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#TSP140 - Jack Lowden

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#TSP140 - Jack Lowden

"How are you doing. i'm craig parkinson. He listened to the to shop. Podcasts at yourself down public how we're gonna marry old shot this week. I'm going to tell you. Law seems is rather redundant asking that question. Consider in you know everything. The the whole thing. The bleakness of everything. But i've been doing it for three years and asking that question. And i'm not going to stop now. Authorized republican emails saying gray. Why didn't you have to be honest. And other one that i want everything to be as easy as possible because let's face it. The life isn't easy. The moments of trion find the pockets of goodness. She's of the grades and tell a couple of really nice things that i did. I haven't sat down and watched anything for for ages really and new year's eve. I thought you don't wanna do. I have some champagne papi while day causing champagne and i was little women to park. Greco like starring. Sasha ronan and laura done and timothy channel may timothy. Shell may eight. I said it to a friend of mine. I seen foreseen pound for pound performers by one of the best films of sin for. Maybe i was feeling old new year's eve and quarterly. And that's kind of what i wanted. But maybe that's what you need to fob for me to tell yet but you know go for it. You need at the moment and it was a great comfort. I loved it so so much Yeah so trying to find the greatness. I think i think downlist. What do i now look. We're all on their own path. Oh my god we thought we would kick this year off with a brilliant. So that's what we're there in. I've been a fan at inside his term. Because i don't think he would have dealt well with a conference. This is an episode with jack. Loudon who yeah. I've been a big fan of for ages. You hugh my seen on stage in their scotland's brilliant black watch or the dumb mar measure Or in the stays version of chariots of fire. But you'll definitely. I've seen his work. In steve much film fight with my family which was brilliant as morrissey and england is mine in warren pace on the bbc. A most recently in the first film of small act series to steve mangrove again which he said and i would never tell him this. I would not want to embarrass. Him is not really wrong. Almonds great so was really thrilled on. He said he would come on. And it was the first time we met this afternoon on the road. And i was down and yeah it was when things go right. They just flow. Ns flood and it was a joy so as much fan of him as an actor. Now as i'm as a person was great. I love that it was joy so i thought just get down to where she we. Yeah okay well. This is episode one hundred forty of the to show podcast the new one of this year as going to be many many more. It's with great. The very lovely very mr chat loudon enjoy and i'll see you at the end and a big stuckey on and we have to keep shooting. You guys shut down. I think something like that. Way out to shut down through felt like ages but i think it was about that for four six weeks it was. We were in a park on the other side of manchester play in this game of football. I remember scientists. Someone this sort of the stunt of coordinate because this debate and tomboys acquire and. I'm just on the sideline know nothing about football going. This looks precarious. Say the least. And i send cav so russia in and then they went for another one. I've got bad failing about us. And then all of a sudden snap qisas right and then it turned up turned up in on the hour. I'm going to give them publicity within minutes. And there was some guy in the bush to take blood. D- how he he literally he went back to the uk. 'cause we were shooting in ireland and he came back. He was like a got a bit of a problem. Check wall and i look at my own and it was in a sticky and we had to shoot shoot shoot with him and put him in like a long massive long jacket. Luckily one of those police dog training guys like he just has like a massive forearm by walk the no. he's great. No there's there's a whole bunch of them. Yeah i i. Just i love that. We won't stop. I think it was like the first or second week of first. Lock down Oh it was grief. Washing-up beautiful to look at. I mean it really saw sports ya especially for someone like may knows next to nothing about football and has to pretend that he knows exactly what he's talking about. Yeah but speaking of football jack. That was high on your list of priorities younger. If i'm right absolutely i still. I've always said that if someone could come along and give say you could play professional football tomorrow but you tough to give up acting. I won't wouldn't even think about it. I do it in a heartbeat. Is we still laugh. The fires still die for. It's it's sort of when i was younger. It was just like oh. I just wanna play football. And then as i've gotten older and the more actinides done i've acted enacted in in one way or another since i was quite young though but the older i've gotten the more i realized. What is it. find missing in our profession for me. Maybe not loads of other people that sort of the unknown and even though in football there's only three outcomes there's win lose or draw with with what we do. I just feel like there isn't feel like i know what's going to happen and get quite quite quick players that whether it's on stage all scream on the buzz. They must get any professional sportsmen athlete. Get from going and having something to achieve something to fight for and then the sorts of rivera's of not getting it you know there's the closest we get is that if if you're under enormous time constraints on a shoot or something and you and your goal notes stunned all we fucking good before the late disappeared but then if you if you did manage to get it if you're on something with a low of money for example then to some comes in and goes we're going to get chance to do that again in two weeks and it's kind of like the safety of our profession read. It bores me. Sometimes in the way that spore. Doesn't you know the sport has that all our nothingness about it. And i think the older. I've gotten the more. It's translated into that desire to still play football just to feel that was on my but then to counterbalance that with bad any sort of sportsman athlete of any kind. There's a there's a small window of opportunity to raise your game and then taken away in your reply replaced. I've started doing recently. I think it's because i turned thirty this year. I've always sort of gone align myself. With footballers of my age. You know ongoing right. Such and such is twenty nine so he's considered toward the end of his career. And so i'm always like you know i've got another five or six years of being able to run around. You know on films or on on stage and then my body pocket but my body won't have been under anywhere near the streams that they have a michael's but my my brother has said my brother's bali dan so And he has to deal with that. He's twenty eight he. He's already star in a minute to three years ago he was doing about what the hell he does. His body narcos. Big this callum kallumiya. He's fit in mike sinewy and whenever whenever he comes home you feel like an absolute unit in comparison some because he's just so fit and he's he's having to deal with that it's like southbound what the fuck do i do. Unlike god really don't know i don't the average the average shelf-life of does it change from male ballet dancer to a fema belly dancer and i don't think it does no i think it's just the same as any kind of professional sport i think is once you're in your mid thirties. Your kind of people around you begin to great. He's on he or she's on her way out and so he's got he's got maybe like six six years left of his body being able to cope. But then you get like massive like exceptions to the rule like sylvie guillaume the woman i think she danced in her like mid four is or something And like she could fuck and move but yeah he has the dot is coming to straight in the face as he does. He does honest. I don't eat those yet. Which is quite exciting. Also prater but you were saying about that. You got bored quite easily. Do you not find the precarious nature of being an actor and the the sometimes lack of control. That's not given all taken away can be quiet exciting as well as being frustrated. I mean i do. I the other thing that i've dealt with a lot recently in. Might i in my career is is. It may be that it's not boredom and i'm using the wrong word. It's the i don't have. I don't feel as though i'm contributing enough to the fillmore project by simply just you know getting the rap on the door if he three hours to come and do some five seconds. I think it's more. I feel so an unfulfilled with an i also ever since i started on screen which was quite quite lay on me was like twenty four twenty three twenty four so not not. Long ago i've just been constantly find them very frustrating places to be for me. Because i just got very jealous of people that are walking by constantly fucking busy constantly doing things. Unconditional canosa stand back and look at what we've done what we do is it so about us. We are our own sort of our product we are. We are all mistakes and yes you can watch the film back with take or whatever by get very jealous of people that are constantly actually making something in they can stand by director or whatever and It's it's. I realized quite early on when i started in film that. That's what i wanna do is go into direct. It which is decided is working towards in a roundabout fashion. Just just it just. Because i just get jenny jenness jealous when they go. When you get told to go back and see a little house you know illiberal hen coop and wait there for a while. I stand with my door open on on you to basis. Ivo i'm a guy that's door. Open the door like a coke crawl waiting to come down and then sometimes we'll just ask people can. Is there anything i can do. Because i just can't cope with it. I've always been like as a person like even as a kid Of of inherent feeling of guilt. Of whatever situation i mean or there's a restlessness for sure the has sort of not always been acted upon its source of lazy restlessness. If that's a phrase like i just feel very rarely set down on my bike. Sayyed angola vent where i i am working towards it. I think that i am actually going. I'm earning my sitting on my office far more and Also at the same time learning to sort of go no. It's quite nice to to know. Be sort of working towards something but no i. I have always hot that. I've always had that feeling of like those something. There's something i should be doing. Or i should be doing what i'm doing. No and i thought we are not come from an adult. What you call it. I've i've always had done which is even harder to cope with and deal with certainly tearing the past year one. Yes sit down and read a book. He a few pages and he got shit the shoulder. There's something i should be doing. I shouldn't. I'm going to sit down. Fucking nothing else we condemn. I'm being told to do that. But it's quite i mean you've probably with with people you spoke to june this time thing. It's kind of you've been given a license to to not worry to not panic in a certain extent i as an actor. I don't mean to everybody else. My god but as an actor in particular To not worry. Because i mean there must be ops. Council bodies and producers and things have been inundated this year with actors. Who've gone i've written. I've written screenplays finally am and there's probably like ninety percent of its hall. Shit bought the some bet. That's cre- but i find it quite nice. I felt like okay. I've given my permission self permission. I don't have to do even though i've done. Two things that you're mop down and commissioned somethin- half written something and what you know. I have done. I've actually done quite a lot. I've also managed to go. No don't you don't need to do anything because nobody else's yeah in our profession you know in the world. There's a lot going on in our profession also easy to say someday. That's you know sort of jumped over that magic line that you we all want in our profession where you can choose and when not to walk of just manage to jump over that lane recently and will probably dr jump back over soon anyway. It's isn't it. Isn't it a constant case of jumping back and forth or all the time it seems to me and obviously we're talking about our professionals because that's where we have our knowledge all we can really speak about but it does seem a very back and forth profession and now you know people do talk about the flavor of the month because it's true and it happens. Yeah it it really does happen. And i think it's been wonderful. I've been doing this war but like ten years on it's been quite interested in watching people become flavors of the month or then suddenly there no or whatever i think i've roughly managed to be you know. They wrote their boats. And no i. I mean i say that and know just signed on to do something that is something. I've been trying to solve a void in a way for for ages and the dog is quite big commitment. But it's been quite interesting to watch. People do and learn from their experiences of running food pale any opportunity in front of them as soon as they get a little bit fire behind them. And we're running really fast sometimes regret and or sometimes you know a taken them. So we didn't know is precarious. I don't know if i'm one of those people that's like oil like that. It's curious. I don't think i liked clap. And i think people don't i do you know and it's not necessarily more precarious. I think than a lot of other professions. It's interesting i when i was younger. I had i had the opinion that actors were findings products. Even the one dighton. I had this sorts of arrogant streak in may of shop. We're not when you hear. Doctors warn when you hear doctors moan about anything even though i when i i i've been i was sort of like up in what. What are you moaning about really what you moaning about. And what have you to moan about. Yeah what have you and i. It's because i came from the state. I came from amateur opera ex and sort it was. It was taken deadly seriously in many ways but there was no there was no one spoken. There was no method that there was nothing spoken about. It was just people who wanted to do it for all walks away like i was on stage with teachers and police officers and whatever just of christ teachers that teach at school at that point. I was like in a quarter. Slain stunt stood next to them that can so then when i go into the profession and with all the caveats have of weirdness and the different levels of hosts usually people take it. I sort of with quite oregon of shots up. Just fucking goal caves. You really need another take to do that really need. It was quite so of detrimental. I think to me achieve actors and myself and slowly over the past eight years i started. I think is. I produced a producer film less. You have always started to sort of chop myself counter. Whenever i can and it's weird is totally swung the other way where i know. Have this huge respect for actors in their work in their work on the moment of work outside of the moment of of good normal of sympathy for actors in the moment of work when they turn off and do their work have this enormous respect. That i didn't think they really are the lightning in the glass that needs to be protected. Did you need to protect them. All costs within reason as long as it doesn't affect everybody else by submitting. This must have swimming. I used to sit there like half a cup. When i was like. Nineteen a drama. School south relate or the other guys are my drama year drama school. And never this. And i would just sit and go. Who fucking cares. Just turn up pool out face look over there you know someone needs to move you get the we get the fucking win. Let the move the late and make the complete opposite and did they need to be moving. Not late this is. It's amazing. i've seen massa change in me. it's probably only because you've moved perspective that you can say you've got into another comfort place which is behind the camera you've got different version of or and it's when you