty greatest players of all time list so. He would be really good. Player great coach that that's pretty good. That's getting up near the top on both those categories. I tweeted Lou. Pinella Lou. Pinella was a rookie of the year. It was an all star. The playing numbers underrated. The play numbers a little bit light compared to manage your manager that you're three times. You want to ring one eight hundred nine hundred Games Heke at one hundred sixteen wins season with the Mariners, he had a ninety seven win season with the cubs yet ninety one season with the Yankees I'm GonNa guys won ninety four games with three different teams that leads us the dusty. Dusty had success along those lines I'll give you. Another one. Getting old school one. Well. Have you been what Tom Gamble offer me before he walks into building Phil Jackson. Now fill is a player lesser as a player, certainly because it's hard to. It's hard to equate to winning eleven, championships, coach, but coach Eerie Levin Nba Rings as a coach. One a ring as a player nineteen seventy-three Knicks. I would I would say fiddle was a what. What do we say good player? I wouldn't go so far as to say very good player could fills a little bit beat before my appreciation so I'd say good player great coach. I get somebody who moves their scale up to more. Even let's Let's go here all well. Let me get some support here because I don't like stealing his candidate, but I think he can back me up on this. At least in great minds think alike in Oxford John Lenny Wilkins, make sense. Does any man I'll tell you what I remember. When I was a little kid, he was a baller. And then you know with that seventy already supersonic team I. think that won the NBA title Yes. When like seventy six or something maybe? JAKSIC Melissa. Jack Sick. That would have been a DJ. Dennis Johnson on that team right correct and I'll share. There was another guy maybe Paul Silence Oh. Walked what Lance I got another basketball guy for you think it could be the greatest Combo player coach in history. College Basketball John Wooden? Oh Don. Wouldn't it was the greatest player? Of his time at purdue, I believe all American, absolutely, yeah, yeah, in peace at a lot of records in the big ten and and then you know, of course the rest is history bank plan. Thank you I liked that. Learn all these different names popping up here. How `bout I hesitate to use? I'll give you one I'll give you one. Where I did my initial list. I didn't want my thought. Wait a minute. How did I leave Doc rivers off? Because Doc, rivers is a player heck of a player. In all star. made the playoffs as a coach student still coaching, NBA tidal coach of the year. But DOC was a I'd say. Really good player. I wouldn't call Doc rivers a great player. Though would we call him a great coach dough all that? Doing with my hands I'm doing kind of a slide scale here with my hands tried to to balance out the guy who moves up to the top close enough in in both of those. How `bout here in. Cellphone Chad. You're on seven hundred wwl, W and I. Don't know if you look at his back. A. Mba Champion as a player. Jersey was retired parking Kentucky. Unanimous tired of the Year of course, NBA got multiple ranges second year. Pat Riley Oh yeah. Yeah. He's a five time champions. It's three time catch here. He's only executive here. And then like I said if you look at his stats playing 'cause numbers retired Kentucky was sec of the year was the first American thirteen American, and you also want to bring Clare Stuff. I mean. That's not bad, not bad Chad. Thank you, Chad. You sit something now. I have to consider because he's including Kentucky because my initial thought on Pat Riley was as a player he was. He was okay. He was a role player. Pat For his career average seven points in the NBA, but if we haven't set up the parameters, so you get to decide to parameters if we include college which. Is. Not Fair game, obviously, then that changes things Todd Jones still texting away Frank Robinson he offers. I've got Todd Jones and Kerry combs and and Tom. We do we can do like a zoom tonight. Me Todd Jones Kerry combs and top gamble on zoom, throwing out names at arguing about their greatness, so if we did the college angle on this as a player, then that changes the dynamics of all of this and I would be remiss if I went to the break without. Larry, Bird. Because, Larry Bird I need to make his case as a college player or an NBA player. It certainly stands on its own Larry. Bird won coach of the year. Larry Bird. One executive of the year now might parameters is coach manager, not front office guy necessarily, but he took a, he took a team to the NBA finals. Did he not so? That's pretty good Todd Jones. Now sending me emojis of thumbs up with a beer, so now makes me want to have a beer. We can do a zoom tonight. The four of us while drinking beer. How about that? Andrew Scott Diane and Richard. How did all this start? All all I give full credit to might to Corsi because he wrote about FC Cincinnati is coach, and the idea of how we're conditioned to believe in North America all great players me an all time. Great player means little in terms of the relation to their ability