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"tj aspen" Discussed on Ace and TJ

"This is a story out of Florida somewhere close to Tampa camp. Is Anybody go under Tampa. It's at a middle school. This mother has been arrested. Oh she's a fly mother she. She has been arrested because she's accused of Jumping into the middle of a A fight with her daughter and and some other daughters and other people either way it was a schoolyard fight. Her kids were getting beat up. I think kid and she jumped in and hit a middle school students in the back of the head with a Taser. Good Lord okay. That was my fear was that it's one thing if it's a school fight. Maybe she got into it with the teacher. He's wrong obviously obviously the parent but the fact that she jumps in and start throwing blows with middle school kids not hit hit her in the back of the meaning taste her but the Taser itself as a weapon in the back of a middle schools and middle schoolers hit It goes on into the story and then the last little blurb is that she was also charged with violating her probation on a previous criminal mischief charge so Yeah so what that reminded me of. You know when I don't know whether it's this way outside the south but I know in the south there's a difference in in your mom or Mama going to the school and showing up at the school. I was taking taking assorted. That wasn't my mom went to the school and tried to settle this fight. So next thing you know my momma shows up at the school and she went it crazy and blah blah blah. So they're two different purposes for mom. There's going to the school that could mean anything that could mean helping helping with the Valentine's Day party or taking the your your child their coach. They forgot. Maybe you're going to have lunch with your child or monitor the classroom but uh when you show up at the school airs trouble. Usually show walk means unannounced for you to get on on with determination just like nothing. Nothing misses an observation. I'm a long long time ago. Nothing good ever immediately preceded had someone walking down the interstate and I think about that time. I see someone walking down the interstate which I just saw two days ago. 'cause they're walking on the side interstate. Nothing good immediately preceded that it just doesn't happen. Yeah so your Momma does not show up at the school will quote unquote shows up at the school. Unless there's something bad going on and usually you end up embarrassed It is an excellent observation. Okay we'll now cleared out people. Did you go to the school or did she. Show up the school Just are paying the next thing you know. My mom showed up at that school. Mama will say I'M GONNA show up at that if I have to show up at school and handle this I will. You don't want me show up and you're right about that piece and Tj Aspen. Just telling US something about her boyfriend and I just had a thought and a picture of my mind. She's describing what he what he does on his daily routine that needs to be addressed this when I was out of the room. I don't think you just come back into. Yeah okay. TJ Hey it's already time to get fall and holiday travel plans together. Our travel agent Michelle charges. No fees and we'll bring her thirty years of tricks of the trade to get you. The best deals possible. There are now also payment options with no additional fees unlike the cruise lines lines and land packages just email Michelle at travel at ace. TJ DOT COM. That's travel at Ace. TJ DOT COM Rodin. 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That's not and I said some very very bad things about what I thought it was and turns out it was it and so yeah. Jump The gun on that one okay. Sas was just telling us something within about her Her boyfriend His name's will he's got willpower. We all do now. Oh my God all got willpower. Now Yeah And he is a Live in the city The young professional businessman and she was just telling us about his daily routine and what about his daily routine. Did you just tell us that we didn't I know already says he rides a scooter to and from work every day. Okay one of the city scooters that you That you have the APP to to ride and all of that stuff. Yeah Yeah how long does it give you when you get on the school. How do you have fifteen minutes Yeah Okay and so. He wears a suit every day to work. He's one of those types of jobs. I wouldn't say he wears a suit everyday maybe on certain days when he has meetings better this I mean a nice shirt and pants okay. Typically no here is the thing that hit my mind immediately not that he rides a scooter and I think those scooters silly and whatnot But your parents have not met him now. Your Dad not only is a harley enthusiasts he collects harleys he is a full fledge bike week. Myrtle beach every year. Take the kids. Even I mean a full on Harley Guy Yeah what in the world is he going to think about your boyfriend Radan a little scooter to and from work through the city that because I'm guessing odds are literally hell would have to freeze over over before your father would ever get one of those scooters to go across town. Would he ever would he ever tell and say you and will ended up getting married someday. Would he ever tell anybody. Anybody must son-in-law rods a scooter to work. If he does voluntarily he would not say a word. Would he say anything to Will if he when he meets will and all that what he ever say anything about so she's telling me you're on a scooter. No he wouldn't bring it up like that but he would be thinking about it constantly He would never forget it. He would pick on him behind his back for shirt which is not taken on. 'cause sometimes sometimes when you pick on people it's in good nature and all that has if it's behind his back then hang making fun of eventually probably bring it up if he you got close to him. If Your Dad is listening right now then you would know you would do know at this moment. If he's listening right now. You know that at Christmas this year jokes are going to be made about the fact that your boyfriend rides a scooter to work everyday. It's going to come out on my.

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