get to see what is actually part prioritized quite often on film sets and how really i mean. It sounds like a stupid thing to say. Bit is how rarely actors or the performance story is actually prioritized. When to me. When i watched foam you know i i appreciate a beautiful show. Appreciate an amazing sidetrack. A wonderful in bali. Ever luke is what's in the middle of the frame and if the before it's a totally totally as of an watcher i'm totally led by per for performance hundred percent and then i get so sometimes sorry made sometimes you can see that when you're watching a film or a pace television that it's not about performance says it's about the director's vision so then it becomes a bit of a masturbate. How how beautiful. This is look what i did here. Look this clever. Segue to me. Great again with you. It's all about performance led services services scripts in the characters. Exactly and i think. But i also think the opinion of mine has come from chuck alpine the counter as much as i can but also i think it's quite lead heavily led by my own deep insecurities about me as an actor and i think if i felt i felt more secure in my my girlfriends and On cheese it since she was very young and she's a complete opposition and she when she axe she she revels in all of the other noise. That goes around and an. I've continuing to be envious of that. I want to feel about sorts of peace onset and feel that security. The i the you can do anything and because like when i walk on stage have that that like if i was to fall on this stage. I'd almost sort of in not going to go on stage because i feel so secure onstage. Digest you fucking beg for things go wrong on stage. I remember that they did a play. Wants doing it for ages and it's also the thing of doing it for over again and those are champagne. The pop champagne bowl. And you know you just build you. you know what. It's just muscle memory and halfway through this monologue and the fucking chump pinball it too long actually it didn't pop the whole the whole rest the monologue. It was resting on me having pop this and talking about what was taken and i didn't. I don't panic. Just i saw reveled in it because something had gone wrong. Something was unpredictable. Some something and it's amazing an stage actress in particular. You see them all sorts of dive if something if something. If a call enrolled overnight pocket on sale on stage you see actors like fuck and cats with a ball will cause all they want to use it. They just went to run on us. I want i want to be when it gets to the calling. I want to do something sort of like brando west with the glove in in. I want to do it but i don't have a film set. I started about. And i knew soul of the north face jackets and the guy with the big poll with a phone and so i think my opinion of it is massively even in my own deep set insecurity when onscreen matched about insecurities of you as an actor. Do you mean exactly what you mean. Your insecurities of you as an actor from what perspective is from from performance level or jemaine the perspective of how your seen to be quote unquote an actor. Oh i mean. I guess it's sort of performance. Do you watch back dunk. No no i do watch like a premiere or infant off. And i've recently made a decision to not watch to try not what not and and it's not because i watch it and i go off traced shade loading. I just watch it and goal. I just watch it. And i will talk as just me and awake and because you know it's like i just finished the name sacred soon and spent so much time reading all of his staff and it was so fascinating to read about him in. Imagine yourself a. That's the other thing i've i've realized as well. The older i've gotten is valuable. It sounds like something you've taught on day. One bought how valuable imagination is as an actor and how much love living in my own imagination and also how much since a kid i have done that lived in my imagination and not necessarily meaning running about building like a hosts pretending on top of a ship. I would literally just sit in any situation. I was found myself. And you know whether it be a car or you know other even feel watching a plea. When i was younger. I'd sit with era. Just imagine myself. And i was like the the the general manager walking down the metal until you get the fuck out because there's a five and i have lived in my nation. I was definitely one of those people that would imagine. You know telling someone that. I love them or like. Go round dip kissing a cup to the girl walking up to me and then hoboken off. I wouldn't do it so i lived in that sort of game. I did live in imagination. And i've realized voluble that is to the clothes you have all of that noise around you on the film set forgot the question. Do you think as the years have gone on for you. As an actor the love for it is diminishing because of the passion behind. The camera is is growing. So this account balance. Or i wouldn't say i wouldn't see my love for it is is diminishing. It's i think it's what it always wars. I think right. I think i've just realized what it tastes. The i love the boat and on it's not necessarily served by being on screen spa. Other things are being served by me being onscreen undone like a massive fine of great acting. I i just love acting. I love janet and i love. I'm doing something in the moment with with a phenomenal actor. Like a hugely successful actor won an oscar. Two years ago on the buzz. I go and say the other day being with him was me actin with him was watching him work out what he worked. Balk what casino. Like he had this long ago to do not at all this fucking business like a pinball staple something in answering the phone and he didn't have it he didn't have it right when he turned up which is another thing. I thought you got to do. When i was younger was hobbit because coming from stage. Now what's this congr-. I watched him walk catholic through the monologue. Go walking to teacup by them. What tat with this any. I got you actually saw what and what you saw him. The rails like shut them on and then bomb. No one can stop him. And i just i love it and i actually stood there giving him this guy he's like. He's like alleged stood there life or not be fucking funny and it's because we're in a like dot com today so i can't help myself thinking with not funny. He loves it and we did that. And then i got far more of an and then it was like tom com by jot to us and i was like oh right okay if i do it to get the we and then i could get back to around. I see that too upset to my family. My girlfriend so many times they just stealing. You wanted to smack in the face. Just say you should be you know and it takes. I mean the balls. The i still have not found to make that leap and i'm gonna make it one day. I will not jump. That's why fund so excited about doing this. I've land what is i've learned to love it in a different place but my my love for. It boo will will never disappear. Never disappear the love of on being on stage. The buzz i was on stage three years ago. Recently those lessons on stage and still get such a kick in a buzz for one minute being backstage and then you cross this line suddenly. You're onstage suddenly. You know your backstage in some theater in london and across the station suddenly like vienna or wherever the fun. I always push it as much as i was acting with a meet in a best for ten years and would actually stand in the wings clean annual in measure for measure student wings. And he's a horrible fucker. Hundred will your. Here's an a student wings. And i would like to see miami adam michael on when you come on. Your food has had an argument. You'll effort but you effort doesn't want you left. It doesn't want to talk about it. And he bought an ad like slap them in the face and then he kicked me in the arts and buying in glucose alight and fucking to be and that i'd love. I love trying to tip yourself off balance so much. The becomes about her quickly in a split second. You can go. Which i'm a manageable. So my love for acton still hugely biologist of it's been pushed something which equate quite. I think that's really exciting. And then obviously the way that you're talking about it you mentioned before that right now you don't have the balls but my god you've certainly got the passion for it. Yeah well that's the other thing is that we've all got we all do running. I started. I started a production company in name only last year to do this to this phone. A new. the reason i did that was the truck myself because since i was since kid on his cell about and talk about. I'm going to do this do this. Wouldn't be grouped with this and then moves into your sutton pumps you do with other actors that you buy with but vauxhall comes from it so i thought i would try and truck myself in those conversations and force myself into actually do it and so i started this little thing so we made a film last year. And i'm gonna. I'm gonna hopefully make more and because i'm very good at talking about it but then not necessarily berlin putting into action but i think quite honda myself as well about that. Because i do but what i was going to say. It's no i mean. Yeah the we've all been in those situations those places where everybody's tolkien and no one's doing. But i think you all of our time because you have might film and in this day and age to actually get it up and running and complete. It must be really really tricky thing to do your job but it some assist. I've always thought you know is. It's be happy but don't be content of thought an massive. This same emphasis on both is is very important. But you know. I've always thought that thing. Certainly when you say it and i'm sure you've seen it with other actors. I find it quite uncomfortable. When a group says finished a sane and there may be so high five in each show. The they've smashed a sane and just think already a content york. You're happy no no 'cause you know maybe there's something more you could these there a bit more. There's always a bit more. That's one of the reasons i don't watch is because i do go. Oh look you've just you've just grown a big bed ready take myself out of it but also could've done. I could have should have the views that y'all wouldn't have used that take. Why of from the so again. You know not just about the sense of control or lack of control taken every meal with because the work that the sometimes you want to do. It's about the finished product Jeez why. I don't really want to go from random. Watch playback now it's unless it somethin' thin that's to do with the fight saying or it's a technical thing this is light. You know everything that needs to be to make somebody else's job easier the i can help with. Then i've got no interest. Yeah yeah absolutely absolutely jack. Let's talk about school. Because i think it's a fascinating place to start and that but let's back school so where we weren. Even everybody got. Oh yeah while we scottish born in scotland. So yeah so i was. I was born. I'm actually as english as come. This is true. Even try and hide it as much as they can go could sense. I was actually born in essex. Ninety nine hundred was born there because my dad's lived my mom and dad lived in for the next six because my dad worked for the bank of scotland. My dad left school when he was fifteen. Sixteen and what is the bunks call then ended up getting shifted london. And then yeah. I was born. Now i'm brother was born there as well Year actually saw the guy saw. The guy wants a film festival that vinnie. Imdb you could tell he invented. I'm deb. Because he has walks with an imdb by john right truly of i kind of accosted them and i said like you. So what's the deal then. Why can't change. we're wait. i'm from where it says your. Because i said like i was born in but i'm not really from the first two years of my life and my mom and dad were grew up in west lothian east up in scotland than it was brought up. Here a skullman. So i don't know. I said well what did you can. You don't know. I don't know how he change it. It was like i can tell you. Change your office as i. Now how do i change from can put like a caviar. 'cause if because i was always worried that people thought was going to come in to that and then when i come and talk to mike. It hold on missiles and he didn't know which i found quite amazing so that was really helpful that we can carry on walking around with zombie. Payback's younger focused on what to do. Now i feeling he didn't invent. It was just sort of in the room at the time. I don't know of just just the face of ear but yeah it was born was born near near two years and then moved up here to scotland. Done to scotch borders where whereabouts whereabouts in scotland since so this very very southeast. That's the borders. It's is confused. I know it's is for known as the borders. It was actually known as the borders. I am but we were such unruly bastards in the borders on either side of the border in northumberland and cumbria as well I think he was james. The juve's six and ginger. First eugene's the first wendy. When he came oppo he they've they've finally vanquished the ball to reverse which basically like these costs are not traffic in mafia families that run both sides of the borders and it was just as an unruly whistler and that was like the wild west and they they had no allegiance to either side to any crown or any nation But you remind me consoles and they got rid of them. And i think it was james bond benin the borders escorts borders and made made us take shires so technically i'm from bedrick shall right selcuk. Sharon walks publisher the yet. So it's right. It's linked to the cross the border from northumberland and the other way about twenty five miles. So why why did you move back up there. So we i was. I was to. My brother was a couple of months. And then yeah a little village in the borders and went to primary school there chanaka primary school and was nine of us in the in my year and there was probably about twenty five kids in the school year. Eight boys one ghetto which was quite interesting. I thought i've not seen that lasted for years ago. She's called sina for ages but she was the one girl in our year a of us but yeah so that was probably school and then went to high school in the borders. Well ellison high school and that must have been a larger of a shoulder a little bit bigger about thousand kids. Vote that for you. I mean i know like the the change from from primary school to secondary school. It's bigly because you know your change in in your own body and everything's own girls groups of door need to be in this group but to go from a score of twenty five to school of thousand that's like moving from the countryside. Say yeah i mean that's the thing in general come from the countryside then after that. I went to glasgow but and so it was a big jump in i. I remember when i first started meeting people that were from glasgow from sales. They've all got fucking edge. They've all got back. Go in them. If i got like kay. They've got this presumption that the the that you think the shot and having to fight you is this presumption is why do incredible. I remember learning about the seat to the three or four scores. Football managers came from the same sort of low part. I'd say glasgow. Lauren glasgow joke. Stephen and all these guys. They seem to come from the same pit. There are their father for tennessee putin and they run the three biggest people called in the uk and just people from cities. Just have this natural to someone that grew up in not really small earlier to me. These they have the smell different. They have different kind of like their own. That they're on the front foot and an iphone that quite quickly. That people from this massive generalization but my experience we we all whenever we'd but we wouldn't play basketball once apponator umbro something and we all shrunk which has shrunk like. We're all just these we timothy bustards. And it's just it's just a lot gentler of a sleigh out in the country so but you know. Sometimes there's a presumption with rural and urban urban is far more hard done by farmers of poverty. Or you know. It's a lot harder than country has just like the archers a which is which there is part of the country as well but then there's like massive power in