to be successful as a coach or a manager. You can be outstanding how you play the game. It doesn't necessarily translate to being outstanding and how you coach or manage the game, so I've always thought well, then who would we consider the best match for that category? We'll take some more calls we continue. Our national carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet on seven hundred w out of you. Eight thirty, seven, seven, hundred wwl wjr now. Carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey. AAA ME. Talk at Chee Hallway during the break and I'm going back and I'm texting with Carrie. Everybody's all worked up over. This topic turned out to be a much better topic that I envisioned. I love all the different names. I'll give you one. Let me flash your back this an old school, Tommy, Heinsohn the Celtic great as a player, average nineteen points and eight rebounds, a game, one eight rings a player. He was rookie of the year. Then, he was coach of the year and coached the Celtics to to NBA titles. So, rookie of the year six time, All Star, one eight rings is a player and averaged nineteen points a game, then as a coach won two titles with the Boston Celtics not bad for Tommy Heinsohn. Let me, give you. Tom Game will mention this name, and I WANNA go to Lebanon a double up on it and get some input on Scott who has a candidate, Scott, you're on seven hundred wwl. They are anti. You Know Hey. I'm great. Thanks for calling. So not one that was ever a great player, but if you look at overall titles, how about the her? Oh, I like how you presented that. Because you're right, he wasn't a. he wasn't like a star and all star or even regular, but he was one of the best shooters in the history of the game he won rings in the game with the Bulls obviously, and then he's obviously racked up rings in the NBA is a coach with the Golden State Warriors only one to what the Spurs so. That's I forgot about the Spurs. Yeah, five playing three coach in and not done yet. and. Putting him in the conversation. I, started thinking about him after watching electing. Yeah, absolutely good call and that Hey Scott. Thanks for calling buddy. Thanks for listening I. Have a have a good night. I'll give you another one I thought of. He wasn't. He wasn't a great player, so I'm adjusting the scale. He's in the conversation. He's not at the top of our list. is probably a tear or two down. He won two rings as a player. He was a I'm going to say. Good I'm not gonNA. Say Very Good I. You know what I'll say pretty good. He was pretty good player. And won a world series as a manager and two time manager of the year. And Norm Charlton blew him up at home plate. Mike Socia-. At least has to be in the mix. He's not at the top of the list, but he's in our conversation for guys. You have to say Oh yeah. Wasn't an all star player certainly. But. Played on winning teams and then. Managed winning teams all right. How about here and this would be Mt Healthy Diet your seven hundred wwl w. Dante from Good. I've got to four years, yeah! The baseball right That's National League American League. said. About Martin. Who Billy Martin's scrappy baseball player. Yankees even played to the red zone bed all right. He was an all star. We'll say. Boy Certainly, manager yeah. Eh What are naturally Tommy lasorda timeliness when I would have to look. At the top of my head. I think he was a pitcher as clear I don't remember how good he was. Patriot I will look that up. All right. Hey, thanks for the call, appreciate checking a little bit noise in the background. There I'm GonNa look you know billy. Martin is a player. Was He was an okay player? He was a one time. All Star hit two fifty seven for his career, certainly feisty scrappy in the same way as a manager. Who is if he wasn't fighting people who are getting fired by George Steinbrenner but I'm gonNA. pull up I'M GONNA say that Tommy Lasorda wasn't that. Good of Pitcher and I'm GonNa say maybe he was more I. Don't WanNa say, Cup, coffee, type, player, but I'm scrambling his I type it certainly as a manager, no question. Tommy LASORDA. Player for his career. Yeah, there, you go. Pitched three seasons, and never won a game in the major leagues he was Oh for four Oh and four with a six forty eight earned run average, so I'm going to knock him down towards the bottom of our list of guys who were Major. We'll put him in the category of he made it to. The Majors Anne one titles as a manager, but he's not moving up higher analyst. Beyond that let me go to Centerville, let me stop here with Richard on seven hundred. WWL W I Richard. To the show, thank you. Let's say let's talk about Bart Starr. You know you intrigue me with that one. Enough I saw that up on the board I looked up his career. I will admit I was surprised. He coached nine seasons and Bert. Star had one winning season as a coach, so maybe we knock him a little bit down for that, but as a player had no question about that. Yes. Is? beat the bears and the Vikings all. I love that that is a great answer I won't accept that answer and enter it into evidence. I think calling Richard Thank you have a great night. Yeah, that's. I, like that, because on the surface he