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"tio brushy" Discussed on KLBJ 590AM

"Betsy DeVos out on the Sunday morning talk shows of the weekend, talking about getting our kids back into classrooms and something she's been talking about. For a few weeks now the education secretary Betsy DeVos, on Fox News Sunday. She says she intends Tio Brushy intends for schools to open in person classes this fall, and she believes it can be done safely. The CDC never recommended that school's closed in the first place. Ah, where there are hot spots in the future, and in the fall, of course, has been dealt with in a different way. She agrees with the president and saying that the funds should help should be withheld from schools that do not open in the fall. I'll go. That's the story from the Education secretary. Yeah, It's not going to be an easy one. But I agree. We've got to get him back, and I think it's a lot safer than people realize. Andi. I think it could be controlled a lot easier than people think you can. Yeah. I mean, if there's obviously some exceptions, of course, Now some teachers are really concerned. As you know, Education Austin, the teachers union. They're calling for one or 2% online. Beginning in the fall, at least for the first, you know, nine weeks to 12 weeks more from Kxan again and you're trying to get a 67 a better to do something for almost eight hours a day. Good look at it in the keep it masks on and stay away from people for eight hours a day. Teachers are worried about the health and safety risks of in person. Classes for students and employees were dying to go back to work. But we're not willing to risk death to go back to the president of Education. Austin a teacher's union is questioning whether the States Education Commissioner can really withhold funding from schools that don't offer on campus learning. This is blackmail. He's forcing us to go in in terms of going to rip me places and challenge our funding. That money is not Mike Morass that money is our taxpayers. The union proposes that Austin I ust hold on Lee Online classes the 1st 9 weeks of the fall semester and assess week by week before deciding to open up campuses. If all else fails there, telling teachers simply.

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