the country's just different in rural places particularly in scotland there's massive drug problem in rural parts of scotland and even the very smallest of us and so yes. I've got confidence in there. There's a certain attitude. Remember when i when. I was seventeen and i moved from the seaside town. Blackpool and i was going to london and it's just also so i remember getting off the train. An everything was seemed to be whizzing by i different speed different pace of life and i was. I think it was on oxford street and it was. I remember being naked at one point going. Why am i walking at the same pace as all these other people to stop it. Just it's just slow down a bit. You just wasn't used to. It took me a long time realized that didn't like the pace of life. no. I did the same thing. I was about seven years and then moved up here but but then ironically then started to miss the noise but it was Remember going to the nba only five miles away from the borders. And i just from. There's a hill sutra hill. Which sort of boundary between the borders and the beginning of of edinburgh midlothian. And i used to stand outside it a look over at this hale which is from from where i grew up about six seven miles away but you could see the orange goal above the hill which is edinburgh be constantly fascinated by and be like i wanna be. I wanna be in where that noises. What's going on. But i want to be there. And when i when i started going up to edinburgh as a kid with my brother when he started doing dunston and i went along with him in the ill-fated dot was by weighing along with and the started. That's steig on stage and stuff and just the buzz of all that was all linked up in come from a very very very quiet place and i was. I was unbelievably quiet as a kid very very shy and very very shy even when i moved away at drama school. You still lock myself up in my my halls and just watch am only fools and horses arm and things like that. My aim would be. I finished with classes will do an end run by to the holes in glasgow and sit in my little os and just watch like bbc comedies. I just did the idea of able to people terrified me. And i can go and older i sort of. It's been a rivera rebellion of that have tried to lift more. Like a sort of a gwyn kid. Now and i've certainly go on. Motha a hell of a lot of it was that he was listening to the listen to an interview with somebody. Oh it was it was it was vic raves. And he was saying the when he started to get invited to you know quote unquote show bays pies and different events. And all that. He realized where he'd come from a more people were thinking of it so we cranked up. The northern nece became even more northern in these situations more northern more louder to make himself. I remember that we want to. I think rhonda to do manage to get on a summer course just two weeks of course and and it was. It was mainly english kids or international kids and got the inevitable right. You're scottish drink. This is when we all started drinking. I think it was late. Seventy eight n or something. Like that. And i was always a very good show. I was in an incredibly good liar. Incredibly good liar. I don't know why. I think it's because i just spent my whole just observing people also lets people. Why be a great spy but at the top of the shoulder also what i think. That's what makes a very good actor is to be an observer will use its personally that's why fund and i i found out of town for lion and making things up on the spot and like that like you're the scott. You must know drinking games. I didn't know any drinking games. And i just went right. What you need a dave get to vancouver stevie chairs that way. Johnny move the table that way. Just making this up this game where it was i was just thinking pocket on fox's soon as possible. I remember saying raked bartlett vodka. You put on your forehead and you try you try and spin. Rhone deadly football challenge. We just go and you basically run around in a circle and you can't tell live and you do eleven times and you don't as much as you can. And they were like they will have typical fucking jock and taught. Tell me about the boys back. And just make an and it was link because i wanted to people to sort of like may or fear me or i don atom. Oh but yeah. I have incredible facility for lion hours. How did you find that. I mean i know. It's only a small two weeks summer close. But how did you find being in the environment in the asterik building because the comes with a lot of other factors maybe no in two weeks so he goes mean i i remember. I went to high school in quite quickly decided. I wanted to be an actor. Because i had this phenomenal music. Teacher called jeff thomson who put on these huge musicals every summer in this in this comprehensive unlike throw the kitchen sink them the dividend from the from about twelve years old till eighteen everything from lake south pacific and two guys in dole's and lame as complete with like bata cades shit like oh my god like everybody just chuck too and it's just this normal. High school in the board does is the borders. There's massive tradition of operatic. It's it's weird opera. Hundred hundred hundred with the common ratings. It's it's really strange. An incredible escapism calls. That you can you. Can you can always like community spirit and it you can all get together and something might these sets exactly like. It's old school as well. It's like you do in village halls empty primary schools. And if i can take it more seriously than the profession you would rehearse like three times a week after school. I realized they are and then obviously was light. Might so drama. School great right. Where's the best drama school bay. Everybody says rathers some job manage to walk up money and all that stuff to they go on this summer course that some course and just thought i was going to get a top on the shoulder at the end of it of late. We've seen your moves and you come some. Of course. I doesn't what light i am addition for all of these schools and i actually didn't get in. I think it past the first round rather and then give us the pasta anywhere. Apart from one in is all squish by. Didn't get invited back many years later at radha to talk to a bunch of students and there was a fussing. Said was didn't get in here just to say didn't like but no i didn't. I did find it. Sort of don sort of or these hallowed halls kind of kind of way but night. It's nothing you know. Special in comparison to other places was the something I mean obviously it's meant to be that you went to roll scarfs but was the something more comfortable beam back up there to train for all that time. Do you think. I suppose it's very very difficult question to answer. Because you've got no comparison. Really yeah no i didn't. It's funny as well as lake. I think my my scottish notice. I sort of grown and developed over the years you know like i said i wasn't for scorch independence toll. I remember guthrie. And another among other martin amount of talk to me about an elemental. Bollocks won't show you. Who cares my dad. Actually this m p when. I was first allowed to vote within twenty first election and avoid labor. Because that's what you do and asked my dad what he said this. Mp we'd we what the team and there are member them on the ballot paper they were right at the bottom. They were underneath the scottish jacobite party. Who's i don't know a guy who wants to bring back the stuart kings and like us all we're poed wakes without much of a joke but it's saudi. No it's like. It would never occur to me doing it in glasgow i was. I was definitely like aren't snow as good because it's in london for sure did you. Did you think that or was that something that was projected onto the paper. Because i i've got friends. Who went to roll skies and wales. And even i had when when i was younger when i was figuring out where i wanted to go it was almost like i was told or i'd heard or i'd read the path. Is you have to do it this way. You have to go to london. And it's done if his eight hindsight knowledge. What i've just simply not true new. It's it's it's not true. I mean. I think it's part of a is true and it's also quite easy for to say that as someone who has done that we did 'cause i finished there and then i went straight to london agent inland. I was lucky enough to do that. Because i go play. Black watch by national tita scotland this huge successful play in the barbican. So i sort of really lucky through that. But then i didn't work for your i got. I got this big agent played. This big lead did not play an. I didn't want for a year ago. Job and then cluzel d'armes in multiple hill and bled me in a fucking pipe. Pull up a pool of cloud. The first time. I feel the pain of puerto code and the guy that you don't pull the payment and yet but it's it is sort of pumped into the do have to go down there. I rather than it being. Some sort of lake consortium of people the great unknown people that we always say they run the. Tell us that we have to go down. There is also just a fact. I think particularly from scotland that you do have to go down there in our profession at some point because it's just more work there on that i was more specifically manian about the training for the three years. Yeah yeah you just kind of drummed in dreamt intimate certainly beam from the north west. Well yeah i mean you exactly the same i think. But that's just a sort of not having core rather anthony. Brilliant placed produce brilliant actors. I've worked with but the another great thing managed to do down there which is why they're so successful. The british with the best in the world creating a myth can create myths really well crew prestige. You know and i think you just naturally think what must be there and bird like particularly up here in scotland. They'll always a great watchers. The scots sit. And let you make yourself forest. They will scott. They'll always you hang yourself before they hang you. Think and very smooth source of dark operators. And i think they're kind of like the raw scottish the very like you go all really. It's all very kim. Kim richey said that on cambridge. He said if he ever had a chat show he call. It did because wherever wherever active have all been finish some big story elaborates deliver create narrow. Bowman go it. Came in from the fruits of my walking around the archerd. When i lost my father and he would just go. Gi and that sort of it's in. It's sort of instilled in you up there. It was still the new. They're an incredible work ethic. I remember going in auditions for the foster in london and being thanked for learning my lines. Like thank you so much lending lines right okay. Yeah isn't that what you do and other schools obviously teach that but he really stuck to you. What there of of hard work hard work and obviously. You're still very early on there that you know you need to do accents or you're gonna get fucked and i was shocking english accent. I was shocking. Arpey obsolete shocking. I came over very harsh and then and then it wasn't until i moved to london. Which is one of the main benefits. I would say if you're from up north or skull issue or whatever your accent you're anglo-saxon kits and you're predominantly going to walk cannot There's there's been a shift with scotland. The law of squash does a moving back that horrible but the are film studio and we saw that's being built in edinburgh on. It's an incredibly creative. Plays very exciting place at the moment that it does need a hell of a lot more effort money and it's getting now. When did your confidence start to grow throughout the threes. We talk before When you were saying about you go into classes and then you would just run back and watch oh baby companies specifically talking about being real scores. Yes roscoe in highschool is well my my confidence in class like i was always in the bucket one of the raw scores. She was just a very embarrassed person. Very embarrassed when acted. So i still. I'm i'm working through an i think You know that thing that they say that sounds like a cliche where they take you to drama school to try and get you out with yourself and get rid of your inhibitions. Sam is something that you really should pay attention to again. Sort of arrogance of silence when i was a drum scores like fucking. You don't need that either. Need you just need an. that's all i want. I just want someone. I'm just waiting for two drums. You someone said that wants to me was just seems. Like you're just waiting. Jiji stood about in the corridors waiting for someone to come home and sprinkle something over here. That will open up for you. I remember that day or told me up. Basically saying get you fucking assen gear and like. Let your inhibitions go. But it's the easiest thing to see someone acton general to say let's go saw easy to say that it's like it's we've become obsessed as well Our world at the moment of be yourself you know. I mean what does that mean an also. It's fucking boring being yourself late yet. We didn't get into this young to to walk onstage. Be ourselves exactly exactly. Yeah i hate. I just mean in life. Flake to be south. And i've also as i've gotten older i've realized as well acquainted joy trying own different like fucking john like by date with changing himself. Each album i like. I like thinking of yourself albums. And like i quite like a very cultural became just before lockdown scotland-england begin. It's a middle class. Sport rugby up here. Different days in. Wales raise them. I quite enjoyed being to acquaint joy italian. And like i went out and about cheetos and bought chino's i was quite enjoying being unlike some light brooks enjoying it and like i think as long as you you know what you are in a sense or like you know what your beliefs are quite love. I quite late night. They've been hypocrite very interested in being a hypocrite and like chocolate morals site for ten minutes. Them what it's like to have opposite morals things quite fun. And i've i've realized that have gotten and there's a lot of fun to be had that and you find yourself change your morals actually quite nice to lead yourself at the door. Sometimes which. I guess is acting as well. You quite tough on yourself as a self. Are you self critical to a fault. Doug i i mean hugely hugely but with but with also sort of thrum in like throbbing on the lion thing of like i think we don't i think i do think i know best i. I've only realized that recently. I think we done. There is the belief somewhere which sorts of avoids total sorts of visitation of self. I think it's we done some. We are. I just can't tap it all the time but i think i think both exist and i think both can exist. I i massively critical of myself am but there is other thing that goes a. Ib you not that shit or you are actually berlin about acting. That's just about any. Life am an of grueling. Easier as i've gotten older with having the two things the sipe aside. Because i think it can make for interesting situations but you could at slowly over the years giving yourself less of a hard time. 