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"tio trevor gott" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"Start out at Oracle Park today for the Giants of the dime bags who played a surprisingly close Siri's here. I don't know about you when I watched these two teams, and the results have shown this throughout the year. So far, the Giants are way better than the time and backs especially when you look at it this week, and the Diamondbacks actually sent some of their best players out. A tea at the trade deadline. They went into sale Mo. They were one of the very few teams Who did decide to do that, And so, therefore I think it's important. The Giants. You know it's baseball. You're going to lose one here or there, but I think if if my memory is on point here today, it isn't always there. But when it is Six and two, I think is the Giants record against the D backs so far this year and one of the losses being that game Friday night, which, as I was just mentioning, certainly felt like the Giants. Should have won this one. They'll go against lefty Alex Young today for the D'backs, another lefty. We talked a moment ago about how the Giants How about a lot of success together? Sanders to and you're also watching Gabe Kapler start to do some things that they weren't necessarily doing at the beginning of the year, and I want to talk about that for a second. You're watching Brandon Belt being the lineup against Madison, Bumgarner and Donovan Solano is not OK. Well, so why wasn't floors at first in Solano? Its second or something like that? You're watching Alex Dickerson get a lot of it bats this week. Because his hot and he's taking advantage of those situations. He's had some good games. Against lefties use. Stransky has always been someone who they've liked his splits against righties and lefties, so they're willing to go ahead and put him out there. It'll be interesting to see what they do now that Austen Slater is back. I'm sure he's on DH. I haven't even looked at the lineup yet today but against the lefty, I'm sure he's in there again. And and But will he get some at bats against right handers? He was starting Tio before he got hurt. So what? I'm watching this staff D'oh. And over the first three weeks, they took a lot of lumps from fans. And and in some cases, deservedly so. There were pitching moves that that we're head scratchers. There was Kappler trying to make a pitching change when he couldn't The lineup sometimes would be frustrating. You could make the case He's stuck with Pence one too many times. Could you make that case about Pablo Sandoval now? It just didn't feel like someone being hot would earn them a trip into the lineup. Instead, it sort of just felt like We're going to go by the rules that we've set. What? I actually think that Wass I I think that the Giants like many teams, but especially the Giants, a lot of new players and new staff, a new regime a 60 game season, all kinds of new protocols. There was a really half T feeling out period. For the staff to know who should go where and when. And I don't even think it's complete yet. Hell you're noticing now save situation in the ninth inning. Who do they go to? Hell? You have no idea. Is it code Rod? He had a shot last week. It went well. But then things have been bumpy since Sam Selman is starting to have that look. Although I still think they like him, maybe more situationally. Don't forget. Selman was the closer in Sacramento all year last year and was lights out. And then there's Tony Watson, who closed the game last night. That's old, reliable. That's your veteran presence. I think there's some some comfort there. They're nowhere near ready to go back Tio Trevor Gott. Specially with him giving up another homerun in yesterday's game, So the ball pen movement is still something that Kappler Is is playing with, however, the lineup. I feel like they've now got a beat on it. They have now got it figured out. A little bit better. Who could do what? What's the right moment for the right guy? I know there's some frustration about defense of replacements. How early do we go to that? Some people looked at that and Colorado Wednesday. Should Wilmer Flores still have been at first base in the sixth inning? I kind of thought sixth innings a little early for a defense of replacement. However, you could make the case. Colorado had an all right handed bullpen. So why not just put belt in there anyway? Because it's not like his bat has been a problem. Quite the opposite. He's been amazing. But Florence has been good to do You want to take him out and I get all these This debate and and that's the same debate that they're having. So not all of these questions have unease, e answer, But aren't you starting to feel Like there. They've got a bead on what's supposed to happen with the lineup. They've been making better decisions. They're the team looks more confident the errors are going away. The shouting numbers air there and you're seeing it in the standings. I mean, I know as a fan you looking and you go or still in 19 and 21. Well, they were eight and 16. They were eight and 16. So if you're going to cut this season up into thirds, approximately, you want to take this middle Third, the giant have been a very good baseball team. Very good baseball team, and they're starting rotation came into form as well. Remember, at the beginning of the year? Nobody knew what was going on there. Do you remember that? It feels like a long time ago. You remember the first three weeks for like, Who's starting? I don't know. Actually, we do know, but we're not telling you what you're gonna tell us seven minutes before first pitch. And then at a certain point you could get to where you could guess. Yeah, I think they're Smiley's. Don't throw them up. Yeah, and he did. And then they had a couple injuries. Smiley goes down. Shark goes down. Cahill comes into the fold. And you've had some moments where guys have been allowed to throw 100 pitches. Tyler Anderson had the complete game. Logan Web out along one. Cueto has had a couple of long ones. And it got into a flow Now there are some questions still out there. Cahill came into last night. Start with the hip issue. They felt like he was okay. Hey, did not go very far into the game. Drew Smyly looms when he returns. Who goes out when he comes in Tyler Anderson starting to struggle a little bit. Shark is still out there as the big unknown. Um I heard a discussion yesterday about Whether or not the Giants would want to entertain resigning shark next year And as I was driving around listening to it, I was like, Oh, no, not like that is a hard pass. That's a hard no. And I love shark. I've always loved the way he plays sports. I remember watching him as a wide receiver at Notre Dame. I've loved the way he talks to other people, and he's a thoughtful person. I do not think He is a smart, analytic signing after this year. For a baseball team. I just don't I think you're watching the MPH fall off. You're watching the movement fall off. There are a lot of home runs. I don't think so. But that brings me to a point about Johnny Cueto, who is in the giant's rotation next year. I'm gonna let that question. Sit there for a second, so you could think about it, who is in the giant's rotation? Next year. And did we get a clue in trying to answer that question is too why Johnny Cueto didn't get dealt. I still get texts and tweets and everything on a daily basis should have traded Cueto. Should've traded Guardsmen should have done this and that And we say that without knowing Anything about what was or wasn't offered. We don't know the Giants willingness to deal Cueto. We have no idea what was offered..

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