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"tina lavar" Discussed on Mason & Ireland

"That took place when Tina lavar wife had her stroke, and the way Alan would have gotten involved at that point. We really filled avoid when it came to what happens with Tina. And and I don't mean that in a positive way. I mean, I don't think anything would have transpired the way that it had had peanut not undergone what she she underwent. She he was a pivotal part and still is, but she's a little part of of that foundation of the ball family, and and when not not pillar was compromised, Allan moved in. And and and basically. I don't wanna see took power. I mean, I mean, but, but that's kind of almost what what it seemed like in in my book, lavar is neither good nor bad. If if there's any antagonist any anyone who who who's really in on the negative aspect of it is Alan he he as soon as Tina kind of Hake takes her false. He comes in. And he he takes over. When you were working for Alan. Did you have a sense that something just wasn't right? I mean, you didn't. I I'm guessing you weren't aware that he had served seven years in prison for mail fraud and money laundering. Of that, definitely. And I described in my book, like, even you know, he gave my dad that he sees the first time he met him. And and gave me he would not in. But how do you how do you pinpoint quality? And and they this is what I don't like about a person when someone that you trust as as a family member, you know, just just completely and utterly trust. Not you know, maybe. And I talk about this on the book. Maybe it's me. That's what I thought. I'm like, maybe I'm judging the person because if lavar puts his trust in person, and I trust lavar wholeheartedly than I'm be the one that's not understanding him. You know? But, but of course, they're always moments. And I talk about that on the book where I just really questioned like, and I always there's these red flags, and I just always ignore them. I know them, lavar. Would you say he's a victim of Allen foster? I think the last thing of would like to be labeled at victims weird weird even saying it but did did Alan foster play them. I think that there are it wasn't unfortunate set of circumstances that lavar himself terms of devastating for a reason. And and then yes, an offense. I do I do think I do think that. Yes. Mersa what when they were asking you to create the website and just figure it out. What background? Did you have like did you say, I don't really know how to do this? I know you went to UCLA. Right. So you have a college degree. But did you have any background in technology and business design, especially for something that was going to be a revolutionary thing in the in the shoe industry? No, I I was really forthright within two I told them, look, I'm very I'm less than an amateur in this department. You know, I have everything to learn almost nothing to give you other than, you know, my my time, I think you my time, and you know, my willingness and they said Allen, you know, said we'll take it. You know, whatever you can do we will take. And that's what I did. And I had I had to I haven't degree in English literature. You know, I don't know. I don't know, you know, a lot about technology to begin with didn't even know much about, you know, Instagram at the time. So I mean or Twitter or anything, you know. So so, yeah, I very forthright with them. I had no experience. You said you knew lavar because you were neighbors lived up the street at some point. How did lavar change from? Who he was when you first met him to who he became. You know, I part of the book is about. What happens to a person it kind of in this society? When when everything is is that happens to a person that happens to lavar happens to them, and and lavar he was just a straight shooter clear glass, just did everything he said, and I think that the the water simply muddy the little, and I don't think that that's necessarily all his faults..

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