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"tina tammy faye" Discussed on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM

"He had a heart attack. Diabetes cancer. Couldn't Geller couldn't get rid of the hollow Toledo Go ahead. Heaven. It was until his fourth, I think heart attack that he decided to give up smoking. He had so many heart operations. They say you could. You could strike a blue tip kitchen match off the scars on his chest. Oh, way. Of course, we're talking about the one and only the great Larry King. Yes, Larry is gone. 87 years old. I think of his own wife Number seven or eight. Yes, seven. I think he divorced his last one. And it might have been. It might count for eight because he married and divorced and married the same woman. So you married somebody. You know he was doing that, I think. Yeah, The question is, How could she have not known a long time? Long time Producer Wendy Walker talks about how Larry prepared. Probably that was the hardest part of our job was trying to prepare him because he never wanted to be prepared. He really seriously one time when, when the F. Lee Bailey decided to, um To join the dream team for for Simpson. We We've got the scoop and we got he was coming on the air, and I said, Let me let me just tell you why he decided to change to do it and Larry put his hands over his ears and he said, I don't want to hear. I don't want to hear. I want to hear it the first time with him, and that's really how he prepared. I mean, he he was a Out an incredible right. He read all day long and watched news, so he was really informed, But he's really just wanted to hear the his guest talk and then come up with his questions. And you're right. The two things he always said was you noted, the to be a good interview. It would be to listen and to keep your questions really short. It really bugged him when he'd watched somebody with a really, really long questions and, you know, in anytime anybody gets toasted, that's what he would tell them. It's just just Listen, Tonto, listen to the The person that you're listening to it and and and don't ask questions. Okay, not to speak ill of the dead. Yeah, he didn't. He didn't prepare because he said he wanted to come at the person the same way his audience the list, knowing anything. Yes, And if he knew too much, he might not illicit the valuable information that his listeners would need. If he already read the book. Well, then he already knows where the story's going. And he would ask leading questions. It was a perfect cover for a guy who might have been lazy is lazy gets, but it didn't matter. Hey, Tom, enough energy to have like seven heart attacks. Yeah, That's what I got. He said that he actually was considering killing himself in 2019. I don't wanna live dependent on others. I've had a full career. There's nothing like This is a fiesta and to accept just to do more. And I thought I'd buy. I don't know how to commit suicide. How do you convince yourself? I don't know how they were pill you could take that might be a pill. I don't know. I was ready to bite the bullet. And I said to him chance. Bond. He started to cry. I have seen a crisis and she was three years old and he said, You can't leave us. You can't leave us. And I changed that minute. I was losing thing, and then I wanted to get better. I want to get better. Not to be on the air. But for the kids, you know, there's nothing beats Children. Nothing. The best thing I ever did in my life was be a father. Yeah. Okay. Hmm. Esso interviews ever watching Interview Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra, the Beatles. Jerry Seinfeld. Lady Gaga, Who, by the way, dressed up like Larry King for the interview with suspenders that tie really Donald Trump and Snoop Dog, Tina Tammy Faye member her Sure Tammy Faye Bakker. Yeah. And Putin them all the time. He talked him all you know, So I go. I go way back with Larry. Not that we ever met. But I knew him. Not through a CNN days. I was in college when he had his late night radio A show on mutual. Uh, Network. I guess it was and the best thing for me, so it's a three hours showing it would run. I don't know it was like from 10 to 1 or from 11. It was a really a late night show, but I'm I'm something of a night out, and I used to love the third hour and I don't know if he did this every night or if it was just like Friday night, so his third hour would just be storytelling, and he would tell stories about his childhood in Brooklyn, growing up in Brooklyn. And they were hilarious. And I think right now I'm lucky enough to work with a guy who reminds me when you tell your stories. You remind me of the great Larry King because you all be often suspected. There was a kind of polish to the stories because the punchlines were so perfect, but still there was more truth and than fiction in those stories. He's a great storyteller on the air, and so are you. Let's remember, Tom. Thank you. That's very sweet of you. He that when he was doing that, that was like one o'clock in the morning. Yeah, no more guests. No more phone calls. Yes, like Let me tell you about the day And then I met John F. Kennedy. I'm driving my car. It's 11 o'clock in the morning. And I wasn't paying attention and I slam into the back of another car. I see his head move..

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