'cause i find i find it comes in waves personally speaking especially over the past year it does. It does it. Does it does come in waves and but you know the. I think what's also quite common as well as when you don't feel like that and when you feel like really fucking funny or you feel really sexy. They go all god. No right mustn't revel in that. I've realized the i there is a sorts of said i've grown into sort of obnoxiousness of and give myself permission to do it and think of public pushed quite far a to see what are the upper limits of it and i'll keep a hold of that bit better because if you're just one thing the whole thing they don't ask so i think more is less than hopefully learned how to give myself not as hard time it's more i've learned to sort of totally entertain all these different sides of you and not shut them down just because they're not equal hugh and really enjoy them as long as they're not to the detriment of your surroundings or whatever and i've but that's also because i come from a family. That very early on is quick to sort of you know not coping very like if you if you want fuck in had to wear this today and you walk in late my thought madonna. Oh like this is like a choice ruined yes you you just completely destroyed an instant and it's and it's because it's an. It's very lucky to grow up in that. Don't take yourself sleep at all in all but also late reveling in taking yourself seriously. Sometimes and seeing well run as well but yeah. How are you with authority because you were talking before about how you used to be. This is not a quoted. You said i'm just generalizing but you said something about being quite gubbay. Yeah yeah and i used to be that with It was when. I was made to feel puree talking from a work environment when i was made to feel the work environment. I was placed in a school environment so the seem to him so of hierarchy so it wasn't a collaborative process it was. You'll do this. Because i am telling you to the abol for me but now over the years i have mellowed the united states away the acid absolutely to i saw him in uncle. Vanya tally of christmas. Which was talked to a friend about it. Before me you were talking walk. I wish i'd have been in there to see that even though it translates fantastically over over the screen. But you have course payers look incredible. Oh he's finished. He did play with him. I think the same director at the electrostatic creek charted with him and he eh one of the great things over it stuck in my head is he said to me. Got to learn how to box spot said of us and our profession. When you feel like exactly situation you just described box smart and you've got to be very good at present enough to people meet that choice. And he said box just box marked jack and it took me a while to realize what remained on there. I was in a situation very recently. The situation you've just described with the director under it was very early on very quickly. It happened an i suddenly when i go. That's ridiculous with a person's just said that can by when box mom. And i thought i could do that but they i think that would fuck things up. It may be satisfied that bit or could do this and ultimately knock thought personnel in that way so to speak metaphorically and it worked on them and that was from. Po box box cover an and in terms of the obnoxious sort of gardiner's of just. I truly believe that you should. You should always have your answers questioned. You really should. My dad said that to me. Sounds like a fucking weeden fortune cookies but my my dad said that to me. My dad got made redundant in the crash in two thousand and eight. I came home and student kitchen. I came from high school and he's never never in the kitchen it. I'll tell you those commented about seven and he told me and he'd been let go. It'd be one of buy something like forty years and the guy'd come in and said you're goi says anonymous games so that it all happened. 'cause liberal understood that the money banking never understood in dad said he said because everybody everybody presumed the guy above the new name said that's why everybody thought that the guy above are the idea the needed and because they have layers after the name before the name that they'll have they will know what to do which is just boop alex and from that point on i started living in that. You must have your your answers. Question pushed it way too fucking far. Sometimes you know being on set so like a five year old kid going either y either either. Why not for the fuck of it comes from. If you don't feel that that. I mean. I don't know what the the the situation you've just described but i think if you had complete faith in that person or you'd be like their walk or whatever they need you we do it of course boils down to trust because and and also say that about youth saying things like fortune cookies but it's nuggets of wisdom that simone light as knowledgeable as pay would say here and it does take a bit of time to filter through. And you don't know when you're going to when that light bulbs going to go off in you. That's what they meant. And it's amazing because in those situations really learn about right what all's needs to be fought and how can i fight them as smart as smart as i can make and that's not a detrimental to me as a person. Yes you know tacoma of and learn which by worth fi in which i just need to remove myself from the situation and just take a step back. The other thing i've learned is one of the greatest things to possess his humility. I think in our in our profession particular if you've got humility because there are very precious situations working with thirty fiery creative people or whatever and people come blow a gasket. People can say the wrong thing or whatever. But i think as long as you've humility as long as you're able today and afterwards go sorry about elena. Most people will forgive you. Absolutely the opposite prayed is just prayed in our profession. Sometimes is such a fucking team. It's such a waste attained such a waste the money as long as you can go home and look yourself in the mirror right. That's enough prayed. Onset is such a waste of time if some bad idea than you no matter who you are if you have the brains to front is actually quite a good idea swollen prayed and and fucking run it all my. I would say i did. A film with steve merchant acted as a hero of mine. Steve and i was playing this part. That i didn't mean what was doing. Sometimes steve would get sort of like i. Don jack maybe give stephen steve which is do you do the light and i'll go. I'll just take what steve. Just a ton of cameron. I'm just gonna copy it up absolutely. I mean talk about learning from somebody who maybe that situation is more knowledgeable from you because sometimes you go. I'm stuck. I was talking to a director before christmas online. And we were working through a sane and paper it was a very simple saying but for some reason ida roth brock corner i look. I genuinely. don't know how to play this enough tribe plan a few different ways and i'm just maybe i'm running round trip for myself or purple. I'm finding this really difficult. Free just just an eating said one thing. I'm just gonna take it from a the way. I'm going to do it. Just nikki just opposite frozen overthrows back we frozen well that maybe that's the lords of the internet saying that we should leave it there june. But it's been incredible. Talk radio enjoyed. It's been really lovely. I'm not gonna phrases were saying by the bureau does kid. We can just imagine it back. Oh thank god. Because i was just saying the our back. I'm just saying it'd be really horrible to freeze saying goodbye but Thanks so much for coming on. I'm ready ready. Made up it. Was you know we don't talk about work that much. But i'm yeah i really enjoyed it. Yeah i know that we end up talking about walk coil. No no no. No no no no. We didn't we didn't. That's what i'm saying. all right. He know that we you know that we don't but i will People who have some recent work to take out because it's all very choice stuff. I'm not going to embarrass you happen to thank you so much for coming on you take and speak to you very soon. Thank you and another episode is done do you. Now all feels really nice to be back. A obviously i say about yes. We are both bought with. Yeah it's baby steps baby approach. Because i'm i'm going to be home schooling every other week for the foreseeable so look. That's going to be mega difficult to record. So we're going to try and get a lovely bumper crop. Saw it as soon as we can so it can start. Get back to being regular edition out every thursday. I think that'd be really nice. Wouldn't it so she we just do. I think we should okay. We'll look a massive. Thank you to jack. Forgive his time and few for downloading subscribing until any friends supporters as you do on patriot patron dot com forward slash the to show podcast if you can support us by throwing whatever you can once a month. Every little helps. No i'm not not sponsored by that marcation. Yeah which home. Yeah well really try and get next week but until then you take care and stay safe. I've been craig parkinson. He's been produced producer graph and this has been the to shop podcast. A season to shop. Podcast is presented by may craig parkinson reported produced by thomas griffin for splicing blocks on music. Music kersey often. That comes as.

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Aus Open Day 2  88 matches and the return of Kyrgioptimism

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Aus Open Day 2 88 matches and the return of Kyrgioptimism

"Hi I'm John McEnroe's board. This is Martina Navratilova. I'm mats wilander. I'm Sandra RINCA. This is Mary Carillo. I'm Andy Murray. And you're listening to the tennis podcast. It's only day to the Australian Open. Cavernous just walked over with another now okay well Katherine Katherine. It is here and DART is on the way to interview room to just finish the sentence before really interrupted Catherine just before so we came on air said. I'm off to the bar to get emergency beers. It's only it's only date of the Australian Open but to put it into some sort of context. How many matches if we are today Matt or how many did they have on the Shiju scheduled ninety six? Nine six months genuinely unevenly. I've really stressed out really stressful day. Jerry do quite straight Jacobs well funded the next to my all day. And it's I find too. Many tennis matches extremely stressful. And just makes me anxious because there's too many to follow follow and I ended up not following any debt. I would like to and they're they're on the schedule. This does not enjoy manic Monday. Correct the same about money Monday. But that's because all of those much is because of the stage of the tournament a pretty well but I feel like today there was as many relevant matches is on a Mo- as on Monday. Okay be given ninety six the wondrous for more relevant needed to be made you a bed with that. Now you're hanging on every groundstroke. I mean we did. Have this out Matt's when you picked her didn't we and it it was so winnable was so winnable. Yeah so just to remind everybody. Max predicted that markets have Andrea though would reach the quarterfinals Australian. Open this this feels very cosme over. Yeah to be Jinxing the overs every Australian and she hasn't won a grand slam much since reaching the French. Shaping final right okay. That's a horrendous. I try ANDRO radius because NASA hence why I thought it was an absurd prediction. Yeah I don't mean to rub it in doing a pretty bad job of not roaming it. I did say that. I do struggle to make predictions run-ins tough first round and. Yeah I went anyway so I'm obviously just an idiot. I'm marching irritated because it's it's a significantly more important to me. David doesn't win. Is The I win with addiction. Yep which is good news. We're doing daily predictions as well overseeing the newsletter which you can sign up to and laugh at if you would like to poke manure quarterfinals as well as is looking manage. Forgotten was a moment there was a moment therefore that I would have had radio PALCA out And and who else did I have. Daniel Collins who got in the semifinals was up. One point one set all looking very dodgy I I champion. Tannehill methodist suddenly went one set all Francis. CFO and then I was particularly concerned. She she was there That that was a cracking match. Wasn't it the atmosphere is crackling. was there was. It was a big match. Feel you obviously everybody's still just getting to know downhill Medvedev and becoming aware that he's a real contender for these titles. Pretty much every returns up now and four-seed given the prime time I night session. Match and people remember Francis Staffer from here last year when he reached the quarterfinals and the debt-ridden wonderful scenes where he's rippin office shirts and flexing his muscles and ease at a pretty shocking time since since then he's not won many matches and yet he came out here and I really liked the way he just stood toe to toe with Medvedev and challenged him him to a physical match. Just said I'm going to chase everything down. And if it's there to be blasted on blasting which is of course playing to his strengths. His name is this incredible athlete. I mean two more different body types on one court together. You probably wouldn't ever sees. It's amazing that tennis allows to two beings of such completely diametric opposite body types. I try to to compete. Compete thrive compete drive. Yeah it's wonderful similar to the Gulf Venus thing it's a sport that just I accommodates suit of all spectrum of everything which is just brilliant wonderful. Yeah I mean my is also very light sensitive at the moment but I genuinely had to put sunglasses on to cope with Francis. Jeffers t shirts fluorescent red jazz is your. I started watering this. It's he had shorts on those. I mean and this is Nike's doing everybody. The the damage was doing apparently designed right well the shores. They look like they've they've been I. It looks like a pair of white shorts. That's been put in the wash with that red shirt and it's and it's just sent to the sort of Pale pink and then it looks like somebody's put them down on the ground and thrown about three kinds of painted different colors. That's that's what it looks like. There's two versions of if the shorts because those the ones that tear was wearing weather patterns on the outside. And it's extremely bright and they're the ones that call Edmund and Felix seem wearing weather patterns actually on the inside and improperly see it. I think it's it's a really old which is totally like the cool kids are doing. He did actually look pretty cool. I thought he just such as it's like cool match. It was the best tennis tiptoes. Played since Miami dos did feel. Pretty confident drilled. I've found it really interesting. There was a moment where members of the Nansen. It's and T.F. Drilled successive groundstrokes right at his belly and one one of them was virtually actually self defense and he managed to frame. This volley winner applauded him and and Bev apologized for the winner. I did. I think that that could ignite some almighty row to be honest because such a violent ground strike the spirit between them was really good. The thing that met again Medvedev gets most annoyed about is when players. Don't apologize for hitting a net cold in the middle of a rally that was initially sparked the chiappa valve bullshit Russian occasion and so he would sit to us. Yeah and it's also what sparked the argument uh-huh also it's been a long day ninety six matches also what sparked actually. They're only in the Annetta. That's a council. It's also it's also the incident with Schwartzman at HP Cup whereas caused by that because he was annoyed Schwartzman for not apologizing hitting a net cord in the middle of a rally which is a perfectly normal thing. Beating in the umpire's chair with Iraq is fine but failing to submit a focal G. for net cord is a violation beyond the pale his policies. Also it's okay to be maimed by forehand put. It's not okay to not apologize if he he wasn't afraid to him to the himself Tampa T.F. WAS AMC volleys is a real themes AMAC's the way they vote for the really. Well we were really struck by that so that happened and and before that six hundred matches happened What's caught your eye well A few things things particularly a first set school line between go vinnie. mcgary teton champion and show we rogers Six love in shelby Rogge's favor so matinee so that and thought let's trek out to court three. See what's over there which isn't much retract. This the nearest cool to the media center appealing option And I've no idea what happened in that I set to cause Gabino mcgary Italy's six love but after we arrived she lost one game one game in the subsequent two cents. So do it remains a mystery to us how on earth she lost. The first set. Six love is she wasn't brilliant has to be said in those low-quality all around. But I mean how how it can have been so so completely different there was. It was not a point in that tennis match when it was close night. It was a three-set tennis match. The way it was. It was a three-set tennis match. Mary was an interview areas. Six which is an is. It's not a room area. Correct one still no offense to Misaki Doi- incident of WHO's just battled for three hours with high dart and Harriet doubt got Britain a winner because Britain has been a bit shorter furnace