is. He was twenty four games under five hundred is a coach. Fifty to seventy, six and three is one winning season was nineteen seventy eight, but you beat the bears. You score a lot of points if you're fan of the packers, and if you beat the packers, score a lot of points if you're fan of the bears kind of how it works. Let's see. Let me go here. Outlets see. I know I know what he accomplishes. A certainly is a as a player on on multiple levels. Let me go to Milford Billy. You're on seven hundred WWL W. Yeah when I, heard you question news. Two guys automatic became in my mind from south. With the first guy I wasn't sure about the credibility of this coaching, and the second guy was unsure about his credibility player. Right I guy thought of being Chelsea. What about Bill Russell, being best defensive basketball player have all marcy with player manager player coach for South because I. Don't remember. Many coach Seattle. Coach I'm not sure if. That's a great question and I'm looking up the same thing because I know as a player coach with the Celtics. He WanNA title. I'm trying to remember what he did in Seattle but I mean heck. Any conversation begins with Bill Russell automatically goes to the fact he won. What he won eleven, rings, or a ridiculous number rings, and he won one as a anti, was the first African American head coach in the NBA. He Won. A ring is a player coach, so he's got a. that's a pretty good resume to work from what this guy? I'm not sure credibiity of playing. I'm assuming being Celtic Fan. He was a good. Man but I know. He coach really well with the Milwaukee Bucks. What about down now? Don Nelson's a really good one. Yet me and I think the Celtics. Guys who went on to co including Larry Bird how about that tree of great players or good players who went on to be very good to great coaches? That's that's not bad. That's not bad at all. Appreciate Toyota used to talk to long long time ago Kit for mill for then I stopped calling because it was always hard to stand above for a long time, but I really like shown I. Listen To you every night and Nice to talk to. You made my night I'm so glad you called a call back again sometime all right? Good night. Thank you use well. I just looked at bill. Russell I should I should no more of this I i. just don't, but as a coach won two titles. If what I'm looking at is correct as a player was, he was he a player coach with the Celtics for three seasons. I didn't realize it was actually three seasons. At the thing of this bill. Russell coach played and coached the Celtics Age thirty, two, thirty, three, thirty four. NBA Champion in the sixty seven sixty eight season, then sixty, eight, sixty nine season later coach, what four years later was the coach of the Sonics Supersonics at the time for one, two, three, four, one, two four seasons and coach, Sacramento, for season, did not have tremendous success after leaving the Celtics over five hundred a couple of times, but that strong I, didn't realize he was a player coach on to Nba Championship but somebody drew a somebody draw up the playing and coaching tree of Celtics. Completely forgot about Don Nelson. Good one all right, we'll head down. The stretch will squeeze in on this date in reds history in squeeze in some more your calls I hope I'll try. Eight forty six Arnelle carriers sports doc presented by Kelsey, Chevrolet seven hundred WWL W. Thank. You. All right, let's do this every night at this time. Take a trip back in time on this date in reds, history. To go back to eighteen hundred early mornings on this date one thousand nine Hundred League Park in Cincinnati destroyed by fire in the main grandstand and parts of the pavilion. In fact, the fear was it was going to spread two houses on Finley St. the clubhouse was destroyed along with uniforms, gloves, shoes and bats. The reds went on the road for seven games in June, and they built a new grandstand. And went back to playing baseball this date nineteen, thirty five forty year old babe. Ruth takes himself out of the game at crosby field. He stumbled twice nearly falling down. Trying to navigate, Terrasson left field. He had a limp and. It wasn't the prettiest scenes at Crosby feel the reds won that day two days later Babe Ruth Played His final game. Admitting his legs just couldn't take playing the game anymore. This nineteen fifty-three reds and cardinals play to a ten ten tie after ten innings at Crossley a field, why? The cardinals had a train to catch to St Louis because we gotta go. This date one thousand, nine, hundred sixty two Joey J., reds, pitcher drives in four runs with a home run two doubles, then survives a five run ninth by the Astros, who were making their first ever appearance across the field, and he gets the win in a nine six win over Houston that day, nineteen, sixty four, the reds dodgers. Play into the seventeenth thinning the score tied to. And the game was called on account of the curfew. The Nationally League rule at the time was in any could not begin after twelve fifty am. Jim Maloney had pitched eleven and a third innings in his start that night. Let's go to nineteen, sixty nine and his date Lee may ties a major league record. He hit six home