today. three plays Konta Edmund and both lost in straight-sets Bolts Katie boulter although she played pretty well against it in and enforce the tiebreak from five to that then camera Nori had a four hour EPIC which he should have won because he was two sets to one and it looked like he was GonNa win and four against Paraguay and then came back and won and then Harry Dot when toe to toe with Misaki. Doane it was it was crack and stuff out that she's real Attitude on court Dr hasn't she. She looks like assaultive. English English rose type shrinking violet. And then she gets out there and she some real spunk about her rings it. Yes yes she really does she faces some Hallam. Yes and we watched quite a lot of that Mexican Jennifer Grady. We recently saw the end of the first sandwich. Miss the best moment really and I think three separate matches today. We upsets brewing. Had that and and the upset faded arrival. That good old pat the killer. I mean I'm pairing taste semi final. She Yeah I think we need to stop talking about predictions Matt's looking. It looks a bit still in its injury timeout. To start the second set but she's basically okay She said after the match the she'd vote really weird in Adelaide last year. She didn't on his way high. That's hard and that's the a disc with you area. Oh there it is. I should say good given different. We're talking about market chicken. Thank thank you to the water. Play I mean he didn't win. He lost in straight sets to various but he should have won a set for star. TV's he was five three up second-set but just in terms of the his tennis is so good to look at single handed. backhand every shot hit with a purpose whether it be a slicer drive or dropshot loves the DROP SHOTS JUST A beautiful plan to watch mark. But I'm sure he'd rugby less peaceful player to watch and win more matches. I'm sure I'm just saying I feel like I've watched him sent him on a hardcore before and watching him play against against kind of a ball machine in Zverev and just watch them do their babies unconvincing concerned. It wasn't convincing and and yet I kind of felt that he would probably feel pretty satisfied with that. Because it was shaping up to beaten classic. Says that's when he did. He gave himself every opportunity to turn that into an unnecessary epic. Ip Fit which. You pointed out earlier David. Would you say how many times has been two sets up in a slam and ended up benefit set and the answer is four and it was all last year so those memories are so oh mind because it just feels like every time. He plays a slam. That's what happens. I mean when I was covering the match on five we were sort of trying to stay across defined that period where we literally have all of us all three of US commentators watching different matches I was on his and I mean I kind of made what I thought was take little gags that he's won the first set so I'll see in about three hours because I kind of felt we'd still be there about three hours later But the fact is he got the job done in straight sets and it wasn't great but that's that's what is it you call it Hashtag. Growth Growth Growth. Yes Ten thousand dollars so to to start the story from the beginning. He's been doing this pledging money for aces or whatever it might be to to Bush. Bush fire relief in Australia and tagging other players. I don't know what the Genesis is of how they decided which placed tag like Sharapova Tanks Djokovic and one presumes. There was some prior discussion Chris. It's pretty Belinda. Bench invited Alexander Verve to pledge some money money for all of his double faults which bit married which is what. She's doing what she's doing exactly. So providing an opportunity to sort of look aerobic in two ways eight look Self depreciating and have often themselves in bees pledge. The money's bushfire relief and he elected just to ignore that no reply. They quit tweet. Not even a tweet not even like but he detox. Now there's been the he is not doing as it's more of that later personal tweets or have creeping mountain throwing shade at curious as manage rich tweet anyway after the match finished curious I mean the fires have been stoked on both sides. Anyway he asked for the mic after his uncle industry and pledged I mean brilliantly it slightly complete fusing easingly. It's ten thousand dollars per match when if he doesn't win the tournament but he's full prize money. If he does win the tournament he did mm say as a little caveat. I know I'm not the favorites. which fairplay tip though? I mean goodness me water. Pledge that is if if he would've gone I mean that's free of million dollars but fantastic and he's always been really good at the on call interviews. I think I think yes. Yes actually where he comes into his own. I remember that one after the Incident with the ball kid when he beat Federer. ATP Finals in Twenty Twenty eighteen and he just handled that whole situation brilliantly in a way that we often don't think he does in the actual media room he's very self deprecating in depreciating. Didn't well all right ninety-six it is interesting. That you that one of your main takeaways from that match was about Action Arto because I find when and I walked serve matches at the at the moment I can't focus on anything other than Zverev. He himself his own massive kind of saga at the moment. And all of yeah and I just. I'm waiting for something to happen and it doesn't really matter what the opponents doing my mind and that's probably the wrong way of watching the Mashburn cash-based just. It's just what happens to me when when he's on court but he goes through and that's that's good going incidentally and he tried to tweet. This is where the shade is. Yeah so the the the origin the shade is that Very gave yeah. He's a slightly chippy quotes about curious. Not being the best young player around anymore and there are a lot more good plaza around To which the moment curious saw the video of the failed shots. tween a of Alexander Zverev. He tweeted himself but Yeah I know I'm not the best player but but I mean if you're his in twain sure sure but unfortunately he spelt tween Nisa tweets and is subsequently deleted tweets rubbish Twain really eighty poll. The K with Caritas tweets is to screen shot him because they tend to disappear off the five minutes whereas curious I noticed he. He covered some areas matches in straight-sets against Lorenzo Sinaga. And he he actually hopes to get locked. You can see him thinking. Please love me please love me just set me up which has to be. I mean the only other person on the planet who does that has meant so I actually talk. This is a grand slam. These thinking like that so it is I curious group which is domestic than ever before thriving Yeah he's sold Hook Line and sinker. He's like who'll be in Australian journalists in the Radio Media Room Alongside Matt Ni- I've heard the phrase a KUNA turn more times than I can count today. Art Career did look good goods. Abe is very focused performance. He's he he referred in this post much press conference that we went to to replace you with his focus and it was very. It was pretty chippy. Press Conference Curious yeah but I I. It interpreted it as well just a continuation relation of his focus. He doesn't want to get baited into anything I think he knows how easily baited his and finally yeah didn't just was just hitting everything offered at the policy now just defensive from the are enjoying her here in John John McEnroe of now become a bit of an item been wanting a ye. Yes absolutely and curious just really just not been interested until civil. They met up and he realized you know actually he is kind of cool in his own way even if he is a bit of an old bloke I didn't think he'd be ages it just been the classic because McEnroe clearly wanted curious therefore could not possibly cool to want something. That's right Eh. But now he's realized he can be the bigger man by just accepting a little bit of money. John McEnroe's pledging one thousand dollars for every set one by curious this tournament. I think curious was touched speechless. Literally speechless didn't say too much about it. In press he just said Yeah. That's great really just didn't want to get drawn on anything impress. He's wearing a Bandana. Yeah we are We have a colleague friend who works. ATP The and was going to do an interview with Caritas Afterwards and that an interview turned down in the end and it didn't happen and and Saddam colleagues that he was relieved. It didn't happen because he was going to have to ask her to take his BANDANA. which given because it wouldn't it was it was? It was the camera and it wouldn't have makes me laugh in tennis. Players were using camps literally. Can't see them face. Hi still there. They've got shadow over them. Despair thought this you can see their faces drop when play walks in and a cap and you know that not going to remove exits on for sponsor reasons and he really was curious plays either seem amol or Cuevas NEX much is still going on. Despite it being passed but night. Yes they see either. One of those shoes is going to be trickshot. Trick shop tastic. Isn't it because simone is a bull massage and he will just keep going forever and it kind of feeds curious. I think it could be quite tricky. Faquir your secret as a little bit about Easter Agoo and Cuevas is is just another trick. Shot artist so L. Nisha Cuevas trick show guy. He Beats Federer in the Women Online poll for best I shot of the decade one of the many lists and Jason. Yes but I mean federal was. I was winning all the Internet polls over the over the winter and he can even be have claimed that g key if it's the G. key polio. Firing T- it's singlehandedly made an absolute ridicule obsolete ridicule if the concept of polls polls. It was better than my east. He's not clearly not most Irish Timothy Channel. Nine my Shin High Fighting back on volley against humor. Wasn't that good. I mean before we get back to the the proper tennis burlington slamming breaks today and breaks verses. Robots is on very much. Sean this four nine losing streak despite spied for win but then I showed footage of robots verses law and he started look just a little bit nervous. Can we just supposed the move onto robot against the crooks instead because that sounds like it'd be more competitive ready to cut out breaks out the middleman middleman bashing lose. But I haven't got my racket. I've got Simon Spare which apparently has factory strings things which are almost broken. Too early matches today. Count in applicable. Chrysanthemum identified six one seven five slightly disappointing almost got going five then. Didn't Donovan Absolutely. What flow and Maria Sharapova which which rather disappointed me from a prediction standpoint but goodness she was impressive are safe? And that was pretty. Ominous from Sharapova. I'm not saying she can't get going be the problem is she. Clearly needs repetition of matches and the body keeps breaking down when she tries to play matches or she loses and so she doesn't get any. He's won three matches since last year's Australian Open just not good enough to compete at the top level. Three's full rebuild and isn't it needs to going down to maybe international level or and beating Lower Grade Plaza but she can't stay fit so you know how you GonNa do that so actually it just felt to me as I may be. She might be realizing well she said off to the Mat. She didn't know if she'd it'd be back here. She also said that she doesn't intend to play the Olympics and signed up they will team. Tennis Period where the Olympics will be played Slow slightly strange. Because she wouldn't she wouldn't. She's a way of qualifying the Olympics. Fix My no well. Cards are available. She's not a particularly rosy relationship with the audience so Yeah it'd be surprised but I mean if she's I do know is she is she thinking about. You've how she wants to retire and and do you. You think should be able to you know. She struggling to any matches at the moment is it. Do you think she's going to be able to sue descriptive retirement. I'm good question. I don't know I I often try and think about this with certain players Wozniak. He's method of retirement of announcing it ahead of time and having coming coming into this knowing she'll get a great send off at a tournament that she won. I not surprised in the least about that I think federal I probably have a lap of owner effectively But I'm not sure about shop either and that same topic came up today. We Joe for some guy. I heard the as you've already referenced. The many French radio journalist sitting around saying that Sanga apparently he's kind of spoke today publicly a little bit about retirement for the first time to the French. Press saying that he really wants to retire on his own terms. Obviously but he's coming. Come to the realization that actually. What's more likely to happen is that his body is going to determine it for him because he had to retire today against an actually popper in and and he's been really struggling with injuries past few years? It's quite sad. Isn't it when you see that and plays that. Just the body doesn't cope anymore with what they're asking of of it and Songa decide let taken so you know. His body in a way has been his greatest strength on the core what he was able to do with it diving around all the place and you to think that that is gone is really quite sense. Plays in later life in their fifties sixties sixties. And some of them. You know a really struggling to get around and you wonder with some of these players given what they're asking their bodies what they'll be like Kim nightlife as well. This tournament is just synonymous with him. I remember it's the first time I ever saw him play. He played erotic and he had the most incredible bowl. tie-break about nineteen seventeen tie break in the first set and it was. You saw the explosiveness you saw the athleticism. This would be maybe twelve months before we had the run to the final hair and then when he had the run to the final here and let's not forget he absolutely thrashed Rafael Nadal in the semi. They finally throw them around like a rag doll and he was going into the net and he was doing diving volleys and as you said he was such an exciting player In his in his heyday and I think you slightly forget it. I mean he's still good to watch but he was so exciting about that. And I I I kind of feel that. He didn't completely fulfill his potential Christopher. Clary up on twitter. This sweet the best who he thinks this year or the best player not WanNa slam in terms of their potential at the absolute best and he was kind of thinking of it as a bit of a race between between team and Sanga. In Layman's. Do you know I remember coming out of the contracts. When Song beat the Daolin on I personally was a massively uplifted? By the performance he'd put in and I felt we've got a new star of the game. I remember getting into the elevator that takes us from the top floor down to the ground level and I was in a lift with I think all of the ESPN commentators. The American commentators. who were all absolutely devastated estate? There's almost few real in the the the lift because the Knicks night. It was GONNA be Jacques of it against Federer so everybody was hyping federal dow as as a final and yet and then Sanga goes and beats the Dow and people was in. This lift was so so upset about it and I was thinking how could you not be lifted by what you've just seen from Jo Wilfried Sanga and then a an injunction which went and beat Federer so just little memory The Dow one today against Hugo de Leon pretty straightforwardly forwardly life games dominant team won straight-sets against remain arena. He was good really good. I'm I'm I'm high on team at the moment I am yeah. I'm feeling good about team. We also had Simona Halep seven seven six six one halup took really heavy fall against Jennifer. Brady it was close. I said and then she and actually she fell at five six or just before it went to five six Chinook along medical time after five six. That's right yeah and then And then Jennifer Brady served for the set at six five and then had brought back to tie break and won the tiebreak right and it was a really high quality period of the match. Counterfeit Brady overseeing great form having beaten nationality in Brisbane and she's got a heck of a forehand Jennifer Brady. I mean I don't know the the stats on this. But I would imagine that she's got one of the more topspin heavy forehands in the women's games really gets a little rocky ahead speed. And how that was sent me had a running running shoes come pre and post the baseline and just I find that. So compelling to watch when. She's in that mood because she will chase everything down and you you kind of see. Her internal struggle becomes very visible. Because she I just can't make this ball that is actually really hard to get back but she expects so much. She's in that in that mood. She's one of my favorite place to watch Allen Ernest Gorgeous one today against Felix seen. He's coming what goal opus is fascinating to me what a case study I remember looking up his ranking when he got a big win at Wimbledon a year or two ago looked at his year end ranking for the last twelve. LVS And it's a graph. It just be a massive great big zigzag because he he would go down to one hundred twenty in the world and then up to twenty four in the world and then Danton Ninety two in the well and here. He is out of nowhere really beating same. WHO's having a few growing pains at? The moment is me. Yeah I mean he still waiting for that results. That big breakthrough the role. I don't know oh I it. It staggers. Maeda is the twentieth seat. Because I kind of think what has he has he done always reached. I think three off the finals and not manage to win. And you know those are oversee. Good results will be interviewing in a one one a. m. that's the sort of time talking about folks eighteen minutes time. Did you win. Yes he did. Six one six three six three topic areas to become captain. You could imagine she'll simone just drain the life out of a match with curious and just sort of like scraping a chalkboard just winding Kiro so irritating the crowd and just making the whole thing. Thirty talk get on Probation Probation Probation seats. And how curious be Simone. That's the question. Does he have to try to blast his way through. What does he do to to make that work? It's quite difficult. Isn't it to think of the best tactic that cares tactics. They'll tactics in a sort of. Let's just make it up as we go along kind of way. Yeah I think he tried. He tries to put on a idea that he's not thinking tactically but I think he is all the time one one previous match between the two curious won it six four seven six in Washington this year when he won the title interesting and he was very much in chaotic tennis mode Washington. Most of them actually played their circus. Israeli thing is simone is quite happy to go five sets and just drag it Squeeze the life. So that's all to come. I just have a feeling. We're waiting for curious against hatching overweight curious against the DOWM. We've been here before. There's a big saga coming and so right any other mattress. We need to talk about. Have we talked about. The Brits much. quit mention yeah. Yeah how did well. Now we've we've done that. It was all a bit disappointing from British perspective today. Edmund and counter didn't read it but at at the same time neither that surprising I mean from a CONTA- perspective. She just. She's she's not the problem and she says says she loves to win the super in his spoon thoughts even fit. That's just bad match up. It's a style of play. Its content if you ever get a chance to see on your plate take the opportunities. She's just a ballplayer. And what I mean by that is conscious walking these kind of precision grant strokes deep onto the baseline and then Sunday are nowhere. Jabil play an audacious dropshot as though she's not not really looking where it's going but she knows exactly where it's gone. Yeah that's great fun. I mean from a cowl Edmund perspective. I've founds the three-set loss to leverage on one level. It was it was a loss that lab which is playing. Well he's been good form. It was was an acceptable loss but on the other hand it was everything. It was the most damning Carl Edmund step yet again the the fact that when he's two sets to love down his never won the third set. He's lost all the matches where he's going to sets down in three sets and I know you know if you're GONNA lose in three or five. Perhaps it doesn't really matter but I just think that points to someone who is unable to problem themselves on core. It's all the same with replays every matches. He plays the same kind of tennis. There's not much watch right right texture. And his game and if opponents figuring out is figuring out the one thing I am surprised about though is when I think back two years ago to reach the semi's he won a few matches the hard way in the heat five sets. Yeah absolutely if he splits the first two sets he's fine but it's when he goes to two sets down but I think it's over. Physical endurance isn't a problem. I mean as some have suggested that he works too hard the east too fast idiocies to Neurotic almost about that side of that side of the game. I didn't know if that's is the case at all. See what he does J I just I I know that seems fitting. I think it's the the mental staying power. That's the challenge for him. We don't we don't Give enough weight to to mental top mentality is the talent don't just as much as physical talent and technical talent and also just having those extra layers in your game. We don't think occur Fabio Fanini for example as necessarily the most mentally strong tennis player. But he'd today recorded what was his eighth or ninth ninth ninth victory from two sets to love down. He's done awful slam. Switch seven seven seven players have done including him you you know not just points to someone who's able to change it up you know and he didn't need to do it. Today is interesting list. Weren't necessarily ones that you think of mental think of as mental fortresses with two extra elements to the game federal goes on. They're definitely not a mental four. It was it was pleased with gears with gears. Exactly an Edmund from me doesn't really have his one one level. Oh well next time today tomorrow. Let's forget today Matt Handal Anymore today. Patrick ver- plays in the first method. Hard to pick any upsets tomorrow here. Yeah we had them all the main courts it'll looks so you never know but it looks pretty straightforward. You asked me about an hour ago for my upset prediction of the day. I'm doing our newsletter which you can get. I was really struggling. I let down to court seventeen and ended up coming up with Katie. And now the Zhang hsi-wei figure out with a Coca Golfer. Saronic stay was an upset. Of course he's not abandon ship on that. No no no no. I didn't go for it because it's not. So what did I go for. James Dot Com. That's the second Komo Particularly Silent Knight Pullman. First Time he did I say it'd be Bernini Fanini who his story often. Ania damaged his hand. We were watching his press conference in. It's extremely red and so I think sorry for him. It looked like yet. She had some sort of pink bandage on markedly colored. Turns out is damaged it because he he punched his own racket during the Max injured himself. Most on Bryant injury ever thought from gamma fees. Apparently injuring himself playing a video. A game in afternoon. podcast Petra Gisbert. Ah Against Somebody called Paolo Budusa. I've never heard of from Spain. I'm going to get some tweets about. How can I have never heard of a tennis player? When I present the Senate's podcast so our Party plays POLENTA Hertzog who I've heard of from Slovenia. That could be quite interesting. I'll be a stylish match coach. It was well Klickovic through some shades towards Hertzog. Today as she does say she she was supposed to be talking to kick in with innovation before their match journalist asked them what they were talking about and said well actually. We were talking about the schedule because we saw match match Melbourne arena. That we didn't think should be on there and it was hertzog against the pettersen which uh-huh that's excellent then after that it's Tatsumi Ito against Nova Jock itch We have Serena Williams Williams I in the night session against Tamara. The Dan sick and then in the final action sent on Rod Laver Arena. It is the federal federal. What about against Philip Crane of each of Serb who played a very long five center today? Naomi Asakusa playing against Sejong side there is that you know what probably match to the day. Caroline wozniacki against Diana's trump's agreed that I actually playing quite well sort of in the last six months. You said you. strums definitely sort of the the force of the narrative and the story with x factor. Giving him evens it out a a bit but I still think he's grown one very routinely yes. Today's she's definitely ready to fulfil the talent that you saw in her nine unsecured meant. You didn't feel it and then when that could have got some credibility out of it coca governance surrounding stat Stefan sits about favorite Kohlschreiber backhands. At Gogo over there. No go go in on matches. single-handed it back The fifteen seventy three arena. which is an absurd name? John Millman gave some without naming them. He got himself in right in going. He said yeah he was asked about the fans he said. Yeah I love the the Biz sponsor on the cool on that is really strong. Yeah rule already drunk and that was great but I'm not permitting binge drinking to rename fifteen seventy three arena. The new name is caught four because there is no court for and that makes more sense to either right it is. Because you've got DEMOCRA- quarter in you've got the Melvin Raina. We've got the top three so this is called four right. There is a cool three. I'll just leave me alone right. We'll be back with another tennis purpose. Tomorrow we've got new predictions champion and talk about it. Every second of every day we've got mascots for twenty twenty. One of them is crumble for the Australian. Open another one Butler for the year. Anything else we're GONNA shoutouts today. Never say inside K.. shoutouts tomorrow folks for those. That bacteria kickstarted. Thank you all A- and thank you for listening you're enjoying it and we will be back tomorrow with more bears with more announcements over the Tannoy. No doubt left me one Chris the full packet of crisps. They've left me one So I'll I'll go and ensure that and I'll speak to you tomorrow.

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Best Actor Front-Runners for 2018 Oscar Race - For Your Consideration

Collider Movie Talk

39:36 min | 2 years ago

Best Actor Front-Runners for 2018 Oscar Race - For Your Consideration

"The following program is brought to you by your friends at podcast. One. Don't forget to download our new podcast. One out. Sally beauties new all in one hair-color kits, make it easy to color your hair at home, get everything you need to her putatively radiant results loved by professionals, open to everyone. Sally beauty. Hey, clutter fans, John Rocca here. If you like my show you are going to love rob has a podcast on podcast. One, rob sister Nino is kicking off the new season of survivor. Check out the biggest driver podcast on the web with the king of reality TV checkout rob has a podcast every week on podcast one or wherever you get your favorite podcasts. Hey, there who the fans or should I say, hey, there awards season fans, welcome to collider videos for your consideration. Our weekly show where we cover the ups and downs of all the movies in and out of a word season every week from now until the Academy Awards on February twenty. Fourth, two thousand nineteen. We are going to be covering award season looking at all the major categories multiple times to see who's still on who's off a new addition. We're going to have interviews with fellow award season experts, and we're going to have interviews with acting and film Mickey talent, true contenders our our beloved co host Perry numberof is on assignment. Okay. Full disclosure. She is in New York at New York, comic con. So she is right where she wants to be. So joining me this week is my trusty sidekick, the master of disaster, the smartest. Guy in the room when it comes to the movies, Jeff Snyder, I'll let that sidekick comment. Where e. No, it's a pleasure to see you Scott. And I can't wait to dive into today's hot topic which is best actor. Get into these predictions because we don't completely align. I don't think I don't think we do, and that's okay because that's worth now. Here's the thing we are going to be covering best actor today, but that doesn't mean we're not gonna come back and cover it again because we will because who knows how things are going to change from now until circle bass. It's a rollercoaster of the season, and that's why that's what makes the so great because somebody that we could have on our list now by totally disappear a month or two months from now. Well, you know what? I think we should just jump right into it. Let's get right. Terry, as I like to say on movie review, talk, who was your first pick that will land on my number one leg slammed down. I don't think there's going to be any way that the academy could ignore Bradley Cooper's performance in the star is born. Okay. I think he is tremendous like he could get a director nomination. It's his first time at bat. Maybe they don't wanna go that far. But an actor nomination seems all but guaranteed. He has fantastic chemistry with lady Gaga. I think this is one of Bradley's best performances period. Yeah, I, I loved it. Is he your number one or was he a little bit further down the way? He's on my list. Got my number one. Now, number one on my list is performance date that we've always seen the trailer for where you have. We won't see the move. Right, but hang on, but to talk about Bradley Cooper because he is on my list. I do agree with you. I think that an acting nomination is a lock. Here's the interesting thing about a star is born is that I think this might even be a case, not the worst problem in the world to have where his his abilities and his his qualifications as a best director might overshadow his actual performance also overshadowing his performance here might be all the attention that lady Gaga is getting for her performance, which will lay in her a best actress nomination by by the hang on. But I still think that Bradley Cooper gives a great performance. He deserves to get nominated. He's on my list second. Okay. Okay. Before you before you say who you're going to say, let's let's just get into bail. I mean, I gave it away. They gave it away Christian bale. Now neither of us have seen vice which is written directed by Adam McKay who did who directed Christian bale in the big show for which by the way, Christabel got nominated for his performance. In the big short, he was also nominated for his performance in American hustle, and he won the Canterbury award for his performance in the fighter, David, a Russell only supporting their how many, how many actors have done that? I where they win supporting first and then lead Robert deniro. That's right. Robert dean or did that he was supporting for godfather part two, four, and he got the for a raging bull in nine hundred or nine hundred eighty. So for Christian bale mean he is a. Domino actor. But the other thing about Christian bale is the kademi really warms up to actress who drastically dramatically changed their appearances. Look at Gary Oldman last year Churchill. It wants to Churchill, but that was a lot of prosthetics though. That was a lot of percents, but so many. And so the waking, the waking like that, obviously, deniro for rainbow. He's like the gold standard for weight gain or weight loss by Christian bale did lose a lot of weight for both the fighter and especially for the machinists, like dropped sixty pounds for that two thousand four. But the, you know, the kademi does. I mean look at Matthew mcconaughey for Dallas buyers club. Sure, sure knows the economy certainly loves weight loss, weight, gain, physical transformation, but now that we've seen an actual trailer this week four vice, what did you think of that trail was a great trailer. I mean, bail has been at the top of my list really all season. You know, there's this question will the academy voters embrace a Dick Cheney you know, like there's this fear that the trailer of