runs in three games. He hit two in the game against the pirates on this date at Crossley field, he would thirty eight for the season go thousand, nine, hundred seventy one reds over the astros, one nothing at riverfront in thirteen innings. The reds used to pitchers. Don Gullit started in the first ten clay. Carroll finished the final three nineteen eighty-one on this date Johnny Bench slides into second base and breaks his ankle at Riverfront Stadium. He was hitting three forty three at the time. He was playing a lot of first base because Dan Driessen was slowing. Recovering from wrist surgery bench would return in September wound up playing just fifty two games on the season his fewest since his season. This date two thousand five reds retire sparky Anderson's number ten in filing this date, two thousand and ten Samll cure starts for the reds six sittings of to run baseball. They beat the Astros. Fifteen to six johnny. goalms four hits a home. Run Drew Sutton member him drew. Sutton hit a grand slam for the reds happening on this date in reds history. I don't know I remember stuff like this, but I'm pretty sure drew. Sutton was acquired for Jeff clevinger. The reds traded Jeff Clevinger to the Astros to get drew sutton. If I remember correctly if I don't buy Guy Stephen. SHERP will fill in the blanks on things. It have fallen through the cracks in my mind Let's go here. Lebanon now this is this is a good one. I'm going to defer to the caller because I couldn't tell you what kind of the extent of his playing career. Oil Okay. No, he's gone. Let me go Let me go here in Indiana. The caller was going to mention. George Halas Papa Bear. Man You're talking to playing career That's early nineteen hundreds, and then you're. You're talking at that point. He would have been playing for like The Decatur Staley's probably who later became the Chicago bears. Here are just pulled it up, also played the Hammond all stars and the Chicago Stam's steams. I can't tell you much about the playing career. Of Papa, bear can certainly speak at length about what he did for the game as a as a coach. Absolutely, let's go here though in Indiana Chris, you're on seven hundred WWL W. Like the offer, maybe a couple of old school baseball guys. Rauscher Leo own. All right now we're talking all right, not an offensive player, but a pretty solid guy has a player absolutely. NFL Obviously. House hang out. Yeah. He was a he was a three time all star and got MVP votes in a couple of seasons aright. One other one maybe again that this before I'll start Gareth very old, but Philadelphia as whole cutting. Wow, yeah. If player I guess in terms of what they say how place looks. At a lot of new things to the position. That's all. I had offer that as well done, I appreciate the contributions. have been thank you for checking in. Yeah, defer on the plane career aspect of that I certainly know we did in the manager. Aspect of all that Let's go. I can squeeze in at least one more try to make it to in Madisonville. Rick, you're on seven hundred wliw. Lance good evening. How are you sir? I am well. Thank you for calling. Eight listen I laid out of the boat. I know you're under the gun here I. Don't know Frank Robinson or force. Greg has been mentioned. Forrest Gregg was Frank Robinson won manager of the year in in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty nine, and while he had for his career a losing record overall as a manager, he had a couple of Nice runs with teams, and it had winning seasons, so he certainly earns his way into the conversation. It looks a little blast from the past here and the lesser from Cleveland, you may not recognize the name, but the only player in Major League baseball in the whole thing as both a player. A manager Lou Boudreau Oh, yes, absolutely, and the heck of it announcer as well later in his career. That's a that's a good one I did not have him on my list. Anywhere I gotta go Rick Somebody. Take care. Thank you squeeze in one more one more. If we make it quick bill, you're going to get the final word. What do you got? To know what would? What. I think I may have. He broke up a little bit woody woodpecker. I'm going to leave the show smiling and laughing. Have yourself a great night I could not have imagined I tweeted. This I'll try to guess how topics going to go. In my mind I think all right. There's gotTa Chancer is a little bit dicey or this one is golden. This work tell you this is one of the bigger surprises I did not anticipate. This working, but that is that is. A Kudos to you for for making it work allowing it to work, so thank you. Let's say we gather tomorrow night. We'll go sixty nine o'clock for three hours in I'll work on off the beaten path topic if you have one. I'm all ears on that I've got a couple. If you can top IT, give you full credit for it to email me Lancet Lance McAlister dot com, and we'll end the week with some fun like this wasn't fun tonight. Hang tight. You'll get your reality. Check with gamble and Finn. After we check the news, it's aren't l.. Carriers sportstalk presented by. Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred WWL W.

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