the movie is gonna make Dick Cheney likeable or make us route for Dick Cheney who is like this kind of kind of evil guy. Yeah, he cut it right. So so people are kind of wary of that the politics of the character could hurt bails awards, chances like the performance on the just looking at the trailer. Again, you know, all bets could be awful. May see the movie. We could really just sort of like lock him in because I certainly on I list at number one sight, unseen for the rest of the movie. When you look at his weight gain for the film, when you look at the various different looks that you see in this two and a half minute trailer because it's, you know, it's done over the years bail like Gary Oldman in darkest hour is unrecognized, it's it's wild. And you know, even though he did win supporting actor for the fighter, he's such an absolute talent phenomenon. You'll never really gotten his do. New despite that one, Oscar win, like he could have a couple for his leading performances. What I was most impressed by and I saw this echoed on the internet with just the way that he captured Cheney speech pattern and the slow speech and the breathing, that kind of thing. Well, is he on your list? He's my number two. Okay. So our number one, we just had one or two swat. They're just adverse so, but I wanted to back it up with Cooper, you know, I said, I said, and then we got started on that. But with Cooper, do you think the answer these, like yes or no? Okay. Let's hear. Is Bradley Cooper more likely to be to be nominated for best director than best actor? I think he is. Yes. I think he'll get. I think he's going to get his. The odds are more favor of him getting best director than best actor. But like I said, he's while my list for best actor. He's gonna be. All my list for direct. I think he's basically a locked for both get I. I would say he actually has better chances at best actor instead of best writer. Okay. Just for nominee in terms of nomination. Okay. In terms of your number. I had another question is, who is more likely to be nominated lady Gaga or Bradley Cooper, I'll in the active -tracting. I think all the, I think just because I, I mean, look, lady Gaga it's a movie. It's a role that she's great in, but it's also roll the place to restraints. Right? Exactly. You should just sort of playing herself like, right. I mean, that's that's what I don't think so. I think she's mazing right, but that is the criticism. Well, well, I do think you see, that is a great question because I do think that that lady Gaga is more of a lock than Cooper, but I do think that Cooper's chances of getting nominee for act are very, very, very strong. Have them number two. So we have the same top to number three. I think we have the same number three two. Okay. Who's your number three? Rami Mousavi mail man. Oh, okay. Now again, slight unseen. Yup. But they'll with all the talk about about stars bore. You know, I've been cited saying how stars born. You know, it's going to get a ton of Oscar nominations, but I feel like it is going to run away with tons of Golden Globe wins because Golden Globes, separate drama for musical or category and Warner Brothers is going to put this in that category. It'd probably it'll be in music because it's a musical, but it's also just like such drama, like if they really, I think if Warner Brothers really wants to be taken seriously for this movie and best picture, it has to go drama at the Golden Globe. It's not. It's not you're right or guests like LA La Land went musical or comedy. I mean, I mean, yeah, there was some humorous moments in that movie by, right? I mean that was abusive. Drum and that won all seven gold. The goal of setup was nominated for which is the most. And I think that that LA La Land, I'm sorry that stars born has a very good chance of matching that records. But there's rhapsody if FOX puts that in the musical or comedy category, which because it's also a drama, but it is also has music in it where they're performing, they're going to have, they're probably going to go for comedy. And then if the movie is good, I mean nobody's seen it up seeing it the Saturday, and I can't wait a could pose a threat to a star is born. Gotcha. Well, I like what defines a musical to the Golden Globes. That's what's interesting to me because I don't think a star is born or Baheen wraps. You really qualify as musicals they are dramas about music, right? Raya musical. Well, you know, I walked by. That's that's a very good point. But I think that that there. The studios tend to to jockey for positions where has a better chance of it's a little bit of a shady, move shady. This movie is good enough to win the drama award foot stars bore, yes. Okay. Well, I mean, see, I, I don't know about that. I mean, you know there at the Golden Globes movies that I think in terms of dramas that are more daring, more bold, more ambitious bohemian rhapsody could be one vice could be another Mary. Queen of Scots could be one, but based on movies I've seen Roma is a more daring and Embiid risk taking more likely to go for Roma because it's international journalists and absolutely. Yes. Remember babble. Okay. Sure. Alejandra, Theresa's movie Daba won the gold abo- for best picture drama. Interesting. Two thousand. All right, so so yes, I do think that goes, we'll favor of rolm it because of the Farnell backing it up to two best actor because we digress. I have not seen the movie out. You know, I've seen as a trailer. I was not invited to this special Saturday nights. Plus you can. I'm going to biggest with Rami mouth. Okay. So I've, I've spoken to people who have seen the film and I've heard it's it's terrific. I've heard that he in particular is exceptional. And that really that the end of this movie, the Live Aid concert completely delivers a home run and that no matter how you feel about the rest of the film, you're going to leave the theater on a buzzing on a high note because of this ending that that's that is very, very excited, which some might say about a star is born to okay, actually a so. So let's say, what are you talking about golden gloves with the Oscars. I know we're spending more time on the Oscars on this show to have two movies, one based on a true story. One that's not, but both about musicians that they are going to compete against splits vote. It's going to make it a fun season. That's interesting. I didn't cover Alcee on for your consideration. We have to see if bohemian ramp city actually ends up being a best picture. Best director contender. Bryan singer stuff will. Actually hurt its chances. I don't know. I think what's people see the movie people are not going to talk about right. Yeah. Exactly. And the I know that when you were at a cinema come back in and at the FOX presentation, they saved bohemian rhapsody for last and the presentation they show for Baheen. Rhapsody was so strong that no one was talking about the behind the scenes from, I think he looks great. And again, when you're talking about filmmaking, you know, thousands of people or hundreds or thousands worked on, but he mean rhapsody, it was. He has one guy and so two, let bed cl- cloud the achievement. I hope that this movie is you'll let me know on on Saturday night or you can go after offers. I'm going buddy. You're my pal. I appreciate you go, you have fun. You texting. You let me know how it is. Well, I am pumped. I like I grew up listening to queens. So did I? I mean, it's a Queen and boss. I grew up in the seventies. I was born in sixty eight. So when I was growing up, it was it was Queen. It was Boston. It was, yes, it was Genesis. It was. I have to say, we should all get bio-pics. Paul McCartney and wings. I was a big wingspan before I even knew who the Beatles were. I was a wingspan. All right. Who's your number four year Utah now, I think it's going starting to get into the tough comb for those three. Let's hear it. I think that just based on the strength of the film and these seeming adoration within the academy for this actor Vigo Mortenson gets in for green lurk, rain book. Okay. Now that's one I haven't gotten for captain. Fantastic, right, right. And that was that was a small indie movie that. And I think green book is actually going to play pretty well commercially also nominee for eastern promises. I think he was too so so the his peers just really respect him. I think that green book is fantastic. As I've said on the show before. Have you seen it yet? I've seen it next week. Yup. Get in there. So, yeah, I think Vigo it's like the perform. There's nothing revolutionary about the performance is kind of just playing like this like talion like meathead like tough guy who then softens up after after this road trip with the Herschel Ali. But he, he really, he brings a lot of heart to it. Okay. So so you'll burn your is your number four? Yes. He's, he's in my honorable mention by the fact that he's up on your and again, we'll see. We'll talk again after you've seen them and that could change the rankings here. But for the purpose of this this show, he's in, you're willing to put him on the list after we finish this conversation based on the other people we have see my number four is Robert Redford. Okay. Robert Redford we both agree that the old man the gun was a better film than it really looked and it was more profound. It was poignant. It was an existential quality to it and it was a, it turned out, especially towards the end of the film. It was a really nice sort of like. Sendoff for him. It sort of felt like a real at the end of that movie, you know, without saying why? And he's only been nominated once before as an actor for the sting. So that was nineteen seventy three movie. I was talking about the other night with my girlfriend. She's never seen. I gotta show where the sting. Okay, style come on. This thing is great, but it is. It is a an amazing phenomenal career. Now he he did win an Academy Award before, but that was for nine hundred eighty s ordinary people for best directors also won best picture, but he's never won an Oscar and he was grossly, massively shamelessly overlooked for what was one of his very best performance disagree with you here all is law. I disagree. Oh, I thought that was phenomenal. Yeah, there was hardly any tile lock in that movie and it was a very physical role and emotional to and he wasn't even nominated that was crying chain. So I feel like the kademi has a good chance of not only nominating him, but. Maybe even rewarding him if this is truly his last role. I mean he doesn't have an acting Oscar. This could be a career Oscar, not unlike the one that Paul Newman one four for nine hundred eighty sixes to color money. I I have Redford in my like six loud. He's like at the top of my honorable mention. I thought the movie looks special and it was special either completely delivered. I loved the movie in Toronto. So I think he's fantastic. I hope that he gets in and maybe I'll rethink my own number five prediction which we're going to get you, I think, but we have an interview with Valerie and Casey Affleck from the old man and the gun now now Davis Lavery who wrote and directed the band and the gun. Casey Affleck stop by the collider studio. So I had a chance to talk with them about how great it was to work with the man himself, Robert Redford, but also about the Oscar race really what his chances are getting nominated, maybe even winning how deserving is he? Let's take a look at that interview right now. Okay. Here we are on collider's for your consideration is sitting here with the writer and director of the old man that gun David Lavery. Thanks so much for being here. Thank you and also here with Casey Affleck Oscar winner for Manchester by the sea coast star in the old man and the gun. By the way I saw at the telluride film festival on the Friday at two thirty at the Werner Herzog theater, and it was just a great way to kick off the festival because the film, it got a lot of attention obviously because of what's proper reference last movie as an actor. But the movie as a whole has so much directly minute because not only are the performances. Great. The screenplay is terrific. It is so deep and profound. And I know this was based on an article that you read, but what was it about about the article that you said? There's a great story to tell here about this career, this charming career Bank robber. Well, you know, the stories too good to be true. It's one of those stories that just has too much for anyone movie. You could make miniseries about this guy and still have more leftover to tell what appealed to me about. It was also felt like just a quintessential Robert Redford character. And indeed it was sent to me with Robert Redford already attached to it. It was a project that he'd been developing the he wanted to make. And so as I was reading and I just think. Of him playing this character. And that's what really excited. You know, Casey, when I look at this film when I've seen it twice now I saw it. I tell you, right then I saw it again in Toronto, and this is a film that that you know Redford is it it's, you know, his last role, but it really felt like a movie that play to a straits. And when you see the film, especially when you see like the last like twenty minutes of the movie, it almost feels like. Like. A real of sorts for him. I mean, like like, what was it about the film about working with the special because you only have a few scenes with them that really made made a feel special to you. Well, the movie would be special to me. I mean, working with David is special to me working on a script. It's this good especial and then working and doing anything with Robert Redford would have been special, but then come, you know, all together, it really was kind of a once in a lifetime opportunity and reproduce is there's nobody else that could have played it. I mean, I think that even even he would say that, I mean, it's there's no one on earth. You can play this kind of this exact kind of character or the way that he has so many times. And that's not to say that that's sort of all he is. He's had this amazing career of being slipping into roles that have been that are very different from one another. He's sort of my favorite kind of movie star, which is which is like he's an actor and he's just happens to be one of the most charismatic cinema people that we have known. You know, when I look at records career, a heat, his ordinary people, one thousand nine hundred. It was. It won the Oscar for best picture and best director best director, four Bradford. But as an actor, he's only been nominated once for the stain and that was nineteen seventy three. And I feel like this role, especially like this is even without fanfare of it being like his last role. I feel like this is absolutely an Oscar worthy performance. I really wanted to give him something that you could sink his teeth into and have fun with. You know, this was the second time we'd work together and when we made Pete's dragging together, I just saw how wonderful it was to see him having fun when we gave him an opportunity to drive a MAC ten truck through all his eyes just lit up and that's in the movie. And I just wanted to make an entire film in which that same sparkle would be there from one scene to the next. But I also wanted to give him a character that he could dig into dramatically. And I think this there is that here it's not all fun and games. There's a lot of that. There's a lot of in which you can coast through on charm, but there's more to it than that, and he really was up for digging in that fashion. You know, it's almost like like the art imitating life and vice versa. Versa with his character facing his mortality and Saint them with Bradford, I saw the Cuban a that he just showed up at the nicotine. Because fighting diverted to machos, and he had to like, make the quick drive up, and he made it like in the nicotine. And he's like for him to say, like, I felt like this was a great way to sort of go out. But also he said, you know, never say never. Yeah, I as a fan, I would love to see him continue, acting and directing and doing all of the many things he does. I mean, he lives a life that is fuller than any of us could ever hope to dream of living. And yet at the same time, if he does decide to go off gently into the night after this one, I understand why. And it's an honor to be head of made a movie that he's happy enough with and he feels like he could hang up his hat. Casey, your character, John respect that's going on between John forest and you know, no spoiler by thought there was a moment in the film where there you see that that respect what's what's dynamic here between these two characters. You know, it's not just a cops and robbers story, not not even close. Yeah. I mean, there's it's well. That scene is kind of behind your head there. I think there's not a. That's the one. It's not difficult to play scene with Robert Redford where you have to sort of be overwhelmed by the things that you know about him, and that was sort of what was happening. And so it was easy to step into that moment. Well, in terms of just like the overall booby the film itself, the old man, the guy I, I just I just again. I went into the movie like new knowing. I was going to like it, and I came out of it real, really loving it. Like the peel of a career Bank robbery just doesn't know when to quit and just how Redford is. So it's so place to a strange like seeing the film for the first time because you know you're making the movie and you don't really have a lot of scenes with Redford. But when you finally got to see the movie yourself, why what was the takeaway for you but really struck you about making the movie? Casey. Will you know what strikes me about making any movie really? Is that. Is that I'm sort of like, I'm still kind of surprised that I get to have these opportunities on low. I love doing it. Love working going to a movie set and go into some new city and working and exploring that city. And while exploring, you're sort of yourself and how you're going to do this role and and doing it together with all these people that are also having a great time. It's like a bunch of professionals at summer camp and it has never quit being that for me. I just. It's just so when I when I show up in there, I would do it with people who I didn't know and they'd never made anything. But when I get to do that with people who I really admire it work, I really admire it is hard to. Not just be smiling inside all the time, but I want to say something about David said about Redford trying to find something he can sink his teeth into and also have fun. It's, you know, so often, this sort of awards and I hate thinking of, I really do. It's it's not a competition. It's the worst way of thinking about it at all, but it also on the other hand, it's really great to like recognize people at the end of the year and recognize the whole community at the end of the year of like, look at all this great stuff we made. It's like a show and tell in fifth grade class or something, but Redford it. But so often the parts that are recognized are bear. These days either really muted and internal or very, very dark, or you're an amputee who struggled with depression, your whole life. And then you come down with horrible disease and you lose your family, and it would be nice to see parts because that aren't like that because they're not any easier necessarily. An and Redford has has made a career of making don't draw a whole ton of attention to themselves because they're like, look, terribly disfigured, and they're going around in a wheelchair and they're also a pilot or something who saved a bunch of people. It's like he doesn't about real people and they are fun to watch, and he finds the depth in those people, but but does it without drawing whole ton of attention to it. And I would love to see him recognized for that while will be all thank you so much being here on your for your consideration for collider and let's here for the old man. Thanks so much. Thank you very much. Yes, that was a good interview, Scott. Casey. Colorful wrist bands to those guys were both crack, taught him for an hour just about again, this is a film that I've really, really loved. I know you did Robert. He's cert, certainly, contender know, let's let's sort of leave him on for now. Kisa who your number five number five. As of right now, subject to change. I thought Hugh Jackman was really good in the front runner. That movie is doesn't seem to have come out of Toronto with the buzz that I thought that it would. I thought that there the Jackman really delivered like in a way that I hadn't necessarily seen from him before, like I wasn't a big fan of Les Miserables. He got for that. Didn't he? Yeah. So I just find that this this is way better, but you're right. I can see how the movie may not be catching on with people in that may hurt. I love Hugh Jackman. I thought he gave much better performances in two films last year that really Logan, which started the urine really in February and then great showman which was a massive crap leaser that defied not very good reviews and became a massive hit around run. He's put together. He really is. He's a triple threat. He can do comedy, you do drama, he can do a musical and and action. So that makes them a quadruple threat. But I did see the movie. I did see front runner. I tell you ride on the same day that I saw old man and a gun, and I man and I thought, well, my guy that was the third movie I thought Davis is the National Front runner and well, two out of three eight bed and I didn't love the film. I thought you Jackson was very good in the movie, but the problem I have with the film and with his performance. Was I, I didn't empathize with him enough shooting politicians, so it's timely. It's not just that he was cheating politician. He didn't take. He didn't seem to take responsibility for what his action was. People who supported him in, especially as family automobile, say too much about the film. But I thought that movie was just okay, I didn't love it. I liked him, but not enough to put him on my list. Who was your number five number five and again, subject to change. But right now, a film that I really was taken with very, very much even though it told story about addiction, but it told it in a different way was beautiful boy, and I feel I, Steve Carell was terrific in this movie. He has really just shown such versatility as an actor going from comedies and doing cheat shows like the office to little miss sunshine and catcher. FOX catcher. He was nominated Rabat was in the big shorts with Christian bale and he's got vice coming out and this back, it's move. He's got a big. Yeah, he's yet, but he is. He is like really embracing the dramatic something by the way, I thought Steve Carell was terrific in a battle of the sexes. Bobby Riggs, Bobby Riggs. That could have been a character that was just like a punchline, but he really humanized. Him beautiful boy is like my second favorite movie of the year. Is that right? Yeah, it knocked me flat. How come it's not on your list because I again, I thought was I thought was better than Hugh Jackman, you know. Okay. But that's not what the the exercise was. It was to predict who I think would be nominated, and I don't know that the sentiment is there for Steve Carell. And or at least that movie like I loved it. But I think a lot of people came out of Toronto with a really mixed reaction to the film while the reason for that is because the movies, it's non linear, it doesn't have like the forward flowing dramatic arc that most movies do jumps back and forth in time, which by the way is exactly what I loved about it because the movie is based on two separate books written by the father, right? Two different perspectives, chef Nick chef in the movie. So that really lends a different sort of story. I like seeing the that kind of addiction tail through the father's is. It was heartbreaking. However, Shah Timothy channel may has emerged from Toronto as the more likely actor for supporting right for supporting, but it seems like so it's just seems like Steve Corrales work, maybe overshadowed by his own coast, why I didn't put him on. I understand. And you know, I feel I, you know, the top three that we talked about, I feel like our locks, whether our rank is. Different. I feel like they're, they're pretty. They're pretty much good, good bets, but I just really warmed up to the film. Yes, absolutely. The Xiaomei but definitely Steve Carell just that he is a phenomenal phenomenal actor who shedding sort of this, what he's better known for, which comedies because he's really doing a lot more dramas. And so so. So with that revelation of Steve Carell thing, I'm shocked shocked that Ryan Gosling is not on your prediction sleaze number six on my list. Okay. So he got the first the top honorable mentioned slot, but but why didn't he crack the field? Okay. I don't think he's gonna get nominee. I could play Cup tomorrow and Ryan Gosling. The thing is I think Ryan Gosling is phenomenal predicting what I think will make the list. Okay. And you think he's gonna be snubbed as much as much as I loved him and I love his performance. In I band, I feel like there's been a little bit of. Sort of resistance to his character being emotionally inaccessible, and that might hurt his chances. The movie itself is done in a spectacular way because it's so visceral. But I feel like the movie itself is is going to get. It's going to get a lot of recognition. I feel like Ryan Gosling, you know, the more I talk about a right now. I feel like he could be the, he really could and should make number five. I really don't know. I hope he does. I hope I'm wrong. I would love to see him land on this list. But I mean, it's, there's, he's on the honorable mention lists. Like who else might be in the conversation this here? Let's talk about that before. We like sort of run it down at the end affect. So there was a trailer this morning for the mule, which which we watch together Clint Eastwood could be a stealth contender. Now he could give Robert Redford a run for his money. He could. He could now a Clint Eastwood also never won an Oscar for acting, but he does have two Oscars for directing for unforgiven for million dollar baby. And the interesting thing about the meal is this the Mulas watercolors and just recently maybe like a week or two ago, one of brothers that they were going to put the mule on it and release it indecember say, last minute, sort of a last minute decision with less Clint liked his fifteen seventeen to para state in February, right? But here's the thing million dollar baby was added to the list in two thousand four. At the very last minute came out to win, came out of nowhere. When's best picture director actress supporting actor from Oregon. Freeman and screenplay for. I think it looks like a real commercial play, but right it could. It could. I mean, I feel like you know, again, we just saw the trailer which the trailer looks pretty awesome. I think so too. Or is it a more mainstream movie hard to say, like Clint Eastwood is eighty eight years old and he's a lead actor claim directed playing aging criminal, like Robert Redford now. Oh, interact. There are parallels there. I see that being a piece and could that ca- throw wretched fight when Eastwood had not said that this would be his last movie Redford right? The different ones picking up on that. Some other others in the mix Willem Defoe who who is a big player last year for the Florida project. He's playing Vincent Van Gogh in eternity is gate. That's that. Seems like the smallest film of all the best actor contenders in the conversation right now and it CBS films will do they have the muscle to sort of get getting nominee in there? Was he on your honorable mention list? My honorable mention lists that buzzes there, though, right? Someone who was Lucas hedges for for erase. I, I keep getting beautiful boy and boy, and I know that's going to happen a lot with a lot of people. They're obviously very different movies, but I feel like you know, whenever someone has a screenplay where they need a troubled teen, they're like, get Eluki's hedges, exactly. But lesson he wants an Oscar nominee. I performance in Manchester by the sea, and I feel like he gives a very deserving performance as it is it on my list for the top five, nobody is on my honorable mention. I saw last week. I said, boy response. We can really liked it. It's really, it's very affecting. He's good, and he has another movie. Ben is back in, which is said to be pretty good opposite. Julia Roberts, that's also very good. I saw, but I do have the Mortenson for green book. Running back for our top five. All right. Okay. So we could definitely agree that we got Christian bale Bradley Cooper, Bobby Malik. Okay. Okay. So four and five or who we have to decide on. All right, I will if you give me Vigo Mortenson for grain book. Okay. I will give you Robert Redford for the old man in the gun deal tally and that can be the fun. That'll be the five. Okay. So our top five, four this show again, who's the number one slot the number one paper with ballast. Number one. They also for the Showtime seat and again, folks, crucial bail Bradley Cooper, Rami Malik. Vigo Mortenson Robert Redford, right? There's our list there. It is right Christian bell. Are there any other any like crazy longshots you could see like Chadwick bozeman for Black Panther John David, Washington for black klansman. John C Reilly has a couple of movies. He's in the sisters, brothers, and the standing Ali, which I thought looked pretty good. That could be a dark horse sisters. Brothers is not really making a lot of knowing, Ethan Hawke for first reform because I've heard him referred to as the actors pick well, Cassagnol mini-me nominal in that movie. And if you go to gold derby, which is where a lot of other Oscar pundits prediction I have. They do have a lot of them have Ethan Hawke on their list for best actor for first reform, but you don't think it's up like a top five or six. Five. I don't know if it's a top five. I do think that that even hawks direction of bleeds was nominated. I missed that by not enough people are talking about it for him to make this director that could change. Okay. I think that's it. We settled on a list. We set all very quickly. I actually thought this is going to be much more contentious with you. I really thought you were going to go for Gosling and we were going to have a knock down, drag out five of Kosslick. I mean, you know if we do this show again tomorrow, I might say, I want to see the movie again too because I remember being tired the night that I saw. I know it's a Damian to seating, go and see that movie. I max well, listen, this was a lot of fun. I thought this is going to be very contentious toward the end there and look as far as buying gasoline goes. I mean, I think he's great if this was my list, one that I was going to nominate, he'd be on it, but I'm just trying to wrap my head around how the rest of the kademi voters which are now what we're here for thousands isn't about us. It is about it is, but it is, but listen baked shat out to our to our beloved Perry number off. I hope we all we all hope you're having a great time in the year Comecon we know you are. We can't wait you to come back to join us for the next episode of for your consideration. What are we going to tackle? What category just have to come back next time and find out until next time f- fly sea later, FBI and cavenaugh. I'm Tim Maguire within AP news minute Senate as a confidential report from the FBI on the latest background check of supreme court. Nominee, Brad Kavanagh, protesters went to the supreme court. And appear Senate office buildings today DeVos their disapproval of cavenaugh. Senate Democrats to now see coming and a sham and a whitewash minority leader. Chuck Schumer fears have been realized that this is not a thorough investigation according to Dr Ford's lawyers and miss Ramirez lawyers. There were many, many witnesses they wished to be interviewed, and they said they were not interviewed Texas Republican Senator. John Cornyn says to him, the Democrats don't want to hear the truth is a search and destroy mission. This is not a search for the truth. We've done everything we can to treat both judge cavenaugh and Dr Ford fairly and treat all allegations made seriously. That's been exhaustively studied by the FBI as well as judiciary committee staff. There really isn't anything else. I'm.

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